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Free Speech or Not?


Jan '21 - Jun '21

(06/23/2021) Democrat Says the Quiet Part Out Loud. Their Election Bill Isn't a Reform, It's a Means for Them to Grab Power Forever.  What is horrifying is that they believe that they are fully justified is running the country even if a significant majority disagree.  I don't believe the Democrats will ever do anything that they do not believe benefits them politically.  Fair elections do not and they will never support that.

(06/20/2021) Our Feckless State Department Is an Embarrassment.  I'll try to be tactful.  Bureaucracies are full of people who care much more about the "process" than about human lives. 

(06/10/2021) Democrat state senator in Connecticut proposes bill to force people to vote.  Democrats are fairly certain that low information voters - voters that know almost nothing about either the issues or the candidates - are more likely to vote Democrat if forced.  Of course they favor making voting mandatory.  I feel that if you consider voting to be more trouble than it is worth, then you definitely should not vote!

(06/10/2021) Second Staffer To Senate Democrat Sentenced To Federal Prison For Plot Against Republicans.  As a former Leftie, I know that people on the left are so persuaded of the "rightness" of their cause, that any and all tactics are fully justified.  That includes minimizing or suppressing news like this.

(06/05/2021) A Stranger in a Strange Land: A Modest Compendium of Recent Assaults on the Laws and Traditions of our Nation.  Okay, it is pretty depressing.  The question is, are we going to sit around and be depressed or are we going to start doing something about it?  One man, even Donald Trump, can't fix things by himself.  But millions, doing what they can (as opposed to sitting is a deep blue funk) can do a great deal.  Suggestions welcome.

(06/05/2021) Left-Wing Catholic Paper Accuses U.S. Bishops of Worshiping at ‘MAGA Church.’  That is, worshiping Donald Trump rather than Jesus Christ.  It would certainly be interesting if they could come up with a single example, but of course they can't.  They'll settle for claiming that being a strong supporter of Trump qualifies as "worshiping."

(06/04/2021) ‘Get The Hell Out!’: MSNBC Host Says Anyone Questioning 2020 Election Should Be Replaced By Immigrants.  It should be noted that for the MSM and the Democrats, reporting on possible election fraud qualifies as "fake news." There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of sworn affidavits reporting abnormalities.  And the claims that all courts have ruled that there was no fraud is itself fake news because all the rulings have been based on standing, not evidence.  Now,of course, some states are investigating and some judges are getting involved. And the Democrats and their flunkies are in a panic.  It doesn't give you a lot of confidence in their assurances that there was no fraud, does it?

(05/31/2021) Kamala Harris’ Tardy Notice of Memorial Day Highlights What We All Know About the Democrat Base.  And it isn't good.

(05/31/2021) Biden Says Illegal Immigrants are ‘What the American Dream Represents.’  Actually, it is legal immigrants that represent the American Dream.

(05/29/2021) Dems Admit COVID Rhetoric Backfired, Media Scrambles To Fix. Could Cost Them Mid-Terms & Much MORE!  From a political perspective they are certainly trying to fix their mess.  From the perspective of fixing things for the good of the country, not so much.

(05/28/2021) Converting Democracy into Tyranny.  We are certainly working hard at it.

(05/28/2021) Republicans Keep Making Completely Unforced Errors So The Media Will Like Them.  This is a common mistake that many make.  Compromise your principles with the mistaken belief that you will gain favor with your enemies.  You will definitely lose respect and it is very doubtful that you will gain any favors, either.  Republicans need to understand that the rulebook they are playing with is nothing like the one the Democrats use.

(05/27/2021) The border joke may be on the Democrats.  One can always hope.

(05/27/2021) MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and the Democrats Are Frightened to Death of the Election Audit “Freight Train” Coming Down the Tracks.  The Democrats have gotten used to getting their way pretty much all the time.  Let us pray that this is starting to change.

(05/22/2021) Tired of the Battle? Don’t You Dare Give Your Opponents That Victory.  We are involved in battles that shouldn't even exist - and wouldn't have, some years ago.  But giving up is surrender and that is just what the enemy is counting on.

