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Jan '21 - Jun '21

(06/11/2021) WaPo fact-checker notes there’s now ‘serious new reporting’ on previously debunked Trump claim of Wuhan lab leak.  Nothing like "fact checkers" who can be totally wrong, yet they self-justify explaining how they were justified in being wrong.  No they weren't.  Simple question.  When a new virus springs up in a city where there is a lab experimenting with deadly viruses, what is the logical first conclusion?  Only the willfully blind - or bribed - could conclude that there was no connection.

(06/03/2021) Fauci Was Informed of Hydroxychloroquine Success in Early 2020 But Lied to Public Instead Despite the Science #FauciEmails.  Of course, Fauci wasn't the only one.  HCQ was cheap and safe and of no risk if it were used and proved ineffective.  But Politicians and their cronies deliberately maligned it for political purposes.  Evil is the proper description.

(06/02/2021) Biden Kills Trump Order Honoring Hundreds In ‘Garden Of American Heroes’.  Petty. 

(06/01/2021) US Army to prioritize fight against climate change.  Oh goody.  As usual, the Democrats politicize everything, including the military.  So our military's prime objective now is to promote Democrat politics, not to defend our country, 

(06/01/2021) Fund the Police and Build the Wall: House Democrats Pass $1.9 Billion Capitol Security Bill.  Nice to know that our lawmakers are far more concerned with their own safety than with the safety of the people they represent.  This is rather ironic.  Not a single Republican voted for this bill, yet most of the places that suffered from last year's protest are represented by Democrats.  Draw your own conclusions.

(06/01/2021) Biden Imports Oil from Iran After Shutting Down Keystone Pipeline and Putting US Oil Workers Out of Work.  Good grief, we became energy independent under Trump and now we are deliberately returning to dependence on our enemies.  This is sheer insanity.  The article calls it evil and I have to agree.

(05/30/2021) ACLU Corruption Revealed.  I would not be surprised if a majority of non-profits have degenerated from focusing on a cuase to focusing on themselves. 

(05/29/2021) Is Jen Psaki Really This Clueless on Gas Prices?  No, but she is hoping you are. 

(05/29/2021) The Israel Defense Forces carried out a deadly bait-and-switch.  They made use of the MSM to carry disinformation.  Trump knew how to manipulate a media thta was hostile to him.  Israel does the same.  Too bad most of the GOP doesn't have a clue.

(05/21/2021) AOC Falsely Accuses McDonald’s Corp., Then Makes an Impossible Demand.  She lies when she says that McDonald's claims it is raising the minimum wages for all McDonald's workers when the fact is they are only raising the wage for workers in company-owned stores.  Actually, McDonald's makes that 100% clear in the very first line of their press release.  And then AOC demands that McD's raise the wages for employees in franchises.  They have no power to do that. But this highlights one of the tendencies of the Left - to demand of others that which they have no power to do, and then, if possible, punish them for not doing that which they can't.

(05/16/2021) The Washington Post’s Hit Piece On Josh Hawley Is Really A Hit Piece On All Conservatives.  True.

(05/15/2021) Space Force Unit C.O. Relieved of Duty for Criticizing Marxism in the Military.  Why do I suspect that praising Marxism would not be a problem?

(05/15/2021) FBI Quietly Acknowledges That Brutal 2017 Baseball Field Attack Was Actually ‘Domestic Terrorism.’  So why didn't they so label it in the first place?  Could it be that the FBI has been fully politicized by the Democrats?

(05/14/2021) California Art Assignment Depicts Trump with KKK Hood.  Sheesh.

(05/14/2021) Biden's Fake Photos Of Empty Migrant Facility Are SLAMMED By Texas Democrat.  Move the kids out, take pictures, problem solved.

(05/12/2021) ‘Inflation is good now’: Reuters spins consumer price jump as only the Biden-friendly media can.  Don't you see?  The only reason prices are soaring is because Biden has given us a booming economy!  Why do I suspect that the spin would take a 180 if Trump or another Republican were in office?

(05/12/2021) Twitter has banned Trump, but permits celebration of attacks on Israel.  Just face it, Twitter (and Facebook and Google and ...) has an agenda and they are going to do everything they can to push that agenda and to suppress those that don't buy in to it.  Either they are a publisher, in which case they can choose what to "publish" but can also be held liable for what they publish. Or they are a common carrier and cannot be selective but also cannot be held liable.  Right now they have the best of both worlds.  That should be changed - let them make their choice, one or the other.  Naturally, the Democrats will not go along since the social media agenda corresponds to their own.  Which is one of the many, many reasons the Democrats needs to be voted out of power.

