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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. First Amendment to the US Constitution


Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  John 8:31b-32 (NIV)

First Amendment

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(12/08/2021) Biden Admin: Constitution Allows Excluding Christian Schools from Tuition Aid Program. 

(11/21/2021) Hi-tech Muzzle: Woke Bot for Classrooms Sounds Offensive Alarm When Detecting Offensive Speech.  Color me skeptical.  I'll just add that just because someone is offended does no make speech offensive.

(11/18/2021) Biden Moves to Destroy Religious-Based Childcare.  Why bot, given everything else they have done.

(11/03/2021) Upset Over 'Let’s Go Brandon,' CNN Warns Political Speech Has Reached ‘Toxic Levels’!  Wow! it is almost as if they have forgotten the Bush 43 and Trump administrations.  Well, don't you see, they were justified in using such speech (and far worse) against those horrible Republicans.  What really upsets them about "Let's Go Brandon" is that we say it and we are laughing at them.   

(09/27/2021) Worse Than Slavery (And Other Dumb Things Democrat Say).  When does hyperbole become a lie?  Whenever Trump uses it.  Democrats?  No biggie.

(09/27/2021) Percentage of College Students Okay With Violence to Stop Campus Speakers Rises 27%.  Needless to say, those on the left - those that claim to be the tolerant ones - are much more accepting of violence. 

(09/20/2021) Tennessee High School Football Team Defies County by Leading Fans in Prayer.  We need to be doing a lot more of this.  The First Amendment has been completely perverted.  It only states what Congress cannot do.  It says nothing regarding federal employees, much less state and local employees.  Yet pretty much anything goes in our schools - except Christianity.

(09/08/2021) Military Removes Crosses After Soldiers Allegedly Complain.  We are busy submitting to the 1%.

(09/04/2021) Now NPR trashes free speech: Are the ruling elites looking to move in for the kill?  Well, conservative speech is already being censored and suppressed on social media, and one political party is encouraging this, along with various federal agencies.   So the question is, are we going to let them complete the kill?

(07/21/2021) Judge rejects religious freedom argument, rules school was justified in forcing out Christian teacher who refused to use students' transgender pronouns.  Good grief.  The insanity continues.

(07/21/2021) School Backs Off Ban, Will Allow Little Girl to Read Bible During Recess.  Amazing how freedom of religion has been perverted into not displays of religion in the public sphere.

(07/09/2021) Franklin Graham Defends Hobby Lobby After Atheists Attack ‘One Nation Under God’ Ad.  Note that the left routinely has to lie and misrepresent to make their case.  Naturally they accuse Hobby Lobby of violating the First Amendment (and elsewhere of wanting to establish a theocracy).  But that is absolutely false.  Not a problem, for the left.  Whatever fits the narrative, not truth, is what counts for them.

(07/08/2021) Facebook Now Sending Users ‘Warnings’ About ‘Becoming an Extremist.’   So now"informing" on your family, friends and neighbors is supposed to be a good thing.  And how do we know who is an "extremist?" Many on the Left would so identify any Trump supporter.  There is no way this new policy can result in anything good.  And don't imagine that anyone who takes the Bible seriously and tries to live biblically won't be reported as an extremist.  Funny how those who claim to be tolerant are quick to label others as intolerant while the supposed "intolerant" ones are far more likely to "live and let live."

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There are some in this country that would be happy to forbid praying in public.  Yet what better example of people using their first amendment rights than this?

That said, 'Saying Grace' recently set at auction record for a Norman Rockwell painting at $46M.

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