(05/10/2021) Queen to Announce Voter ID Requirements in UK to Tackle Election Fraud.  So obvious that we need to do likewise.  Of course, that will only stop some of the fraud.  I'd say mandaorty jail time for fraud would help, and fraud should include election officials ignoring their state's election laws.  A lot of that happened in 2020 and as far as I know, none suffered any consequences.  But when fruad is in the interests of one of our political parties, they will do everything in their power to ensure that it continues.  And so they are doing, including using the "justice" department to interfere with Arizona's fraud investigation.

(05/10/2021) Trouble ahead for Democrats?  One can always hope, but don't get cocky, kid.  Do not take it for granted, but work to see it happens!

(05/10/2021) Calling on Moderate Democrats.  While there may be a fair number of moderate Democrats, there are not very many moderate Democrat politicians.

(05/06/2021) Biden DOJ to Interfere with State of Arizona Forensic Audit of Maricopa County Ballots …Update: With DOJ Letter.  Note that they really have no authority here whatsoever.  But for four years all we heard was that Trump was a dictator.  Yet he never did anything that he did not have the constitutional authority to do (prove me wrong!).  The Biden administration, on the other hand, ....

(05/05/2021) Watch Jen Psaki Lie About the Border.  You thought the border situation was getting better under Trump and got worse only after the Biden administration made clear that they would reverse many of Trump's border policies and welcome more "immigrants."  Silly you.  The situation is terrible because of Trump!  Biden is just trying to clean up the mess that Trump left behind.

(05/05/2021) Biden Administration Denies Permit To Veteran Motorcycle Group For Memorial Day Event In DC.  This is a charity event and they've been doing it for many years.  One problem.  The participants tend to be conservative.  But no way could that have been a factor in denying permits, right?  The Biden administration would never sink so low, right?

(05/04/2021) FBI’s Failed Ron Johnson Set-Up A Case Study In How Agencies Use Corrupt Reporters To Peddle Lies, Hurt Their American Enemies.  I'm going to be tactful in how I say this.  Wait!  No I'm not. The Democrats and the Left have weaponized almost all (all?) federal agencies to be their instruments.  Trump had to go because this was starting to be exposed.  And that is why the 2020 election was full of fraud and that is why the federal government did nothing about it - much of said government was complicit.  Am I exaggerating?  not likely.

(05/02/2021) Biden Says Trump to Blame For Border Crisis Because He Wouldn't Share Info During Transition...Or Something.  Sometimes others really are to blame.  Such is not the case here.  One of the worst traits of politicians is to never take responsibility for their mistakes.  Which is one of the reasons we are in such a mess today. 

(04/30/2021) Our garbage media at work.  This is in regard to the speech by President Biden and the GOP response by Sen. Tim Scott.  I'll just say that they could have written / recorded their responses before either speech except they might have waited to add a little color with a quote or two. 

(04/30/2021) Juan Williams Of FOX News Claims Riots And Fires In American Cities Over Last Year Didn’t Happen.  The narrative is more important than reality for the Left. 

(04/30/2021) Republicans Call for Investigation Into Newly Confirmed Vanita Gupta.  Well, she lied multiple times under oath during her confirmation hearings.  No biggie.  Democrats consider lying to advance their cause to be a positive, not a negative.

(04/27/2021) Liberal Media FREAKS OUT Over New ‘America First’ News.  This would be the new America First Caucus in Congress.  You would think that our government would consider doing what is best for Americans to be their top priority.  You would be wrong.

(04/24/2021) Biden is making the Trump presidency seem like a golden age of unity.  For Democrats unity means falling into line with them.  If you refuse, you are the problem.

(04/23/2021) PBS Falsely Dubs Pro-America John Birch Society “Anti-government.”  More generally, many on the left set up a strawman which they then proceed to demolish.  The strawman?  The those who believe is less government believe in no government. 

(04/19/2021) The Joe Biden Who Never Was.  Good read.

(04/11/2021) Identity Politics Is Destroying America.  What is horrifying is that advocates (apparently) genuinely believe that people are defined by their identity rather than by their actions and their character.  I can't discount the possibility that some are merely using this solely for political / power purposes.  But whatever the motivation, the result is the same: destroying the greatest and most successful experiment in liberty and freedom ever.

(04/08/2021) This Joe Biden ‘Lesson’ for Leftists Is So Bad, I Hope It Goes Viral.  The lesson that Joe has taught is that it is a positive good to lie, cheat and steal your way into power.  If you are a Leftie. I'm not sure going viral would be a good thing because most on the Left agree 100%

(04/08/2021) Joe Biden: ‘No Amendment to the Constitution Is Absolute.’ 