(05/09/2021) MSNBC Guest Matthew Dowd: Cancel All Conservatives From TV Because They’re “Insane.”  Those on the left feel perfectly justified in silencing those that disagree with them.  What is the problem?  If their ideas are so good, can't they win an open debate?  Answer: no.  Yet they are still true believers and true believers don't want to defend their views, they wish to be dictators.  Prove me wrong.

(05/08/2021) Fake News Still Gaslighting America with Phony Polls.  There is a book on How to Lie With Statistics.  very handy because there is a whole lot of lying going on and it is valuable to be able to recognize those lies, especially when supposedly backed by numbers.

(05/07/2021) Simon & Schuster employees demand no book deals with former Trump officials.  Now can you imagine the shape our country would be in in these kinds of people were running the show?  My bad.  They started running the show in January.  We now have higher prices, a terrible jobs report, a border crisis and more.  What is the administration's response?  All Trump's fault - we have to clean up the mess he left.  What mess?  It only got messy after he left!

(05/05/2021) 60 Years Ago, Alan Shepard Became The First American In Space.  America still does many things well.  But we no longer tend to do the "great" things.  I'll argue that environmentalism is a big reason for this.

(05/05/2021) JUST IN: Biden Goes Off the Rails… Makes CRAZY Claim.  Nothing unusual about Biden going off the rails.  Apparently "we the people" means "we the government."

(04/30/2021) Seasonal Lockdowns!? Biden COVID Adviser Already Canceling Christmas, Says No Holiday Parties ‘For A Number Of Years.’  The Left relishes power and control.  All for your own good, of course.  So they say.

(04/29/2021) US Postal Service is secretly keeping tabs on Americans' social media posts as part of 'covert operations program.'  The Democrats really are weaponizing pretty much every federal agency - to attack conservatives.

(04/28/2021) USA Today Allowed Stacey Abrams To Edit Column On Georgia Boycotts That Made Her Look Bad.  She wrote an op-ed that, due to subsequent events, made her look bad.  So naturally they allowed the op-ed to be changed so she did not look bad.  When caught, they merely claimed they should have added a note that it had been edited.  No.  You don't change opinion pieces after the fact to make the opiner look better.  If they wish to write a new piece indicating their change of heart and explaining why, fine.  But pretending they were "right" all along is just plain wrong.

(04/25/2021) Smarter-Than-You NYT Award-Winning Columnist Says Antifa and BLM Riots Were a Right-Wing Fever Dream.  First rule for being a Democrat / Leftie: Never take responsibility for anything bad - always blame such things on those that disagree with you.  Prove me wrong.

(04/25/2021) Scientists are Creating Embryos With Both Human and Monkey Cells in Shocking Experiments.  Ethical?  No problem: “It’s aimed at lofty humanitarian goals.”  It is remarkable what people are able to justify in their own minds, especially when they claim "lofty humanitarian goals." 

(04/24/2021) Police officer killed teen but truth died, too.  To be fair, when it comes to our media, truth died some time ago.

(04/18/2021) Liberals melt down after Mike Rowe outlines the downside to raising minimum wage.  Is it not amazing how people want to silence the truth simply because they don't want it to be true - even when it obviously is.  Note that his critics attack him rather than argue that what he says isn't true.

(04/18/2021) Immigration and the Essential Cravenness of Joe Biden.  This is nothing new.  Biden takes what appears to be a principled stand and caves at the first push back - even when his initial position was favored by a majority.  He has done this his entire political career.  And probably before.

(04/17/2021) American Fascism.  It may not be knocking at your door, yet.  But if we don't start fighting back now, fascism won't bother to knock.

(04/15/2021) Kamala Harris Blames “Climate” for Historic Migrant Surge on the US Border — NOT Joe Biden’s Open Border Policies.  But this is the trend.  Never accept responsibility for something you are in the best position to do something about - because then people expect you to actually make things better.  Blame others and demand things that you desire but have nothing to do with the problem.  This is done at the political level, it is done at the personal level.  It is destroying our country and it is destroying individuals.

(04/14/2021) Jen Psaki Seems to Think White Evangelicals Are a Bunch of Uncultured Rednecks.  For a great many, looking down on others (justified or not) is the easiest way to feel good about oneself.  Who need to have positive accomplishments when you can just denigrate others instead?

