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Race Relations

Jan '21 - Jun '21

(06/28/2021) Outrageous! Here’s a Look at the Shocking White Privilege, Gender Equity Lesson Plans Used To Indoctrinate Your Kids.  These are just offerings, not necessarily in much use.  But there is only one word for this stuff: evil. 

(06/28/2021) Critical Race Theory Is Just Anti-White Racism.  True.

(06/26/2021) Crazy Biden Admin Issues Order Mandating Race Training at Every Level of the Federal Government.  Race relations in America had been steadily improving for decades.  Until a certain political party decided that such improved relations were not in their best interest.  Said party has been working overtime to destroy those improved race relations.  But that isn't enough for them.  They are replacing the old racism with a new racism that is at least as destructive and harmful as the old.  For shame.

(06/24/2021) Texas Teacher Loses Her Mind Because She Can't Teach CRT Anymore.  The arrogance of these people!  They think they have the right to teach racist dogma to kids over the objections of their parents and everyone who believes in the "content of character" business.  Sadly, we have so many in America who firmly believe that not only do they know better, but it is their right to force their beliefs on those who disagree.  Even to force the repugnant (CRT) that is overwhelmingly rejected by "We the People."

(06/23/2021) Unlawful assembly? Arrests in Northern Virginia school board meeting after parents erupt over CRT.  This is just a taste of the future if we cannot clean up our electoral system.  Government of the people, by the people, for the people?  Don't be silly.  The "people" aren't good enough for our betters.  And our "betters" feel 100% comfortable imposing their will no matter what.  We have to fight back, just as the parents did at this school board meeting.  I doubt any of them are going to quit and stop fighting.  And I doubt the board will survive the next election - if it is honest.

(06/23/2021) PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor says debate over For the People Act is about whether we want America to be the place the Founders wanted it to be.  For the left, the Constitution means whatever they want it to mean, and the founders believed whatever the left finds more convenient at the moment.  Yesterday the founders were racists, committed to keeping blacks in chains.  Today, the founders apparently want us to count the votes of everyone (alive, dead, citizen, non-citizen, under-age, imaginary) whether they actually voted or not.  I guess you could say that liberals treat these things like the treat Scripture. 

(06/23/2021) NASA’s Mission Equity quickly ripped as woke ‘critical space theory.’  Actually doing one's job to the best of one's ability has been deemed "white supremacist."  Apparently there are far more important things than actually accomplishing a real and objective mission.  All I can say is that I bet the astronauts on Apollo 13 were grateful that back then, NASA didn't consider "equity" to be their prime mission.

(06/22/2021) Media Blackout Over Georgia Shooting.  All the news that fits the narrative.  If it doesn't fit, it isn't worth people knowing about.

(06/21/2021) Vermont town fires high school lifeguard for questioning CRT. 

(06/20/2021) Fighting Back Against Evil.  The evil is CRT, which is racism, plain and simple.  And it must be fought.  Far too often we have simply left the battlefield to the other guys and then seem genuinely surprised that we have lost, yet again.  More: Media Panics Over Mounting Opposition to Critical Race Theory.  And so they should.  But they are fighting back and fighting hard.  Needless to say, lying is a major part of their counteroffensive.

(06/20/2021) Puerto Rican Couple Yanked From Their Car and Shot By Mob of Black Men in Chicago.  One dead, one critical.  But never forget, white supremacists are to blame for all this.  So we are told from the president on down.  Yes, our country has problems.  No, they cannot be fixed if we are continually lied to by the people that have the greatest power to fix things.  And so we are (lied to).

(06/10/2021) School Board Ruckus! NY Elected Official Screams Obscenities at Parents Over Objections to CRT.  Just face it, far too many elected officials think their job is to dictate to the people rather than to serve the people.

(06/07/2021) Hate hoax: School said 'person of color' created Instagram account from which racist messages were sent to students, police reports reveal.  What else is new?  If you assume hoax, you are almost certain to be correct.  Note that it is a crime to make a false report to the police, but rarely are these perps charged.

(06/04/2021) Looting for Winston Smith or someone like him.  Another criminal with a significant rap sheet shot and killed by police after he pulled a gun on them.  The deceased was black, so naturally "unrest" followed.  At least it does not look like the authorities considered the "protests" to be mostly peaceful. 

