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Free Speech or Not?


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(12/16/2021) Election In Deep Blue Houston Leave Democrats In Complete Shock.  The GOP flipped 6 or 7 school board seats.  Is it possible that the Democrats have gone too far?

(12/16/2021) ‘Financial Expert’ Tries to Convince Everyone Biden’s Economy is Booming.  This is less than a week after the Biden administration begged the media to give them favorable coverage on the economy.

(12/12/2021) High Noonan: Return to Kamala edition.  Many Biden voters have the decency to admit that they voted for Biden, and maybe it wasn't such a good idea.  Of course, the Biden administration hasn't turned out to be much of a surprise to those who had the good sense to oppose him in the first place.  Noonan, now recognizes what a disaster Harris is.  Now.  But before the election, she was praising Harris, and then voted for her.  Does she bother to admit this history now that her eyes have finally been opened?  Of course not!

(12/12/2021) Biden's infrastructure coordinator lists climate, equity ahead of 'blue-collar jobs' on implementing law.  In other words, don't look at how well we do our actual jobs.

(12/11/2021) SEC Steps In To Investigate Trumps New Social Media Platform.  There is no question that the federal bureaucracy has been weaponized on behalf of the Democrats.

(12/11/2021) GAO struggles to identify how 20% of federal grants for 2020 voting were spent.  Why is my first thought that there was some hanky panky going on here.

(12/01/2021) Election Poll Worker Turnout for Republicans in Dane County Wisconsin Up from 41 Last Election to 318 For Next Election.  If we are going to restore election integrity, this is an essential step.  But we need to do it everywhere, and there are many more things we need to do as well: voter ID, vote in person, signature verification and more.

(11/29/2021) Biden’s empty words about dealing with the new variant.  As time goes by, I become more and more convinced that the people running this country are far less competent than I would be - and running countries is not one of my skills.  This observation is not limited to the current administration.

(11/26/2021) Watch: Delusional Lib Will Make You Laugh: Dems Have 'A Good Economic Story.'  No matter hoe badly their policies fail, the problem is not the policy, it is that they haven't managed to sucker us into thinking everything is great.

(11/25/2021) NY Times journalists explore what happens when Democrats have all the power, find out 'blue states are the problem.'  They focused on several progressive agendas - affordable housing, economic equality and educational opportunity.  What they found was that states with total Democrat control do worse in these areas than other states.  Why would that be?  The answer is simple.  The progressive "solutions" to these things, while they involve greater government control, do not work.  But the progressive mindset is that more government is the solution to every problem.  Every progressive program results in "unexpected" results - unexpected by the progressives, at least.  But they refuse to learn from experience.  To do so would require changing their worldview and people do not like to do that!  To do so requires accepting that they were wrong in their old way of thinking.

(11/19/2021) Video of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis explaining conservatism to a reporter is *chef’s kiss*  Looking good.


(11/18/2021) The Morning Brew: Kamala to SCOTUS for a VP to Be Named Later?!  There is a lot more of interest in this article.

(11/10/2021) White House Tells Businesses to Ignore the Federal Court Order That Halted Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Over ‘Grave Constitutional Issues.’  I do not think that Donald Trump violated or encouraged others to violate a court order.  Yet he was supposedly the dictator that was shredding the constitution.  Democrats and the media kept saying that, but never gave any specific examples.  Note that this is not the first time for the Biden administration.

(11/10/2021) One of AOC’s Worst Green New Deal Ideas is Included in Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Plan.  The Democrats have always been good at creating government programs that pay people to promote Democrat causes. This is nothing more than political contributions at taxpayer expense.

(11/10/2021) Two Election Employees Fired For Allegedly Shredding Voter Applications in Key Swing State.  We are speaking of Georgia, here.  Gee.  Shredding applications so those that applied probably lost their ability to vote.  Good thing that the Democrats and MSM keep assuring us that there is no fraud, otherwise we might have reason to be upset.  Note that firing is not enough.  If this stuff is to stop, criminal prosecution is necessary.

(11/08/2021) The FBI and the Stolen Diary.  It is worth asking why in the world the FBI is involved in this.  Was a federal crime committed?  Actually, the question is: was any crime committed?  For a rube like myself, this looks totally like the weaponization of the FBI for political purposes.

(11/08/2021) Joe Biden Explains the Higher Consumer Prices: “People’s Supplies or Materials That End Up Being on Our Kitchen Table or in Our, Our, Our Fam, Our Life, Guess What? There Close Those Plants.”  Just face it.  We have a president who is simply not all there.  This should have been clear in 2020, but the MSM naturally covered it up. 

(11/03/2021) Hallelujah—Conservatives Finally Discover School Board Elections.  It may seem minor, but it is not.  Aside from turning from God, most of the problems in America can be traced to our extremely poor public education.

