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“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.  At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  Luke 21:25-28 (NIV)


Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men.  Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way.

Proverbs 4:14-15   (NIV)


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20  (NIV)

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As noted above, articles posted under Current Events are archived by category after a few days.  These archives are all accessible as sub-menu items under Current Events.  But it may be more convenient to access from here, since brief descriptions are included for each of the archive categories.

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  • race relations - Some years ago, there wouldn't be a need for this category.  Sadly, things have changed.

  • second amendment - Not too many articles as this seems to have quieted down.

  • trail markers - Articles that can lead one to believe in the imminent return of Christ.  Since this is so common, in so many areas, most such articles just go under a different category.

Current Events / Latest News (Jan- Feb 2023)


(02/14/2023) California Might Bar Schools From Suspending Disruptive Students Because It’s Discriminatory.  We can already see the impact of such policies as this.  A lot of videos are showing up of school bus beatings.  The perps are almost always black.  Why?  Because school officials are reluctant to punish black kids.  Is it because they fear being called racist?  Is it because they consider the perps to be "victims of white Supremacy?"  Whatever, it doesn't matter.  Blacks are being held to a lower standard and they are living up to it.  If California goes ahead with their plans, everyone is going to be worse off - especially blacks!

(02/14/2023) I Can’t Even: Wokism in Science Podcasts.  This involves the business of pretending that men can get pregnant.  Just a few years ago, no one would have said anything so absurd.  But the narrative changes and a great many people throw reason out the window and go right along.  Such people are slaves and they don't even realize it.

(02/14/2023) 'Whiteness is so evil': Michigan school board trustee faces scrutiny over her unhinged racist tweets.  How can it be that the most intolerant people of all are the ones who imagine themselves to be tolerant, that the biggest racists are the ones who claim to be anti-racist, that the biggest fascists are the ones who claim to be anti-fascist?  Isaiah 5:20-21.

(02/14/2023) Harris Defiles the Declaration.  She skips the part about "Creator" and about "life."  After all, it doesn't fit the narrative.

(02/13/2023)  MSNBC freaks out over pro-Jesus Super Bowl advertisements.  To think those ads rather watered down the gospel.  Imagine how they'd freak out with the undiluted version!


(02/13/2023) Aslan is on the Move: Revival Breaking Out on Multiple Campuses Right Now.  may this be true and my it grow!

(02/13/2023) Missouri AG officially probing ‘disturbing’ whistleblower claim that transgender clinic ‘harming hundreds’ of kids.  This is good news.  At the same time, it should not require a whistleblower.  The fact that "gender reassignment" is harmful, especially to children, should be obvious to anyone with  an ounce of common sense.  But, thanks to our failed education system, common sense is sorely lacking i America today.

(02/13/2023) Bombshells, Landmines, and Nemesis: Ironically Joe Biden, the media, and the old House majority have provided Republicans the same tools to discover the truth that the Left had once used to destroy it.  Naturally they are screaming that it is unfair for the GOP to use Democrat tactics against Democrats.

(02/13/2023) A Message to the Church of England.  There is no compromise between Scripture and culture.  To "compromise" means to surrender.  God's truth does not change, it definitely does not "no longer apply."

(02/13/2023) Idris Elba kind of nails it on race discussion.  I'll go along with the "kind of."  But I have to say if everyone had his attitude, we would all be a lot better off.

(02/13/2023) Why 65 Percent of Fourth Graders Can't Really Read.  It is primarily because many school districts have abandoned phonics.  Who needs to be able to sound out a word when you can just guess?  Everybody, actually.  We did "Hooked on Phonics" with our grandson, and he entered first grade reading.  It wasn't hard.  He can sound out pretty complex words and while still in first grade, probably reads better than a huge portion of these fourth graders.  Our education system is failing our kids, their families and our country.

(02/12/2023) Suicide of the Met.  The Met has an exhibit of what was once considered anti-slavery art.  They know better now.  It is really art perpetuating white supremacy under the guise of being anti-slavery.  Friends, the progressive left is corrupting everything and that include a great many minds.

(02/12/2023) Yale professor: "Mandatory euthanasia" will be on the table. Birthrates too low?  Not enough young people to support the elderly?  No problem!  Just kill off the elderly!

(02/12/2023) Why Leftist Ideologies Always Fail.  And they do.  Read this, it is very good.

(02/12/2023) Sen. Thom Tillis: Biden student loan plan ‘unfair for the millions of people who have worked hard and sacrificed’ to pay them off.  This is obvious, and yet ....  Huge amounts of taxpayer dollars are spent rewarding people who made poor decisions and punishing those who made good decisions.  Why?  Because vast sums of taxpayer dollars are spent, not doing what is good and right, but buying votes.  Democrats are much better at it than Republicans.


(02/12/2023) Nikole Hanna-Jones asks about Thomas Sowell’s expertise in slavery and history.  On the surface, this is funny.  But is is a serious indictment.  For a great number of "scholars," scholarship (Sowell) has been replaced by politics, narratives and fiction (Hanna-Jones).  Who needs to waste all sorts of time actually doing research when you can just makes stuff up?

(02/12/2023) Watchdogs blast State Department for funding group blacklisting conservative media.  The problem is that the left has no problem using any and all institutions to push their agenda, however dishonestly.  Conservatives, at least, have qualms about doing so (possibley because they can't do so because they are not in control of said institutions).

