Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.  Matthew 22:21b (KJV)

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(09/21/2021) Media, Democrats Rant Furiously About Border Patrol Agents Using 'Whips.' But Is It True?  No.

(09/21/2021) Dems support Florida landowner evicting unvaccinated tenants.  So, you can't evict tenants who don't pay their rent, but you can evict them if they are unvaccinated.  The idiocy continues.  The only problem is, while there, may be some idiots involved, this is a part of an effort to give more an more power to the state and chip away at our freedoms.  Ten years ago, I would have said such a notion was just another conspiracy theory.  Not any more.

(09/20/2021) Teacher out of job after video of anti-Trump, left-wing rant in class released: 'I'm deeply disturbed.'  I was in 8th grade for the 1964 election.  Our school had a debate between a couple students who favored Johnson and a couple who favored Goldwater, with a teacher moderating.  We then had a straw  vote.  Neither during the big debate nor in any class did any of our teachers indicate who they were going to vote for.  It wasn't their job to try to sway us either way.  To be honest, had they done so I'm sure a number of parents would have let their displeasure be known.  Times have changed.

(09/20/2021) NIH Director Admits: NO DATA on Masking Kids — but We’re Recommending it, Anyway.  No, there is no such science because the masks that 99+% of people are wearing can't block a virus.  They are recommending it at the behest of the teacher's unions.  Sadly, everything the left gets involved in is turned political.  That includes "science."  Appeals to said science no longer carry any weight.  Does anyone in their right mind trust the NIH and the CDC any more?  They have flipped and flopped all over the place.

(09/13/2021) Gold Star father says Biden 'bristled' when told to learn stories of fallen service members.  At least Bill Clinton was good at faking empathy.  Joe Biden can't even fake it.

(09/12/2021) A Failure of Memory and Nerve.  Sadly, for all our talk, we have forgotten.  For a few brief moments, 98% of America was filled with a terrible resolve.  We got started, got tired, and then quit. In a fundamental sense, America is far, far worse off today than we were on 9/10/2001.

(09/12/2021) 26 out of the 27 Lancet scientists who trashed theory that Covid leaked from a Chinese lab have links to Wuhan researchers.  What a surprise!  Always ask the following when an "expert" pontificates: Do they have any skin in the game?  More often than not, you will find that they do, and their "skin" overrides their "expertise."  Is it amazing how many will sell their principles for money?  I'm not sure, but plenty do.

(09/12/2021) American Homeschooling Goes Boom.  This may be one of the best things to come out of the virus.  May it continue to boom.  Our public schools - and many private ones, as well - are doing a terrible job.  The teacher's unions are a big part - but only a part - of the problem.  Most parents will discover they can do a much better job than the schools on most subjects, and co-ops and the like can help on other subjects.  Our church is open two days a week for homeschoolers to do just that, taking advantage of our facilities.  I'm pretty sure we are up to well over 100 kids, with a great deal of growth in the last year.

(09/09/2021) Voter Integrity Groups are Analyzing Video Evidence of Ballot Trafficking on Massive Scale in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.  Note that this sort of news simply is not reported by the great bulk of our media.  First we were told that election fraud didn't exist, then that it was minor, then that it wasn't enough to overturn the election.  Now it is ignored altogether.  People on the right have been asking this question for a long time: Is it remotely believable that Joe Biden got 81 million votes - 15 million more than Barack Obama got in 2012 and 15 million more than Hillary Clinton got in 2016?

(09/09/2021) Hanson: There’s a problem in upper reaches of our military.  The fundamental problem is that to become a general officer, politics are far more important than competence.  Such is still the case for any subsequent promotions.  Generals can screw up on a massive scale and suffer no consequences.  Not so for those beneath them.  And note that many in the higher ranks of the military are working hard to throw God out - or at least minimize Him.

(09/08/2021) The fallacious Fauci revisited.  For an "expert," Fauci changes his mind a lot.  Nothing wrong if an expert changes their mind based on new information.  But they should at least admit that they are fallible and that they could be wrong.  Fauci is always certain, even when what he says is the exact opposite of what he said before.  Fauci's expertise is probably limited to surviving i a political bureaucracy to become the highest paid federal employee.

(09/08/2021) Border Patrol agent assaulted by smuggler while trying to stop migrants at the border; five arrested.  If this were a rarity it would be no biggie.  It isn't.  Trump had the border well under control.  And now? 

(09/04/2021) What we left behind: VDH edition.  We left behind billions in equipment, some of it highly sophisticated.  All for the benefit of the Taliban,  and Russia and China and other enemies.  We could have removed plenty of it before withdrawing and we could have destroyed much of that we couldn't remove.  But we did not.  Why?  Sadly, "why?" is a question that our media and our "elites" have no interest in answering.

(09/02/2021) Who Needs Experts?  Good question.  Having a degree does not, in itself, qualify one as an expert.  And when so-called experts start playing politics, their "expertise" becomes meaningless.

(08/31/2021) Shameful: Nets Ignore ‘Terrified’ University Students Abandoned in Afghanistan to Taliban.  While the MSM hasn't let the Biden administration off the hook for the totally botched Afghanistan withdrawal, they are pulling a lot of punches.  This in one of many.

