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Second Amendment

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(06/28/2021) There’s Gun Control in the Second Amendment?  According to our president there is.  I suppose that this is part of the "living" Constitution business.  The Constitution means whatever the Democrats want it to mean.  It used to be that it evolved.  Now, apparently, despite the clear text, the Constitution has always meant what the Democrats desire.  We've just misunderstood it for over two centuries.

(04/17/2021) NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Pushes Ammo Purchase Database, .50 Caliber Rifle Ban.  I would wager that well over 95% of all crimes committed with a gun are committed by those who would pay no attention to these laws.  In short, there would be no benefit.  What next?  Why, even more of the same producing more of the same results.  Are any crimes at all committed with a .50 caliber rifle?  But they sure are scary!

(07/16/2020) WaPo analysis on what ‘led to spike in violent crime’ recently has been analyzed (and it’s ‘beyond crap’).  Increased gun sales, of course.  Nothing to do with rioting "protesters," police pull-backs and the defund the police movement.

(07/15/2020) God, Guns and the Government: A Paper to Send Your Pastor.  Long, but worthwhile.  Related: Gun Sales Soar To All-Time High Amid Race Riots, Violent Crime And ‘Defund Police’ Efforts.

(06/29/2020) Media headlines seem to be leaving out some context about armed St. Louis couple guarding their home as ‘peaceful protesters’ were ‘passing by.’  The MSM was full of tweets about a white couple pointing guns at "peaceful" protesters.  They just left one thing out.  The "protesters" broke down an iron gate and were trespassing on private property clearly marked as such.  Do we have any honest reporters, or just a bunch of unprincipled clowns who lie and deceive to push the progressive narrative, whatever the circumstances. 

(12/30/2019) Pastor at Texas Church Thankful Congregants Could Defend Themselves: ‘There Is Evil in This World.’  Yes, there is, and a lot more than we acknowledge since nowadays we are encouraged not merely to ignore much evil but to actively encourage it.  But "little" evil only begets bigger and bigger evil.

(11/14/2019) DOJ Announces Project Guardian to Reduce ‘Gun Violence’ By Enforcing Existing Laws.  I have always wondered what is the point of passing stricter gun laws when we don't enforce the ones we already have.  Well, I know the point - virtue signalling and posturing.  But the effect of stricter laws is actually negative.  Why, because every new law is far more likely to be obeyed by the law-abiding than by the crooks; hence every such law puts law-abiding citizens at a greater disadvantage than before.

(10/15/2019) FBI Releases Data On Homicide That Renders Anti-Gun Zealots Silent.  All rifles, of which AR-15s are but a subset, are responsible for very few homicides.  So why do the "common sense gun control" advocates fixate on those guns?  Just asking.

(09/09/2019) Beto O’Rourke Says People Will Comply, Surrender AR-15s Under His Ban.  Not that I agree with him in general, but one thing is for sure - criminals and those with criminal intent will absolutely, positively not turn in their weapons.  So what is the end result?  The bad guys still have guns, and fewer good guys do.  Serious question: do Beto and his ilk have any thinking capacity at all?

(08/05/2019) Bookworm Room Podcast: The Second Amendment, Morality, and Kindness.  Question: what is the most likely cause of mass murders in the USA?  The existence of guns or the decline in morality?  Toss in another option - the lack of treatment for the mentally ill.

(06/04/2019) Why So Many Mass Shootings? Ask the Right Questions and You Might Find Out.  Is the problem guns?  How about fatherless families, lower church attendance, the grievance industry?  The problem is, dealing with those problems will move people away from the Democrat party.  Hence, the focus is always on guns.

(06/01/2019) Democrats Politicize Virginia Beach Shooting To Push Gun Control, Second Amendment Supporters Push Back.  Well, this is the same-o same-o for every shooting outside the inner cities, where most of the gun deaths occur.  For Democrats, blaming the NRA and demanding more laws is so much easier than actually trying to save many, many lives in the cities they run. 

(05/13/2019) Cory Booker: ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ for Gun Crime Victims Is ‘Bullsh*t.’  Fellow Christians, Cory Booker is hardly unique among Democrats.  This is what they think about Christian faith, this is what they think about God, this is what they think about you.

