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Race Relations

Jul-Sep 2016

(09/30/2016) Massachusetts Supremes Give Blacks Green Light to Flee Cops.  'Motivated by the desire to avoid the recurring indignity of being racially profiled.'  If we really want to put the whole race business behind us, the first step is to stop all distinctions based on race.  Sadly, far too many politicians, activists and others have no interest in putting the whole race business behind us.  Quite the opposite.

(09/28/2016) Reed College Students Stage Walkout in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter.  Sigh.  I thought that one of the purposes of college was to help turn children into responsible, mature, thinking adults.  As far as I can tell, college these days is causing them to regress.

(09/26/2016) BLM flag flying alongside American flag at University of Vermont.  Although this display is certainly disrespecting the US flag, the fundamental problem is the BLM is based on a lie, and the even bigger problem is that the MSM knows (or should know) the facts (that blacks are not killed by police out of proportion) and yet promotes the lie that black are killed by police simply because they are black.  In short, the MSM and many politicians are very willing to do severe damage to their country for political gain.

(09/23/2016) Why Political Correctness Is Political Cowardice.  A majority of Americans oppose progressives’ agenda on race and identity.  Why aren’t they speaking out?  This is the big question.  Why aren't we speaking out?

(09/21/2016) Media calls Charlotte riot a 'protest.'  Of course.  People might get the "wrong" idea otherwise.  But just as with Islamic terrorism, if you refuse to identify a problem and paper over bad behavior, you won't slove the problem and you will be more bad behavior.  And note that Hillary implicitly blames ‘white people’ for police shootings even though the policeman in Charlotte was black.

(09/19/2016) The 5 Top Issues Facing Black Americans.  This is a short Prager U video well worth your time.  Hint: "oppression" doesn't make the list, but sensible Americans will not only agree with the list, but will recognize that while most of the solutions lie within the black community itself, there is much that can be done (or rather undone) policy-wise to make things better.

(09/18/2016) Bill Clinton suggests Trump slogan racist – but he used the same one.  The reason is simple.  Conservatives are racist, liberals are not.  So when conservatives say something, it is racist, when liberals say the same thing, it is not.  It is really quite simple.

(09/18/2016) WaPo Publishes Disgusting Racist Diatribe by Black ‘Poet.’  If the races were reversed, they’d never do that.  No, they wouldn't.  But it isn't so much a double standard.  It is simply that the Post (and others) have a much lower standard when it comes to publishing opinion pieces by minorities.  And sadly, it does not make said minorities look good.  Addressing this article, does this man think that blacks would be better off if they segregated themselves into black communities run by black leaders?  Oh, they already do in many of our cities.  How is that working out?  Blacks need to become mainstream, so to speak.  Those that do are doing quite well, thank you.

(09/15/2016) Claims That Trump's Voters Are Racists Are BS.  Here's Why.  I will put it all in a nutshell.  Liberals see and interpret people and human nature as they wish things were, not as they actually are.  To liberals, blacks can be neither less intelligent, nor less hard-working nor more prone to criminal violence, and it is therefore racist to think anything else.


(09/06/2016) Michael Eric Dyson: Trump slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ Is Racist.  To many on the Left, all conservatives, by definition, are racist (and lots of other things as well) so naturally everything they say is racist as well.  Liberals, by contrast, are never racist, so nothing they say can be racist. 

(09/06/2016) The NAACP is about teachers' unions, not black children.  This is generally the case with many if not most special interest groups.  Initially they are relatively true to their cause, but over the long haul money and power take over and that becomes the primary objective, albeit under the veneer of the original cause.  They are sort of like government programs - starting off with the best of intentions, devolving into a money pit supplying more and more bureaucrats with cushy jobs, accomplishing little of benefit, often much of harm.

(09/04/2016) White House: Trump Would “Tear Down” Obama’s “Progress” in Black Community.  And just exactly what would that "progress" be?

