“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.  At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  Luke 21:25-28 (NIV)


Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men.  Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way.

Proverbs 4:14-15   (NIV)


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20  (NIV)

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(07/02/2020) Here are a couple good articles from The Federalist5 Ways You Can Fight Back In The Cultural Civil War  and Even In Trump Era, Republicans Prioritize Pandering Over Pushing Back.  Regarding fighting back, even little things add up to something big if enough people do them.  Start doing something!  Don't imagine that it is okay to do nothing because you can't do something big.  Don't forget to boycott the NFL. NFL to play the black national anthem before the (white?) national anthem before games this season.  

(07/02/2020) Why We Need History.  The saying that those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it is certainly true.  But it is important for Americans to know American History for additional reasons.  America really is exceptional and really is the greatest country on God's green earth (still, for now).  But do you know why?  Do you know why most people who want to leave their home country want to come to the USA?  Do you know why quite a few celebrities and the like claim to want to leave the USA, but never do?  Do you know why protesters against authoritarian regimes abroad typically carry America flags and use the Statue of Liberty as a symbol?  One thing is for sure: our schools - especially our colleges - are dominated by Leftists who genuinely hate America as it was founded and as it mostly still is. Two generations of students have been indoctrinated with "America is the source of all evil in this world."

(07/02/2020) Democrat Congressional Candidate: Report Trump Supporters!.  To borrow from rocker Joe Walsh, anyone who thinks that the Democrats are not trying to silence all opposition is living a life of illusion.

(07/02/2020) Here Comes Polyamory, Just As We Predicted.  We are constantly told "there is no slippery slope" and "give us such and such (e.g. civil unions) and we'll be satisfied."  We are mocked for challemging them, yet here we are.

(07/02/2020) Leftist Education Created This Moment.  Yes, they did.

(07/02/2020) This says it all about what the Democrat Party has become.  You may have been a lifelong Democrat, but they no longer deserve your vote.  The GOP ad just made itself! Watch as Dem senators object to Sen. Mike Lee’s resolution condemning mob violence.  They apparently cannot bring themselves to condemn criminal behavior because it is their guys doing it.


(07/02/2020) Hong Kong: China’s Crackdown Begins as New ‘Security Law’ Comes into Effect.  So China is not living up the their side of the deal that turned Hong Kong over to them.  What a surprise.

(07/02/2020) Survey: College Makes Young Americans Less Patriotic.  Of course.  It also reduces their critical thinking skills.  The reason?  Many departments focus on indoctrinating their students with "America is Bad" and with shouting down any and all opinions that conflict with the current progressive narrative.  Our colleges are a disgrace - administrations and faculties, both.

(07/02/2020) Former Transgender Girl Recounts How She Was ‘Brainwashed’ By The Online Trans Community.  Progressivism is destroying people's lives.

(07/02/2020) The Minneapolis effect.  We know BLM doesn't are a whit for black lives because the reduction in policing (and they are demanding far more) is costing large numbers of black lives.  BLM is nothing but a Marxist political movement stirring up racial tension to pursure a purely political, extreme Left agenda.  It says a lot about the Democrats that the y are actively supporting BLM, and it says a lot about the GOP that few are condemning BLM.  Here are some specifics: Black Lives Matter ‘Trying to Hijack’ Consevation About Justice for George Floyd for ‘Own Political Marxist Agenda.’  That's putting it mildly.

(07/01/2020) Coronavirus Deaths in U.S. Plunge in Recent Weeks as New Cases Hit Record Levels.  Why has the MSM been focusing on the new cases rather than the deaths?  Because the death rate is good news!  Growing new cases (largely because of more testing) gives them an excuse (as if they need one) to bash Trump.  It also gives authoritarian governors an excuse to retain or restore their lockdowns.  Is it uncharitable of me to think that the hope of defeating Trump is a factor in their deciding to destroy the economy and the lives of millions?

(07/01/2020) The Source of BLM's Super-power.  The fact is the Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization whose objective is to destroy America.  Why are so many giving in to its demands?  Corporations have forked over $400 million to them. Even if not torn down, statues are being removed at their demand, and places renamed.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton must be jealous since their shakedown operations were nothing compared to BLM.  This article makes the case that it is our mainstream media that is giving them this power.  I'll add that white guilt, something that is totally uncalled for, is another contributing factor.

(07/01/2020) If you are feeling a bit down because of what is happening in America, here are a couple articles to lift you up and give you some spine (if you were lacking.  Why I Just Became An American Citizen, And Still Have Hope For The Future  and 10 Things for Which I'll Never Apologize.

(07/01/2020) The Book-Burners Are Here.  Yes, they are.

(07/01/2020) Here's Why the 'Russian Bounties' Story Is the New 'Russian Collusion' Hoax.  Wouldn't it be nice if one of our political parties focused on dealing the some of the problems we have in our country rather than sepnding all their time on destroying President Trump?  And no, Trump is not the problem.