(02/12/2023) The FBI’s Targeting of Traditional Catholics Recalls … the Inquisition.  Yes it does.  And possibly worse since it targets far more people.

(02/12/2023) CNN, NYT, BBC, Forget to Mention Terrorist when Covering Deadly Jerusalem Attack.  This is pretty much standard operating procedure for much of the media.  Even though they love to blame guns for crime, when a terrorist uses a gun or a knife or a bomb, it is hard to avoid calling it a terrorist act.  When they use a car or truck, it is somehow easier to blame the whole thing on the car or truck.  Just a traffic accident, don't you see?

(02/12/2023) 10-Year-Old Sports Reporter Tells Quarterback He Respects Him for Honoring God and His Wife.  This isn't the only great interview this kid has done.  I would argue that he does better interviews (and is more prepared for them) than most sports reporters.

(02/12/2023) Arrested Development? Record Number of Britons Still Living at Home with Parents.  This might be the case in the USA, as well.  I suspect that for many, the reasons may  be financial.  But the willingness to postpone (or avoid altogether)  marriage and raising children is probably a factor, as well.   This is not good.  Yet more and more, culture seems to encourage it.

(02/12/2023) Will non-woke Americans choose 'normal' on the ballot?  Hopefully.

(02/11/2023) Satan is Beginning to Show His Hand More Clearly.  It it a coincidence that Satan is showing his hand more clearly when other in the media, academia and elsewhere are doing likewise?  Just asking.

(02/11/2023) House Republicans Just Blocked A Law That Would Have Allowed Illegal Immigrants To Vote In Washington, DC.  All Republicans voted against, as did 42 Democrats.  But that means 170+ Democrats voted to allow illegals to vote!  Why?  Because they think illegals will vote Democrat.  Democrats have no desire for fair, secure and honest elections.  All they care about is whether something will make it easier for them to win or harder.  That is their only consideration.  Prove me wrong.

(02/11/2023) ‘Anonymous Sources’ Are How Corporate Media Launder Smear Operations As News.  I am sure that there are some circumstances where it is necessary to protect the source.  But more and more it seems that that is not the objective.  The objective is to avoid people recognizing that the source is biased, to avoid having the source challenged, and even to conceal the fact that there is no source at all!

(02/11/2023) A Black Professor Trapped in Anti-Racist Hell.  Actually, it looks to me that it is a hell that he helped to create.

(02/10/2023) Thoughts from the ammo line.  This is focused on the fact that lack of talent keeps men and women (real ones) from embarrassing themselves on the world stage, but lack of talent and claiming to be the opposite sex can put you right there on the world stage to make a fool of yourself.  This is of no good whatsoever to anyone; quite the opposite.  Why in the world should we be celebrating people who are mentally ill just because they are mentally ill?  I am all in favor of celebrating someone who has overcome a handicap - physical or mental - in order to do very well at something that is quite difficult.  But to celebrate them solely because they are mentally ill?  Or, if you prefer, celebrate them solely for what they claim to be rather than for what they are able to do.

(02/10/2023) Disney Cartoon Pushes Claim America is Racist, Repeats ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Lie.   What is so sad is that Disney could reclaim their position as the best of the best when it comes to family friendly entertainment.  But they are full of executives that would rather push a very anti-family agenda while losing vast sums of money.  And neither the CEO nor the board is inclined to do anything about it.  Sad.  Returning to their roots would almost certainly involve a return to profitability.  So what is the purpose of a board of directors if they sit back and allow this to happen to a company they are supposed to be directing?  Just asking.

(02/10/2023) South Carolina Rep Faces Calls to Resign Over Comments About White Constituents.  This is old news (and she lost her Senate race), but I include it for the simple reason that anyone can be a racist.  It is quite a trick - and its totally dishonest - to redefine racism in a manner that allows some people to claim to not be racist while speaking and acting racist.  Yet so redefining racism is pretty much mandatory in academia and among pundits and politicians on the left.   Don't fall for this stuff - push back.

(02/10/2023) Righteous Tyrants.  These would be former Twitter executives who censored conservative views.

(02/10/2023) GOP Rep. Jason Smith: At Least 20% of COVID Unemployment Benefits Were Stolen, But DOJ Won’t Take Part in Hearings.  I wouldn't be surprised if the number is far higher than 20%.  When you make funds available in a manner that makes fraud quite easy, you are going to get fraud.  And the easier the fraud,the more fraud you are going to get. And what is worse, the honest people that don't commit the fraud are stuck with paying the bill for those that do.  We are a fallen race.  Not everyone is prone to every sin, but there are plenty who are all to happy to steal for personal gain.  And taking government money by fraud is stealing.  We have a lot of thieves, both in and out of government.

(02/10/2023) Memphis man's murder also a 'crisis' of too-few qualified cops.  When you don't support those that are qualified, you are going to get more that aren't.  Why would anyone want to be a cop nowadays in the very places that need cops the most? 

(02/09/2023) Franklin Graham Blasts Church of England: It Is ‘Attempting to Nullify Christ’s Atoning Work’ by Condoning ‘Sin.’  If sin isn't a problem, then there is no need for Christ.  You might think that a church would understand this, but far too many churches have decided to go with the culture rather than the bible.

