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“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.  At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  Luke 21:25-28 (NIV)


Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men.  Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way.

Proverbs 4:14-15   (NIV)


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20  (NIV)

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Current Events / Latest News


05/31/2023) Comey: Trump Is ‘Existential Threat’; GOP Is a Cult that Needs to Lose in 2024.  How in the world could such a blatant partisan have been approved as director of the FBI?  Does anyone imagine that a director with these attitudes would not use the FBI for partisan purposes?  Well, he did, the evidence is clear, and yet there have been no negative consequences whatsoever.  Quite the opposite.

(05/31/2023) NYC Mayor Eric Adams Delivers a Fiery, Patriotic Memorial Day Speech Denouncing Left-Wing Ideologies.  I am skeptical that we will follow though on anything, but who knows?

(05/31/2023) NINE TEENS All Under 18 Arrested – 5 Face Felony Assault with Deadly Weapon for Kicking Victims in Head – After Brutal Beating of US Marines in San Clemente.  I realize that blacks are the most likely victims of black crime, but until blacks in general are willing to address the criminality of so many of their youth, blacks will never be full participants in the American dream.  This is not a consequence of white racism, it is a result of blacks rejecting so many of the things that are essential for a successful and rewarding life.

(05/30/2023) Chicago Pride Event Will Feature ‘Drag Dress-up and Makeovers’ for Children — Sponsored By Lululemon.  Why are they doing this?  We all know, and shame on parents who are taking their children to this stuff.

(05/30/2023) Turning America Into a Third-World Country.  This is what the Democrats and the "climate change," end of the world crowd is trying to do.  The fact that this farce continues and has already cost hundreds of billions of dollars is to our shame.  The American people, in general, have not bought in to the climate change mantra, and yet our government treats it as scientific fact.  It is not.  It is nothing more than a virtue signalling power play which most hurts the very people the Democrats claim to champion - the poor.

(05/30/2023) San Francisco Mayor London Breed Denies Retail Collapse in the City.  Retailers are leaving the city because they lose money and their employees are not safe.  When Democrats create problems, rather than trying to fix them, they either deny them, as is the case here, or they blame the GOP.  That is hard to do in this case since the last Republican mayor left office in 1964.

(05/29/2023) Is America Still Worth Fighting For?  Our military has gone woke, at least the upper echelons.  But that doesn't change the fact that America is still worth it, and surrendering the military is going to make the saving of America that much more difficult.  There is a lot of territory that needs to be retaken, but giving up more territory is hardly the best approach.

(05/29/2023) California Democrats Try, Fail to Restrict Pregnancy Crisis Centers.  Well, they are certainly trying to get rid of them, and they are not likely to just give up.

(05/29/2023) Chicago: Man in ‘Peacekeeper’ Vest Arrested in Brutal Beating and Robbery of Motorist.  I have no problem with Neighborhood Watch programs and the like, as long as they do not attempt to do that which only the police should do.  But just face it, police academy and the like, is going to weed out a lot more bad apples than other training (if such training is required at all).  And there are situations where police have been trained and others have not.  It would be far, far better to have more police an possibly add more training.  And have the DA office and mayor give the police the support they need.

(05/29/2023) Area Looted by George Floyd Supporters Remembers His Legacy.  It would be nice if we made heroes of people who displayed good character and did good things, neither of which George Floyd ever did in his life.

(05/28/2023) Right and Wrong: How to Teach Liberals a Lesson.  Over and over again, we on the right are accused of phobias.  We fear and hence are "threatened" by homosexuals, transsexuals, strong progressive women and POCs, and on and on.  No, we don't fear them, we just think that they are wrong.

(05/28/2023) Teens Rob High-End Clothing Store in Lower Manhattan, Stealing $10,000 Worth of Merchandise.  The left's approach to dealing with crime has done nothing but result in a great deal more crime.  Some are recognizing this, but most will not.  Shoplifting and brazen stealing from store has always been a problem, but has probably grown by an order of magnitude since progressive prosecutors have decided not to prosecute.

(05/28/2023) BBC’s War On “Disinformation.”  Question: who would you trust to determine what qualifies as "disinformation?"  Setting aside the obvious progressive bias of those who propose censoring "disinformation," how can one make evaluations for themselves if information "dis" or otherwise, is withheld?  Of course, that is the whole point - control people by restricting the free flow of information.  There is good news, however: Tech Sector Layoffs Are Hitting People Hired to Fight ‘Misinformation’ and ‘Hate Speech.’   

(05/28/2023) EU Furious After Elon Musk Pulls Twitter Out of Online Censorship Programme.  Don't feel smug, we already have a lot of censorship here in the USA, primarily self censorship by our media.

(05/28/2023) Target Store Bomb Threats Sent By Angry Pro-Pride Left-Winger!  Over and over again the right is accused of being terrorists.  Why is it, then, that it always seems that it is the left that is literally doing the terrorizing?

(05/27/2023) Memorial Day? Nope, it’s ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance.’  Progressive churches are complicit in endorsing and spreading evil.  They are not Christian, they are tools of Satan.  We should stop calling them merely misguided or just another "version" of Christianity.  We need to call them what they are.  Note: God loves sinners, but he hates sin.  We do not show our love for sinners (or God) by approving and encouraging sin.  Stop it, just stop it.

(05/27/2023) Report: Fired Biden energy official Sam Brinton led D.C.’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  Recall that when this guy was hired, the administration bragged about it.  These people are being put in positions of power based on their perverted lifestyles.  Competence?  Not even considered.

