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“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.  At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  Luke 21:25-28 (NIV)


Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men.  Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way.

Proverbs 4:14-15   (NIV)


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20  (NIV)

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  • trail markers - Articles that can lead one to believe in the imminent return of Christ.  Since this is so common, in so many areas, most such articles just go under a different category.

Current Events / Latest News (Feb- Mar 2023)


(03/08/2023) Seattle School District Forced To Lay Off Teachers Amid Rise In Homeschooling.  Here is a simple message for public schools (and private schools, as well): focus on teaching basic academics, and encourage non=controversial good character: honesty, respect for others, hard work.  Stay away from indoctrination, stay away from topics that parents might well have a problem with.  Do that, and far fewer parents would feel the need to pull their kids out.

(03/08/2023) California Reparations Panel RAISES Amount From $220,000 to $360,000 ‘only way to stop our children busting into liquor and grocery stores.’  Let me get this straight.  The latest justification for reparation is that if you don't give us money, we are going to do bad things and it will all be your fault.  This is pretty much the same as blackmail, and just like with blackmail, they blackmailer is never satisfied with just one payment.  I'll be blunt.  Trillions have already been spent on blacks via welfare and special carve outs and special treatment like affirmative action.  Have blacks actually benefited?  Has our culture and society actually benefited?  The answer is not.  Rather blacks and America have been hurt.  And reparations will only make it worse, much worse.  But the Democrats think that this is just the thing to keep blacks voting for them, so.... 

(03/08/2023) Joy Reid: GOP Wants to 'Undo' 20th Century, Drag Shows Are Just 'Art.'  To be fair, Joy Reid is more an commentator than a news person, and she is just one of a huge number of people in the media that spout nonsense.

(03/07/2023) Elon Musk Blasts January 6th Committee for Misleading the Public: ‘Deeply Wrong.’  Of course, it shouldn't need Elon Musk to tell us this.  Why did the Jan 6 committee include only those will to push the "insurrection" narrative?  Why did they only release selected videos?  Why are they screaming about more video being release?  The answer - and there is just one answer than applies to all these questions - is obvious.  They wished to push a narrative that is entirely at odds with the facts.

(03/07/2023) ‘They are Liars’: J6 Narratives Blown Sky High By Tucker Carlson’s J6 Tape Revelations.  Yes, they are.  But it isn't just the lies.  People are rotting in prison based on those liars.  Have they no shame?

(03/07/2023) A lift too far.  A Minnesota state court has decreed that (Minnesota) civil rights law requires that men who pretend to be women must be allowed to compete as women.  In this case, it is in powerlifting.  Simple question: did the legislators who passed the law have any intention for it to be interpreted this way?  Of course not!  The court is legislating from the bench.  It is bad enough that they do so; it is worse when they "legislate" insanity, which is what this is. 

(03/07/2023) California Residents Frustrated: 10 Days Trapped in Snow as Newsom Left.  I don't know how much coverage this is getting in the MSM, but I do know it would be a lot more if Newsom were a Republican.

(03/07/2023) CNN Uses Misleading Data to Claim over 100 Mass Shootings in 2023.  Read the article for the details, but suffice it to say that when people read the headline, they will be left with a far, far different impression than what they would conclude if just presented with the facts.  In short, there have been far less than 100 mass shootings in 2023.  What you consider to be a "mass shooting" is a great deal different than what CNN is using to define a mass shooting.


(03/06/2023) Delaware Lowers Standards for Bar Exam in Effort to Increase Diversity.  if you know that standards have been lowered for minorities, are you likely to seek a minority professional?  Similarly, if you know standards have not been lowered, would seeing a minority professional concern you?  But right now, minority professionals are going to be looked on with some suspicion, some legitimately so, some undeservedly do.  This is to no one's benefit.  Yet here we are.


(03/06/2023) Who is Jesus to You?  There are any number of false gospels being preached today.  Two of the biggies are legalism and a watered down gospel.  The latter is possibly the biggest.  Without repentance and the recognition that we need to repent, we really see no need for a Savior. That is a "gospel" where Jesus really means very little.

(03/06/2023) Our media at work.  You would think that if you are in the media and are going to criticize others on a topic, that you would at least familiarize yourself with the topic, first.  Not so.  Most reporters / pundits would rather stick with their favored narratives rather than risk being disabused of them.

(03/06/2023) “It Means Genocide Continues” – Racist, Godless Democrat Lawmaker Sick of “White Christians” Adopting Native American Babies.  Funny how those on the left, the ones proclaiming how concerned they are for minorities and the poor, criticize those who are actually doing something rather than just proclaiming.


(03/05/2023) Woke Christianity: Historic London Church to Host Drag Queen Performance.  Christianity that surrenders to culture is not Christianity at all.  What does "woke Christianity" have to offer a lost world?  Absolutely nothing.

(03/05/2023) Critical Race Theory Teaches Kids To Hate Each Other, And The Proof Is On The Playground.  It should be obvious.  It is obvious.  But none are so blind as those who choose to be blind.

(03/05/2023) Dems Keep Pushing the Limits: ‘So, what are you going to do about it?’  What are we going to do about it?  They keep pusing a lot of very unpopluar things, but they keep getting elected and those things become less unpopular over time because we are not sufficiently resisting them. 

(03/05/2023) BLM Rioters Get $6M Because Cops Didn’t Wear Face Masks.  This is absolutely appalling.  Rioters who should have gone to jail get paid by the tacpayer.  Sheer insanity.

(03/04/2023) Left-wing DEI bureaucracy has captured Florida State University and installed radical politics as the governing value.  This stuff is far worse than most people imagine, and what is happening at FSU is not unique to FSU.  It is happening all over.

(03/04/2023) Jews and Gentiles May Have Different Roles but Need the Same Savior.  To be sure.