(04/08/2021) Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Finally In the News.  Well it is safe now.  Even with the fraud, if that had been big news back in October, Trump likely would have won.

(04/06/2021) Poll: Overwhelming Majority Support Voter ID, Disagree with MLB’s Georgia Boycott.  How can this be?  I have been assured by the experts and opinion leaders that this cannot be the case.

(04/06/2021) Shapes of Things (29).  This focuses on the fact that to question the integrity of the 2020 election has been deemed "misinformation" and is actively being censored.  There is a lot of evidence of fraud, but apparently you are "spreading lies" if you say so.  With the wholesale abandonment of truth, facts and reality, we are slipping into extremely dangerous times.

(04/03/2021) ‘Pure political advocacy’: CBS News should just change their name to DNCBS Propaganda and get it over with.  To be fair, they have been doing this for a long time.  It's just that they used to be less blatant.

(04/03/2021) Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe Says US Capitol Attack by Black Muslim is “One of the Results” of January 6th.  In other words, the Left is never, never responsible for any of the awful things they do.  The Right is responsible for everything bad, the Left for everything good.  It is going to be very difficult to find counter examples in the MSM.

(04/02/2021) Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to Arizona Senate – You Cannot Do Your Audit Here at the Tabulation Center – Where Do You Want the Ballots Delivered?  Why would honest people not want a fair and transparent audit that would surely affirm their honesty?  Answer: they would want such an audit.  Conclusion - Maricopa country engaged in election hanky-panky, possibly enough to overturn the official election results. 

(04/02/2021) Associated Press Tells Reporters to Avoid Using “Crisis” and “Invasion” to Describe Border Crisis.  Can anyone make the case that the MSM is not trying to manipulate public thinking and attitudes by means of lying, deceit, misrepresentation, and more?  These are all Satan's tools, and the are eagerly making use of them.

(04/01/2021) Biden plans to connect every American to broadband in new infrastructure package.  Actually, this is happening anyway at no cost to the taxpayer.  The government merely wants more control / power, and the ability to funnel vast sums of taxpayer money to the "well connected."

(03/31/2021) Delta CEO Ed Bastian proclaims Georgia election law ‘unacceptable’ (what kind of racist monsters would require black people to show ID?)  A lot of people with power and influence are working hard to ensure that our elections are full of fraud and that their guys win as a result.  All the while proclaiming that ensuring one man one vote by legal voters amounts to "suppression."

(03/27/2021) Democrats Call Filibuster Racist – But They Used It Over 300 Times Last Year.  And the GOP used it once.  The filibuster predates civil rights legislation.  And consider who did use it to block civil rights legislation: Democrats!  But our media is happy to peddle the Democrat party line.  And low information voters absorb it and vote accordingly.

(03/26/2021) De Blasio Ordering NYPD to “Confront” People Accused of “Hurtful” Behavior.  Who gets to decide what qualifies as "hurtful?"  According to the Left, saying that a biological male is a male qualifies as "hurtful" while declaring anyone who says that is a "bigot" and a "hater" is not. 

(03/26/2021) Biden Had Cheat Sheets that Included Photos of Reporters to Identify Them — It Was This Bad!  But the Washington Post (I believe) has drunk the Kool-Aid, declaring that this merely meant that Biden was well prepared. Here is more: Biden lies, and the media doesn’t question it.  The explanation is simple: For the Democrats, the MSM, academia and the Left in general, facts and reality do not define what is true and what is a lie.  Only the progressive narrative does that.  According to the narrative, Biden is truthful and Trump is a liar.  Simple, no?  More: The Pro-Biden Press Corps Is Deeply Embarrassing

(03/24/2021) The ‘Religious Privilege’ of Leftism.  "Islam is a political system disguised as a religion, and leftism is a religion disguised as a political system."  I agree 100%.

(03/23/2021) Political Rhetoric Has Reached New Lows.  It isn't all from the Left, but it definitely trends Left.

(03/22/2021) House rejects Democratic push to let 16-year-olds vote.  I'd be more inclined to raise the voting age to 25.

(03/18/2021) Hope for bipartisanship is dead. And Joe Biden killed it.  I can't speak for those on the Left, but did anyone on the Right believe Biden when he called for unity and bi-partisanship?  I doubt it.  But how many low information voters believed it and voted on that basis?  Just asking.