(07/01/2020) There is no question that many of our "leaders" and media types are extremely anti-Christian.  Here are a couple examples: Chris Cuomo Uses CNN Soapbox to Tell Americans They Don’t Need God and St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones Labels Catholic Prayer Rally a KKK Meeting – Then Three St. Louis Christians Beaten, One Knocked Out by Leftist and Kicked in the Head


(06/30/2020) How the Church In America Became a Follower of Society, Not a Leader.  Sad but true.

(06/30/2020) What Are You Going to Do When They Come for You?  Good question.  Far too many of us think it isn't going to happen.  But it will unless we start doing something about it now.

(06/30/2020) The Present Moment Has Set Blacks Back a Half-Century.  Well, in some ways blacks (and race relations, in general) are much better than they were 50 years ago.  But in other ways they are far worse.  And sadly, it is in the interest of the Democrat Party to make race relations as bad as possible.  They are working hard at it and for now, they are succeeding.  Disgusting.  Do not join the bandwagon of mea culpas and apologies for non-existent racism.  Some racism still exists, but there are very few racists. Don't play their game and distract from the real issues - high crime in black neighborhoods, fatherless families, gangs and black on black homicide.  Most of the places where blacks are the worst off have been run by Democrats (many of them black) for decades.  Instead of helping blacks, they work hard to instill the culture of victimhood throughout the black community.  Democrats prosper at the expense of blacks.

(06/30/2020) Why Rioters Will Eventually Turn Their Rage On Christianity If Not Stopped.  The author is 100% correct given that they have already done so.  And if we play nice, it will be a lot worse.  I don't mean we play nasty, I just mean we don't sit on our rears and just watch it happen.

(06/30/2020) BBQ Restaurant Cancels Catering Job with “Back the Blue” Police Supporters After Leftists Threaten to Burn Down their Business.  It appears that terroristic threats work.  Of course they work.  And we on the Right are much less inclined to make such threats than those on the Left.  So now the Left is going to threaten business for merely serving groups that serve the police?  This is exactly how the Left is taking over this country.  What are we going to do about it?  I do wish this business, assuming they are insured, would report the threats, ask for police protection, and go right ahead and serve without favor, though possibly with fear.  We are folding and giving in to the Left far too much.

(06/30/2020) The Deep State, Elites and Democrats are Pushing a ‘Color Revolution’ on the American People But the Target is American Freedom.  I'll settle for saying that the Left has taken over critical institutions - specifically academia - and have been wildly successful in creating mindless robots willing and able to carry out their commands.  To harsh?  Maybe, but probably not.

(06/30/2020) Media fret: Kayleigh McEnany undermining journalism ‘credibility.’  Nope, you've done that to yourselves.  You're just upset that she has the gall to point it out.  And you are just making it worse by attacking the messenger rather than cleaning up your own house.  We could use a lot more truth-tellers today than we have.

(06/30/2020) Kneeling during the anthem is protesting against America.  It should be obvious, but we have trained an entire generation (and more) to be oblivious to the obvious.  Good is evil and evil is good.  I should add that if you play on a national team (women's soccer) and refuse to stand for the anthem of your country, you should be booted from the team.  You obviously have no desire to represent your country, so you should not.

(06/29/2020) Chicago Pastor Calls for End to City's ‘No Snitch’ Policy After 43 Shot, 13 Killed, Including One Year-Old Child.  All good suggestions from him, but he left out the most important - do father kids without marrying the mother.  And women: no welfare babies. 

(06/29/2020) We Need to be More Intolerant.  Yes, we do. What is the biggest reason for our cultural and societal decay?  Tolerance of that which should not be tolerated.  If that sounds too strong, then tolerance and "live and let live" regarding all sorts of behaviors and thinking that are genuinely detrimental to our society.

(06/29/2020) Chris Cuomo demands to know where it says protests must be 'peaceful.' Then he gets a lesson on the Constitution.  Good grief!  the First Amendment specifically says that.  You'd think that someone who spouts off on TV would go to the trouble of looking something like that up.  But the Fake News media cannot be troubled to do that because that would make it harder for them to present fake news.

(06/29/2020) Media headlines seem to be leaving out some context about armed St. Louis couple guarding their home as ‘peaceful protesters’ were ‘passing by.’  The MSM was full of tweets about a white couple pointing guns at "peaceful" protesters.  They just left one thing out.  The "protesters" broke down an iron gate and were trespassing on private property clearly marked as such.  Do we have any honest reporters, or just a bunch of unprincipled clowns who lie and deceive to push the progressive narrative, whatever the circumstances. 