(04/14/2021) Capitol Building Killer Is Nation of Islam Follower, But Asian Doctor Says It Is Trump’s Fault.  One of the most destructive trends in America today is the abdication of personal responsibility.  Or rather, conservative, white, Christian males are personally responsible for everybody and everybody else is not responsible for for their own choices and actions.  Hyperbole?  Sure.  But not that far from the truth.

(04/13/2021) Portland Police Declare Riot As Protesters Vow To Burn Precinct Down, Lob Debris At Police, Set Fires In Street.  To be blunt, these things wouldn't happen if the local authorities took a firm stand and threw people in jail for violating the law rather than making excuses for them not even charging them.

(04/11/2021) Canadian Police Barricade Church With Riot-Style Fence: ‘All Under the Guise of a Health Order.’  Canada.  Can't happen here, we say.  Hasn't it already?  In many parts of America, holding normal, in-person services could invite a similar response.

(04/11/2021) Coca-Cola Rips GA Voter ID Law but Required Photo ID to Get Into 2020 Shareholder Meeting.  Why do they require an ID?  Because only actual shareholders should be permitted to be involved - and to vote!  Makes perfect sense.  So why should we not do the same when it comes to voting in our elections?  Only citizens should vote, only people of voting age should vote, voters should only vote personally and not allow others to vote on their behalf, voters should vote only once.  And each vote needs to be confirmed as coming from an eligible voter.  Why is this so hard to understand?  Because ensuring these things to minimize fraud is harmful to the Democrat party.  Simple.  They can't say this, so they speak in terms of imaginary "voter suppression."

(04/05/2021) Border Crisis: New Tent Facility and 19 New ‘Processing Coordinators’ In Texas.  The border situation got better much under Trump, now it is getting massively worse.  But somehow it is Trump that has caused our current crisis that the administration and media assures us is not a crisis.  Nothing good can result when we have a media that peddles fake news and the Democrat party line at the expense of truth, justice and the American way.

(04/03/2021)  Dr. Fauci praises himself for COVID-19 vaccines: 'May have been the best decision that I've ever made.'  Just because Fauci lies doesn't mean the MSM has to go along with it.  Oh, silly me.  Of course they do.  It supports the narrative of giving no credit to Trump for anything, and stealing that credit for themselves.  The abandonment of truth, facts and reality in favor of the progressive narrative by our "opinion leaders" is doing serious damage to America.

(04/03/2021) Cincinnati professor who called COVID-19 ‘the Chinese virus’ loses job.  It is sickening how much damage the perpetually offended are doing to people's lives.

(04/01/2021) Kamala’s Husband Hosts the Virtual Passover From Hell.  Democrats politicize everything.

(04/01/2021) Planned Parenthood Sends Names of Pro-Life Leaders to Police to Try to Get Them Arrested.  You would think that the "party of tolerance" would recognize just how intolerant they are.  You would be wrong.  They aren't merely intolerant of conservatives, they want conservatives to be punished.

(04/01/2021) Kentucky’s Berea College Event Says ‘Trumpism’ Is ‘Terrorism At Its Core’.  The Left is busy indoctrinating students in intolerance.  All in the name of tolerance, mind you!

(03/31/2021) Why I Said Trump Could Lose — and Why I Believe It Happened.  Wake up call.  We need revival and as long as we imagine that we are going to fix things, we are not going to have it. 

(03/26/2021) No, Oral Roberts University basketball doesn't deserve to be canceled from NCAA Sweet 16.  Yet this is what we have come to.  The self-proclaimed "tolerant" ones are the most intolerant.  And make no mistake, their greatest goal is to suppress all expression of biblical truth and faith.

(03/26/2021) Why the Media’s Racist Response to the Colorado Shooting Is So Dangerous.  Very simple.  When we make decisions based on lies rather than truth, the decisions will be bad.  And to be blunt, most of our media, academics, politicians, celebrities and others have bought into lies at the expense of truth and have been feeding those lies to the rest of us.  Nothing good can come of this.

(03/25/2021) Cuomo Family Received Special Treatment On COVID Testing Early In Pandemic.  Not just themselves, but other "VIPs."  Don't you just love it when those that are tasked with "serving the people" focus on serving themselves, instead?  It is a shame that so many voters seem quite comfortable with this. 

(03/25/2021) SPLC Chief of Staff: 'The Southern Poverty Law Center Is Not Anti-Christian at All.'  Well, I suppose if she means left-wing "woke" Christianity, she could be correct.  If she means biblical Christianity, she is flat out wrong.

