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(11/30/2021) The Evangelical Fracture.  I'll summarize.  Let your faith (and Scripture) inform your politics, not the other way around.  I think conservative evangelicals are in far better shape than the progressives.

(11/23/2021) In Case With Global Implications, Finland Puts Christians On Trial For Their Faith.  Basically, saying that sex should be confined to being between a man and a woman in marriage qualifies as a hate crime.

(11/20/2021) Get Woke, Empty the Pews.  Definitely true.  Sadly many, including the author, are still in the pews however much they might disagree with the direction their denomination is going.  Do not encourage them with your presence, do not encourage them with your money.  And most importantly, find a church that preaches biblical truth and will enable you to flourish.

(11/10/2021) An Open Letter to All Christians Who Voted for Biden.  While critical, I think he is pretty easy on them. 

(11/04/2021) When Is a Christian School Just a Segregation Academy? The Case of Archbishop Riordan High in San Francisco.  This is presented as an article about Catholic students walking out on an "anti-racism" speaker.  Then we are clued in.  They walked out on a pro-life speaker!  I have to say, we are doing a very poor job teaching our supposedly Christian youth what it means to be a Christian.  Don't imagine that this particular problem is limited to Catholics.

(10/27/2021) 19 Bible Verses That Speak About The Importance Of Storing God’s Word In Your Heart Today.  Since revival is what America needs more than anything else I thought a little more focus on what we can do is in order.  Alas, most current events simple confirm that we are in desperate need of revival.

(10/11/2021) Francis Collins Shows Us: Theistic Evolution Rots the Brain.  That it does.

(10/06/2021) Christians Don’t Need Fancy New Strategies Or Tactics To Tackle America’s Problems. They Need Courage.  Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

(10/05/2021) A Biblical Prescription for the Healing of America.  1 Chronicles 7:14, just as I expected when I checked out the article.  Live it.

(10/03/2021) When 350 Faith Leaders Endorsed Candidate Joe Biden to ‘Restore the Soul’ of the Nation.  I won't go so far as to say that political leaders cannot contribute to "restoring the soul of a nation," but that really isn't their job, it is God's.  God may choose to make use of politicians, but we should be very hesitant about putting our faith in them.  How anyone could have put their faith in Joe Biden to restore our soul is simply beyond me. 

(09/27/2021) ‘I need you to be my apostles’: Gov. Kathy Hochul says unvaccinated Christians ‘aren’t listening to God’  I guess it must be okay for Democrats to regularly invoke God, seeing as how so few actually believe in him or pay the slightest bit of attention as to what He has to say in Scripture.

(09/22/2021) Russell Moore’s Evangelical Imaginarium.  I'll settle for saying that I am grateful that Russell Moore is no long associated with the Southern Baptists.  But he should have been booted long, long ago.

(09/21/2021) As America Has Become More Secular, It Has Become Less Free.  True.

(09/21/2021) The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America abandons the Bible.  They now have a "transgender" bishop.

(09/20/2021) Is the Biggest Problem in the American Church Love of Country?  Nope.  The left would like nothing more than to turn evangelicals against our country.  Patriotism is a big stumbling block in the way of the left-wing agenda.  So they claim to tell us how good Christians should act.  Remember when they were busy telling us we'd elevated Trump above Jesus?  All in an effort to get us to lessen our support.  Does any evangelical know any evangelical who elevated Trump above Jesus?  Nope.  And neither did any of those who claimed we had.  Beware - there are a lot of false teachers and wolves in sheep's clothing, trying to sow discord in the church.

(09/17/2021) Reasons to Believe: Eric Metaxas’s Powerful New Book Is Atheism Dead?  Not out yet, but it looks very interesting.

(09/17/2021) “Pray for me”   This is in regard to Kanye West, who accepted Christ not so long ago.

(09/17/2021) In the Midst of Revolution, What Difference Can We (Christians) Make?  Good question.  When the Larger Culture Abandons God and Biblical Values.  Bad things happen.  What can we do?  These articles are somewhat limited in scope, so may I pre-recommend a book?  I say "pre" because I've only just begun reading it.  Check out Erwin Lutzer's We Will Not Be Silenced: Responding Courageously to Our Culture's Assault on Christianity.  We have been silenced to a considerable degree.  What are we going to do about it?

(08/28/2021) Most Americans Think They Have a Biblical Worldview. But Do They?  Before reading the article, I said no.  The answer?  Even more no.  84% of Christians think they have a biblical worldview, 9% actually have one.  Our churches are not doing a very good job.  And getting people to change their worldview is a major challenge.  And it is even worse when you think you have no need to change your view.

(08/21/2021) It Is During Times of Great Shaking that the Kingdom of God Makes Great Advances.  And we are certainly in times of great shaking.

(08/21/2021) The State of Theology.  Recent survey result.  When 30% of evangelicals don't believe that Jesus was the son of God, you have to think that some churches aren't doing a good job teaching doctrine - and people aren't reading their Bibles!

(07/27/2021) David Jeremiah: Cancel Culture is unbiblical … a sign of End Times?  Well, it is certainly unbiblical.

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