(03/17/2021) No Apologies From the Media or Democrats For the ‘Find the Fraud’ Lie About Trump.  Why in the world would they apologize?  They knew exactly what they were doing and they succeeded - throwing control of the Senate to the Democrats.  For the Left, lying, cheating and stealing are all positive goods if employed to further their cause.

(03/17/2021) Guam National Guard Chief: Our Soldiers Are “Non-Partisan” Despite Marching In Protest On Republican Rep’s Office.  For Democrats and the Left, "non-partisan" means conforming to their will.  Partisan means opposing their will. 

(03/17/2021) NYT interviewed Josh Hawley's middle school principal, high school prom date for recent hit piece.  When they have to go back that far, you know they really cannot find anything of substance.  The trouble is, this kind of stuff does have an impact.  And they know it.  And that is why they do it. 

(03/16/2021) Judge Rules MI Sec. of State Benson Directed City Clerks to Ignore Signature Matching Law on Absentee Ballots in Nov. 2020 Election.  We can safely say that in multiple key states, election law was ignored or "changed" illegally.  All to make it easy for fraudulent votes to be counted.  What party made most of the changes?  And what party benefited by them? But according to our "betters," even to question the election results is unconstitutional.

(03/16/2021) A politicized US military should horrify all Americans.  Well, we have it.  The question is, are we going to put a stop to it?

(03/16/2021) The Pentagon versus Tucker Carlson.  Carlson is winning, but note that - unlike under President Trump - the military is now getting involved in supporting left-wing politics.  There will be no cries of outrage from the media.  More: The U.S. Military Just Became A Political Attack Machine Against Joe Biden’s Opponents. 

(03/16/2021) Texas judge and three others arrested on 150 counts of voter fraud.  There must be some mistake.  We have been assured over and over that there is no voter fraud.

(03/13/2021) Biden ripped on COVID: 'Most disgusting, propagandistic speech ever.'  Not possible.  I was assured by the media that it was the most encouraging, uplifting, unifying speech ever.

(03/11/2021) Embarrassing excuse offered for Biden’s vanishing State of the Union Address.  Of course we know why.  A lot of people will watch and they cannot help but notice that they "elected" (I'm still not convinced) a senile old fool. 

(03/10/2021) 15 Insane Things In Democrats’ H.R. 1 Bill To Corrupt Elections Forever.  This is literally a bill to institutionalize election fraud - fraud that favors Democrats over 90% of the time. Just because we on the Right don't do these things doesn't mean we have to roll over and let the Democrats get away with doing them.

(03/04/2021) 20 Attorneys General Deem H.R. 1 Unconstitutional: It Sets ‘Alarming Mandates.’  Of course it is unconstitutional, and it will make fraud (by Democrats) much easier.  But when did that ever stop the Democrats?  And when did liberal judges ever stand up for the Constitution?

(03/04/2021) Two Paterson City Council Democrats Indicted on Voter Fraud Charges After Using Mail-In Ballots to Steal Election.  The next talking point will be that this only happens in local elections.

(03/02/2021) Disgraceful lies that keep on giving.  The problem is, no matter how overwhelming the evidence disproving these lies, politicians and media figures continue to peddle them, and plenty accept them as gospel.  Even when the counter evidence is presented.  These lies serve the interests of the Democrat Party and the Democrats will never disavow them.

(02/26/2021) Jen Psaki’s History Comes Back To Bite Her – She’s Done.  Sadly, she is not "done." Promote the fake Russian hoax?  Has anyone been punished for that?  Despite spending a fortune investigating and finding nothing, a majority of Democrats still believe it.  And insulting Trump supporters?  Trump supporters - and dealing with them - is the top priority of Democrat voters, according to a survey - outpacing, "white privilege" and systemic racism and all other issues.  Nope, Jen Psaki just reflects Democrat values.  She isn't doing anything to promote the unity that Biden has declared himself in favor of, you say?  Did anyone take that seriously?

(02/25/2021) Conservatives Need to Start Taking No Prisoners and Claiming Scalps.  Yes, we do.  All of us.  It would be nice if more of our elected "leaders" chose to do the same.

