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“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.  At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  Luke 21:25-28 (NIV)


Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men.  Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way.

Proverbs 4:14-15   (NIV)


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20  (NIV)

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As noted above, articles posted under Current Events are archived by category after a few days.  These archives are all accessible as sub-menu items under Current Events.  But it may be more convenient to access from here, since brief descriptions are included for each of the archive categories.

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  • islamic terrorism - Just what you would think.

  • lgbt, etc. - Started as same sex marriage, but had to expand to cover a lot more territory.

  • other news - A sort of catchall when I can't decide what category.

  • other social issues - Covers social issues other than abortion and lgbt related.

  • politics - Lots of stuff, but since politics intrudes into so many other areas, some politically related articles may be put in another category.

  • race relations - Some years ago, there wouldn't be a need for this category.  Sadly, things have changed.

  • second amendment - Not too many articles as this seems to have quieted down.

  • trail markers - Articles that can lead one to believe in the imminent return of Christ.  Since this is so common, in so many areas, most such articles just go under a different category.

Current Events / Latest News (Oct - Dec 2022)


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(12/13/2022) Silence of the shams.  Suffice it to say that the MSM and social media suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story, as well as conservatives in general.  Needless to say, they have no interest in covering the expose coming out of the Twitter files.  They knew exactly what they were doing, they did it deliberately, they achieved their objective, and they absolutely do not want the public to know what they did.

(12/07/2022) Virginia Restaurant Refuses Service to Conservative Christian Group Over Their Beliefs.  The LGBT employees said they'd refuse to serve because Christians want to take away their rights.  Which rights would those be? 

(12/07/2022) NBC News’ Ben Collins says Elon Musk is ‘creating pariahs to launch a mob against’  What is remarkable is that left-wing reporters have created an image of conservatives that is totally disconnected from reality.  Then they attack that image and present it as news!  Here, if conservatives criticize the left, they are actually just inciting violence against them and must be silenced. 

(12/07/2022) Saving the World With Electric Vehicles.  Nope.  It is all virtue signalling, and at tremendous cost.  Both Congress and state legislatures pass new laws that make that sound great but whose impact does more harm than good.  But they feel the need to "do something."  Questions:  why do we keep adding laws and rarely removing them?  Are they all to our benefit? How did we ever survive before without the new laws we just added?

(12/05/2022) How Corrupt is a Corrupt Media?  Very.


(12/05/2022) Indiana School Compels Counselors, Teachers to Hide ‘Gender Support Plans’ From Parents.  In many places, the state has decided to take over your children. 

(11/27/2022) Dean of Cambridge’s Trinity College Defends Sermon Claiming Jesus Was Transgender.  Good grief.  And the "evidence" is laughable, focusing primarily on medieval paintings.  

(11/25/2022) Young Americans Voted to Ruin their Lives.  Yes they did.  I maintain that as long as our schools and media are controlled by the left, those that have not yet matured enough to think for themselves will vote left.  They actually vote for the very people that are doing what they claim the right is doing, but isn't.

(11/25/2022) The Church is growing in Iran. I pray that this is the case and I pray that it continues.

(11/25/2022) Wisconsin school board prohibits pride and BLM flags in classrooms, personal pronouns in school emails.  The left is up in arms.  Of course, they aren't just banning pride and BLM flags, they are banning all things religious and political.

(11/22/2022) Persecution and the art of protest.  While we in America are having to waste time dealing with things like CRT and the trans insanity, some are dealing with matters of life and death.

(11/22/2022) Rhode Island School Official Says ‘Misgendering’ Trans Children is an ‘Act of Violence’ and ‘Needs to Be Dealt With Accordingly.’  Simple question.  What is more violent?  Calling someone something that is grammatically, biologically and historically correct or forcing people to address people in terms that are just the opposite, under threat of punishment.  Note that teachers have been suspended (and subsequently reinstated) for failing to use a child's "preferred pronouns."

(11/22/2022) GLAAD CEO: DeSantis, Boebert Are to Blame for CO LGBTQ Club Attack — ‘Whether or Not the Motive’ ‘Turns out to Be Hate,’ There’s ‘Culture.’  Typical of the left - try to silence all criticism.

(11/22/2022) San Francisco Unified School District facilitates secret child sexual transitions and allows students to identify as “it.”  Some teachers think that they should make life altering decisions for your children and keep it secret form you.  Because they care about your lids more than you.  Yeah, right.

