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“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.  At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  Luke 21:25-28 (NIV)


Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men.  Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way.

Proverbs 4:14-15   (NIV)


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20  (NIV)

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  • trail markers - Articles that can lead one to believe in the imminent return of Christ.  Since this is so common, in so many areas, most such articles just go under a different category.

Current Events / Latest News (Apr 2023)


(04/29/2023) Faith is Not Denial of Reality.  Funny that those who claim to be "reality based" are the ones most likely to deny reality.

(04/29/2023) Kansas Legislature Overrides Democrat Governor’s Veto of Bill Defining a Woman as ‘a Human Female.’  Good. 

(04/29/2023) The Age Issue: Biden Vs. Reagan.  The Democrats will use anything as a wedge issue when it suits them.  They'll turn on a dime when it doesn't.

(04/29/2023) ‘Made Us Targets of Assassination’ – Justice Alito Says He Knows Who Leaked Dobbs Draft.  There are many among the pro-abortion crowd that would have cheered had a conservative SCOTUS justice been assassinated prior to Dobbs being formally announced.  They wouldn't have done it themselves, but they would have applauded it.  Thanks be that it did not happen.

(04/29/2023) Senate Moves to Add New Constitutional Amendment – But Americans Need to Stand Up Against It.  The Democrats wish to pass the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) by cheating.  So what else is new?  It looks like they will fail, but their willingness to cheat says a great deal about them.  Democrats prevented from cheating to ‘ratify’ the Equal Rights Amendment. 

(04/29/2023) EU is ‘Disappointed’ by Lack of Twitter Censorship, Commissioner Says.  All dictatorships require censorship.  It is interesting that all the censorship that is being done or being advocated comes from the left, not the right.  And yet it is the right that is being continually accused of being authoritarian even though it is the right that demand less government and opposes censorship.  Note that a great deal of what was censored during the pandemic turns out to have been true, and much of what was promoted as true turns out to have been false.

(04/29/2023) Democrats’ Bill Would Protect LGBT Migrants From Detainment.  The Democrats pretend they are just protecting the "vulnerable," but what they are doing is granting special privileges to some.

(04/27/2023) Arizona State Rep Caught Hiding Bibles. Guess Which Party She Belongs To?  That question is no challenge at all!

(04/27/2023) How ‘Progressive’ Christians Misuse the Bible.  I think it is pretty obvious.  They skip that which they do not like.  When that doesn't work, they abrogate it - it applied then, but not now.  When that doesn't work, they simply reinterpret in a manner that is palatable to them - like Sodom and Gomorrah's sin wasn't homosexuality, but lack of hospitality.

(04/27/2023) Is Kamala Harris the ‘dumbest person’ ever to be elected Vice President in history?  Possibly, but remember that Joe Biden was elected vice president, as well.

(04/27/2023) Montana Democrat Banned From House Floor After Transgender Insurrection.  The media presents this is a disgraceful attack on transgenders, but it is a result of violating multiple House rules.  Of course, the left is supposed to be able to violate such rules with impunity.

(04/27/2023) Career Advice From the Canceled for Tucker Carlson.  I'll settle for saying that Carlson will probably have a bigger impact in the future than he ever had at Fox.  But his Fox career laid the groundwork.

(04/27/2023) Quote of the Day: Women are not Simple.  I won't claim that men are simple, but I think most are more simple.


(04/27/2023) Biden Runs for 2nd Term to Protect Abortion and Grooming Kids.  Pretty much.

(04/26/2023) Pete Buttigieg says GOP’s so anti-trans that he can’t get bridges & railroads fixed.  In other words, he is so incompetent, he can't do anything in his job description.

(04/26/2023) Multiple Corporations Begin Simultaneously Attacking Mother’s Day.  Good grief.  They don't want to offend anyone by sending our Mother's Day themed emails and messages.  People who are offended by such stuff deserve to be offended.  Do not cater to them.

(04/26/2023) Fake Female Swimmer Lia Thomas Says Those Who Think He Shouldn’t Compete Against Women Just Hate Women.  It is pretty clear that our schools do not teach critical thinking skills.  They do a better job teaching how to rationalize utter nonsense.

(04/26/2023) LGBT activist threatens anyone who would try to keep him out of women's bathrooms or protect their kids: 'It will be the last mistake you ever make.'  Virtually all political violence in America comes from the left, yet the left is constantly claiming that it is the right that "incites" violence.  When was the last time a Democrat politician or pundit condemned leftist violence with out adding that the violence was justified or understandable?

(04/26/2023) Biden administration is quietly planning for a future where you don’t own money.  Our government and other institutions are crawling with people who "know better" than the people they are supposed to serve.  They will happily impose their will on the rest of us - for our own good, of course.