(06/04/2021) Fired for criticism of Black crime.  I'm always a little suspicious when people claim to have been fired unreasonably.  No one likes to admit they were incompetent in their work.  Judge this as you will.  But black crime is a very, very serious problem and the media works overtime suppressing the reporting of it.  It is quite likely that most people do not realize it is as bad as it is, as a result.  Fights and brawls breaking out in public?  Almost always black perps (and usually black victims).  Mobs looting stores?   Almost always blacks.  Homicides?  Around 50% of all homicides are committed by blacks and their victims are mostly black.  Rather than address the very genuine problem, politicians and the media prefer to deny that there is a problem.  And things get worse and worse. 

(05/30/2021) The Mob is After Chip and Joanna Gaines Again, This Time Over Critical Race Theory.  Do we need any more evidence?  The Left is out to silence and punish conservatives - especially Christian conservatives.  And they are being quite successful.

(05/24/2021) US Embassies to Honor George Floyd.  We belittle the likes of Ben Carson as Oeros and Uncle Toms, and honor criminals and junkies like George Floyd.  Sick, sick, sick.  Never go along with this disgraceful nonsense.

(05/23/2021) Support for Black Lives Matter Has Absolutely Plummeted Since Last Summer’s Riots.  At least some news is good.

(05/22/2021) Teacher Suspended After Saying George Floyd Would Be Alive If He Complied.  We've been building up to this for quite some time, but we have reached "1984."  Speaking the truth is a no-no if it conflicts with the narrative.  2+2 doesn't necessarily equal 4, sex has nothing to do with biology, advocating election audits is unconstitutional, a bunch of unarmed people "storming" the capitol (at the invitation of the capitol police, as we now know) came within minutes of overthrowing our government and imposing martial law, hard work is just a manifestation of white privilege.  The list is long.

(05/21/2021) NCAA, despite a history of buckling, sides with female athletes.  Not really - they are just not going to boycott states that ban males from participating in women's sports.  Why would that be?  Not a matter of principle, but practicality: too many states are doing so! 

(05/21/2021) When a newly-elected school board member stood up to oppose teaching critical race theory…  Suffice it to say, supporters of CRT want to silence all opposition and allow their "theories" to be force fed to students uncritically.  Of course, the only reason to silence opposition is that CRT cannot survive rational debate.  And that is reason enough to keep it out of our schools.  It is contrary to everything our country has ever stood for.  It is racist, it is harmful, it is demonic.

(05/20/2021) Boy Scouts Now Forcing Kids to Earn ‘Diversity’ Badge Featuring Anti-White Training.  My time as a Boy Scout were some of the best of my youth - almost 60 years ago.  So sad what they have become today.

(05/20/2021) Disabled veteran says four black women brutally attacked her on Mother's Day: 'F*** you, you white b****'  It is best to wait for the evidence, but it is worth pointing out that pretending that certain kinds of very real problems do not exist means that said problems will only get worse.  And we are focusing on a lot of non-problems while lots of things continue to get worse.

(05/18/2021) Disney tries to run away from the evidence of its racist push.  Keep the pressure on.  They wouldn't even "try" if there wasn't pressure.  They need to junk the whole nonsense, not just to pretend.

(05/16/2021) Awakened parents crashing party preaching anti-white hate.  It's a start and it needs to be done.

(05/15/2021) When cops criticize BLM on social media. They get disciplined, even fired.  For criticizing an organization that has caused the death and destruction in quite a few cities?  That bashes police constantly and advocated defunding them?  Wow!

(05/14/2021) Texas School District Shames White Students As Part Of ‘Cultural Competence,’ Parents Enraged.  And they should be.  For years, race relations have improved in America.  And now, out own government and schools are doing everything in their power to destroy those good relations.  They are succeeding, and they will accept no responsibility for the destruction they cause.  They will simply blame everything on those who resist what they are selling.

(05/14/2021) Race Hustlers Have a Reading List for your Children and Grandchildren.  And you're not going to like it.  Things are almost certainly worse than you think.

(05/12/2021) Here's a 97-item "Privilege Checklist" courtesy of the YWCA that is 100% real. You're welcome.  This is insane.  And what is the whole purpose of this whole "privilege" nonsense.  To make excuses for personal failings and demand recompense from others in return.  Nothing more.

(05/12/2021) Republicans Aren’t Obsessed With Critical Race Theory, White Democrats Are.  It is typical of the Left to start trying to push their latest insanity down the throats of everyone esle, and when they meet resistance declare that it is everyone else that is obsessed.  Sort of like when a Democrat does something bad, it isn't the bad thing that is the news, it is the fact that Republicans are responding (pouncing) that is news.

