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“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.  At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  Luke 21:25-28 (NIV)


Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men.  Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way.

Proverbs 4:14-15   (NIV)


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20  (NIV)

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Current Events / Latest News


(07/21/2023) How the NY Times Covered the IRS Whistleblowers.  Evidence of corruption of the Biden's and the DOJ is overwhelming.  What does the media do?  Ignore, as much as possible.

(07/21/2023) Woke Washington Wants to Erase 2 Words – Democrats Want These Banned From Federal Law.  The words are "husband" and "wife."

(07/21/2023) Christian School Nails Blue State With Major Lawsuit – They’re Fighting To Keep 1 “God-Given Right.”  The state basically requires adherence to trans ideology.  Colorado was a purple state when we moved here in 2008.  Now it is solid blue since they implemented mail-in voting.  Coincidence?  I really do not think so.

(07/19/2023) Abortionist Claims Killing Baby in Abortion is Like Removing a Bug From Someone’s Ear.  Really?  I realize that committed sinners tend to have a need to justify their sin, but does anyone buy in to "logic" like this?

(07/19/2023) Allen West’s “Top 10 Reasons To Vote Democrat” List Is The Best Thing On The Internet…  The list is humorous.  Is it accurate?  Pretty much.

(05/19/2023) Trans ‘Woman’ Sues Yoga Center For $5M For Misgendering.  Based on recent history, we have not yet reached peak absurdity.  But things are absurd.  Since when, from a legal (or moral) perspective, is "misgendering" actionable.  People put up with insults and the like all the time.  They don't sue and would never succeed if they tried.  And "misgendering" is simply speaking the truth.  If people sued over everything that offended them, in a week the courts would be tied up for a century.  This offended person should be counter sued for filing a frivolous lawsuit and be made to pay.  That is the only way to bring a return to sanity.  Final note: a "trans woman" is a man with mental issues.

(07/16/2023) Five Essential Truths About the Modern Left.  None are flattering and, sad to say, all are true.

(07/16/2023) My God, Is There Nothing The Left Won't Try To Ruin?  To answer the question, no.  Ruining things is so much easier than building or fixing things, and you can feel morally superior at the same time.  You won't be, but you can think so.

(07/16/2023) Yellen Says Funding Ukraine’s War Effort Is the Best Boost for Global Economy.  Good Lord!  This is the broken windows fallacy on steroids. 

(07/16/2023) Free Will, Children, and the Great Filter.  Why are we not having children at replacement levels?  My answer: because we have denigrated the whole concept of motherhood and decreed that a satisfying life must involve a successful career.  Far too many have bought in.  Most will regret having done so in their later years, but then it is too late.

(07/16/2023) The War on Merit, Teacher Edition.  The best way to defeat merit is to reward that which is not merit.  And that is precisely where we are today.

(07/15/2023) No Sparkle In This Darkness.  If you haven't heard of the "Sparkle Creed," you may not want to.  Fortunately, this article doesn't quote the whole thing.  But to give you a flavor, the God of this creed tells us: “You’re great, just as you are! I wouldn’t have you change a thing!”  Really?  The Bible tells us we are to become new creations, but it turns out we are already perfect.  Who knew?  George Whitefield said "It is a poor sermon that gives no offense; that neither makes the hearer displeased with himself nor with the preacher."  Those that preach only what people want to hear are tools of Satan.  Prove me wrong!

(07/15/2023) Have You Accepted Antichrist as Your Personal Lord and Savior?  How can it be that many of those is authority in the church (Catholic, in this case, but this is not restricted to the Catholic church) know so much better than the clear teaching of Scripture?  They really are claiming to be smarter and wiser than God Almighty, and probably holier, as well.  For shame!

(07/12/2023) 4,876 Methodist Churches Leave the Pro-Abortion United Methodist Church.  That is not the total, that is just this year.  Of course, it isn't just the church's stand on abortion, it is their LGBT stance, as well.

