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Race Relations

Jan-Sep 2017

(09/30/3017) College Professor: Believing in Hard Work is White Ideology.  And certainly the world has no need of anyone working hard, right?

(09/28/2017) Hollow NFL Protests Ignore Inconvenient Truth.  Actually, they ignore multiple inconvenient truths.  The protests would bother me less if they were protesting against something that were true.  They are not.  Read the article and get the facts.  So while NFL players and others earn their social justice brownie points with pointless and futile gestures, blacks are dying at the hands of other blacks every single day, and no one wants to do anything about it because we would be bringing up politically incorrect, inconvenient truths that our elites do not wish us to hear.

(09/22/2017) Traditional Values Are White Supremacy?  That is the direction we are heading.  Discredit the very values that made America great and lifted millions out of poverty  and are still available to all by attaching pejorative labels.  Why?  The answer is a simple as it is sad: adhering to traditional values involves work and responsibility.  And that is a message that the identity-based, competitive victimhood portion of our society does not want to hear.  

(09/22/2017) The Confederate Statue Controversy Isn’t About Slavery, It’s About Ending America.  Given how quickly they have moved on to vandalizing and destroying virtually any historical statue, I think this is correct.  Remember when we scorned the USSR for rewriting history and airbrushing photographs?  And the Taliban for its destruction of historical sites?  Apparently it is now OK - the progressives have granted their stamp of approval.

(09/21/2017) When Cotton and Pumpkins became Innately Racist.  This nonsense needs to be mocked and ridiculed.  As long as the press treats it as reasonable and acceptable, it will only get worse.  Simple question: how does freaking out over pumpkins and cotton displays improve the condition of blacks in America?  It doesn't.  Quite the contrary.  Focusing on this nonsense is simply a distraction (and very possibly a deliberate one) from focusing on the real problems in black America.  I'm not the only one who thinks mockery and ridicule are the way to go: Unleashing the Power of Mockery on Annoying Social Justice Warriors.  

(09/21/2017) 'Uncle Tom' Is More Destructive Than the 'N-word.'  "Uncle Tom" is used as a pejorative, but if any of the people that use it as such actually bothered to read the book, they would see that Uncle Tom was the epitome of sterling character.  Sadly, good character does not seem to be in big demand these days.

(09/18/2017) Father of the Constitution Blacklisted in Dallas on Eve of Constitution Day.  Good article, but he refers to the "white supremacist riots" in Charlottesville.  And while I loathe white supremacists, they had the permits and the permissions.  There would have been no "riots" if the antifas - who had neither permits nor permissions - had not shown up and started them.  So just how were these riots white supremacist?  Antifa riots would be a better description.

(09/15/2017) Curt Schilling: ESPN’s Jemele Hill ‘Has Always Been a Racist.’  Although I rather thing that the term "racist" has lost most of its meaning these days, Shilling is probably correct.

(09/15/2017) So do we burn that movie of Chuck Connors playing Geronimo?  Given the current climate, you probably just won't be able to buy it.  Kind of like Disney's Song of the South.  You can still see snippets on YouTube.  Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.

(09/13/2017) Rapper Sparks Outrage With Music Video Showing Him HANGING White Child.  Well, outrage in some circles, but not in all circles.

(09/11/2017) Have Colleges Completely Lost Their Minds?  Yes.  Here we have a conductor sacked from a music festival because he made an innocent joke to a black friend.  The black friend thought nothing of it, but someone who overheard deemed it "racist."  That was all it took.  The article concludes "At this point, maybe the best thing to do is just sit back and watch colleges and universities destroy themselves."  Maybe.  But when peoples jobs and careers are damaged or destroyed, perhaps we need to take somewhat more "affirmative" action.

(09/11/2017) Not from the Onion: Portland Police purge gang database because not enough white people on it.  Political Correctness has consequences.  Silencing truths that are unpalatable to some is the primary objective.   Sometimes this can have a relatively minor impact.  Other times it can be harmful or even fatal.  There are no benefits other than temporary feel-goodness.  Note: political correctness in not about being civil and polite.  One can be both without resorting to the lies than are an inherent part of the PC culture.

