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For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.  You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.  Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.  There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.  All these are the beginning of birth pains.  Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me.  At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.  Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. Matthew 24:5-13 (NIV)


Now, brothers, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.   1 Thessalonians 5:1-2 (NIV)

Trail Markers for the End Times

(See current events for the most recent articles)

(02/12/2021) The White Supremacy of Arithmetic.  This nonsense is being taught in some public schools and it will only get worse - much worse. 

(07/08/2020) Teacher Blames 'Western Imperialism,' 'Colonization' for Concept of 2+2=4.  Yes, really.  Math, you see, is not objective and all math is subject to "interpretation."  And our schools are full of teachers who buy into this nonsense, or at least will not call it out for what it is.  Can we slide any further into absurdity?  Alas, almost certainly.

(06/25/2020) South Dakota Tribal Leader On Mt. Rushmore: Remove It, But Don’t Blow It Up, Less Environmental Damage That Way.  Remember what we thought of the Taliban when they started destroying historical sites and monuments?  Many of those who considered the Taliban to be a bunch of uncivilized primitives are themselves acting like uncivilized primitives.

(06/22/2020) ‘Journalism is DEAD, part 9999’: Receipt-filled thread details what REALLY happened in Louisville with driver who allegedly ‘struck’ protester.  This was presented by NPR, local stations, and other national outlets as right-winger assaulting protesters with car (this is a new theme - "protesters" blocking roads and harassing drivers are being deliberately assaulted by right-wing drivers).  What they left out, even though it was available on video and from the police is that 1) the driver was a black female, 2) prior to hitting the "protester," she was being violently harassed. and 3) one of the "protesters" pointed a gun at her face.  She was in fear of her life and the police agreed.  Two of the "protesters" have been arrested and charged.  The facts are a bit different than what the media presented, are they not?  Even when confronted with said facts, none of the media, as far as I can tell, have actually presented those facts.  Rather, they have simply withdrawn some of their original stories and offered mealy-mouthed excuses.  And they wonder why people call them fake news!  It would be nice if lawsuits from the driver follow, but since she wasn't identified in the news stories it probably will not happen.

(06/22/2020) New York Politician Livestreams Call For Rioters To Loot In Communities That Aren’t Their Own.  Is it a crime for a person in political office to call for others to commit crimes?  If not, it should be.

(06/22/2020) This one sad photo shows just how much the media is avoiding the violence in Chicago this weekend.  It isn't just Chicago.  Riots are started when people with long raps sheets are killed by police (justifiably or not) but no one cares when a 3 and 13 year old and many others are killed by thugs in Chicago, as was the case over Father's Day.  Our priorities - and more specifically, the priorities of our politicians and influence peddlers - are totally screwed up.  If anyone really cares about black lives, the place to start is to beef up law enforcement in the cities, to crack down on gangs and drugs, implement policies that will encourage and strengthen the family, and more.  The first two could be implemented quickly, the others over time.  Who is advocating that which can be done now (or the others, as well)?  Virtually no one is publicly so advocating.  What a disgrace.  Question: whose lives were more valuable?  The life of George Floyd of the long rap sheet, or the lives of the 3 and 13 year old killed in Chicago.  Just  asking.

(06/13/2020) When Does The Insanity End?  Not any time soon, I fear.  This article is full of examples of the insanity, and well as some sane voices.  Example of insanity?  A California professor is under police protection because he refused to cancel final exams so students (primarily black) could go out to protest.  The big problem is, virtually everyone with a microphone is not merely tolerating the insanity, but they are actively encouraging it.

(06/13/2020) New York Times Publishes Op-Ed Of Apparent Terrorist Supporter Who Calls For Abolishing ‘Prisons And Police.’  So the Times thinks this kind of Op-Ed is fine, but people lost their jobs over publishing Sen. Tom Cotton's Op-Ed.  The insanity continues.

(06/13/2020) Crazy George Floyd Protester And Defense Attorney Shoots Truck Driver In Head During Colorado Street Protest.  This was in Alamosa.  It may be a university town (my youngest went there) but I never would have thought that the insanity had reached there.

(06/12/2020) Minneapolis City Council Unanimously Votes to Replace Police with ‘Community-Led Public Safety System.’  Two things to note: this is what you get when you vote for Democrats, and I'll have to start archiving a lot of articles into "Trail Markers for the End Times" category.

(08/09/2019) Gaslighting: The Lies Media Tells About Donald Trump.  These aren't just lies, they are d**n lies, and they are repeated over and over as fact.  We are in very dangerous times, and the prime contributor is our dishonest media.  Yes, Democrat politicians are repeating these same lies, but they would not continue to do so without the active support of the media.

(08/09/2019) Ex-FBI chieftain goes off deep end: Says Trump honoring Hitler on 8/8.  Don't you see?  H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, so obviously 8/8 means Heil Hitler.  What is insane is that insanity like this is being treated seriously.  And that, along with many other things, is bad for the country and it is bad for individuals.

(08/31/2017) Olympic Committee Buckles to LGBT Pressure With Rule Change.  Apparently they will allow men who "identify" as women to compete as women in the 2018 Winter Games.  This is so unbelievable that I find it hard to credit it.  If they follow through we are basically putting an end to women's sports.  If I were a female athlete, I'd boycott these Olympics.  Are they going to do the same with the Summer Games?  Just when you think the world cannot get more insane, it gets more insane.  Put an end to the insanity.  Pray for Revival!