(04/26/2023) Bible college fires theologian for tweet against homosexuality, threatens to report as terrorist: lawyers.  This is in the UK, but it can happen here.  How many churches and seminaries have decided that the cultural mores of today override Scripture.  Far too many.  Friends, if you attend a church that does not stay true to the Bible, leave and find a church that does.  There are plenty of them.

(04/26/2023) Democrats For Pedophilia.  This is not hyperbole.  Yet they keep winning elections.  Either there is fraud or a majority of

American people have become mindless automatons.  Or both.

(04/26/2023) I was a woke activist but fake feminists just canceled me for speaking this truth.  If you are open to truth, facts and reality rather than narratives and fads, you cannot remain "woke."

(04/26/2023) Absolute Proof Drag Shows are About Grooming: Drag Show Cancels Because They Can’t Have Kids at the Show.  I'm pretty sure there have been multiple such instances, not just this one.

(04/25/2023) Once Again, Christian Conservatives are Compared to the Taliban.  Of course, none of the people making such claims would ever consent to living under Taliban rule - and wisely so.  But those who make such claims clearly either have no critical thinking skills or they refuse to use them.  And I wonder: how many of those making such claims know any evangelicals or have ever set foot in an evangelical church.  I'm sure they imagine all such churches to be just like Westboro Baptist.

(04/25/2023) Chicago Soros DA Treats Killing of 6-Month-Old Baby as a Misdemeanor.  And yet, people are actually voting for this stuff.  Our education system is failing us, our media is failing us, our legal system is failing us.  And don't discount the likelihood that our voting system is failing us.

(04/25/2023) Biden EPA Pushing New Power Plant Standards, Risking Already Strained Electric Grid.  The fact that Democrats are simultaneously pushing EVs and reductions in our ability to generate power indicates that they have and agenda that is completely contrary to their claims.  That that agenda is severely damaging to our nation and to all those people the Democrats claim to love - the poor, the working class, POC, etc.


(04/25/2023) Donald Trump Joins Chorus Lamenting Tucker Carlson’s Exit from Fox News.  Carlson and his fans are probably much better off.  He'll land on his feet and almost certain be less constrained than he was by his corporate masters.

(04/25/2023) Observations On Tucker.  

(04/25/2023) The COVID lockdown scolds killed people — but they still have no shame.  Those on the left never have any shame because no matter how badly they screw things up, they always blame others.  Those that accept responsibility generally leave the left when doing so.

(04/25/2023) Biden Reelection Video Fails to Mention a Single First-term Accomplishment.  There's a reason for that.

(04/25/2023) “I Actually Think It’s Treasonous” – President Trump on the 51 Intel Leaders Who Knowingly Lied to the American Public about the Hunter Biden Laptop.  Treasonous may be going too far.  But maybe not.  It was definitely an effort - almost certainly a successful one - to change the outcome of an election by lying, by misleading and by misrepresenting themselves.  They claimed to be disinterested experts when, in fact, they were partisan hacks.  Of course, we cannot ignore the craven complicity of our MSM in all this.

(04/25/2023) GOP Rep. Reschenthaler: Biden Opposed Debt Ceiling Hike Without Fiscal Changes in 2004, But He’s Moved Far Left Since.  To be fair, Joe Biden has no principles and never has.  He says and does whatever seems to be good at the time and he judgment concerning what is "good" is seriously flawed and constantly changing.  "Good" is what he perceives to be politically advantageous, though even their, his judgment is suspect.

(04/24/2023) How America's literacy crisis will cripple our ability to combat China.  It is crippling us in a great many more ways than just dealing with China.  We have been heading downhill in America for some time and I don't think it is a coincidence that there is a correlation between the downhill and the education establishment deciding it was more important to focus on subjects other than basic academics.

(04/24/2023) Left-Fascists Vandalize Utah State Senator's House for Daring to Protect Kids From Trans Madness.  We on the right are supposedly encouraging violence, yet almost all the violence is being committed by the left.  Their view is that we "made them do it," so while they are committing the violence, we are the cause of the violence.  Nice scam they have going there.


(04/24/2023) Top General Admits Transgender Inclusion Hurts Army Recruiting.  It isn't just "transgender inclusion," but a whole laundry list of woke garbage.  But the administration considers pushing the woke agenda to be far more important than having armed forces capable of doing the job they are supposed to do.  This, of course, applies to every single agency in the federal government.  Is there a single one focused on doing the job they are supposed to do?

(04/24/2023) Police Bust Into Arkansas Man’s Home for Piercing His Son’s Ear.  We have crime coming out of our ears, so to speak, and this is what our crime fighters are spending their time on?

(04/24/2023) More Americans Need to Stand Up to the Left’s Insanity, Tucker Carlson Says at Heritage Foundation Gala.  No question about it.  Yet in response, I see a number of supposedly conservative commenters bashing Carlson for being less than perfect.  I criticize SJWs, but there are plenty on the right that are the equivalent - they would rather posture about their purity than actually do anything to make things better.  And that includes bashing those that are trying to make things better.

