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The image displayed is that of Ray Vander Laan who leads tours of the Holy Land, giving many wonderful lessons along the way.  If interested in videos of these lessons, go they are available at Amazon

UnShackled Website Quick Guided Tour


Although you can check out our site directory for a complete listing of all the pages on this website, it can be a bit intimidating due to the number of pages and the brevity of the page descriptions.


Since our main objectives are informational and a call to action, here are our main pages focusing on each (each will open in a new tab or page):


  • Current events.  This page is the focus of this website as it updated daily with news articles and commentary that should be of interest to conservatives in general and evangelical Christians in particular.

  • News and Politics.  The page contains links to many websites, primarily conservative, but liberal ones as well.  I do almost all my web browsing for the latest news and commentary from this page.  Suggestions for additional sites welcome.

  • Islam.  Islam is big in the news these days, and yet many of us have only a superficial knowledge about Islam.  These pages will not turn you into an Islamic scholar, but in 20 minutes you can learn a lot!


Calls to action:
  • Action page.  This is our weakest, yet very important page.  What is it that we as Christians can and should be doing in the public square?  Please send in your recommendations.

  • Discipleship.  All Christians are to be disciples.  Lots of resources here.

  • Evangelism.  We have a lot of evangelism resources.  It fact, these pages are the most visited on this site..

  • How to Present the Gospel.  Isn't this what being a Christian is all about?  Here is lots of info about various gospel presentations methods, phone apps and more.

  • Personal revival.  Revival in America may be important, but it all starts with us as individual Christians.  We have a lot of tips for how to get started and keep going.

  • A Christian Response.  A summary of what is going on in the world and what we, as Christians, should be doing about it.

Your Webmaster's additional favorite pages:
  • Personal testimonies.  When it comes to converting people to Christ, personal testimonies can be compelling.  Consider adding yours.

  • Revival in America.  Check it out if you think we need revival.

  • America's foundation.  This page includes a lot of info about our founding documents, as well as quotes from our founders.  I'll wager that there is stuff here and you are not familiar with!

  • A Guide to Progressive-Speak.  This is constantly growing and a lot of fun.

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