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“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.  At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  Luke 21:25-28 (NIV)


Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men.  Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way.

Proverbs 4:14-15   (NIV)


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20  (NIV)

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Current Events / Latest News (Mar 2023)

(03/31/2023) Does Truth Matter?  Yes, but sad to say, most of our "elites" think otherwise.

(03/31/2023) English Schools Not Telling Parents If Kids Switch Gender, Require Other Kids to Accept Gender Swaps.  Well, that is happening right here, not just in England.  And it needs to be forcefully pointed out over and over: you cannot change your gender.  You can pretend you are something you are not, but you cannot become the opposite sex, no matter how many drugs you take or surgeries you have.

(03/31/2023) Revival at Baylor University: 72-hour Prayer Event Leads to Spiritual Awakening and 20 Baptisms.  May this be repeated over and over.

(03/31/2023) Shameless: WaPo drops paywall on ‘important story’ about intensifying rhetoric against trans people,  When groups favored by the left do bad things, the problem is never the bad thing and always the reaction to it.  Wait, I am being unfair.  It isn't the actual reaction, it is the straw man reaction invented by the left. 

(03/31/2023) The Left’s “Get Trump” Obsession Now Threatens the Future of Our Country.  One of the biggest problems with this obsession is the fact that the Democrats have decided that all sorts of fraud are justifiable in this context.

(03/31/2023) Biden’s Corrupt IRS Setting New ‘Equity’ Doctrine to End Auditing Blacks and Target More Whites.  The answer to discrimination is less discrimination, not more.  But more is what is being pushed these days.

(03/31/2023) There Are No Banned Books.  No there are not.  Libraries - especially school libraries - can not contain every book in existence.  Judgment has to be used in deciding which books are best to include.  Note also that the left is big on accusing the right of "banning" books, but their own track record isn't so good.  Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird anyone?  And those books are classics, unlike the gay porn being pushed by the left.

(03/31/2023) A Rubicon Is Crossed.  This concerns the indictment of Trump.  Note that it is almost always Democrats that cross the Rubicon first.  But if Republicans follow suit, the Democrats scream about how unfair that is.

(03/31/2023) James Comey Fires Off Tweet Celebrating After Manhattan Grand Jury Indicts Trump.  Given that Comey illegally leaked classified information, we should be asking why no prosecutor has brought his crime before a grand jury.  Of two things we can be certain: Comey is part of the "deep state" and Trump is not.

(03/31/2023) Virginia politician wants to bring DIE inequality to Congress.  To be fair, she is just one among many, who make broad jusdgments based on what people are (race, sex, etc.) rather than who they are.  And I have a simple question for this black lady.  If she feels discomfort in an environment where there are a lot of white males over 50, where does this discomfort come from?  Is it because they show prejudice against her, or is she showing prejudice against them?  Just asking; only she knows the answer, though she might deny it.

(03/30/2023) America Needs the Courage That Comes from God.  More precisely, it is American Christians that need the courage that comes from God.  We have been too silent for too long.

(03/30/2023) $5 Million in Reparations to Every Black Person is “Nothing”, Activists Protest.  I'll be blunt.  The biggest problem in the black community is a lack of character.  Now this applies primarily to the activists, the politicians and the criminals, both those arrested and those not.  But nothing displays a lack of character more than demanding vast sums of money for nothing.  And nothing is going to destroy character more than receiving vast sums of money for nothing.  Black activists and politicians are digging a hole that black will never, never be able to climb out of because they are destroying good character.

(03/30/2023) My Pronoun Is ‘Legion.’ Satan and the Nashville Church Massacre.  Activists and the media have been pushing a false narrative that may have contributed to the Nashville massacre.  Will any of them accept any responsibility?  Of course not.  Everything bad is always the fault of conservatives and especially Christian ones.

(03/30/2023) The Deconstruction Of The Country Is On Track.  It should be noted that the WSJ changed their methodology between 2019 and their latest poll, so the difference really isn't quite so dramatic.  That does not mean things are just fine, however.  But why, for example, is patriotism in such decline?  Well, our schools teach our lids that America is terrible and always has been.  Our media and entertainers and Democrat politicians reinforce it.  Is there any institution remaining than encourages love of country?  My church does, but many churches have jumped on the America bad bandwagon, as well.