(03/04/2023) Resoundingly rejected by voters, Lori Lightfoot once more suggests she was treated unfairly because of her race and sex, not rejected for her failures.  Victimhood is increasingly popular because in allows us to avoid taking any responsibility for our own failures and hence to avoid taking any corrective action.  It is sort of like "Satan made me do it." 

(03/04/2023) People are skeptical of what ex-Dem Rep says ‘long time Fla. Republicans’ told her about DeSantis.  Every election, the Democrats produce one or more ads with a "long-term Republican" who has decided to abandon the Republicans for the Democrats.  And it always turns out that the long-term Republican is actually a long-term Democrats.  Such is almost certainly the case here.  Unless, of course, it is simply entirely made up.


(03/04/2023) Bondage-Themed Drag Queen Show for Babies Forced to Cancel Shows After Public Backlash.  This is in London, but wherever it happens we need backlash and lots of it.

(03/04/2023)  The Great Experiment Begins: Hard Drugs Legalized in Canada to Fight Overdosing Crisis.  The problem with "experiments" like this is that when they fail, the people that pushed them don't admit that they were wrong, they just claim we didn't go far enough and demand that we now do so.  While people using hard drugs need help, the priority is to prevent people from starting to use them in the first place.  This experiment will do the opposite.

(03/04/2023) Canadian Theatres Hold Plays for Black Audience Members Only.  While this is Canada, there are plenty of people in the USA that advocate this sort of stuff.  I genuinely believe that there are a great many people who are pushing policies that will make race relations worse so that they can complain about bad race relations and point their finger at the very people who oppose their divisive policies.  Prove me wrong.

(03/04/2023) Shocker: Poll Finds Most Americans Think Media is too Easy on Biden, is Becoming More Biased.  What I find shocking is that polls tend to show that people are not exactly happy with the Democrats and actually tend to support the GOP on most specific issues.  And yet come election time, many decide to vote for the Democrats.  Is this a result of the MSM misrepresenting the parties position on issues (and they do), or is there some other explanation?  Fraud?

(03/03/2023) New Arizona School Board Member Says the District Should Not Hire Christian Teachers.  The board apparently agreed.  The battle over schools boards is not close to being over.

(03/03/2023) The Fallacy of Gay Rights.  I have a simple question.  What rights that others have are gays being denied?

(03/03/2023) The Morning Briefing: Christianity Is Still Fair Game for Secular Leftist Loons.  "Still" is an understatement.  It is getting worse.

(03/03/2023) Biden Demands Race Discrimination.  Racism is still racism even if you give it a nice sounding name like "equity" or "diversity" or "inclusion."

(03/03/2023)  CCTV Captures White Children Being Rounded Up By Black Children at Ohio School, Then Forced to Kneel and Pledge to BLM before Being Assaulted.  So why, exactly, are we being told that it is whites that are the racists and that it is up to whites to improve race relations? 

(03/03/2023) Fairfax County Democrat’s bizarre rant about Battle of Iwo Jima should be rebuked.  Basically, she said that the battle over Iwo Jima was evil on our part.


(03/03/2023)  United Airlines Touts All-LGBTQ Flight Crew; Customers Not Amused.  Wouldn't you prefer a flight crew that was selected on the basis of their competence?

(03/03/2023) Ted Cruz Rips ‘Unqualified’ Biden Nominee for Federal Aviation Administration. From the administration's perspective, you are qualified if you are far left and check at least one of the boxes: LGBT, female (identify as), POC,  Experience?  Competence?  Not important.

(03/03/2023) Report: FBI Was Against Mar-a-Lago Raid, Argued With DOJ Prosecutors.  It would have been nice if they had told us this before the mid-term elections. 


(03/03/2023) Dem Rep. Gallego: Ashli Babbitt, January 6 Rioters Are ‘Terrorists’.  A lot of evidence to the contrary is going to be coming out shortly, so the Democrats have to work overtime making sure the media continues to report the "insurrection" narrative.


(03/02/2023) He Gets Us, But Do We Get Him? The Case for Criticizing False Teachers.  Not too many years ago, I read through a bunch of the NT rather quickly, rather than doing a slow study.  And I was struck by how many times we are warned about false teaching - over and over again!  It was a great concern back then and it is a great concern now.  There is a lot of false teaching going on now.  And yes, teaching about Jesus and skipping the whole part about being the Son of God qualifies as false teaching.

(03/02/2023) The Woke Wrecking Machine.  It is probably worse than you imagine because a lot of "wokeness" is being implemented, but we probably won't hear about it until disasters happen.  Even then, the cause will likely be covered-up.  see below.

(03/02/2023) From a Progressive Christian Antagonist to an Orthodox Christian Advocate.  With God, all things are possible.  But never forget that biblical truth isn't just a matter of faith, certainly not faith that is in denial of reality.  It is quite the opposite.  It is the progressives that have built their house on sand, not on reality.

(03/02/2023) The Greatest Cover-Up in Human History.  I don't know that it is the greatest, but suffice it to say that we have reached the point where anything and everything that contradicts the progressive narrative is covered up, no matter how factual and true, no matter the lies required for the cover-up.  Such is the state of "public discourse" in America today.

(03/02/2023) New York Times, MSNBC, CNN slammed for claiming COVID lab leak theory was ‘debunked.’  This has become a favorite tactic of the left - just declare that something has been debunked without actually providing any evidence to back up the claim.  Multiple "conspiracy theories" that we were assured were totally "debunked" have turned out to be true.  And some were even known to be true at the time.  Hunter Biden laptop, anyone?

(03/02/2023) Airline spotlights flight with all-LGBTQ+ crew (passengers seem to have other preferred priorities).  How many people can honestly say that they think this is a good thing?

(03/02/2023) America’s Public Schools Are a Disaster.  So they are.  This is not to say that many of our private schools aren't a disaster, as well.  I think it is safe to say that our entire education system is a disaster.  Despite educators claims of "teaching how to think," for the most part they are teaching what to think.  And what to think is primarily left-wing orthodoxy.