(06/29/2020) Far Left Mob Beat Christian Man WITH A STICK at St. Louis Statue After Prayer Service — THREE MEN BEATEN.  We on the Right are always "on the verge of violence."  The Left is always "mostly peaceful."  This is just more evidence of just how disgraceful the Left and the MSM are.  The question is, what are we going to do about it?  The thugs have literally taken control of a number of places and local governments are unwilling to do anything about it.

(06/29/2020)  Chief Justice John Roberts Joins Liberals in Striking Down Abortion Safety Law.  Roberts is a disgrace.  It isn't merely siding with the Left, it is the fact that he is overriding the opinion of the state legislature solely on the basis that he has a different opinion.  Who gets to define "compelling interest?"  According to our Supreme Court, only the court and not legislatures.  The Court should always defer to legislatures except in the most extreme circumstances.  Roberts has become just another progressive who think it is his job to "correct" any "mistakes" legislatures make by passing laws that don't conform to his way of thinking.  Either that, or he is being blackmailed.  If that is the case, he is a disgrace, willing to sacrifice the good of the country for his own sake.

(06/29/2020) Pharrell Williams Calls for Paid Juneteenth Holiday, Reparations — ‘We Deserve That, You Know?’  Actually, the blacks who deserve reparations the most are the ones who need it the least - the ones who did all the right things and made a success of their lives, ignoring the excuse of "racism" and "slavery."


(06/28/2020) The Good News About COVID-19 the Corporate Media Keeps Hidden.  There is quite a bit of good news.  I don't know that I'd include "Corporate" in the headline.  "Democrat" is more appropriate.

(06/28/2020) “Black Lives Matter is a Mandate – Pay Us What You Owe Us” – Top Democrat Demands Reparations.  I don't think she qualifies as a "top" Democrat, but she is in Congress.  Amazing how people who were never slaves, most of whom have never lived under Jim Crow, are demanding money from those who never owned slaves and never committed a racist act.  Of countries that are genuinely mixed race, America is almost certainly the least racist of all!  The lure of "free" money intoxicates, however.  Very few that receive such largess will use it wisely, and the situation with black families and black crime will not change one iota as a result.

(06/28/2020) Why America Keeps Falling for Hate Crime Hoaxes.  Because it serves the false narrative that America is a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and Islamophobic country and the MSM and the Democrats are happy to push that narrative even if they have to base it on lies and deceit.

(06/26/2020) We’re In A Cultural Civil War. It’s Time For Conservatives To Fight Back.  Darn tooting.  But most of us are followers, sadly, and the leaders are few and far between.  I have to confess that I tried being a leader and no matter how much I tried to recruit people to do this or that, virtually no one responded.  I tried again just a few weeks ago regarding signing a petition to get a pro-life item on the ballot.  The only response I got was from a couple that had already signed.  The other 40 or so people I contacted (with all the info about where and when to go)?  Silence.

(06/26/2020) Instagram Brands Christian Worship ‘Harmful.’  This is not an exaggeration.

(06/26/2020) California Legislature Votes to Allow Discrimination by Race, Gender, National Origin.  It still has to go before the voters since they are modifying the state constitution.  Of course, we've always known that the Democrats are big fans of discriminating.  They just want to be in charge of who gets discriminated against and who get preferential treatment.

(06/26/2020) UCLA Students Want Two Professors Fired Because They Didn’t Accommodate Student Feelings.  We certainly have managed to raise an entire generation plus that believes that everything in life is all about them.  Our schools have totally failed, but so have a lot of parents, including Christian parents.

(06/26/2020) Laverne Cox, Kamala Harris Push to Defund Police: More Cops on Streets Is ‘Just Wrong.’  Is it not remarkable that defund the police is getting mass amounts of publicity and all the celebrities and Democrat politicians have jumped on board.  Yet two thirds of blacks want more policing because of the high crime in their neighborhoods.  The latest progressive fad is always massively promoted no matter how unpopular it might be.  "Removing" Mount Rushmore is just another example.  I don't think that is popular amoung us rubes in the country.

(06/26/2020) ‘Look, fat! You gotta wear a mask’! Joe Biden brags he would use his federal power to make Americans wear a mask.  Conservatives believe that there are a lot of things that people should do, but don't believe the state should force people to do them.  Those on the Left, however, believe that there are things people should do - many of which sensible people disagree with - and brag about using the power of the state to force them to do so.

(06/26/2020) ‘Analysis: WaPo is FAKE NEWS’: WaPo blames conservative media for ‘severity’ of COVID, face-plants over their OWN headlines.  Most as the MSM will say and publish anything that promotes thee progressive agenda, including absolute falsehoods.  Just like most Democrat politicians.

(06/25/2020) Christians Don’t Need The Black Lives Matter Movement To Defeat Evil.  We not only don't need it, we need to reject it in its entirety.  It has nothing to do with improving the lives of black nor with improving race relations.

