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“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.  At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  Luke 21:25-28 (NIV)


Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men.  Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way.

Proverbs 4:14-15   (NIV)


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20  (NIV)

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(09/29/2022) A dire prediction about freedom and liberty, and a plea for dozing Church.  Read it.

(09/10/2022) Who Is This Jesus, Anyway?  Interesting.  be sure to read the comments.

(09/10/2022) Left-wing activists have smuggled radical gender theory into more than 4,000 schools. Can you imagine the outcry in the media if the right "smuggled" traditional family values into the school system?

(09/10/2022) Advocates of pediatric gender transition publish a fatally flawed study purporting to debunk the social-transition hypothesis.  Far too many scientists, doctors and other experts have gone over to the dark side.  That is, the have let their politics override their expertise.

(09/09/2022) California OKs Bill That Would Strip Custody From Parents of Out-of-State Minors Seeking Trans Surgeries.  I cannot imagine that this is constitutional.

(09/09/2022) Sen. Kevin Cramer on Democrats’ Same-Sex Marriage Bill: ‘We Have to Fight Back on This.’  Naturally, there is more to the bill than the superficial title.

(09/09/2022) Has the Church Given Up?  Good question.

(09/09/2022) 'My Kiddo is a Natural': Despicable Video From Pride Event Surfaces.  And they are offended when they are called groomers?

(09/08/2022) Twitter pulls vile tweet by Carnegie Mellon's critical race theory professor who said she hoped Queen died 'an excruciating death' - after Jeff Bezos led avalanche of condemnation.  I can't decide whether it is better that people display their true selves or whether it better that they conceal it.  Probably the former.  That said, I think vile tweets should be retained.  Ones that promote violence and attacks on individuals are the only type that should be pulled.

(09/08/2022) California Teacher Flaunts ‘Queer Library’ for Students with Books on Orgies, BDSM, Kink.  They don't hide this stuff, they boast about it.  Of course, the MSM does hide it.

(09/08/2022) More fake news.  It is a shame that this kind of clearly fake stuff is promoted by some in the media.

(09/07/2022) Jennifer Rubin warns that the extreme white Christian nationalism of today will lead to lawlessness.  There is a whole lot of lawlessness going on right now and it isn't "Christian nationalists" doing it.  We are always the threat jsut around the corner, but somehow it never materializes.  Violence and lawlessness from the left, on the other hand, ....

(09/07/2022) Regarding "non-existent" voter fraud: 2020 VOTER FRAUD HOTBED! East Lansing, MI: 276 Ballots Cast From CLOSED MSU Dorms…11 MIDDLE-AGED WOMEN Registered to Vote At ALL-MALE Fraternity Houses…47 Ballots Cast From Addresses That Don’t Exist…And Multiple DEAD Voters. 

(09/07/2022) Christina Pushaw, Katie Pavlich & others weigh in as Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom urges cuts in energy usage.  So California is banning the sale of gas powered cars starting in 2035 and are shifting all energy production to renewables.  Yet even while importing a good hunk of electricity from out of state, they cannot even supply their own energy needs today.  Being a Democrat means passing legislation mandating "good stuff" even though that good stuff is not only impossible to achieve, but will cause great damage in the trying.  Side note: "climate change" is nothing but a massive hoax being used to push an agenda that otherwise would have no chance whatsoever of passing - a massive shift in power from individuals and the private sector to government and "experts."  The response to the China bug should give us great concerns about relying on "experts," especially those that place politics far above their supposed expertise.

(09/07/2022) Veterans Affairs says it will provide abortions — even in Texas.  Here is the thing.  The feds are overriding state law without a federal law to reference.  This is clearly unconstitutional, but the administration and Democrats in general couldn't care less.  They screamed about Trump ignoring the Constitution but can't point to any actual examples of his doing anything he did not have constitutional authority to do.  But this, forgiving student loans, refusing to enforce the laws on the books regarding border security, and more are all direct violations of the Constitution.  But it is always okay when they do it, I guess.

(09/07/2022) KJP: Speaking of ridiculous.  The press secretary declares that speaking of a stolen election in 2020 is totally out of bounds, yet she herself declared the 2016 election "stolen" as well as the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election.  As usual, it is only bad when we do it.  And by the way, there is plenty of evidence of electoral fraud in the 2020 election.  Was it enough to change the result?  We will never know because the Democrats, while claiming no or minimal fraud, refuse to investigate to prove their point.

(09/07/2022) Bank of America's New Racist Policy: Offers Zero Down Payment, Zero Closing Cost Mortgage Loans to Non-Whites.  Speaking of unconstitutional and illegal, I'm pretty sure this qualifies.

(09/07/2022) The Father Of A 10yr Old Trans Model Has Broken His Silence And It Is….  Not much actually.  He really only objects to the exploiting as a model rather than the whole trans business.  Side comment - use factually correct pronouns.  Don't fall for the "my pronouns" nonsense - it only makes the whole trans agenda more successful.  A boy is a boy and is a he and will always be a he.