(03/02/2023) House Republicans Call on ‘AWOL’ Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to Resign.  To be fair, is there anyone in this administration who is competent at their job?  Mayor Pete just happens to be more exposed than some.

(03/02/2023) DOJ VIDEO Shows Capitol Police Holding Open “Upper West Terrace Doors” On Jan 6… Over 250 Individuals Allowed to Walk Into Capitol by Police Then Later Arrested and Abused.  Call me a conspiracy nut, but I believe the evidence shows that certain Democrat leaders did everything in their power to deliberately create an "insurrection" for political purposes.

(03/01/2023) America's leaders have ceded their moral authority to the mob.  While this is not universally true, it is generally true, especially in our colleges and universities. Related: More than half of college professors bite their tongues over cancel culture fears

(03/01/2023) Is It Still OK to Be White?  Not according to our "elites."

(03/01/2023) Predictable: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Insists Ron DeSantis Would be ‘More Authoritarian’ Than Trump.  Of course!  Every Republican that might run and win is deemed more "extreme" than the previous ones.  Note that actual surveys show that Republican politicians have moved only a tiny bit to the right in recent years, while Democrat politicians have move a lot to the left.  Are Democrats ever labeled as extreme?  Silly question.  Of course not.  The media has moved left along with them.

(03/01/2023) John Fetterman’s Wife Just Said Swimming Is Racist!  To the left, everything is racist.  Well, not everything.  Only that which they perceive as furthering their narrative.  And that narrative includes systemic racism and white supremacy.   So, ....

(03/01/2023) Why High School Biology Made Me Angry (And Why I Like it So Much Better Now).  Maybe not what you are expecting, but worth reading.

(03/01/2023) Facebook, Instagram May Employ Breast Inspectors To Determine if Nipples Are Trans.  They have deemed that picture of trans women's "breasts" are okay, but actual women's breasts are not okay, unless they have had "top surgery.".  These contortions are just more proof that men are not women and women are not men, no matter how much one may wish otherwise.

(03/01/2023) Pentagon Investigates, Gives All Clear over Ukraine Fraud Allegations.  Can anyone seriously believe this?  First of all, anytime there are literally billions of dollars being tossed around, grifters are going to grab as much as they can - which is a lot.  The wife of a Ukrainian politician was caught trying to leave the country with 28 million dollars in cash.  Where might that have come from?  Note that whenever someone investigates himself, he is going to find himself to be innocent.


(02/28/2023) 1619 Project Creator- Chinese Not Oppressed By Mao.  Question: why should we believe what someone has to say about American history when they are totally blind as to what happened under Mao?  Their views are clearly driven by politics and have nothing to do with facts and reality.

(02/28/2023) Media: Do NOT Pounce Or Jump On The Covid Lab Leak News.  Certainly the fact that conservatives were right all along and the media was wrong all along is not something that should be pointed out.  So those that were wrong all along tell us.  Question: who should people listen to?  Those who have a track record of being right or those who have a track record of being wrong?  Just asking.

(02/28/2023) Climate Change Brat Greta Thunberg Now Protesting… Wind Farms in Norway.   The green crowd is clearly pushing for an "all electric" energy world, and all green to boot.  It can never remotely be achieved via wind and solar, yet they oppose other "green" technologies, namely hydro and nuclear.  Ignore the many other problems with the green vision for the moment.  They even oppose wind and solar under some circumstances.  These people are seriously unserious people.


(02/27/2023) Republicans Spike Football After Biden Administration Admits Coronavirus Likely Came from Lab Leak.  Over and over conservatives have been accused of spreading "misinformation" and have turned out to be correct.  Again and again.  It seems that misinformation is anything the left does not like.

(02/27/2023) Vermont Girls Basketball Teams Forfeits State Tournament Game Due To Trans Player On Opposing Team.  It is a shame that more teams do not do likewise.

(02/27/2023) Dilbert, RIP?  our "betters" are pretty selective when it comes to deciding what qualifies as "racist."

(02/27/2023)  The Fetterman Question.  I don't have a high opinion of the man, but he was used by others to his own great detriment.


(02/26/2023) Biden is trying to enshrine “equity” more deeply as a national policy.  We may be created equal in the eyes of God, but all people are very unequal when it comes to abilities, intelligence, character and more.  "Equity" is impossible and nothing more that a cover for much more sinister goals.

(02/26/2023) Dem official denounced for complaining of school budget costs for disabled children who weren’t aborted.  On the one hand, I'd say rightly so.  But on the other, it is refreshing to have people say what they really think.  And one of the arguments for abortion, though it is rarely spelled out like this, is that abortion eliminates potential "burdens on society."

(02/26/2023) “Christo-Fascist” Parents Deserve To Be In The Dark.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't / isn't one of the goals of fascism to make people - especially the young - loyal to and subservient to the state rather than to family, church and the like?  Those that accuse others of fascism in American today are the biggest fascists in America today.

(02/26/2023) The Real Pandemic in America Today: Obesity.  The majority (possibly great majority) of people who dies from the China bug were people who were obese.  Yet now, suggesting that people ought to lose weight is "fat shaming."  Those with the biggest microphones today demand that no unhealthy lifestyle / behavior be criticized.  Quite the contrary, they should all be affirmed instead.  This is not a good direction to be headed in. 

(02/26/2023) Democrats introduce resolution to ban Trump from US Capitol.  And not just Trump.  With the release of Jan 6 videos, the Democrats are desperate to keep their insurrection narrative alive.

(02/25/2023) Our Criminal Justice System Is a Farce.  Locking someone up isn't necessarily going to make them reconsider their life of crime, but it sure is going to keep them from committing more crimes for their time.