(06/25/2020) South Dakota Tribal Leader On Mt. Rushmore: Remove It, But Don’t Blow It Up, Less Environmental Damage That Way.  Remember what we thought of the Taliban when they started destroying historical sites and monuments?  Many of those who considered the Taliban to be a bunch of uncivilized primitives are themselves acting like uncivilized primitives.

(06/25/2020) RADICAL LEFTIST GROUP Threatens Christian Prayer Rally Planned on Saturday to Save the Iconic St. Louis Statue in Forest Park.  Of course.

(06/25/2020) BLM and the “Village”.   Good article.

(06/24/2020) America’s Jews and Christians are Failing the Test of Their Lives.  Yep.  We are generally silent over what is happening in our country for fear that the BLM crowd and antifas will come for us next.  For shame.

(06/24/2020) Pelosi Accuses Republicans of ‘Trying to Get Away with the Murder of George Floyd.’  This what I find appalling about the Democrats.  George Floyd was killed in a city that has be run solely by Democrats for almost 50 years, in a state that hasn't voted for a Republican for president since Richard Nixon.  Yet the death of Floyd was not merely our fault but we actually murdered him!  One thing I will say for them Democrats, they are good at proving me wrong.  I keep thinking they can't sink any lower and they keep proving me wrong.

(06/24/2020) In Defense of “All Lives Matter.”  The whole premise behind Black Lives Matter is to divide our nation based on race; it is to throw away all the progress we have made as a nation and replace it with political gain for one party.  For shame.

(06/23/2020) Nearly 100 percent of Democratic college students support defunding the police: poll.  94%, to be precise.  Does this say more about the sorry state of our colleges, of Democrat students, or both?  I'll go with "both."

(06/22/2020) My Kids’ Public School Held A Workshop Teaching The Police Are Racists.  Conservatives do not push politics in their jobs.  Progressives do it all the time and it is doubly bad because almost all of progressive politics are based on lies.

(06/22/2020) ‘Journalism is DEAD, part 9999’: Receipt-filled thread details what REALLY happened in Louisville with driver who allegedly ‘struck’ protester.  This was presented by NPR, local stations, and other national outlets as right-winger assaulting protesters with car (this is a new theme - "protesters" blocking roads and harassing drivers are being deliberately assaulted by right-wing drivers).  What they left out, even though it was available on video and from the police is that 1) the driver was a black female, 2) prior to hitting the "protester," she was being violently harassed. and 3) one of the "protesters" pointed a gun at her face.  She was in fear of her life and the police agreed.  Two of the "protesters" have been arrested and charged.  The facts are a bit different than what the media presented, are they not?  Even when confronted with said facts, none of the media, as far as I can tell, have actually presented those facts.  Rather, they have simply withdrawn some of their original stories and offered mealy-mouthed excuses.  And they wonder why people call them fake news!  It would be nice if lawsuits from the driver follow, but since she wasn't identified in the news stories it probably will not happen.

(06/22/2020) New York Politician Livestreams Call For Rioters To Loot In Communities That Aren’t Their Own.  Is it a crime for a person in political office to call for others to commit crimes?  If not, it should be.

(06/22/2020) This one sad photo shows just how much the media is avoiding the violence in Chicago this weekend.  It isn't just Chicago.  Riots are started when people with long raps sheets are killed by police (justifiably or not) but no one cares when a 3 and 13 year old and many others are killed by thugs in Chicago, as was the case over Father's Day.  Our priorities - and more specifically, the priorities of our politicians and influence peddlers - are totally screwed up.  If anyone really cares about black lives, the place to start is to beef up law enforcement in the cities, to crack down on gangs and drugs, implement policies that will encourage and strengthen the family, and more.  The first two could be implemented quickly, the others over time.  Who is advocating that which can be done now (or the others, as well)?  Virtually no one is publicly so advocating.  What a disgrace.  Question: whose lives were more valuable?  The life of George Floyd of the long rap sheet, or the lives of the 3 and 13 year old killed in Chicago.  Just  asking.

(06/22/2020) Kente Cloth Worn By Democrats Was ‘Historically Worn’ By African Empire Involved In Slave Trade, Fact Checker Says.  Besides, doesn't this qualify as cultural appropriation?  Note that these are the same people who bashed Trump for his "photo op" with a Bible.

(06/21/2020) Report: Shootings “Unexpectedly” Rise As NYC Eliminates Anti-Crime Units.  When conservatives predict the obvious and it comes true, it is always "unexpected."

(06/21/2020) 5 casualties of the Court's LGBTQ sex ruling.  Good article.

(06/21/2020) With Bolton Bombshells, Civil Strife and Marxists on the March, Can We Still Support Donald Trump?  Yes.  And the Bolton "bombshells" appear to be totally contrary to what Trump has actually done.  Putin got Trump to support Maduro?  What in the world?!?