(05/27/2023) Woke NYC Officials Freeze Deposits at Capital One and KeyBank Over Failure to Submit Plans to Combat ‘Discrimination.’  Let us be more precise.  Democrat officials are using the power of government to punish those who are not cooperating with pushing the Democrat's agenda.  I don't think the Constitution supports doing this, but who is going to do anything about it?  Until government officials are held personally liable and punished, this will continue.

(05/27/2023) You Can’t Tear Down the Norm and Then Be Surprised by What Comes Next.  Slippery slopes really are what they are claimed to be.  Giving in a little is never, never enough.  More will always be demanded.  So do not give in, even just a little.

(05/27/2023) Trans Athlete Calls Florida a ‘Fascist State that Kidnaps Children’, Says Ban on Men in Women’s Cycling a ‘Genocide.’  I will tactfully say that these people are sick and what they are pushing is evil.  There is no genocide, there isn't even any discrimination.  There is only push back when they are discriminating against others.  I should add push back against grooming children and encouraging them to get harmful and destructive "treatment."  The bullies are calling any resistance to them bullying and worse.  Shame on them.

(05/26/2023) Corporate America Has Launched A Religious War. It’s Time To Choose Your Side.  Choose this day whom you will serve....  To be fair, it isn't just corporate America.

(05/26/2023) Trust in Media Declines: Majority of Voters Agree that the Media Are the ‘Enemy of the People.’  What will be the response of the media?  Will they try to be more fair, honest and balanced in order to regain the trust of a majority of Americans?  Don't be silly.  They'll blame Americans for not being progressive enough to go along with their biased reporting.

(05/26/2023) Poll: 83 Percent Say Joe Biden’s Economy Is in Negative Shape.  But fear not, the MSM is hard at work trying to change people's minds: CNN’s Phillip: ‘Great Irony’ that People Feel They Have ‘Unstable’ Economic Situation when ‘Economy Is Pretty Good’ 

(05/26/2023) Why Is the Indy Youth Carnival Barring Parents?  Obviously because most parents will no approve of what they are doing.  Keep your kids away from any place that isn't transparent about what they are doing with children.

(05/26/2023) Most Americans Don’t Know What ESG Is and Have No Opinion About It – But, Would Rather Invest Purely for Profit.  How many know this?  How many insane corporate decisions are being made to satisfy the ESG "scorers" to the detriment of actual shareholders?


(05/26/2023) UConn to require students to pass ‘Anti-Black Racism’ course in order to graduate.  But they no longer require courses in Western Civ and the like.  Indoctrinating students to be racists while calling it anti-racist is sick.  It is what we used to sneer at the USSR for doing.

(05/26/2023) Superstar Boxer Ryan Garcia Takes BOLD Stand Against Target’s Demonic Clothing Line.  Superstar is hyperbole, but he is ranked.  The point is that more people need to be taking a public stand like this.  Yes he will get push back as will everyone else who speaks up.  But the more who speak up, the bigger the impact and the safer it becomes.  A great many of us speak up when it is safe - speaking to people who all agree with us.  We should all be expanding our "territory."

(05/25/2023) Biden Regime Lumps Christians, Conservatives, and Republicans into Same Category as Nazis in New DHS Anti-Terrorism Program.  To be fair, all are in the way of implementing the Democrat's agenda.

(05/25/2023) Canadistan Is Out of Control: New Survey Shows Growing Population Support for Euthanizing the Poor and Homeless – Number of Assisted Suicides Skyrockets Ten-Fold in Half a Decade to 10 Thousand People.  Slippery slopes are very, very real.

(05/25/2023) Evolutionary biologist shuts down science magazine editor for using a bird to push far-left gender narrative.  It is not merely sad, but evil, that "scientists" will pervert clear facts, data and reality in order to push a false narrative and outright lies.  I will be blunt: anything that can only be supported by lies and misrepresentations rather than facts, truth and reality, is outright harmful and quite possibly evil.  It is especially sick when those who claim to be rational and reality based and to "believe" in science are the ones pushing false narratives.

(05/25/2023) NYC Professor Who Threatened New York Post Reporter with Machete Turns Herself In To Police, Cries Victim!  This is pretty standard for the left: I only did it because those haters on the right forced me to do it.

(05/25/2023) Woke Capitalism Gone Wild.  That is putting it mildly.

(05/25/2023) I've got your 'white fragility' right here, my brother.  Any "solution" to a "problem" that is based on lies and misrepresentations is going to make things worse, never better. 

(05/24/2023) Reverend Franklin Graham Issues Warning to America: “The Storm is Coming…Every Demon in Hell Has Been Turned Loose.”  I am very much in agreement.  Both the left and Satan - clear allies - see America today as their great opportunity.  Do not sit back and let them have it.

(05/24/2023) Eric Metaxas: The Church Is in Crisis, as it Was in 1930s Germany.  So it is.

(05/24/2023) Never Forget, Never Forgive, Never Again.  I'm not big on never forgiving, but do we forgive those who actually committed evil acts and who not only refuse to repent, continue to insist that what they did was right and besides, it wasn't their fault anyway.  I might forgive, but I don't want them in any position of power or influences any more.

(05/24/2023) ‘God Was Really Clear’: Goldberg Suggests Bible Supports Transitioning Children! Good grief!  Is it not remarkable how many people who clearly have never accepted Christ will claim that the Bible supports their view by totally misinterpreting a single verse?  I doubt they fool any committed Christians.