(02/25/2023) A January 6 Narrative? We Can’t Have That!  The MSM was perfectly happy for the Democrats to be feeding them selected video clips that supported their narrative.  Now that their narrative is going to be shot full of holes, they suddenly demand transparency!  Who is worse, the Democrats or the media?  I'll go media - they are the great enablers of the Democrats.

(02/25/2023) Courts Delivered A Major Win For Unborn Babies, Libs Outraged!  The left loves to say that restrictions on abortion violate "reproductive freedom."  Woman are always free to avoid unwanted pregnancies.  Men, too.  "Freedom" to act irresponsibly to the detriment of others is not what our founders had in mind when they spoke of freedom,

(02/25/2023) Dem Rep. Chu: Trump ‘Put a Target on the Backs of All Asian Americans’ — Caused Rise in Hate Crimes.  Really?  Almost all anti-Asian hate crimes are committed by blacks - a Democrat constituency.  What have Democrats done to address this problem?  Nothing.  Just blame Trump and Republicans.  Isn't that the Democrat solution to most problems?

(02/25/2023) Minnesota HS Student: ‘Principal’s Attempt to Unify Us’ Ended Up ‘Pitting Us Against Each Other Based on Characteristics We Can’t Control’.  Isn't that what CRT is all about?  Judging people by what they are rather than who they are?  MLK would be appalled by just how low we have sunk when it comes to race.  It should be noted that not too many years ago, both blacks and whites felt that race relations were good and getting better.  The Democrats and progressives decided that this was not in their political interests and have been working hard at poisoning race relations ever since.  Evil.

(02/25/2023) Student told she couldn't wear ‘Jesus Loves Me’ mask wins religious freedom battle against school district.  It is nice to have some good news, but this case took two years.  There never should have been a need for a lawsuit in the first place.

(02/25/2023) JUST IN: “OVER 30 MILLION LETHAL DOSES” – Phoenix DEA, Tempe Police Seize OVER 4.5 Million Fentanyl Pills, 140lbs Fentanyl Powder 3,000 Lbs of Meth, 130kg cocaine in Joint Operation. What are we doing to attack this problem at the source?  Suppliers qualify as murders.

(02/25/2023) Pritzker Challenges DeSantis, Demands AP Courses Teach ‘Black Queer American’ History.  Public education has become indoctrination for progressive values and narratives.  Some are fighting back, but not nearly enough.  The fact that some states may manage to limit this does nothing for states that don't.  What can parents do in Illinois in other states if they cannot afford alternative schools?  And schools, for the most part, are not publicizing their indoctrination efforts and many parents remain ignorant.

(02/25/2023) Drag Queen Story Hour Founder Raises Money for Funeral of Child Rapist.  This is something I can't get too worked up about.  My beef is not so much over trying to raise money, it is over the fact that in our culture today there are plenty of people that will donate.

(02/25/2023) Buttigieg on Trump’s Visit to Ohio: ‘You Water Down Regulations … Then You Show Up Wanting to Be a Great Friend of the People’ Impacted by Rail Disaster.  The regulators themselves have said over and over that Trump's "watering down" had no relevance to this accident.  And note that the Biden administration had two years to reverse the "watering down" had they considered it a problem.  They did not, of course.  Better to just blame Trump for all their failures.  The real criticism has little to do with the accident happening and everything to do with the administration's response.  Distract, distract, never take responsibility for your own failures.  That is the Democrat way.

(02/24/2023) Naomi Wolf Calls for Revival.  Every little bit helps.


(02/24/2023) No-Fault Narcissism.  In summary, progressives never consider themselves in the wrong no matter how disastrous their policies turn out to be and no matter how much they were warned.  Why?  Because their intentions were good and the intention of their opponents were bad, even though their opponents were right!  Examples are provided.


(02/24/2023) To My Sorrow, There Can Be No Common Ground With the Left.  I agree that there is little or no common ground.  I believe the solution is conversion and there is no better way to do that than to bring people to Christ.  Being a former agnostic liberal, I know it can happen. Don't give up, don't ever give up.

(02/24/2023) Call Them What They Are: Liars.  The bulk of the media is far worse than merely biased.  On many occasions the outright lie.  And it is high time we, and conservatives in general, stop letting them get away with it.  Demand retraction and apology, and do not settle for the typical mealy mouth apology.  In this case, Andreas Mitchell apologized saying she was "imprecise."  No, she lied.  She needs to get up and say so.  She absolutely knows she was lying.  Nothing short of admitting it is acceptable.


(02/24/2023) Florida Student Knocks Out, Pounds Unconscious Teacher Into Floor Over Nintendo Switch (Video).  This is absolutely horrifying.  It isn't just that we should not condone this behavior, it should punished so severely that others are reluctant to act the same.  The possibility of torture actually crossed my mind. 

(02/24/2023) School district forced to pay over 100K in legal fees after banning moms from exposing pornographic materials.  Good.

(02/24/2023) Biden nationalizes DEI.  Teaching and institutionalizing racism throughout the federal government.  How many know this?  Racism has become a progressive value.  It always has been, but they used to try to hide it.  But it is always the right accused of imposing their values. 

(02/24/2023) Education Today Pits Postmodern Anarchy vs. Civilizational Order. Florida Shows What Can Be Done About It.  The question is asked: why does the left oppose public education being answerable to the taxpayers?  The answer is simple: they control public education and a majority of taxpayers do not agree with them.

(02/24/2023) Pete Buttigieg Bombed in Visit to East Palestine — Big Time.  Of course he did.  This is what happens when you appoint people to high positions based on what they are rather than based on their competence and experience. 

(02/23/2023)  When it comes to the truth, it will even set leftists free.  Peter says we are to make our case with gentleness and respect.  But that does not mean watering down the truth.  And the truth is that imagining yourself to be the sex you are not is not a good thing.  And having surgery and taking drugs to pretend otherwise is bad and harmful whether you are a minor or an adult. 