(02/25/2021) Will a Hard-Left Turn Lead to Pushback?  Who knows?  The problem is that this "hard-left turn" was not only predictable, but it was predicted by many on the Right.  None of us are surprised by it.  But the media did their job, pretending that Biden is a moderate.  They called Harris moderate, as well, even though she had the most, bar none, left-wing voting record in the Senate!  And they are not going to stop pretending that is still the case.  As our federal government continues to implement a far left agenda, the media will pretend it is all middle of the road.  Alas, far too many Republicans who should be fighting this tooth and nail (what else did we elect them for?) will do little to stop this.

(02/20/2021) Biden's spite against Trump is going to come back to bite him.  The Democrats have always assumed that, despite all the horrible pejoratives they assign to conservatives, the conservatives will be nice and not treat the Dems like Dems treat conservatives. That could change as they sink lower and lower and get nastier and nastier.

(02/20/2021) Comey Calls For The Republican Party To Be “Burned Down.”  How sweet. 

(02/19/2021) Unity Watch: Democrats Introduce a Bill to Punish Trump When He Dies.  The Democrats preach unity, yet everything - everything - they are doing is divisive. When they say "unity" they really mean conformity - conforming to their agenda.  Or else.  If you do not, you will be punished. It is hard to believe they can be as petty as this, but they are.  Nothing is too low.

(02/17/2021) Democrats rely on myth to defend their unwillingness to compromise.  For Democrats, "compromise" means conservatives yielding to Democrat demands.  Sort of like "unity" means abandoning the conservative side and going over to the Left.

(02/17/2021) Democrats edit impeachment video to conveniently exclude Trump's call to protest ‘peacefully.'  In a court of law, most judges - even liberal ones - would have a real problem with this.  But this wasn't the full extent of the Democrats doctoring evidence.  The problem is that we have rejected many biblical values that used to be generally accepted.  And that includes good character and honesty.  Many, especially on the Left, really do believe that the ends justify the means.  Using Satan's tools for what they imagine to be their perfect ends, is justified.  I still wonder how many of them really believe the purity of their ends.  For many (most?) is is really just an excuse to justify their lust for power and control (and wealth?).

(02/16/2021) Fires and Fabrications, Winning and Losing: The Impeachment Aftermath. Okay, I am going to be kind to progressives and Democrats.  Rather than say that they have sold their souls to Satan in return for power, I'll just say that they have fallen under the spell of Satan.  Read the article to see why I say this.

(02/16/2021) Legislation In South Dakota Seeks To Nullify Biden Executive Orders.  The Constitution places limits on what the federal government can do (enumerated powers).  And the federal government - including the courts - has long since overstepped the restrictions the Constitution places on them.  What South Dakota is doing via legislation is something that should not even require legislation.  The Constitution does not give the feds the power to overstep the limits imposed by the Constitution - though the states may.  If a state wants to go beyond the US Constitution, they may as long as their state constitution permits it.  But they are under no obligation to obey unconstitutional actions imposed by executive order or by Congress.  Of course, despite Trump's many judicial appointments, our courts are full of activist judges who are happy to permit unconstitutional orders and bills.  We still have a long, difficult row to hoe if we hope to get this country back on the track our founders intended.

(02/16/2021) Dem lawmaker pushes bill to force citizens to vote, would impose fines or community service for anyone who doesn't have a good excuse for skipping out.  Democrats are well aware that the most ignorant and least informed citizens are less likely to vote, but if forced, are more likely to vote for Democrats because the media, academia and pretty much all our institutions are telling them to do just that - otherwise they are a bad person.  For similar reasons, they are advocating lowering the voting age to 16.  Forcing people to vote if they do not want to is tyranny.  But just as the Democrats call any measure to ensure an honest election "voter suppression," they will wrap up this awful proposal in pretty ribbons and try to cram it down our throats. 

(02/15/2021) 'That's Not Enough for You?!' Trump Attorney Goes Apoplectic on 'Slanted Media' With Clueless CBS Interviewer.  CBS apparently thinks that falsifying evidence is no biggie.  I've said it before and I'll keep saying it.  If you have to lie to make your case, you have no case to make.

(02/15/2021) Axios gets caught running interference for Kamala Harris after she lies about ‘starting from scratch’ on national COVID19 strategy.  Just face it.  For our experts and elites and media, truth is no longer a value. 