(02/09/2023) Sliding Toward the Abyss in Scandinavia.  I have a simple question: is there any place in the world today where Islam is having a positive, beneficial impact?  Sweden? No.  France? No.  Britain?  No.  The Middle East?  No.  The United States?  No.  The latest narrative promotes the notion that Muslims in America have contributed greatly to making America great.  While this might be true of some individuals, it is most definitely not true of Islam in general.  Pretending otherwise is doing great harm.  We have plenty of warning when we look at a  number of European countries.  But this is yet another case of a false narrative being pushed that is completely at odds with facts, truth and reality.

(02/09/2023) The Church of England May Go Gender-Neutral.  Sigh.  Why do so many Christians believe that they must conform to the latest cultural fads?

(02/09/2023) This is what every Republican planning to run for president, or any other office, in 2024 needs to do from now on.  To be fair, this isn't just for politicians.  This is what every Christian needs to do when their faith is under attack.  What is it?  Don't get defensive, but boldly stand up for the truth. 

(02/09/2023) Dem litany of laptop lies.  You cannot make good decisions of you don't base those decisions of facts, truth and reality.  Currently, our government is run primarily by those who base their decisions on narratives that have basis in facts, truth and reality.  In short, the decisions so made are not good.  They are, in fact, poor and in many cases downright evil.  This is just another example of where the truth is well known, yet the lies continue in order to support the narrative.

(02/09/2023) Franklin Graham Prays ‘Biden’s Eyes Will Be Opened’ to Evil of Abortion.  I pray this not just for Biden and not just on the issue of abortion.  We have far too many politicians who claim to be believers, but let their politics dictate their "Christian" beliefs rather than let Christian beliefs inform their politics.

(02/09/2023) Transgender ‘Health’ Group Admits Changing Standards to Cover Radical Doctors.  This is not surprising.

(02/09/2023) Democrat Rep. Says the U.S. Must ‘Kill’ And Confront ‘Extremist’ Republican Movement.  This is from last year, but nothing has changed.  Democrats regularly call for "unity."  What they mean is that all must conform to their way of thinking.  Or else.

(02/09/2023) Author of New Book for ‘White Women’ Calls All Republicans ‘Nazis’…See What Else She Has to Say About the Flag.  It seems that the way to sell books nowadays is to tell whites (and Asians, by extension) that they should stop doing the very things that lead to success in life because that is oppressive and that they need to stop oppressing!  and to everyone else, don't bother to do those things that lead to success in life because you are oppressed and your oppressors owe you.  In short, achieve "equity" by destroying everything that has made America great.  Drag everyone down, destroy the work ethic, destroy respect for one another, destroy good character, destroy everything necessary for a healthy and strong society.  Fortunately, not everyone is listening to this bs and we are starting to get push back.  But the battle is still going the wrong way, for now.

(02/09/2023) Democrat Senator John Fetterman Of Pennsylvania Rushed To DC Hospital.  I pray for the guy - just did.  But he was carried over the finish line election-wise by a totally subservient media (and fraud?).  He was so clearly in poor health and not functioning mentally and yet still was elected?  Something doesn't compute.

(02/08/2023) This Is How We Win: Why Patriots Will Take the Day.  While possibly overly optimistic, it is definitely fair to say that not all the news is bad - thought it sometimes seems that way.

(02/08/2023) Don’t Fall For Joe Biden’s Economic Fairy Tale.  Politicians lie.  This doesn't surprise anyone.  But Biden puts many to shame.  The media, of course, just dismisses it with a shrug.  "That's just Joe." they say.  Go here for much more: Well, Folks, How About That State of the Union? 

(02/08/2023) After last night.  This is, of course, with respect to the State of the Union.  More? The State of the Union Is Meaningless.    


(02/08/2023) Democrats Ditch the US Flags and Wear “Abortion” Pins Instead to SOTU Address.  To be fair, only some Democrats sis this.  But it does show where their priorities lie.

(02/08/2023) Why My Synagogue May Change Its Prayer for America.  Why?  Because to a considerable degree, America is no longer the hope of the world.  To be sure, a great many still wish to come here, but we are also the source of some of the most toxic nonsense the world has ever seen.  Start with explicit calls for racism and "you are whatever gender you wish to be."

(02/08/2023) Sea Level Is Stable Around the World… The Good News the Media Don’t Want Us to Hear.  The entire global warming / climate change nonsense is based entirely on hype and never on facts. And yet we are expected to nevertheless destroy the American economy and turn power over to those who push this stuff.  Facts tell us that there is no need to go green.  So what to do?  Suppress the facts, of course.

(02/08/2023) Finally: One Roman Catholic Bishop Has Had Enough of Biden’s ‘Fake Catholicism.’  Why is it that so many Democrats pretend to be Christian when there is nothing in their lives or their policies that indicates they take Scripture seriously?  The same can probably be said of some in the GOP, but there are plenty of Republicans that clearly do take the Bible seriously.  I cannot thnk of a single Democrat does.  Start with the abortion issue,  But there are many others.

(02/08/2023) Twitch streamers are being targeted for playing Hogwarts Legacy.  Most conservatives are pretty happy to live and let live.  If those on the left wish to live in ways that we find astoundingly stupid, that is their choice.  The problem is, for all their cries of us imposing our values on them, the opposite is reality.  If you don't go along with their delusions, you will be punished!  The good news is that their very extremism is probably turning more and more people back to sanity.