(08/30/2022) Can Christians Thrive as the Dominant Majority and Not Only as the Persecuted Minority?  I think the author paints with too broad a brush when he says "we" (Christians).  Although today it is clear that many churches are letting culture influence them more than Scripture, that is not universally true.  And over the centuries, the church - biblical Christianity, that is - has had a huge impact on culture.  May biblical influence on our culture be restored!

(08/30/2022) Kamala Harris: 'Women are getting pregnant every day in America, and this is a real issue.'  We wouldn't have this "problem" at all if people lived according to biblical principles.  And even without them, it is possible to avoid getting pregnant if you do not wish to get pregnant.

(08/27/2022) Race Matching and Other Crazy Theories Destroying Our Schools.  Things are probably worse than you think.

(08/27/2022) The Alarming Ideological Capture of Our Scientific Institutions.  If you ever imagined that science and math were immune to politicization, think again.

(08/27/2022) Kids in the Crosshairs — Woke but Worse Off.  Excellent article - take it to heart.

(08/27/2022) An Immoral and Terrible Public Policy.  "Forgiving" $10,000 in college debt is a slap in the face to everyone who paid off their loans, who avoided taking loans in the first place, and those who never went to college.  From an economic perspective there is much damage that will be done by this.  From a moral perspective, it is outrageous.  The fact is, that the basis for a president to do this by executive order is flimsy, at best.  It is nothing but an effort to by votes for the Democrats with your money.

(08/27/2022) Seattle High School Makes Student Mentors Pledge to Support Left-wing Causes.  Remind me again just who is trying to impose their values on others.

(08/23/2022) If God Exists, Why Does He Do Such a Lousy Job? Good food for thought.

(08/23/2022) Harvard Law instructor: SCOTUS justices who overturned Roe v. Wade 'should never know peace again; it's 'our civic duty to accost them every time they are in public.'  Good thing that those on the Left are so tolerant.  We know they are because they keep telling us they are.  We. of course, are the intolerant ones; they keep telling us that, as well.

(07/25/2022) How Standing for Righteousness in This World Can Prepare Us to Rule in the World to Come.  True, but standing for righteousness in this world is good for this world, as well.

(07/25/2022) ‘Transphobia’ Is Good, and Should Be Official Government Policy.  Sadly, government policy is the opposite.

(07/25/2022) Kamala Harris Goes Full Groomer, Wants LGBT Teachers to ‘Love Openly’ in Their Classrooms.  Good grief.  The Democrats are coming right out and saying this stuff - stuff that most disagree with - yet how many actually know they are saying this?  The MSM is busy sanitizing.

(07/25/2022) Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Just Slashed Care For Pregnant Women From Michigan’s Budget.  This in show of support for abortion.  I suppose I am past the point where I think there are places the Democrats just won't go.

(07/25/2022) Democrats declare needless emergencies — on COVID and maybe climate change — to grab power.  Never let a crisis go to waste - even if you have to create the crisis.

(07/23/2022) ‘God Is Pro-Choice’: Ungodly Woke Churches Call Pro-Life Movement a ‘Demonic Agenda.’  Sad.  No, evil.

(07/23/2022) Eating Their Own, Liberals Now Blaming CNN/MSNBC For Biden’s Collapse.  Refusing to recognize reality is part of what it takes to be a progressive these days.

(07/22/2022) Will Southern Baptists Survive the Secular Storm?  Hopefully.

(07/22/2022) Far-left website and liberal author Stephen King forced to walk back false claims about Ron DeSantis that spread misinformation.  How is it that so much fake news is propagated?  Primarily because progressives actually believe it or they want to believe it.  And no amount of correction and evidence to the contrary will change their minds.  For all their claims to being "reason based" and open-minded, they are anything but.

(07/16/2022) New Poll: Americans Oppose Abortion on Demand, Reject Killing Babies “for Any Reason.”  The media likes to portray a majority as supporting Roe v Wade.  But a much larger majority opposes the Democrat's position: abortion for any reason up to the moment f birth.  Yet how many realize that is the position of the Democrat party?

(07/16/2022) ACLU Claims Children Are ‘Never’ Too Young to Undergo Sex Change.  It isn't just the ACLU.  This is just plain evil.  These people have an agenda and they are willing to destroy people's lives to further that agenda.  The fact that this is ultimately going to backfire on them is small comfort given the irrevocable damage that will already have been done.

(07/13/2022) Who In His Right Mind…  You have to view this to believe it.

(07/13/2022) Biden Signs Executive Order Promoting Abortion.  Do voters in general realize just how extreme the Democrats have become when it comes to abortion?  I do not think so.  A significant majority opposes abortion after the first trimester, yet the media and the Democrats pretend that a majority support the Democrats regarding Roe v Wade.

(07/13/2022) Elizabeth Warren Calls to Shut Down Crisis Pregnancy Centers ‘All Around the Country.’  So Democrats (the politicians, not necessarily all the voters) really believe this?  Well, they believe that abortion should be allowed for all nine months and for any reason, so it is possible.  But why?  I would argue that they are concerned that any woman who considered an abortion but then changed her mind is a possible lost vote.  Am I being too cynical?  I don't think so. 