(09/10/2017) Outspoken East Tennessee white nationalist at Fort Sanders rally once active in Occupy, communist groups.  The question remains as to just how much of these "white supremacist" activities are really false flag operations.

(09/09/2017) Embracing Ancestry, Genetic Code and Melanin.  Read it and weep.  Is this what people send their kids to public schools for?  To get indoctrinated in progressive values rather than getting sound, basic education?  Edina schools used to be among the best in the country.  My wife went to Edina High back in the good days. 

(09/08/2017) Thoughts From the Ammo Line.  Always good for a laugh.  This one edition is primarily about "dog whistles."  You know the racist code words that only racists and MSM reporters and commentators recognize.  Words like "golf," "Trump," etc.

(09/07/2017) Black Parents Sue School, Claim Bullies Abuse Daughter for 'Acting White.'  "Acting white" means working hard in school and getting good grades.  This "white privilege" business is nothing but an excuse for those who don't want to put in the effort to be successful in life.  All students should be "acting white," and that includes all white students, too.  Note that black students harassing other black students for "acting white" is nothing new.  It has been going on for years and is one of the reasons so many black schools and neighborhoods are such basket cases.  But we dare not talk about it!  It used to be we'd just be called racists but now they'll toss in "white supremacist" as well.

(09/07/2017) 'White Shaming' is New Rage on College Campuses.  Orwell said "There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them."  I would rephrase that: "There are some ideas so stupid that only a self-proclaimed intellectual could rationalize a belief in them."  

(09/05/2017) Blacklist.  The Left’s latest war on free speech.  Are you a Republican?  Do you support President Trump?  Then you are a racist and a white supremacist and need to be silenced. 

(09/05/2017) Prof finds majority of minorities don't face discrimination.  Expect this professor to be hounded out of academia.  The lesson of Harvey: we should focus on that which brings us together.  Likely upcoming effort on the part of Democrats and progressives: let's focus on doing everything we can to tear us back apart.

(09/03/2017) Journalist: “Race and Class . . . Most Significant Aspects” of Hurricane Harvey.  Really?  I thought it was Americans pitching in, helping one another and working together is a truly horrific situation.  But maybe that's just me.

(09/02/2017) Discarded Banana Peel Called Racist, Leads to Cancellation of Student Retreat.  The verdict is in: most college students regress in maturity and critical thinking skills during their college years.

(09/02/2017) CNN: Everyone Who Voted For Trump Is A ‘White Supremacist By Default.’  This is a pretty standard tactic of the Left.

(09/02/2017) Schumer to Trump: ‘Allow Illegals to Vote to Prove You’re Not a White Supremacist.’  No comment.

(09/01/2017) Salon Slams National Anthem as 'Neo-Confederate Symbol.'  There is a war going on against America.  Are we going to defend her?

(08/29/2017) Dennis Prager: Those Who Don't Fight Evil Fight Statues.  Short version: the Left doesn't fight serious evil, rather minor evil or entirely made-up evil.

(08/29/2017) The War on Standards - Shoot the Messenger edition.  The authors of an article are being attacked as racists and white supremacists.  Why?  Read the article.  Here is a teaser from the article they are being attacked over: "Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard, and avoid idleness. Go the extra mile for your employer or client. Be a patriot, ready to serve the country. Be neighborly, civic-minded, and charitable. Avoid coarse language in public. Be respectful of authority. Eschew substance abuse and crime."  Aren't these obvious truths?  Yet obvious truths are to be scorned by many of our "elites," and sadly, it is those elites that tend to control the microphone.  But that doesn't mean we should remain silent.