(05/12/2021) Black-Owned Businesses At George Floyd Square Beg For Help Amid Spiking Crime, Nosediving Revenue.  Well, black lives matter.  Except for blacks that are acting "too white" by trying to improve their lives by accepting responsibility and working hard.  Prove me wrong.

(05/12/2021) Woke students at prestigious college reportedly complain that automatic soap dispensers are racist.  If our college kids (and others) channelled their energy into their studies and doing useful and beneficial things, this country and the world would be a much better place.  But instead, ....

(05/11/2021) Boston hospital set to offer 'preferential care based on race.'  This is certainly illegal, according to federal law.  Does anyone think the Biden administration will enforce the law?  And I have a simple question for the hospital: were you not already providing equal care for all?  If not, why not?

(05/11/2021) Public high school meeting on 'police brutality' lists separate Zoom links — one 'for Parents of Color' and the other 'for White Parents.'  Gee, why would they do that?  Nothing like the Left's version of "unity."

(05/09/2021) Biden's restaurant rescue plan blatantly discriminates against White males.  "Affirmative action" was bad enough.  At least it was somewhat subtle.  Now we have blatant racial discrimination on the part of our federal government.  I've never been a fan of lawfare.  I never used to be a fan, that is.  Now let the lawsuits multiply and flourish.  America has worked hard to correct our flaws.  Now the Left / Democrats are working hard to re-establish the very flaws that we worked so hard at getting rid of!  Here is more of the same: No More “White Male Dominated” Diplomacy; Minority Females Are “Better.”  Really?  Minority females haven't done so hot a job running cities like Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and DC.  Do you judge people on the basis of external characteristics that people have no control over or do you judge them based on their actual character and performance?  This administration definitely goes with the former.

(05/05/2021) Lurch to the Left in K-12.  So the feds are going to financially reward states that push CRT and punish states that do not.  The Democrats have always used federal funds to push their agenda; the GOP not so much.  But the Biden administration has decided to become blatant about it knowing that the MSM will cover for them, as usual.

(05/05/2021) Woke professor becomes combative when student says police officers are 'heroes.'  There is now a new narrative in academic circles.  Police forces evolved from forces created to track down runaway slaves.  Hence, police are nothing but a vestige of slavery and we must get rid of them.  Two points.  Just like the Soviets, the Left in America re-writes history to conform to their latest narrative.  And there is nothing that is too absurd and contrary to historical fact for many in academia to promote and defend, as long as it serves the purposes of the Left.

(05/04/2021) The Left's Systemic Exploitation of Race.  I have learned never to concede anything to the Left.  Why?  I used to think that doing so would open the door to them conceding something in return..  I was wrong.  All it does is to allow them to declare victory and demand more concessions.  Prove me wrong.

(05/03/2021) Biden’s Support Of Critical Race Theory Tells You All You Need To Know About His Version Of ‘Unity.’  For the Left, "unity" means throwing away all your principles and going over to their side.

(05/03/2021) Netflix's Crude, Racist Propaganda Wins an Oscar.  Not that anyone watched the Oscars.  But to call this film heavy-handed is far, far too generous.  Totally dishonest and sick might do, for starters.  The fact that the Left cannot promote their narrative and agenda without resorting to this kind of trash tells you everything you need to know.

(04/29/2021) Twilight Zone material.  This is regarding Biden's speech.  Please note that according to our president, "white supremacy" is probably our biggest problem.  And according to the Democrats, Trump supporters are all white supremacists.  Hence, the government suppressing and oppressing Trump supporters (conservatives) is fully justified. 

(04/26/2021)  Racist graffiti appears in college dorm. NAACP condemns the act; students march and boycott — then a black student admits he did it.  Of course!  Can anyone remember the alst time there was a "hate" crime that wasn't a hoax?

(04/26/2021) Gravity is Cancelled: Professors at Sheffield University Want Disclaimers on Isaac Newton’s Theories for ‘Eurocentric’ and ‘White Savior’ Science.  I am convinced that much of the "woke" movement in academia is just a matter of sheer laziness.  Becoming a genuine expert - or merely competent - in any field requires a fair amount of effort.  Who wants to do that?  So simply declare that doing so is "white supremacist" (or Eurocentric or whatever) and take it easy.