(04/23/2023) Where Is That Manifesto?  This is in regards to the Nashville shooter.  Why hasn't her manifesto been released.  Almost certainly because we, the people, might get the "wrong idea."  Actually, the problem is that we might get the right idea, confirming what we have suspected all along.  But the truth just happens to be contrary to the Democrats' narrative, so it must be suppressed.  We see this over and over with factual evidence that is contrary to the left-wing narrative - it must be suppressed.

(04/23/2023) Bill Maher Asks Why Black Celebrities Don’t Speak Out Against Black Crimes Like in Chicago and New York.  This is a very sensible question.  We know why Democrat politicians, black and white alike, don't speak out - this stuff is happening where they are in charge.  I will tactfully say that this stuff is not helping race relations, and screaming about racism while doing nothing about the rampant crime, looting and rioting on the part of blacks - youth, particularly - is only making things worse.  Much worse.

(04/23/2023) UK Defence Department Gives Workers Day Off for ‘Vegan Network’ Conference.  While this s in the UK, the same sort of thing is happening in the USA.  Our government is using its resources to push the Democrats' agenda on government employees.  Related: Biden Set to Grade Military On Its 'Efforts to Advance Environmental Justice.' 


(04/22/2023) Ex-CIA Chief: ‘Biden Campaign Played Active Role in the Origins’ of Intel Letter to Discredit Hunter Biden Laptop Story.  Of course they did.  But there will be no consequences and their attitude is "Well, it worked, didn't it?"  In certainly did.  It definitely helped Joe Biden get elected - or at least "elected." 

(04/22/2023) Some Small Signs of Sanity?  Small, to be sure.  But given all the signs of insanity that we have been seeing, they are welcome.  People should suffer consequences for poor decisions and bad behavior - especially when their bad behavior harms others and violates the law.  For far too long, Democrats have been excusing bad behavior and criminal behavior and the perps get off scot free, if the Democrats are in charge.  Our small sign of sanity, alas, is in the UK.  Hopefully it will spread to the USA.

(04/22/2023) Americans’ Values Are Changing.  And not for the better.  Two points.  Just because our cultural values change does not mean Christians should go along.  Quite the contrary.  And the WSJ poll that shows such a dramatic decline used two different methodologies for the before and the after, so the actual differences are less dramatic than the numbers imply.  As Christians, let us focus on standing up for biblical vales.

(04/22/2023) Progressive Christians’ Hostility to Conservatives: From Open Mockery to Wanting Churches to ‘Execute … Thousands of Christian Youth Pastors.’  I'll provide a brief summary: conservative Christians are far, far more tolerant than those who brand them as intolerant.

(04/22/2023) Doomsday Prophet Greta Thunberg Gets Honorary Theology Degree.  This id a Doctorate in Theology from the University of Helsinki.  To be fair, it is not from a Christian seminary, and one can certainly study theology without necessarily being a Christian.  But what, exactly, does Greta Thunberg know about theology?  Does the University of Helsinki now consider environmentalism to be a religion?  To be fair, quite a few treat it as such.

(04/22/2023) Reuters photos of young kids at NRA event slammed as 'set-up' by parents who say they never gave consent.  I have a question.  Can Reuters or the AP or any other news outlet find an example of an NRA member committing a "mass shooting?"  And I rather suspect the photographer encouraged provocative poses from the kids.  Why?  Because more and more in the "news" business have a narrative to sell rather than facts to report.

(04/22/2023) Thoughts from the ammo line.  This is a fun article concerning getting older,  Okay, we are all getting older.  But it is especially relevant for those of us who are finding it a challenge to continue claiming that we are middle-aged.

(04/22/2023) Abortion Pill Stays On The Market – SCOTUS Grants Stay of Lower Court Ruling Revoking FDA Approval.  In a sense, I can't disagree with the ruling on the merits.  But.  Congress has turned over far too much of its own constitutional authority to unelected bureaucracies like the FDA.  There needs to be some accountability.  Far too often our elected representatives are quite happy to have bureaucrats dictate that which they, subject to the voters, would never vote for.


(04/22/2023) Nancy Pelosi Rejects Archbishop’s Call to Repent for Supporting Abortion: “His Problem, Not Mine.”  Interesting.  Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden (and other Democrat abortion on demand politicians) claim to be Catholic.  Do they stand with the Catholic church on any position that is contrary to the Democrat agenda?  The answer, of course, is no. 

(04/22/2023) Stanford Law School's Black Students' Group Will No Longer Help Law School Recruit Minority Students in the Wake of Duncan Apology.  The headline isn't clear.  The group is angry because the university apologized for the fact that students shouted down a (moderately) conservative federal judge and suspended a dean for supporting the suppression of free speech.