(08/29/2017) Is America a Seething Hotbed of Racism and Bigotry?  No, but I would have to add that all the hyperbole about it and all the "diversity training" is, in fact,  making things worse.  As far back as the 70's people rightly complained about "affirmative action hires," with the problem being that not all minority hires were such hires.  But people got painted with a broad brush.  Today the problem is even worse.  In addition, people do not like being attacked for their "privilege" when the only privilege they are aware of is their willingness to work hard and treat others with respect. 

(08/27/2017) BLM Organizer Demands White People Sign Over Their Property to Minorities.  I read an article saying that the black community needs a Great Awakening.  I can't disagree, but I pointed out that all America needs a Great Awakening.  Getting free stuff might temporarily provide material relief, but it diminishes us as human beings.  This is what welfare has done, and not just among blacks.

(08/26/2017) Far-Left Bullies Suppress Civil Rights in California.  Of course, that isn't the way the media portrayed it.  Friends, we are definitely seeing the rise of fascism again, and it is rising on the Left, not the Right.  Just exactly like it did the first time.  Update: Right-Wing ‘Freedom Rally’ Canceled over Safety Concerns, Rhetoric from Democrats and Media.  It is probably unfair to even label the rally as "right-wing."  In any case, we are all going to be lumped in with white supremacists, racists, etc., and no protestations to the contrary will make any difference.  I've noticed that "capitalism" is appearing more and more in the list of "evils."  Update: Here is more - Anti-hate protesters in San Francisco lovingly burn Trump in effigy, heal nation’s divisions.  "Anti-hate" should be in quotes, however.

(08/26/2017) Our universities seem to be doing everything in their power to push identity politics and further divide the races and our country.  Dartmouth offers race-specific ‘student advising’ programs.  

(08/26/2017) Charles Blow shreds Markos Moulitsas’ diagnosis of what led to Arpaio pardon.  It is nice to see people on the Left bashing each other.  But one thing is certain: if you are conservative, be prepared to be called a White Supremacist (and a Nazi and a racist and ...).  Speaking of which: Memphis Theater Cancels Showing of ‘Gone With the Wind’ After Alt-Left Complains of Racism.  

(08/25/2017) School Board Believes "Lynch" Is Offensive Word - Changes Names of 3 Schools.  It is bad enough when people virtue signal at just a personal level.  This sort of stuff is really just sick.  How about putting proposed name changes to the voters?  I guess that wouldn't feel as good as just doing it.  Note: there is an actual financial cost associated with doing these things, but I guess feeling morally superior is too important to let little things like that get in the way.  One final note: 99+% of kids would not feel offended by "lynch" unless they were told by their parents or teachers that they should be offended.

(08/25/2017) ME School District to White Teachers: ‘Don’t Even Apply.’  I think it was Andrea Mitchell who said words to the effect that no white people have been harmed by affirmative action.  Memo to Andrea: you cannot discriminate in favor of someone without discriminating against someone else.

(08/25/2017) Omarosa Manigualt walks out on black journalist convention after uproar.  I can't say that I blame her.  Nothing says "let's have a dialog" better than turning your back on someone and refusing to listen to them.  But hey, she is nothing but a traitor, so ....

(08/24/2017) WaPo Editorial: Satan Is Good; Christians Are Responsible for Charlottesville.  For a while after the election, I thought the Post was behaving better than the NY Times.  I guess they decided they had to make up for lost time.  Don't believe the headline?  Read the article and weep.

(08/24/2017) Democrats, You Can Have Your White Supremacists Back.  Nobody wants anything to do with white supremacists these days.  But since the Democrats are getting desperate, it has become necessary to turn run of the mill conservatives into white supremacists.  The MSM is working hard to help them, as are many in academia: ‘All Republicans are racist scum,’ professor declares.  

(08/23/2017) The Leftwing Media’s Dangerous and Divisive Lie.  This must be recognized and repudiated before our nation is torn apart.  The problem is that many on the Left know exactly what they are doing, and they feel that going full-steam ahead will achieve their objectives.  Tearing the country apart and trying to silence conservatives seems to be part of the plan.