(07/13/2022) Gas Supplies Could Dry Up After Biden Misses Major Deadline.  Inflation is soaring, the economy is collapsing, and the Biden administration should have you believe that none of it is their fault.  But the great bulk of the negatives that are occurring are a directly result of actions or non-actions taken by this administration.  Incompetence?  Evil?  Both?  take your pick.

(07/13/2022) Democrats Quietly Slip ‘Poison Pill’ into Budget – They’re Boosting CDC, NIH Budgets but Eliminating the Hyde Amendment.  Of course.

(07/08/2022) WH finally releases Joe Biden’s statement on Shinzo Abe’s assassination — and it’s ‘perhaps the stupidest thing he has ever said.’  Stupid, yes.  Stupidest?  The competition is fierce.

(07/08/2022) The Left’s Increasingly Absurd Abortion Arguments.  What is absurd is the fact that Democrats all favor abortion up to birth (and some after) and imagine that people, in general, are in favor of that.

(07/07/2022) A Pastor’s Fiery Response to Mitt Romney’s ‘America is in Denial.’ 

(07/07/2022) About That 10-Year-Old Rape Victim.  Almost certainly fake news .  No one in the MSM has validated it, but virtually all are pushing it.


(07/07/2022) Institutional Confidence Among Americans Plummets to All-Time Low.  This is hardly a surprise. 

(07/07/2022) Michigan's first gay attorney general says there should be a 'drag queen for every school.'  Just who is imposing their values on who?

(07/07/2022) “We Are Not Slaves, We Are Farmers!” – Polish and Italian Farmers RISE UP Against Government Elites Destroying Their Family Businesses.  We in the USA aren't the only ones with our government doing the idiotic.

(06/17/2022) Shootings, Sin, Suffering: What Can Turn America Around?  God.

(06/17/2022) Heading Toward the Abyss.  So we are.  What are we going to do about it?

(06/11/2022) Jan. 6 Committee Hearing Even More Dreadful Than Imagined.  Did any sensible person imagine otherwise?

(06/11/2022) The Kavanaugh Assassination Plot is a Leftist Inside Job.  It is actually against federal (and probably state) law to protest outside a justice's home. So why is nothing being done about it?  Why won't a Democrat controlled Congress do anything to offer more protection for Justices?  I hate to say this. but I believe that while they would never personally physically attack a conservative justice, they hope someone else will.

(06/10/2022) Another Criminal From a Fatherless Home.  Government policies have contributed greatly to kids being raised without a father present.  And that is by far the greatest factor contributing to shootings and crime in general.  It would not take a great deal of legislation to start reversing the incentives that have created this situation.  Will it be done?  It will take a major change in DC before it can happen.  To deal with this problem first involves admitting that it is a cause, which is politically incorrect.  And it involves admitting that that existing politics are the primary contributing factors.  When did a politician ever admit they were wrong?

(06/10/2022) Is It Immoral to Drive an Electric Vehicle?  I don't know about immoral, but it is not good for the environment.  Read it and weep.

(06/08/2022) Russell Brand: “The Problem with ‘Following the Science’ Is that the Science Follows the Money.”  Absolutely true.  It is remarkable how many principles can be rationalized away by the offer of money.

(06/08/2022) Gallup: 2.6% of Baby Boomers and 20.8% of Generation Z Say They Are LGBT.  How much of that is caused by the influence of TV?  In a sense, it is a low number for the "Z" crowd since Americans as a whole believe that something over 30% of the population is LGBT. 

(06/07/2022) America — Weak and Woke — We Need More Prophets, Not Puppets.  That we do.

(06/07/2022) If the Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions, With What Do We Pave the Road to Heaven?  I would go with fear of the Lord and obedience to God's commands, to say nothing of accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  The author gives too much credence to the claims of good intentions.  If you are motivated by lust for power, your intentions are not good no matter how much you claim otherwise,

(06/05/2022) Teachers Explain How They Push ‘Gender Lessons’ on Young Children.  Imagine the outrage it they were pushing (or just gently nudging) Jesus Christ.

(06/05/2022) Study: Rise in LGBT Identification Among Young People Is Significantly Influenced by ‘Social Trends’.  Can anyone be surprised about this?

(06/03/2022) Church Men or Church Mice?  Isn't it about time we men started to be men and not mice?

(06/03/2022) UMC Losing Their Religion.  They certainly are.  And so have many other denominations.

(06/03/2022) What Is a Woman?  Is it not amazing that people who claim to be smart do not know?

(06/03/2022) Man-On-The-Street Interview Reveals Disturbing Reality Of Young Americans.  Total ignorance is an understatement. No wonder the Democrats want to lower the voting age to 16.  Ignorance means more Democrat votes.  I'd be inclined to raise the voting age to 26, unless you are military - active duty and vets get to vote, no matter their age.

(05/25/2022) “Unfit for Leadership of this Country – I’m in Shock!” – Tucker Carlson GOES OFF on Joe Biden after His Grotesque, Partisan Speech Following Texas School Shooting.  Democrats politicize everything.  Never let a crisis go to waste and never let a tragedy go to waste.  Shame on them!  I have a question regarding Joe Biden, but it applies to many (most?) Democrat politicians and many in the GOP, as well.  Has Joe Biden ever in his life risen to the occasion?