(04/21/2023) Suspect Arrested After Injuring 6-Year-Old Girl and Her Parents in Shooting.  There are far more black on white crimes than vice versa, and there are far more whites (including Asians) being attacked by blacks where racial animosity appears to be part of the equation.  Yet it is only whites that are being labeled racists and it is only white that are being declared to be the problem.  No problem can be solved if the problem isn't properly identified.  And those in a position to solve some of our problems not only refuse to correctly identify them, they deliberately falsely identify them.


(04/21/2023) So, What Is a Woman?  Conservatives have no problem answering this question.  Democrats, blinded by their ideology, cannot bring themselves to speak an obvious truth.  This should be an eye-opener to any who believe that the world of "1984" could never happen here.  It already is happening.

(04/21/2023) Middle school students asked if they've 'ever participated in oral sex' – parents outraged over 'entirely inappropriate' student survey.  There is absolutely no good reason for a school to be asking such questions of students.  I can think of some bad reasons, though.

(04/21/2023) Dems Move To Censor Troops. Only Gov Approved News. Guess Who's On The List?  The better question is who is not on the list? 

(04/21/2023) The Sims Adds Trans Surgery Scars, Chest Binders, and Penis-Hiding Pants for Teens.  A great many are jumping on the bandwagon of pushing transgender ideology.  The only explanation I can come up with is that Satan is hard at work and he is finding a lot of fertile soil.


(04/21/2023) Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ Trailer Gets More Than One Million Dislikes In One Week.  So do those that made the film take any responsibility for the fact that people don't like it? Of course not.  The fault lies with the audience.


(04/20/2023) Life In the Blue Zones (Cont.).  The crime and lawlessness in so many of our cities makes them unlivable for all except the lawless and those that cannot afford to escape.  Rampaging, looting and violent (black) teens have become the norm and the local (Democrat) governments are doing absolutely nothing to stop it.  Quite the opposite, they are, by their own excuses ad inaction, encouraging it.  Would any sane person move into LA or SF or Chicago or NYC or Baltimore or Sr. Louis or ....  No, and certainly not the very people that are advocating the very policies that are destroying these cities. 

(04/20/2023) Biden Gifts $1 Billion to U.N.’s Flagship Green Climate Fund.  Does the president have the constitutional authority to do this unilaterally?  I don't think so, but the "living" constitution apparently says that a president does as long as they are a Democrat.

(04/20/2023) University of Iowa Students Protest Speech by Conservative Matt Walsh by Playing Music, Chanting ‘F*** Matt Walsh.’  And yet these very students consider themselves to be the enlightened and tolerant ones.  Such is the state of education in American today.

(04/20/2023) Pro-life is a winning issue.  I don't link to pay articles.  But I have been reading that many Republicans - virtual all "moderates<" declaring that the GOP is doomed because of the abortion issue.  But few in the GOP are pushing an outright ban.  At the same time, it is hard to find a single Democrat politician that does not favor abortion up to the moment of birth (and some beyond) for any reason whatsoever.  That is a very unpopular position, yet many do not know that it is the universal position of the Democrat party.  Why?  Because the media focuses on the most extreme in the GOP and the Democrats opposition to it, rather than make clear the Democrats actual position.  The GOP really needs to run a massive :"Do you know" campaign that make clear the Democrats very unpopular position on a great number of issues.

(04/20/2023) Dem Defends Christian School Team Ban To Support Woke Agenda.  You do not have to be a Christian to oppose boys and men participating in girls' and women's sports.  They yell "discrimination!"  For all their focus on caring and fairness, they are advocating and forcing policies on the rest of us that are neither caring or fair.  White is black and black is white, evil is good and good is evil.  You would think that what they are imposing would be rejected by all sensible people.  It is rejected by a majority, but not a majority that hold the microphones or the power.

(04/20/2023) In USA Gas Station Banning Has Begun.  If "climate change" were an actual problem - and it is not - it would be something that needs to be addressed an the national and global level.  When local governments get involved, they are really just doing two things: posturing and distracting.  Distracting from the very real problems that exist and can only be really dealt with at the local level.  And actually, they are doing three things - they are generally doing harm in their "climate change" solutions - raising costs, inconveniences, and more.  "Saving the world" is much more fun than getting down to the nitty gritty of solving real problems.

(04/19/2023) Patti LuPone: No Difference Between America’s Christian Right, the Taliban.  She is just a typical leftist who hears this kind of stuff over and over and so repeats it as fact.  If she were actually challenged by anyone for examples, she would have nothing other than vague generalities to back up her claims.  To be fair, this is true regarding pretty much everyone on the left regarding any assertion they make about conservatives.  The problem is, these things are repeated over and over in the media without challenge, so an incredible number of people believe them.  And for most, facts will never change their minds.