(04/23/2021) Answering “Systemic Racism”.  There is no such thing.  It is nothing but a means to avoid dealing with the real problems that plague the black "underclass," starting with fatherless families and the rejection of all those character traits and behaviors that lead to success in life.  The absurd focus on "systemic racism" and "white supremacy" are specifically designed to make the real problems worse.  Why?  Because the worse the problems are, the easier it is to keep the impacted people on the Democrat plantation.  Too harsh?  Not at all.

(04/23/2021) NBC Nightly News Edits Out Critical Parts of 911 Call, Video in Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting.  It should be noted that while NBC edited out the critical parts of both the 911 call and the body cam, neither ABC nor CBS did.  NBC is a disgrace, though more specifically, Lester Holt is.  He has previously stated that fairness and objectivity are overrated.

(04/23/2021) Critical Race Theory and the Death of Public Education.  The Biden administration wants to make CRT mandatory in public K-12 education.  Not everyone can homeschool, but the number of homeschoolers has more than doubled in the last year.  Imagine how many would leave the public schools if they could afford private school?  Many doubt their ability to homeschool, but homeschooling parents can get together and share expertise so that individual parents don't have to be able to teach all subjects.  Our church offers up our facilities three days a week for just such efforts and many are taking advantage - and the numbers are growing rapidly. 

(04/23/2021) 2 women beat postal worker senseless in stunning attack. They wanted stimulus checks.  Unlike so many instances of violence, I haven't seen people trying to excuse this.  But we do, in fact, do far too much excusing and justifying of unacceptable behavior which naturally leads to more unacceptable behavior.  We have a whole lot of unacceptable behavior going on because half our politicians and most of the media and academia have declared the unacceptable to be acceptable and evil to be good and good to be evil. 

(04/22/2021) You Have No Business Being a Parent Unless You Accept Your Child’s Declared Gender, Says Top Chef Host.  Is it not remarkable how quickly people jump on board the latest nonsensical narrative?  And even more remarkable is the fact that just a few years ago that same person themselves would have declared said narrative to be nonsense.

(04/21/2021) Bodycam Footage Shows 15-Year-Old Makiyah Bryant Attempting to Stab Person Before She Was Shot Dead by Officer.  It isn't remotely debatable.  The knife - a big one - was back for the thrust.  The officer should be praised for shooting when he did.  And yet we are still certain to have protests and violence.  Why?  Because our media and one of our political parties encourages, and to some degree rewards, this response.  Satan and evil at work.  It is time we start calling this stuff for what it is.

(04/20/2021) Critical race theory and remote learning are making American students stupid.  This is true, but for some time now our schools have failed miserably in teaching critical thinking skills.  Those who think for themselves are far less likely to blindly go along with the latest "narrative."  This latest nonsense just compounds a problem that has been around for some time.  There is  a positive: Homeschooling is up to 11% of kids from around 5% a year ago.  May this trend continue.

(04/19/2021) ‘White Terror Is As American As The Stars And Stripes’: How The Left Is Answering Ibram Kendi’s Call For Racial Strife.  Race relations have been getting better and better in America, until ....  Question: which political party encourages racial strife?  It is the same one that benefits from racial strife.

(04/17/2021) Harvard Medical School doctors advocate race-based discrimination to favor minorities, calling it 'medical restitution.'  In short, declare evil to be good.  There is a lot of that going around these days. 

(04/08/2021) The Dumbing Down of America: Lawyer Edition.  In this case it is making bar exams easier so more "people of color" can pass.  So, people of color will be sent the message that they need not work as hard in school, and people in general will be sent the message that a lawyer of color is likely to be substandard.  And Democrats and the Left apparently think this is a good thing.

(04/07/2021) Best-Selling Devotional Has Prayer to 'Help Me to Hate White People.'  Correct me if I am wrong, but I'd say that isn't biblical.

(04/07/2021) If Democrats Will Cry ‘Racist’ No Matter What, Republicans Should Pass Much Stronger Laws.  True.  The Georgia law is actually pretty weak, though better than nothing. 

(04/06/2021) 2+2=5: Oregon Department of Education Pushes Course Claiming Math is Racist Because It Requires a Correct Answer.  Who is going to benefit from this nonsense?  Certain academics and consultants.  However, the supposed beneficiaries will be greatly harmed.

(04/06/2021) Appalachian State pairs 'Black Male' housing initiative with 'Black Panther' course.  That is, a residence hall for black males.  Can this possibly be good?  Can race relations ever be healed when white racism (which is vastly reduced) is repeatedly exaggerated and condemned while black racism is repeatedly justified and encouraged?  I'll settle for saying that one political party sees it in their best interests to make race relations as poor as possible, to the great detriment on our country.  Which party might that be?