(03/30/2023) MSNBC’s Reid: Right’s Crusade Against Transgender People ‘Dangerous and Evil.’  Same old story.  The left makes new cultural demands and are not merely sinful, but evil and dangerous.  And when resisted, it is the resisters that are on an evil crusade.  Joy Reid may be an obvious fool to us, but she is hardly alone in pushing this stuff.

(03/30/2023) American Psycho: The Hatred for Women That Lurks in Gay and Trans Culture.  It certainly seems that the Gay and Trans culture has contempt for real women and are trying to cancel them using pretend women.  And a great many of our "elites" in many fields are going right along. 

(03/30/2023) Merrick Garland Lies Under Oath.  What a surprise.  If you ever wondered why no one was arrested for protesting outside SCOTUS justices' homes (a Federal crime), now you know.  Democrats have totally politicized every single institution that they are involved in, which means every single one. 

(03/30/2023) Jim Wallis: GOP’s Gun Worship ‘Literally Sacrificing All Our Children.’  Long ago, Jim Wallis decided that pushing liberal politics and narratives was more important than pushing Scripture. 

(03/30/2023) Joy Behar: ‘Trump Is The One Who Needs To Get The Nomination Because Then Democrats Will Win.’  The View thinks George Stephanopoulos is a "neutral" interviewer.  Is there any reason to take them seriously?

(03/30/2023) ‘Furious’ Brits Protest Outside Migrant Hotel After ‘Refugee’ Propositions Underage Girl.  They should have started doing this a long time ago.  Better late than never.  Who knows?  Maybe the pendulum has started to swing the other way.  Note that the "migrant" probably comes from a culture (Muslim) where this sort of behavior is deemed acceptable.  All cultures are not alike and all cultures are not equally "valid."  Only a fool can think that they are.

(03/29/2023) Franklin Graham on Nashville Shooting: ‘We’re Surrounded by Evil.’  So we are.  But the MSM and the Democrats claim that the evil is from Christianity.  They flee that which can turn us away from evil, calling evil good and good evil.

(03/29/2023) ​'Consider the cultural implications': USA Today warns that using words like 'aloha' and 'hola' could be problematic.  Consider a world where we decided to address actual problems and stopped making up problems to be outraged about.

(03/29/2023) Sunny Hostin suggests Chinese internment of Muslims not as bad as U.S. mass incarceration.  Let us be more precise.  Sunny Hostin isn't upset over "mass incarceration," she is upset over "mass incarceration" of blacks.  I guess actually committing crimes should not be taken into account.

(03/29/2023) Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles Suspended on Twitter For Posting Bible Verse.  I am going to assume that this is a result of the word "vengeance."  But he better get reinstated fast.

(03/29/2023) MSNBC Blames Republicans for ‘Allowing’ Mass Shootings to Happen in U.S..  Of course.  When conservatives do bad things, it is because conservatives are bad people.  When progressives do bad things it is because conservatives made them do it.  What's not to like if you are on the left?  Nothing is ever your fault.

(03/29/2023)  Woke Harvard Claiming Babies are ‘Born’ Trans and Gay, Pushing Radical ‘Healthcare’ Policies.  While I suppose one could make the case that this has not been proven false, it certainly hasn't been proven true.  Our experts declaring things like this to be factual is exactly why "experts" have proven they cannot be trusted.

(03/28/2023) Progressive talk show host, David Pakman, asks if murdered Christians weren’t praying enough.  The left creates straw men on the right so they can have an evil enemy to attack.  The fact that they can rarely find actual people like their straw men does not deter them.  Conservatives do not have to create straw man on the left.  We don't even have to seek them.  They come right out and trumpet their rottenness.

(03/28/2023) The Rule of Law is almost dead in America.  "Almost" is correct, and will soon be "totally" if we don't fight back harder.  It is already two-tier - possibly three-tier.  And law schools are training our lawyers of the future to make things worse - much worse.