(02/07/2023) Wyoming Library Director and Children’s Librarian Shock Community by Defending Obscene Books for Children — and Threatening County Officials With Lawsuit.  Sheesh.

(02/07/2023) Oklahoma Children's Hospital to halt 'certain gender medicine services' after state places restrictions on funding.  Note that they are only doing so because of the restrictions in funding.  That raises the question - is there anything that no one would do for money?  Is there anything beyond the pale?  I fear not.  Offer a million dollars for something wrong, but not too bad, like post a slanderous comment about some politician.  Millions would sign up.  Keep adding addition bad stuff and people would start to drop out.  But there will always be some left.  Mutilating minors for money seems like it ought to be beyond the pale.  Sadly, it is not.  Nothing is.

(02/07/2023) Is Florida Really Forbidding African-American Studies?  Of course not.  Someone claimed they are making it a felony to teach about Rosa Parks.  That is not only a lie, but a damned lie.  But isn't this a standard tactic of the left?  Forbidding the teaching that racism is good (that is, forbidding teaching CRT) is something that is quite popular.  You can't generate outrage by declaring that Florida is forbidding teaching CRT.  So just label it "black history" and claim that Florida is banning that.  If you have to lie to make your case, you have no case to make.

(02/07/2023) Biden admin worships abortion but knows courts do not.  Just a note.  Democrats are very, very good at funneling vast sums of taxpayer dollars to their political allies.  The GOP is not.  I don't wish that the GOP did, but I do wish they would at least start limiting what the Democrats do.  Rest assured that whatever the courts may say, plenty of taxpayer dollars are going to the pro-abortion crowd.

(02/07/2023) Thought for the Day: The Gipper vs. the Woke.  It is interesting that our "intelligentsia" considered Reagan to be a dunce.  That is only because they didn't agree with him.  He had a far, far better understanding of people and reality than those that belittled him.

(02/07/2023) School apologizes for fried chicken menu for Black History Month.  It turns out that this is happening all over the place.  Apparently, serving fried chicken during Black History Month is offensive.  Who knew?  Two things are appalling - that some are offended and complaining, and that others are apologizing for doing nothing wrong.  Two big negative trends (among many) today: non-apology apologies, and apologizing when there is nothing to apologize for.  Do not do it. 

(02/07/2023) Swalwell: ‘Republicans Continue to Want to Side with Russia’  Russia is not our friend.  But just because Russia is not our friend does not make Ukraine our friend.  It was said of the Iran-Iraq war that it was a shame that both sides couldn't lose.  It really is the same here.  Yes, Russia is a bully and invading another country is definitely bad.  But Ukraine has a totally corrupt government and scads of US aid is going into their personal pockets by a variety of means.  Opposing throwing vast sums of money and resources at Ukraine, at the expense of our own defense, is not a good thing.  It does not make one an ally of Russia to oppose this.

(02/06/2023) Singer Sam Smith Paid Tribute to Satan at the Grammys, and Zzzzzzzzz.  Yeah, it is offensive, but unless they see the light, they are going to be in for a rude surprise.  And fewer and fewer are watching.  Are they actually likely to "convert" anyone?

(02/06/2023) Participants with “Jesus” Shirts Demonstrate at Mall of America in Response to Man Wearing “Jesus Saves” Shirt Being Asked to Leave 2 Weeks Ago.  More of this, please.

(02/06/2023) DeSantis Goes After Foundation for Lewd Drag Show Event With Children Present.  And more of this, please.

(02/06/2023) Associated Press Bans ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers,’ Directs Journalists to Use Negative Term Instead.  To be fair, they say to put crisis pregnancy centers in scare quotes while calling them anti-abortion centers.  Can anyone make the case that our news media is not heavily biased in favor of Democrats and the left?

(02/06/2023) Student Debt Forgiveness Comes to the Supreme Court.  This whole business says a great deal about what is wrong with America today.  And that is the attitude that other people should have to pay for my mistakes.  Going into debt to get a worthless degree is definitely a mistake.  Of course, this attitude is far more widespread than just regarding student loans. 

(02/06/2023) Disney Releases Woke “Proud Family” Kids Show – Radical Children’s Show Pushes BLM Marxism, Anti-White Racism and Reparations.  Sadly, Disney is not our friend, not anymore.

(02/06.2023) As Hetch Hetchy Reservoir Fills, Environmentalists Still Dream of Taking it Down.  There is a tendency to demand action without any thought to the consequences and in particular, no plans for dealing with the consequences.  What is worse, when the consequences arrive, the very people that caused them take no responsibility.  This is just one of many examples.  The demands for mass movement to electric vehicles is another.  Is anyone demanding this (environmentalist, politician, pundit, academic) proposing anything to improve our electric power grid and increase our generating capacity?  Not a one!  Same thing for replacing gas stoves with electric.  Ask a simple question: do we have responsible adults running our country, our media, our universities?  And the answer is: precious few.

(02/06/2023) Green Fail: Dozens of Scottish Wind Turbines Powered by Diesel Generators, Pour Hydraulic Oil Into Countryside.  This is exactly the result to expect when you let narratives drive decisions rather than facts, truth and reality.  When governments subsidize foolish choices, you get foolish choices.  And when it comes to the green agenda, virtually every subsidized choice is a foolish one.

