“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.  At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  Luke 21:25-28 (NIV)


Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men.  Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way.

Proverbs 4:14-15   (NIV)


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20  (NIV)

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(11/23/2020) To Restore Election Integrity, End Mail-In Vote Fraud.  It is simple: with in-person voting it is far more difficult to cheat.  not impossible, but difficult.  Mail-in voting is screaming to be abused because it is so easy.  And mail-in ballots don't even have to be mailed in or hand delivers.  Shucks, they don't even need to be mailed out!  Election workers (Democrats) have been caught filling out blank ballots to feed into the machines.  You can do the same with in-person, of course, but but an audit readily shows the vote count to be higher than the number of voters.  We really, really need to regain confidence in our electoral process.  Even 25% of Democrats (75% of Republicans) think the Democrats cheated in this election!

(11/23/2020) The war on standards: Magnet school admissions edition.  In my first job coming out of grad school way back in 1976, there was an assumption that blacks were an affirmative action hire.  Some were and some weren't, but those that weren't had to work hard to overcome the impression that they were.  Why the assumption?  Because blacks were held to a lower standard.  Things have actually gotten worse since then.  And it is the most capable blacks, the ones who didn't rely on the lower standards, who suffer most. 

(11/23/2020 Megyn Kelly yanks kids out of NYC school over call to reform white children — and now she and her family are leaving the city altogether.  While this isn't true of all public schools, many public schools have absolutely no problem with indoctrinating our kids with the latest progressive thinking, no matter how contrary it may be to our values.  Yet if our values were ti be taught in similar fashion, the Left, the media and the Democrats (and some Republicans) would be up in arms.  Conservatives are willing for liberal parents to be able to send their kids to schools that teach liberal values.  This is why we favor school choice.  Those on the Left do not want conservatives to be able to send their kids to schools that teach conservative values.  That is why they oppose school choice.  Yet who is it that proclaims their ":tolerance" while condemning others as intolerant?

(11/23/2020) Episcopal Priest Slams Catholic Bishops for Criticizing Joe Biden.  I will content myself with saying that some priests/ ministers / pastors have a different concept than I pf what it means to be devout.  I would think that seminaries would do a better job of emphasizing the primacy of Scripture over politics and culture.

(11/22/2020) Fighting Words, by David Horowitz.  The link is to another site (one of my favorites) that posted this article.  Whether we realize it or not, we are in a war and we need to start fighting back or America is lost.  If the obvious, blatant fraud in this election doesn't convince you, then I am afraid nothing will.

(11/21/2020) Critical Race Theory Threatens the Core of American Freedom.  True.  When people are judged based on group identity rather than their identity as individuals, nothing but trouble can follow.  And we have many who now advocate going beyond mere judging.  Funny how CRT advocates push for all sorts of benefits for the so-called oppressed while said "oppressed" need do nothing in return. 

(11/21/2020) Planned Parenthood Endorses Raphael Warnock, Who Says the Bible OKs Killing Babies in Abortions.  Nothing like preachers who twist God's Word to conform to their political and cultural views. 

(11/21/2020) Californians prepare to descend on Georgia to fight for Democrats in Senate races.  Those on the Left believe in their "cause" so much that they are willing to lie, cheat and steal to get it.  While we on the Right (and we Christians) should not lie, cheat and steal, it would do us well to be just as passionate about our cause!

(11/21/2020) Andrew Cuomo To Receive Emmy Award for His 'Leadership' During the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Andrew Cuomo and New York possibly did the worst job of all the states regarding the virus.  The deaths of literally thousands of nursing home residents can be laid at his feet.  This is all objective fact.  But facts and reality are to be discarded in favor of the narrative.

(11/21/2020) Carlson: ‘Great News’ if Powell Proves Tech Companies Switched Millions of Votes — Uncovered ‘Greatest Crime in the History of This Country.’  I really believe that they did.  It may boggle the mind, but the statistical abnormalities indicate that some major hanky panky occurred.  I'm not sure it can be proven without access to the software, but we shall see. If they get away with it this time, it will only get worse.  Democrats appear to believe that the "march of history" is on their side and if a little (or, more likely, a lot) of fraud is necessary to help it along, so be it.

(11/19/2020) DC Mayor Sued Over Arrest of Advocates Who Wrote Pro-Life Messages on Sidewalk.  Fight back.  There are quite a few good lawyers out there who will take on cases like this, often pro bono.

(11/19/2020 I Know Sidney Powell. She Is Telling the Truth.  Well, I don't know Sidney Powell.  But I do know she is a top notch lawyer who knows better than to go out and make claims that she cannot back up.  The fact that the media is in such a panic to discredit her certainly indicates that they are very, very afraid that she will produce the evidence.

