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Race Relations

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(11/26/2021) Thoughts from the ammo line.  This is a must read.  Every bit of it is true, true, true, yet if a politician said these things, they would be vilified by the press and pretty much all academia and most pundits.

(11/25/2021) Teachers' union in Canada introduces 'weighted voting' for minority members.  That is, the votes of minorities will count more than the votes of non-minorities (whites).  The lesson: life isn't fair, and all efforts that focus on making things "more fair" will result in making things less fair.  Does anyone actually believe that this proposed "system" is more fair?  Or is that just the cover for a power move by some?

(11/21/2021) NYC school plans to sort kids by race for social justice programs.  Well, don't you see, it is for social justice which makes it okay.  Sheesh.  America's biggest racists are on the left and they are completely blind to their own racism - and racist acts, which this most definitely is.

(11/20/2021) 'Violent and disturbing': Teen girls brutally pummel Asian students on Philly SEPTA train; police say attack based on ethnicity.  You will never guess the race of the attackers. /sarc

(11/19/2021) Kamala Harris camp leaks to press about racism among the Bidenites.  To be honest, I didn't even realize Harris qualified as "black" until she ran for president.

(11/15/2021) AT&T Indoctrinating Workers with Hate: ‘White People, You Are the Problem.’  Many, many companies are now doing this.  I marvel at how many white employees are just sitting there an taking it.  Of course, most need a job.

(11/09/2021) Broken Record CNN Won’t Acknowledge Republican's CRT Proof: 'Not in Curriculum!'  Actually, in many places it is in the curriculum.  They just call it something else. 

(11/07/2021) Harvard segregates the audience for a theatrical performance tonight.  I'll keep on saying it: the left politicizes and hence tries to ruin everything it gets involved in.  And it is astonishingly successful.

(11/06/2021) Pro-CRT Professor Labels White People as Villains 'Take These Mother F-ers Out.'  Being in a protected class (black female) she has (so far) suffered no consequences.

(11/03/2021) The Pernicious Racism of 'Anti-Racism.'  We certainly are living in the age of Newspeak - where what is labeled as "anti-racism" is explicit, unadulterated racism.  And we thought 1984 was just fiction.

(10/21/2021) Leftist thought leaders declare intact families effectively racist.  Two parent families certainly do bestow a lot of privilege on the kids.  Question: what is preventing blacks and other minorities from having two parent families? 

(10/11/2021) High school begins all staff meetings with ‘commitment to dismantling whiteness.’  Prayer is, of course, banned.

(10/07/2021) Minnesota middle school removes Fs from its grading system to fight systemic racism, allows students to retake failed tests.  I keep asking myself whether ignorance and stupidity explain this kind of nonsense and I keep coming to the conclusion that Satan is behind it.  Satan is persuasive and many are open to his persuasion.  He certainly desires to take down that shining city on a hill and he is making use of a lot of useful idiots.

(10/06/2021) Educated Idiots, Critical Race Theory, and Other Bad Ideas.  It appears that bad ideas are driving almost all of our institutions.

(10/05/2021) Biden Unleashes FBI Gestapo to Terrorize Parents Opposed to Critical Race Theory.  A little hyperbole?  Perhaps.  But the whole point is to try to intimidate parents to stop them from showing up and criticizing their local school boards.  Note that the FBI is apparently devoting next to no resources investigating Antifa.  I'll be blunt - the FBI is little more than a weapon for the Democrats to wield against their enemies, namely us.  Prove me wrong.  Here is more on the topic: Biden's DOJ Will Help Leftist School Boards Squelch Parents' Free Speech. 

(10/05/2021) Another hoax? Missouri school district says racist graffiti was painted by non-white student.  What a surprise!  Yet, even though most "hate crimes" turn out to be hoaxes, they are still used to promote the myth of America being fundamentally racist.   Does the MSM ever promote the truth: that if America were so racist, there would be no need to fake racist incidents.

(09/28/2021) CVS Tells Employees They’re Privileged Racists Who Need to Shut Up.  It amazes me how many companies are doing this.  Do they really believe it?  Do they think it is going to improve their performance and profits?  Or have they HR and marketing departments been totally taken over by SJWs and "woke" college grads?  I've voting the latter, but who knows?

(09/07/2021) Colorblind Is the Moral Ideal.  So it is.  But today, many of our academics and institutions are claiming colorblind to be racist.  Why?  I'll be blunt.  They do not want everyone to be held to the same standards of behavior.  They do not want to be judged by the content of their character, because their character - or the character of those they claim to speak on behalf of - is lacking.  Instead of aspiring to good character, they make excuses for bad character.  Sad.  No, sick, not sad.  Don't fall for it.