(07/12/2023) Biden Administration Withholding Healthcare Funds From Pro-life States.  The Biden administration is setting precedents that will come back and bite the Democrats in the rear.

(07/12/2023) OBGYNs claim Dylan Mulvaney is a woman.  Apparently I am a bigot if I disagree and point to biology and reality.  However, I doubt many OBGYNs actually agree that Mulvaney is a woman just because he says he is, and I doubt many would treat him as a woman since he is lacking in certain body parts.

(07/11/2023) A Pandemic of Cruelty.  This has to do with children cutting their parents out of their lives.  There are several reasons for his, but the latest is that they voted for Trump.

(07/11/2023) Silencing the ‘Sound of Freedom.’  Well, they haven't silenced it, but it isn't for want of trying.

(07/11/2023) The censorship emergency.  What is remarkable is that our government is coming right out and demanding that they must have the authority to censor speech.  They couldn't care less what the First Amendment has to say.

(07/11/2023) Students could be expelled for ‘misgendering’ peers by using ‘wrong’ name or pronoun under Oxford college’s new policy.  How?  By using their birth name or "biological pronouns."  That amounts to "bullying or harassment."  Good grief.  I bet there is a lot more serious bullying and harassment going on that receives no punishment whatsoever.  But "protected" groups must be protected even when it is necessary to deny reality.

(07/11/2023) Here's How The Left Is Framing Those Boycotting Target.  "Extremists."  Progressives calling in bomb threats to Target is no biggie.  Parent's protesting and boycotting over Target selling "trans" and "pride" clothing to kids is "extremism."  Friends, the pendulum is starting swing back to reality, truth, fact and normalcy.  Don't be passive, help it along.

(07/11/2023) Kamala Harris Uses God’s Name to Promote Abortions Up to Birth.  The left is always happy to claim God supports their views, even when their views are totally contrary to God's Word.  Yet they will immediately scream "separation of church and state" whenever a conservative mentions what Scripture actually says.

(07/08/2023) Why We Need to Start with a Biblical Understanding of Human Beings,  This can be difficult because a lot of people do not wish to hear that which is true, even when it is obviously and objectively true.  But every house built on the sand of lies will eventually come crashing down.

(07/08/2023) Biden Administration Is ‘Irreparably Harmed’ by Free Speech Injunction.  If the Biden administration is "irreparably harmed" by free speech, and it probably is, then it is not a legitimate American institution.  The president swears to uphold the Constitution.  This administration is violating that oath.

(07/08/2023) Chief of Capitol Police to Tucker Carlson: J6 Crowd Was ‘Filled with Federal Agents.’  A great many of us have known, or at least suspected, this all along.  The whole idea was to create a phony baloney "insurrection" to use for the benefit of the Democrat party and the "deep state."

(07/08/2023) White House: Racial Preferences Are an ‘Important Constitutional Right.’  Really?  Quite the opposite, of course, but for Democrats, their version of the Constitution, the "living" version, always says what they desire it to say.  Note that the dissent on the SCOTUS affirmative action ruling made no effort to base their dissent on either the Constitution on on any laws.  Their dissent was based solely on their feeling that affirmative action is a good thing.  Such is liberal jurisprudence: base decisions on what you think the law should be rather than what it actually is.

(07/08/2023) Riley Gaines Admirers.  If more (a lot more) women athletes stood up against men participating in Women's sports, they'd put an end to it in short order.  Why don't they?  Looking at what Gaines is having to put up with might give us a clue.  And fellow Christian, be aware that collectively, we are being far too silent on a great many issues, not just transgenderism.

(07/08/2023) “Christian” Pastors Defend Killing Babies in Abortions: God Wants Us to Have “Freedom.”  In this day and age, there is no reason for a woman to get pregnant if she doesn't want to.  There may be "unwanted" pregnancies, but there are virtually no unavoidable pregnancies.