(05/23/2023) This Pride Stuff Isn't Healthy.  Homosexual sex isn't healthy - neither physically nor mentally nor morally.  But we are being told over and over the opposite.  Many go along with the proclamations, but deep down inside, I think most know better. 

(05/23/2023) Joe Biden, the Habitual Racialist Demagogue.  One reason that so many Democrats throw the racist label around so much it to distract from the fact that they themselves have a lot of racist attitudes: blacks can't get voter id's, blacks need special assistance (affirmative action) because they can't make it on their own, the list is long.  To be fair, these racist attitudes are applied to more than just blacks.  Take note: anyone who habitually accuses others of racism is almost certainly a racist themselves.  Prove me wrong.

(05/23/2023) Accusing others of being Nazis or of someone being another Hitler are almost always overwrought.  Nevertheless, consider the following,  Eight Startling and Uncomfortable Ways the Democrat Party Emulates the Nazi Party and here are more: 8 Disturbing Similarities between the Democrat and Nazi Parties.


(05/23/2023) Los Angeles Dodgers Apologize, Re-Invite Anti-Catholic ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ Trans Nuns to Pride Night – Fans Respond.  Sadly, the corporate world almost always responds to threats from the left and rarely to threats from the right, even when those on the right far outnumber those on the left.  Part of it, of course, is that those on the right tend to make requests, not threats.  Budweiser may be learning a lesson, but maybe not.  Certainly other corporations are not learning from the Bud Light example.

(05/22/2023) North Carolina Democrat Governor Roy Cooper Declares “State of Emergency” to Oppose School Choice Bill.  I do not think having the legislature potentially override the veto of a governor qualifies as a state of emergency.  But Democrats will do anything to protect the teachers unions and our failing public schools.

(05/22/2023) Biden DOJ Formally Shut Down Clinton Foundation “Investigation” in August 2021 – FBI Destroyed All Evidence!  Good grief.  And naturally we only hear about these things way after the fact.  Old news, ignore it.

(05/22/2023) The Absurdities of Our Age.  Read it and weep.  But we really, really need to do more than weep.  Yes, there are many absurdities going on.  But we have to get off our rears and start doing something about it rather than just bemoan the fact.

(05/22/2023) Deep State Quietly Starting to Fear the Worst: the Return of the Trump Wrecking Ball.  The Deep State needs to be more than wrecked; it needs to be destroyed.  It is good that they fear, but that also means that there is pretty much nothing that they will not do to prevent it from happening.  We already know that they are willing to lie, cheat and steal.

(05/22/2023) Lawyer for Pregnant Nurse Harassed at NYC Bike Rental Plans on Suing Media Outlets for Smearing Her and Pushing Lies about the Incident.  Could anyone seriously believe that a pregnant, white PA would try to steal a bike from five young black males?  Really?  I guess those on the left are happy to believe anything that fits their narrative, no matter how absurd.

(05/22/2023) Don’t Know Much About History.  No, we don't.  And it is getting worse.  Our education system and our culture avoids teaching much history and they teach lies: Howard Zinn, !619 Project, Queen Cleopatra, and more.  What can be worse than rather than learning from history - and there is a lot to learn - we re-write history to suit our very flawed ideologies?  Any ideology build on lies is doomed to cause great harm and ultimately fail.  Yet those very ideologies are the ones being pushed by our "elites."

(05/22/2023) Term “Obesity” Being Erased, Out of Concern About Fat-Shaming.  Obesity is a big problem, and pretending that being fat is perfectly okay is literally harmful.  Yet more and more, we are encouraged to encourage self-destructive behavior.  To not do so is deemed hate.  But the opposite is true - to do so is love.  People should actively be encouraged to stop harmful behavior and they should be assisted in any efforts to do so.  But it is so much easier to give them a pat on the head, assure them that they are just fine, and award yourself Brownie points for being so tolerant and self-esteem building.  Related: Target Partners with Satanist Designer Abprallen for Gay Pride Collection.  Yes,it is demanded of us that we not only tolerate sinful, self-destructive behavior, but we approve and affirm it.  We truly live in Romans 1 times, but that does not mean we should play along.

(05/22/2023) Send Migrants To The ‘Cities, Villages, Towns’ Across America So ‘It’s Not A Burden’ On NYC, Mayor Says.  I thought they proclaimed themselves a sanctuary city.  I'll be blunt.  The left proclaims a lot of things, but pretty much everything they do is for themselves.  Their proclamations mean nothing.


(05/22/2023)  NAACP Issues Florida Travel Advisory: 'Florida Is Openly Hostile to African Americans.'  Nope.  But Florida is hostile to left-wing radicals pushing racist CRT on everyone.  The NAACP has chosen their side - they, who used to oppose racism, have now embraced it.  Here is more: NAACP, the Embodiment of Inept Hypocrisy

(05/22/2023) “Our Children Will Never See Snow.”  Russian collusion, along with the "51 intelligence experts" might be the biggest scandals in American history, but global warming / climate change is the biggest power grab.  The facts do not in any way justify it, and the damage that has already been done is massive.  It will only get worse unless we restore some level of sanity to our government.

(05/21/2023) Is DEI Training Unconstitutional?  I would argue that it is if it is government funded.  Which covers a lot of territory.  I would think a case could be made that it is even in the private sector if it is mandatory.  DEI (and CRT) isn't "merely" racist, it is evil  We should not dance around these things and use euphemisms - call them what they are and don't back down.