(11/19/2020) Cracker Barrel Apologizes For Racist ‘Noose’ In One Of Its Restaurants. It Was Just A Cord For A Soldering Iron.  It is bad when people fail to apologize when an apology is warranted.  It is worse to apologize when no apology is even remotely warranted.  We are encouraging people to be perpetually offended by nothing at all because we are rewarding them.  Don't be suckered in to this nonsense.

(11/18/2020) ‘They Sailed Up Out Of The Infinite’: An Introduction To The 1620 Project.  The Left is happy to re-write history to support their current narrative, a la the 1619 "project."  Don't be suckered into it.  The truth - actual history - teaches us truth and is far more inspiring.

(11/18/2020) Biden presumptuously vows exec. order killing Trump's pro-life gains.  While I am still convinced that Biden's apparent victory is a result of fraud, we have to ask ourselves: did we work hard enough to support Trump and oppose Biden?  Did we educate ourselves?  4.6% of Biden voters say they would have voted against Biden had they known about his son's scandals.  Why didn't they know?  Sure there was a coverup by the MSM and social media, but the information was out there.  And Biden pushing a far left abortion position?  No one should be surprised by this.  But how many are?

(11/18/2020) Rev. Graham Scolds CNN's Jake Tapper: Despite Your Gloom, Christmas Will Be Celebrated Around the World.  Indeed.

(11/18/2020) Correct Diagnostics Needed.  You would think this would be obvious, but you would be wrong.  If the correct diagnosis is not politically correct, we won't treat the actual problem.  We will treat a problem that does not exist, making the actual problem worse and worse.  What is the incorrect diagnosis?  That problems in the black community are a result of racism rather than the result of a dysfunctional family structure and holding blacks to much lower standards than others.

(11/18/2020) Alito: ‘Religious Liberty Is in Danger of Becoming a Second-Class Right.’  And he is certainly correct.  Democrats and their judges have been working hard to restrict religious freedom to houses of worship.  And the Constitution and First Amendment?  No problem - we'll just override the Constitution with an anti-discrimination law.  This has already happened.  And if we actually get a Biden-Harris presidency, things are going to get a lot worse.

(11/18/2020) The Real Presidential Election was Rigged in 2018.  Read it a weep.  Here is the fundamental problem and as an ex-liberal (leftie) I claim personal knowledge.  Those on the Left are so persuaded of the rightness of their cause and the evilness of their opponents, that any and all tactics are justified.  Cheating to win an election merits high fives and applause, not condemnation.  Of course, they can't come out publicly and say so, but rest assured they are doing it in private.

(11/18/2020) Why did efforts to ban late-term abortion in Colorado fail?  You mean besides the fact that they were outspent 18 to 1 and that almost all with a those with a "microphone" were opposed?  It is a sad fact that while a great many American s oppose abortion, we apparently oppose it with a lot less passion that those who favor unrestricted abortion support it.  Being right does not carry very much weight these days.

(11/17/2020) FNC’s Carlson: Elites Displaying a ‘Weirdly Recognizable’ Combination of Hypocrisy, Authoritarianism with Coronavirus ‘Reset.’  There is a lot more food for thought in this article (transcript) than the headline indicates.  Well worth the read.  How much longer will Carlson be at Fox?  Depends on his contract, i suppose, but not long, I imagine.

(11/17/2020) Antifa gearing up for false flag violence disguised as Trump-supporters.  We should never abandon truth and reality as values.  But we also need to be aware that lies and deceit are the tools of Satan - and the Left - and we must be alert to them.  Rule that I keep repeating: if you have to used lies, deceit and misinformation to make your case, you have no case to make.

(11/17/2020) Leftists Call for Impeachment of Amy Coney Barrett.  On what grounds?  Grounds?  We don't need no stinkin' grounds!

(11/17/2020) Lawyer at Pa. Secretary of State's Law Firm Harassed Trump Lawyer, Accused Her of Treason.  The Left infects everything they touch by making their politics - wholly misguided politics - the top priority in everything they do.  Everything.  You simply cannot trust them to even make an attempt to be unbiased.  They consider themselves to be totally justified, even if they have to resort to lies, deceit, and even criminal activity.  I don't know if it is criminal for a state attorney to make threats like this, but it certainly is unethical.

(11/16/2020) Barack Obama’s allegations about Trump are a lock for induction to the Projection Hall of Fame.  Obama is telling us that it is Trump who is causing truth to no longer matter?!?!?  Well, a great many no longer care for truth.  They are assaulting truth.  And leading the charge are the Democrats and the media, with Obama right there in the thick of things.

