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Race Relations

Oct-Dec 2016


(12/29/2016) A New Victim in the War on Small-Biz Bakeries.  Apparently, confronting a shoplifter is not OK if said shoplifter is black.  Such attitudes could have anything to do with the high crime and dysfunctional families in the black community, could it?  Hopefully Ben Carson at HUD can start to change attitudes, both within and without the black community.


(12/28/2016) Obama says racism evident in ‘violent opposition’ to programs to help minorities.  Of course.  There can be no rational reason to oppose these programs, so it must be racism.  /sarc  This is a standard tactic of the Left - ad hominem attacks on those who disagree with them.  That way they avoid any actual debate on the subject.


(12/26/2016) ‘Students of color’ conference at University of California reportedly dissolves into a fight over who is most oppressed.  Refresh my memory, but it seems that in the distant past, most groups that were discriminated against simply worked all that much harder and ultimately achieved something approaching equality.  Clearly hard work is out of favor now, and demands for special favors are very much in.  My sympathy for "oppressed" groups is going to be very limited until said groups show a willingness to do those things that other successful groups have done - work hard in school, take a job and work hard at it, get married before having kids, and treat others with respect.  Becoming a Christian and taking your Bible and your faith seriously can be a big plus as well.


(12/26/2016) Univ. Offering "Problem of Whiteness" Course: "Have You Ever Wondered What It Means to be White?"  Speaking for myself, it means I grew up with a set of values that allowed me to succeed in life.  Too bad so many others reject those values because of their "whiteness."  Can I be forgiven if I sometimes think that those that reject "white" values are just lazy? 


(12/13/2016) Morning in America? ‘Cosmo’ appears to have self-censored its own ridiculous PC article.  That article claimed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was racist - cultural appropriation and all that.  I think the whole concept behind "cultural appropriation" is to use it as an excuse for some "cultures" to NOT appropriate good things from other cultures; good things such as holding a job, working hard, getting married before kids, etc.


(12/13/2016) Racism is lurking everywhere!  Here is more: Guess What's Racist Now?…The Phrase  “Drain the Swamp."  


(11/30/3016) #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Who Blocked A Virginia Highway Sentenced To Jail.  It is about time that some place did this.  Blocking highways is dangerous, as well as a major inconvenience.  Shucks, shouldn't environmentalists be upset over all the wasted gas?  Just kidding, of course not.

(10/15/2016) Geert Wilders Will Face Trial on Charges of Inciting Racial Hatred.  This is in the Netherlands, but unless we take a strong stand for our Constitution, it is coming here as well.  The Left doesn't seem to realize that their methods can be used against them - is not the war on "white privilege" inciting racial hatred?  Of course it is.  Although it is primarily the Left that wants to discard the Constitution in order to promote their agenda, the Right could use the same tactics as well.  Which is why it is so critical to stand up for that which made America great - and will continue to do so if we let it - the US Constitution.

(10/15/2016) Hundreds of Seattle teachers to wear 'Black Lives Matter' shirts in class.  Well, this is Seattle.  As someone said, the thing I like most about the Obama administration is the racial healing.  I think that is sarcasm.  I think I am making an understatement.

(10/04/2016) Parents Outraged After Students Assigned ‘White Privilege Survey.’  Already our government has many programs that are designed, intentionally or not, to reward bad behavior and punish good behavior.  It looks like they are determined to use our public schools to do the same when it comes to values: promote values that are harmful and mock or trash those that are beneficial.  Am I engaging in a bit of hyperbole here? Maybe, but maybe not.

(10/02/2016) Black students demand, get segregated housing.  Are we heading in the right direction when it comes to race relations?  I don't think so.


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