(05/21/2023) Subway Witness Calls Daniel Penny a Hero: ‘He Saved A Lot of People That Day.’  At the funeral, Al Sharpton stated that Jordan Neely didn't threaten anyone.  I am fond of saying that when you have to lie to make your case, you have no case to make.  But lying is far, far worse than merely discrediting.  Why?  Because a great many people want to believe the lies and hence will believe them.  And they will repeat them over and over - often with the assistance of Democrat politicians and the media.  We may see them for what they are, but they are very effective.  How about "very fine people?"  How about "hands up, don't shoot?"  There are many more.

(05/21/2023) Floridian Demands $3M for Each Black Citizen: ‘We Want Our Reparations.’  I wouldn't mind being given $3M either, but what, exactly, have3 any of our black citizens done to show that they deserve such largess?  The ones who have shown they "deserve" it have also shown that reparations are totally unnecessary.  Slavery and racism isn't what is holding black people down, it is they themselves that are doing the job.  Why didn't you study hard in school?  Why did you join a gang?  Why did you start having sex in HS (or before)?  Why don't you be a father to the kids you fathered?  why aren't you getting married?  The list is much longer.  And all of these will only get worse if "free" money is doled out.

(05/20/2023) Seven Simple Things YOU Can Do TODAY to Fight the Bolshie Threat to Our Nation.  Well, I would not call them all simple, not even close.  But they are all very doable.

(05/20/2023) "The chance of us backing down on that is zero."  This is DeSantis in regard to the "battle" with Disney.  It is a battle that needs to be fought.  Disney took a political position on a bill to prevent grooming of young children in public school, a rather popular bill, whatever the media says.  And rather than simply apologizing when challenged, doubled-down.  It is one thing to attack the government when the government has granted you no special favors.  But it is something else when they have.  Disney chose to foolish course and they will deservedly pay a big price.

(05/20/2023) Not all moonlight and unicorn farts anymore in the EU's Green dreamland.  it isn't just Germany, but they have shut down power plants without replacing the generating capacity.  Totally unsurprisingly and predicted, they are facing significant power shortages.  People are going to pay a price, not just inconvenience and financially, but for some, far, far worse.  Will the greenies learn anything?  The answer is no.  They will learn nothing after the fact in Europe and the greens - read "Democrats" - in America will learn nothing from the European experience.  They will continue to push the same destructive policies all the while proclaiming their own moral superiority.  They are not morally superior at all; what they are pushing is evil.  We are to fight evil; let's do it.

(05/20/2023) State Department Offers Counseling To Misgendered Employees Triggered By Email Pronoun Debacle.  All I can say is "Suck it up, buttercup."  Why in the world are we catering to the perpetually offended?  All we are doing is wasting time and resources to create more buttercups which will waste even more time and resources.  To say nothing of the impact of build and encouraging poor character.

(05/20/2023) What Debt Ceiling? Biden Set to Send Another $375 Million in Weapons to Ukraine.  No, rather that cut such expenditures, the administration will shut down popular things - often at great expense - in order to try to get people to pressure the GOP to cave.  And the MSM will do their part .  Hopefully, more people are starting to wise up.

(05/20/2023) ‘Karen’ Accused Of Racism When Accosted By Young Black Men Over Bicycle Produces Receipts: Lawyer.  The notion that a white woman would try to "steal" a rental bike from five young black men is absurd on its face.  Yet a narrative needs to be push: whites are evil and blacks are innocent.  But she is the one with evidence that she rented the bike, not the "innocent" blacks.

(05/19/2023) Elizabeth Warren Mocks Christian Men for Believing and Living by the Bible.  Note that if we do not applaud sin, we are "haters."  Note also that Warren thinks that Christian men will have a hard time finding a woman.  Really?

(05/19/2023) Don’t shoot me, I’m only the whistleblower.  And who is trying to discredit and demonize these whistle blowers?  None other than the party of transparency - the Democrats.


(05/19/2023) Big Pharma Funds Activist Group’s Scorecard Prodding Hospitals to Embrace Trans Agenda.  There is a lot of money to be made in providing "gender reassignment."  It is disgusting to see what evil people are willing to do for money.  It begins by trying to persuade themselves and others that it isn't evil at all.

(05/19/2023) According to a fifth grade teacher at Winding Waters K-8 school in Spring Hill, Florida, parents are “ignorant” and have no rights when their children are in the public school system.  Isaiah 5:21 comes to mind.  Why are so many who are supposed to be public servants consider the pubic to be their servants?

(05/18/2023) Activists Demand Reparations for Latinos for Land Under Dodger Stadium.  We have evolved into a culture where, unless you are a white, male, Christian, you should not have to work or make an effort to succeed in life.  Others owe it to you.  Just demand it; no more effort should be expected of you.

(05/18/2023) Chicago, RIP.  It is going to take a miracle to save Chicago and that miracle definitely did not occur in the last election.  It is horrible enough that many of our great cities are going down the tubes, and the very people destroying these cities take no responsibility at all.  They may even believe that the destruction is not being caused by what they do - massive taxes, filthy streets, defund the police and tolerance to massive crime.  But they are responsible and so are the voters who continue to elect them.