(11/16/2020) 5 Historical Trends That Show It’s Utterly Shocking If Trump Lost In 2020.  Really, all the evidence plus common sense indicates that if there were no fraud, Trump wins big.  Do not give in to despondency and concede the election to Biden.  I will state it clearly: he did not win a free and fair election and there is plenty of evidence (and lawsuits) to support that statement.

(11/16/2020) Twitter Mob Demands Disney ‘Cancel’ Actress Gina Carano for Mocking Democrats.  Any Bible believing Christian or political conservative who thinks the Left is not going to target them at some point has his head in the sand.  The time to start fighting back was long ago, but it isn't to late to start.  Now!  Isaiah 5:20 describes America today. Evil really is being declared good and good evil.

(11/16/2020) Conspiracy Theory, Or Stolen Election?  I'll go with "stolen," though I have to say that whatever the Democrats and the media tell us, the election isn't over, and it hasn't been stolen (yet).  If it were anyone but Trump, I'd expect that the GOP would roll over "for the good of the country."  Some in the GOP are advocating exactly that.  Covering up fraud and destroying all trust in our election system is not good for the country, it is taking us well down the road to destroying our country.  If we do nothing about it now, will we ever?

(11/15/2020)  The Biblical Book of Esther Playing Out Again Today.  I see more Haman's than Esther's.  But we certainly have a Mordecai (Trump).

(11/14/2020) 2020 Election Fraud vs. 2016 Russia Collusion.  The mainstream media is being revealed to be accomplices in unprecedented corruption.  True.  But they feel fully justified because they are right and we are wrong.  They feel no need to make their case because in their mind, we are deplorable and too ignorant to understand their moral and intellectual superiority.  Similarly, there is no need for them to listen to our side because they consider us evil.  But just in case, they will not merely suppress what we have to say, they will lie (and cheat and steal and do pretty much anything) to keep the less informed from knowing anything but the party line.  Sound familiar?

(11/14/2020) Ignorance or Denial of the Obvious Doesn’t Diminish the Obvious.  No, but that doesn't mean that millions of Americans have been given the opportunity to observe the obvious.  Media suppression of the obvious may not be 100% successful, but it is a lot more than 0% successful.  We have entered very dangerous times.  Just reflect on the following: Media's hiding of Hunter Biden scandal robbed Trump of clear win: Poll.  Almost 5% of Biden voters say they would have changed their vote had they known about the Hunter Biden scandal.  Why in the world did they not know?  Because the great bulk of the media not only would not tell them, but actively suppressed others that tried to.

(11/14/2020) Outgoing Trump Advisor Admits He Lied About U.S. Troop Movements in Syria.  And it wasn't just one advisor.  In a nutshell, they subverted the orders of their commander-in-chief because they "knew better" than him.

(11/14/2020) Celebrate Thanksgiving By Giving COVID Crusaders the Bird.  Sounds good to me.

(11/14/2020) Antifa militants gang up on Trump fans, pummel women to ground — and pro-Trump group responds by singing national anthem.  I keep hearing how tolerant the Left is, or more precisely, how intolerant I am. 

(11/13/2020) Against 'Unity.'  When the Democrats call for unity, what they mean is for the GOP to roll over and support them.  Question: when was the last time the Democrats called for unity after losing a presidential election? 

(11/13/2020) A Country Where People Are Afraid to Tell Pollsters What They Think.  To be fair, it is mostly conservatives who are afraid.  Why?  Because the Democrats and the Left have shown themselve perfectly willing to destroy the lives of onservatives for no reason other than the fact that they are conservative. How do you know it is a genuine pollster as opposed to a member of the cancel culture.  This is a sad state of affairs, but this is what we have come to.  The Left not only wants to punish Trump supports and drum them out of polite society (or out of society altogether), they are perfectly happy to tell us that is what they desire.

(11/13/2020) If All the Fraud Is Uncovered, Trump Will Win.  How do we know?  I'll toss in my two cents: because the Democrats and the media are doing everything in their power to both deny the existence of fraud and to oppose audits and recounts.  If they actually believed that fraud was minimal and unlikely to effect the outcome of the election, they would welcome confirmation of that.

(11/13/2020) This Is CNN: Trump Presidency Likened to Nazi’s Kristallnacht by Christiane Amanpour.  Remember how we sneered at the USSR for re-writing history to conform to the latest party line?  Our media is full of pontificating pundits who have no knowledge of history and don't have a clue what they are talking about.  And yet they are perfectly happy to lecture the rest of us.

