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Islamic Terrorism

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(03/09/2021) 13-Year-Old Muslim Student Admits She Made Up Story That Led to French Teacher’s Beheading.  Sigh.  Does Islam belong in the civilized world?  Just asking.

(10/08/2018) University Lecturer Under Fire for Saying Muslims Commit Terror Attacks.  This is in the UK, but it can and probably already has happened here.  We have already gone far down the road of replacing truth with political correctness.  We are in 1984 territory.

(04/03/2018) ISIS Killer Slaughters Christian Family Family on Easter Monday – Praise Allah.  This is in Pakistan. 

(01/20/2018) Minnesota Woman Strikes St. Kate's.  "Minnesota woman" (or man) is a standing joke at PowerLine, because that is what the media typically calls Muslims who commit terrorist acts in Minnesota.  In this case a "Minnesota woman" started 8 fires on campus.

(08/17/2017) Let's Not Talk about Islam.  Good article about the media's coverage of Barcelona. 

(08/05/2017) How civilization dies: Australian council bans new synagogue for fear of Islamic terror.  Giving Islamic terrorists exactly what they want is not an effective means of countering it.  Unless your objective is total surrender.

(07/29/2017) Germany: Knife-wielding Terrorist Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Kills One, Wounds Several More.  We are becoming more and more conditioned to accept this sort of thing.  We must avoid falling into that trap.

(07/22/2017) Palestinian teen butchers Israeli family, his mom is proud.  Many people try to raise their children to become contributing members of society.  Others do not.

(07/15/2017) The State of the War Against the Islamic State.  Things seem to be going well, due primarily to two factors.  First, we've removed lawyers from the picture.  Second, Mattis has indicated a policy change from pushing ISIS back, but allowing them to fight another day, to surrounding them and annihilating them. 

(07/09/2017) PURE EVIL: Suicide Bomber Was Carrying Baby When She Exploded in Mosul.  Is it just jihad or is it Islam?

(07/06/2017) Muslim 'refugee' called integration success – then slit his boss's throat.  This is not typical, but we should not pretend it is not a problem, either.

(07/06/2017) ISIS Video Shows French, Russian Kids Beheading Prisoners.  The headline says everything you need to know.

(06/20/2017) Muslim Peace March Against Terrorism Attracts More Journalists than Participants.  10,000 expected. 300 show up.  When there are mass Muslim marches for peace, I will believe the line that the vast majority of Muslims are moderate.  I see no evidence, yet.

(06/12/2017) One Year After Pulse Nightclub Attack, Orlando Sentinel Gaslights Omar Mateen's Motive.  "Plenty of theories, few answers" they say.  The Sentinel isn't the only one struggling to find a motive.

(06/12/2017) "Zeal for the Deal" Caused Obama to Dismantle Units Targeting Iran Terror Financing.  You haven't heard about this, right?  In spite of it being Congressional testimony, the MSM has chosen to ignore it.  We all know why - Trump must be destroyed, Obama must be preserved.

(05/26/2017) Manchester Suicide Bomber’s Sister: He Did It Out of “Love for Islam.”  Islam is the problem.  We can pray for reform, we can encourage reform, but if Islam cannot reform itself then we are in for a long term war with an ideology that is totally at odds with everything we stand for.  If you follow the link, be prepared to shed some tears - photos of the victims are included.

(05/26/2017) On Eve of Ramadan, Islamic Gunmen Kill 28 Coptic Christians on Pilgrimage in Egypt.  Isn't it a comfort to know that terrorists are just regular guys like us (according to Chris Matthews).

(05/26/2017) MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Terrorist Sympathizer? Claims They’re “Regular Guys Like Us.”  Speak for yourself, Chris.

(05/23/2017) Manchester: This Time They Came for Our Children.  We should not be surprised, given that they have been killing Israeli children for some time.   

(05/22/2017) Neo-Nazi Converts to Islam, Slaughters Friends for Disrespecting Faith.  This is not in some far off foreign land, but in Florida.

(05/14/2017) ISIS to Moms: Raising Jihadist Kids Doesn't 'Kill Their Childhood and Destroy Their Innocence.'  What a relief.  I suppose it might literally kill them, however.

(04/22/2017) Muslim Immigrant Charged with Terrorism After Barging into Christian Conference and Making Threats with Guns.  We posted about this on 04/18 and at that time he was not being charged.  So this is good news.


(04/11/2017) Extermination of Christians in Egypt Not Getting Enough Attention: Piers Morgan Asks, ‘Why?’  Good question.  Is it possible that we simply treat ME anti-Christian terrorism as the norm, and will ultimately treat Islamic terrorism everywhere as the norm?  Abnormal acts should never be treated as normal, and this applies to areas other than terrorism, as well.