(05/18/2023) NYC Mayor Eric Adams Complains That 50% of City’s Hotel Rooms Now Occupied by Illegal Migrants – Hurting the Economy.  Well, the solution is simple.  Close the border.  You are the one who declared NYC to be a sanctuary city, and many border cities are in far worse shape than NYC.  Put pressure on the administration to enforce our border!  Will he do it?  Probably not.  Blame Trump, under whom NYC did not have this problem.  Note: 24 Republican Governors Offer to Help Texas Defend Its Southern Border.  Some are trying to do the job of the federal government that the federal government refuses to do.

(05/18/2023) New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Suggests He is Open to Defying U.S. Supreme Court Over Abortion Pill.  Trump never defied the courts, but he was declared to be a dictator.  Democrats are apparently free to do so, because their evil cause, in their minds, is just.

(05/16/2023) Durham Report Rips FBI.  Yes, but.  It will be mostly ignored by the media, it will be declared "old news," no one will suffer any consequences.  The FBI has already declared that they have implemented "procedures" so we don't have to worry about it happening again.  Right.  The same people running the show who deliberately interfered in a national election so the "wrong guy" would not get elected, would never do the same again because of "procedures."  Color me more than merely skeptical.  "procedures" won't change behavior.  Punishment might.  But where is the punishment?  There isn't any. 

(05/16/2023) More: Durham Conclusion? Trump Collusion an FBI Delusion.  The possible ramifications go far beyond just "domestic politics."  But we can be sure on one thing: the media will brush all this off as no big deal.  More: The Durham Report: 306 Pages, One Conclusion: FBI Ran a Con on America. 

(05/16/2023) Woke, Race-Swapping Netflix ‘Cleopatra’ Series Gets Worst Audience Score in TV History.  Two problems with series, I imagine.  Cleopatra was absolutely Macedonia, not black African.  There simply is no question about that.  But is is probably lousy acting and a bad story line, as well.  I'll pass on checking it out personally.  A 1-2% audience score at Rotten Tomatoes makes the decision to stay away easy.

(05/16/2023) Decline and Fall: CNN Drops Below Newsmax in Prime Time Ratings Collapse.  When it comes to cable news, Fox used to be head and shoulders above CNN and MSNBC.  But since their foolish decision to cave to Dominion and Fire Tucker Carlson (remove him from the air, at least), it remains to be seen who will be on top in a few years.  Of will Newsmax or OAN manage to take the overall lead?

(05/15/2023) Republicans to Hold Hearing on DOJ Targeting Pro-Lifers.  I think a strong case can be made that when a Democrat is president, the DOJ become a political tool to further the agenda of the Democrats.  This has been demonstrably true under Obama and Biden. I don't think the case can be made that Republican administrations do likewise, perhaps because the DOJ (and most agencies) is staffed primarily by Democrats.  Note that targeting pro-lifers is meant more to intimidate them than to successfully prosecute them.

(05/15/2023) J.K. Rowling scorches trans-activists for making up imaginary children.  Imaginary or not, when kids make statements regarding culture or politics, they are simply mimicking influential adults in their lives - typically parent(s), possibly teachers or others.  Using children to push your own agenda is really, really cowardly.  Kids are not wiser, they are not more profound, they do not have more insight.  They are kids.

(05/15/2023) White Democrats Like Joe Biden Are the Real Racists in America.  This is absolutely correct, and it is correct on two level: the policies they propose and their attitude as to what blacks and other minorities are capable of.

(05/15/2023) Planned Parenthood vs. The Supreme Court.  Until recently, the left has gotten their way with the SCOTUS on most issues.  Now that conservative have a slight majority, the left freaks out and is working to do anything they can to regain control.  How? False ethics charges, court packing, term limits, you name it.  Why?  Because conservatives simply want to uphold the Constitution and laws as written, and the left wants the court to make laws where Congress and legislatures will not.

(05/15/2023) Flesh-Eating Drug is Taking Over Los Angeles Streets and Turning People into Literal Zombies.  What is being done about this?  Democrats control everything in LA.  They claim to care for the poor and downtrodden.  What are they doing?  These people literally need to be rounded up, taken off the streets, and put someplace where they can dry out, get a decent diet, be put to useful work when and if mentally and physically able, and treated for whatever mental illnesses they may have.  Does that sound like a mixture of work camps and mental hospitals?  Yes, it does.  And that is far, far better than what is being done now.

(05/15/2023) George Floyd 2.0?  Democrats and the left really, really wish to make heroes and martyrs out of career criminals in an effort to label conservatives "white supremacists" and the source of all our problems.  It worked with George Floyd.  I'm not sure it is going to work this time with Jordan Neely.  It really is appalling that our "elites" are trashing everything that makes for a good person with good character, as well as a flourishing culture and society.  At the same time, they are promoting bad character as not merely acceptable but desirable. They are literally promoting evil as good and good as evil.  Isaiah had something to say about that (Isaiah 5:20-21).   Note: Online Fund Reaches Nearly $2 Million to Aid Daniel Penny’s Legal Defense.  Last I saw, the fund for Jordan Neely's family was under $100 K.  It makes me a little sick to see a family trying to capitalize on the death of a family member when it is obvious they did little or nothing for him in life.

(05/15/2023) At Least 5 Whistleblowers Come Forward Against Biden Family.  They literally are risking their lives by coming forward. I never would have thought this could ever be the case in the USA, but here we are. I do think there is safety in numbers, so I pray that more are willing to step forward.


(05/14/2023) First Thing, Let’s Fire All the Teachers.  Maybe that is going too far, but then again, maybe not.  Teachers' Unions are a curse.  They care not a whit for the kids they are supposed to be serving and they are pushing the entire left-wing woke agenda that does not involve schools at all.  The following headline gives a hint but still understates how extreme they are. Oakland teachers start week 2 of strike over community issues like homelessness, mental health. 