(11/13/2020) James O’Keefe Releases Video Exposing Ballot Destruction in Pennsylvania, Immediately Gets Censored by Twitter.  We have a lot of hard evidence of fraud and the media is censoring the reporting of it.  They pushed the Russian collusion narrative for over three years - some still push it - for which there is no evidence at all!  When lies are promoted and truth is suppressed, only evil can come of it.

(11/12/2020) But God.  Whatever the outcome of the election and our political situation, we have to remember these two words.  God really is in control.

(11/12/2020) Arizona Secretary of State in Charge of Certifying Election Results Called Trump Supporters “Neo-Nazis.”  Can we possibly trust this official?  If she genuinely considers her opponents to be neo-nazis, would she not consider herself totally justified in doing everything in her power, including cheating, to keep them from getting elected?

(11/12/2020) TRUMP TWEETS: REPORT: DOMINION DELETED 2.7 MILLION TRUMP VOTES NATIONWIDE. DATA ANALYSIS FINDS 221,000 PENNSYLVANIA VOTES SWITCHED FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP TO BIDEN.  I don't know how big a problem Dominion is, but its software is used in at least 33 states, including most (all?) swing states.  Their owners and top executives are partisan Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi's husband and her chief-of-staff.  And Dominion is heavily funded by George Soros.  Naturally the MSM rejects any possibility that they might have tampered with the vote, hence they will not only refuse to do any investigating, they will exert all their powers to debunk any investigations and evidence that show that election results were tampered with to the benefit of the Democrats.

(11/12/2020) “Right-Wing Misinformation”? It’s True!  The NYT and others think it qualifies as "muisinformation" to use facts and truth to back up conservative positions.  Why?  Because they don't like conservative positions, no matter how justified.  Meanwhile, for the Left, facts and truth are to be avoided at all costs when it comes to backing up their positions.  Playing the race card, the sex card, the LGBT card are their top priorities, no matter how unfounded.

(11/11/2020) CNN’s Cooper Calls Trump a Flailing ‘Obese Turtle.’  And I believe that Jake Tapper called Trump's children "spawn."  But hey, we are suppose to "unite" with these people, people who have been vilifying us for years.

(11/11/2020) Clapper: Trump Admin in a ‘Slow Slide Into Autocracy’ by Not Conceding Election.  Is it not remarkable how corrupt people decree that exposing corruption undermines confidence in our institutions.  Silly me.  I though corruption itself is what undermines confidence.  And right now, it is clear that we have major, major corruption in our electoral process and until that is corrected, all confidence in our government is lost.  Case closed.  Decreeing that what is obvious (corruption) isn't so just makes things fat worse - and that is what will "slide us into autocracy."

(11/11/2020) Texas Charges Social Worker With 134 Felony Counts Involving Election Fraud,  To be fair, the Democrats and the MSM have gone from "there is no voter fraud" to "there is no massive voter fraud."  Wrong on both count, but they simply can no longer deny the existence of fraud.

(11/10/2020) Massive Election Corruption Documented In Michigan.  But the MSM, including Fox, is doing everything in their power to cover up evidence of massive fraud in this election. I am not shy.  The only reason Biden appears to have won is a result of massive fraud in several key states - more specifically, several key cities in several key states.

(11/10/2020) Fox News pays the price for betraying its viewership.  Yes, Fox has decided to join the Left.  Hopefully their few remaining conservatives will jump ship.

(11/10/2020) The tide is already turning for President Trump.  Well, I hope so.  The fact is, if we do not have confidence in our electoral process, America is doomed.  And unless all the evidence of fraud is properly investigated and adjudicated, there is no basis for confidence any more.  The fact that we have always accepted fraud in certain places - Philadelphia, for example - has led us to today.  No fraud should be considered acceptable.

(11/20/2020) Michigan AG Dana Nessel Sends Cease and Desist Order to Journalist Demanding He Erase His #DetroitLeaks Video Showing Voter Fraud Training — OR FACE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.  In other words, she is making it a crime to expose criminal behavior on the part of government officials.  Dana Nessel is the one who needs to be prosecuted.

(11/10/2020) FOX NEWS Cuts Away From Kayleigh McEnany Briefing on Election Fraud — Neil Cavuto Says Network ‘Can’t Verify Her Claims’ So They Will Not Air.  So the MSM readily pushed a narrative for nearly four years that proved 100% false, and now they suddenly they have scruples and refuse to air something that is demonstrably true because they claim is hasn't been proven 100% to their satisfaction.  Well, Fox has plunged from number one to number three in just a week, but that doesn't mean they have no influence - almost all of it bad, now.

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