(08/21/2017) Colin Kaepernick to Get His Own Display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.  But Clarence Thomas isn't worthy.  People of the Left run many, probably most, of our institutions and they have no qualms about cramming their ideology down everyone's throats.

(08/18/2017) Georgia Theme Park Under Fire For Monumental Confederate Carving.  Gee, I visited Stone Mountain when I was still a left-winger, and it never occurred to me that there was anything bad about it - it was just a monument..  But hey, nothing like declaring your moral superiority by posturing.  And while we are on the subject: Thugs Protest, Start Digging Up Body of Confederate General & KKK Leader.  

(08/17/2017) Green Party candidate for VP calls for removal of Jefferson and Washington monuments.  Trump was right.

(08/17/2017) Reversal of Reality: Denying the truth that both sides were violent goes beyond criticism.  Whenever one uses an argument that requires ignoring an obvious truth (or worse, lying about it), they have no case.

(08/17/2017) Inevitable: Chicago Pastor Demands Washington Name be Removed from Park Because of Slavery Ties.  Trump predicted this, though it is happening even faster than he imagined.  Note that Al Sharpton wants the Jefferson Memorial to be defunded, or something.

(08/02/2017) 'Competitive Victimhood' Among Racial Minorities Backfires, Study Finds.  When you focus on how you've been done wrong rather than what you can do right, you are doomed to fail.

(08/02/2017) Idea Whites 'Responsible for Every Evil' Drilled into Students' Heads.  'Not only in class, but at orientation, in their social settings.' Pretty soon (if not already), whites working hard in school and getting good grades will be considered taking advantage of their "white privilege."  American culture is doomed if we focus on tearing people down rather than building people up - and that is exactly what we seem to be trying to do.

(08/02/2017) Liberal media say ‘symphony’ is racist.  Well, pretty much everything that qualifies as "traditional," - be it values, tastes, whatever (in other words, possibly "conservative" - must be racist.  Unfortunately, this apparently includes all those traditional values that allow one to succeed in life.

(07/31/2017) ‘Description of their clientele.’ Ijeoma Oluo tweets ridiculously racist tweet about Cracker Barrel.  A major problem is that progressives see racism everywhere, and when the actually reality does not conform to their racist views, they don't change their view.  Not even a smidgen.


(07/31/2017) Promoting Endless Race Hatred, in the Name of Justice.  Why?  In general, there can be two main motives for this kind of thing - power and money.  In this case, both apply.

(07/22/2017) Now Cleaning Poop Off Sidewalks Called Racially Insensitive.  Official says power-washing triggers 'images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists.'  When local government can't even take care of the obvious without controversy, it is time for a change.  

(07/20/2017) Bolling: Why is Chicago a ‘Warzone’? ‘Liberal Democrats’ to Blame.  Most of our biggest cities, and the ones with the highest crime rates, have been run by Democrats for decades.  Perhaps those living in these cities should reconsider their electoral choices.  But this is one of the main reason the Democrats push racism and victimhood - to pass the buck and allow them to make the claim that it is not their fault that the places they run are cesspits.

(07/15/2017) Slavery, White Guilt, and the Politics of Absurdity.  The difference between white and black crime rates, unemployment rates and illegitimacy rates were all much smaller in the 1950's than today.  The struggles of the black community have less to do with slavery and racism and more to do with the advent of the welfare state, white guilt and the cult of victimhood.

(06/29/2017) A Message to Christians: The Gospel Calls Us to Resist Donald Trump.  Apparently this is not a parody (the disclaimer in the article is a hoot!).  To the Left, everything supports their narrative, even if it has to be twisted in a pretzel.  The opening line is a gem: "Resistance to white supremacy was the cornerstone of Christ’s teachings."

(06/27/2017) Beyond Pro-Choice: The Solution to White Supremacy is White Abortion.  Some think that this is a parody, but it apparently is not.  My only comment is that people simply cannot be born this stupid.  They have to be trained and taught - and so they are.