(06/21/2020) It’s Now Clearer Than Ever Before, Science Bends Itself To Fit Left Wing Politics.  Of course.  the Left brings their politics into everything they touch, and hence ruin it once they reach a critical mass.  There are no exceptions.  Find a single area where progressives let their expertise override their politics.  There are none.

(06/21/2020) VP for Research at Michigan State U. Forced to Resign After Blog Posts Deemed ‘Racist’.  Doesn't the tolerance of the Left impress you?  If only we conservatives were as tolerant as they.

(06/21/2020) Over 56 Shot by Sunday Morning on Father’s Day Weekend in Chicago.  Most (all?) the victims and perps were black, by hey, no biggie.  Cops, especially white ones, were not involved.  Hence, the black lives don't matter to the BLM and woke crowds.  Related to this: AG Bill Barr Blows a Hole in the Black Lives Matter Narrative with Current Facts and Figures. 

(06/21/2020) Color Him Father.  This being Father's Day, here is a good reflection on being a father.

(06/21/2020) 5 Ways Christians are Getting Swept into a Secular Worldview in This Cultural Moment.  The SBC is starting to allow itself to be so swept and we ought to be resisting this with great vigor.  Critical Race Theory (and other fads) is just another branch of postmodernism.  Not only is it of no value in interpreting Scripture, it invariably results in false interpretation and false teaching.

(06/21/2020) New York Times: Don’t Talk to Your Conservative Relatives Until They Become “Woke” Liberals.  Just who is trying to divide our country?  Is it conservatives who are quite will to let those on the Left be (as long as they obey the law)?  Or is it the Left who want conservatives to be shunned, silenced, shamed and to lose their jobs and livelihood unless they concorm to leftist ideology?  Has any conservative advocated destroying families over politics?  This is commonplace from the Left.  The worst I have seen advocated by conservatives is to avoid discussing politics with liberal family members. 

(06/21/2020) Woke leftists seek to oust economist for opposing defunding police.  What is both shocking and sad is that some people have already lost their jobs for not being "woke" enough.  This, despite the fact that their views reflect the views of a majority of the country.

(06/20/2020) SCOTUS DACA, LGBTQ Rulings Seem ‘a Little Legislative.’  That is putting it a little mildly.  Churches and Christian organizations are going to have to prepare for a slew of "discrimination" lawsuits as a result of this totally unjustifiable ruling.

(06/20/2020) Planned Parenthood Calls Pro-Lifers White Supremacists, But It Kills 247 Black Babies Every Day.  

(06/20/2020) Local Philly Residents – Black And White – Stand Guard Over Target Store – Chant “Four More Years” And “USA! USA!”  They are also cleaning up.  Gee, where have I seen that before?  Not from the Left, that is certain.

(06/14/2020) Blacks’ White Problem.  Excellent article.  In short life was rapidly improving for blacks when they were legally discriminated against.  Since we've been "helping" them, not so much

(06/14/2020) Democratic Socialists of America Train Protesters To Loot and Riot.  Nonsense.  The media assures us that the protestors are all peaceful.  "Mostly peaceful," anyway.

(06/14/2020) Chris Cuomo: Christians Only Care About Babies Before Birth, “Don’t Have the Same Feelings” After.  Lots of people only see what they want to see, and that includes seeing a lot of things that just ain't so.  While all people are prone to this, I think the evidence is strong that those on the Left are far more prone to it.  Nowhere is it more in evidence in how they view Christians - the ones that take their faith seriously.  Never have I seen any evidence that anyone in the MSM either knows any evangelicals or has a clue about what evangelicals believe and do.  Crisis Pregnancy Centers don't abandon mother and child as soon as the baby is born.  It would be easy for Chris Cuomo and others to check this out, but why bother?  It would only mess up their distorted view of what the world is like.  There is more in the article, including Jesus as "protester."  

(06/13/2020) 55% Of Democrats Support Defunding The Police.  What is amazing is how fast Democrats (progressives) latch on to the latest fad.  Just a few weeks ago, that 55% would have been a tiny number.  You can use whatever public restroom you feel like?  A decade ago almost no one was in favor of that.  The obvious conclusion?  The Left is ruled by feelings, the Right by thinking.  The left will favor pretty much anything if it makes them feel good about themselves - morally superior and all that.  Conservatives believe in conserving.  You do not replace something until you know you have something better to replace it with.  That involves trying it out on a limited basis, first.  That is why conservatives are fans of federalism and why progressives always want to impose their latest fad nationwide.


(06/13/2020) When Does The Insanity End?  Not any time soon, I fear.  This article is full of examples of the insanity, and well as some sane voices.  Example of insanity?  A California professor is under police protection because he refused to cancel final exams so students (primarily black) could go out to protest.  The big problem is, virtually everyone with a microphone is not merely tolerating the insanity, but they are actively encouraging it.