(11/20/2022) 12 GOP Senators Voted to Eliminate Religious Freedom and Political Dissent.  That is what it amounts to.

(11/19/2022) Talk of ‘Abrahamic’ Religions is an Ecumenical Farce.  True.  John 14:6.

(11/19/2022) Nevada Passes Most Inclusive States Equal Rights Amendment In Nation, Criminalizing People For Criticizing LGTBQIA+ Lifestyle.  I would like to think that the courts would overturn this as a clear violation of the First Amendment.  

(11/19/2022) Former Hallmark actress claims new network 'will keep traditional marriage at the core'  Every institution that is not explicitly and unapologetically conservative and Christian will veer left over time.  Even some that are will do so.

(11/14/2022) Caveat Emptor: “The Biggest Waste of Money I Have Ever Spent in My Entire Life…"  That would be installing a solar energy system at home.  Suffice it to say that the claims of green energy advocates are way overblown.  If green wasn't the favored fad among the left, the bureau of Consumer Protection would be all over solar companies for false advertising.

(11/14/2022) Cal Thomas: Looks who’s talking, Justice Kagan.  Good article about the Supreme Court.

(11/14/2022) PETA Encourages Women to Sex Strike Against Carnivorous Men Until They Go Vegan.  Since only lefties would go along, I find their suggestion totally acceptable.

(11/12/2022) All Our Institutions Are Controlled by Democrats.  Sad but true.  While constantly claiming that conservatives want to impose their views on everyone else, the Dems go merrily along imposing their views without dissent.

(11/12/2022) New Jersey to Punish Schools that Won’t Force Radical Gender Politics on Ten-Year-Olds.  It is only going to get worse if we do not fight back.

(11/12/2022) The Loss of Proposition 1 is a Revelation of Just How Irrelevant the Church at Large is in California.  Dare I say it?  The church at large is largely irrelevant throughout America.  Why?  Because far too many church-goers (to say nothing of denominations and local churches) have decided to conform to culture rather than to impact culture from a biblical perspective.  Are we ashamed of the gospel?  Are we ashamed of how God commands us to act?  Apparently.  How many Christians voted for Proposition 1 (changing the California constitution to allow abortion under any circumstances)?  Given that 65% of the population so voted, a lot of Christians chose to go along with that.

(11/12/2022) Get Woke, Go Broke: Disney to Begin Mass Layoffs and Freeze Hiring as Part of a Massive Cost-Cutting Initiative.  I can't say I am very sympathetic.

(11/12/2022) Abolish ‘Voting Season’ and Bring Back Election Day  How tragic that expecting election integrity is a lot to ask of the Democrats.

(11/12/2022) Maricopa County Officials Say No Final Election Results Until At Least Monday; Kari Lake Still Confident She’ll Win.  I am not so confident.  It seems that whenever a statewide election is not determined on election night, enough ballots are "discovered" to put the Democrat over the top.  This doesn't happen 100% of the time, but enough that it is statistically extremely unlikely to just be luck on the part of the Democrats.  The critical question is: are Maricopa county officials just incompetent or are they cheaters?  They could be both.

(11/11/2022) In Flanders Fields.  Always worth reading on this day.

(11/11/2022) High School Requires that 11th Grade Boy Undress with Girls to Promote Tolerance.  What?!?!

(11/11/2022) The 1980s Hangover and the GOP.  If you are disappointed in the election results, this article is worth reading.

(11/04/2022) I See Thousands of Holy Fires Across America. We should all be preaying for revival in America.

(11/04/2022) 4 Kookiest Cases The DOJ Pursued While Letting Pregnancy Center Firebombers Walk Free.  The DOJ has a political agenda, nothing more.

(11/03/2022) Robert Jeffress is Right: It’s Time to Embrace Christian Nationalism (Correctly Defined).  Agreed.

(11/03/2022) Mainstream Media Claims Record Turnout In GA Early Voting Is Racist.  Anythign and everything that does not go the Democrat's way is racist.

(11/01/2022) Pastors’ Corner: How to Pray Boldly for This Election (And All the Others).  There is a lot of evil going on in America today and the church - the evangelical church - definitely needs to boldly take a stand.  Since I don't have to worry about the so-called Johnson Amendment, I will boldly state that most of the evil in America today is being accepted by ,if not actively promoted by, the Democrat Party.  Abortion? Check.  SSM? Check.  Transgenderism?  Check.  No bail, soft on crime?  Check.  Open borders?  Check.  You name it?  Check.  And just to be clear, as individual Christians we can pray as specifically as we care to.