(03/28/2023) One Billion Gretas: Biden Admin Pledges Taxpayer Cash To Support Young Climate Activists Abroad.  Over and over, the Democrats use taxpayer dollars to push their agenda, including various left-wing causes.  Not only does the GOP not do likewise, they seem to find it impossible to shut off the Democrats' favored funding.  Do voters realize just how much funding the Democrats get from the government?  And none of it has to be reported as campaign contributions!

(03/28/2023) Educators in Northern Ohio say they’ll ‘just change names’ of social justice content to skirt laws.  Of course.  They have absolute contempt for those who disagree with them, even when those who disagree far outnumber them.

(03/28/2023) Medical school 'smuggles' equity ideology, commitments into honor code.  One thing the communists did back in the day and the progressives (many of whom are communists) do today, is advance their cause by steps both big, but mostly small.  They are quite willing to settle for doing subtle little things that seem trivial, but over time add up to corrupted minds.  This is one of them.

(03/23/2023) Stanford’s DEI Dean “On Leave”; No Students Will Be Sanctioned.  Of course no students will be sanctioned.  Most of the faculty and administration supports them.  And they pay tuition.  Regarding the dean: is the dean on paid or unpaid leave?

(03/23/2023) Van Jones: Trump Is a ‘Sinister Ferris Bueller’ Who Gets Away with Stuff.  I'm not sure just what stuff Trump has "gotten away" with, but I can list a lot of things that Biden and other Democrats have gotten away with, starting with getting paid vast sums of money by foreign actors while in office or potentially going to be in office.  It is no accident that the Clinton Foundation was receiving vast foreign donations right up to the 2016 election.  Strangely, foreign donations dried up after Hillary lost.  Why might that have been?  And don't get me started on how a drug addicted man of no talents is somehow worth millions of dollars to foreign (enemy) actors.

(03/23/2023) Earth ‘nearing point of no return,’ greenhouse gas emissions must be cut: report.  They keep saying this.  I'll just respond that they used to say the opposite, that warming is much, much easier to deal with than cooling, and that the "solutions" to the "problem" are unlikely to have any noticeable positive impact on climate but will definitely have a major negative impact on most people, especially the poor.  What we have here is a typical UN report telling us that we must all suffer for the "greater good," as defined by those that have a very, very poor track record.

(03/23/2023) FAKE “Trump Supporters” at Manhattan Protest Are Identified As an Actor And an Anarchist (Possible Antifa Member) By Independent Journalist.  Not too many years ago, I would never have believed this kind of thing to be a big problem.  But now I fear it.  I really believe that we have people in this administration - and this includes the FBI and other agencies - that will encourage and instigate violence and blame it on their political opponents.  They already did this, to some degree, on Jan 6.  And they will keep doing it as long as they think they can get away with it.

(03/22/2023) The Beauty of Womanhood.  Why in the world would a woman want to be more like a man?  Women have things that men can never have.  Women are what men can never be.  Why throw that all away?

(03/22/2023) Disney to lay off 4,000 workers in April -- as a start.  This is really rather sad.  Disney used to be a brand that you could totally trust.  Not anymore.  They could have chosen to work at regaining that trust, but so far they seem to have decided to continue down their new, anti-family, anti-traditional values path.

(03/22/2013) Biden’s Sinister Plan to Rig the 2024 Election for Democrats.  I have to be blunt here.  The Democrats imagine themselves to be so in the right that they are perfectly will to lie, cheat and steal in order to win elections and stay in power.  The GOP is far from perfect, but I cannot imagine that they would be willing to sink to the level of the Democrats.  Rather, the GOP would be willing to settle for honest elections, not ones that tilted in their direction.

(03/22/2023) TikTok Finds Ally in Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman amid Calls to Ban the Chinese-Controlled Platform.  Sadly, our enemies will always find allies among our political class and other "elites."  Is it ideology?  Is it money?  Is it both?  Does it matter?