(04/09/2017) Palm Sunday Terror Attacks Strike Coptic Christian Churches In Egypt; Many Dead and Wounded.  Who could be responsible?


(04/08/2017) The Latest From Stockholm.  


(04/05/2017) South Carolina Terror Case Highlights U.S.’s Schizophrenic Response to Jihad.  Suffice it to say, the problem is Islam.  It isn't just a handful of radicals or "troubled youth."


(03/28/2017) Liberal Hollywood Actress Claims London Terror “Set Up” By President Trump.  There have always been conspiracy theory crazies, but they seem to be multiplying.


(03/23/2017) Bookworm Beat 3/22/17 — the “let’s pretend that terrorist attacks in London are ordinary” edition.  The big question is: are we going to do anything about terrorism, or are we going to take the "hide our heads in the sand" approach?  There is a lot more good stuff at the link.


(02/03/2017) ISIS amputate the hands of two boys aged ten and 12 who refused to execute two civilians in front of their families in Mosul.  And yet so many refuse to see what we are dealing with.  At the same time, those were brave boys who were obviously brought up right.


(01/07/2017) Terrorism 'not ruled out' as motive behind Fort Lauderdale shooting.  While he was likely influenced by Islam, it seems pretty clear that this guy had mental issues as well.  Of course, if we apply the standards the Left used on the Gabby Gifford's shooting, not only was this Islamic terrorism, it was clearly caused by Democrat incitement.


(01/01/2017) Woman Beheaded in Afghanistan for Shopping Without Husband.  Actually, her husband was off fighting somewhere out of the country.  I suppose she needed to rustle up some other male relative to go shopping with.  In any case, you won't find people of other faiths doing this sort of thing and saying that their religion demands it.


(12/23/2016) Public Schools Teaching Kids That Terrorism Is Christianity’s Fault!  I think the headline is a bit of an exaggeration, but not by a lot.  The Crusades and all that ....


(12/21/2016) The Latest from Berlin: Last Name, Photo & More.  So, the Berlin terrorist is a Muslim.  What a surprise!


(12/19/2016) In Pictures: What an Islamic Suicide Bombing Looks like.  Because pictures speak louder than words.  That said, you might not want to look at some of these pictures.

(10/29/2016) Muslim Terrorists Surround Bus With 50 Christian Converts From Islam And Prepare To Murder Them All, Suddenly Massive Dust Storm Surrounds Them And The Christians Are Able To Escape. 

(10/25/2016) Family of ISIS bomber who hanged himself seeks compensation, sues German government.  Brother of the Islamic Terrorist questions police version, says “suicide is forbidden in Islam.”  Right.  I've seen Muslims quoted that Muslims are forbidden to lie about their faith as well.  What is remarkable is how much credence the media is willing to give "family members," who couldn't possibly be offering up anything but an objective opinion /sarc.

(10/07/2016) Are Tennessee Church Shootings Jihad?  Evidence points to alleged shooter being a Muslim convert.  You probably haven't even heard anything about this, but that could also be because no person was actually shot.  But think of the news this would make if the shooter was a white supremacist.

(09/25/2016) Gunman Kills Jordanian Christian Writer Charged Over Anti-Islam Cartoon.  We certainly need to be praying for our fellow Christians in the Middle East.  Perhaps we should be doing more.  But what?

(09/18/2016) Clueless in St. Cloud.  Our public officials are embarrassing themselves by their unwillingness to call an Islamic terrorist attack what it is.  When a Muslim shouting "Allah" asks someone if they are Muslim and stabs them if they are not, I think it is safe to call it what it is: another Islamic terrorist attack.  Why in the world would "moderate" Muslims denounce their fellow Muslims for attack like this if we aren't even willing to call it Islamic terrorism?  Maybe the "moderates" won't do it anyway, but give them a chance.  Here is more: MN authorities say ‘knife-attacker’ shouted ‘Allahu Akbar,’ asked victim if he was a Muslim.  

(09/02/2016) Media Silent on Surge in Islam-Inspired Knife Arracks.  The media isn't totally silent.  But two things are obvious.  They go out of their way to downplay the connection to Islam, and since these attack seem to be more common, they have become "old news" and hence less worthy of coverage. 

(08/30/2016) IS buried thousands in 72 mass graves, AP finds.  This is what we are dealing with.  At least the AP is doing its job.  Kudos to them.

(08/30/2016) Kerry: Media Should Cover Terrorism Less So People Won't Know What's Going On.  This is the risk we face when we shift from constitutional government to government by experts - the preferred approach of progressives.  Our "betters" will decide what news we need to see and what news we don't need to see.

(08/30/2016) ISIS Sinks to a New Low – Murders Six Men by Boiling Them Alive!  Actually, ISIS will continue to "sink to new lows" unless we do something about them.

