Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

Proverbs 1:8   (NIV)

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (NIV)


Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.  The commandments, “Do not commit adultery,” “Do not murder,” “Do not steal,” “Do not covet,” and whatever other commandment there may be, are summed up in this one rule: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

Romans 13:8-10  (NIV)


Other Social Issues

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(05/05/2021) Roger Daltrey: The ‘Woke’ Generation is Creating a Miserable World.  Daltrey was the sensible and sober member of The Who.  It shows.

(05/02/2021) Cartoon shows the difference between ‘equality’ and ‘equity.’  The problem, of course, is that they begin with a false assumption.  When you do that, everything that follows is false, including their "solution" to the "problem," which they falsely define.  This is what happens when our schools fail miserably at teaching critical thinking skills. 

(05/02/2021) How Much Worse Can it Get?  Quite a bit worse, I am afraid.  The fact that so many of the goals of progressives are impractical and in conflict with one another could hasten the day when there is adequate push back to stop the decline.  "When" is the key.

(05/02/2021) Vogue piece ripped as 'completely insane' for calling childbearing 'environmental vandalism.'  It is funny in a dangerous way that the "pro-choice" crowd really doesn't want you to to be free to make your own choices about so many things.  Of course, when they try to impose their values on everyone else, it is always for the "greater good."

(05/01/2021) Chicago Mayor Lightfoot's latest police reform idea: Require cops to get permission to chase suspects on foot.  Good grief.

(04/28/2021) It Is No Surprise Which States Came In As The Snobbiest In The USA, Blue States Have A ‘Smug’ Problem.  it is amusing, but I am not persuaded that the methodology is very sound.

(04/23/2021) Why is Everything Liberal?  Good question, simple answer.  Because those on the left put politics above everything else, including competence, religion, character, knowledge, reality, truth, facts, decency, etc.  Conservatives don't.  So in every institution those on the left get involved in, they do everything in their power to turn it political and get rid of any conservatives.  They have been remarkably successful.

(04/21/2021) Misinformation.  Lies is actually a better term.  The MSM promotes falsehoods - virtually all to the detriment of conservatives and to the benefit of the Left (Democrats).  And they don't apologize when caught.  If they respond at all, they just make excuses and justify themselves.  Will they learn and change for the better?  Of course not. 

(04/01/2021) The Test Is Upon Us. Will You Fail or Will You Prevail?  Good question.  Note that merely being right isn't enough.  "Right" (and truth, reality, facts) means nothing to those who would destroy America and everything it stands for. 

(03/31/2021) Conservative students attacked for their Bible verse Easter egg hunt.  Why do so many feel threatened by Bible verses?  Two obvious reasons.  They are "Christians" who are ashamed of the gospel.  They are afraid of the Bible; afraid that it really is what it claims to be.  And if it is, they are in deep trouble.  Best to drag as many others down with you so you won't be alone.  Wouldn't it be better to be raising people up?  It is Easter season, after all.  Final note.  When people claim they are speaking up for others who "might be offended," they are simply speaking for themselves - but don't want to admit it.  We have a lot of presumptuous people who love to claim they are speaking for others; others who are perfectly capable of speaking up for themselves if they so desire.

(03/30/2021)  The American Civil War Is Over Judeo-Christian Values.  And it is shocking that some "Christians" think that many of those values "no longer apply."  If all Christians were to hang on to those values, America will stand a much better chance of surviving. 

(03/30/2021) Universities lamented the Atlanta shooting, ignored the Boulder massacre.  If it doesn't support the narrative - or can't be forced to fit the narrative - it must be ignored. 

(03/30/2021) When a Hate Crime Isn’t Really a Hate Crime.  Trump is somehow to blame for all the "hate" crimes.  Why is it, then, that virtually none of the the so-called hate crimes are committed by Trump supporters?  Just asking.

(03/23/2021) No Boundaries.  We are reaching the point where there simply are no moral boundaries, only the law.  And the law is now leaning more and more toward erasing moral boundaries.  Not merely erasing them but making it illegal to try to live by moral (biblical) boundaries.

(03/22/2021) How bad is the moral state of the U.S.?  Pretty bad,I'd say.

(03/18/2021) Cal Thomas on Ruining America.  We need to remember that the Democrats have proven themselves to care not a whit for America or Americans in general.  Everything they do and support is with one objective only - to gain more power and to hold on to that power.  And that power is going to be exercised in their own interest,

(03/11/2021) British University Guide for Academics Bans the Terms 'Mother' and 'Father.'  Sadly, the most absurd examples of "inclusive" language in this article are from Grace Church School right here in the USA.

