Race Relations

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(12/15/2019) Nature Magazine Jumps the Shark.  Apparently, using the term "supremacy" in the context of quantum computing is "racist."  I have to presume that using "supremacy" in the context of anything now qualifies as "racist."  Did anyone think that people could sink to such a level of stupidity?  We have totally destroyed the concept of mankind evolving to some kind of "higher state" as we are clearly sinking and sinking fast.

(11/27/2019) Who Are the Racists?  You cannot solve a problem if you refuse to diagnose the cause of the problem.  The primary cause of "the problem" regarding race relations has nothing to do with almost non-existent "white supremacy" and everything to do with the collapse of the black family.

(11/10/2019) The Religion of White Supremacy?  Nope.  White supremacists do exist, but have you ever met one?  They are almost as rare as the dodo.  Attributing "white supremacy" to all white evangelicals who support the president is worse than dishonest, it falls in the blood libel category.

(10/24/2109) Critical Race Theory – a bait-and-switch tactic infiltrating the Church.  Sadly, the big mucky-mucks at the SBC seem to have fallen for it.  Any time you start judging people and treating them on the basis of what they are rather than who they are, you are asking for trouble.  And it is totally non-biblical. 

(10/08/2019) Tom Brady's popularity tied to rise in 'white rage and white supremacy,' professor says.  what is funny is that Brady is one of the least popular quarterbacks in the league.  Just like Aaron Rogers, people accept that he is a great quarterback.  But they don't like him.  But what is disturbing is that there are no standards in academia any more.  Peer review?  Pointless.  to put it bluntly, there is no reason to pay attention to anything coming out of academia today, because none of it can be trusted.  Well, some can, but it has to go through a long review process post-publication.  Most academic journals publish 95% garbage.  Virtually none of what they publish will be remembered even a few short months after publication.

(10/08/2019) Beto O’Rourke’s Finest Hour is Debunked in Banned Video.  His "finest hour" is his statement: “This country, though we would like to think otherwise, was founded on racism, has persisted through racism, and is racist today.”  The video, banned from YouTube, debunks every single point O'Rourke used to back up his totally false claim.  Why are the Democrats - O'Rourke isn't the only one - so determined to make race relations worse in America?  Simple.  Their electoral success is dependent on getting something around 90% of the Black vote.  Getting that vote is far more important than improving the lot of Blacks and having racial harmony in America.

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