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Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

Proverbs 1:8   (NIV)

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (NIV)


Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.  The commandments, “Do not commit adultery,” “Do not murder,” “Do not steal,” “Do not covet,” and whatever other commandment there may be, are summed up in this one rule: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

Romans 13:8-10  (NIV)


Other Social Issues

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(12/15/2021) Third Worldizing America.  And where is this primarily happening?  In Democrat run cities.

(12/15/2021) New Poll Reveals Democrats Far More Likely to Hate Opposing Party — Guess Which Sub-Demographic Ranked Worst.  Just face it, Democrats are not only far more racist than Republicans, they are far less tolerant.  Naturally, this is precisely the opposite of what the media portrays.

(12/14/2021) Differences Between a Secular and a Religious – Jewish or Christian – Upbringing.  There really is a big difference.  Alas, public (and many private) schools interfere greatly with a religious upbringing.

(12/12/2021) California school district reportedly encourages using witchcraft on people who say 'all lives matter.'  Imagine the outcry if a school district encouraged students to pray for our country.

(12/09/2021) New Poll Reveals Democrats Are Far More Likely to Hate Those of Opposing Party — And Democrat Women are the Most Intolerant.  What is interesting is all the comments from people on the left explaining how justified they are in being intolerant of conservatives even as they claim to be the tolerant ones!

(11/30/2021) Twitter’s New CEO Parag Agrawal Has Disturbing Anti-American, Anti-White Tweet History.  I have a rule of thumb.  If a church / denomination, company, social media platform, news network, charity, or whatever, actively opposes your values, do not support them with your presence, with your finances, or with anything else.  And encourage like-minded people to do the same.  It is appalling how many such entities are kept afloat by people who oppose the very things they promote.  Don't do it!

(11/26/2021) Thoughts from the ammo line.  This is a must read.  Every bit of it is true, true, true, yet if a politician said these things, they would be vilified by the press and pretty much all academia and most pundits.

(11/15/2021) Does Truth Need a Narrative?  Truth would "sell" a lot better if it were attached to a compelling narrative.  The left, with its many lies but great narratives, have a big advantage.  When you are trying to sell a lie, you have to have a narrative.  When you are trying to sell truth, you see no need for a narrative.

(11/09/2021) Business Ethics Motivated by Biblical Teaching.  You may have read about this before, but it doesn't include what I consider the most important aspect of biblical teaching on business ethics: servant leadership.  When managers see their primary job as enabling and assisting their subordinates to accomplish the necessary objectives of the organization (rather than just ordering them and chastising them when they fail), things will flourish.  The whip may work in the short term (but not necessarily!), but in will definitely fail in the long.

(11/09/2021) Hyperbole, Decibels, and Persistency.  While I still think that the only real solution to our current "malaise" is revival, there is some real food for thought here - be sure to read the comments.  This isn't a one front war.  There are many fronts in addition to the spiritual and we cannot afford to neglect them.  We need to turn to God for that which we cannot do, and do that which we can do.

(11/08/2021) Is America becoming Rome versus Byzantium?  Good question.  The necessary historical background is supplied, so dig in.

(11/03/2021) Is Stealing Wrong? Not on the Left.  This is largely true.  Some complain when it is pointed out that this is largely a problem resulting from lack of religion, specifically Christianity.  Certainly one can be opposed to stealing and not be religious.  But a culture really cannot survive in the long haul without a solid moral foundation that only religion can provide.  Contemporary America is a perfect example.  Without revival, we are doomed to continual decline.

(11/03/2021) MSU argues dehumanizing others comparable to supporting ‘sexual assault and murder.’  The very people that push this stuff are the ones who "dehumanize" more than virtually everyone else, starting with Trump supporters, conservatives, whites and Christians.

(11/03/2021) Children as Human Shields in Loudoun County.  Democrats are a;ways pushing progressive programs "for the children."  Simple question: who cares more about children?  The government or their parents?  Sure there are some bad parents out there.  That doesn't mean that the government should be indoctrinating your kids.  Or any kids, for that matter.

(10/27/2021) The Left Is Everything They Hate.  Well, claim to hate, at least.

(10/27/2021) America Gone Mad.  I don't see how anyone can think that our government and other leaders have gone mad.  But so has our culture and possibly a majority of everyday people.  Which is why I believe that only God can save us from ourselves.

(10/27/2021) Journalist Reads Filthy Porn Book from School’s Library at FL School Board Meeting – Board Members Call Police to Have Him Forcefully Removed for Reading Obscene Content Aloud.  Need anything more be said about the state of some of our public schools?