(02/23/2023) ‘White as the Driven Snow’: Mom Exposes ‘Muslim Latina’ Activist Daughter as a Race Faker.  If "white supremacy" is so great, why is it that we do not see non-whites pretending to be white?  It is only whites pretending to be non-white.


(02/23/2023) Catholic Bookstore Files Lawsuit Challenging Jacksonville Law Requiring it to Speak Against Religious Beliefs.  A Jacksonville ordinance forbids making "protected" groups feel "unwelcome."  Good grief.  We have to fight back.  Just who is imposing their values on who?


(02/23/2023) Missouri Attorney General Gives Radical Soros-Funded StL Circuit Attorney Kim Gardener Until Noon Tomorrow to Resign.  There are quite a few prosecutors that need to go.  Gardner should have gone long, long ago.  It is a shame that it has taken yet another tragedy caused by her terrible performance to (hopefully) get rid of here.  How did she ever get re-elected?  She literally fabricated evidence against a governor to force him to resign, and yet suffered no consequences?  Well, better late than never and hopefully the start of something that will spread.

(02/23/2023) Just a Thought: Maybe Trump Should Start Lashing Out at Democrats Again.  I can't say that I am thrilled with Trump lashing out at fellow Republicans, especially since it is not the RINOs he is attacking.  There are some great things that only Trump can do, but I wish he would stop doing some other things.


(02/22/2023) Woke America — Through North Korean Eyes. It is tragic that refugees from communist and formerly communist countries see America drifting into the same horror that they escaped from, and their testimony is ignored.  Because we "know better" and we are "going to do it right, this time."  That has been said many a time, but it has never been done.

(02/22/2023) The List of 2024 GOP Presidential Candidates Just Got MUCH More Interesting.  This is in regards to Vivek Ramaswamy.  I don't know how effective a president he would make - I know nothing of his leadership qualities.  But I am totally on board with what he advocates.  The more people we have getting up and standing up for those values, the better.


(02/22/2023) White women advised that denying their own racism is violent.   Good grief.  Christians believe in original sin, but it isn't the same as claiming sin based on race - whites cannot be innocent and non-whites cannot be guilty.  Of course, the whole idea is for whites to make concessions (and payments) to non-whites and get nothing in return.  No atonement even, as we are guilty, guilty, guilty no matter what we do.  I'm not convinced that this is the most effective messaging.

(02/22/2023) The ‘Twitter Files’ Reveal Big Tech’s Unholy Alliance With The Feds Exists To Control You.  Of course.  We have a bunch of so-called "elites" in America who consider themselves to be far superior to those they supposedly serve.  The masses must be controlled and made subservient lest they lose their power.  And they must keep their power because they are better than everyone else and know better than everyone else.  Prove me wrong.

(02/22/2023) A National Divorce Isn’t Happening.  I realize that the idea seems to be tempting.  Democrats push for their favored policies to be instituted nationally, even to those states which are adamantly opposed.  But the fact is, there is simply no way this nation is going to literally be split in two and It is nothing but posturing to even talk about it.  Put you energies into something constructive - and I am not just referring politics.  God and a resurgence of churches that preach and live the Bible (revival) is the only true hope for our nation.  Pray for it and work for it.


(02/22/2023) Former Biden Spox Jen Psaki Getting Her Own MSNBC Show Less Than a Year After Leaving White House.  To be fair, some Republicans get TV gigs as well.  Of course, they usually have to renounce conservatism to get a gig.

(02/22/2023) MSNBC’s Johnson: Florida’s ‘Crystal Meth and Alligators’ Reputation Will Hurt DeSantis.  Maybe I am misremembering, but it seems like in the distant past, when someone announced for the presidency or were suspected of being on the verge of doing so, there were a fair number of puff pieces about them.  Today, the MSM seems to always be working on trying to destroy any potential GOP candidates, real and imagined.

(02/22/2023) Mourning or Manipulation at Michigan State University?  Democrats / progressives politicize everything.  Politicizing that which, by its very nature is not political, leads to bad decisions and bad policies.  Such is the case here (and all over the place).


(02/21/2023) Asbury Revival 2023: When Once Again God Uses Students to Wake the Church.  Is it real?  A lot are asking that.  We will know soon enough.  But every Christian should be praying that it is.  Not only praying, but confessing and repenting.  Only God can bring about revival, but it helps if we ask!

(02/21/2023) Adam Schiff NOT happy Kevin McCarthy gave all J6 footage to lying propagandist Tucker Carlson.  The Jan  6 committee could have released all this footage themselves.  They did not and it is obvious why they did not.  They have an insurrection narrative to push.  But now: Tucker Carlson previews the over 40,000 hours of J6 footage he’s obtained.  So far, Carlson only indicates that what he has seen contradicts what we have been told.  Is anyone surprised?  Sadly, those not surprised knew this all along, and those that should be surprised will plug their ears and eyes and pretend that there is "nothing new" here.

(02/21/2023) Thought for the Day: C.S. Lewis on Modern Tyranny.  You've probably seen this quote before, but it is worth repeating.  Our government is full of people who wish to impose, by force of law, all sorts of things "for our own good," even though we strongly disagree.

(02/21/2023) British Public More United on Immigration Being ‘Too High’ Than Any Other Issue: Polls.  I post this because in both democracies and republics, the government is supposed to reflect public opinion to some degree.  But more and more we are led by those who "know better" than the public.  Which would be nice if they did know better.  But they really rarely do know better.  Sadly, we (supposedly) elect them

(02/21/2023) Bait and Switch: Sen. Vance Asks Biden's FCC Nom Whether Flipped Racist Tweets are Problematic.  We have a new tactic form the left.  Past racist comments by them were as private citizens and don't have any impact on their job (or potential job) and besides, you are a racist for quoting them.


(02/21/2023) Vicious Teen Mob Brutally Assaults Man On A Philadelphia College Campus.  To call this disturbing is an understatement.  And some say we are supposed to defund the police?  Until there are major consequences for this kind of behavior, it will only get worse - as it has been for some time.