(05/25/2022) Top FBI Brass Were “Fired Up” About Destroying Trump.  Even though the "evidence" did not pass the smell test.  This is what happens when people with power imagine they are Better than the people they are supposed to be answerable to.

(05/13/2022) Do House Dems Want Supreme Court Justices Menaced? Looks That Way.  Of course they do. 

(05/13/2022) A mule of our own. Voter fraud is virtually non-existent.  So we are told.  If fraud benefited Republicans, the media would be all over it.  As it is, they are actively suppressing evidence of fraud.  And just as they actively suppressed and whitewashed the news of Hunter Biden's laptop prior to the election, they are actively doing the same for the film 2000 Mules which provides plenty of evidence of massive voter fraud in the 2020 election.

(05/10/2022) Attacks on Supreme Court Justices are the Real Assaults on Democracy.  The Democrats pay lip service to democracy, but they want rule by the "elite" (themselves), not by the people - certainly not a people with genuine freedom of speech.

(05/10/2022) Pelosi Defends What the Church Calls Murder.  I am curious.  How many politicians who claim to be Christian actually are?  Asking for a friend.

(05/10/2022) Overturning Roe Would Be A Triumph That Can Bring America Back To Life.  Well, a significant part of America, at least.

(05/10/2022) Why Today’s Left Is Willing To Admit Abortion Kills A Child And Still Support It.  I'll settle for saying that it is a good thing that they are willing to tell us what they really think.  The left does not want to be subordinate to God, and they don't want to be subordinate to a child, which is why some are advocating post-birth "abortions."  Discover your baby is too much of a burden?  Get rid of it!

(05/10/2022) Another “Green” Catastrophe.  Most people do not know about the disaster that is Sri Lanka after a mandate banning chemical fertilizers and going all "organic."  And trust our administration not to learn, either.  They are telling farmers to do just that.  Fertilizer shortage?  Perfect opportunity to move to manure and other organics.  Never let a crisis go to waste!  But their approach is going to make things far worse, especially given the Sri Lanka example.  How about working to boost fertilizer production both here and abroad?  That would never cross their minds. 

(05/07/2022) Rev. Franklin Graham Calls on Christians to Pack Churches as Pro-Abortion Radicals Plan Protests. It is definitely time for Christians to stand up and not be intimidated.  We have been far too silent for far too long.

(05/07/2022) Silence of the WH(ams).  This is regarding the administration's refusal to condemn publishing the home addresses of the conservative members of the Supreme Court.  It should be noted that it is against federal law to try to intimidate judges into changing their opinion.  It is highly unlikely that the Biden DOJ will enforce this.  It is also against Virginia law to protest at people's homes.  This one has a better chance, thanks to the last Virginia election.

(05/05/2022) Threats Force Justice Alito to Cancel Public Appearance.  Is anyone surprised? No.  Will the MSM make a big deal of it? No.

(05/05/2022) The Alito Draft: A Dagger to the Heart of Judicial Activism.  Pray that this is so.

(05/05/2022) Reporters Grill Psaki on Biden’s Claim “MAGA is the Most Extreme Political Organization in American History.”  

(05/01/2022) Victor Davis Hanson: Democrats Are Now The Party Of The Elite And Super Rich.  This has been true for a while, but many people imagine otherwise because our media is not about to tell them the truth.  Fortunately, a lot of people are wising up anyway.

(05/01/2022) The Student Loan Scam.  And it is a scam - transfer vast sums of taxpayer dollars to colleges, universities and people who made poor decisions.

(04/28/2027) Biden’s Strategy of Using Ethanol to Lower Gas Prices Will Increase Food Prices.  That was my first thought, as well.  Just face it, the Democrats truly believe in "never let a crisis go to waste."  Of course, the objective is not to solve the crisis, but to use it to push agenda items that have nothing to do with solving the crisis (but claiming they do). More ethanol?  To fight inflation?  It will surely make inflation even worse.  But it does further the green agenda.

(04/27/2022) Dear Corporations: This ‘Pride Month,’ LEAVE US ALONE.  Collectively, we Christians have been far too tolerant of the LGBTQ crowd.  As we now see that huge opposition to prohibiting the grooming of little children, it should be obvious that the agenda being pushed is far from benign; it is evil.  And corporations that push this agenda via "pride" month are participating in a great evil. 

(04/25/2022) Thunderous Applause Over Murdering Children … Will It Happen Again in California?  The applause came in NY state a while ago. Now California is on the verge of legalizing infanticide.

(04/23/2022) 85,000 Moms for Liberty Take on School Boards Across the U.S: Our Mission Is to Save America by Empowering Parents.  This is good news. May we have much more.

(04/23/2022) ‘This is actionable kidnapping’: Joy Reid accuses Ron DeSantis of child abuse for having black children hold up anti-CRT signs.  There was a time when liberals and conservatives could have a rational debate.  Those days are long gone because of nonsense like this.  Truth be told, the vast bulk of the nonsense is coming from the left.