(02/05/2023) Prediction vs. Measurement.  This has to do with "climate change."  Actual measurements to not support the notion that the planet is warming significantly.  But here is the thing.  Even if it were the case, the notion that government needs to step in to somehow prevent it is absurd.  The earth has always had warm and cold cycles.  Claiming that mankind is responsible is the height of arrogance and is really just a power play.  Government can no more halt warming than King Canute could stop the tide.  If warming is real, we are far, far better off simply dealing with it as it occurs, not trying to prevent it.  "Preventing" warming will only lead to bad results.  It is already doing so, raising the cost of energy (impacting the poor the most), wasting vast sums of taxpayer dollars that could be better spent or not spent at all, raising unnecessary fears and more. I really believe there is evil involved, not just misguidedness.

(02/05/2023) Award-Winning Journalist Compares Donald Trump, Republicans to Ku Klux Klan.  How original.  I have to say that this line is getting very old, very fast.  Are there no original thinkers on the left?  Are there any thinkers at all? Is falling back on old tropes all they are capable of?  These things are always descending on conservatives, but somehow always land on the left.

(02/05/2023) Molech and Baal in America.  I quite agree, but I prefer to put it in terms of Satan.  And this extends far bewond the issue of abortion.

(02/05/2023) Florida state rep says these all-ages drag shows are literally ‘just folx dancing in cute outfits’.  Nope.

(02/05/2023) Healing the blind is "ableism."  Speaking of evil, what about this?  We should not try to heal people with disabilities because that is declaring that not having the disability is somehow better than having it.  Well, it is.  And now we have fat shaming as well.  Shame on people for thinking that obesity is not a good thing.  And yes, I will declare that promoting this kind of nonsense isn't just misguided, it is evil.  Great harm is being done.


(02/04/2023) Pro-Choice Mob at University: 'We Want To See Them Dead.'  We are not just dealing with disagreement, we are dealing with evil.

(02/04/2023) The #1 Problem With the Conservative Movement in America.  I'll boil it down to two points.  America needs God and revival, and it isn't just the other guy that needs reviving, it is us.  Yes, there are things we should do, policies we should support, people we should vote for.  But all that is secondary.

(02/04/2023) After His State Takes Away Gas Stoves, Sen. Schumer Falsely Claims “Nobody is Taking Away Your Gas Stove.”  I suppose we take it for granted that our politicians lie to us.  But we really should push back more.

(02/04/2023) Leftist Logic: Adoption Is More ‘Traumatic’ Than Abortion, But Surrogacy Is Just Great.  Leftists aren't logical.  If they were, they would not advoate multiple things that conflict with one another.

(02/04/2023) Prestigious Harvard Fellowship Bans Certain Applicants.  That would be whites and probably Asians.  Those who complain the most about "discrimination" and "intolerance" appear to be the ones who practice both the most.  People who are "underrepresented" need to work harder and earn representation - not have it given to them for no reason other than who they are.

(02/04/2023) GOP Gov Kills Dem’s Big Plans For A China-Run US Company.  I will settle for saying that China is not our friend and we have allowed our economy to become far too dependent on an enemy.  we cannot change it all overnight, but we can start to reduce this dependency.

(02/04/2023) Las Vegas Parents Lock In Legal Battle With Woke School System.  Apparently their daughter was given an assignment to recite pornographic material.  No one in school should be required to recite anything they disagree with.  They should always be given a variety of options.

(02/03/2023) Florida College Bureaucrats ‘Significantly Misreported’ Diversity Initiatives When Pressed By DeSantis, His Office Says.  Is anyone surprised?  Lying is second nature to the left, and they are always convinced that they are justified in so doing.

(02/03/2023) REPORT: FBI Planning to Build New Headquarters Building TWICE THE SIZE of Pentagon.  Good Lord.  To be blunt, we'd be a lot better off without the FBI altogether.  Why in the world do they need an HQ of that magnitude?  If they were actually doing good, they'd need far more in the field and far fewer pencil pushers.  Of course, they aren't doing good and that is why this is being pushed.  The GOP better start by stopping this, and finish by drastically downsizing or even abolishing and replacing the FBI.  The FBI has become nothing but an arm of the Democrat Party and the fact that many in the GOP seem content to let it be so is a shock.

(02/03/2023) Dem Rep. Moulton: TikTok Threatens Security and Families, It Influences Behavior of Kids.  Not all Democrats are bad on all the issues. and to be fair, more and more are coming out against TikTok.  So why isn't the administration doing anything? Well, Hunter Biden has received large amounts of money from China, but surely that can't be a factor.  So the media would have us believe.

(02/03/2023) The Daily Chart: Liberal Students Are the Worst.  I will tactfully put it this way.  Liberal students are far, far more intolerant than conservatives.  And women are far, far more intolerant than the men.  Obviously, liberal women are the worst of the worst.  Yet the very worst imagine themselves to be the very best.  Isaiah 5:20-21 comes to mind.

(02/03/2023) Hunter Biden: More Depraved Than You Knew.  Why is the media covering for this guy?  Well, we all know.  But this man is a total disgrace as is everyone that enables and covers for him.  Read the article and weep. 