(10/20/2021) The Left is Evil — And Liberals Keep Voting for Them.  True.

(10/13/2021) Schools gave laptops to kids during pandemic — then they spied on the students for their own good: report.  All totalitarians do things "for the good of others," whether the "others" agree or not.

(10/02/2021) School district pulls books after angry mother exposes 'pedophilia' in them, reads explicit passages to school board.  Does anyone seriously think that any and all books must be permitted in school libraries?  That it is censorship otherwise?  Since libraries must be selective, it would be best if they chose wisely.  When the school board doesn't want to hear what some of the chosen books say, it is clear that they did not choose wisely.  The arrogance of our public school establishment is astounding.  Consider: Biden’s Radical Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Says Parents Should Not Be the “Primary Stakeholder” in Their Kids’ Education.  Do you really want to turn your children over to people like this?

(09/28/2021) Anti-Semitic Attacks in 2020 Outnumbered Attacks Against Muslims, Asians, Transgender People Combined. The problem is that the narrative is that all hate crimes need to be blamed on the right. But most hate crimes against Jews (and Asians, for that matter) are committed by the left - or at least by groups that are favored by the left.  Suppress that which doesn't support the narrative, promote that which supports or can be spun to support it.

(09/28/2021) FDA Official Says Use 'Nazi' Type Registry of Unvaxxed Americans: ‘Like the Jewish Star.’  Are these people so lacking in self awareness?  Or do they just not care that we know that they desire to be tyrants?

(09/24/2021) ‘Conservative People Stupid,’ Says Academic, Proving There Is Indeed Stupidity on Campus.  The real howler is that he claims traits for liberals everything they are not.  Open-minded?  Tolerant?  He admits he has never had a real conversation with a conservative!  If liberals are so open-minded, why to they shut down virtually all conservative speakers on campus?

(09/22/2021) What Can You Do?  This is about US healthcare vs. Canadian.  Hint: ours is far, far superior.  Almost all medical innovation, be it treatment methods, drugs or medical equipment, comes from the USA - well over 75% in all categories, less than 25% for the rest of the world.  Yet the Democrats would like to destroy our system and socialize it, destroying all incentives for innovation.  Do they have the slightest notion of the negative impact that would have, not just for Americans but for the rest of the world, as well?  Do they care?  I've reached the point where I believe that the only things they care about are power and feeling morally superior.  What they advocate may be devastating to those impacted, but they sure feel superior to anyone who disagrees with them.

(09/22/2021) High School Requires that 11th Grade Boy Undress with Girls to Promote Tolerance.  Good grief.  Question: can we trust the public schools with our kids?

(09/17/2021) What The Right Needs Now Is The Courage To Fight Even If It Costs Us.  If you read nothing else today, read this.

(09/16/2021) What’s Liberating About 2 Million Mothers Quitting Work In The Last Year.  Hopefully more will follow.

(09/15/2021) Clay Clark – Reawaken America Tour: “I’m Reawakening America With The Help Of Jesus, General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Bobby Kennedy Jr…”  To be honest, I didn't have a clue who Clay Clark was, but he has a microphone and I've been praying that more such people to get up and publicly advocate for revival.  This isn't exactly what I had in mind, but it is a start.

(09/10/2021) A Sobering (Yet Motivating) Reality on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11.  Pray for revival, and work on your own personal revival.

(09/10/2021) America at the Crossroads — These are the Times That Try Men’s Souls.  They certainly are.

(09/08/2021) NFL will allow social justice phrases on helmets this season.  Naturally they all lean left.  Remember when the corporate would was supposedly right-wing?  To be fair, that has always been a bit of a myth.  Corporations tend to favor big government - as long as big government favors them.  And so government has.  Regulations, for example, always favor the big and already in business over the new and the small.  Trump started turning that around.  Some corporations liked that, most did not.

(09/02/2021) Do Americans Have What it Takes to Fight Pure Evil?  First, we have to be willing to recognize it and name it when we see it.

(08/25/2021) Cancel Culture and Wokeness Will Destroy Our Country.  Is there anyone less tolerant that someone who is "woke?"  And yet they imagine all who disagree with them to be the intolerant ones.  This kind of thinking is a direct result of our totally failing education system.

(08/18/2021) Province Sees 'Horrifying' Number of Syphilis Infections.  This is Alberta.  Maybe some lifestyle changes are in order - a more biblical lifestyle, perhaps.  Are such solutions ever offered?  Rarely. 