(04/19/2023) Christian Wrestler’s Faith-Filled Victory Speech Sparks Controversy.  I guess the controversy has to do with the fact that he said “No false prophets, no Muhammad or no anyone else. Only Jesus Christ himself.”  Is this really controversial?  In the world, to be sure.  But what he said is 100% Scriptural, and any genuine Christian should agree 100%.

(04/19/2023) Muslims Tell Hindu Children to Convert to Islam or they Will Not ‘Survive Long.’  This is in the UK, not some Muslim majority country.  Over and over again in America, Christians are accused of being "intolerant."  Setting aside the fact that tolerance, in and of itself, is not necessarily a virtue.  The accusers have shown themselves to be not only intolerant themselves, but tolerant of the most genuinely intolerant.  Got that?

(04/19/2023) Megyn Kelly Rips ESPN for Their Insane Inclusion in Woman's History Month.  Fake women are not women.  They are caricatures and pretty lousy ones at that.  Yet they are being rewarded.  For what?

(04/19/2023) Supreme Court Delivers Major 8-1 Ruling – They Just Smacked Down a Concerning Federal Court Ruling.  Read it for the details.   It is clear that the lone dissent (from Ketanji Brown Jackson) is based less on the law and more on personal preference.

(04/18/2023) New ‘Tradwives” Trend Labeled ‘White Supremacy’ As Traditional Homemaking Makes A Comeback On Social Media Post Covid Lockdowns.  In other words, traditional values - dare I say biblical values, values most likely to lead to a successful and happy life - are to be condemned by attaching the label "white supremacy" to them.  That is so much easier than actually making a case for how those values are bad as opposed to whatever values the opponents are advocating.  Which raises the question: what are the opponents advocating?  Oh, that is right.  Nothing.  They are too busy tearing stuff down to bother with building anything up.

(04/18/2023) Black Minnesota Mother Takes On CRT Bill In Her State.  There is no question that CRT - and Democrats, since they are pushing CRT - is teaching kids that what they can or can't accomplish in life, is going to depend on their race.  It is literally teaching them that the sort of person they are depends on their race.  This is flat out racism and it is harmful to kids (and adults) of all races.  It is evil. It is time we shy away from using that word.

(04/18/2023) You’ve Probably Never Been ‘Woman Of The Year,’ But These Men Have.  There are some things so absurd you would think that there is no reason to even debate them.  Yet here we are and what is even more absurd is the great number who think that the notion that we can become whatever "gender" we desire is not debatable.

(04/18/2023) Winning the Language War.  When I saw the title of this article, I was thinking it was going to argue against allowing the left to dictate language to us.  While that is certainly the case - we should not go along with the left's shifting of language - this article is about something else and it is well worth reading.  We conservatives typically argue, backing up our arguments with statistics and facts.  It isn't that we should abandon statistics and fact, but rather our emphasis should shift to morals and values  Definitely not morals and values as defined by the left.  Why?  Because that is what people can grasp and relate to.  Example: school choice.  It sells much better when put in terms of your children being taught academics rather than being indoctrinated in morals and values that you do not agree with.  Improved test scores are great, but that is not what is going to win the war.  Read the article.

(04/16/2023) Tulsi Gabbard Exposes Dems God Complex.  Sadly, those on the left do not like competition and God is competition.  The goal of the left is the same as that of Mussolini - the highest loyalty must be to the state.  Competition - specifically family and God - must be eliminated.

(04/16/2023) Letter from gay man issuing ultimatum to his father goes viral: 'You are not allowed to vote for ... parties that seek to murder me.'  Are there any examples from the tolerant crowd demonstrating that they are tolerant of people who disagree with them?

(04/15/2023) New York City Education Official Caught on Texts Saying She Will ‘Take Out’ All White Employees.  Of course, she denies she wrote the texts.  Isn't it amazing how many people claim to have been hacked?  Racism is alive and well in America today, but most of it is anti-white, not anti-"POC."

(04/15/2023) For Christians, 'preferred pronoun' discussion is worth the confrontation.  Every concession we make to the left is a step in the wrong direction.  Just because they demand it does not mean we should give in.

(04/15/2023) What Is a Woman?  To be a woman, a real woman, is a wonderful thing.  Don't let the left destroy it.  They are trying.

(04/15/2023) Minneapolis Becomes America’s First Major City to Allow Muslim Prayer Call 5 Times a Day.  Imagine the outcry if similar concessions were made to Christians.

(04/15/2023) Riley Gaines Is Trying to ‘Get Likes and Get Clicks’ and Sporting Bodies Should Decide How Trans Athletes Compete.  This is what Democrats do.  Dictate to the people rather than listen to the people.  People agree with Riley Gains, not Katie Porter, and surveys back this up.