(04/06/2021) 'Maybe' conservatism is a 'euphemism for white supremacy,’ Syracuse prof states during 'White Rage' panel.  All I can say is the the "Love Trumps Hate" crowd is working very hard to teach people (their guys) to hate. It isn't just wrong or sad, it is dangerous.  The Left loves to claim that Trump's rhetoric causes violence, but the rhetoric coming from many on the Left is an explicit call to hate, and in many cases, an explicit call to violence.  But apparently that is okay for them, because they claim to hate hate.

(04/02/2021) Teacher Bullies Student For Taking Colorblind Approach To Classroom Assignment.  There was a time when we were taught not to judge people based on color.  That was a good thing and it was pretty successful.  Now some (many?) schools are teaching the exactly opposite.  And they are teaching lies.  I pray that they are not successful.

(04/01/2021) School board VP who says Asian American students use ‘white supremacist thinking’ to get ahead suing school district, city, and maybe 50 other people for ‘spiritual damage to her soul.’  Forget about the fact that she is suing .  What I find interesting is the fact that (whether she realizes it or not) she is admitting that you don't have to be white to use "white supremacist thinking," and that such thinking will get you ahead.  In other words, there really isn't any such thing as "white supremacist thinking," because it isn't restricted to white supremacists or even white people.  There is only thinking that will get you ahead, as compared to thinking that will keep you behind.  Don't stay behind, get ahead!  Anyone can do it!

(03/29/2021) ‘Teachers are BROKEN’: Teacher rants about bandaids being WHITE PRIVILEGE in ridiculous TikTok video annnd we can’t EVEN.  Really!  We have a lot of serious problems in this country, but hey, let me focus on racist bandaids and the like.  Ask yourself: if a teacher thinks things like this are important, what is that teacher teaching your kids?

(03/29/2021) Vermont House features 'devotional' seething with racist hatred against whites.  The Left and the Democrats are furiously working to destroy good race relations because they perceive such (good) relations to be detrimental to to future of the Democrat Party.  What about the future of our country? 

(03/28/2021) Biracial student fails Critical Race Theory class for refusing to confess his 'white dominance,' mom claims.  Is it only acceptable for biracial kids to fight back?  Is it ever justified to force any child to confess that of which they are not guilty?  White kids are being forced to do this a lot.  Where is the push-back?  Where are the lawsuits?

(03/28/2021) Far-Left DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Blames Victim of Car Jacking and Brutal Murder by Teenage Girls.  Talk about victim blaming!  Yes, we should all take precautions to lower our risk of becoming crime victims.  But that doesn't excuse the perps.  And to be blunt, if everyone were to so take care, there would be no businesses or services in certain areas  And were that the case, Mayor Bowser would be the first to cream bloody murder.  These girls were 13 and 15.  It seems to be we need to be a lot more concerned about the fact that so many are being raised with literally (and I literally mean literally) no respect for human life; without a shred of human decency.  And instead of doing something, our officials and "experts" make excuses and cover up for them.  What a disgrace!

(03/27/2021) Law Professor FIRED After Saying She Feels Bad for Her Underperforming Black Students.  You cannot work on fixing a problem if you refuse to speak the truth and deny the problem.  Here it is even worse.  Speak the truth will get you fired.  The sad fact is that blacks significantly under perform in law school.  As Thomas Sowell has pointed out, it could well be a result of law schools accepting blacks that are less qualified for their school in order to get their black numbers up.  This results in black law students being surrounded by more capable non-blacks.  Of course they are going to under perform!  What to do about it?  Nothing, because to even admit that there is a problem is enough to get you fired!

(03/24/2021) Biden Education Department Decides Racially Segregated Groups Are Not Discriminatory.  For decades, our nation was reducing discrimination and improving race relations dramatically.  The Democrats - for their own political gain - are furiously working, and succeeding, at making them much worse again.  And naturally, they blame conservatives, even though all the supposed hotbeds of "systemic racism" have been controlled by Democrats and liberals / leftists for many years.

(03/24/2021) Why Is No One Talking About the RACE of All 10 Shooting Victims By Muslim Gunman Ahmad al-Issa?  Neither the race of the victims nor the religion / political views of the shooter fit the narrative.  Other than to use for demanding gun control, the Boulder shooting will soon be forgotten by our MSM and Democrats.  Here is more: The Boulder Murderer

(03/23/2021) ‘Whiteness itself is killing them’: Ibram X. Kendi tells church that anti-racists fundamentally reject ‘savior theology.’  I guess he is declaring that if you are a genuine Christian, you must also be a racist.  Christians: stop giving these guys a platform.  You don't have to prove your non-racist bona fides by catering to racists!