(07/08/2023) Woman Regrets Taking Abortion Pill, Suffers Trauma Every Day From Seeing Her Aborted Baby’s Body.  If the story does not fit the progressive narrative, the MSM will not cover it.  You will never see stories about women who regret their abortions, or about de-transitioners or a great many other things.  The public must be kept from knowing that the narrative is built on a foundation of sand.

(07/08/2023) Illinois Democrats Pass Bill to Close Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers.  Remind me again: just who is it that is trying to impose their morals on others by the force of law?

(07/08/2023) PolitiFact can't turn Randi Weingarten's fiction into truth.  But it isn't for want of trying.

(07/05/2023) Court Hands Down A MASSIVE Victory for Freedom on the Fourth of July.  We have had some great victories in the SCOTUS recently, but that is not what we are talking about here.  We are speaking of the government colluding with social media to suppress speech it doesn't like.  We say a lot of it in "misinformation" campaigns - Hunter Biden's laptop, opposition to the "expert's" Covid remedies, etc.  Here is more on the story: Enjoining Mr. Joe

(07/05/2023) She Can’t Do Arithmetic, Either.  Justice Brown Jackson was an affirmative action "hire" and her dissenting opinion of the affirmative action case is a perfect example of why affirmative action is a bad thing.  Her opinion has nothing to do with law and facts and everything to do with feelings and falsehoods attempting to back up those feelings.

(07/05/2023) City of San Diego Opening ‘Safe Sleeping’ Site for the Homeless – A Sea of Tents in a Parking Lot.  If you are going to offer freebies to people, something must be demanded in return, even if all that is demanded is that you do not trash that which you have been given.  But even that is rarely demanded by those with the power to give.

(07/05/2023) DEI Will Never Die.  While it will always exist in some form (because too many undeserving people benefit from it), if we don't let up, we can put it on life support and keep it there.

(06/25/2023) NYC LGBTQ Activists: ‘We’re Coming for Your Kids.’  In spite of the fact that they come right out and say it (and do it), the media insists we are imagining the whole grooming business.  Nothing but a conspiracy theory, they claim.

(06/23/2023) What if Critical Race Theory Is Driving Teen Suicide Rates Higher?  It isn't just CRT.  What do you think the impact on youth is of being told that you are irredeemably racist and anyway the world is going to end in a few years because of "climate change."

(06/23/2023) Texas Advances Bill to Allow Chaplains at Public Schools.  Question: why should a Christian student in need of counseling have to see a secular counselor at school?  Note that having a chaplain does not require any student to see that chaplain unless they want to.  What needs to be noted is that the left is 100% opposed to freedom of choice in a case like this. 

(06/23/2023) Is the cover-up unraveling?  Which cover up?  The DOJ is actively covering up Hunter Biden's crimes and Joe Biden's crimes.  And does anyone imagine that the Biden's are the only criminals in Washington DC?  There is a lot of unraveling that needs to be done.

(06/23/2023) Navy Recruiting: It’s a Drag.  The navy is using a drag queen for recruiting.  There is a deliberate purpose behind this.  The Democrats desire a military that supports the progressive agenda.  They are deliberately driving out the good and replacing them with the bad. 

(06/23/2023) Victims in execution-style Oklahoma slayings were targeted because they were white​: Police.  Racially motivated crimes are almost always committed by blacks against whites or Asians. The MSM downplays all this, but will no doubt explain that blacks are force to do so because of systemic racism.  Just like Audrey Hale was forced to kill six innocents because of trans-phobia.

(06/23/2023) A BLM Founder Has Been Sentenced To Prison For Illegally Voting…  But we have been assured that voter fraud is not a problem.  Here is the problem.  Conservatives want fair and honest elections.  Leftists simply want to win elections - by any means, fair or foul.

(06/22/2023) America Wakes Up to Woke.  This is Victor Davis Hanson, so you know it is worth reading.  But I want to qualify.  America is starting to wake up to woke.  We must avoid falling asleep again.

(06/22/2023) School “There Are Only Two Genders” T-Shirt Ban Upheld By MA Federal Court.  In other words, truth and reality are to be banned in favor of lies and deception.  Got it.