(04/23/2022) Mouse Trapped.  Disney went where it should not have gone just because of an handful of LGBTQ activists.  Then we discover that there are people pushing the LGBTQ agenda in Disney programming.  It is high time we on the right started pushing back.  The fact is, we far outnumber the progressive activists and it is high time we acted like it.  Disney deserves all the push back we can give it. Here is more: New Poll Shows 68% of Americans Are “Less Likely” to Do Business with Disney Following it’s Pro-Groomer Crusade Against Florida’s Parental Rights Bill – Stock Craters By Nearly $50 Billion. 

(04/22/2022) MI Dem Condemns “Performative Nonsense Like Being Seen in the Same Pew Every Sunday or Writing ‘Christian’ in Your Twitter Bio.”  Can I speculate that this State Senator is somewhat ignorant as to just what it means to be a Christian even though she seems to imply that she is Catholic.

(04/22/2022) School district teaches third graders how colonizers forced transgender natives to conform to the gender binary.  In general, conservatives would be thrilled if schools just focused on strict academic subjects.  Liberals want to indoctrinate kids into the liberal narratives.  And they just do it.  Don't believe it?  The evidence is overwhelming. 

(04/22/2022) Brian Stelter: Let’s be clear about the root of the conflict between Ron DeSantis and Disney: ‘GOP backlash to LGBTQ equality.’  So let's be clear.  Stelter admits that they already have "equality." Who is proposing that such equality be curtailed?  What is being objected to is indoctrinating children, exposing them to sexual subjects that are completely inappropriate, encouraging them in destructive thinking (e.g. imagining that they are of a different sex than their biological sex), and doing all this while concealing these activities from parents.  Can you imagine the outrage if some teachers were exposing children to the Bible?  This has nothing to do with "equality."

(04/22/2022) Report: Joe Biden Plans to Avoid Midterm Disaster by Blaming Woes on GOP.  What a surprise.

(04/22/2022) Politico’s Sam Stein wants to know the ‘butterfly effect’ that turned a ripple into the tsunami now hitting Disney.  I believe, an studies back this up, that conservatives have a pretty good understanding about how liberals think, but liberals have very little understanding about how conservatives think.  This is why liberals can be so totally clueless about things like the backlash against Disney.

(04/22/2022) Schumer Compares Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation to Jesus Christ’s Resurrection: ‘The Stone Has Been Rolled Away From The Tomb.’  I realize that hyperbole is a standard component of public discourse, but isn't thins going a bit too far?

(04/22/2022) Amid Public Concern About Grooming Kids, American Library Association Picks ‘Marxist Lesbian’ As President.  The problem isn't just that she calls herself a 'Marxist lesbian,' it is the specific things that she has posted and publicly advocated.  Yet when criticized by conservatives for her very own statements, we are accused of character assassination and exploitation.  Typical.  When Republicans do bad things, that is the story.  When Democrats do bad things, the story is the Republican response - pouncing, taking advantage, exploiting, etc., all distractions from the actual bad things the Democrats are doing.  This lady is going to be doing a lot of bad things - things she openly advocates.  Shame on us conservatives for pointing this out!

(04/17/2022) Jesus Christ’s Resurrection Is Probably The Best-Documented Historical Event Ever.  Don't believe it?  Read on.

(04/17/2022) Tony Dungy Is Right: Troubled Kids Don’t Just Need Better Schools — They Need Fathers.  And that is exactly what they are missing in so many of our cities (and elsewhere).  And I'd wager that if they had involved fathers, the would end up with better schools.

(04/17/2022) Courageous Young Woman Explains to Tucker Carlson Why She “De-Transitioned” and is Now Taking a Stand Against The Radical Transgender Agenda: “Its Devastating, From a Young Age, to Be Lied to by Adults at School.”  Yes, our children are being lied to and the liars are suffering no consequences no matter how much suffering they are inflicting upon the children.  Shame on them and shame on all those in the media, in academia, in politics and elsewhere that are going along with this destructive nonsense.

(04/16/2022) The Resurrection of Christ Was a Game-Changer.  It certainly was.

(04/16/2022) Bill Gates Trashes Detractors At TED Talk: It’s ‘Kind Of Weird’ That ‘Crazy People’ Are Protesting ‘Miracle’ Vaccines That ‘Saved Millions Of Lives’  But did they?  I suspect that on balance, lives were saved and that many had reduced or more benign symptoms.  But Gates' statement is one reason why we hold experts in such low esteem.  First, Gates is not an expert in the field, but he is pretending to be one.  And he is making exaggerated claims which in no way can be backed up. 

(04/15/2022) University misrepresented study by claiming puberty blockers help teens’ mental health.  Question: just who can be trusted these days?  Ronald Reagan's "Trust, but verify" no longer applies.  Even "never trust until verified by multiple independent sources" seems a little weak nowadays.

(04/15/2022) Planned Parenthood Melts Down over Slew of Pro-Life Wins Across the Country.  Good.

(04/15/2022) Bellingham, Washington School District Pays Middle School Students $2,000 to Perform Drag Show.  Good Grief.

(04/13/2022) What the Left Has Done to Women.  Nothing good.  Even the supposed benefits of feminism are questionable, on balance.