(04/15/2023) Social Media Erupts as Cambridge Dictionary Redefines 'Man' and 'Woman.'  It isn't social conservatives that are imposing their values on everyone else,, it is the ones who wrap themselves in the cloak of "tolerance."

(04/14/2023) Wow, Shameless MSM Says Conservatives Cause Teen Suicide.  This is not surprising.  There are two possible reasons for this.  One is to deflect blame and guilt, assigning them to others when you are responsible.  The other is to simply to affirm your own moral superiority by degrading others.  It could be both.  And while I believe that the left is far more prone to do both of these things, no one is immune and we on the right need to take care.

(04/14/2023) Teen sues hospitals, physicians over 'coercing' her into 'medical mutilation' via gender transitioning.  When someone is under age, then the responsibility for matters such as these falls on those who are of age - parents and medical practitioners.  And the parents are often mislead.  More such lawsuits are in order.

(04/14/2023) At Florida International University, DEI bureaucrats have made political activism the center of academic life.  The left makes everything they control political.  They control a great many (most) of our colleges and universities, so the focus moved away from traditional academics and shifts to political indoctrination.

(04/11/2023) California attorney suspended for calling a male convicted child-molester...a male.  A question.  Where are all the examples of Christians punishing people who do not conform to their beliefs?  The reality is that the ones who claim to be tolerant are not tolerant, and the ones who they charge with being intolerant are far more tolerant than they are.  Even more amazing is how the "tolerant" ones are intolerant of truth and reality, not just of those who disagree with them.

(04/11/2023) AZ Teacher Mocks Parental Involvement In Curriculum: ‘I Have A Master’s Degree.’  A great many people whose salaries are paid by the taxpayer do not understand the concept of being a "public servant."  Rather, they think they are public masters and should be dictating to the public, not the other way around.

(04/11/2023) CNN’s Jake Tapper Slams Ungodly ‘Cruelty’ of GOP For Opposing Gender Surgery On Children.  I see a lot of examples of people who have "transitioned" who are angry, unhappy and frequently violent.  I realize that they are the ones who get publicity.  And we see "de-transitioners" who regret transitioning.  Where are the examples of those who transitioned and are truly happy and content?  If Tapper is correct, there should be plenty of examples.  Don't you love it when non-Christians lecture Christians on how Christians should think and behave?

(04/11/2023) Christian Nurse Suspended From Certification Program For Saying ‘Being White Doesn’t Make You Racist.”  This is in the UK, but this sort of thing is beginning to occur here in the USA.  I saw an example of a question for doctors' testing to update their certification that clearly pushed "gender reassignment" as a preferred treatment. 

(04/10/2023) Politicians are tearing down the guardrails because they’re convinced they’re always right.  This is just a variation on the old adage do not tear down a fence until you understand why the fence was there in the first place.  The fact is, our "elites," whether politicians or pundits or academics, think that they are so smart and wise that they have no need to understand the "whys" behind all the fences that society has erected over the years.  Some fences, perhaps, can be removed.  Most were erected for good reason and those reasons remain.

(04/09/2023) Christians Answer on Easter to Jesus’ Question, ‘But Who Do You Say that I Am?’  The Son of the living God.

(04/09/2023) Sunny Side of The Stream: Happy Easter and Passover! History Backs Up Our Faith. He is risen!

(04/09/2023) Then and Now.  The resurrection almost 2000 years ago was a miracle.  We could use a miracle today.

(04/09/2023) The Case for Martyrdom.


(04/09/2023) It Happened Again: Former Top SF Firefighter Suffers Brain Injury in Brutal Attack Outside Front Door.  When you stop treating people as mentally ill, this is what happens.  When you stop treating criminals as criminals, this is what happens.

(04/09/2023) Riley Gaines says to imagine if the roles were reversed and an LGBTQ person was held for ransom.  It doesn't take a lot of imagination.  It would be a major story across all the MSM, with demands made for all conservatives to apologize and give in to the LGBTQ agenda.


(04/08/2023) Tucker Carlson: ‘Transgenderism is this country’s fastest growing religion.’  It boggles the mind just how many people have bought into this nonsense.  Indulgences, anyone?  Join the cult and declare your moral superiority.

(04/08/2023) Talk show host tells white lady identifying as black that she’s trivializing race, and irony’s dead.  This is really funny in that the host thinks pretending to be the opposite sex is just fine, but pretending to be black is not.  Genetically speaking, a person is closer to a person of the same sex but a different race than they are to a person of the same race but opposite sex.  Apparently a great many people have thrown away their critical thinking skills in the interest of pushing the progressive narrative.  Or perhaps they simply have never had any critical thinking skills.

(04/08/2023) Trump Judge is Biden Donor.  There was a time when judges (and prosecutors) would recuse themselves if there was even the appearance of impropriety or conflict of interest.  If you are a Democrat, those times are long past.