(03/25/2021) California teachers' unions discussing using COVID relief money for teacher bonuses, trips to Hawaii.  I realize that there are plenty of exceptions among individual teachers, but the shutdowns have proven beyond a doubt that when it comes to our teachers' unions and public schools, it is NOT all about the kids!

(03/23/2021) Professor quits researching COVID because of hostility over his findings about low threat to children.  Sadly, our colleges and universities have moved beyond seeking truth and replaced it with supporting the progressive narrative.  Truth seeking is actively punished.  This has already led to disaster and if we do not turn it around, it will only lead to far, far worse.

(03/22/2021) Read the Shocking Pentagon Training Materials Targeting Conservatives in the Military.  If you thought that the military was one institution that the Left could not take over, think again.

(03/22/2021) Student leaders want more aggressive cops.  This is after excessive partying and rioting in Boulder.  It is also after student leaders all over the country have been calling for less policing, and even removing all cops from campus.  Will our student leaders - and students, in general - learn anything of consequence from this?  Not likely, but we can hope.

(03/21/2021) Illegal Immigrants On Terrorist Watch List Arrested At Border One Day After Corporate Media Accused Republicans Of ‘Lying.’  Rational people would reconsider their "narrative" when facts and reality conflict.  Such is not the case when it comes to progressives and their narrative.  Will the Left stop insisting that that open borders are not biggie?  That election fraud is no biggie?  Not likely.

(03/17/2021) Reports of More American Troops Entering Syria – What Is Biden Doing and Does He Know He’s Doing It?  That "warmonger" Trump got us into zero new wars and brought a lot of troops home.  Will the "peace" movement criticize Biden when he does the opposite?

(03/17/2021) The View’s Joy Behar Says Antifa Is A ‘Fictitious Idea’ And ‘Not A Real Thing.’  It is appalling that we have come to this: obvious reality is denied in favor of a narrative.  Truth is denied in favor of a lie.  Good is labeled evil and evil labeled good. 

(03/17/2021) Poll: 75% Support Voter ID Law, Including 60% of Democrats.  The problem is, how many people are informed that it is Democrats doing everything in their power to prevent voter ID?  Sadly, the public supports the conservative position on many issues, sometimes overwhelmingly.  But the media protects the Democrats by not informing the public as to which party stands for what.  But GOP politicians are part of the problem.  They should be pushing these issues unrelentingly.  And they rarely do. 

(03/17/2021) Cancel Mob Twists Adam Smith’s Anti-Slavery Views To Dishonor His Gravesite.  There is something both sad and sick about people who trash others unjustly in order to feel themselves to be superior.  Yet what have these "critics" ever actually done themselves to make the world a better place?

(03/16/2021) Only in CA: Use god of human sacrifice to help 'marginalized.'  Only in CA?  I wish.

(03/16/2021) Of A Crime Based On Fabricated Quotes.  No biggie.  The fake story just happened to come out two days before the GA Senate runoff.  Job done, the truth can come out now.  No one will suffer any consequences.  Banana republic, anyone?

(03/12/2021)  COVID Isn’t A Threat To American Kids — Selfish Teachers, Their Unions, And Their Democrat Allies Are.  The interests of the Democrat party are at odds with the interests of America and Americans.  As long as they control the schools, the media, and the government, it is going to be difficult to overcome.

(03/12/2021) Joe Biden Is Still Lying About COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution. Here Are the Facts.  I doubt he is even aware enough to know he is lying any more, though it has always been a habit of his.  But his handlers know.

(03/10/2021) Most American Schools are Dangerous to Your Child.  Dangerous to your child, dangerous to your family, dangerous to your community and dangerous to your country.

(03/10/2021) New York Times reporter explains it’s hard to parody President Biden because people find him likable.  Biden is trivially easy to parody.  And so are NY Times reporters.  I admit that separating parody and satire from reality might be a bit of a challenge in both cases.

(03/05/2021) Bill Gates to Nearly 3 Million Fossil Fuel Workers In US Who May Lose Jobs: Get Over It.  Is it not remarkable that those who have no financial worries at all are so cavalier about the sacrifices others must make to "save the earth."  Especially since said sacrifices will do nothing to save the earth but do plenty to destroy lives - and not just the lives of fossil fuel workers.  Blackouts, brownouts, high energy costs translating into higher cost for a great many other things.  And that is just for starters.