(03/11/2021) Our Descent Into Collective Madness?  What is the number one problem?  Make it the top two: collectively, we've turned away from God, and our education system indoctrinates rather than educates.  The result?  Truth, facts, reason - even common sense - have gone by the wayside for are large portion of our population.  Many simply cannot think critically - at best, they rationalize.  Truth - God's truth?  Not important, irrelevant.  None of this is good.

(02/27/2021) Christian Response to the Cancel Culture. Things are truly going downhill.  I would argue that it is better to fight the downward trends than to be prepared to accept what happens if we get there.

(02/24/2021) Certifiably crazy times in America.  It is bad enough that crazy things are happening.  But our government is doing a lot of them, encouraging more of them, and the results are going to be (and currently are proving to be) very, very damaging - both culturally and financially.  The literal destruction of America is proceeding apace and we have very few leaders with the gumption to really, really fight it.  I pray that we get a lot more than some mealy-mouthed platitudes.

(02/23/2021) It’s Getting Harder Being Green.  Yes, Disney has decided that The Muppet Show requires a nonsensical disclaimer pointing out how offensive it might be to some.  Sheesh.  But don't consider it a trivial. silly thing.  It may be silly, but it isn't trivial.  It is all part of the ongoing effort to indoctrinate us in the progressive worldview.  And it is having a great deal of success.

(02/18/2021) Dan Crenshaw has created a handy-dandy list of conservative principles.  It is a very good list.  I agree with every one.  I wonder how many, if any, the Democrats would agree with.  Publicly.

(02/18/2021) US Navy task force makes sailors pledge to 'advocate for and acknowledge all lived experiences and intersectional identities.'  Well, they got started on this some time ago, but the Left (Democrats) are doing to the military what they do to everything else - politicizing it and hence, destroying it. If you haven't noticed, they are doing this to Christianity, as well, all the while proclaiming that it is conservatives politicizing their faith.

(02/16/2021) It Isn’t Only Math.  Nope, Shakespeare has to go.  To say that progressives are dumbing down our education system and using it to promote a failed ideology is being far too kind to them.  I'm thinking more in terms of evil.  Sure, there are plenty of useful idiots, but that can't explain it all.

(02/15/2021) This Is Why You Never EVER Apologize to the Woke Police.  To apologize is to declare them to have been correct.  They are not.  Never apologize to them, fight back and fight back with gusto.  Until people start doing that, things will simply get worse and worse and worse. 

(02/07/2021) Hateful LA Times Reporter Virginia Heffernan Compares Kindly Pro-Trump Neighbors to Terrorists After They Helped Plow Her Driveway.  Well, they didn't just help, they did the whole thing.  But they can't earn absolution from her in this manner.  The only way they can do that is to repudiate Trump.  Sigh.  I want to be tactful here, but it seems to me that many on the Left are simply not nice people.  Their politics infect every single aspect of their lives.  And it is an infection.

(02/05/2021) Illinois Teachers Told to Adopt Progressive Ideology or Be Fired.  Although we are labeled as the intolerant ones imposing our values on others, nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, it is the Left that does so, and they generally do so while never having their methods scrutinized by the media nor approved by the voters. The Left simply feel totally free and justified in using the public schools to indoctrinate children in progressive ideology.  Some have even gone so far as to advocate that the state remove children from families whose parents support Trump! 

(02/04/2021) Biden SecDef Issues Military-Wide Stand-Down Order to Fight 'Extremism.'  He wants to purge the military of "extremists" and "racists."  Given how the Democrats define those, he might as well come out and say he wants to purge the military of Trump supporters.  And why would he want to do that?  We have plunged into what could turn into the "terror."  God help us.

(02/02/2021) How Should We Treat the Elites Who Clearly Hate Us?  For starters, we shouldn't hunker down an keep quiet!

(01/31/2021) Is modern media more biased than before?  Whether it is or not is irrelevant.  It is very biased and we should be fighting that bias - which is anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-conservative, anti-God.

(01/23/2021) Biden’s Culture War Blitzkrieg.  What are we going to do about it?  I should note that unlike Trump, some of Biden's executive orders are clearly unconstitutional.  Regarding Keystone, lawsuits are being prepared, if not already filed.