(05/14/2023) REALLY? CNN Claims Store Closures in Blue Cities Have Nothing to do With Crime.  I'm not sure what is worse - the fact that the MSM is so in the tank for Democrats that they produce stories like this, or the possibility that they are so completely clueless that they actually believe this.  They are 100% in the tank for the Democrats, but that doesn't mean they aren't clueless, as well.  The stores are leaving because of crime - they lose money and their employees do not feel safe because they are not safe.  All cities have to do to keep businesses in their city is to crack down on crime and clean up the streets.  Not easy, but very doable.

(05/14/2023) California Facing $32 Billion Deficit as Leftists in the State Call for $800 Billion in Reparations.  I would like to blame the total cluelessness of people in government on stupidity and lack of critical thinking skills, but I'm starting to think that there are a great many evil people in government.

(05/14/2023) A week after FERC warns about a "looming catastrophic reliability failure" the new EPA rules might kill the grid.  They are pushing cars, heat, stoves to go all electric and at the same time are pushing regulations to kill electricity generation.  Evil, insanity, stupidity - all are involved.

(05/13/2023) Displaced by illegals.  That would be homeless vets, which shows where our government's priorities are.

(05/13/2023) College Students Boo, Turn Back On NYC Mayor Eric Adams During Commencement Speech.  Yet most will probably continue to vote Democrat.

(05/13/2023) Starbucks Fires Trans Barista for Screaming at Customer Who Misgendered Him.  Is it not remarkable how many people demand that we cater to their delusions?  At least Starbucks did the right thing.  Of course, the very term "misgender" is catering to delusions.  And, sadly, the article seems to think we should cater, as well, just that the employee's reaction was over the top. 


(05/13/2023) ‘Kill a White Guy’ – Police Reveal Racial Motive in Killing of New Orleans-Area Handyman.  We have been told over and over again that black people are killed "because they are black."  Yet there is simply no evidence that there is a single case where this can be shown to be true.  On the other hand, ....  And why might that be?  Perhaps because blacks are told over and over that they are victims of "white supremacy."

(05/13/2023) Texas Senate Crushes Leftist Sacred Cow – Bans Toxic Agenda from Universities.  That would be CRT.  Question: is the right, especially the Christian right, pushing a political agenda in our universities?  The answer is no.  It is only the left that does so.  Of course, they declare that any efforts to thwart them qualify as pushing a political agenda.  Convenient.  But there is a problem.  Just because CRT has been banned doesn't mean the universities will stop teaching it.  Laws only apply to conservatives and the GOP, after all.

(05/13/2023) Honduran Migrant Teen Dies in Biden Admin Custody.  It has to be Trump's fault.


(05/13/2023) Pete Buttigieg working to bring 'more attention' to racial disparities in road accidents.  God grief.  Of one thing we can be sure: the focus will not be on trying to get black people to drive more carefully, it will be on paying people to come up with studies declaring traffic accidents to be racist.

(05/12/2023) CVS Forces Employees to Support “Transitioning” Coworkers.  I keep asking: is it the right or the left that is forcing their values on everyone else?  It is almost exclusively the left.  Just because the left get corporations (as well as government) to do their work doesn't change that fact.

(05/11/2023) Are All Cultures Equal? Pope Francis Thinks So.  Well, they aren't.

(05/11/2023) Celebrity Charlize Theron’s Son ‘Identified As Female’ At Age 3: ‘I Will F*** Anybody Up’ Who Criticizes Drag Queen Performances For Children.  Is there any rational explanation for what is going on with these parents?  They are being totally irrational.  Satan nor mass insanity; I'll go with both.  The problem is not the explanation, the problem is that they are doing irreparable harm to children, often their own children.  This is not merely stupid or irrational, it is evil.  And anyone who does not stand up against this is complicit in evil.  Don't be evil.

(05/11/2023) Don’t Have a Cow, Man: Aubrey Plaza’s Milk Ad Sparks Backlash.  Given that this is primarily a parody, it is remarkable how many people are determined to take offense.  Not only take offense, but demand retribution!  I do wish, sometimes, that we Christians would be as passionate about our faith as people on the left are about their causes, however absurd they may be.

(05/11/2023) James Woods mocks the unarmed ‘safety ambassadors’ that have replaced armed cops in West Hollywood.  All I can say is that only a fool would become a "safety ambassador" in any place where there is any amount of crime.  It is a progressive fantasy that people commit criminal acts only because they are forced to by the failures of our "system" and being nice and understanding will cause criminals to rethink their criminal acts.

(05/11/2023) Trans student 'born male' who allegedly showed 'his genitals' in HS girls' locker room absolutely towers over girl in lunchtime fight.  But never forget, the only reason that they are violent is because we are forcing them to be!  So they tell us.


(05/08/2023) The Impending Thermidor Reaction in Jacobin America.  If the Thermidor Reaction does not occur, America, the Shining City on a Hill, is gone, ever to return.  So you had better be part of the reaction and be recruiting others to join.

(05/08/2023) Will Democrats Die on the Trans Hill?  They seem willing to, but it isn't going to happen unless the GOP works at making it happen.  The Democrats have the MSM covering for them, so the public simply will not kn ow how extreme the Democrats are unless someone tells them.  The MSM is definitely not going to be that someone.