(03/23/2021) It turns out that writing well is inherently racist.  Well, anything that minorities don't do as well as whites has been deemed racist.  Even math.  So we should not be surprised.  That said, we should not accept this nonsense, either.  For far too long, we have.  Look at where it is leading our culture and our country.  I have to add that when we compare the plusses and minuses that current academia contributes to America (and the world), the minuses far outweigh the plusses.  This does not have to be, but so it is.

(03/21/2021) Illinois Teachers Shamed For Color Of Their Skin In Taxpayer-Sponsored ‘Antiracist’ Training.  Not surprising, but it is shameful that our government agencies (and others) are focused on tearing some people down rather than building people up.  And we have to pay for it!

(03/20/2021) 6th grade choir teacher separates kids into 'privileged' and 'targeted' groups in lesson on 'oppression.'  Not only is this racist in itself, it is severely damaging to the children involved.  All of them.  And while few conservatives would consider doing anything of this sort to the children they teach, those on the left feel totally justified in doing so.

(03/20/2021) MSNBC Host Joy Reid: White People in Red States Want Black People to Die From COVID.  Of course.  In order to push the left-wing agenda it is essential to demonize the opposition.  Is it possible that Joy Reid actually believes this?  I suppose.  I'm sure she lives in a progressive bubble.  If she ventures out, I doubt she could find a single person who believes this, even if she spent a year searching.

(03/18/2021) Illinois city prepares first round of reparations to black residents, but activists say it's not enough.  Of course not.  And since reparations will never achieve the desire objective (they will rather make things worse), there will be never ending demands for more, more, more.  Such is the case with all liberal programs that fail, which is most of them.  They only failed because we failed to spend enough.  So the solution is to spend even more!

(03/16/2021) Report: Teachers and others compile a list of parents to expose them publicly for opposing critical race theory.  Everything our nation has always stood for is under serious assault.  The nation that has done more for the betterment of mankind than any other is being destroyed.  Deliberately.  Change my mind.

(03/16/2021) Woke: Columbia University to Host Six Graduation Ceremonies Based on Race, Sexuality, Income Level.  Great way to bring us all together.  Ever get the feeling that most of our institutions have been totally politicized and are all working hard at pushing a left-wing agenda?

(03/13/2021) MSNBC Host Joy Reid: Republicans are a Bunch of Racists and White Supremacists.  I suppose it is easier to love oneself when you go out of your way to hate others.  It is just sad that you have to base your hatred on lies.  Question: has any Democrat - politician, pundit or celebrity - said or done anything to lead anyone to take seriously their calls for "unity?" 

(03/12/2021) Black Lives Matter militants harass young girls for their 'white privilege' as they walk into cheerleading competition.  The world would be a much better place if people put their efforts into improving their own lives and building other people up, rather than playing the victim and tearing others down.

(03/11/2021) Boston public schools cancel new advanced classes for high performing students because of racial inequalities.  The Left, and hence much of our government now defines any inequality of outcomes to be racist.  The biggest reasons blacks under perform in school is a result of single-parent families, the cult of victimhood, and the attitude that working hard in school qualifies as "acting white."  If blacks are the victims of racism, it is largely a matter of their own racism.  They are not entirely to blame for this - one of our political parties has been drumming this attitude into their heads for decades.  Guess which one.

(03/11/2021) Parents witness angry school trustee conclude everyone is racist.  Well, maybe just white people.  But let's be clear.  Many schools are teaching our children that America is a racist nation, founded on slavery, and that white people are racists and due to their privilege must defer to and compensate "people of color." Is this what children - our children - should be taught?

(03/09/2021) School-Wide Email Condemns Student For Calling ‘Racist’ Candace Owens A ‘Black Trailblazer’.  Many of our public schools (and colleges and universities, public and private) have become little more than a propaganda arm of the Democrat party, pushing the progressive agenda.  And we are paying for it. Even private colleges, as the Democrats shovel money to them, too.

(03/05/2021) Most of the genuine hate speech comes from the Left.  How about MSNBC Host Joy Reid Says Republicans Would Trade Tax Cuts for Ability to Say the N-Word.  That's just for starters.  How about Anti-racist Prof. Ibram X. Kendi concisely explains why you — yes, you! — are a racist (and don’t even try to argue with him).  I see this kind of stuff every single day.