(02/15/2021) Cuomo Administration Hid Nursing Home Deaths to Keep Feds in the Dark.  Their excuse?  Trump.  It is standard operating procedure for the MSM.  What is?  When the Democrats screw up, the story is how those nasty conservatives are taking advantage of it, not the fact that the Democrats screwed up big time.

(02/13/2021) “They’ve Won!” – Harvard Law Professor Cheers Trump Legal Team After Friday Beatdown.  Well, it should have taken any effort to see that the mantra of "insurrection" was / is total nonsense.  But note.  Many still accept that when Democrats say "fight" in the context of rioting and arson, it is perfectly okay, and when Trump says "fight" clearly metaphorically, it is insurrection.  And also take note: the chances are that in spite of their false and manipulated "evidence," it is likely that every single Democrat in the Senate will vote to convict Trump.  "Unity?"  Yeah, right.

(02/11/2021) In a Just World Democrats Would Pay for Impeachment Lies.  And the lies are plentiful and are easily prove as lies.  Do the Democrats actually believe them or do they just cynically believe they can sucker others into believing them?  Neither speaks well of them.

(02/08/2021) Our Animal Farm.  Everything about the novel has played out in real life.  Unless there are constraints built into the system, all governments will tend to totalitarianism.  Our constitutional constraints have been steadily eroded over the last few decades.  And to be blunt, the Democrats see the possibility of permanent control within their grasp.  They are willing to use any  and all methods to achieve this objective.  It doesn't matter if it is unconstitutional.  It doesn't matter if their methods are totally antithetical to everything America has stood for.  It doesn't matter that the lives of innocent people are destroyed.  It is all for our own good, don't you see?  Unless we stop this, it is going to lead exactly where Animal Farm went.

(02/08/2021) Why are the Democrats Acting So Guilty?  Which is why I think they are guilty. Is there any aspect of their behavior that is indicative of innocence? The innocent demand investigation because they know it will confirm their innocence.  

(02/07/2021) Study: Support for Socialism Sinks After 2020 Election, Hits Lowest Level in Years.  Yet we just put the party that pushes socialism in total charge of the executive and legislative branches of government? 

(02/05/2021) Democrats Introduce Bill To ‘Massively Expand’ Mail-In Voting.  Natch.  This is almost certainly unconstitutional since states are supposed to determine how elections are to be handled.  But liberal judges have been ignoring the Constitution for years.  It is never a good idea for conservatives to expect the judicial system to limit Democrat overreach.

(02/02/2021) The Biggest and Nastiest White House Liar – Ever.  That would be the current occupant.  And we are just getting started.  And the MSM will ignore because it is all in a good cause - their cause.

(02/02/2021) New Detailed Inventory on Election Fraud in the 2020 Election by Deroy Murdock Provides Strong Evidence on President Trump’s Performance in All the Swing States and Overall Race.  It is pretty clear that nothing will be done regarding the 2020 election, even if fraud is investigated to a degree that shows that it may have changed the election results.  But we cannot let massive fraud become the norm.  The Democrats will try to institutionalize fraud and we have to fight it.  We were not prepared for the extremes the Democrats would go to in 2020.  We better not be unprepared in 2022.  And part of that is speak up when the mantra is repeated that there is no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election.  There is plenty and some have already been charged.

(02/02/2021) Pissed off reporters spill the beans on Biden communications staff probing for questions BEFORE Jen Psaki pressers.  Even so, she has to "circle back" on all tough questions, yet somehow never completes the circle.  Can you imagine if the Trump communications team had done this?

(01/30/2021) STUNNING HYPOCRISY: Democrats Furious When Anti-Trump Maxine Waters Quote Is Turned On Them.  Democrats hate it when their hypocrisy is exposed, but here is the thing: they refuse to do anything about said hypocrisy.  They will continue to attack those on the Right for espousing violence, even though they have to resort to dog whistles and the like to find it.  And they will continue to ignore explicit calls for violence - and actual violence - from their own side.  They cannot help but be perfectly aware of their own hypocrisy.  They just don't like others to be made aware of it.

(01/29/2021) Here’s The Full List Of Every Lie Joe Biden Has Told As President.  I doubt the list is complete.  Not that it matters because Democrats don't really lie - they misspeak, are taken out of context or we simply misunderstood.

(01/27/2021) FLASHBACK: Biden Said You Don't Legislate by Executive Order 'Unless You're a Dictator.'  Well, to be fair, that was then and this is now.