(03/07/2019) Portland State officials, police stand by as protester shuts down gun-rights talk with a bell.  A single protester shut down the talk.  Administration officials and campus police stood by and did nothing.  Friends, if we do not start fighting back - and fighting to win - the USA is going to become nothing but another European wannabe and the lights of the shining city on a hill will be turned off permanently.

(11/09/2018) Seriously, EFF this guy! Chris Cuomo dragged for outright ATTACK on people of faith in #ThousandOaks rant.  Basically, Cuomo says that those offering "thoughts and prayers" for victims are "mocking" them.  According to Cuomo, we "must act!"  Presumably that means passing more gun control legislation.  California already has strict gun control laws.  They didn't help.  To progressives, intentions are all that is important.  I feel a blog post coming on.

(11/09/2018) Doctors Urged to Advance Gun-control Agenda.  Why?  Because firearm deaths and injuries are harmful to families.  I can think of all sorts of things that are similarly harmful - lots of high risk jobs, including the military.  There are scads of injuries at homes - ladders and bathtubs are big culprits.  What about things like welfare and socialism? But as usual, those on the Left are dragging politics into yet another field. 

(11/03/2018) Producer: My Christian Film Got Rated ‘R.’ It Has No Nudity, Sex, Bad Language, Gore, Drugs.  But a 12 year-old boy uses a gun to defend his sister.

(10/18/2018) “People just can’t know that.” MO Sen. McCaskill Hides Agenda Including “semi-automatic rifle ban” from Moderate Voters, Staffers Reveal in Undercover Video it “could hurt her ability to get elected.”  Until recently this was the standard modus operandi of most Democrat candidates for office - pretend to be a moderate, once elected vote as a liberal.  The fact that some Democrats are actually running as socialists does not negate the fact that most democrats still run using the old rules.  It is interesting that so many Democrats need to hide their true opinions when running for office, but Republicans rarely do.

(09/19/2018) University Allows Concealed Carry, Professor Immediately Cancels Officer Hours. Apparently he is no longer safe.  There is always the possibility that this is just an excuse to have more free time.

(08/11/2018) Sen. Chris Murphy rushes to sound NRA alarm about Judge Kavanaugh, steps on Constitution rake instead.  Sad to say, many, possibly most, of our Congressmen and Senators simply do not know the Constitution, make no effort to abide by it, and even if they did know it, they would still not abide by it. 

(08/11/2018) Dana Loesch has a programming suggestion following Parkland shooting investigator’s statement.  The statement said that an armed staffer could have stopped the shooting early.  I hate to say this, but I think it is true.  Progressives oppose any steps that can be taken right now to make our schools safer: armed, trained staffers, fewer open entrances and security at the open entrances, and more.  Why?  Because the kids are less important that the mission, and the mission is gun control.

(05/26/2018) Texas Governor: “The Problem Is Not Guns, It’s Hearts Without God.”  Absolutely.  But we threw God out of the schools some time ago. 

(05/07/2018) Watch What Happens When Two Pro-Gun Control College Students Shoot for the First Time.  Suffice it to say that some people are very ill-informed ,both about guns and about gun laws.  The good news is that some of these ill-informed people are also open-minded.

(04/12/2018) London Mayor Unveils New Stop-And-Frisk Police Policy To Enforce City-Wide Knife Ban.  Hmm. 

(03/29/2017) Delta Gave Free Airfare to HUNDREDS of Anti-Gun Activists.  So they dropped the NRA discount because they didn't want to get involved in politics.  And then they jump into the deep end of the political pool.  I hope they get what they deserve.

(03/26/2018) America doesn't have a gun violence epidemic. Democrat cities do.  We always hear about how violent America is compared to other advanced nations.  Remove those cities that Democrats have had total control of for at least 30 years, and we drop way, way down the list.  Coincidence?  I think not.

(03/01/2018) Federal Court Quietly Rules ‘Assault Rifles’ Not Protected by 2nd Amendment.  One of my many problems with the Left is that they treat the law - especially the Constitution - as they wish it were rather than what it clearly says.  There is a process for changing laws and the Constitution, but since they have no hope of succeeding in their objectives by following the rules, they just find a judge(s) who will rule like this. 

(02/25/2018) Why Do Clergy Advocate More Gun Control Instead of More Religion?  While I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, my concern has less to do with clergy advocating gun control (and I totally disagree with them) and more with the fact that so many clergy think that more government is more important than more religion.  Do they not even believe what they supposedly preach?