(02/21/2023) Female Staffers at CNN Threatening to Quit if Don Lemon Isn’t Ousted, According to New Report.  This amuses me a little.  Don Lemon and others have said far, far worse things about conservatives, and there are no consequences demandied.  The fact is that Don Lemon only "sinned" because while attacking a conservative woman, he said things that by extension applied to all women.  It is okay to outrage conservatives, not okay to outrage feminists.

(02/20/2023) NPR’s coverage of Ron DeSantis’ war on ‘gender-affirming care’ for kids seems just a tad biased.  Definitely an understatement.  Why, exactly, does the GOP go along with funding these clowns who do nothing but toe the Democrat party line?

(02/20/2023) Democracy Is Like a Streetcar.  This is about the fact that the Democrats in Minnesota are passing election laws that will make it much easier for illegals and underage citizens to vote without being detected as an illegible voter.  After all, those a demographics that overwhelmingly support Democrats.

(02/20/2023) U.S. Ambassador to Israel: 60% of My Time Is Helping Palestinians.  Really?  Not only are the Palestinians not friends of Israel, they are enemies of the USA.  But then, so, apparently, is this administration.

(02/20/2023) McCarthy Grants Tucker Carlson Access to 41,000 Hours of January 6 Video.  This could prove interesting.  But remember, the MSM will do everything in their power to cover up anything that reflects poorly on Democrats.  That includes encouraging / staging a fake coup and blaming it on Trump.

(02/19/2023) Revival: When You Lay Hold of God Never Let Go!  Keep it up.

(02/19/2023) THOUSANDS Gather for Jesus March Revival in Santa Monica.  Is it spreading?

While there is some good news - the Asbury Revival comes to mind - there is still plenty of bad.  Of course, without the bad, many would see no need for revival.

(02/19/2023) Loudoun County School Board Refuses To Release Internal Report Detailing The District’s Mishandling Of Sexual Assaults By Transsexual Student.  Why would they release it?  It makes them look bad.  Worse than bad, actually.

(02/19/2023) Democrats in Minnesota Now Pushing for Ban on Gas-Powered Lawnmowers and Chainsaws.  Is it not remarkable how much harm is being done by people who claim to be acting solely for our own good?

(02/19/2023) Illinois Governor Pritzker Lashes Out at Chicago Police for Hosting Governor DeSantis at Police Event – And Admits He Supports Comic Book Porn in Classroom.  At least he admits it.

(02/19/2023) No stranger to revivals, Asbury draws crowds and critics to newest one.  This article is a few days old, but it does include some info that is not in the other articles posted regarding the Asbury Revival. 

(02/19/2023) New Hampshire school reverses "urinal ban."  All is not lost.  The LGBT+ crowd pushes hard for their agenda and the weak usually cave in.  But when we fight back, we can win.  Don't surrender.

(02/19/2023) MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Says Christians Using Christianity to Oppose Abortion Are ‘Perverting the Gospel.’  Don't you love how people who don't know Scripture love to lecture those who do and explain what Scripture really means?  Joe says abortion is fine because Jesus didn't specifically condemn it in Scripture.  By that logic, beating your wife is okay, as well.  Of course, Scripture also notes that it did not (could not) record everything Jesus did and said.

(02/19/2023) 39.0% to 36.2%: Women Beat Men in Earning a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher.  It was a problem when women were "under represented," but not a problem when men are.  Is anyone surprised?

(02/19/2023) Keeping Kids Safe: Idaho Mass Resistance Activists Take Up All the Seats at Drag Queen Show in Local Library.  This is a great example of how to fight back in a very Christian way.

(02/19/2023) Bible Verse Gets Teen Suspended, Same School Allows This.  "This" would be gay pride flags and more.

(02/19/2023) AOC Warns Us: Ads Like ‘He Gets Us’ Won’t Stop Her from Coming to Get Us.  The emphasis here is not on AOC, it is on watering down the gospel or even turning it into a false gospel.  AOC and other progressives will never become pro-Christian no matter how many rainbow flags we fly, no matter how much we bow to DEI and other progressive causes.  And a progressive gospel in not just false, it is not just of no benefit, it is exactly the opposite.  It is harmful and damaging. 

(02/19/2023) Rubio Pokes the ‘Woke’ on Men Getting Pregnant.  No, men cannot get pregnant.  Yet Rubio is attacked to being "factually incorrect" by stating what is not merely factually correct, but obviously so.  Isaiah warned about calling good evil and vice versa.  we also have a problem with declaring lies to be truth and truth to be lies.

(02/19/2023) FNC’s Carlson: Everyone Qualifies for Biden’s ‘Many Protected Categories’ Except Straight White Men.  I  think this is incorrect.  It should be "Straight White Christian Men."

(02/18/2023) Timeless Wisdom from Justice Thomas and a Revival of Hope From a Small KY College.  Read the comments, as well as the article.


(02/18/2023) Biden Gives Power to Susan Rice for Sweeping “Racial Equity” Makeover of the Federal Government: “Agency Equity Teams” to Be Established to Run All Departments, Reeducate Workers.  In other words, the Biden administration is making racism and racial discrimination the official policy of the federal government.

(02/18/2023) Asbury Revival: God is Moving at Asbury University, Stirring ‘Hunger’ for God.  This article includes updates.  Note that this began when a student got up and started listing all his shortcomings.  Revivals begin with repentance and an understanding that no matter how good we imagine ourselves to be, we fall short.  We are not going to lift ourselves by our own bootstraps; we really are dependent on God.

(02/18/2023) 'Protect pregnant men from climate discrimination': Conservative group runs ads with preposterous messages that highlight the absurdity of left-wing ideology.  And yet a majority of Americans supposedly vote for this stuff. 