(02/03/2023) Sick University Slams Free Speech, Bans Christian.  Note that the "woke" have no problem pushing their agenda, even in supposedly conservative environments.  And the media will never criticize them, not matter how egregious their deeds.  But woe to conservatives - and especially Christians - who attempt to do likewise.  And by likewise, I do not mean egregious.  Here we simply have a declaration that a man is a man  and a woman is a woman.  I hope the banned pastor sues.  The woke must be actively resisted; they must be sought.  Tut-tutting is not enough.

(02/03/2023) No link, but a "recommended" article in The New Yorker purported to explain why distrust of the media is at an all-time high.  Apparently it has nothing to do with left-wing bias that has been apparent for decades.  it has nothing to do with the false stories they have been  pushing for some time.  It has nothing to do with the fact that a huge segment of the media has simply become an arm of the Democrat party.  You will be amazed to learn that distrust of the media is totally undeserved and is all Donald Trump's fault!  The media is a victim of Donald Trump!

(02/03/2023) Radical Dem J6’er Believes The Constitution Is A Threat To Democracy.  To be fair, he isn't all that radical by Democrat party standards.  When a Democrat claims anything is a "threat to our democracy," what they mean is that it makes it harder for Democrats to win (or steal) elections.  Here, it is the electoral college.  There it is voter ID and secure elections.

(02/03/2023) California College Official Announces Plan to ‘Cull’ all Conservative Faculty: ‘Take ‘Em to the Slaughter House.’  The headline is an exaggeration and I do not like it when "my guys" resort to such tactics.  The reality is bad enough without exaggerating.  Suffice it to say that a trustee expressed a desire to do this.  that is far from a plan to do so, though it could so evolve.

(02/03/2023) Famous Christmas Festival Taken Over By The Woke Left.  This is London, but there is a lesson.  It is always demanded that conservative institutions and events become "more inclusive." which means surrendering to progressives.  It is never demanded of progressive institutions and events that they become more inclusive, namely including more conservative views.  The problem isn't so much that the progressives demand, but that those demands are typically met.

(02/02/2023) Catholic students kicked out of the Smithsonian ​for wearing pro-life hats.  What is it going to take for us to stop sitting back and letting this be done to us?  The First Amendment is rapidly being destroyed.

(02/02/2023) Battle of the Bulge, Biden style.  Interesting that many in the media treat Hunter Biden's laptop (and Ashley Biden's diary) as "stolen."  They were not stolen and however much the MSM tries to cover it all up, they are factual and very real.

(02/02/2023) Suddenly Domestic Terrorism Charges Are a Problem Now That Atlanta Is Using Them Against Antifa.  Interesting that pro-lifers and concerned parents are terrorists, but those that actually go out and commit violent, arson and mayhem are just protesters.  Such is the state of our media, intelligentsia and "experts" today.  Mussolini said "All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.",  Those with the biggest microphones now say the same, replacing "state" with "progressive narrative."  But they hope to soon be able to realize Mussolini's original quote.  Resist.

(02/02/2023) After Lying to the American Public for Years – Biden Family FINALLY Admits Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is His.  SOP for our media.  When Democrats lie, go with the lie.  When the truth can no longer be concealed, pretend it is all "old news" and a big nothing-burger.

(02/02/2023) University professor says government owes $14 trillion in reparations, but warns it could cause inflation if not paid properly.  Just who is "deserving" and who is not?  What about the Chinese who were brought over to work on the railroad at slave wages?  There is no end to this nonsense, and "free" money of perceived injustice will only make things worse.  Is doling our millions and billions and trillions going to restore the black family?  Is it going to cause black culture to turn away from gangs and welfare and promote hard work in school and on the job?  Of course not.  It will only make things worse, far, far worse.  Who needs to get educated, who needs to work hard, who need support of a strong family when you can get scads of money by being a "victim."  Welfare destroyed the black family (and many others, as well).  Reparations will do far greater damage.

(02/01/2023) The Coup We Never Knew:An America we no longer recognize.  This is Victor Davis Hanson, so read it!  Here is the key: an awful mot has occurred and is occurring that many, probably most Americans either do not know about or realize just how contrary they are to our laws, our Constitution, and our founding principles.

(02/01/2023) Professor creates "guide" to handle racism "deniers."  As far as I can tell, the "guide" pretty much condemns anyone and everyone who does not go along with the left's view of racism.  Denying that racism as a factor in any situation makes you a racist.  Pretty convenient for those who can't make a rational case that racism is a factor.

(02/01/2023) BOMBSHELL: White House Misled Public About FBI Search of Penn Biden Center.  I don't know whether this qualifies as a "bombshell" but it is clear that when the administration claims they are cooperating and they are transparent, they are lying.  But we already knew that, didn't we? 

(02/01/2023) Thousands of federal bureaucrats defrauded taxpayers to double their paychecks with Covid aid meant for the unemployed.  They may not have literally doubled their paychecks, but collecting both your salary and unemployment pay, all while not going in to work but "working" from home does seem like a pretty good deal.  And who pays for it? 

(02/01/2023) UW-Madison Snowflakes ‘Physically Sick’ and ‘Hurt’ By Matt Walsh Event.  I will simply state a fact: if you get physically sick by hearing views that you disagree with, that is 100% your problem and 0% my problem.