(03/05/2021) Seattle’s COVID ‘Hazard Pay’ Leads to Store Closures.  The same thing already happened in California.  Trust those on the Left to routinely ignore evidence that (should be) beating them over the head.

(03/01/2021) The Economics Behind Grandma’s Tuna Casseroles.  Interesting article about how kitchen economics have changed since grandma's time, but there is a lot of overthinking involved.  The author does mention what I think are the prime factors - there are not as many good cooks in the home anymore, and cost is much less of a factor than it used to be.

(02/28/2021) CNN's Anderson Cooper invokes genocide comparison to describe Trump supporters who stormed Capitol.  So speaks someone who supports the cancel culture and believes that Trump supporters should be punished.  On top of that, it is pretty clear that Cooper doesn't know what genocide means.  At least, the body count of victims of Trump supporters is remarkably small for genocide.

(02/28/2021)  The New York City public school system honors JoAnne Chesimard.  She's a convicted terrorist and cop-killer, but no biggie.  She's a Leftie (communist).

(02/25/2021) Inches From Eternity: Tiger Woods Survives Terrifying Car Accident.  I am a strong believer in the fact that it is never too late to accept Christ.  The problem is, if you put it off, you may never get the chance.  This life can end very suddenly.  Poof.  This article riffs into revival and for that alone, is worth reading.  We need revival.  And revival is something that has to occur within the church.  Don't think that needed revival means it needs to happen to others.  It needs to start with the church, our church, your church.  When that happen, a by-product is that outsiders are drawn in.  But the church has to revive first.

(02/25/2021) Losing An American Genius.  Good tribute to Rush.

(02/24/2021) Hollywood actor slammed for xenophobic tweet mocking Melania Trump's accent.  But, but, ...  I have been reliably told that it is those on the Left that are tolerant and accepting of everyone.  By the way, I am pretty sure that in her four years of being First Lady, Melania did not appear on a single magazine cover.  I wonder why.

(02/19/2021) Bo Snerdley recalls Rush

(02/19/2021) Nearly Half Of Texas’ Wind Turbines Frozen In Winter Storm, Limiting State’s Power Output.  This isn't the only problem with wind turbines.  They are unreliable, expensive, short life-span, un-recycleable, use lots of resources in construction and maintenance, kill birds.  But they allow people who promote and / or build them to feel morally superior while pocketing all sorts of government subsidies.  Remember, it isn't results that are important, only proclaimed intentions.

(02/19/2021) ‘Hate Being Spewed In The Name Of Patriotism’: WaPo Opinion Attacks Anthem Before Games.  This is just part of the plan; denigrate everything that demonstrates love for America and anything good about America.  What is the problem?  The problem isn't the national anthem.  The problem is that many hate their country while reaping all the benefits of being American.  Address the real problem; don't make it worse.  But America haters want to make it worse.  Don't play along.

(02/19/2021) Noted leftists celebrate Rush Limbaugh's death with hateful tweets: 'Bigoted King of Talk Radio.'  How can this be?  We are repeatedly told that they are the tolerant ones, the ones that practice love, not hate.

(02/16/2021) Fauci: ‘I Prefer Not to Comment’ on Gov. Cuomo Mishandling Coronavirus.  This is hardly surprising given that it wasn't too many months ago that he proclaimed Cuomo's handling of the virus as a model for how it should be done.  Like so many other "experts," Fauci is a fraud.  You're no expert if you are consistently wrong.  And being wrong is just about the only thing Fauci has been consistent about.

(02/14/2021) Groups remove ten tons of trash from Mount Everest.  What is appalling is how much trash people are leaving on Everest.  In Boy Scouts we were taught to take out everything you take it.  And you leave a place looking better (if possible) than before.  Which means carrying out other people's trash as well.  I guess that there aren't enough former scouts climbing Everest.  But some are cleaning up.  Bless them.

(02/14/2021) Conservatives finally see corporate America's left alignment.  Corporations have typically been seen as leaning right, but this has not been the case for a long time.  Corporations have long since shifted from desiring to be left alone in order to pursue profits to demanding government favors to minimize competition, receive handouts, special tax breaks and more.  And it is the Left (Democrats) that are happy to give them just that.  And who are also ready, willing and able to punish them for wrong think.  Most corporations do not want a level playing field, they want a field that favors them.

(02/11/2021) Republicans Need to Stop Accepting Progressives’ 'Facts.'  True.  It is bad enough that the MSM does.  But the MSM is in the tank for the Democrats.  There is no need for the rest of us to go along.  Quite the contrary.  Many Republicans assist in having falsehoods accepted as truth, simply by not challenging them.