(06/07/2017) Professors at ‘Critical Race Theory’ Conference: ‘Diversity of Opinion’ Is ‘White Supremacist Bullsh*t.’  There is worse in the article.  This sort of nonsense can only be criticized publicly if you are willing to be called bigot, racist, white supremacist, etc.  And it is leading us down that path of, dare I say it, doom.  All the values that have led to a successful life are being rejected.  Those that still adhere to them must be vilified and made to pay those who do not.

(06/02/2017) Sweden: High School Girls Called ‘Racist’ After Complaining about Sexual Assault by Migrants.  When you base your worldview on lies, you have to keep on lying to support it - even when the innocent are hurt (or worse) in the process.

(05/26/2017) Denver Decriminalizes Domestic Violence To Protect Criminal Immigrants.  Can you believe this?  Sadly, yes.  I find myself saying this multiple times a day.  

(05/25/2017) SJWs Shut Down Portland Burrito Truck, Accuse White Girls of Stealing Recipes from Mexico.  Here is more: The Sharks Are Going on Strike.   keep thinking that we cannot get more absurd, but "cultural appropriation" takes the cake.  And sadly, we probably will get more absurd.

(05/19/2017) UCLA Offers to Pay Students to Fight ‘Whiteness’, ‘Patriarchy.’  UCLA is paying several students an “undisclosed amount” to work as “Social Justice Advocates” next semester in an attempt to fight a “world that operate on whiteness, patriarchy, and heteronormativity as the primary ideologies”.  So in other words, they are paying students to fight Western Civilization.  Presumably because Western Civilization is such a scourge on the world, and other "civilizations" are so much superior.


(05/15/2017) Fake Black Lives Matter Leader Shaun King Calls Trump Commencement Speech a KKK Rally.  This is regarding Trump's commencement address at Liberty University.  If I may quote King: "Largest KKK rally in modern American history. This event is not about Christianity, but white supremacy."  Friends, this is exactly what many on the Left think of you, without a shred of evidence.  There was nothing in Trump's address to support King, but King just knows that we are all racist deplorables.

(05/14/2017) 'Liberal studies' professor writes that squirrels are victims of 'racist' media bias.  Taxpayers are paying for nonsense like this.

(05/12/2017) Targeted Duke Professor Resigns.  Administrative witch hunt drives out respected scholar.  The tolerant Left isn't content with getting those that disagree to shut up, you must be punished as well.  We certainly are seeing a rise in fascism in America, but it isn't coming from Trump.

(05/12/2017) To Tackle ‘White Privilege’ Seattle Mayor Proposes Soda Tax Including Diet Drinks.  Remember the "theater of the absurd?"  We are living in it.

(05/11/2017) The Great St. Olaf College Racism Hoax of 2017.  As a St. Olaf grad, my wife is sorry to see that St. Olaf is just as bad as so many other colleges and universities.  We all know that most college students are not sufficiently mature to make wise decisions.  But isn't that why they are going to college - to grow in maturity and wisdom?  It appears that many / most of our colleges have faculty and administrations made up of people who themselves have never grown in maturity and wisdom.  Such colleges graduate students who have regressed in these areas over their college years.  Sad.  And horribly bad for our nation.

(05/09/2017) Teaching Racism in K-12 Classrooms.  Leftist educators are corrupting the young.  Unless parents decide to rise up and fight back, this is only going to get worse. 

(05/09/2017) Biracial UT pageant winner slammed as 'not black enough' on Twitter.  This begs the question: why have "black only" events?  We've had black Miss Americas, black homecoming queens, etc.  Blacks are no longer excluded from participating in anything so there is no rationale for having black only events (or black only dorms, etc.)  The current trend in black self-segregation is very troubling and is beneficial for neither blacks nor anyone else.  College administrators need to grow a spine.

(05/03/2017) ADL Declares the ‘OK’ Gesture ‘Not a Hate Symbol’ Following Hit Piece From The Independent.  Can you believe that the OK hand sign was deemed a "white supremacy" hand signal?  I guess it is possible to believe almost anything these days.  The art of satire is dying because you can't tell the difference between satire and reality.

