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(05/25/2020) Rotten Education Isn't Preordained.  No, but it all is a result of holding blacks (and some other minorities) to lower standards.  The excuse is past or current "racism," but the real racism is holding people to lower standard because of their race.  What has happened in our inner city schools is just one example of what can and will happen all over when identity politics take precedence over colorblindness.  The content of character really is far more important than anything else.  But good character is just asking for too much.  Effort is required.

(05/25/2020) President Barack Obama Played Golf on 7 Out of 8 Memorial Day Weekends.  The point of linking to this is not to bash Obama, but to bash the press.  While they still refuse to admit their bias and hypocrisy, they are much more open to displaying it - over and over and over.

(05/18/2020) Democrat Moved Mother Out of Care Home After Forcing Nursing Homes to Accept Coronavirus Patients.  This, of course, is why there is so much dislike of our so-called "elites."  They always proclaim how they are trying to build a better society but it is always on the backs of everyone else.  They always make out very well while others pay the price.  I'm reading Proverbs now.  Suffice it to say that our elites reject most of what it has to say.

(05/12/2020) Fauci’s Follies: Top Doctor Known For His Many Missteps and Ignorant Predictions Was Wrong About Georgia — Boy Was He Wrong!  Fauci has actually been wrong about a lot of things, but the MSM will teat as gospel anything he says if it can be used against Trump.

(05/07/2020) Is the Coronavirus Unprecedented?   Not really.  We've had worse flu seasons and we don't have to go back to 1918.  We've had them in the lifetimes of many of us, and we did not shut the country (or the world) down to deal with them.

(05/07/2020) Democrat Illinois Governor Pritzker Says Christian Churches May Not Reopen for a Year.  To be fair, this is all based on gathering size.  At the same time, I don't think that genuine science supports this.  There are trade-offs for any rules, but the "esperts" are only looking at one side of the equation and are totally ignoring the costs (financial, emotional, and yes, spiritual) associated with it.

(05/04/2020) New Jersey professor responds to backlash after ‘F--- each and every Trump supporter’ comment.  Basically, she considers every Trump supporter to be responsible for all virus deaths.  We are deliberately killing off black people, And ....  You get the picture.  The fact that not only are there a lot of college professors like this, but other college professors do nothing to police their ranks, is a big black eye for higher education.

(05/03/2020) NYC Samaritan's Purse Field Hospital Gets the Boot: 'Hate Has No Place in Our Beautiful City.'  Sigh.  Just who is showing hate?  For the Left, disagreeing with them is hate.  Hateful actions on their part re apparently a-okay.

(04/29/2020) Bill Gates Praises China's Response to Coronavirus, Slams U.S.  Inside everyone on the Left is a totalitarian straining to get out.  How much better the world would be, they say, if I could just force everyone to do what I think is right.  The problem?  Almost never is what they think is right right.

(04/20/2020) Nature magazine apologizes for having associated COVID-19 with China.  Even among "science" advocates, political correctness and the progressive narrative are far more important than truth, facts, reality and saving lives.

(04/18/2020) Red Chinese Disease blacklash begins.  And rightly so.  China has never been our friend.  Trump knew this when he started putting tarriffs on Chinese goods.  And he was derided for doing so.  Given how mny politicians and media figures are taking China's side (though the number is falling), you have to wonder how much Chinese money has flowed into our media and foundations.

(04/15/2020) Fmr UN Ambassador Power: Trump Halting W.H.O. Funding ‘Obscene’ — It’s ‘Sheer Madness.’  WHO has disgraced themselves, spouting the Chinese party line to the detriment of the whole world.  No money should go to such an organization.  To be fair, the CDC was totally unprepared, preferring to spend money on studying why so many lesbians are obese rather than, say, disease control.  The fact is, that bureaucracies are generally useless and when a crisis comes, they spend far more time justifying their failures than they do addressing the crisis.

(04/15/2020) It looks like Putin conned the FBI into the ‘Russiagate’ probe.  It is very easy to be "conned" into doing that which you want to do all along.  I'll just settle for saying that the FBI is a disgrace.

(04/11/2020) Remember The Young Woman Who Died While Waiting For A Coronavirus Test In New Orleans? …Yeah, Well Now The Truth Is Out.  The truth uis, she didn't have the virus and she died of other causes.  One thing I should point out.  After the H1N1 business, we learned nothing and did nothing to prepare for the "next time."  That will not be the case this time.

(04/11/2020) CDC: About 90% of Coronavirus Hospitalized Patients Have Underlying Conditions.  In short, people in generally good health are pretty safe, but they can still spread the virus to others.  I'd be less concerned about this if we hadn't had a choir and bridge tournament meet locally, and despite precautions, lots of people picked up the virus and more than a couple have died.

(04/07/2020) China Releases Timeline to Back Its Outbreak 'Transparency' Claim, But It’s Full of Holes.  Seriously, does anyone trust China?  They are in full CYA mode and nothing they say can be taken seriously.