(06/13/2020) Tom Cotton EVISCERATES Cancel Culture in 'Obelisk of Wokeness' Speech.  I am a big fan of Cotton, and speeches are more than a lot of others are doing.  But we need to go far beyond speeches.  Will the Tea Party revive?  We need to take to the streets, so to speak.  Unlike the other guys, we will actually get the necessary permits, be genuinely peaceful (unlike the "mostly peaceful" crowd), and clean up after ourselves.  The MSM will still declare us to be the biggest threat to our country.  The fact that well over 300,000 have signed up for Trump's Tulsa rally indicates that people are anxious to get out and support America.  But we need more venues than Trump rallies!

(06/13/2020) New York Times Publishes Op-Ed Of Apparent Terrorist Supporter Who Calls For Abolishing ‘Prisons And Police.’  So the Times thinks this kind of Op-Ed is fine, but people lost their jobs over publishing Sen. Tom Cotton's Op-Ed.  The insanity continues.

(06/13/2020) Baltimore fines Church for holding services while thousands protest in the streets.  But of course.

(06/13/2020) Truck Drivers Say They Will Not Deliver to Dangerous Far Left Cities with Defunded Police Departments.  Some people are starting to fight back.  Are we going to stay at home or are we going to enter the arena.  Here is what Theodore Roosevelt has to say about The Man in the Arena: "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, and comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

(06/13/2020) Black Student Union demands 'disciplinary' board to punish students who use 'hate speech.'  I'm so old I can remember when when pretty much everyone believed in free speech.  Now the Left is doing a full frontal assault, not just on free speech, but on the entire First Amendment (to say nothing of the Second and Fourth Amendments, as well).  How many remember that every single Democrat in the Senate voted to modify the First Amendment to allow Congress to make any "exceptons" they choose to make?  Every. Single. Democrat.  But you probably didn't kow this because the MSM does not make a big deal of anythng that might make Democrats look bad.  Need a refresher?  Democrats File Bill to Repeal the First Amendment and Here is the Vote.    

(06/13/2020) A New Silent Majority Is Coming.  (to read the article, you have to subscribe.  it is free)  Richard Nixon's "silent majority" really did exist.  Unfortunately, it was, in fact, silent and as a result, over the long run, they lost.  The author thinks a change is gonna come with a new silent majority.  I pray that this is so.  Huge majorities may not favor "defunding" and "abolishing" the police.  Huge majorities may not favor rioting, arson, looting, murder and mayhem as means of protests.  Huge majorities may recognize that Black Lives Matter is just a radical left group that doesn't care a whit about black lives.  Huge majorities may even recognize that the United States of America is not only not corrupted by "systemic racism," but is probably the least racist countries in the world.  But those majorities are being almost completely silent right now, and the few that are willing to speak up - especially to criticize BLM - are being viciously attacked, with even their jobs threatened.  So the question is, are we going to start speaking up and fighting back?  Or are we going to hunker down and not even bother to support those that have the courage to speak up?  We may anot have the microphones of a Tucker Carlson or Candice Owens, but we can publicly support them and we have our own circles of influence.  Speak up!  Don't be afraid!  If people really care about black lives, they should start by being in favor of bringing law and order to our cities and of making men that father children financially responsible for them.  Why won't they do it?  Because it means calling to account a lot of people for whom they have been making excuses for decades.

By all means, become a part of the new silent majority.  But don't be sielnt.

(06/13/2020) It Has Been Decided that Trump's 'Juneteenth' Rally in Tulsa Is 'Racist.'  Trump was never considered racist before becoming the GOP nominee for president.  Quite the opposite since he was honored by the Civil Rights community on multiple occasions.  According to the Left, all conservatives are racist.  No evidence is required.  This is from people who treat blacks (and others) as anything but equal.

(06/13/2020) Crazy George Floyd Protester And Defense Attorney Shoots Truck Driver In Head During Colorado Street Protest.  This was in Alamosa.  It may be a university town (my youngest went there) but I never would have thought that the insanity had reached there.

(06/13/2020) NBC's Craig Melvin asks Sen. Tim Scott if GOP is 'using' him as 'token.'  Why not ask any of the Democrats why so many cities run by them for decades are such cesspits?  It is a far more relevant question.

(06/12/2020) Minneapolis City Council Unanimously Votes to Replace Police with ‘Community-Led Public Safety System.’  Two things to note: this is what you get when you vote for Democrats, and I'll have to start archiving a lot of articles into "Trail Markers for the End Times" category.

(06/12/2020) The Road to Hell is Paved With Virtue Signaling.  That and other stuff.

(06/12/2020) Children’s Books that Bother Me.  A lot of children's books should bother us.  Be sure to read the comments.

(06/12/2020) Do Black Lives Matter?  Of course they do.  But do they actually matter to most of the people currently marching in the streets, black or white?  The answer is "no," and if you are not already aware of this, this article explains why.