(01/27/2021) The Most Important Question About the 2020 Election.  Denis Prager points out that if the Democrats believe (or pretend to believe) the lies they have said about Donald Trump, then they would consider themselves morally obligated to cheat in order to prevent his re-election.  And I believe that is exactly what happened.

(01/27/2021)  Jovan Pulitzer on Individuals Saying This was the Most Secure Election in History – “If It Was It’d Be Very Transparent” – And It’s Not.  That is putting it mildly.  If it was so secure, why  not investigate the "unusual" occurrences, including both obvious fraud and not so obvious possible fraud?  No, the "most secure election" tripe is nothing but a coverup to get critics to shut up.  And certainly critics are being shut up by the media.  Another reason to suspect that the election was not exactly on the up and up.

(01/25/2021) Democrats Announce Trump Impeachment Trial Will Start February 8th — GOP Senators May Ask for a Secret Ballot to Hide Their Vote from Constituents.  We really are approaching banana republic status.  Trump was impeached without even a hearing.  This is all part of the effort of the Democrats to silence all opposition.  Don't despair.  Seek God's wisdom and guidance and do it.  This is not the time to withdraw.

(01/17/2021) Homeland Security Committee Chair Wants GOP Senators Ted Cruz And Josh Hawley On Federal No-Fly List.  Shucks, that's nothing - some want to expel them from the Senate.  We are treading in very dangerous territory today.

(01/16/2021) Woods File gone missing.  What a surprise.  Is it any wonder that so many believe in a Deep State that protects its own?

(01/14/2021) Here’s the incendiary quote from President Trump’s speech that made it into the impeachment article.  In short, there is no there there.  But they did it anyway because that is what Democrats do.

(01/14/2021) McCabe Says Trump’s Message Demanding Peace and Denouncing Violence is Actually “Coded Language” and a “Dog Whistle” to His Base to Fight.  The Left is expert at hearing dog whistles.  Funny how all the dogs are on the Left since none of us the right hear them.

(01/14/2021) Democrats Changed House Rules So They Could Smear President Trump Repeatedly During Impeachment Sham as a Racist and “White Supremacist-in-Chief.”  Par for the course, I suppose.

(01/14/2021) Can We Fight the Deep State, the Hive Mind, That Rules Us?  I believe we can.  But don't expect others to do all the work!  Drop Facebook, drop Twitter, stop using Google.  Don't keep silent, sign petitions, join protests.  And don't keep silent when at Democrat friend says things that are demonstratively untrue.  And turn to God and pray, pray, pray.  To truly save America, we must revive America.

(01/13/2021) GOP: Who Do You Trust?  To be blunt, the GOP deserves little trust.  It took Trump to actually do what the GOP establishment has been promising for decades.  And the GOPe seems quite thrilled to be rid of Trump.  Not all of them, and it may not turn out to be the case that they "got rid of Trump."  I'll be blunt.  The GOP has taken my vote for granted, but until Trump came along, they did nothing to earn my vote.  And it looks like most are content to go back to their old ways.

(01/11/2021) Democrats Are Drafting Legislation to Criminalize Trump Rallies — Classify Them as “Domestic Terrorism.”  Can this be true?  I fear it is.  Those on the Left have always been totalitarians at heart.  Having (possibly) stolen the election through fraud, and with the MSM, academia, social media, entertainment and even pro sports cheering them on, they see today as their opportunity to shut down any who oppose them.  This should be a wake-up call for those who are still asleep.  I pray that it will be; I fear that far to many are just going to hit the snooze button.  Here is more: Democrats to Censure Mo Brooks and Louie Gohmert in Coming Days for Challenging Election Fraud and Blaming Riots on Them.  They feel they are in total control and can do whatever they wish to destroy the opposition - and that would be us.  Did I say pro sports?  ‘They Have No Right’: Trump Organization Fires Back After PGA Championship Cancellation.  The PGA is breaking a binding contract.  But never imagine that they can't find a court to allow them to do it.  I am beginning to see why the Democrats and their allies were willing to do whatever it took to "win" the election.  Without their figurehead in the White House they would never dare do what they are doing.

(01/10/2021) Former CIA Director John Brennan Calls for Mao-Like Public Humiliation Sessions for Trump Supporters Before They Are Accepted Back into Society.  Yet another reason why I believe that the only thing that can save our country is the intervention of God.  John Brennan isn't alone in this kind of thinking.