(03/22/2023) Governor Joe Lombardo Blasts Biden For Unilaterally Locking Up 500,000 Acres of Land in Nevada – Including Rare Earth Mineral Mining Projects!  Why is it that Democrats do everything in their power to stifle our economy and make us more dependent on our enemies?  In part because they know our media and others with big microphones will never hold them accountable.  Another reason is that the Dems have never actually been for the "little guy."  Almost all their policies harm the poor and disadvantaged.  But they know they will never be blamed by America's "elite" because it is the elite that benefit at the expense of others.

(03/21/2023) Vouchers in FL Going Mostly to Religious Schools.  Conservatives want to have their own children taught conservative values.  Liberals want all children taught liberal values.  Which is why liberals oppose vouchers.  Sure, liberals can use them, too.  But they really don't need to because they control most public schools.  How dare anyone be able to teach religious or conservative values!  Down with vouchers!  There are many fronts in the culture wars, and this is a very important one.

(03/21/2023) Guess What: Reparations Already Unpopular in San Francisco.  You will be shocked to discover that those that oppose these absurd "reparations" are all selfish, greedy racists.  Is it not amazing that those that wish to hang on to that which they have earned are "selfish," and those that demand what others have earned are not?

(03/21/2023) Wisconsin Is the Most Important Race in the Country in 2023.  "Republicans have a lot to make up for in three short weeks in terms of fundraising and campaigning. The question is not whether they can but whether they will bother."  Any race the Democrats think is important should be considered important by the GOP, as well.  Sadly, that does not seem to be the case.

(03/21/2023) The Death of Dissent.  I wouldn't say dissent is dead yet, nor is it likely to be killed.  But there is not question that the left, being in power, is desperate to kill it and is working very hard to do just that - this from the "dissent is the highest form of patriotism" crowd.


(03/21/2023) Can’t Explain.  I'll try.  There are a lot of little things we can do in life to make life better - for ourselves and for those around us.  And the impact some of these things can have we may not even see, and when we do see, we may not be able to understand or explain why.  Don't neglect doing the little things in life.  Most of us rarely have the opportunity to do "big" things, but little things can have a big impact - more than we imagine.

(03/21/2023) U.S. Capitol Increasing Security in Preparation for Reported Trump Indictment.  Virtually all "political" violence comes from the left, and such will be the case here.  That is, if there is violence, it is going to come primarily from the antifa crowd.  And don't neglect the possibility that some will be incited by the Feds.  There is a lot of evidence that such was the case on Jan 6.  Jan 6 as an "insurrection" is becoming a bit of a dud, so the Democrats desperately need to keep the narrative alive.


(03/20/2023) Jesus Revolution producer: Film a testament to 'God's perfect timing.' 

(03/20/2023)  New Study: Lifelong Marriage Reduces Risk of Dementia.  Good.

(03/20/2023) ‘Woke’ Effectively Describes The Left’s Insanity, And That’s Why They Hate When You Say It.  That sums it up nicely.

(03/20/2023) Tulsi Gabbard Says Attacks on Faith, God Drove Her to Leave Democrats: Many Think ‘They are God.’  I agree with her.

(03/20/2023) The three percent fabrication.  If you have to lie to make your case, you have no case to make.  The media treats Joe Biden's lies as "that's just Joe; no big deal."  I don't mind someone claiming that billionaires should pay even more in taxes (I disagree), but don't lie about what they do pay.  Note that income and wealth are not the same thing.

(03/20/2023) Who Killed English Literature?  To be fair, English literature still exists and can be read.  But if the question is 'Who killed English departments?", the answer is English departments.

(03/20/2023) Twitter user claims white people don’t season their food because of racism.  I'll settle for saying that a huge portion of the money that is poured into "higher" education is not merely wasted, it is doing a great deal of harm.

(03/20/2023) Teen Suing Doctors For Removing Breasts At Age 13, Putting Her On Puberty Blockers: Letter.  We need to see a lot more of this. 

(03/20/2023) Police and Teachers Fear Losing Jobs Over State-Backed Transgenderism Push.  This is Ireland, but if it isn't happening here yet (and it possibly is already) there are plenty that would support it.  The left isn't content with silencing their opposition, they want to punish the opposition.  You can't prove me wrong because they come right out and demand it.