(06/12/2020) School administration: Bible verses are 'abusive.'  Friends, if you don't think Christianity is under attack, think again.

(06/12/2020) Berklee College: 'Deeply Sorry' for 'Perpetuating Feelings of Oppression' by Allowing Police to Use Restrooms.  Did you ever think cultural insanity could reach these levels?  Yet here we are.  Evil is promoted as good, Good condemned as evil.  Satan is thrilled iwth his handiwork.

(06/12/2020) Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Says Anarchy in City Could Be 'a Summer of Love.'  When you are incapable of running a city, this is what you do. 

(06/11/2020) Birmingham Schools, Housing Authority Sever Ties With Church of the Highlands Over Pastor’s Social Media Activity.  And the pastor apologized.  He had no business apologizing.  Is he going to apologize for the gospel?  Some find that offensive, as well.  Never, never water down the gospel, and never, never apologize for supporting declarations of facts and of truth.  When you do, you are declaring that truth is not important.

(06/11/2020) You Can Be A Christian, You Can Be A Marxist, But You Can’t Be Both.  No, you can't.  There are a lot of other things you can't be if you are a Christian, either, but that doesn't stop people from so claiming.

(06/11/2020) Iranian Father Beheads 13-Year-Old Daughter In ‘Honor Killing.’  No biggie, Islam is a religion of peace, after all.

(06/09/2020) Calls To Cancel Wendy’s After Franchisee Donates over $400k To Trump’s Reelection.  This whole "cancel culture" is not merely morally wrong but it is disasterous for the coutry and to individaul lives.  People are losing their jobs over trivialities or over things they did many, many years ago.  And this is strictly a left-wing phenomena.  They literally believe in destroying the lives of people who disagree with them.

(06/08/2020) NYT Writer Nikole Hannah-Jones On Riots: ‘Destroying Property Which Can Be Replaced Is Not Violence.’  According to the Left, saying things they don't like qualifies as violence, but destroying property does not.  I hate to say it, but the Left is winning the battle of words simply because facts and truth mean absolutely nothing.  The are willing to say anything, no matter how absurd.  With a straight face.

(06/08/2020) Former Police Officer Delivers Incredible Response To Black Lives Matter Protesters And “Virtue Signaling” White People.  The fact is, the "protestors" and the pontificators are doing far more harm than good.

(06/07/2020) An Atheist’s Come-to-Jesus Moment.  Well, it is more a returning to faith, but is still good to see stories like this.

(06/06/2020) Peaceful NY Protest Leader Threatens to Go Down to the (Jewish) Diamond District Tonight with Gasoline.  Don't you see? Their cause justifies anything they choose to do.  Our cause?  Not so much.

(06/06/2020) Dems re-branding their plan to steal the election.  "Voting by mail" is not polling well, so the Democrats are changing it to "voting at home."  That doesn't change the fact that it is an invitation to fraud, and the Democrats are perfectly willing to commit fraud.  Virtually all the voter fraud cases - and there are many, in spite of the Democrats' repeated denials - involve Democrats.  Surprise, surprise, surprise.  No wonder they want to make fraud easier.

(06/04/2020) The Media Are Lying To You About Everything, Including The Riots.  We've known for some time that for Democrats and the Left, truth plays second fiddle (more like fifth) to their agenda and their narrative.  Sadly, the media is fully on board with them and we simply cannot trust anything they report until it can be confirmed by multiple, independent sources.

(06/04/2020) ‘Racism is not dead. But it’s on life-support’: Thomas Sowell drops one helluva TRUTH-BOMB on Democrats about racism.  In large part, racism still exists because it is in the interests of the Democrat party to keep it alive.  So rather than trying to ease tensions, most Democrat politicians are gleefully throwing fuel on the fire and making things much worse.

(06/04/2020) Rioters Burn Historic Church Across From White House, CNN Host Falsely Claims It Didn’t Happen.  More fake news.  Over and over and over.

(06/04/2020) WTH? NFL Great Drew Brees Attacked for Saying: “I Will Never Agree with Anybody Disrespecting the Flag of the United States of America” …Update: Forced to Apologize.  So this is what we have come to as a nation.  Those who publicly support the USA are forced to apologize to those who wish to drag our country down.  Of course, he had nothing to apologize for and should not have done so.  But there are probably forces at play behind the scene.  Nevertheless, those who trash America are glorified in our media, those who praise America are trashed.  Lord, help us!   Satan is hard at work.

(06/04/2020) Teens At Maryland Fair Fatally Punch, Spit On Man After Demanding Dollar.  Black teens, white victim.  Of course you haven't heard about it,  but if the races were reversed, you most definitely would have.  Here is the problem: when we try to address issues and problems that face us and we are provided false and incomplete information, we are going to make bad decisions.  And that is what is happening in America right now: we are being given a lot of false information and a lot of important information is not being provided to us at all.  Our MSM is truly a fount of fake news (and no news at all, when it doesn't suit them).  Full disclosure of actual facts would show that whites  are in much more danger from blacks than vice versa.  And blacks themselves are in much greater danger from other blacks - one of the most uncovered stories of the last few decades.