(04/08/2023) Maine Mother Suing School for Allegedly Hiding Her Child’s Gender Transition.  I hate that it is necessary to resort to lawsuits, but it is.  The left has been doing it for some time,


(04/08/2023) The Powerful Media Pretend They Are Powerless.  I rather wish they were.  It wouldn't matter so much if the bulk of them weren't uniformly left-wing.

(04/08/2023) Bragg’s Lawfare Tears Apart A Thousand Years of Anglo-American Jurisprudence.  Yes, pretty much.  But I have a question: who is behind this?  I don't think he would have proceeded on this entirely on his own.

(04/08/2023) More “Trans” Violence.  And note that even though there was physical assault on camera, no one was arrested.  When criminal behavior goes unpunished, you get more criminal behavior.  The charitable interpretation is that Democrats are too stupid to realize this.  The more likely interpretation is that they see it as being in their political interest to have more criminal behavior.  More specifically, more criminal behavior that targets their political opponents.

(04/08/2023) Biden: Afghanistan Withdrawal Mess Was Totally Trump’s Fault.  Has a Democrat ever taken responsibility for anything bad that has happened under their watch or as a result of their policies?  I certainly cannot think of a single example.

(04/06/2023) The Real Meaning of Equity.  It probably will not shock you to find that it does not mean what the Democrats and DEI crowd would like you to believe. 

(04/06/2023) Florida Grand Jury: Biden Regime is Facilitating Sex Trafficking of Foreign Children.  I will settle for saying that there is a lot of evil going on.

(04/06/2023) Ugly Report on Don Lemon’s Behavior Towards Female Co-Workers Suggests CNN is Preparing to Let Him Go.  What is sad is simply this: rather than judge on the basis of actual actions, our "woke" culture demands considering behavior in the context of whatever "favored" groups you happen to belong to.  Don Lemon would almost certainly have been canned long ago were he not black and homosexual.

(04/06/2023) Kansas: Democrat Lawmaker Calls Republicans ‘Full of S***’ After They Override Veto to Protect Women’s Sports.  Good thing Democrats are so tolerant.


(04/06/2023) Canadian Justice Department promotes assisted suicide on Twitter, calls it 'Freedom of Choice.'  Just as parents are being pressured to put their children through "gender reassignment" based on the lie that if they don't, their child will kill themselves, old people (and some others) will be pressured to end their lives because they have "become a burden." 

(04/06/2023) He Asked For His Favorite Dessert At School, And The School Called The Cops On Him…  We really do not know all the details here, but the kid made some sort of comment about brownies and another kid claimed to be offended, and the police were called.  This is absurd, yet here we are.

(04/05/2023) State of Oregon Denies Woman’s Application to Adopt Based on Her Christian Faith.  I expected this headline to be exaggerating, but it really isn't.  Oregon requires adoptive parent(s) to declare that they will allow the child to "transition" should the child decide they are "trans."  This kind of requirement surely can't stand up in court, though Democrats have been appointing plenty of judges that will affirm such rules.  Note that progressives have always been willing to impose their values by fiat whenever and wherever they can, all the while claiming that we are the ones trying to impose our values.

(04/05/2023) Trump Indictment: As Bad As We Thought.  "Bad" meaning ridiculous. 

(04/04/2023) Senator Pushes Pentagon to Reverse Abortion Policy: ‘I Will Stay Here Until Hell Freezes Over.’  One thing I (almost) admire Democrats for is their willingness to push their agenda even when it might hurt their re-election changes.  It discourages me greatly when members of the GOP seem unwilling to do likewise even when doing so will not hurt their re-election chances.  It makes me wonder whether they really believe what they claim to believe,  Sen. Tuberville should not be standing alone here, but I am grateful that he is doing so.

(04/04/2023) Quo Vadis, Guy Who Believes in Science?  Definitely worth reading.


(04/04/2023) GOP considers stripping prosecutors of legal immunity amid Trump indictment: Report.  Just do it.  Being a prosecutor puts one is a position that not only can be abused, but is being abused to an alarming degree.  And prosecutorial abuse inflicts immeasurable harm on the victims.  Yet no matter how bad the abuse, they typically suffer no consequences.  That needs to change.

(04/04/2023) A College Has Paid Students Back After She FORCED Them To Pay For Wokeness….  There were two problems here.  Suffice it to say that it should never be a course requirement that students fund something that they have moral objections to - in this case, abortion.  And outside of tuition, there should be no requirement that students fund anything that puts money in the pocket of the professor.  The professor has, as far as I can tell, been relieved of her duties, so that is a plus.

(04/04/2023) Race and State.  Good article.  In brief, for decades we were moving in the right direction.  Now we are moving in the wrong direction.