(03/04/2021) Wisconsin’s Capital City Is Trying To Ban White People From Spots On Police Oversight Board.  Gee, what a surprise.

(03/02/2021) After Mavericks Controversy, ABC’s GMA Declares National Anthem Racist.  Of course.  Everything is racist.  But when everything is racist, nothing is.  Actual racism lumped in with all that which is labeled racist, but isn't.   Even worse, the never-ending charges of racism are going to cause the very thing decried.  There will be increase racial resentment (non-racists do not appreciate being accused of racism, and those accusing resent their charges being ignored). The result will be some actual racism - racism where none existed before.  Like reparations, the result is only to make things worse.  And what will be the response?  More of the same, a downward spiral - until we have leadership that has the guts to speak the truth.

(03/02/2021) Reparations Don't Buy Justice, Dignity, or Freedom.  In fact, reparations will only make things worse.  To be blunt, the biggest problems in the black community have to do with personal behavior and responsibility, not slavery or the legacy of slavery."  Does anyone think that doling out money - money taken from others - is going improve that which needs improving?  In many ways, the black community - inner cities, in particular - is worse off today than than it was before the major civil rights legislation.  And the greatest damage has be done by the rise of the welfare state.  Blacks aren't the only ones harmed by welfare, but it is disproportionately blacks who are harmed.  Reparations amount to just more welfare, only this time it will be only blacks who are harmed.  Will race relations improve because of reparations as advocates claim?  No way!  A lack of gratitude - and a lack of behavioral change - will result in nothing but demands for more.  And what about the people paying for all this - people who are neither racist nor slave-owners.  Are they going to feel kindly towards those blacks they are shelling out their hard earned dollars for?  People who are showing little or no signs of improved behavior, but rather demanding more?  I think not.  The result is going to be increased racial resentment - in both directions.  How can any not see this?  Our education system has failed miserably.  Conformity and "right think" are taught rather than critical thinking skills.  For many, the ability to compare and evaluate various alternatives simply does not exist.  End of rant.

(02/27/2021) Acronyms now are racist.  I think that a good case can be made that anything that is promoted as "anti-racist" is almost certainly racist itself.

(02/23/2021) How to Fight Back Against Racist Attacks on White Americans.  Explicitly discriminating against people on account of race is illegal.  That is why we used to use tricky little get-arounds like affirmative action.  But why bother nowadays?  Just explicitly discriminate against whites.  Woke judges can be counted on to ignore little things like the Constitution and the law.

(02/19/2021) New York School Encourages Parents To Become ‘White Traitors,’ ‘White Abolitionists.’  The Left has no qualms about pushing their agenda on our kids - as false as it is, with an unblemished record of failure.  And they do this using your taxes to fund it!  And we let them do it!

(02/16/2021) Pure Racism: New York City Principal Sends Home White Identities List to Parents to Convert Them to the “White Traitors” Stage of Whiteness.  "White privilege" is nothing more than doing those things that have proven to lead to a reasonably successful and happy life.  And it is available to all.  So what is the problem?  Well, it takes effort, it involves doing things we may not be inclined to do, it involves respecting others and not just demanding respect, it involves earning instead of taking.  In short, those who don't want to go to the trouble are now trying to tear down and degrade those that do.  For shame!

(02/14/2021) Implications of LifeWay poll on race relations challenged.  Are race relations really significantly worse, or have the media and the Democrats stirred up racial animosity (white supremacy and oppressiveness, CRT, victimhood, identity politics and more) for political gain?  I vote the latter.

(02/12/2021) The White Supremacy of Arithmetic.  This nonsense is being taught in some public schools and it will only get worse - much worse. 

(02/12/2021) The Lancet Condemns Donald Trump’s ‘Virulent Brand of Racism.’  One thing we can be sure of: the Left can only build themselves up by making others out to be worse than they are.  They have long since abandoned the approach of actually improving themselves, in favor of spending their time "deproving" others.  The problem is, they subconsciously see their own shortcomings, so they just label others as being worse, even though the opposite is usually the case.  You can be sure that whatever sins The Lancet is accusing Trump of, the authors of the article are far more guilty of than is Trump.  And isn't The Lancet supposed to be a medical journal?  Just another thing the Left ruins by injecting their politics.

