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(10/29/2019) A Little Fire and Brimstone Please.  Far too many churches rarely, if ever, preach about sin and hell.  How can you preach a holy God without doing so?  You really can't. 

(10/27/2019) Study: Regular church attendance boosts mental health.  Of course.

(10/26/2019) Why Faith is Key to Preserving Our Liberty.  And so it is.

(10/24/2109) Critical Race Theory – a bait-and-switch tactic infiltrating the Church.  Sadly, the big mucky-mucks at the SBC seem to have fallen for it.  Any time you start judging people and treating them on the basis of what they are rather than who they are, you are asking for trouble.  And it is totally non-biblical. 

(10/15/2019) Is Cory Booker Misusing the Bible? Yes.  I'll be blunt - you cannot be biblical and be a progressive at the same time.  Sorry.  Whenever a progressive quotes the Bible, you know they are misusing it. 

(10/12/2019) What is the ‘Fruit’ of the Evolving Faith Conference?  Jesus made it very clear that we bear fruit when we abide in him, he abides in us, and we obey his commands.  It seems that the "evolving faith" crowd has as very different view of what it means to bear fruit.  They seem to think that bearing fruit involves accepting "marginalized" people not merely for who they are but for what they do, no matter how the "what they do" may conflict with God's commands.  We are all sinners - and we all need to confess and repent of our sins.  But there is a bit of a problem when one is in denial concerning their sins.  The fundamental tenet of progressive theology is that hating the sin means hating the sinner (and faith is all about love), and besides, all sorts of stuff the Bible makes clear is sin, really isn't, so there is no need for confession and repentance.  Just live whatever lifestyle you want and talk a lot about love and you're good to go.  And be sure to call everyone who disagrees with you "haters" and "bigots."

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