(04/21/2017) Worse Than Racists.  Leftist embrace segregation and racist stereotypes in the name of "progress."  Walter Williams on a roll.

(04/20/2017) Maine Democrats Laugh About Rising Suicide Rates Among White Males.  Well, white males are more likely to vote GOP, after all.

(04/20/2017) Student rep resigns; cites 'hostile environment' of white males.  Victimhood is all the rage, but it is sad and pathetic.  Our pastor has something to say on this; he has a sign over his office door: "Thou shalt not whine."

(04/18/2017) Will Liberals Stand for the ‘Right’ to Plantation Weddings?  It is pretty clear that it is OK for progressives t refuse service based on their progressive feelings, but it isn't OK if it is based on Christianity.

(04/15/2017) Alt-Left Insanity: Steal The Vote From White Men, Then Steal Their Stuff.  The author is not exaggerating.  What is tragic is that many on the Left actually take this stuff seriously. Update: It turns out this article was a hoax, but the editors did not know it and they accepted it.  They got the writer fired from his job, but they kept their jobs, naturally.

(04/14/2017) Why Doesn't College Work for Blacks?  Black college grads do not do nearly as well as others.  Some may have to do with one's choice of major, but possibly the biggest reason is family structure.  Most problems in America today boil down to the "social issues."  Yet we are told over and over again to not be distracted by them.

(04/12/2017) Cowboys Star Dez Bryant tells Black Community to Stop Blaming “White People.”  How refreshing.  As long as doing well in school is decried as "acting white," then blacks, as a group, will continue to fail and it has nothing to do with racism - except possibly black on white racism.  


(04/05/2017) Skittles Accused of Racism After Changing Packaging to Promote LGBT Rights.  The Left keeps changing their rules.  It is hard to know just what set of rules to follow and still be a good Leftist.


(04/03/2017) Anti-Trump “March for Science” Protest Has Problems w/ Bill Nye Because He’s a White Guy.  I have plenty of problems with Bill Nye, but being white isn't on the list.  Besides, isn't race just becoming another social construct?  But at least this makes one thing perfectly clear: this march has nothing to do with science.


(03/30/2017) Pulling Your Hair Back with Bobby Pins a Certain Way Deemed ‘Cultural Appropriation.’  It seems that our era should be named "The Death of Common Sense."  Or rather, the death of any sense whatsoever.


(03/30/2017) Campus 'Diversity Council' posts fake racist flyers as part of 'invisible theater.'  Just who are the real racists out there? 


(03/22/2017) Not a Joke: ‘Milk Has Now Become a Symbol of Racial Superiority for White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis.’  No wonder students and others are unable to work hard and take personal responsibility - they are too busy spending their time coming up with nonsense like this.


(03/13/2017) Throw Away Your Hoop Earrings! Cultural Appropriation Police Strike Again.  All cultures should be proud when elements of their culture are "appropriated" by others.  It makes me wonder if this "cultural appropriate" nonsense is intended primarily as an excuse to NOT "appropriate" the key elements for a successful life from other cultures - hard work in school and on the job, treating others with respect, etc.


(03/10/2017) George Washington U. Teaches That Only Whites Can Be Racist.  Simply redefine "racist" and pretend the new definition is valid - sort of how they redefined marriage.  This is just more proof positive that colleges and universities may have a net negative effect on our society. 


(03/07/2017) Students Declare Howard University a 'Trump Plantation' After DeVos Visit.  Really?  How, exactly, is the new version of separation of the races different from the old?  And how well is it working out?  To some extent, we are being told (though not in these words) that "black culture" and "white culture" are incompatible.  There is much more that can be said, but suffice it to say that we are heading in the wrong direction.