(10/27/2021)  ‘That’s embarrassing’: Nevada TV station pulls ad from Chuck Schumer’s Majority PAC ‘OFF THE AIR’ for misinformation.  What is sad is that our TV news media is spewing out lots of misinformation, and so it continues without apology or retraction.

(10/21/2021) Nancy Pelosi Invokes the Gospel: “Christ Said, ‘Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me.’”  Democrats routinely toss out Scripture to supposedly support their programs - in this case their $3.5 trillion boondoggle.  If Republicans to likewise they are trying to impose a theocracy.

(10/20/2021) If White Evangelicals Sold Their Souls For Trump, What Does Playing Kamala Harris Ads In Black Churches Mean?  It means that Democrats are free to use churches in their political campaigns - specifically black churches.  Should Republicans so dare to campaign at churches, the wrath of the IRS will be directed at those churches.

(10/11/2021) The Left Got What It Wanted—So Now What?  Pretty depressing, but America supposedly voted for this.

(10/06/2021) Cal Thomas: The death, debt and debauched Democrats.  Add in deception.  No matter how bad you think the Democrats are, they are probably considerably worse.

(10/06/2021) New Mayorkas memo effectively opens the border.  Didn't someone from the administration just say that the border is closed?  Should we believe anything they say?

(10/05/2021) Stalking Sinema: The Biden variations.  If conservatives were using these tactics, it would be the top story in the MSM for weeks.  Note that when Democrats break with the party line, the media treats them as horrible apostates and puts pressure on them to toe the party line.  When Republicans do likewise, they are glorified.  Media bias, perhaps?

(10/05/2021) Jen Psaki Does Verbal Gymnastics to Blame Border Crisis on Republicans.  When Joe Biden took office, the southern border was largely under control and was continuing to get better.  Literally, all that was necessary to keep things that way was to change nothing.  The Biden administration owns this.  But the question begs itself: Is the current mess a result of stupidity and incompetence, or is it deliberate.  I would argue that while there is plenty of stupidity and ignorance, it is largely deliberate - importing Democrat activists and future Democrat voters.

(10/05/2021) AOC's Civilian Climate Corps, drug price controls, tobacco taxes in Dems' $3.5T 'infrastructure' bill.  Vast amounts of money will go to groups that will, if they are not doing so already, support the Democrat agenda and reliably support Democrat politicians.  The Democrats do this with every significant spending bill, and invariably enough Republicans go along so that far, far more federal money goes to individuals and organizations that can be counted on to support Democrats than will support Republicans.  Civilian Climate Corp?  Put lots of left-wing environmental activists on the federal payroll.  What could go wrong?  The GOP may hold firm on this, but probably not.  They will probably compromise for a somewhat smaller amount and they brags how rather than spending $3.5 trillion, we only spent $2.5. 

(10/03/2021) House Budget Committee Chairman Says The Federal Government “Can Afford Anything.”  Just as many recreate God in their own image, Democrats in Congress seem to be re-creating economics to fit their own desires.  But it doesn't work that way.  Is there anything worse than politicians destroying the future for short-term political gain?  Probably.  But what they are trying to do is pretty awful.

(10/03/2021) Left-wing Twitter excoriates Sen. Joe Manchin after he leaves meeting with Biden without supporting Dems' $3.5 trillion bill.  Question: do conservatives act like this?  Sometimes, I suppose, but by comparison to the left, rarely.

(10/02/2021) Psaki: It’s ‘Unfair And Absurd’ That Companies Would Raise Costs For Consumers Due To Higher Taxes.  Companies always pass their costs on the consumers.  So the question is: Is Psaki (and the administration) so dumb as to believe this, or are they just assuming that vast numbers of Americans are so dumb?

(10/02/2021) How Crazy Are the Democrats? This Crazy!  Yes, they have nominated a genuine Communist to oversee our banking system.  She is on the record as saying banks should be abolished and replaced by a single central bank like the Soviets used to have.  You'd think this would be an easy nomination to kill, but then you can't have been paying attention to the extremism of the Democrats and the spinelessness of the GOP.

(09/28/2021) Lt. Col. Scheller Incarcerated and Sent to the Brig for Speaking Out against Weak US Generals for Surrendering Afghanistan, Stranding Americans and Arming Taliban Terrorists.  Good grief!  Those military leaders that deliberately plotted (and some acted) against their commander in chief?  Nothing.  The Swamp is vast, it is spreading, it protects its own and punishes its opponents.

(09/28/2021) New frontiers in whoppers.  This is in regard to the administration and their toadies in the media claiming that the Democrats 3.5 trillion dollar (at a minimum) "infrastructure" bill costs nothing because it (supposedly) will be paid for.  Left out is the fact no spending program has spent less than originally promoted, and no new taxes (how else to make the "cost" zero?)  ever generate the funds that are claimed.  According to this logic, for those of us who pay our bills, there is no cost.  Our bills cost us nothing!  What good news!  Sarcasm aside, what is truly remarkable is not the fact that the administration is peddling this nonsense, but how many in the media are going right along with it.  Never before has an administration or the media made this nonsensical claim, and suddenly they are promoting it a obvious truth.  Well, "truth."