(06/22/2023) Democrat Rep. Adam Smith Berates Colleague Who Said ‘Man-Hours’ Instead of ‘Person-Hours’  I guess this is what you have to do when you don't have anything useful to offer.


(06/22/2023) DeSantis diagnoses San Francisco's problems but the Mayor hates the medicine.  Politicians would much rather pontificate about problems they are in no position to do anything about, rather than dealing with problems that it is their job to do something about.  This is especially true among big city mayors - Democrats all.

(06/22/2023) Human Rights Campaign president can't tell Ted Cruz the difference between women and men.  She knows, but she can't say it because it would destroy the entire progressive narrative about "gender."

(06/22/2023) California Democrats Pushing Law to Prevent Cops from Giving Black People Traffic Tickets.  If anyone had predicted this insanity just a few years ago, they would have been shunned.

(06/22/2023) Tulsa Police Chief: Might be Time to Trade Some Freedom for Gun Control.  Has gun control ever worked in reducing crime?  Nope.  Give up some freedom for gun control?  That will accomplish nothing but create additional demands for more gun control and less freedom.  Will there be less crime?  On the contrary, there will probably be more crime.  Leading to what?  Demands for more gun control.  The actual solution is more, better and stricter policing.  But that is just too hard.  Passing harmful laws is so much easier, as is blaming crime on those that oppose such laws.

(06/22/2023) Woman arrested for hate crime for telling HUGE dude to get out of the woman’s bathroom.  Evil is on the rise.

(06/22/2023) His name is Hunter Biden.  The rule of law and equality under the law ended some time ago, but if you want to attach a name to it, "Hunter Biden" will serve quite admirably.  And let you think that this stuff is based primarily on wealth, think again.  If one of the Trump kids were guilty of these crimes, would they have been able to pull off such a plea?  No way.

(06/22/2023) School District BANS the Bible from Libraries.  Of course we are supposed to believe that it is only conservatives that "ban" books.  Are there any examples of books that conservatives wish to "ban" other than porn?  I don't think so.  Liberals already banned Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird is some school districts.

(06/22/2023) Marxist Democrat Cori Bush Calls President Trump the “White Supremacist-in-Chief” – And It’s Not the First Time She Hurled the Racist Slur at a Politician!.  Democrats can call conservatives anything they want and will get a pass from the MSM.  Republicans can't call Democrats any names at all without being accused of racism.

(06/21/2023) Sickening Pro-abortion Thug Brutally Beats Elderly Men, Blinding One.  Will the DOJ send a dozen armed agents to his home like they did for the pro-life activist who shoved (nothing more) someone who was harassing his son?  Of course not.

(06/21/2023) Democrats Chant “Shame!… Shame!…” After Adam Schiff Is Censured for LYING REPEATEDLY to American Public About Trump-Russia Hoax.  Multiple times Schiff claimed to have seen hard evidence that Trump was guilty, guilty, guilty.  He lied.  But since he lied to further the interests of the Democrats, all the Democrats in the House support him.  And that says everything you need to know about the Democrat Party.  Shame, shame, shame on the House Democrats; every last one of them.

(06/21/2023) Durham Says Comey, McCabe, Strzok and Others Would Not Agree to be Interviewed by Prosecutors.  So why didn't he subpoena them?

(06/21/2023) Authors of children's book about gay penguins say removing it from library was unconstitutional.  Good grief.  Do authors of any and all books that are not in school libraries get to sue?  It is totally up to every school district to decide what books are appropriate to include in their libraries.  And if parents have objections, they should be able to voice them and, if necessary, vote for a new school board.  Those on the left were happy until parents started doing just that.

(06/21/2023) Planned Parenthood claims 'any reason is the right reason' for abortion, features transgender person who says abortion was 'one of the best decisions' of her life.  Actually, those that make good decisions are those that avoid getting pregnant if they don't want a baby.  It isn't difficult.  But why make people responsible for their own poor decisions?  That is where Democrats come in: no matter how bad your decisions, the government is here to ensure that you don't have to suffer the consequences.  And that pretty much sums up the state of America today.