(09/04/2021) Too White: Plaster Is Racist Now, Too.  The world would be a much better place if the people that spent their time coming up with (and being paid for) this nonsense actually did something positive and beneficial.

(08/03/2021) Now creationism is white supremacy, too.  Good grief.  This nonsense was published in Scientific American which is no longer either scientific or American.

(08/03/2021) NPR lectures Tom Hanks.  The left is always moving the goalposts.  It used to be that racism was bad so we should not be racists.  Problem: not enough racists and not enough racism.  What to do?  Move the goalposts and declare that in order to not be a racist, you must be an "anti-racist."  Problem solved.  Now we can declare everyone we don't like to be racist because to be "anti-racist," it isn't enough to not be a racist.  Got that? Most rational people don't "got it" because to be anti-racist actually requires being a racist, even though the advocates pretend otherwise.

(07/27/2021) Democrats’ disgraceful war on schools that actually teach poor, minority children.  Yeah.  it isn't sad, it isn't just bad, it is disgraceful. 

(07/27/2021) Lightfoot says she would 'absolutely' exclude white journalists from interviews again.  For the left, the solution to racism is more racism.  Actually, the problem is this: Racism is a weapon that is used to the benefit of Democrats.  Recently, there has been less and less racism and this is harmful to the Democrats.  What to do, what to do?  Create racial strife so that racism rears its ugly head again - or at least so the Democrats can claim that to be the case.

(07/27/2021) Dem Senator Schumer Attacks Trump Supporters: ‘How Could 74 Million People Vote For a Despicable, Racist, Vile Man?’  They keep calling Trump - and his supporters - some pretty vile things.  They never back it up with any specifics.  Where is the evidence that Trump is a racist?  I can trot out a lot more evidence regarding the racism of all the leading Democrats: Voter ID is racists because black aren't as capable of getting an ID as others.  Really?!?

(07/27/2021) A calling out of hypocrites or a reductio ad absurdum?  More absurdities from the "anti-racists." 

(07/23/2021) Theologian Shows Evangelicals How To Truly Keep Racism At Bay.  Looks good, not what you might think from the headline.

(07/18/2021) French food is now racist, according to professor who studies 'food whiteness' and 'food privileges.'  Imagine, if you will, a world where out academics did positively beneficial work rather than harmful work.  Such is certainly not the case today.  And to this that they actually are paid to produce this harmful nonsense.

(07/15/2021) Black Lives Matter Utah Chapter Deems American Flag ‘Symbol of Hatred.’  Just imagine, if you will, an America where everyone encouraged one another and tried to always build up rather than tear down.  We seem to be going in the opposite direction - at least many people are.  And what, exactly, are they accomplishing by their hatred and their slanders?   Nothing positive, either for themselves (unless they are grifters receiving donations), for their fellow Americans or for America itself.  But they are causing plenty of damage.

(07/11/2021) Parents Outraged After 8th-Grade Girls Shown Video Mocking White Women.  And so they should be.

(07/08/2021) Ibram X. Kendi’s Parents Worked to Give Him a Good Life. He Called Them Racists.  Hard to believe?  Maybe you think Kendi was adopted?  Nope.  His parents grew up in poverty, worked their way out of it and believed that education and hard work were the way to succeed.  Kendi declares that his parents bought into the racist, white supremacist notion of education and hard work.  What a douche.

(07/04/2021) Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Approves Plan to Promote Hate-Based Critical Race Theory in All 50 States and 14,000 School Districts.  We are being lied to over and over about CRT - it is just an academic theory, it isn't actually being taught, we don't know what it is anyway.  They could never get away with these lies without the active participation of the media, and rest assured, the media is not going to be telling us what the NEA is pushing.  To keep it simple, there are only two things you need to know about CRT - it is out and out racism, and it teaches that the color of your skin is everything and the content of your character is nothing.  And it says nothing good about the Democrat Party that they believe that pushing CRT - in disguise, if necessary - is beneficial to them.  But it is severely damaging to America, to our children and, just face it, pretty much everyone, whether they realize it or not.

(07/03/2021) 'Anti-racist' white teacher stopped teaching Spanish to students because she is 'dismantling white supremacy in society.'  Imagine, if you will, an America where there were never any of those people now labeled as "white supremacists."

(07/01/2021) Critical Race Theory ‘Ground Zero’: Republican Glenn Youngkin Rallies Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia.  This is an issue where the public is massively on the side of the GOP.  Another issue?  Voter ID.  Another issue?  School choice.  Yet rarely do GOP candidates run firmly on the very issues where the public heavily supports them?  More particularly, rarely do they hammer home that the Democrat candidates are on the wrong side.  I hope that this is a harbinger of things to come.

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