(07/24/2016) Radical Socialists in Hollywood Keep Falsifying History and Whitewashing Communists.  This isn't the only history that Hollywood falsifies.  Read the article.  You simply won't believe what the new movie Captain Fantastic is about.  Or maybe you will.  it is Hollywood after all.

(07/19/2016) Case Western U closes this week since students fear cops from GOP Convention.  So the students are scared of the police?  I would suggest announcing to the world that after the GOP convention, no police will be permitted on campus.  How long will it take for the students, faculty and staff to be begging for their return?

(01/20/2016)    Nearly 10% of College Grads Think Judge Judy Serves on SCOTUS.  And I'm not even going to link to the video of people on the beach in San Diego who don't know what country Mount Rushmore is in.  Although I am shocked that so many people who know so little actually vote, I am even more shocked that our education system manages to churn out such people in apparently increasing numbers.  Here is more on the topic: James O’Keefe’s Common Core Videos Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg.

(12/30/2015)   "All I want for Christmas"  A Liberal Christmas.  This is not a parody, but it is very popular at voice recitals.   I am having a little fun by placing this in the Trail Markers category.

(12/23/2015)  College Students Sign ‘Petition’ to Ban ‘White Christmas’ Because It’s Racist.  College students are willing to repeal the First Amendment, so why not White Christmas?  OK, it isn't the end of the world, but ....

(10/03/2015)  Our Culture Makes the Mentally Ill Into Cult Heroes.  Read the whole thing - about a woman who blinded herself because she always wanted to be blind.  The mentally ill need help, not encouragement in their delusions.  A comment:  God made us, male and female.  Not coincidentally, that is a biological fact as well.  When people are having 'gender identity' issues they need help.  Instead, we are treating them as heroes, glorifying their confusion, and accusing those who actually want to help as 'bigots'.  I'm thinking this article should get filed under trail markers for the end times.  It certainly is a sad commentary on current American society.

(09/29/2015)   Here are a couple trail markers for the end times.  Unbelievable! When a Father Picks Up His Daughter from School Because a Boy Put Super Glue in Her Hair, A Cop Threatens Him with This.  And also this: School District Bans Game of Tag for Students' "Emotional Safety"

(08/26/2015)   'Stalk them and kill them,' Farrakhan says, calling for 10,000 volunteers to kill whites.  This almost certainly has nothing to do with this mornings TV shootings, but then you never know what influences people that are not right in their mind.  But Farrakhan calling for blacks to murder whites elicits no reaction from politicians or the media, yet if some obscure 'pastor' called for the reverse it would be the biggest news item for days, probably with every conservative public figure being held accountable.


(07/17/2015)   ISIS film a CHILD carrying out a beheading for the first time: 'Cub of the Caliphate' is the first seen executing a prisoner by decapitation as the terror group increasingly use boys to kill.  We cannot pretend that Islam is anything but what it is.  Note that stories such as this often do not appear in the US media.


(07/09/2015)  Great news, Oregon. 15 year olds can now get govt funded sex change surgery without parental permission.  No kidding.  This definitely belongs in the Trail Markers for the End Times.


(06/25/2015)   Doctors urged to amputate healthy limbs.  This is in Canada and those doing the urging are 'transabled' activists.


(06/21/2015)   Redefining Reality.  The article is specifically talking about 'gender' and race, but please be aware that it covers much more territory.  If you try to fight political correctness with reality, prepared to be called a bigot and told to shut up.  Sadly, far too many of us have been intimidated into shutting up.


(05/29/2015)  Why in the world are so many Americans focused on trigger warnings, microagressions and safe spaces when radical Islam is trying to take us back to the dark ages?  For two of the latest outrages few of us will hear about, go here and here.  ALthough I'm sure these stories must have been covered domestically, you will note that I found them in the UK media, not the US.  Check out the  'blog' on the general topic, and consider putting in your 2 cents worth via the blog comments.


(05/16/2015)  Interesting article by Jonah Goldberg at National Review.  Hard to describe, but the fundamental point is that a lot of people are substituting government for God.


(04/27/2015) Another Signpost on the Road to Destruction.  a Cal Thomas column.


(04/24/2015) ISIS stones two gay men to death.  Hug them first to show how compassionate they are.


(4/22/2015) 'Killing Jews is Worship' posters to be allowed on NYC buses and subways.  Somehow I don't think Muslims demanding 'Killing Gays is Worship' posters would be allowed.  The judge ruling on this says that the posters will not incite violence against Jews.  What other purpose could there be?  Update: This is not being done by a Muslim group but rather by a Jewish activist who is trying to make a point about Islam.  I still do not think it is a good idea.


(4/19/2015) The latest from the religion of peace.  Sigh.


(4/18/2015) Iraqis unearth mass graves.


(4/18/2015) Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces.  I don't know how many of you know about the latest fads on campus.  Trigger warnings are supposed to give you advance notice about something that may offend your sensibilities so that you can repair to a 'safe space' to protect yourself.  Related to this are 'microagressions' where someone inadvertently says or does something that causes emotional distress to the overly sensitive - things like holding the door open for them or saying that they look nice.  I was torn between adding this link here or in humor.  It is pretty funny, but this stuff is making big headway on college campuses and really indicates a dangerous direction that we seem to be heading in - the right for the perpetually aggrieved to dictate to everyone else.

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