(10/30/2022) 'If we want to be inclusive …' – a recipe for denominational decline.  This would be the PCUSA, which is clearly doing nothing to stem the tide.  Quite the opposite.

(10/29/2022) Democrats Already Blaming Voters for Midterm Loss.  And in case you didn't realize it, voters that don't vote for Democrats are horrible, horrible people. 

(10/29/2022) The Fate of the Nation Rests on Fixing Public K-12.  There is a whole lot of indoctrinating going on.  No much in the line of critical thinking skills.  Of course, this isn't universal, but it is pretty widespread.

(10/29/2022)  And Yet It Moves. A top scientific journal places political correctness above the search for truth.  The left politicizes and ruins everything it gets control of.  Genuine science is is big trouble.

(10/29/2022) This “Teacher” defines ‘fascist’ to class as ‘whites,’ ‘heterosexuals,’ and ‘Christians.’  This is probably happening a lot more that you think.

(10/29/2022) Thought for the Day: On the Left’s Claims for “Science.”  Are they worse than the Soviets?  Quite possibly.

(10/29/2022) Woe to Those Who Call Evil Good and Good Evil.  There seems to be a lot if it going around these days.

(10/26/2022) Religious Liberty Once Again Under Attack by the Cultural Elites.  I would say what else is new except they have made a lot of "progress" and are determine to destroy religious liberty once and for all.  They rarely do this by direct legislation but rather by "rules" added to existing legislation. 

(10/26/2022) Charles Darwin’s Evolution Grift Is Ending.  There are many more reasons to abandon evolution as an explanation for life in its varied forms (or life at all) than mentioned in this article.  It will be interesting to see what they come up with next in order to deny a Creator.  They've already gone with multiple universes and aliens.  Darwin was definitely more creative.

(10/26/2022) Covering for Fetterman May Cost Media a Senate Seat.  The MSM is largely responsible because they covered up Fetterman's severe stroke symptoms.  Why?  Because he is more left that his Democrat rival in the primaries.  Fetterman could have stepped down after the primaries and allowed the party to select a healthier candidate.  But I guess the powers behind the throne figured the media would cover for huim jsut as they id for Biden in 2020.

(10/26/2022) Being A Woman Requires More Than Makeup, Dresses, And TikTok Theatrics.  I think I can agree with that.  Being a woman requires actually being a woman.  You would think that the self-proclaimed "party of reason" would understand that, but you would be wrong.

(10/26/2022) The Naked Cruelty of the John Fetterman Campaign.  This man needs to focus on recovery from his stroke.  Yet he is being used as a puppet to try to gain a Senate seat for the Dems.  Who is to blame?  It has to start with his wife, sort of like Dr. Jill.

(10/26/2022) ‘Every State Needs to Pass a Law’ Like This, Detransitioner Says of Arkansas SAFE Act.  There are far more "detransitioners" than the MSM would have you know, and allowing surgery and drug "treatment" for minors is a disgrace.  More states need to protect our children.

(10/25/2022) Behold the Democrats' Closing Argument for the 2022 Midterm Election.  To be fair, they have accomplished a lot in the last two years.  The only problem is that almost all of it is negative.  They aren't actually making the argument the article claims, thought the GOP should be making it on their behalf.

(10/25/2022) A Majority Says the Transgender Movement Goes Too Far in Targeting Minors.  You'd think that the numbers would be even higher, but it is pretty substantial as it is.

(10/25/2022) Ridiculous Man-Child Dylan Mulvaney Is Biden's New Voice of Women.  Good grief.

(10/25/2022) MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Warns of GOP ‘Threat’ to Democracy, Suggests Foreign Countries ‘Monitor’ U.S. Elections.  Pretty interesting that we should be 100% confident in the integrity of our election when the Democrats win, even with piles of evidence to the contrary.  Yet suddenly we need to be concerned about election integrity when it looks like the Democrats will lose big.  If Democrats really cared, they'd advocate going back to all paper ballots (and hence audit trail), limited absentee with same day voting otherwise, voter ID, voter signature mandatory, poll watchers and vote handlers split evenly between party affiliation. Funny thing is, Democrats oppose every one of those.  And how about this: an election denier two years before the election has even occurred. Hillary Clinton DRAGGED for going straight-up ELECTION DENIER in bats**t video claiming right-wing extremists plan to STEAL ’24 election

(10/25/2022) The Costs of Covid Shutdowns, Part 2.  Why do we have to get information like this from a British newspaper?