(03/20/2023) Shot: defund the police; Chaser: I am begging for more police.  What is remarkable is that when progressives demand stuff and then turn around and demand the opposite, they will  1) never admit that they were wrong in the first place, and 2) never learn anything from the experience.

(03/19/2023) What’s Next for Wokeism?  Who knows?  But it certainly isn't going to be good.  The question needs to be asked: how did we ever get into the state we are in?  And how do we stop it from getting even worse?  We got where we are by being silent when we should have spoken up - forcefully,  And we will stop it by doing that which we should have been doing all along.

(03/19/2023) Disney Has Been Caught Painting Peter Pan With The Woke Brush…  Of course.

(03/19/2023) Legendary Kids Books Get Woke Edits.  Another "of course."  But we should not keep silent in the face of this stuff.  "Of course" is acceptance and is why we are where we are today.

(03/19/2023) Michael Caine angrily dismisses criticism that 1964 film 'Zulu' incites 'far-right' extremism.  Should the past be re-written to conform to today's progressive narrative, or should the past be presented as it really was?  I think we all know the answer, and yet ....

(03/18/2023) Donald Trump and the ‘Stormy’ Time Ahead for the Nation.  Will we come out of this better off or worse off?  Stay tuned.

(03/18/2023) To the Vermont School with Your ‘Trans Girl’ Athlete: You Do Not Want to Win This Game Against Girls.  It defies imagination just how far we have descended.  Some of us, at least.

(03/18/2023) ABC News Refuses to Review ‘Laptop from Hell’ While Reporting Hunter’s Claims.  Regarding anything that is intended to make conservatives look bad (Jan 6), the MSM presents the prosecution and ignores the defense.  if anything makes the Democrats look bad, the MSM presents the defense and ignores the prosecution.

(03/18/2023)  Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claimed Hunter Never Made Millions.  More accurately, Biden said that Hunter didn't make any money from China.

(03/18/2023) Soros-Funded New York City DA Alvin Bragg Meets with NYC Law Enforcement to Discuss Logistics for Arresting President Trump on Junk Stormy Daniels Charges.  The left is demanding that Trump be indicted, arrested, and put on trial.  For what?  For anything.  I think that most will see this for exactly what it is, but the hotheads in the Democrat party are demanding it and the sensible ones don't have the courage to stop it.  It will backfire big time.  Elon Musk agrees: “Trump Will Be Re-elected in a Landslide Victory” If Arrested. 

(03/18/2023) Prof. Charles Negy, Investigated and Fired After Tweets Disputing Systemic Racism, Files Federal Lawsuit Against U. Central Florida.  I should first note that he was reinstated, but only after going through hell.  It should be noted that nothing he tweeted or said was extreme.  More likely, a majority of Americans actually agree with him.

(03/18/2023) University of Florida grad student attacks cop during abortion rally: report.  We are told that violence from the left is speech and speech from the right is violence.  Orwellian.  And don't forget Isaiah 5:20.


(03/18/2023) Pantry porn? Lib professor says well-organized pantries are racist.  These people are actually getting paid to churn out nonsense like this.  The trouble is, it is worse than nonsense.  It is harmful.  Since this is a private university, at least the taxpayers aren't paying for it.  Directly, at least.

(03/18/2023) Stanford Law Protester Screamed At Conservative Judge: “We hope your daughters get raped!”.  But never forget that according to these people, we are the haters and the intolerant ones.


(03/18/2023) Minnesota Is In the News–For Craziness.  They have a Lt. Gov who thinks good parenting means giving your child anything and everything they want - specifically "gender reassignment.".  And with very slim control of the legislature, the Dems are passing all sorts of extreme legislation.  My question is: why does the GOP fail so miserably at doing anything of real consequence when they have control?

(03/15/2023) 'F*** capitalism': Communist teacher brags about 'indoctrinating' students with 'Marxist literature,' says 'revolutions involve violence.'  Apparently this stuff is just fine in a great many school districts.  There are no consequences for teachers that do this.  I wonder what would happen to a teacher that recommended the Ten Commandments as a guide to how to live your life?  I don't really have to wonder, they would almost certainly be suspended or fired.