(04/07/2020) Memory Hole: What the Media Wants You to Forget About Their Biased Coronavirus Coverage.  It is pretty remarkable how they love to point out how far off the mark others were, while totally ignoring the fact that they were even further off the mark.

(04/07/2020) Not everyone grateful for Samaritan's Purse helping in NYC.  The problem is that a lot of people know, deep down inside, that if they were in charge, some categories of people would get better treatment than others.  So they naturally assume that Christian organizations behave as they would.  They are incorrect.

(04/07/2020) ‘Idiot’ Kiwi Health Minister Forgiven After Beach Visit Violates Strict Lockdown.  Actually, he didn't do this because he was an idiot, he did it because he is an "elite" and didn't think his own rules should apply to him,  Sort of like Congress.  Update: More of the same - Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Cuts Video About Staying Home Saving Lives, Don't Get Your Hair Done... Then Caught Getting Hair Done

(04/06/2020) De Blasio looks gift Samaritan in the mouth.  For many Democrats, there are some things that are simply far more important than actually doing a good job.

(04/05/2020) Queen Elizabeth: “We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return”  She became queen shortly after I was born.  She has been one constant in my life and I've always admired her.

(04/05/2020) Zoom Admits Some Calls Were ‘Mistakenly’ Routed Through China.  Well, if our church related Zoom meetings are seen in China, that is probably a good thing.  But I would definitely not do a Zoom meeting on anything that is genuinely sensitive.

(03/30/2020) FDA Sat on Critical Mask-Sanitizing Technology, Leaving the Job Up to Grandmas with Sewing Machines.  They seem to think that it is okay for this company to sanitize 10,000 masks per day, but not the 160,000 per day that the company says it is capable of.  Friends, bureaucracy and regulations are not our friends.  Bureaucrats use regulations to perpetuate their jobs, always claiming the public good but routinely doing harm.

(03/28/2020) Scenes from a Chinese propaganda campaign.  What is sad - sick, really - is that many in America are actively promoting the Chinese propaganda. China is not our friend.

(03/28/2020) Does anyone believe China’s coronavirus numbers? No.  Also, More Evidence of the Efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin, of which Democrat governors of Nevada and Michigan are threatening doctors for prescribing and pharmacists for filling.  Why?  Almost certainly because Trump was promoting them.  Update: More - Democrats fear a cure

(03/28/2020) Actress Lori Petty: Republicans Are a ‘Death Squad’ for Supporting ‘Murderer’ Trump.  Don't bother to follow the link; there is a lot of this nonsense going around now.  At a time when every American should be asking and focusing on "What can I do to help?", the majority of Democrats and progressives are spending all their time making outrageous and absurd accusations against the president.

(03/28/2020) Kennedy Center Receives $25 Million in Coronavirus Package, Still Tells Musicians It Will Stop Paying Them.  It would be interesting to know just what they are going to use the money for. 

(03/28/2020) Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Now Turkey Return Faulty Chinese Coronavirus Tests that Only Caught 30% of Cases!  China has been claiming that the virus is over in China and they are doing wonderful things for the rest of the world and that if the virus returns to China, it is our (the rest of the world's) fault.  Does anyone seriously believe that China eradicated the virus in China?  There are many, many reports to the contrary, yet our MSM, and many politicians, take China's word and present it as fact.  China is not our friend, they are our enemy and it is disgusting to see so many prominent Americans take their side,primarily because they hate Trump. Update: Here is more - Dutch government launches recall of Chinese-made masks that do not meet quality standards

(03/24/2020)  Scoundrel Time: Coronavirus brings out the ugly face of the left.  Not all the left, just a goodly portion.

(03/24/2020) D.C. government workers refusing to move to Colorado.  Gee, what a pity.  This is a two-fer.  Put the agency close to the area it impacts rather than DC, and get rid of a bunch of clearly unnecessary employees at the same time.

(03/24/2020) 10,000 revelers from across the country turn out for gay festival. Several later test positive for COVID-19.  Why do people do such dumb things?  It wouldn't be so bad if they were only putting themselves at risk.

(03/19/2020) The Media Are Embarrassing Themselves Over Trump’s Use Of ‘Chinese Virus.’  They have been embarrassing themselves for some time now, but they do not seem to be learning anything.

(03/19/2020) Samaritan's Purse Airlifts Field Hospital to Coronavirus-Striken Italy.  They need it more than we do.  Note that it isn't just the hospital, but it is the medical personnel , as well.

(03/10/2020) The Whole World Makes Them Mad.  Good article about progressives.

(02/15/2020) Professor: We c​an fight climate change by not having any more babies — then letting human race become extinct.  And we have people like this teaching our kids.

(01/11/2020) Guess Which Left-Wing Fake News Hack Just Compared Soleimani To Nazi Fighting Freedom Fighter Charles de Gaulle?  I was meditating this morning on the many ways that Satan deceives us.  It is remarkable how much nonsense people are willing to believe these days.  We are fertile ground for Satan to do his work.

(01/07/2020) Newsweek Hits a New Low.  More fake news.

Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.  Matthew 22:21b (KJV)

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