(08/17/2021) The woke never sleep.  Should AA change a reference to "men and women" to "people?"  I'd have no problem if they'd written it "people" in the first place.  But surrenders to demands like this only leads to more demands and more absurd demands.  And the result is a gradual shifting of our culture in the wrong direction.

(07/27/2021) How to get life skills in college.  There have been a number of articles regarding a survey where 81% of recent college grads wish they had been taught more "life skills."  Well, I certainly have to agree that they are sorely lacking in such skills.  And colleges rarely provide an environment that is conducive to learning those skills.  But most of us learn those skills outside of the classroom.  Isn't this a big problem with students today - they expect to be spoon fed rather than interact with the real world and learn stuff on their own?

(07/20/2021) Budapest Diary.  Quite interesting, actually.  Among other things, Hungary cares a lot more about Western Civilization than doe the (current) USA.

(07/20/2021) The American descent into madness.  I've been calling it insanity.  Either term will do.

(07/19/2021) The 'Silent Majority' Is Rapidly Becoming the 'Angry Majority.'  The silent majority was a little too silent.  The won in the short run but lost in the long.  Let us hope that we really do become an angry majority, because angry people are not going to keep silent.

(07/17/2021) Shapes of things: Ministry of truth edition.  We have entered very dangerous territory.  The Biden administration is employing a lot of tactics that are SOP for totalitarian regimes.

(07/17/2021) Report: Delaware Prosecutor Stalled Hunter Biden Investigation to Keep It Out of 2020 Election.  Of course.  We wouldn't want any important news to come out that might harm the Democrats chances in an election.

(07/16/2021) How the Air Force Academy Makes the Disloyal Military Leaders of Tomorrow.  Sigh.

(07/14/2021) Wokeism Has Awakened The Most Formidable Opponent: The American Family.  It has started to.  Let us hope it continues.

(07/13/2021) The Best Thing Most Americans Can Do to Make America Better.  Yes!

(07/13/2021) Thugs on dirt bikes violently beat US postal worker in Brooklyn in broad daylight as he made his rounds.  You have to wonder why people even think of doing such things, much less actually doing them.  Lack or moral education?  Possibly.  Here is more: Video shows woman  beating McDonald's employees allegedly over refusal to mix slushie flavors.  Good grief.

(07/12/2021) Jen Psaki and Biden White House Refuse to Blame Communism for Mass Protests in Cuba.  Can't be communism because communism has been such a success everywhere it has been tried.  Must be Trump.  And sure enough: CNN Reporter Blames Trump During WH Presser for Massive Protests in Cuba Against Brutal Marxist Regime. 

(07/11/2021) ODNI Appears To Photoshop Blind Man, Woman In Wheelchair Into ‘Multicultural’ Stock Photo For Diversity Report.  It is rather annoying that a government that demands diversity of the rest of us has to fake their own diversity.  "Appears" should not be used as a qualifier - the fact is that they did so and it is obvious.

(07/10/2021) Where Have We Placed Our Faith?  Read on.

(07/09/2021) Defund NPR: Paper Denounces The Declaration Of Independence.  I realize that the Democrats have the media on their side.  But is there any reason for the GOP to go along with spending vast sums of federal dollars to promote the Democrat's agenda, and very little to promote the conservative agenda?

(07/09/2021) Fifth graders will have access to condoms in Chicago elementary schools next month. One parent reacts: 'Oh my God ... they are kids.'  More on the subject.  It should be noted that a major focus of big government types is to minimize the consequences of bad behavior, often even to reward it.  The result is a rise in bad behavior.  You would think that proponents would learn from experience, but you would be wrong.  This program is going to cause a great deal of harm and those that are behind it will accept no responsibility for the tragic results.  Rather, it is likely that they will demand even more of the same.

(07/08/2021) Condoms Available Starting in 5th Grade in Chicago’s Public Schools. This is mandatory, system-wide.  Note that the left never has a problem imposing their values without consent.  Seems we had a revolution over that sort of thing.

(07/04/2021) Ignorant and Ungrateful Georgetown Students Ashamed to be American on 4th of July.  To be fair, that is what they are taught and they are too young and immature to look around, observe, and form their own opinions.  Some will grow up.  Sadly, many will not.

(07/04/2021) Hanson: Wokeism is distracting us from facing our real problems.  Well, isn't that the whole purpose?  The Left doesn't really have solutions to our many problems, so the idea is to distract and turn attention to areas where they do claim to have solutions.  They don't, but the essential first step is to make sure that they (the left) are not held responsible for the real problems that we do face.

(07/03/2021) This Independence Day, Pray for a Spiritual Revolution.  Do.

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