(03/15/2023) REPORT: The Black Lives Matter Movement Has Received a Stunning $82 Billion From Corporations.  Although I find it hard to believe the number is so high, I find it easy to believe that corporations would throw away vast sums of money in order to virtue signal.  After all, more and more corporations are loading up with "woke" employees that believe that things like profits and shareholder return are evil.

(03/15/2023) “You are erasing our trans babies” – Florida Democrat Anna Eskamani.  I will be as tactful as I can.  There is no such thing as a trans baby, there is no such thing as a trans child, there is no such thing as a trans adult.  Imagining yourself (or someone else) to be something other than what they are does not make it a reality.

(03/15/2023) DeSantis to Strip Luxury Miami Hotel Of Its Liquor License For Hosting Sexually Explicit Drag Show with Children in Attendance.  It is about time that some on the right actually push bask rather than just whine and complain.


(03/15/2023) Democrat Chair of Crooked Jan 6 Committee Admits None of Them Bothered Watching Any of the Video.  Why would they watch the videos?  They might not confirm the narrative they already decided to push.  Of course, this just confirms what any sentient being already knew: the purpose of the Jan 6 committee was to push the "insurrection" narrative, not to find out the truth.

(03/15/2023) ¿Qué Es Más Embarazoso?  This will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

(03/15/2023) Amazon to close 8 checkout-less stores, all in progressive cities.  At some point, even woke organizations have to respond to reality.  And the reality is that crime is a big problem and it is worse in cities run by progressive Democrats.

(03/13/2023) The Stanford misalignment.  This is another case of a conservative being shouted down and an administration official getting up and rebuking the speaker rather than the students. The university "apology" is meaningless because neither the students not the official will suffer any consequences.

(03/13/2023) Oscar-Winning ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Director Defends Drag Queens and Drag Children: ‘A Threat to Nobody’.  It is almost amusing when people deliberately interpret "threat" to be physical / violent and dismiss it when it is not.  But it isn't amusing because moral threats are actually more insidious and dangerous, both to our children and to our culture.  And the whole drag queen (and trans, and ...) business is a moral threat.  And not just to our children.

(03/13/2023) Rep. Comer Says He Has the Goods on Hunter Biden and His Commie $$$,  We've heard this kind of thing before.  But what if it is true?  Will Democrats vote to impeach and convict even if the evidence is rock solid?  Color me skeptical.


(03/12/2023) ‘Jesus Revolution’ Brings In More than Four Best Pictures Combined.  That would be four of the movies nominated for the "best picture" Oscar.  As is typically the case with movies like this, the audiences love the movie.  The critics?  Not so much.

(03/12/2023) Dem State Trying to Decriminalize Felony Murder.  Not exactly.  They want to forbid anyone under 25 to be charged with felony murder.  They could still be charged with a lesser crime.  Note that a majority of felony murders are committed by people under 25.

(03/12/2023) Wow, Shameless MSM Says Conservatives Cause Teen Suicide.  If we do not support gender affirming surgeries and drugs, we are causing children to commit suicide.  Of course, there is no evidence to back this up and I would argue that the opposite is more likely the case.  But this is just another example of the left always blaming the right for every bad thing and never consider their own complicity.

(03/12/2023) Church Hosts Drag Queen Event.  This would be the Church of England.  Don't get smug.  There are plenty of churches right here in the USA doing the same.

(03/12/2023) Amazon to close 8 checkout-less stores, all in progressive cities.  Yet the people who get upset over this stuff still vote for the party that pushes policies that cause these things to happen.

(03/10/2023) Wyoming Rep. Harriet Hageman: Democrats ‘Don’t Like the First Amendment.’  When wannabe dictators are out of power, they love the First Amendment and proclaim "dissent is the highest form of patriotism."  But when they are in power, they hate the First Amendment and proclaim that dissent is treason.  Prove me wrong.