(05/08/2023) A ‘Gender-Affirming’ Doctor’s Day of Reckoning.  THis is a long article, but it is good to hear some good news, nowadays.  Too bad this is in Norway and not the USA.

(05/08/2023) New England Journal of Medicine Article Suggests Segregating Medical Students by Race.  It they actually do this, why would anyone have confidence in a doctor who happens to be a minority?  It seems that pretty much all policies that are supposedly to help minorities actually harm them.  But they sure make the people that push them feel morally superior.


(05/08/2023) Biden’s Border Chief Says He Can’t Explain Border Rush.  Now there are two possible explanations for this.  One is that we have complete idiots running our government that cannot see what anyone with half a brain can clearly see.  The other is that those running our government think the nation is full of idiots who will buy into any nonsense they decide to promote, secure in the knowledge that the media will back them up.

(05/08/2023) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Bashes Joe Biden’s Open Borders Policy.  Kennedy is still a left-wing Democrat, but it is very good to have someone in the party challenging some of their most ridiculous policies.  Most of the party is in lockstep with even their most insane policies. Is there any Democrat politician willing to say that abortion up to the moment of birth is too extreme?  Or that "gender reassignment" for kids is evil?

(05/08/2023) Black Man Charged with Hate Crime After Shooting Two Strangers in the Back of the Head “Because They Were White.”  How many instances do we have of white people killing blacks "because they are black?"  I have to go all they way back to Dylann Roof.  But the media would have you believe that blacks are being slaughtered in the streets simply because they are black.  Do you know how many unarmed blacks are killed by police in a year?  Less than 20.  But thanks to our media, people believe it is over 1,000.  Whites are more likely to be killed by blasks than vice versa, and why not?  The media and a certain political party is pushing the notion that all the troubles in the black community are caused by whites.  It isn't self-destructive bahavior, it is white supremacists - and all whites are guilty. 

(05/06/2023)  Seize Property For Biden Agenda Says Major USA Bank.  People love to "do good" with other people's money; especially when they manage to do some "good" for themselves at the same time.

(05/06/2023) Media's Bias Flying High As Another Violent Lib Get's Arrested, Threatened Congress.  Violence committed by or threatened by the left is always justified because we conservatives are provoking them.  They literally said this about the Nashville shooter - it was cause, not by a crazed trans shooter, but by "anti-trans" activities by conservatives.

(05/06/2023) The Ruling Class at Play.  Hopefully they are doing all this with their own money.  I prefer "elites" to "ruling class," but there is a lot of overlap.  And no matter how you slice it, our elites have a great deal of contempt for "We the People."

(05/05/2023) Why We Need to Talk About Satan.  Good article.

(05/05/2023) Why Does Progressive Christianity’s ‘Jesus’ Sound So Much Like a 21st Century Liberal College Grad?  People have been re-creating God and Christ in their on image for centuries.  It is a lot more difficult to do if you actually take the Bible seriously.  But who wants to do that?  No one on the left, to be sure.

(05/05/2023) Grassley and Comer Say They’ve Found Evidence of Biden Getting PAID OFF for ‘Policy Decisions.’  Does our MSM care about this?  Sure.  They care enough that they will do everything in their power to suppress this story, refuse to look at any evidence, and make excuses for any evidence that manages to evade their suppression.

(05/05/2023) 2-Year-Olds Are Being Subjected to ‘Gender Affirming Care.”  Really, the only possible explanation for this evil insanity is Satan.  It is a shame that so many are so receptive to his lies.

(05/05/2023) Conservatives Won The Word ‘Woke.’ Now It’s Time To Reclaim Accurate Language Everywhere.  There are many fronts in the war to save America, but language is a significant one and needs to be fought.

(05/05/2023) Woke Lancet Urges U.S. States to Repeal All Abortion Restrictions.  Lancet is a British publication, and given that most of Europe has more restrictive abortion laws than the US, you would think they might focus their attention closer to home.  In any case, first do no harm.  What disease is abortion a treatment for?  Stupidity, I suppose.=, given all the forms of birth control available - for cheap.

(05/05/2023) Tayler Hansen: The “All Ages” Drag Show Epidemic Plaguing America.  If you are already aware of what is going on, you may not want to follow the link.  But if you think this stuff is no big deal, follow the link and open your eyes.  It isn't merely sick, it is evil.  And it has

(05/05/2023) CBS News Bans Journos From Mentioning Nashville Shooter’s ‘Transgender’ Identity.  The left truly believes that people are not to be trusted with accurate information and the truth - might interfere with their narrative.  Which is why they shout down speakers, and label facts and truth as "misinformation" or "hate speech."  What movie is it that Jack Nicholson shouts "You can't handle the truth!"?  in any case, a great many on the left cannot handle the truth so they actively suppress it.

(05/05/2023) Trans Group Defends Nashville Shooter: ‘Anti-Trans Hate’ Has ‘Consequences.’  The broad, general left-wing view is this: when conservatives do bad things, it is because we are bad people.  And the left's view of what qualifies as "bad" for conservatives is very broad, including wrongthink.  When those on the left do bad things, it is because we on the right made them do it, and we deserve it.  This attitude extends far beyond transgenderism.

(05/04/2023) Brave Female High School Student Delivers Explosive Speech Destroying Radical Trans Ideology and Her School District After a Giant Transgender Student Assaulted an Innocent Girl- Crowd Erupts in Rousing Applause!  Those that support the transgender nonsense are a relatively small minority.  But they control almost all the big microphones.  We need to be trying to grab what microphones we can and we need to be applauding and encouraging those who manage to do so.  We need to be fighting the transgender insanity tooth an nail.  "Transgenders" need help coming to grips with the reality of who and what they are.  They do not need to be encouraged in their delusions to the detriment of everyone around them.