(10/10/2017) Man Brings Gun Into Walmart… What He Hears Feet Behind Him Throws Him Into Internet Fame.  Yes!

(04/14/2017) USMC War Vet Faces Prison for Legally Owned Gun Unregistered in New Jersey.  How are people to know that their legal gun in State A is illegal in State B?


(03/25/2017) Preschooler suspended from daycare for bringing in spent .22 shell


(12/19/2016) Gun-Control Drama ‘Miss Sloan’ Tanks at the Box Office.  I'm surprised that anyone would have expected otherwise.


(10/17/2016) Federal Judge Overturns Obama's Unconstitutional Gun Ban.  Of course, we are just lucky that this came before a judge that actually believes in the Constitution, an increasing rarity among federal judges.

(08/30/2016) Minnesota gun buyback program lands with a thud.  This is what bothers me about so many progressive inspired programs.  The intention is laudable.  If you could get criminals to give up their guns by offering them a couple hundred bucks, it might be worthwhile.  But then again, maybe not.  You have to see what they would do with the money received.  In any case, what happens with these buyback programs is that people turn in guns that are worth less than they are paid.  This is simple human nature.  So the program costs the taxpayers lots of money, but achieves none of its goals.


(08/17/2016) New Report Finds that Concealed Carry Permit Holders Are More Law Abiding than Police!  Not surprising, really, but as in the stories below the Left was wrong in their claims and predictions, but will learn nothing.


(08/13/2016) Al Sharpton Argues 2nd Amendment is for “White People.”  Harriet Tubman would disagree.  But the broader issue is why do people on the Left bring race into every issue?  I thought the goal was to move beyond race, to treat everyone alike.  I guess I was wrong.

(07/29/2016) Hillary Delegate Explains How They’re Going to Ban All Guns.  A surprising number of Democrats favor a total gun ban.  Just how many is difficult to gauge since some favor it, but realize that to say so is political suicide.  So stealth and "common sense gun laws" seem to be the mantra.

(07/27/2016) Massachusetts Attorney general launches new crackdown on rifles.  Another decree.

(07/22/2016) Ammo Grrrl has some thoughts on guns: Thoughts from the ammo line

(07/13/2016) Obama Spouts Off Mind Numbingly Stupid Lie On Guns During Dallas Memorial.  No, it is NOT easier for a kid to buy a Glock than it is to buy a computer or a book.  The MSM gives the president a pass for such a blatant falsehood since it supports what the media considers a good cause.  For the same reason, the MSM (and academia and liberal politicians) ignore the fact that most 'hate crimes,' turn out to be hoaxes, because they wish to support the narrative that America is still a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophic and fill in the blank -phobic country.  If the cause is 'good,' the facts don't matter.

(07/12/2016) Gun Homicides in U.S. Down 40% from 1993 to 2014; Lowest Rate in 34 Years.  But it doesn't fit the narrative (spoken in the same tone of voice as "But he doesn't know the territory" from The Music Man).

(07/10/2016) Deranged anti-gun prof. calls for shooting NRA headquarters, ‘ensuring no survivors.’  There was a time when I simply would not have believed the guy was serous.  That time is past.

(07/09/2016) There’s “absolutely no value…to a judge…studying the Constitution,” says Judge Richard A. Posner.  Should this not be grounds for removal from office (impeachment)?

(07/05/2016) Schumer and Obama misunderstand the Constitution.  When it comes to second amendment (and the first amendment and the fourth and the fifth and the tenth and pretty much the whole thing), the Democrats understand the Constitution just fine - they just don't believe in it and they know they can't amend it, so they have to 'misunderstand' and 'misinterpret' it instead.

(06/26/2016)  The irrelevant crusade (gun control).  


(06/23/2016) Democrats: We Shall Overcome The Constitution. An unprecedented act of pretend bravery.   

(06/23/2016)  Is this the stupidest, most ignorant anti-gun tweet EVER? We report, you deride.  It is pretty funny.  The question is, are gun control advocates really this stupid, or do they simply lie intentionally?  Here are more people making fun of this Tweeter


(06/21/2016)  Democrats Block Sensible Gun Proposals In Senate.  Note that the GOP presented 2 proposals, neither of which would step on our Second Amendment rights, but would make it more difficult for bad guys to get guns.  Both proposals had majority support.  Both were filibustered by the Democrats.  The Democrats are NOT in favor of 'sensible gun control legislation.' 

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