(04/04/2023) “Kill Everyone Now!” Wyoming Democrat Lawmaker Posts Video Calling for Politically Motivated Murders – Posts Threatening Photo on Social Media.  Progressives are always justified in whatever they do to push their agenda, because they are good and we are evil.  They tell us this over and over, so it must be so.

(04/04/2023) Far-Left Activist, Jim Wallis, Accuses GOP of ‘Literally Sacrificing All Our Children.’  As far as I can tell, Jim Wallis has become more and more political and less and less biblical over the years.  Or maybe he was always this way.  But I find it very disgraceful when people attack others using broad generalities, doing so without any specifics to back it up and doing it in an environment where their assertions are not going to be challenged. 

(04/01/2023) I told my peers men cannot have babies. They’ve threatened to kill me because of it.  Good thing the left is so tolerant.

(04/01/2023) “People Understand We’ve Literally Become a Banana Republic” – Eric Trump Offers AMAZING DEFENSE of His Father following Soros-Funded DA’s Political Indictment of His Father.  I challenge anyone on the left to disprove anything he says.

(04/01/2023) Left-Wing Violence Chic.  Note that left-wing violence is always justified, if sometimes regrettable.  Why?  Because the "haters" on the right made them do it.

(04/01/2023) Rush Limbaugh Warned Us.  In brief, the Democrats have pretty much abandoned persuading people to vote for them and focused instead on fraud, gaming the system and more to guarantee winning elections.  Which is why they oppose every single proposal to make our elections safer and more secure - and why they propose new "rules" that make fraud easier and easier.  The "elites" in the media, academia and elsewhere support them, of course, even though the great majority of voters support more secure elections.  Yet how many voters actually know that the Democrats are working hard to make elections less secure?  All the coverage seems to be Republicans "suppressing" votes.  I have yet to see a "suppressed" voter actually produced.

(04/01/2023) GOP Rep. Moore: Trump Indictment ‘Backfires’ in 2024 – ‘They Can’t Cheat Enough to Win the Next Time Around.’  I hope he is correct.  They are certainly going to try.

(04/01/2023) Elizabeth Warren on Nashville Shooting: ‘Our Children Die’ Because of Republicans.  There has never been a school shooting where staff is armed.  Democrats oppose that.  There have been school shootings where there is "common sense gun control" and where schools are "gun free zones."  Who, exactly, is doing the most to make things safer for our children.  Is there any issue - making schools safer, helping the poor, making America respected in the world, lowering energy prices, race relations, etc. - where the Democrats, for all their talk and blaming, actually are working to produce positive results?

(04/01/2023) Biden Dept. of Education Ends Trump Rules Protecting Christian Groups in Nation’s Schools.  They have deemed it "not necessary."  If that is really the case, it is definitely not necessary to remove the rule, either.  The only reason to remove the rule is to allow schools to shut down religious groups and not lose their federal funding.  Folks, we really are under attack.  Most of us do not feel it directly.  Yet.  And by the time enough of us do, it may be too late.  Don't wait.

(04/01/2023) Tied Up In Knots.  This concerns media bias (CBS specifically) and the desire on the part of much of the media to not report anything that might reflect poorly on the progressive narrative.

(04/01/2023) The DOJ Fears DA Bragg Pulled a ‘Michael Avenatti’ and Will Destroy All Their BS Attempts to Get President Trump with His Totally BS Case.  As soon as you politicize anything - in this case, justice - it becomes pretty much impossible to determine what is the right thing to do, rather than the mere political.  In this case, the DOJ fears what Bragg is doing, not because it is wrong, but because it may make it more difficult for the DOJ to do what is wrong, but politically advantageous, in the future.

(04/01/2023) NPR Employees Throw Hissy Fit at Meeting After Layoffs – Blame Racism and Transphobia.  Of course. 

(04/01/2023) Father Placed on Flight Watchlist After Opposing Porn In Kids’ Schools.  To be fair, all we know is that he opposed porn and was subsequently on the watch list.  We don't know that was the reason, however.  Also to be fair, given what has been happening - parents challenging school boards being labeled terrorists by the DOJ - would anyone be surprised?

(04/01/2023) How to Handle a Senate Demagogue.  The Democrats standard approach when challenged on any issue is to avoid discussing the facts and resort to ad hominem attacks.  They'll go back 30 years or more, if necessary.  To be fair, they don't always simply resort to ad hominem.  Sometimes they just lie.

(04/01/2023) Pro-Trump Meme Maker Douglass Mackey (Ricky Vaughn) Found GUILTY of Trolling Hillary Clinton During 2016 Election – Faces 10 Years in Prison.  People have been doing this kind of stuff from time immemorial.  Yet until now, no one has ever been charged, much less convicted.  Our DOJ - and local Democrat prosecutors - have totally politicized our system of justice. 

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