(10/24/2022) Is Transgenderism Just a Phase?  In reality, yes.  Among progressives and Democrats, no.

(10/24/2022) “Democrats Run on Division, Hatred, Anger, Fear” – Charles Payne from FOX Business on the Democrats’ Response to the Horrible Economy.

  Telling it like it is.

(10/23/2022) It Was The Last Thing She Expected To Hear From The Officer But His Five Words Ended Up Inspiring Thousands.  Touching.

(10/23/2002) VA Lieutenant Governor Explains Why Democrats Feel ‘Hatred’ For Black Conservatives.  Simple.  The Democrats cannot afford to have black voters leave the Democrat plantation. They need nearly 90% of the black vote. 

(10/23/2022) Miami-Dade School Board overwhelmingly rejects proposal requiring recognition and observance of October as 'LGBTQ History Month.'  Imagine the outrage if it were proposed that we set aside traditional family month - mother, father and kids.

(10/23/2022) School District Charges Parents $1200 to See Curriculum Book List.  This is in Texas.  Just because a state is red doesn't mean the school districts all are.

(10/19/2022) Childless Stacey Abrams Says Killing Your Baby Is Best Way To Fix Democrat-Created Recession: “Having children is why you’re worried about your price for gas.”  Apparently children are a curse, not a blessing.

(10/19/2022) Hate Hoax: Probe Finds Black Airman Fabricated Racist Text Messages From Supervisor.  America must be the least racist country in the world since virtually every racist "hate crime" turns out to be a hoax.

(10/19/2022) Vermont School District Suspends Father for Using Male Pronoun to Refer to Transgender Student as He Defends His Daughter From Having Biological Male in Girls Locker Room.  I pray that more and more parents take action against this insanity.

(10/19/2022) The Sierra Club is coming for your furnace.  They want to ban all natural gas home appliances.  Replace with what?  Electric?  Not only do we not have the electrical capacity, the cleanest sources of electricity that can actually supply significant power are hydro and nuclear, both of which they oppose.  The next cleanest?  Natural gas!

(10/19/2022) Biden Blames Failed Presidency on Republicans.  This from the guy who claimed that Trump refused to accept responsibility, but he would not.  Just face it, Democrats (not just Biden) never take responsibililty for their failed policies.  Not many Republicans do, either, but they have a lot fewer failed policies.

(10/19/2022) Biden Administration Proposes MERGING U.S. With Mexico and Canada.  Well, they haven't come out with a formal proposal, but it sure looks like they desire something like the EU, which puts a great deal of power in the hands of the unelected.  The administration is certainly pushing for open borders.

(10/19/2022) Report: CA school district orders health textbook touting 10 sexual orientations — such as androsexual, polysexual, and gynesexual — and 8 gender identities.  The left keeps pushing no matter what parents may think.

(10/18/2022) VP Harris Suggests Dobbs Decision Could Lead to Reinstatement of Jim Crow Laws.  The Democrats are great at accusing Republicans of planning to do all sorts of terrible things.  The fact that they cannot find a single person who so advocates doesn't deter them in the slightest.

(10/18/2022) New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham Forces Taxpayers to Spend $10 Million Building New Abortion Biz.  This does not require legislative approval, apparently.

(10/18/2022) Secret Audio Reveals Maine Public Teacher Mocks Middle Schooler’s Conservative Parents and Says They’re ‘Uneducated’ for Supporting Trump.  When I was in elementary school, none of had a clue what the politics of any teacher was.

(10/18/2022) Report – Man Accused of Setting NYC Eatery Ablaze Freed Without Bail: ‘They Didn’t Give Me Chicken Biryani.’  A lot of Democrats are pushing for "no cash bail" and it is already being implemented in a number of places with predictable results.

(10/18/2022) Portrait of an Angry Black Racist.  I love how he makes all sort of slurs against conservatives without even backing them up with and specifics.  He is hardly alone in this.

(10/18/2022) Former FBI Agent Refuses Cooperation with GOP’s Probe into Bureau’s Handing of Hunter’s Laptop.  Of course. 

(10/18/2022) ‘It gets worse’: Drag brunch in Texas with kids in attendance gets a little blue.  This is appalling. How can any parent think this is a good idea?

