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(10/15/2020) We Have Forgotten God.  Have we forgotten?  Many have never known him, others deliberately ignore him.  But the end result is the same - a nation in deep, deep trouble.

(09/25/2020) Permission for Pastors to Preach About Politics.  This is an excellent article.  Sadly, most pastors avoid politics, even though they have a huge impact on our lives and lives of those around us.  And the Constitution says absolutely nothing about "separation of church and state," nor does the Bible.  However, under the Constitution, no theocracy could be established, either, despite claims from the Left that that is what we on the Right want do do. 

(09/25/2020) We Can’t Make America Great Without God.  Agreed.

(09/20/2020) Jim Caviezel Rebukes Christian Fence-Sitters in Inspired Interview.  And so we should be rebuked.

(09/03/2020) McFarland knocks liberal drift of Christianity Today.  Apparently the same is true for Wheaton College.

(08/15/2020) What Is Truth?  Well, it isn't the answer that many want to hear, but Christ came to be a witness to the truth. 

(08/09/2020) Netflix’s ‘Cursed’ Portrays Christianity One Way; This Tale Portrays It Another.  The author makes a good point.  We Christians (me, too!) are doing a lot of complaining nowadays, and to be fair, there is a lot worth complaining about.  But what positive things are we doing?  Should we just be griping about all the bad going on, or should we be trying to do some positive good in response?  The answer is obvious.

(08/09/2020) 10 Key Takeaways from ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ Gathering in Las Vegas.  This is more really good stuff.  The question is really not whether evangelicals should support Trump  We do.  A recent survey had Trump's evangelical support at 94%, though that is probably high.  The real question should be,  what are we supporters going to do?  The time for silence is past.  If committed Christians won't speak up against the moral decay in our country and in favor of revival and a turning back to God, who is going to?  This article ends with a story of a father taking his young daughter to a holocaust museum.  Afterwards, she asked "Daddy, why didn't somebody do something?"  Don't let that question be asked of us.

(08/08/2020) Letter to an Anti-Trump Christian Friend.  Why do well over 80% of evangelicals support President Trump? This letter explains it more clearly than most of us are capable of doing for ourselves.  It is long, but well worth reading.  The real question is, how can any evangelicals support the Democrats (from Biden on down the line) given the policies they are advocating and the behavior (the "cancel culture," violent "protests") they are condoning?

(08/05/2020) Our Evangelical Forebears’ Two Big Mistakes.  What are those mistakes?  Focusing on making converts rather than making disciples.  And allowing us to divide our lives into the secular and the sacred.  How many converts aren't really converts at all?  We are called to make disciples.  And how many think they can separate their lives into a "Christian" portion, and an everything else portion?  We can't redo the past, but we can surely do better moving forward.

(08/05/2020) Minus a spiritual revival, say adios to patriotism: apologist.  Well, we certainly need revival.  And we need to restore America to shining city on a hill status.  And the best way to do that?  Revival.  Revival is a two-fer.

(08/04/2020) Obama Cites God: “As the Lord Instructed Paul, ‘Do Not Be Afraid, Go on Speaking; Do Not Be Silent, For I Am With You’.”  I rather think that Paul was speaking God's truth.  I don't think this Scripture applies to spouting the progressive narrative. 

(08/04/2020) Fauci Attacks Church Choirs, Implies Worship Is Less Important Than Protests.  Good grief.  There is no way Fauci doesn't have an agenda.

(08/04/2020)  'Silent shepherds' sending subliminal messages.  Few pastors are willing to speak about the current issues of the day from the pulpit - according to Barna, 90% are unwilling.  Perhaps they fear losing tax exempt status.  Maybe they are concerned about offending some in the congregation.  But the message they are sending is that Scripture has nothing to say about the important issues of the day.  Scripture is not relevant!  Is that the message they wish to send?

(08/01/2020) Revival Begins Here.  Alas, I'm not sure we have reached a state where we are ready for revival.  I pray that we have, however.

(07/25/2020) Why is Jesus Such a ‘Colossal Fail’?  If there is one thing in common among those that argue that Christianity cannot be true, it is that they are simply ignorant about the claims of Christiainity.  It is pretty easy to shoot down a straw man of your own creation, and that is what they do.

(07/24/2020) Why I Have Faith in Jesus: An Open Letter to Billie Eilish.  This is good, not that I know anything about Billie Eilish.  One of the biggest lies that has been promulgated is that there are many paths to God and to saving faith.  Given that most of the "paths" are in conflict and contradiction with each other, this simply cannot be true.  It may be comforting to think that your own "path" is just as good as any other, but that doesn't mean it is going to take you to your desired destination.

(07/21/2020) Betrayal From Within: “Woke” Christian leaders persecute the faithful.  Sad but true.  Far too many Christian leaders' allegiance is to culture, not to Scripture. 

(07/20/2020) When It Feels Like the World is Collapsing Around Us.  Well, it certainly feels like it.  But I still believe that in the not too distant future, we are going to look bask and see how God used it for good.  Related: The Cancel Culture Is Losing Its Mind

(07/19/2020) Churches Under Attack.  Yes, they are.  There have been several arson attacks as well as quite a lot of church vandalism.  Aside from political opposition, two major institutions stand in the way of the progressive dream for America - the family and the church.  It is a tragedy that so many in the church fail to recognize this!

(07/06/2020) Godless BLM Protest Mob Targets NY Church – Attacks Christians on Church Steps, Including Mother with Baby, Shouts Down Pastor Screaming “Black Lives Matter” During Sermon.  The mob is after the church as well.  Do not be fooled into appeasing; the demands will never, never end if you do. 


(07/06/2020) American Christians Should Focus on the Cross, Not on Cultural Identity.  Good article.

(07/01/2020) There is no question that many of our "leaders" and media types are extremely anti-Christian.  Here are a couple examples: Chris Cuomo Uses CNN Soapbox to Tell Americans They Don’t Need God and St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones Labels Catholic Prayer Rally a KKK Meeting – Then Three St. Louis Christians Beaten, One Knocked Out by Leftist and Kicked in the Head

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