(08/30/2021) Alarming leaked cable shows how few US citizens have actually been evacuated from Afghanistan.  The administration has be rather vague about the total number of Americans evacuated, preferring to emphasize the total number of evacuees.  Most are Afghan, and while most are probably justifiably at risk from the Taliban, most are not screened, either.  How many terrorists are joining the ranks of the evacuees?

(08/30/2021) Conservative Purge Continues: Chase Bank Tells Gen. Michael Flynn They Are Closing His Accounts and Cancelling His Credit Cards; Claim Continuing to Allow the Decorated Veteran Access to His Accounts “Creates Reputational Risk”.  A number of corporations have taken it upon themselves to punish those they disagree with politically.  I see no exceptions to the rule of thumb that they are restricting themselves to punishing conservatives.  This is true in social media as well.  The question is, are they doing this on their own, or are they being encouraged / rewarded to do so by others?  Inquiring minds want to know, but sadly, there are apparently no inquiring minds in the media.  Not on this subjeect, at least.

(08/21/2021) Don Lemon of CNN Walks off the Set After Guest Calls Him Fake News.  The truth can hurt.

(08/20/2021) Breaking: The Left’s January 6 Narrative Just Went Poof—FBI.  It has been known all along that Jan. 6 was no insurrection.  But it served the Democrats' purpose to push that narrative and the MSM has been (and still will be) happy to play along.

(08/19/2021) Here’s video of a baby being passed over razor wire to waiting US troops in Afghanistan.  And it isn't just one.  The parents must know that it is all over for them, but maybe their child can be saved.  Heartbreaking.

(08/19/2021) Biden Admin Tells Americans Trapped In Afghanistan It ‘Cannot Guarantee’ Their Safety To Airport.  While the Brits are going out and fetching their people the USA is apparently incapable of doing likewise.  Of course, the military needs a go ahead from the White House, so ....

(08/17/2021) At the Mercy of the Taliban.  Every morning I ask how can it get worse?  And it gets worse.  I weep for America.  The sheer incompetence of our leaders is dismaying.  But at least we have no mean tweets.

(08/15/2021) Chicago official, on bagpipe mourning ritual for slain officer: 'We don't have time for this s---!'  Nice.

(08/15/2021) Biden COVID Task Force Member Thrown Under The Bus After Accidentally Telling The Truth.  He spoke of needing N-95 masks.  For those who remember, those masks might be somewhat effective and that was what was first recommended.  But his real sin was saying that cloth and similar masks don't work.  This is 100% true.  This whole masking business has probably done more harm than good.  It is all for show.

(07/27/2021) CNN’s Lemon: Unvaccinated Should Not Be Allowed in Supermarkets, Ball Games, Work.  Never forget that it is people like Lemon who accuse us of being the wannabe dictators.

(07/22/2021) 'Tree Inequity' plaguing.  If these academics think "tree equity" is a problem, it would be nice if they went out and planted trees where they think there is a problem.  They would actually be doing something beneficial.  As it is, they are producing nothing of benefit at all.  Quite the opposite.

(07/22/2021) Terrifying video shows moment Good Samaritan is pistol-whipped trying to stop robbers from battering elderly Asian man.  At least they didn't shoot him.  While it may be a stretch to blame President Biden, the Democrats and our media for this, the fact is they have been attacking the police and reducing their funding, as well as releasing and not charging criminals caught in the act.  And they tried blaming anti-Asian violence on white supremacists.  Ultimately they decided to keep quiet after the video evidence shows that virtually all attacks on Asians are committed by blacks.

(07/21/2021) Fallacious Fauci strikes again.  Fauci has gone a long way towards destroying all credibility or "experts." Too be fair, so-called experts had already done a lot of damage before Fauci came along. 

(07/11/2021) Biden Administration’s New ‘Woke’ Corporate Disclosure Rules Will Cost Companies Billions, Experts Warn.  Replace "Companies" with "Consumers" and you'll have an accurate headline.  "Disclosure" involves such things as diversity, "climate change" emissions and more.  Regulators enjoy imposing massive costs on everyone else.  The benefit?  One could make a good case that the regulations are harmful, even if there was no cost associated with them.


(07/11/2021) De Blasio Blames Pipeline Burst on Capitalism, Gets Reality Check When He Learns It's Owned by Gov't.  Others blamed it on men - but Pemex reports to a woman.  One of the biggest problems we have today is that so many people base their views on falsehoods.  Actually, the biggest problem is that when the falsehoods are pointed out to them, they refuse to change their minds. 

(07/10/2021) California Legalized Theft. Everyone’s Packages Were Stolen.  When you can steal with impunity, more people will steal and they will steal more.  Walk out of a store with less than $950 worth of merchandise in SF and other jurisdictions?  Not a problem.  Not even worth bringing charges because nothing will come of them.What if you use physical force to stop a package pirate or a shoplifter?  You will likely be the one to be charged!

(07/08/2021) Vogue declares Jill Biden 'a goddess' and puts her on its cover as the epitome of style.  The left politicizes everything - and so ruins everything it politicizes.  As First Lady, fashion model Melania Trump never made the cover of Vogue - or any other magazine.  But Jill Biden is somehow a superstar.  I'm sorry, make that Doctor Jill Biden.

(07/04/2021) CNN’s Top-Rated Show Beat Out By Fourteen Different Fox News Shows.  Also by seven MSNBC shows.  Of course, a number of Fox shows have been shifting left.  There are alternatives.

(07/01/2021) Has the Military Lost Middle America?  They are certainly working very hard to do so.

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