(01/22/2021) 'Everything is Politics': Why Johnny Doesn't Know Squat About Civics.  How did this happen?  We have allowed government to intrude into every aspect of life, most areas of which, the government really has no business.  And what we have allowed is going to be very difficult to "unallow."  Given the new administration, it is only going to get far, far worse.

(01/22/2021) How Joe Biden Misunderstands Unity.  Let me count the ways!  But in this instance, at least he is not misusing the Bible, merely torturing St. Augustine.

(01/22/2021) Freedom’s Funeral.  Is it really this bad?  I'll settle for saying that the signs are not positive.

(01/21/2021) Love in the Ruins: What We Learned from the Time of Trumples.  Hardly encouraging, but a pretty realistic look at what the future likely holds.  Will we have learned enough to have a positive impact on the future?  With God, all things are possible.  But we still have to do our part.

(01/19/2021) Katie Couric: Trump Supporters Need to Be “Deprogrammed.”  And yet these people have the notion that we are the fascists!  I know the liberal mentality, having formerly been one.  But even I never imagined that in America they could so wholly embrace the totalitarian tactics of the Nazis and the Communists - and be totally oblivious to the fact.  We have gone beyond postmodernism.  Their "truths" are simply defined by the progressive narrative.   Our "truths," however much based on facts and reality, because they do not conform to that narrative, must be suppressed and those that hold them need to be re-educated.  It boggles the mind that the Left not only thinks this totalitarian stuff, they are openly advocating it!  Yet it is we who are the intolerant deplorables.

(01/17/2021) Harvard Students Demand School Revoke Degrees For Trump Supporters Who Work In Government.  There was a time when there were actual adults running colleges and universities.  They would use this as an opportunity to straighten out the thinking errors of the kids.  No longer.  Faculty and administrators are probably leading the charge, using the students as cover. Even if not, they are certainly not going to tell them how nonsensical and dangerous - yes, dangerous - what they are advocating is. We are, indeed, in dangerous times.  We never imagined 1984 would ever arrive in America, but it seems it has.

(01/17/2021) Adversary Culture in 2020.  Still very relevant.

(01/13/2021) For Our Leftist Elites, the Double Standard’s Meant to Be Blatant. That’s the Point.  I have to admit that I hadn't thought of it this way before, but I believe it to be true, not universally but generally.  Pointing out the hypocrisy means nothing to them because they are glorying in the fact that the rules apply to us, but not to them!  They are morally and otherwise superior and the rules simply do not apply.  We are inferior, so the rules do apply to us.  This is a major problem.  I used to think that those on the left could be persuaded by sound argument.  That may be true for the low information types, but it means nothing to committed lefties.

(01/12/2021)  Is Truth Irrelevant?  Sadly, to many / most of our opponents, the truth is irrelevant.  This is where postmodernism and our education system have led us.

(01/12/2021) The Deep State Is Rattled.  On the one hand, this is probably true.  On the other hand, rather than giving ground because of justified opposition, they are fighting back - possibly desperately.  We already see Democrat prosecutors letting left-wing rioters and arsonists off with no charges and throwing the book at right-wing protestors.  The deep state is not threatened by the Left, but they are most assuredly threatened by the Right.  They are not going down without a fight and they are fighting.  The question is, are we going to fold and give them victory, or are we going to fight for victory ourselves.  Why are they so desperate to take down Trump and destroy him?  And this is exactly what they are trying to do.  Because he is the most effective leader for the forces opposing the deep state.  Don't be fooled into all this "discrediting" of Trump nonsense. Far too many have bought in to it, but the evidence does not support it.

(01/11/2021) What Now?  Terrifying times lie ahead.  No kidding.

(01/07/2021) Journalist: ‘I Want To Find An Antimasker And Beat Them To Death’; ‘You F***ing Christians’ Are What ‘Jesus Condemns.’  Just remember.  Those on the Left have neither tolerance or a heart for unity.  They sure don't want you telling them how to live, but they are going to tell you how to live.  And you better do it.  Or else.

(01/05/2021) I Now Better Understand the ‘Good German.’  A Dennis Prager column that is definitely worth reading.

(01/04/2021) People of the Lie.  Truth, honesty, facts, nonsense.  Our information gatekeepers believe it is their job to filter what we see and read.  And replace truth and facts with lies if mere suppression is not enough.  The masses (that's you and me) cannot be trusted with the truth - they might not make the right decisions!

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