(04/13/2022) Sex and the Schools, or, An Essay You Don’t Want to Read.  Suffice it to say, our schools are almost certainly worse than you think.

(04/13/2022) In Defense of Inequality.  Ask a simple question.  If all were "equal" and al had always been equal, where would we be?  Would we have ever climbed out of the stone age?

(04/13/2022) The True Intent of the Media's 'Disinformation Conference' Revealed.  Given that the participants seem primarily to be purveyors of misinformation (lies), the intent was clearly to encourage the suppression of truth and encourage misinformation that promotes the progressive narrative.  You would think they would not be so blatant, yet here we are.

(04/12/2022) Duke Divinity School Students: ‘God Is Queer.’  People have always created God in their own image. But things have really reached the sick stage, especially when you consider that many of these students will go on to be pastors and preachers.    I take back the "sick."  This stuff is just plain evil.

(04/12/2022) Here's more.  The Danger of Creating a God (and a Gospel) in Our Own Image

(04/12/2022) Transgender Teacher Tells Kindergarteners that Doctors Make an Incorrect ‘Guess’ on Babies’ Gender When They Are Born.  Don't you see?  Doctors just guess at the gender and sometimes they guess wrong.

(04/12/2022) Jill Filipovic says that more mothers at home makes for worse, more sexist men.  The left wants to indoctrinate your kids and the key to doing so is to destroy the nuclear. traditional family.  They are working hard at it and have been quite successful.  Some parents are waking up and fighting back.  Join them.  We need more sexist men and more mother's raising their children rather than turning them over to the government (public schools).  Support homeschooling!

(03/31/2022) Finnish Court Rebukes State Prosecution Of Christians For Saying God Made Men And Women Different.  Good.  But are we safe from such prosecution in the USA?  We certainly do not have free speech on social media platforms.

(03/31/2022) How CDC Colluded With Teachers’ Unions to Devastate America’s Children.  This is why so many of us have become so cynical regarding our government agencies and our "experts."  Many, probably most (both agencies and experts) have become thoroughly politicized, and politicized to the far left.  All basis for trust has be squandered.  Tragic, really, especially for the CDC (and the NIH) because it would be nice to keep politics out of health care.

(03/25/2022) Justice Clarence Thomas Released From Hospital.  Praise God!

(03/25/2022) 'Trans Closets': The Latest Way Schools Are Sneaking Around Behind Parents' Backs.  According to many teachers, parents have to "earn" the right to know what the schools are doing with their children.  While entirely backwards, practically speaking, it is happening.  The teachers unions and even the whole concept of "public schools" need to be fought - vigorously.

(03/25/2022) Advances in Religious Freedom Under Trump vs. Biden’s War on Faith: An NFAB Analysis.  And some wonder how evangelicals could possibly support Trump!  The evidence is clear.

(03/25/2022) Elie Mystal: ‘Trash’ U.S. Constitution Was Written by ‘Captains of the Slaving Industry.’  This guy does have a microphone and it says a lot about the Democrat party that not a single Democrat of consequence will criticize this man.  This tells you everything you need to know about what Democrats think of their country and its founding.

(03/25/2022) Biden Says the Gas Crisis is an “Opportunity” to “Double Down on Our Own Clean Energy Goals.”  Typical.  Never let a crisis go to waste.  Don't deal with the crisis.  Use the crisis as an excuse to push the progressive agenda, even when that agenda is almost certain to make the crisis worse.

(03/24/2022) The Times Is Putin Us On.  The NY Times is going to go with the latest progressive narrative, even if it totally contradicts the previous progressive narrative.  It is sort of like the about face the American communists made when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union.

(03/09/2022) A Moment of Peak Stupidity.  It is hard to believe that our leaders could be this ignorant.  Whether they are or not, they certainly consider the rest of us to be even more ignorant.  How can we continue to elect such people?

(03/08/2022) EPA administrator explains how electric trucks will be less racist.  We really are a nation that is being run by idiots.  Evil idiots, at that.  Supposedly we voted for this.

(03/08/2022) Biden Sells Alaska Back To Russia So We Can Start Drilling For Oil There Again.  Okay, it is the Bee.  But there is a lot of truth here.  The Biden administration has implemented many policies to drastically reduce American energy production and return us to an energy dependent state rather than independent as we were at the beginning of this administration.  Rather than reverse any of these foolish policies, the administration is begging foreign countries to increase their production, instead.  Is it possible to be this stupid?  I don't think so.  I think the goal is to force "green energy" on the country no matter the cost.  It may be extremely harmful, damaging, impractical and doomed to have terrible consequences that far outweigh any perceived benefits.  But the narrative!  Fossil fuels bad, nuclear energy bad, green good.  Case closed.  Okay, it is possible to be this stupid.  My bad.

(03/07/2022) The Morning Briefing: Public Schools Really Don't Want Parents To Do Any Parenting.  While not universally true, it certainly seems to be pretty darn common, especially among school boards and administrators, even if not universal among the teachers themselves.  Of course, their main problem is with conservative and religious parents.  How dare they try to impose their antiquated values on their children!