(09/28/2021) Omar on Manchin, Sinema: We ‘Didn’t Envision Having Republicans as Part of Our Party’ – They’re Using GOP Talking Points on Reconciliation.  What I find interesting is that when I was much younger, there was a fair amount of overlap between the parties in Congress.  The most liberal Republicans were to the left of the most conservative Democrats.  Manchin and Sinema may be conservative by Omar's standards, but they are still to the left of the most liberal Republicans like Murkowski, Collins and Romney.

(09/25/2021) Et Tu, Minnesota?  This is just about Biden's poor poll numbers in Minnesota. What is interesting is that my almost 3 to 1, men have  an unfavorable view of Biden, while women by almost 2 to 1 have a favorable view.  This does not reflect well on Minnesota women.

(09/23/2021) Breaking: Democrats Just Launched Their Plan To Destroy The American Economy.  This being a $26 minimum wage.  Are Democrats really this dumb?  I don't see how they could be.  No entry level job for an unskilled worker is worth anywhere near that amount.  There go all such jobs.

(09/15/2021) The Biden administration scorecard.  You probably knew it wasn't good.  You might not know just how bad it is.  Certainly the MSM isn't going to tell you.

(09/15/2021) House Dems Pass Bill That Will Give Them Full Control of Every Future Election.  You can't legislate the Constitution away, you have to amend it.  Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped the Democrats and liberal judges before.

(09/07/2021) Our bargain for normal is failing.  Good article.  My only quibble is the use of the term "our."

(09/06/2021) Biden’s Presidency Is Already A Total Disaster, And It’s All His Own Fault.  To be fair, it is hard to determine how much is Biden and how much his handlers.

(09/04/2021) Where Is the Outrage?  You probably thought the Afghanistan withdrawal was a disaster.  Follow the link.  It was far worse than you thought.  And not just Afghanistan.

(09/04/2021) Heather Mullins on Massive Dropbox Stuffing Scandal: They Have Data from GA, AZ, WI and Several Other States – Average Leftist Operative Hit 23 Ballot Dropboxes a Night.  As if you need more info about how bad things are in America today.

(08/31/2021) Cali Recall Chaos: Stolen Ballots Discovered, State Launches Probe Against Elder.  Sad to say, we have plenty of people in power that are willing to thwart the will of the people by cheating in elections.  The cheating can involve election fraud, it can involve spreading false rumors, it can involve censoring those who disagree.  Did I mention improper use of prosecutors and corruption of the judicial system and the rule of law?  All of these are occurring in America today, and most instances are to the benefit of the Democrats and the detriment of conservatives.

(08/28/2021) Rasmussen: Majority Of Americans ‘Don’t Trust Biden Administration Reports About Afghanistan.’  Why should we?  This administration - and the federal government in general - do not have a very good track record in recent years.  And the problem isn't just Afghanistan.

(08/19/2021) State Dept. Officials in Kabul Sent Cable to Secretary of State Blinken and Biden Officials in July Warning of Taliban Gains and Need for Fast Evacuations.  Naturally it was ignored.

(08/19/2021) Pelosi on ‘Billions of Dollars’ of U.S. Military Weaponry Left for Taliban: That’s ‘What Happens When You Withdraw.’  Not if you do it with any degree of competence.  That which can be shipped in can be shipped out.  And if there is no time, it can be destroyed.  This withdrawal was supposedly planned, so there should have been time to remove weaponry. 

(08/19/2021) Appalling: Biden Scrapped Trump Afghanistan Rescue Plan.  Sheesh.

(08/19/2021) Dear Leftists, I Hope You Can’t Live With Yourselves.  Sadly, most will have no problem living with themselves because they'll blame Trump or just say "I didn't vote for this" and absolve themselves of all responsibility.  But they did vote for it and they are responsible.  Plenty of warning was given about what a disaster a Biden administration would be.  But warnings were ignored because apparently it was more important to rid ourselves of the indelicate tweeter.  I will confess that while I knew Biden would be bad, he has exceeded my expectations.  We have Kamala Harris and then Nancy Pelosi waiting in the wings - both of whom are arguably worse than Joe Biden!

(08/18/2021) ABC News: Republicans pounce on President Biden because withdrawal occurred on his watch.  Every time the GOP screws up, that is the story.  Every time the Democrats screw up, the story is how the Republicans are "taking advantage" of it.  You'd think they'd be embarrassed but doing this again and again, but you would be wrong.