(02/11/2021) Biden Takes 'Death to America' Terrorists Off Terror List, Replaces Them With Republicans.  Face it.  Conservatives are a much bigger threat to the Biden administration than terrorists.  Terrorists are a threat to America, but since when does that concern Democrats?

(02/11/2021) The Decline of Intelligence in the West.  When the search for truth is discarded and replaced by the search for that which supports one's worldview and political narrative, intelligence and critical thinking are obvious casualties.

(02/11/2021) SC mayor calls on Chick-fil-A to help with COVID vaccine traffic backup: 'Call the pros.'   If you want things done efficiently, don't count on the government and government employees to figure out the best - or even a good - way to do it.

(02/06/2021) New York Times reviews a book by a man who calls for blowing up oil pipelines.  I think this falls in the category of "we had to destroy the environment in order to save it."

(02/04/2021) Maxine Waters Wants President Trump Charged with Premeditated Murder.  Can any Democrat seriously claim they want to unify the country?  Not a single one will condemn Waters for saying this.  Not one.

(02/03/2021) Mike Rowe says Facebook is canceling his beloved 'Returning the Favor' web TV program despite its popularity.  Hmm.  I suspect this is the cancel culture at work, but to be fair, I can't say this for sure.  I suspect another forum will be found.

(01/31/2021) Unity: Biden White House Fired Trump Officials in Pentagon Who Were Out on Maternity and Paternity Leave.  Just face it.  We all knew this from the beginning, but it bears repeating.  The Democrats claim to desire unity, but they will do nothing to encourage it and everything to destroy it.  Their notion of unity is for us to throw away all our principles and beliefs, and to submit to the almighty progressive narrative.  If we do, we may be tolerated.  If we don't, we will be punished.

(01/29/2021) Same Technology Behind Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine is Leading Researchers to Possible MS Breakthrough.  Not all the news is bad.

(01/27/2021) Joe Biden’s interior decorating scheme celebrates an illegal immigration foe.  That would be Caesar Chavez.  To be fair, he includes some non-objectionables, as well.  I'm more concerned with his "different and more liberal Christianity" as the NY Times proclaims.

(01/24/2021) DeSantis Orders FL Troops In D.C. Back Home: ‘They’re Not Nancy Pelosi’s Servants.’  It looks like thousands are guard troops will remain in DC until at least March.  Why?  I believe Texas has followed suit.  The Democrats are trying to use all this to claim that Trump (and his supporters) tried to overthrow the government, and strong action must be taken to suppress the "insurrectionists" - and all others that happen to oppose the Democrats.  We are in very dangerous territory.

(01/19/2021) Who’s the Hatemonger?  This is a long article, but it is worth reading.  Perhaps The Anatomy of a Smear might be a better title.  This is a good example of why we should not trust the MSM.  But it is worse than the MSM merely not being trustworthy.  They will literally lie, cheat, slander, steal and destroy people's lives in order to push their agenda.  And feel proud of themselves for doing so!  And why not?  The receive nothing but support, praise and encouragement from their fellow MSMers, academics and Democrat politicians.  Libel laws need to be changed, because nothing else will stop them.

(01/15/2021) CNN’s Anderson Cooper Interviews BLM/Antifa Leader Who Was Part of Capitol Seige, Recently Arrested For RIOTING, Caught On Video Threatening To Beat A Woman…Treats Him Like He Was A Reporter On The Scene.  It isn't that the MSM makes mistakes.  Wither they are deliberately doing this stuff or they simply don't care matters little.  They are pushing a false narrative that is dangerous to the country and they continue to do it without without apology.

(01/04/2021) Why Those Who Claim To ‘Follow The Science’ Are More Likely To Ignore It.  The Left politicizes everything.  Everything.  There are no exceptions.  And that includes science (and economics and Christianity and justice and ...)  No exceptions. 

(01/02/2021) Media heap praise upon themselves as 'heroes' of 2020,  I suppose this isn't unique to the media, but when you have to rely on praising yourself rather than settling for the praise of those you supposedly serve, then you clearly are not deserving of praise!

(01/01/2021) Bill de Blasio Dances in Times Square While Keeping New Yorkers Out.  I suppose that some of our politicians and some of the "experts" out there really are humble and don't consider themselves superior to the rest of us.  But we can be forgiven for thinking they are few and far between when we keep seeing examples like this.

Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.  Matthew 22:21b (KJV)

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