(06/03/2020) The Treason of the Clergy: ‘Woke’ Prelates Begging for Head-Pats From Arsonists and Looters.  I even notice a clergywoman claiming that Jesus would be joining the "protestors."

(06/03/2020) Who’s Your Messiah Now, Democrats?  Since most Republicans are Christian, we already a a Messiah.  Just one.  Jesus Christ.  The Democrats, on the other hand, ....

(06/03/2020) Booker: Trump Lafayette Square Tactics ‘Eerily Similar’ to Bull Connor, George Wallace.  Bull Connor used force against peaceful protestors, not rioters and arsonists.  I guess Booker must approve of rioting and arson, and even murder, since that is also currently happening.  What is so sick is that the Democrats are spending almost all their efforts in these difficult times attacking Trump and actually saying things that are making the situation worse - throwing gasoline on the fire and Booker is doing.  Has any Democrat in authority gone to Trump and asked how we can work together to improve the situation?  Don't be silly!  They are afraid that if they help improve the situation it might help Trump get re-elected.  Better that the country go down in flames instead.

(06/03/2020) Guitar Store Owner Sympathizes With Rioters After His Shop Is Looted and Destroyed.  Sorry, Charlie, emphasizing with criminals isn't going to reduce criminality and it isn't going to protect you and your shop in the future.  I find it hard to empathize with criminals and I find it hard to empathize with this business owner.

(06/03/2020) Federal Appeals Court Again Upholds Trump’s Pro-Life Rule Defunding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz.  This is the 9th Circuit, so it is a bit of a surprise.  But Trump has had several judges confirmed to the 9th, so it is not nearly so insane as before.

(06/02/2020) Trump Went To Church. The Rest Of The Country Must Follow — Now.  May God use these events to turn America back to him.

(06/02/2020) The Left Couldn't Care Less About Blacks.  Absolutely true.

(06/02/2020) 'Random Piles of Bricks' Magically Appearing at Protests While Agitators Hand Out Cash to Rioters.  Gee, I thought these "protests" were jsut spontaneous demands for justice. 

(06/02/2020) Unhinged Episcopal Bishop Calls in to CNN to Trash President Trump for Holding Bible without Her Permission — SAYS NOTHING ABOUT CRIMINALS WHO TORCHED CHURCH!  This is really sick.  She talks about the sacredness of Scripture and yet she and the Episcopal church feel free to throw away all sorts of Scripture they don't like.  There are plenty of women who take Scripture seriously.  It is a shame that most who are ordained place feminism and progressivism above Scripture.  UPDATES: An awful lot of people are abusing the faith for political purposes.  And it isn't the conservatives doing it.  DC ArchBishop Gregory Lashes Out at President Trump for Visiting John Paul II Shrine and Lies About Tear Gas Attacks on Protesters.  More: Pelosi Lectures President Trump to Help the Country Heal as She Clutches Bible, Refuses to Condemn Violent Rioters.  It is bad enough that we have bad things happening.  It is worse that we have people in power justifying those bad things.  And it is worse by far that we have people justifying those bad things in God's name

(06/02/2020) In search of the elusive white nationalist.  The Democrats are desperate to blame all this chaos on "white supremacists" and the like.  So they just make stuff up, lie their heads off, and most of the MSM goes along with them.  What is appalling is that this guy was beaten, but it was he that was arrested, not the people who beat him!  And it gets worse.  Not only is he not a white nationalist, not only is he not a racist, he is the exact opposite: That elusive white supremacist (not).  A large number of people in this country are behaving disgracefully, and it isn't just the rioters.

(06/02/2020) Sentenced To A Year In Prison? The Democrats Are Out Of Control!  This is regarding business owners who violate the lock down.  Rioters, arsonists, shooter and others seem to be getting a free pass, pretty much.  Our priorities seem a little out of order.  People in some states and cities are getting a double whammy - dictatorial government and mob rule.

(06/02/2020) Turns out 'Central Park Karen' was an Obama and Buttigieg donor.  Some in the media painted her as a Trump supporter.  She may be a Leftie, but she should not have been booted from her job.  This was a case of two sides acting bad, but only one side presenting their (incomplete) case on video.  We are far too hasty in passing judgment on incomplete info.

(06/02/2020) Feminist Defends Joe Biden Over Tara Reade: “I Would Vote For Joe Biden If He Boiled Babies and Ate Them.”  We've known this for decades - Democrats are free to commit any sins whatsoever in their personal behavior, and long as they toe the progressive line in their politics. Republicans, on the other hand, ....

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