(03/07/2022) Lindsey Graham Calls for Putin's Assassination.  I can't say it would distress me overmuch, but it isn't appropriate for an American politician to publicly state it.  Besides, if Putin gets toppled or assassinated, it would be best if the Russians did it themselves.  Don't put them in a position of blaming foreign powers.

(03/06/2022) Hate-Hoaxing Atlanta Rioters Who Tried to Frame Trump Supporters Convicted.  It is amazing that those who supposedly are the "haters" aren't doing their job hating enough, so the tolerant ones have to do the hating on their behalf. 

(03/06/2022) Joy Break: ‘I Couldn’t Wait Any Longer.’  How about some positive news?

(03/04/2022) Killing Zelensky.  I read somewhere that Putin is supposedly a Christian.  No way!

(03/04/2022) Joe Biden’s SOTU Speech Flops In Democrat-Heavy CNN Poll.  I don't know that the poll shows the speech was a total flop.  It clearly over-sampled Democrats, however.  I suspect that a huge number of people like myself did not watch it.  I suspect I'd have considered it a flop had I suffered through it, but I couldn't say that to a pollster. 

(03/04/2022) Melinda Gates slams Bill for continuing to meet with 'evil' Jeffrey Epstein after she had nightmares about him and suggests he had MULTIPLE affairs throughout their 27-year marriage.  I post this because I wonder why it is that powerful and rich men seem to find it necessary to play the field and have multiple affairs.  Are they happier in their sex lives by doing so?  Color me skeptical.  I'm sure there are plenty of exceptions, but still ....

(02/28/2022) Senate Rejects ‘Most Radical Abortion Bill in United States History,’ All but One Democrat Vote in Favor.  The rejected bill would have overridden all state laws restricting abortion in any way.  Remind me:  how many Democrats in the Senate claim to be devout Catholics?  Several.  I don't think any claim to be evangelicals, but if there are any, they don't qualify as any more devout than the Catholic Democrats in the Senate.

(02/26/2022) Responding to: ‘I’m a Christian, But I Don’t Want to Force My Religion on Others.’  On the one hand, Christianity is not a religion that can be "forced."  On the other hand, just because someone believes something else does not mean they are correct.  Quite the opposite, in fact.

(02/26/2022) 62 Percent Of Voters Say Putin Wouldn’t Have Invaded Ukraine If Trump Was Still President.  Just because a poll indicates Americans think something doesn't mean they are right.  In this case, I think they are right. 

(02/25/2022) We Are an Unserious Country.  Well, we certainly have a lot of unserious people, including many of our leaders.

(02/25/2022) WaPo’s attempt to blame Ukraine for screwing up Biden’s ‘ready to surge’ economy FAILS on so many embarrassing levels.  So, Biden was just about to produce a fantastic economy, but Putin messed it up.  Democrats and the left are never to blame for anything.  Everything bad is the fault of the right and Republicans, no matter what.

(02/24/2022) "These are not serious people": Check out all the Woke Cultists' reactions to the Ukraine invasion.  Another good grief.  Putin is invading the Ukraine and it is Trump's fault!  I guess it is not surprising.  When was the last time anyone on the left took any responsibility for their own failures?

(02/24/2022) Cenk Uygur: The Right loves Vladimir Putin ‘because he’s a WHITE authoritarian leader,’ and Americans sure do love themselves ‘a white warlord.’  Good grief.  He couldn't find a single conservative who believes that even if he spent the rest of his life searching.  Just as with fake hate crimes, the left has to create a totally imaginary right wing so they can feel morally and intellectually superior. 

(02/23/2022) The Hot Take Boils Over.  The hot take is that somehow Trump and his supporters are rooting for Putin and hence are guilty of treason.  This is what we are moving to: opposition to Democrat policies is tantamount to treason.  Note that Republicans (and Independents) in America overwhelming oppose the actions the Canadian government is taking against the trucker protesters (over 5 to 1) while Democrats support those actions something over 3 to 1.

(02/23/2022) AP: NBC Olympics a ratings "disaster" -- and now a tainted brand.  For the first time since before my family had a TV, I watched absolutely no Olympics, even by accident.  I am working on not supporting China in any way.  That includes not buying products made in China, but that is very difficult.  For many things, you cannot tell until it is too late. 

(01/24/2022) Palin Goes to Trial.  She is suing the New York Times for slander. 

(01/24/2022) Defeat the Mandates.  There was an anti-mandate rally in DC.  Mostly ignored or presented as anti-vaccination.

(01/24/2022) Responding to Brady ‘Phanatik’ Goodwin, the Latest Christian Leader to Renounce His Faith.  I do not want to be unfair, but Christian leaders who renounce their faith generally have succumbed to culture.  There seems to be a lot of postmodernism involved.

(01/16/2022) D.C. Restaurant Refuses to Honor Reserved Event for Pro-Life Group: ‘Trampling on Rights of Others.’  Note that those that claim to be most tolerant are the least.  Those who are most demanding of "rights" are the ones that actually trample on the rights of others. 