(02/01/2023) In A Stunning Display Of Bigotry Restaurant Refuses To Serve Pro-Lifers.  Conservatives and Christians are not a "protected" group, don't you see?  Businesses are free to discriminate against them.  Of course, this is where our "anti-discrimination" laws have led us - it is perfectly okay to discriminate against some, but not others. Interesting that most of the "protected" groups fall in the mostly progressive category.  

(02/01/2023) Dem Rep. Sherman: You Can’t Just Cut Waste and Fat from Budget Without Cutting Services.  Really?  That is only because politicians do not choose to do so.  And I notice that he doesn't mention fraud.  How much aid to the Ukraine is being spent where intended?  You can make a strong case that we intend for fraud to be committed regarding those funds, but fraud is still fraud, and if Congress can't spend without waste, fat and fraud, maybe they shouldn't spend at all.

(02/01/2023) Democrat US rep — a self-described 'pro-choice Christian' — uses Bible verse to speak against Born-Alive bill requiring medical care for babies who survive abortions.  She is trying to use Jeremiah 1:5.  Her argument, apparently, is that the government should not dictate.  But what is God dictating?  Does she argue that the government should not dictate anything, because that is God's job and we can choose to follow God or not.  Well, I am totally confused by her argument.  Most would say that this verse means that life is precious, right from the moment of conception.  I won't go so far as to say that there is a special spot in Hell reserved for those who misuse Scripture.  Even well meaning people can do so.  But trying to justify evil by using Scripture really does seem to go a bit too far.

(01/31/2023) Still Need Proof of LGBT Grooming in Schools?  Probably not, but so many are in denial, it is necessary.  Note that Wikipedia says that claims of grooming are nothing but a right-wing conspiracy theory, rejected by "experts."  Never rely on Wikipedia for anything that has anything to do with politics and social issue, directly or indirectly.  Even the founder of Wikipedia says it has been taken over by the left and is no longer of much use.

(01/31/2023) The Supreme Court Is At The Heart Of America’s Racial Division.  The Sullivan decision, which basically allows "public figures" to be slandered with impunity, is a big, big problem.

(01/31/2023) What Does “Woke” Mean?… Here’s The REAL Definition The Left Doesn’t Want You To See.  This is a very good article.  Being "woke" has been presented as "caring for justice," but it is quite the opposite.

(01/31/2023) Our Freedom Is Getting More Fragile.  It certainly is.

(01/31/2023) Science gloriously points to God.  Now I don't expect a non-believer to be convinced, but believers know that science and faith are not incompatible.

(01/31/2023) World Boxing Council Bans Transgender ‘Women’ from Competing against Real Women.  Is there any sport where women have an advantage over men?  Women's gymnastics, given that for women, the events emphasize flexibility over strength.  Maybe women can at least compete against men in shooting.  Anything else?

(01/31/2023) California Marine Recruiters Stop Smash-and-Grab Los Angeles Robbery Suspects in Their Tracks.  Not all news is bad.  Advise to thieves: do not try to rob a store next to a Marine recruiting station.

(01/31/2023) The Astounding Saga Of Hamilton 68 Illustrates Scope Of America’s Institutional Rot.  In summary, Hamilton 68 put out false info about Russian interference in the election via social media.  Twitter knew it was all bs, but did not make that knowledge public.  They did, however, notify some reporters who both failed to report it, but continued to report the false info put out by Hamilton 68.  Short story: many of our institutions do not seek to ferret out facts, truth and reality but are committed to pushing the progressive narrative, however false it may be.

(01/31/2023) IT’s OVER! Liberal Holy Grail Crumbled in California…  Sadly, it isn't over, it has only just begun.  But a school district in California has banned the teaching of CRT, and that would be applauded.  CRT is to racism what Antifa is to fascism - the very thing that it professes to oppose.

(01/30/2023) Biden’s CDC Demands Schools Rate Students by Their ‘LGBTQ Inclusivity’ Scores.  Maybe the CDC should focus its efforts on its actual job, which it is doing very poorly at.

(01/30/2023) Catholic Pro-Life Activist Mark Houck Found NOT GUILTY of Federal Charges.  At least there is some good news.  This whole farce was nothing but an attempt to intimidate and silence pro-lifers.

(01/30/2023) Already Living in the Camp?  That would be a mind-controlling, indoctrinating concentration camp.  Good article.

(01/30/2023) Drag queen knows ‘there’s little babies here’ but still offers an X-rated toast.  What wort of parent brings their child to something like this.  Kids can't get into x-rated movies and the should not be allowed into x-rated drag shows.

(01/30/2023) “Something Is Better Than Nothing” Reasoning.  It seems that whenever there is a problem, a great many people demand that "something must be done."  By whom?  By the government, of course.  I think that the record is pretty clear that more often than not the "something" done by government does more harm than good and typically costs the taxpayers a pretty penny.  Who benefits?  Politicians and their friends and allies who make sure that they skim off plenty of those taxpayer dollars. 

(01/30/2023) MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan pushes ‘don’t say black’ LIE about Ron DeSantis.  If you have to lie to make your case, you have no case to make,  And the left lies about pretty much everything. There is no such thing as DeSantis pushing "don't say black," just as there never was a "don't say gay" bill. 