(03/10/2023) America’s Crisis is the Universities.  More broadly, it is our entire education system.  But universities may be the biggest problem.  I saw a longitudinal study that showed that high school grads lost critical thinking skills after four years of college.

(03/10/203) Anti-Capitalist Meme About Chicken Sandwiches Fails Miserably,  It displays chicken sandwiches from 12 different fast food restaurants.  They look similar and the claim is that capitalism breeds conformity.  What it really shows is that a lot of people love chicken sandwiches and as a result, a lot of places are providing them.  What is amusing is that the very ones claiming that capitalism breeds conformity are the ones who support Bernie Sanders who declared that there is no need for more than one deodorant.  To say nothing of the fact that they are also the ones trying to shut down speech that is in opposition to the progressive narrative.  They certainly do accuse their opponents of that which they are guilty of and their opponents probably not.

(03/10/2023) Top Democrat On J6 Committee: We Actually Didn’t Review Any Of The Surveillance Video.  Sounds a lot like CYA to me.

(03/10/2023) Colin Kaepernick Blasts White Adoptive Parents.  Of course.

(03/10/2023) Trust the Science™: White people driving cars are poisoning POC in LA.  What it really means is that people who have jobs, and can afford cars and to live outside the inner city, are "poisoning" those who are too poor to do so.  Bringing race into the picture is just posturing.  But worse, it avoids dealing with the actual issues and encourages worsening race relations.

(03/09/2023) Post-Reality’s False Worship: Why Transgenderism, Virtual Reality, etc. May Be Humanity’s Worst Idolatry Ever.  Do not be drawn in to false worship.  Worship the Creator, not the created.

(03/09/2023) Beware the Nonresponsive Response to Tucker Carlson. In brief, none of the criticisms actually point to any misleading or false information conveyed by Carlson.  If you are going to declare that what he presented is "bullshit," you ought to back it up with at least one example.  But this has been typical of the left for some time.  All sorts of attacks on Trump involved declaring him to be a dictator, of trashing the Constitution and the like.  But almost never did they back up those declarations with any facts or examples.  So the attacks on Carlson are just more of the same.  The herd is expected to go along, no thinking required.

(03/09/2023) The Price of Eliminating Consequences.  Good article.  It should be obvious to all that when there is no price to be paid for stealing (or other crimes / sins), you get more stealing.  Robert Winthrop noted that man must be controlled by a power within or a power without.  Sadly, fewer and fewer are controlling themselves by a power within; hence they must be controlled by a power without - the strong arm of man.  If they are controlled by neither - which is the case in much of America today - you get chaos and evil flourishes.

(03/09/2023) Los Angeles City Council Looking to Make City a Sanctuary City.  I have to ask a simple question.  Do those governing us, specifically those on the left, pay any attention to facts and reality?  The negative impact of importing large numbers of illegals is being felt and observed all over the country.  LA is already a total mess and yet they consider that making it a bigger mess is a small price to pay for virtue signalling.  Why do so many voters go along?


(03/09/2023) FNC’s Hume: Reactions to January 6 Footage ‘Hysterical,’ Bordering on ‘Unconstitutional Assertions of Censorship.’  Why the hysteria?  Because the footage show a great many to be the lying scumbags that they really are.  Am I being too harsh?  I don't think so.

(03/09/2023) Sorry, Mitch. Seeking Truth is Not a Mistake!.  McConnell thinks airing Jan 6 footage is a mistake because what it shows is at odds with what the chief of the capital police believes. Really?  Good article as to why this is a very dangerous attitude.

(03/09/2023) Why the Left is Pro-Mask.  A massive study of studies shows that wearing masks was and is of no value.  But that was always known.  Viruses are too fine to be stopped by a mask of any kind.  So why did so many push mask mandates and why do some still do so?  Read the article.

(03/09/2023) The Daily Chart: Don’t Date Liberal Women.  Almost 3/4 of extremely liberal women report having been sexually harassed.  Scarcely over 1/4 of conservative women so report.  Why?  I suspect it is simply a matter of liberals always being on the lookout for something to be offended by.  A compliment or casual comment is taken at face value by a conservative.  A liberal may seek a darker meaning.

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