(02/25/2017) Not So Fast, UN: The US Owes No 'Reparations' to Blacks.  Just another reason to dump the UN.  Can you imagine where this kind of nonsense leads?  There is probably no end of people who would like to get a free ride because their ancestors suffered, rather than look to the future and do what it takes to be successful. 


(02/13/2017) Dem Strategist Jamal Simmons: Trump’s ‘America First’ Is Really ‘White America First.’  I actually believe that it is "those with traditional American values such as hard work, etc." first.  The problem is that far too many in this country are not only takers rather than makers, but we are actually teaching people that being a maker is bad: "You didn't build that."


(02/12/2017) It will be interesting to see whether political discourse improves in America, after 8 years of gradual degradation.  The short term prospects are not good.  The problems are coming from the Left, though they seem to be blaming everything on the mere existence of the Right - along with the fact that they lost the last election.  The following stories indicate just how low we have sunk.  Black Lives Matter Leader: White People Are ‘Sub-Human’, Blacks Can Kill All Whites If They Had The Power To.  Bear in mind that the story is from Canada, which most Americans consider to be "virtually" America.  And then there is this: Hollywood Elite Meryl Streep Compares Trump Supporters to Nazi Brownshirts – Complains About Being Targeted as Audience Cheers Her Wildly.  Note that for a long time, celebrities have felt that people disagreeing with their pronouncements is a violation of their First Amendment rights. 


(02/05/2017) Sociology Professor: Whites Should Set Up “Individual Reparations Accounts.”  Today, far too many are focused on getting a free lunch.  But they fail to realize that TANSTAAFL.


(01/30/2017) BLM Anti-Trump Protest in Seattle: ‘We Need To Start Killing People.’  Why is it that whenever anyone on the Right says anything deemed outrageous, it is demanded of all GOP politicians that they disavow it.  The same cannot be said for outrageous, over-the-top and even criminal statements by those on the Left.


(01/28/2017) Princeton Freshman: They’re Training Us To Hate Each Other.  They certainly are.  Progressives - who dominate academia, the media and entertainment - have apparently determined that race / class / religion trump (if you'll pardon the expression) the content of our character.  Sad, pathetic really.  But it looks like the times, they are a-changin'.


(01/13/2017) Sen. Tim Scott Destroys Twitter User Who Called Him the N-Word.  Well, Scott has a lot of class - and a great sense of humor.  And just who are the bigots?  I keep being told it is the conservatives, and yet ....


(01/12/2017) Police Charge Student For Threat Made At Arundel High School.  Another hoax, namely a black teen sending threats from the "KKK."  When are people going to get into their heads that if you have to make up hate crimes, things really are pretty good. 


(01/09/2017) A Window Into a Depraved Culture: The Chicago torture video provides a close-up look at gang-centered criminal mayhem.  The big question is this: should everyone be held to the same standards of behavior or not?  This doesn't just involve the criminal justice system, but everyday personal interactions as well.


(01/07/2017) If You Listen to Liberals, Why Not Kidnap and Torture White People?  It is a valid question.  After all, the Left demonizes all who disagree with them, calling them deplorables.  Their focus is on whites.  They are evil, horrible people - unless they are progressives and denounce their own "whiteness."  Are we not justified in doing horrible things to horrible people?  By the way, President Obama thinks race relations have improved under his watch.  Does anyone agree?


(01/05/2017) Vicious Hate Crime in Chicago Whitewashed by Press.  The fact is, most hate crimes 'committed' by those on the right turn out to be hoaxes, and those committed by the other side are downplayed as is the case here.  Here is more: Broadcast networks refuse to cover anti-Trump, anti-white torture incident in Chicago


(01/02/2017) Former Obama Aide: Trump ‘Very Reminiscent of Cross-Burning on Your Lawn, KKK.’  There are several problems with this.  First, it simply is not true.  But more dangerous, if you really think it is true, then you can self-justify all sorts of actions against such people.  No wonder we have not had "racial healing" in the last 8 years - quite the contrary - and it looks like the same crowd is going to do their best to see that things don't get better.  Hopefully, they will fail.


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