(01/30/2023) Utah Educators and Union Officials Caught Boasting of Secretly Teaching CRT.  Suppose that the basic tenets of CRT were actually true (they aren't).  Should it be part of public education?  The bigger problem is simply that those on the left routinely violate the law to push their agenda and suffer no consequences for doing so.

(01/30/2023) Migrants Refuse to Leave NYC Hotel, Demand Taxpayers Give Them ‘Permanent Homes.’  It should be noted that the 'migrants' are illegals.  Amazing that people who are not citizens and who break the law are making demands that citizens have to pay for.  And they are getting what they demand!

(01/30/2023) Salon Comes Out in Defense of Groomers, Because of Course They Do.  It isn't enough to deny that grooming is happening, now they are actively defending it.  To be fair, it is impossible to deny it is happening.

(01/30/2023) Anti-American Big Tech Now Censoring Emails of Conservatives.  There was a time when I would have had a hard time believing stories like this.  That time is long past.

(01/30/2023) Lib NBA Star Stephen Curry Opposes Affordable Housing Near His $30 Million Mansion.  Is anyone surprised?


(01/12/2023) Middle School Field Trip + Pole Dancing! What Could Go Wrong?  Well, aside from everything, what else?  But to be fair, the purpose of the field trip was not to watch pole dancing, nor, apparently, were there any pole dancers but the kids.  Still, ....

(01/12/2023) Nearly All House Democrats Refuse to Condemn Violence Against Pro-Life Centers, Churches.  Since Roe v. Wade was overturned, some 100 pro-life and crisis pregnancy centers have been attacked.  To date, no one has been arrested or charged.  All of three Democrats voted to condemn such violence.  It is clear that the vast majority of Democrats in Congress approve of violence committed against their political enemies.

(01/12/2023) House Passes Pro-Life ‘Born Alive’ Bill with Almost No Democrat Support.  That would be two Democrats.  Their justifications for voting against are totally bogus.  What they believe is that a woman who wanted an abortion should not e stuck with a baby just because the abortion failed.  Sick.  No, evil.

(01/12/2023) Arkansas Bill Aims to Classify Drag Shows as Adult-Oriented Businesses.  They are.  There is one reason and one reason only why people wish to expose minors to this sort of stuff and we all know what it is.

(01/12/2023) Penn State professor tells straight students to watch gay porn to discover bisexuality.  Why?  Tear down and destroy everything that is good and replace it with that which is disgusting.  This is the objective of the left.  Why they are so committed to evil remains a question.

(01/12/2023) Charges Dropped Against DC Climate Activist for Assaulting Police Officers Three Times — ONLY Trump Supporters Get Time!  I guess you can do pretty much anything with impunity as long as you are doing it for a "good" (Democrat supported) cause.  Pretty much every institution in America has been turned into an activist arm of the Democrat party.  what are we doing about it? Well, school boards are a start.  We still have a long way to go.

(01/04/2023) Kamala Harris Swears In John Fetterman Who Has No Idea What He’s Doing.  The fact that someone as mentally out of it as Fetterman can actually get elected is a major indictment of our education system and of our media.  I believe that America can only be saved by revival, but in the meantime, the institution that most needs to be radically reformed is public education - from pre-K right through grad school.

(01/04/2023) Children’s Minister Calls for ‘Transgender Issues’ to be Taught in Elementary School.  This is Ireland, but it is happening here, as well, whether openly or not.  I am sure that the Left still claims that Christians want to impose their values on everyone else, but it is only the Left that is actually do it.  And they absolutely are doing it.

(01/04/2023) Biden, McConnell to Celebrate $1.2T Infrastructure Bill as ‘Mutual Accomplishment’ in Kentucky.  I have a simple question: how much of this money is going to projects that are basically of little or no value relative to the expense, and how much is being siphoned off by the "favored" along the way.  I would wager far more than half.  Has there ever been a spending bill passed by Congress that did not pour lots of money into pockets of the connected?  Not in recent history!

(01/04/2023) Jane Fonda: Without ‘Racism’ and ‘Misogyny,’ ‘There Would Be No Climate Crisis.’  This is the whole concept of "woke."  If everyone just bought in to the left wing narrative, all problems would magically solve themselves.  Well, as Camille Paglia once said, without the patriarchy (misogyny), we'd still be living in grass houses.  Just to note: there is no climate crisis, and what racism that still exists comes mostly from the left, who, after all, control all the institutions where they claim systemic racism exists.

(01/04/2023) 'Put the taxes in the bag': Teacher gloats about not getting fired despite 'indoctrinating' students.  Well, I am grateful for one thing: many of those pushing extreme indoctrination on our children are feeling bold enough to expose themselves.  Hopefully parents will continue to fight back.

(01/04/2023) Media Creates Trans Martyr Out of Death Row Inmate Who Stalked, Raped, Murdered GF.  He - and this person is a man - also raped a 14 year old years before he raped and murdered his ex-GF.  But hey, just pretend you are a different "gender" and you become a hero to the left.  Well, it didn't work.  The execution took place.

(01/04/2023) Far-left Dem mayor orders body of Confederate general dug up.  Is there no limit as to how far these people will go?  Apparently not, unless they are stopped.  I'm sure the mayor considers himself morally superior to the general, but that is certainly not the case.

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