(02/02/2021) The Left is Proving Itself Right on Race Relations, In Exactly the Wrong Way.  Natch.

(01/31/2021) CRT Is Sacrosanct and May Not Be Questioned.  Critical Race Theory is a pernicious lie.  It is harmful to all individuals - both the supposed oppressed and the supposed oppressors. It is harmful to our culture and to our nation.  I know I am repeating myself, but we have been far, far too silent in the face of this - and other - racist nonsense.  Question: is there a anything good - anything at all - coming out of academia these days?  Or from our media?

(01/29/2021) Netflix-Sponsored ‘Antiracist’ Grifter Ibram Kendi Supports Totalitarian Government.  All race hustlers are just that: hustlers.

(01/28/2021) Deep meaning of equity.  For the Left, "equity" means equality of outcomes: by race, sex, "gender," sexual preference, whatever criteria they chose to use.  Of course, this can never be achieved, so it will be an ongoing excuse to take from the producers and give to the non-producers.  Which, as anyone who can think should know, will cause the producers to produce less.  And even the non-producers will produce less than before!  But this is all about power, and the Left (Democrats) imagine they see permanent power within their grasp.  They will do everything and anything to achieve this, no matter how destructive to individual lives and the country as a whole.  They would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven, and if turning America into "Hell" helps them achieve this, so be it.  Prove me wrong.  Here is the quoted article: Biden's United States of Racial Quotas and Preferences

(01/28/2021) Racist Vote Reparations Scheme Rebuked.  We must discriminate to end discrimination!  We must be intolerant to end intolerance.  I might add, this all boils down to we must be ignorant to end ignorance.  These ends can never be achieved by these methods, but those promoting them are not really interested in the ends.  They simply want power and control (and freebies).

(01/19/2021) A Day of Hypocrisy: How soon will Democrats cancel Martin Luther King Jr. for calling for a color-blind America?  To be fair they are already doing it.  They are just not singling out MLK by name.

(01/17/2021) Texas State Historical Assn’s Chief Historian Says the Alamo was an ‘Insignificant’ Battle and Represents ‘Whiteness.’  We used to laugh at the Soviets for rewriting history.  It isn't a laughing matter any more.

(01/16/2021) Biden's choice to lead DOJ Civil Rights is an open anti-white racist.  Among other things, she says that the evidence is clear - blacks are superior to whites.  I won't even mention what she has said about Jews.  Will she be approved by a Democrat Senate?  Almost certainly.  And this is what we are in for in the months and years ahead.  I hope we don't take it lying down.  Here is more: Biden’s Disastrous Pick to Head DOJ Civil Rights Division

(01/15/2021) ACLU lawyer: The arguments over allowing trans women to compete in girls’ sports are rooted in ‘misogyny and white supremacy.’  One problem we have is that people who actually believe such total nonsense as this are immune to facts and rational argument.  And if they don't actually believe it but say it anyway, they are committed to an ideology and narrative that makes them immune to facts and rational argument.

(01/13/2021) Democratic congressman: I have 'no doubt' Capitol rioters would've 'lynched' black lawmakers if not stopped by police.  Total nonsense!  Here is a question: does he really believe this, or is he just saying it for what he believes is political gain?  Neither speaks well of him, but the former is far more dangerous.  If he believes this - and there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support it - then it is a major indictment of our education system and our media.  But why qualify?  Whether this Congressman really believes it or not, many really do.  So it is an indictment.  Period.  They are encouraging people in such beliefs, and and no matter how absurd those beliefs, they are doing nothing to discourage them.  The USA has never been less racist than it is today, yet we are encouraged in the belief that white supremacists are running rampant, that the only reason whites are successful is because of their "white privilege," that the only reason various "groups" aren't going better is because they are victims and are being oppressed, and other such nonsense.  If it were merely nonsense, it would be bad enough.  But it is extremely harmful and damaging, both to individuals and to our country.  It is shameful that some who probably do know better, are willing to inflict such damage for political or personal gain.  We are, indeed, calling evil good, good evil, light darkness and darkness light. See Isaiah 5:20.  And we not only accept these things, we give approval to them!  (Romans 1:32).  May God have mercy on us.

(01/12/2021) Sunday Schadenfreude: Vogue mag treats Kamala Harris with all the seriousness she deserves.  Apparently they are making her too "white."  The Left is very concerned about such things.  But I note this primarily to make the comment that all of our "fashion" magazines have gone four years studiously ignore the most fashionable First Lady ever - Melania Trump.  I wonder why?

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