(05/04/2023) Maryland Governor Signs Bill Giving Abortion, Child Transgenderism Legal Protection.  Legalizing evil is happening in many states.  The Democrats have taken a stand in support of evil.  And far too many are giving support to evil.  It is bad enough that anyone promotes evil.  It is especially bad when people who claim to be Christian so so.  I'm saying it over and over - we need to be calling evil what it is: evil.

(05/04/2023) Zooey Zephyr loses in court… and is allegedly SWATted?!  This is the transgender legislator in Montana.  Color me skeptical.  People on the right are "SWATted" and it actually happens.  This sounds more like a "hate crime" committed by the supposed victim.  And regarding losing in court, the court was correct.  It is not for the court to rule on rules that a legislature has set up for itself.  That would definitely be a violation of separation of powers.  Would a liberal judge declare the legislature's rules unacceptable?  Quite possible, which is why who appoints judges is so important.

(05/03/2023) New York Becomes First State to Pass Legislation Banning Use of Natural Gas for Heating and Cooking.  It was earlier this very same year that we were assured that no one is trying to take away your gas stoves.  And yet people are voting for the party that is doing all this insane stuff.  And it is insane. And sick.  And evil!

(05/03/2023) Democrats are threatening to remove security funding for Supreme Court.  There are two levels to this.  First, they are trying to intimidate the Court into toeing the Democrat line, and second, they really would love it if a conservative justice or two were to be assassinated.  They won't actually say so, of course, but that is the only rational reason for removing security.  Note that the "ethics violations" supposedly committed by conservatives have previously been met or exceeded by past and present liberal justices.  And none really qualify as unethical.

(05/03/2023) Today’s Peak Academic Asininity.  This is more transgender nonsense.  It is remarkable what is being pushed as "science" these days, but as Orwell famously said (more or less): only an intellectual could rationalize such nonsense.

(05/03/2023) Merrick Garland Claims Hunter Biden Tax Probe Not Improperly Politicized After IRS Whistleblower Claims.  Question: does anyone actually believe that Joe Biden's DOJ is treating Hunter Biden just as they would, say, Donald Trump, Jr?  Conservatives generally believe in the rule of law.  Democrats believe in using the law to rule.  Prove me wrong.

(05/03/2023)  Delusional Lib Professor Tries To Pin Antifa On Conservatives.  Liberals are never responsible for anything bad and conservatives are responsible for everything bad.  This is what is being taught by many, and if you are a liberal, it is a very satisfying worldview to have.  It may conflict with reality, but when did reality ever get in the way of the liberal narrative?

(05/03/2023) Now 'Gone With The Wind' CANCELLED.  Well, the publisher has added "trigger warnings."  What both amuses me and saddens me is how people of today imagine themselves to be so morally superior to the people of the past.  I think a good case can be made that the opposite is true.

(05/03/2023) Furious Portland residents say Democrat-backed bill would allow homeless camps to terrorize communities.  And yet they literally vote for this stuff over and over.

(05/02/2023) Will Trans Madness Weariness Play a Big Role in 2024?  It should.

(05/02/2023) Nashville Christian School holds fast to its convictions and successfully repels an LGBTQ operative. Note that those on the left consider that playing by the rules they contractually signed on to is unfair.  This involves a girl dressing as a boy for the prom.

(05/02/2023) Panel: California, a Free State, Owes Black Residents $1.2 Million Each in Reparations.  Good grief.  It is not remarkable the conceit required to imagine you are "owed" more money than most people earn in their lifetimes just because of what you are rather than what you have done?

(05/02/2023) Gordon Lightfoot dies at 84.  I've always been a fan.

(05/01/2023)  673 university professors sign letter opposing courses on America's founding, Constitution. UNC professors say requiring courses on American history violates 'academic freedom.'  These people should not be teaching anybody.  They shouldn't even be in this country, if they feel this way.  Most of our "elites" seem to hate their country while reaping the benefits of it.

(05/01/2023) Europeans Discovering That ‘Gender Transitions’ Doesn’t End Mental Problems.  Not just in Europe.  And note an "inconvenient truth."  In spite of the line regarding a son: would you rather have a live daughter or a dead son?  It is a lie.  The suicide rate for those who have undergone "gender reassignment" is just as high as for those who have not.  And actually undergoing treatment for their mental problems rather than pandering to them would be much more successful.  The left claims the moral high ground while advocating things that are literally destroying lives.  That is evil.  Shame on them.

(05/01/2023) Campus security crumbles when leftist militants block entry to pro-woman movie in UK: 'No safe way we can get into the building.'  Simple question: has anyone on the left offered to debate their conservative opponents?  Nope.  They just threaten, intimidate and attempt to silence the opposition. UK?  USA?  Elsewhere?  It is all the same.

(05/01/2023) Doctor Asks Democrats: “If Abortion is Health Care, What Disease are You Treating?”  Good question.  And no, pregnancy is not a disease.

(05/01/2023) U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) Is Perfect in His Questioning of Abortion Advocate.  Virtually all Democrats will vote for a bill that permits abortion up to the moment of birth.  Many have already done so.  But when actually challenged to state that they favor what they'd vote for, they dodge around the question and refuse to answer.

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