(02/18/2023) Why So Many Are Choosing Couches Over Pews.  Apparently, many stopped attending during the pandemic and haven't returned.  Remote church is better than no church, but it is not the same.  It just isn't.  While I have to assume it is "casual" Christians that are staying away, isn't it important - critical, even - to be turning casual Christians into committed Christians?  that is hard to do if they are no longer stepping in the doors.

(02/18/2023) Pentagon’s Anti-White Diversity Chief Comes up With a Novel Way to Excuse Her Own Racism.  Why, don't you see, she only made racist statements as a private citizen, not as a government employee.  So they don't count. 

(02/18/2023) Study: Recent Grads Claim Higher Ed Didn’t Prepare Them Emotionally for the Transition to Work. I rather suspect it does the exact opposite.  Demands are not made of students and they are encouraged to think they are entitled to easy, well-paying jobs when they graduate.  Why?  Because they are a college graduate!  When our youngest was in college, he was shocked by how many students rarely turned in assignments on time.  Why should they?  It wasn't demanded of them.  Jobs, however, are different.


(02/18/2023) The Talking Points Have Gone Out: John Fetterman Is ‘Brave’ For Checking Into Hospital For Depression.  Of course, they won't mention the fact that they covered up for his obvious health issues during the campaign.  No matter what a liberal / leftist does, it will be spun in a positive light (or ignored, if that is too difficult) by our media.  Unless, of course, the liberal / leftist chooses to go against the progressive narrative.  Then they will be thrown under the bus.

(02/17/2023) How The Cult Of Anti-Racism Usurps Every Human’s Need For Religious Purpose.  Rejecting the God of the Bible does not mean you have no god, it just means you have replaced God with a "god" of another kind.  There are many such gods, for people to worship: environmentalism, socialism, anti-fascism, transgenderism anti-racism and more.  Sad to say, those that worship such gods are typically far more passionate about their "god" than those that worship the God of the Bible - the only true God.

(02/17/2023) Canada Proposes Just Euthanizing Everyone.  Given that they euthanized someone whose only listed adverse health condition was hearing loss, the headline in not exaggerating greatly.  Sarah Palin and others were ridiculed for saying this was the inevitable outcome of government run health care.  They were correct, but the accusers never admit that they were wrong.

(02/17/2023) Indiana Woman Embezzles $574k from Parish Church for Gambling, Vacations.  While we are a fallen race, it is still remarkable how people can justify, in their own minds, doing this sort of thing.  Maybe it isn't so amazing nowadays.  People are actively encouraged to claim "I deserve" without doing anything to actually deserve  - like working.

(02/17/2023) Lowlights of the Day.  Back in my working days, there were far more bad examples as to how work should be done and precious few good examples.  Regarding how to live a good (not evil) life, we see far more bad examples than good. Bad examples make more interesting news, but positive stuff can be news, as well.

(02/17/2023) Senator Marco Rubio Demands Biden Fire Pete Buttigieg Over Handling Of Ohio Train Disaster.  I pick on Mayor Pete a lot, and he deserves it.  But the sad fact is, all sorts of high positions in government are filled with people who are totally incompetent in their jobs.  This has always been the case to some degree, but the Biden administration has taken it to a new level.  How many of their appointees have had any experience at all in the jobs they have been appointed to?  Things like color, sex, sexual preference and more are the prime requisites.  Competence and experience?  I'm not sure they make the checklist at all.

(02/17/2013) Does Federal Right to Abortion Survive Overturning Of Roe v. Wade? Federal Judge Raises Possibility.  The judge claims that banning abortion qualifies as slavery (involuntary servitude), which is prohibited by the 13th amendment.  We can laugh at such nonsense, but it is clear that there are many judges that would be happy to so rule.


(02/17/2023) Rookie Georgia police officer resigns after department bars him from expressing views on traditional marriage.  It is shocking that expressing traditional; (and biblical) Christian values is being punished in various places.  I ask again: just who is it that is trying to impose their values on others in America today?

(02/17/2023) Sen. Fetterman Was Not Qualified to Serve. His Doctor and Staff Lied About It.  This is certainly true.  But since it was obvious to all to see, we have to add the the media lied about it , too.  They were active collaborators.

(02/17/2023) ‘We’re Here to Glorify God’: Chick-fil-A Founder’s Son Opens Up About Company’s Success.  I will say that Chick-Fil-A has the best service of the fast food restaurants, and serving others well is God honoring and and service to God, as well.

(02/17/2023) Biden Judicial Nominee Stumped By Basic Constitution Questions: ‘Not Coming To Mind.’  It seems to me that if you are going to serve in government, you ought to be very familiar with the Constitution.  Especially judges!  Sadly, I suspect that only a minority of those in Congress and an even smaller minority in this administration are very familiar with the Constitution. 

(02/17/2023) ‘Hate Speech’: Trans Activists Deem Aretha Franklin’s ‘Natural Woman’ to be Offensive.  We are letting these people have far more influence than they should.  Many are caving in to their demands.  When they cannot be ignore, they should receive push back in a big, big way.  The America of today is giving far too much power to those that tear down and very little to those who build.

(02/16/2023) Virginia Democrats Vote to Keep Child ‘Gender Transitions’ Secret from Parents.  This is one of the many issues where the GOP needs to pound into people's heads just what the Democrats' position is.  I'm not holding my breath.

(02/16/2023)  The Two Americas. Thoughts on the clash of worldviews at the Grammys and the Super Bowl.  The biggest problem is that those that are deliberately dividing us are the ones with the biggest and loudest microphones.  Until relatively recently, everyone thought race relations were getting better and better.  What happened? One of our political parties decided that improved race relations were not in their party's interest even though improved relations are clearly in the nation's interest.  So here we are.