(06/21/2023) Samuel L. Jackson: Trump Like ‘Same Rednecks’ I Saw Growing Up ‘Who Called Me N****r’  Let me get this straight.  Nobody has actually done any of this stuff in decades, yet Jackson (and others) resort to using the past to condemn the present.  Classy.

(06/21/2023) Jane Fonda Leading Hollywood Bigwig ‘Summit’ to Discuss How Movies Can be Used to Push Climate Change Propaganda.  This is necessary?  Our entertainment industry has been churning our left-wing propaganda for years and they still aren't satisfied?

(06/21/2023) Disney+ Green Lights New Show About Girl Falling in Love With the Devil.  While I have to confess that there seems to be a lot of people that have fallen in love with the devil, this is still yet another reason to boycott Disney.  I do pray that Disney return to its roots. 

(06/21/2023) Six theses on Hunter Biden’s plea deal.  Anyone that thinks that our laws apply equally to everyone is a fool.  The fact is that the rich and connected always used to get special treatment under the law, but the Democrats have now weaponized the justice system, and not just at the federal level.  They have weaponized it to punish their opponents and to protect their allies.  And their allies include not just the likes of Hunter Biden, but criminals in our major cities.  If you want lenient treatment under the law, your likely political affiliation is going to be much more influential than your wealth.  More: Tucker Carlson Goes Off on Hunter Biden in Episode 5: As in Most of the Developing World, It’s Safer to be the President’s Son Than His Opponent. 

(06/21/2023) Dem Rep. Goldman: Hunter Biden ‘Should Be Commended for’ ‘Accepting Responsibility’ by Taking a Plea Deal on Felony Gun Crime.  Gee, how responsible of him - pleading misdemeanors for crimes that are felonies.  How brave and noble of him.  Note that the tax evasions are supposed to be felonies, not just the gun crime.

(06/20/2023) Dan Crenshaw floors Democratic witness with simple request for scientific proof that child sex-change mutilations are beneficial: 'Tell me one. Name one study.'  There are no studies that support the claim that puberty blockers are harmless and reversible or that sex change surgery and drug treatment is beneficial.  "Gender affirmation" should be limited to helping confused people deal with the biological sex that they actually are rather than pretending it can be changed.

(06/20/2023) Another School Caves To Liberal’s Demands To Take THIS Down… Outrageous!  What was taken down?  A picture of Jesus.  Separation of church and state?  That is not in the Constitution.  While Congress has passed no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion, the courts, practically speaking, have.  It is high time that there were lawsuits - filed or threatened - in the other direction.

(06/20/2023) Blinken does Beijing.  So basically we have abandoned Taiwan and told communist China to invade whenever they choose to do so.  Question: can any country now rely on the United States to keep its commitments? 

(06/20/2023) San Francisco Loses Another Massive Downtown Business as City's Troubles Grow.  So what is the problem?  Rampant crime and filthy streets.  Solution?  Crack down on crime and clean up the streets.  Simple, no?  Not to Democrat politicians who refuse to even admit to the problem much less show any desire to fix it.

(06/20/2023) Poll Finds Overwhelming Majority of Voters Say FBI Should Make Biden ‘Bribery’ File Public.  But the MSM and our elites think otherwise.  Just imagine their attitude if Biden were a Republican. 

(06/17/2023) Girl Sues Hospital and Doctors for Removing Her Breasts When She Was 13.  We need more of this.  Children who cannot consent to sex can not consent to "changing" their sex.

(06/17/2023) U.S. Army Private Converts to Islam — Guess What Happened Next.  Fortunately just plotting rather than execution.

(06/17/2023) LGBTQ State of Emergency: Run For Your lives!  Apparently LGBTQ people are risking their lives every day just be existing in America.  Such is the narrative.  Why is it, then, that virtually every "hate crime" committed turns out to be fake?