(08/18/2021) Judge Orders New Election After STAGGERING 78% of Mail-in Ballots Discovered As Fraudulent — Multiple Arrests Made.  But, but,....  We are assured by the Democrats and our media that there is no such thing as election fraud.

(08/15/2021) Biden’s folly.  I have a serious question: has the Biden administration done anything right?  The southern border is in chaos, prices are soaring, and now Afghanistan is turning into a total disaster.  What do we hear?  All Trump's fault or the Republicans are trying to take advantage of the situation.  Remember when we were told that the new administration would mean that the adults would be back in charge?

(07/22/2021) Democrats No More.  The Democrats love that what they used to hate and hate that which they used to love.  All for the common good, of course.  Well, for their good, at least.

(07/16/2021) So Much Evidence that January 6, 2021 was a Calculated Set-Up.  Given that the capitol police ushered a lot of people in, that known BLM activists were there and that a number of people on video doing the most violence don't seem to have been arrested, I'd say yes, it looks like a set up. 

(07/15/2021) “This Is the Greatest Threat to the United States Since the Civil War” – Speaker Newt Gingrich on Today’s Radical Democrat Party.  Both sides are claiming the other is the greatest threat since the Civil War.  Given that the Democrats are a-okay with virtually no provisions to ensure election integrity - quite the opposite, in fact - I think the the case against the Democrats is a lot stronger. 

(07/14/2021) Funny Business in Fulton County Proven: Ballot Images Show Votes Were Taken From Trump, Given to Biden.  We really need to ask - did two Democrats really win the Georgia Senate runoffs?  Without those two seats, the Biden administration would not be able to get any of its agenda passed.  Of course, there is also the question: was Biden really elected?  Color me skeptical.

(07/14/2021) Joe Biden, shameless liar.  Rest assured, the bulk of the MSM will not call him out on these lies.

(07/12/2021) Federal judge tosses out a case because grand jury that handed down the indictment wasn’t 'diverse' enough.  Do judges actually have to statutory authority to do this?

(07/12/2021) ‘Irony is dripping here’: Photo of Texas Dems aboard plane to DC during ‘flee-ibuster’ raises a LOT of questions.  There is a lot of irony here, but it terms of responding, I'd dock their pay and issue bench warrants for their arrest.  If they can't be collected out of state, throw them in the slammer when they return.  If they don't return, impeach them.  For those that don't know: Texas Democrats’ tactic to block Republican legislation on elections and more ‘sounds like a filibuster.’  More: “Extraordinary Courage” – Kamala Harris Applauds Texas Democrats For Fleeing State to Paralyze Chamber, Stop GOP From Passing Voting Laws.  They are certainly grandstanding, they aren't going to succeed, and they are cowards rather than courageous, fleeing their elected responsibilities.  But the party that wants to kill the filibuster, along with  their media flunkies, will certainly lionize them.

(07/11/2021) Tucker Carlson Reads Viral Thread About “Why So Many People Believe The Election Was Rigged.”  If there were just one politician who declared that they believed that there was little or no fraud, but they want a forensic audit to prove it, I'd take the "no fraud" crowd more seriously.  But there is not a sing;e one.  They know very well there was massive fraud and they do not want it exposed.  Was it enough to swing the election?  They clearly think so or they would not be so desperate in their opposition to forensic audits (as opposed to recounts, which simply recount fraudulent as well as legal ballots).

(07/10/2021) Vice News Attack On Tucker Shows The Left Has No Principles When Conservatives Are Spied On.  I'll settle for saying that taxpayers have a right to know how their taxpayer dollars are being used.  Read the article to see how this relates to the headline.

(07/09/2021) Higher Education's Diversity Problem.  If you look at donations to democrats as liberal, and donations to Republicans as conservative, Economics is the most conservative academic department, with conservatives outnumbered by liberals merely 17 to 1 as opposed to 244 to 1 in English.  Do not think for a moment that this is not deliberate.  The left overwhelmingly dominates higher education and they hire, not just faculty but administrators, to ensure that their dominance grows.  And we, the much more conservative taxpayers, subsidize all this to the tune of billions of dollars, year after year.  We don't need to just defund NPR, we need to defund higher education - let them stand on their own two feet.  And tax those endowments!  To be blunt, they cannot survive as far left institutions of indoctrination without the taxpayer.  They will have to reform or die.

(07/02/2021) Elizabeth Warren Condemns Filibuster, But She Used It to Block a Bill Stopping Infanticide.  The Democrats are against everything that can be used against them.  They are also in favor of everything they can use against Republicans.  Even when they are the same thing!  You'd think this would cause cognitive dissonance, but a certain level of integrity is required for that.  The fundamental problem is that conservatives point out Democrat hypocrisy, lies and misrepresentations.  But doing so has little effect because the Democrats do not care if they are hypocrits who lie and misrepresent.  Such criticisms are water off a duck, as far as they are concerned.

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