(02/16/2023) Is the Asbury Revival Real? and Why That’s Not the Most Important Question To Ask About It.  The most important question is "What are we doing to ensure that it is real?"  Are we going to join in, even from afar, and reevaluate our own Christian lives and start on our own path of repentance and revival.  Or are we going to just sit back and cast a critical, possibly skeptical, eye on events in Asbury?  Here is more: Making Sense of the '2023 Asbury Revival.' 

(02/16/2023) What Were We Thinking?  This is in regard to "woke" AP courses.  What is remarkable is that when there is push back against the left infusing everything with their politics, it is those pushing back that are accused of being political.  Sort of like those that push back against all the cultural demands of the left - new demands.  Even though all we are trying to do is retain the old standards, it is use imposing our values rather than the other way around.  A good rule of thumb is this:  anything the left accuses the right of doing, the left is already doing and the right is probably (though not definitely) not doing.

(02/16/2023) Stop participating in the delusions of the insane.  We have to stop playing along, even if our media does so.  If a man calls himself a woman, that does not mean we should.  Quite the contrary.  We should never pretend that the delusions of others are reality.

(02/16/2023) ‘Constrained by Law’: Buttigieg Tries to Blame Trump for the Ohio Train Derailment.  When was the last time anyone in this administration took responsibility for anything bad?


(02/16/2023) “Hate Speech” Fails Again.  And a good thing, too.  Without freedom of speech, we cannot be free.  As soon as we have arbiters determining what speech is acceptable and what is not, we are no longer free.  And that is exactly where the progressive left desires that we be - not free.  The wish to dictate and control. 

(02/16/2023) Did a Government Intel Asset Plant Key Evidence in Proud Boys Case?  If I were a betting man, I'd bet on "absolutely."

(02/16/2023) State Department Disavows “Inappropriate and Ineffective” Black History Month Tweets Directed at Afghans.  I'm glad they have disavowed this, but why do we put such people in positions of power and authority in the first place?  It is a sad commentary on our education system that we have people so ignorant at all, even if we didn't appoint them to such positions.

(02/16/2023) Parents demand sexually explicit books be removed from Oklahoma public school libraries.  It is pretty appalling that claims are being made that this is a First Amendment issue, that somehow someone's First Amendment speech is being suppressed if such books are not in the library.  It reminds me of celebrities who complain that their First Amendment rights are being violated because they get criticized for what they say.  Getting push back for trying to impose your values on other people's children is not a First Amendment issue.  Trying to suppress such push back is.

(02/16/2023) Florida will bar Medicaid coverage for gender reassignment surgeries, hormones.  First, do no harm.  You would think that people could agree on this.  But when you call evil good and good evil, I suppose there is no harm that is off the table.  The fact that we have many people who demand that life altering surgeries and drug "treatments" be performed on little kids, sometimes well below the age of consent, is just plain evil.  Yet the state of Florida is being called evil for preventing evil!

(02/15/2023) Episcopal Church Comes Out With Stunning Stance on Sex Changes.  They are for it, even for kids.  I am sure that many Christians attend Episcopal churches, but is the denomination itself Christian?

(02/15/2023) Fargo, N.D., School Board Dumps Pledge — “Under God” Not Inclusive.  Sadly, we have let the left redefine the meaning of words in a manner to push their agenda.  Tolerance and inclusiveness are declared absolute positives.  Yet what we tolerate is of utmost importance as is what we include.

(02/15/2023) Response to entitled twit complaining that job doesn't care about them.  I get that some people do not like their jobs.  But you can't get out of a job more than you put into it.  Don't complain that your job doesn't love you.  To be blunt, these clowns are just excusing the fact that they are too lazy to do their jobs well.  No matter how boring, no matter how bad the boss, the better you do your job, the more satisfied you will be.  And if your job is terrible, get a better one.  Don't whine.

(02/15/2023) Democratic Rep Suggests Traditional Families Are ‘Un-American.’  Will any fellow Democrat call her out and condemn her for this?  Not likely.

(02/15/2023) Why Is the Left Pushing Straight Men to Date Trans Dudes?  Because deep down, they know their entire agenda is evil and wrong.  Rather than admit it, they demand that others affirm it. 

(02/15/2023) Teen girls are being forced to have sex at ‘highest level we’ve ever seen.’  Our culture is spiraling downhill faster and faster.  This is the direct result of trying to replace God with progressive politics.  Until we turn back to God, it will only get worse and worse.

(02/15/2023) After Our Corporate Humiliation, God is Pouring Out His Spirit on the Church.  "Corporate" is the church, collectively.  Is this true?  Is God pouring out his Spirit?  There are signs.  Let us not quench the Spirit, let us not be passive.

(02/15/2023) Chicago High School to Enforce Race-Based Grading System.  Isaiah 5:20 says it all.  People call evil good.  Here we have out and out racism, and those behind it claim it is just the opposite.  It used to be accepted that two wrongs don't make a right, but now many claim that we must do wrongs today to make up for wrongs of the past.

(02/15/2023) Bernie Sanders Calls For Minimum Pay Of $60,000 For All School Teachers Despite Failing Public Schools.  I do not deny that teaching is an important job.  But you have to look at results to determine how successfully one is doing their job.  you do not reward failure, and right now our public education system, overall, is failing us.  We've been throwing money at it for years.  teachers and administrators have benefited greatly.  The kids?  Evidences shows the opposite.

(02/15/2023) Joe Biden Claims Food Prices Are Coming Down After Inflation Report Shows Prices Rose In January.   Joe Biden has lied his entire political career, which is most of his life.  The guy will literally say anything, as long as it makes him look good.  In general, to do so means that he has to lie.  The MSM is happy to let him get away with it.

(02/15/2023) Libs of TikTok exposed Palm Springs drag show where young child danced for money — drag queen called reaction 'homophobic' and immoral.  Amazing how some sinners blame others exposing themselves while their own actions condemn themselves.  Some sinners have the decency to confess their guilt and repent.  That seems to be less and less common these days.

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