(06/17/2023) Dismantling One of the Pride Cult's Arguments for Gay Bible Characters.  I'll just say that it isn't only the LGBT crowd that reinterprets the Bible in order to create God in their own image.  But they definitely do so.  God will not be mocked.


(06/17/2023) BBC Declines to Respond to Allegations Its Own Disinformation Factcheckers Are… Spreading Disinformation.  Of course they are.  How many genuine facts were labeled "misinformation" during the China bug?  How many are being so labeled today?

(06/17/2023)  Major League Baseball and LA Dodgers Honor Demonic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence on Home Field Before Game.  The good news is that the before game crown was minuscule. 

(06/17/2023) Covid's Patient Zero Was... One of the Chinese Lab Workers Playing With Covid, Say... Chinese Government Officials.  Anyone with a brain knew this all along, yet it was labeled misinformation and suppressed by social media and the MSM.

(06/17/2023) San Francisco Teacher Suspended For Singling Out White Male Students In Class.  Well, at least she was suspended.

(06/16/2023) Land Mines and Gender Activism: The Revealing Reason They’re ‘Right’ and We’re ‘Wrong.’  The left has been imposing their values on everyone else for years.  Yet they are the tolerant ones and we are the intolerant.  Reminder: tolerance in the name of evil and vice is no virtue.  Cede nothing to the bullies.

(06/16/2023) Nazis at Walt Disney World? USA Today Desperately Wants You to Think So.  Naturally, they don't bother to track down any of these "Nazis."  Chances are about 99.9% that they are lefties.  Fake hate crimes and just plain fake hate are now staples of the left.


(06/15/2023) Hundreds of Absentee Ballots from 2020 Election Found In Michigan Storage Unit. We don't yet know whether this had anything to d with fraud.  What we do know is that our elections are a sloppy mess.

(06/15/2023) You Wonder Why People Call Him ‘Creepy Joe.’  Your children don't belong to you, they belong to the state.

(06/11/2023) Transgender reporter tries to defend Chelsea Clinton and  inadvertently proves she's pushing 'porn' for children in public schools.  To be fair, there are a great many pushing porn on grade school children, including almost every Democrat politician.  Where are the Democrats objecting to this?  Instead they are screaming about "book banning."

(06/11/2023) Diversity of What, Exactly?  We are told over and over again that "diversity" is a good thing.  Put aside the fact that "diversity" only seems to involve skin color and sexual preferences and avoids diversity of thought.  Has there ever been a study that backs up the notion that "diversity," in general, is a positive thing?  The answer is no, diversity is simply assumed to be good.  I suspect that some forms of diversity can be good while others probably result in a negative.  It depends on what the objective of the relevant organization or institution is.

(06/11/2023) Trump Indicted; Biden Not Indicted … Yet.  Apparently selling out your country for cash is no biggie.


(06/11/2023) Cabinet secretary admits to lying under oath - why does she still have her job?  Because she is a Democrat.  If the MSM made a big deal of this, like they would for a Republican, she would have to resign.  But the MSM is just a subsidiary of the Democrat party, so ....  Note that Democrats never lie, though they might "make mistakes."

(06/11/2023) The Environmental Disaster of “Green” Energy.  It is bad enough that global warming is not the disaster that it is claimed to be and that policies pushed by the greens are extremely costly and of little or no benefit.  The biggest problem is that the green policies being pushed are not only extremely harmful to the economy, they are harmful to the environment, as well.  It is a negative two-fer.  But there is one "positive."  It gives bureaucrats and politicians more power over our lives.

(06/11/2023) Viral TikTok video shows Americans singing the national anthem at a restaurant in California, and liberals are 'terrified.'  If the national anthem "terrifies" you, why are you even in this country?  You are free to leave any time you want.

(06/09/2023)  4,000+ Churches Split from Pro-LGBTQ+ United Methodist Church Denomination.  Good.