(01/16/2022) Owens Catches Dems Trying To Sneak Vote Changes Into NASA Bill … And It Gets Worse.  Yes, the Dems tried to stick their "institutionalize voting fraud" language in another bill that would easily pass.  One of the things that disturbs me most about the Democrats is that they are happy to impose their will by whatever means, even if their will is opposed by the vast majority of the country.  80% favor requiring voter ID, and the Democrats are trying to outlaw requiring such!

(01/16/2022) Wajahat Ali already prepping for ugly and vicious Islamophobia and anti-Muslim bigotry this weekend.  Every time Muslims do bad things (like taking hostages at a synagogue), we are warned of the anti-Muslim bigotry and backlash to come.  That is always the story and it never materializes.  Yet I have a question:  why should there not be a backlash against Islam?  Some Muslims do very bad things and they do those things because of Islam.  If they were being denounced by their fellow Muslims, that would be one thing.  But such is almost never the case.

(01/12/2022) More Government, Less Religion -- the Progressive Doctrine.  Well, progressives consider religion to be a competitor for people's loyalty.  For them, loyalty must be to the state, not to God. 

(01/12/2022) AG Merrick Garland says Justice Department has 'no higher priority' than investigating Jan. 6 Capitol riot.  Given that no one is charged with insurrection and they would love to be able to do so, I guess they have to keep it top priority.  Maybe they'll find an excuse to so charge someone.  But the rule of law has been absolutely destroyed with what they are doing to the supposed insurrectionists.  And few in the GOP are making a big deal of this. 

(01/11/2022) More Video Evidence of Maricopa County Election Workers Committing Violations. If the 2022 election had been (mostly) fair and legal, the winners would be anxious to prove that to be the case.  They are not.

(01/11/2022) Professor Endorses Authoritarian Governance as a Means to Combat Climate Change.  Yeah, but Trump was a dictator.  Look at all the unconstitutional things he did like ....  Okay, I can't think of any at the moment, but the Dems and the MSM assure me that this was the case.  More seriously, virtually everyone on the left is a closet dictator.  They'd do it in a heartbeat if they could and if they were assured that they'd be in charge.

(01/08/2022) NBC News reports some say there’s ‘little scientific evidence’ biological males have an advantage in women’s sports.  There is good reason to be skeptical of anything and everything that the MSM reports.

(01/08/2022) Illinois police officer's heartbreaking pleas for her life before being murdered with her own service pistol: 'You don't have to do this!'  The police were responding to complaints about a barking dog.  There is no truly "safe" situation for police.  Sometimes the death penalty seems to lenient.

(01/05/2022) Corrupt Secretary of State Raffensperger to Investigate Himself After Allegations of Ballot Trafficking in Georgia 2020 Election.  The headline may be too much editorial, but no person should investigate themselves and no organization should investigate itself.  Such investigations will never turn up and serious wrong doing or crimes.  Even when those investigations are turned over to a third party, they is reason to be skeptical.  He who pays the piper calls the tune.  The original source of the investigation needs to be external to that which is being investigated.

(01/04/2022)  Minnesota school district approves extra pay for non-white teachers.  So the solution for "systemic racism," which doesn't really exist, is blatant racism.  But to be fair, the reality is not as bad as the headline makes it out to be.  Extra work is required, but the opportunity to earn it is limited to minority teachers.

(01/04/2022)  Georgia Election Operative Gabe Sterling Gets Caught Telling a Boldfaced Lie.  We may never know if there was enough fraud to change the result of the 2020 election, but we definitely know there was a lot of fraud and a lot of coverup.

(01/03/2022) Teachers' Unions Reject Science and Children Again, Force Schools to Close.  The teacher unions certainly make it clear that they do not care about the kids.  Have they ever?

(01/03/2022) Armed Agents Arrest TX Parents in Their Homes for Opposing School Board's Policies.  Is this possible?  Sadly, it probably is.  We are edging closer to authoritarianism and dictatorship, and the cause is not the likes of Donald Trump.

(01/02/2022) New York to discriminate on basis of race in covid therapeutics access.  Of course they are.  But we are (supposedly) the baddies.

(01/02/2022) After Kamala Claims The Ports Are Running 24/7 – Goya Foods CEO Says They Are Still Majorly Backed Up.  To be fair, I will just say there is a big difference between being open 24/7 and running 24/7.  The MSM, however, assures us that the Biden administration doesn't lie (much) so we should accept everything they say at face value.  Unlike Trump, so they say.

(01/01/2022) Please — Stop The Coup Porn.  Jan 6 was not an insurrection, and the most likely coup we will ever have will come who claim they are preventing a coup.

(01/01/2022) When will the woke mob come for MLK?  Good question.  Either they will attack him, or they will pretend that he was never in favor of character content and color-blindness in the first place.  We used to scoff at the USSR and its rewriting of history, yet here we are.

(12/31/2021) Man With Kidney Disease Loses Everything, Then His Community Steps In & Get Him A ‘Miracle House.’  We can use all the miracles we can get.

(12/29/2021) FiveThirtyEight probably expected very different abortion stories.  If you need something to lift your spirits, this is it.

(12/29/2021) More Government, Less Religion – the Progressive Doctrine.  True.  And not good.

(12/25/2021) The Light that Shines in the Darkness.  Read it.

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