(10/18/2022) Biden to Stand w/”Brave Women” of Iran by Giving Regime More Money.  The Iranian regime, the biggest trouble maker in the Middle East,  has the potential to collapse and what does our administration do?

(10/16/2022) What The Hell Is Wrong With Democrats?  Good question.

(10/16/2022) Demon-attired drag queen berates church's doctrine, aspires to be ordained by same church.  That would be the UMC.

(10/16/2022) Christians Who ‘Audibly Pray’, ‘Recite Scripture’, or ‘Cross Themselves’ in Abortion ‘Safe Zone’ Face Prison.  This is the UK.  They are the canary in the coal mine.

(10/15/2022) Animal Rebellion’ Vegans Pour Out Supermarket Milk in ‘Plant-Based Future’ Protest.  This is in the UK, but it may be coming here.  These people cannot imagine that they are attracting people to their side so the only possible explanation is virtual signalling and "look at me!"

(10/15/2022) The FBI Ordered Informant Igor Danchenko to Erase All Evidence from His Phone of His Role in Their Attempted Coup of President Trump.  This really is possibly the worst scandal in American history,  But our "journalists" and "investigative reporters" are far more interested in covering it all up than pursuing it.  Democracy really does die in darkness and the Washington Post and the rest of the MSM is doing their best to shut off every light that is shining on these (and other) scandals. 

(10/14/2022) Durham Trial: 'Salacious and Unverified' Trump-Russia Dossier Story Too Juicy for FBI to Check.  We have had a coup d'etat and it wasn't the phony one Jan 6 claims to be.  It began here with the Steele dossier and was completed with the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story along with the massive voter fraud (and coverup) in the 2020 election.

(10/14/2022) Virginia Democrat Plans Bill To Charge Parents Who Do Not Affirm Their Child’s Gender Identity.  How can it be that we, as a nation, have sunk this low?  I'll hazard a guess: we have put God out to pasture.

(10/14/2022) Liberals shocked to learn Muslims in Dearborn, MI don’t want LGBTQ content pushed in schools.  The Democrats are going to have a problem hanging on to all their "oppressed" groups since those groups are often at odds with one another.  Apparently LGBTQ ranks higher on the oppressed scale than Muslims and the Muslims are not happy.

(10/14/2022) Baltimore Public School Student Ranked Near Top Half of His Class … Now Look at His GPA.  He didn't graduate because his GPA was 0.13.  Mom blames the school, but where was Mom?  Did she ever look at his grades?  Did she ever make him do his homework?  I guess we all know where dad was - absent.

(10/11/2022) Federal Court Rules California Mandate Forcing Churches to Fund Abortions is Unconstitutional.  The state is appealing, of course.

(10/11/2022) MSNBC Contributor: “Racist” Republicans Using Soaring Crime to “Scare Voters.”  I think it is the rising crime that is scaring voters, not the "racist" Republicans.  Can't these clowns come up with anything new?  Nothing but racism (and white supremacy and ...).

(10/11/2022) Race Matching and Other Crazy Theories Destroying Our Schools.  Progressives are perfectly willing to push their ideology on kids.  It is much easier than actually teaching academic subjects. 

(10/06/2022) Professors in Connecticut Reject Parents’ Involvement in Their Children’s Education.  They want your kids.  What is worse, they have convinced themselves that they are totally justified in doing so.

(10/06/2022) NY Gov. Hochul Tells ALL State Republicans To Move To FL, Where They Belong.  The party of tolerance!  They keep telling us they are, so it must be so.

(10/04/2022) Every House Democrat just voted against parental rights legislation.  This is what the Democrats have become. They want your children.

(10/04/2022) HOLY COW! Huge Update On Georgia Election Audit.  Was there enough fraud to swing the 2020 election?  We will never know.  But there was plenty of fraud and the Democrats and the media have been working overtime to try to convince us otherwise.

(10/03/2022) Judge Ho’s Yale boycott.  If you can't be first to stand up for what is right, at least be second and support the one that was first.

(10/03/2022) ‘Anarchist’ Middle School Teacher Wants to ‘Burn Down Entire System’ – ‘F*ck the Parents… I’m Your Parent Now.’  Do you want your child taught by someone with that attitude?  It is becoming more and more common.

(10/03/2022) If You are a Christian Leader, You Should Have a Target on Your Back.  Definitely.

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