(06/08/2023) Joe Biden: Parents Are ‘Cruel … Prejudiced’ for Opposing Child Transgenderism.  Good Lord!

(06/08/2023) James Comer Slams WaPo for Pushing White House’s False Bribery Probe Narrative.  The MSM considers pushing the Democrats' narrative, however false it may be, to be their primary purpose.

(06/08/2023) Salon’s resident “evangelical” makes a mockery of religion.  Calling yourself an evangelical doesn't make you one.  This guy does not know Scripture at all.  Or he deliberately ignores a vast swath of Scripture.  Or both.

(06/07/2023) Moms For Hate?  Basically, any group that stands up for traditional values  and / or parental rights is going to be labeled a "hate group" by the SPLC, and the MSM will go right along with it.  More lawsuits need to be filed against the SPLC.  They are rolling in dough and they need to pay for their slanders.  And so do their donors.

(06/07/2023) The Brew: Say ‘Boys are Boys,’ Say ‘Sayonara’ to Graduation.  There is a lot of bad news nowadays.  I just pray that bad news is going to finally push a great many more people into pushing (fighting!) back.

(06/07/2023) Dem Rep. Chu: We Need to Repeal Work Requirements in Debt Bill and Have More Immigration to Deal with Worker Shortage.  Our government and other "elites" are largely populated by people who are totally dishonest, have no critical thinking skills, or both.

(06/07/2023) Former Teammate of Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Speaks Out and Shares “Disturbing” New Details.  It doesn't come as a shock that university administrators are intimidating students into toeing the leftist line, but that doesn't mean we should not be fighting back.

(06/07/2023) Dodging the Social Issues. The left has managed to intimidate companies into pushing the progressive agenda, even on issues supported only by a small minority.  I believe conservatives would be happy if corporations simply did not get involved at all.  But we need to make them pay when they push LGBT+ pride and gender reassignment and SSM and other things that are, or should be, an affront to anyone who believes in biblical values.

(06/03/2023) Sex Change Operations Do No Good.  You would think  that anyone with half a brain would know this to be true.  But when there is money to be made, or the applause of your circles of "influencers," many are quite willing to set aside more than half their brain.

(06/03/2023) Weingarten: Parents Are ‘Getting Really Angry’ at DeSantis’ Education Policies. Really?  I suspect that she is conflating "parents" with union officials and progressive activists.  I suspect actual parents of kids in public schools strongly support DeSantis and the legislature.

(06/03/2023) People Start Calling for the Defunding of CUNY Over Anti-American and Anti-Semitic Law School Graduation Speech.  I have to simply say this.  Lawyers in America can and should range over the political spectrum.  But it is important that all buy in to the rule of law and equal treatment under the law.  If they do not, they will abuse the law.  That is unacceptable, and it is inappropriate for a law school to teach otherwise.

(06/03/2023) Utah School District Bans King James Version Bible Due to “Violence and Vulgarity.”  Good grief.  They say they are limiting it to "age appropriate."  A kid that can actually read the KJV and understand it is going to be old enough.  This action is unlikely to have much impact regarding preventing young kids from reading the KJB, but it sends a message - a very bad message.


(06/01/2023) Biden Effect: US Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles Sent to Ukraine Are Ending Up Hands of Cartel Del Golfo in Mexico -VIDEO.  You would think that there would be some level of competence and accountability in our government.  I'm sure there is, somewhere.  But it boggles the mind just how careless the government is with billions and billions of dollars.  How many of these dollars are finding their way into the pockets of the corrupt?

(06/01/2023) Target In a Crossfire Hurricane.  I suppose it is to be expected given the fallen nature of man, but I still find it a little shocking that those defend the whole transgender business can really offer argument beyond accusing opponents of hatred and themselves of love.  To a considerable degree, this is the tactic of the LGB crowd, as well.  For that matter, it covers a lot of other territory as well - just accuse you opponents of "phobia" and hate and pat yourself on the back for being so morally superior.  Push back has begun; may it continue.

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