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What Makes America Great?

I am reserving this space for your comments and / or stories about what you think makes America great.  I'll start off.


Tom C: I believe that America's greatness lies in our founding as a nation and in our founding documents (see America's Foundation) and also in our rather unique circumstances, including location and the kind of people who were motivated to leave the old world and come to the new.  It is those circumstances, including the religious motivation of so many of our early settlers, that contribute to American exceptionalism - the fact that America is different and unique and simply can never be duplicated elsewhere.  I fear we have strayed far from our founding roots, where many of our fellow citizens wish to throw away all that makes America great and turn us back into just another European style country - the very thing most of our founders fled.  But I have hope and faith in God and I believe that America can return to its founding roots.  The key?  Revival in America


Alexis de Tocqueville had a lot to say about what makes America great.  Sadly, I should say "made" rather than "makes" since we have set aside much or even most of those qualities.  See for yourself.  Visit our page on Alexis de Toqueville quotes

Here’s Why America Is Still The Greatest Nation The World Has Ever Seen.  Great article by Allan Erickson.  Not that all the commenters agree.

Why do some immigrants appreciate America so much more than native born Americans?  Dinesh D'Souza is one such immigrant and has a lot to say about what makes America great.


What's Great About America - from 2006.


You will probably find this very amusing, but also very sad: D’Souza ‘What’s So Great About America?’ campus speech prompts protest, claims of ‘hateful rhetoric.’  Not adhering to the standard progressive narrative is typically described as 'hateful.'  


If you have the time, here is a debate between D'Souza and Bill Ayers.  Talk about two people with diametrically opposed views of America.

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