(08/20/2016)  FACT CHECK: Islamic Terrorists Have Killed More in Domestic Attacks Since 9/11 Than the 'Right Wing.'  This was true even before Orlando.  The problem is that for the Left, the narrative is far more important than the facts.  As a result, attacks that are in no way attributable to the "right-wing" are included while attacks that are admittedly Islamic are somehow overlooked.

(08/15/2016) Intel Confirms ISIS Hid Among Refugee Hordes Flooding Europe.  Can anyone be surprised by this?  The real question is: why did so many 'experts' push a narrative that they had to know was false?  Well, the answer is obvious: the masses cannot be trusted with the truth - they might advocate taking action that the experts disagree with.  So for their own protection, the experts must lie to them (/sarc).  This is exactly why the rule of 'experts,' so beloved by liberals, is a bad, bad idea.

(08/08/2016) Suicide bombing at Pakistani hospital in Quetta kills 63.  This is a reminder than Westerners are not the only victims of Islamic terrorism.  In fact, we are a relatively small fraction.

(08/06/2016) Another Day, Another Allahu Akbar.  The writers at Powerline where this article is from, are not noted for their religious zeal.  Yet they do hit upon the ultimate solution to the problem of Islam - missionaries.  We need to convert them to Christ.


(08/06/2016) Nice, quiet London mass stabbing suspect believed to be mentally ill was reading up on jihad?  Really, is anyone surprised?  Yet we go through the same mantra pretty much every time.  And the attacks continue: Two police officers attacked by a man with machete shouting ‘Allah Akbar.’  This is in Belgium.

(08/03/2016) Paris Bus Attacked With Molotov Cocktails, Men Shout "Allahu Akbar."  You may have missed this one because the MSM forgot to cover it.

(07/26/2016) 84-year-old priest assassinated in new ISIS terror attack.  So are we going to wake up and actually start dealing with the problem of radical Islam?  Is it possible that the problem is just plain Islam?  Either way, pretending that these terror attacks "have nothing to do with Islam," as Hillary has said, is only going to encourage more of it.

(07/24/2016) 1 dead, 11 injured after suspected suicide bombing at restaurant in Ansbach, Germany.  We seem to be having a rash of attacks in Germany - the media wants to downplay any association with Islam.  In any case, it is fortunate than only the bomber was killed, according to early reports.

(07/23/2016) Another Day, Another Jihad Massacre.  In spite of the spin, the case seems pretty solid that it was another Islam inspired terror attack.  All the stories proclaiming "no ties to ISIS" are completely missing the point.  One can be an Islamic terrorist without ties to any terrorist organization.  That is the biggest danger.  It isn't just "known wolves" than commit atrocities.

(07/19/2016) Germany Train Attack: Afghan ‘refugee’ shouted “Allahu Akbar,” motives “completely unclear.”  Jesus said “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  Whether it be God's truth or just plain facts, it is clear that many wish to hide from such truth and/or to hide that truth from others.

(07/15/2016) Paris-based PM: 'France should learn to live with terrorism.'  Bear in mind we are speaking of Prime Minister Manuel Valls, not President Hollande.  The PM's views seem pretty much in line with the current American official position, however. 

(07/15/2016)  SERIOUSLY? This MSNBC spin on #NiceAttack sends heads to desks.  MSNBC refers to the Nice attack as a "truck crash."

(07/14/2016) Academia Indicts America for Orlando Terrorist Attack. No surprise, but would actually be more accurate to say that they indict conservative America.  Certainly not themselves.

(07/04/2016) Mother of Palestinian who murdered 13-year-old girl: “My son is a hero. He made me proud.”  Many terrorists are raised to be terrorists.  Palestinian children are being taught to stab Jews.  Would it not be a modest understatement to say that there is a real problem with the culture of Islam?

(07/02/2016) Abbas’ PLO Faction Calls Killer of 13-Year-Old American-Israeli Girl a ‘Martyr.’  Is anyone surprised?

(07/02/2016) 3 American Students hacked to death by ISIS in Dhaka Terror Attack.  What more can we say about the religion of peace?

(06/28/2016) 'F--- America!' Muslim woman makes terror threats at LAX.  Good thing a bunch of non-Muslim politicians assure me that Islam is a religion of peace or I might worry that she might carry out her threats some day.


(06/21/2016)  ISIS Directive: 'At Least Spit' on Jews and Christians If You Can't Open Fire. 

(06/20/2016) David Brooks @NYT: We must let the terrorists in or they will kill us. 

(06/20/2016) AG Lynch: Orlando shooting 911 transcripts will be purged of references to Islamic terror.  Why not?  We all know Christians were responsible.  According to Progressives, at least.  Here is more on the topic: Lynch Releasing 'Limited Transcripts' of Killer's Calls, But Wants Public to Have 'As Much Information...As Possible'   

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