(01/10/2021) Dennis Prager: “There Is No Example of the Left Having Power and Not Suppressing Speech – Free Speech Is Its Dire Enemy.”  There are plenty on the Left that are not only calling for the suppression of conservative speech, they are actively doing it.  Can you find a single example of people on the right calling for the suppression of left-wing speech?  The left actually calls conservative speech "violence," and actual left-wing violence they call "speech."  Can you get any more Orwellian than that?

(01/09/2021) The All-Out Assault on Conservative Thought Has Just Begun.  It has been underway for some time, but it is definitely getting worse and that will accelerate.  We are no longer a country where we simply have differences of opinion as how to achieve common objectives - reducing poverty, improving education, etc.  We are divided into those who believe in the principles that America was founded on and adhere to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  And we have those that want to junk all that for something - it isn't clear what - and  are willing to use all the totalitarian tactics that we used to collectively scoff at: rewriting history, censorship, the big lie and more are part of their arsenal.

(01/08/2021) ABC News Political Director Calls for 'Cleansing' of Trump Supporters.  This is what they think of you as a Trump supporter.  I suspect it gets worse if you are a Christian Trump supporter. 

(01/08/2021)  Prayer, Rallies and Riots: What One Pastor Experienced on the Ground in DC.  I have to note that plenty of people on the Right have condemned the violence in DC.  But when it came to riots and looting and arson that occurred all over the country by the antifa crowd, nary a voice was raised from Left condemning it - not from Democrats, not from the media.  Quite the contrary - they justified and supported it!  Final note - Trump has condemned this, as well, but it is ignored or downplayed as "not enough" because the narrative is that Trump is totally to blame.

(01/05/2021) Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Confirms Mail-In Ballots Were Received with Votes Already Filled In By Machine.  Is this true?  I have no idea.  Should it be investigated?  Yes.  If it isn't that make it all the more likely to either be true or believed to be true.  If the Democrats believe they won fair and square they would welcome any and all investigations to make their claims certain.  Why do they resist?  The answer is obvious.

(01/05/2021) Losing Would Be a Fitting Coda for the Feckless GOP Senate.  They certainly got judges approved, and that was important.  But their loyalty appears to be to the old, roll-over and play dead GOP than the new, revitalized GOP that Trump has inspired.  I don't want to lose the Senate, as the Democrats are far worse.  But at the same time, the GOP, as a whole, needs to learn that their old ways are no longer acceptable.

(01/04/2021) Democrats Prefer Intimidation, Rather Than Validation of the Election Results.  Does anyone actually believe that the Democrats would be screaming "no evidence of fraud" and opposing any investigation of fraud if they actually believed they won if only actual, legitimate votes are counted?  And right off the bat, some state's entire votes should be tossed out.  Why?  Because they violated their own election laws in running the election!!

(01/04/2021) A Practical Suggestion for Joe Biden If Unity Is Truly His Goal: Agree to the Emergency Election Audit.  True, but don't be absurd.  Unity is not his goal - or at least it is not the goal of his handlers.  Unity is something Democrats always claim to desire when they are in power, but only if it is 100% on their terms.  And certainly not if unity involves the risk of losing some of their power.

(01/04/2021) McConnell Blocks Initial $2,000 Stimulus Check Bill: Democrats ‘Quietly Changed’ What Trump Wanted To Give Money To Their Rich Friends.  What a surprise.  Actually, the Dems do this all the time and naturally the MSM goes with the Democrats' narrative.  What is so sad is that much of the conservative media goes along as well, without confirming.

(01/04/2021) Franklin Graham: If Progressives Rule, ‘We Won’t Even Recognize This Nation.’  This should be obvious.  That is their stated objective.  Why don't we take them at their word rather than pretend that they don't mean what they say?

(01/02/2021) Fraudulent Georgia Ballots Were Addressed to Elections Consultant Dwight Brower – The Same Guy Who Reported the Fake Water Main Break and Then Terminated Election Whistleblower.  I'll keep it simple.  If the Democrats, the MSM and the NeverTrumpers really believe that Biden genuinely won the election, they would not be objecting strenuously to any investigations of apparent voter fraud.  The fact is, they are terrified that investigations will show that fraud is what gave Biden the "majority" in a number of key states.

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