(09/01/2016) Are the police racist?  A Google search will find all sorts of articles both pro and con.  But why not stick with the facts?  That is exactly what this Prager U video does.  Sadly, to many the "narrative" is far more important than the facts, even when that narrative does far more harm than good.

(08/31/2016) The cowardice of Colin Kaepernick.  The problems in the inner city black communities have little to do with racist police and much to do with black criminality and the sorry state of the black family.  Those who point this out receive little news coverage and what little they receive tends to be negative.  The MSM is much more comfortable pushing the meme promoted by BLM and Kaepernick.  A note to BLM and Kaepernick - if you want to improve race relations in America, the best way to do it is NOT by calling million of non-racists "racist."  But then, I don't think that either improving the lives of black or improving race relations is high on their agenda.

(08/31/2016) Omaha Teachers Taught to Incorporate Black Lives Matters into Lesson Plans.  What is so bad isn't the fact that this is BLM material, but it includes such totally un-American stuff like: you can't pull yourself by your bootstraps (that is, succeed by hard work); you only can succeed because of your "privilege."  School used to be different.  When I was in first grade, we were taught, satire being above our pay grade, that HMS Pinafore's "When I Was a Lad" was about succeeding through hard work (first verse only).  Now some want to teach kids that success is through "privilege" and luck.

(08/29/2016) A Tale of Two Conferences.  I shed a tear or two reading this.  We think of many of our inner cities as crime-ridden hellholes, and so they are.  But there are a lot of good people living in those places and we are doing little to help them; quite the contrary, we (government, at least) seem to be doing our best to make life worse for them.

(08/25/2016) How This University is Taking on White Privilege.  The fact is that the great bulk of our education system is indoctrinating our children in progressive values.  And we are doing very little about it.  If you are a college grad, check what your alma mater is doing before donating.  Attend school board meetings, or even run for the board.  Make your views known, don't just grumble.  Update: But here is some good news - University of Chicago rolls out alarming message to “safe space” advocates.

(08/23/2016) Are the police racist?  While there are bound to be some racist cops, the statistics show that overall, police are not racist at all.  The people pushing the "cops are racist" line (and this includes much of the Democrat party and the MSM) are pushing a meme that is not only false, but very damaging to our country.  And ironically, it is most damaging to the very people that they claim to want to help.  But alas, political power is far more important to these people than anything else.

(08/21/2016) Liberal Pundit Doesn’t Think Violence Against Whites Should be Called a “Hate Crime.”  The hypocrisy is striking here.  But should anything be labeled a "hate crime?"  A crime is a crime and should be punished accordingly.  Tacking on extra punishment based on thoughts - or supposed thoughts - is Orwelliam.  It means that we are literally punishing thought crimes.  And who determines what thoughts are punishable and which are not?

(08/21/2016) Florida prof. penalizes students for using term ‘melting pot,’ claims racism.  "Melting Pot" in America has never meant that we all become alike.  What it does mean is that no matter what our background, we become Americans and as a result we share a certain set of values.  Since Lincoln expressed so well what it means to be an American, perhaps our professor should read "The eternal meaning of Independence Day", which we have permanently link to on our America's Foundation page.

(08/19/2016) Thoughts from the ammo line.  Ammo Grrrll is on a roll.  If I may summarize: if all white racism in America suddenly disappeared tomorrow, absolutely nothing would change in the black community. 

(08/18/2016) If you are wondering just why race relations seem so bad in America today, perhaps you will receive some enlightenment from this article: Mother Loses Her Mind When a 'Racist' White Teacher Touches Her Daughter's Hair. If that doesn't do the trick, perhaps this will: Seattle Offers ‘White Fragility’ Class to Explain White Guilt.  

(08/18/2016) Forget Milwaukee: Cedar Rapids Had Much Better Black Mob Violence and Denial.  Forget being tactful here.  Blacks are their own worst enemy and are doing their best to make life worse for all concerned - and not just for other blacks.  I know these rioters and flash mobbers and plain old criminals are just a minority.  But the others need to rise up and take a stand.  As long as blacks vote monolithically and make excuses for their failures, nothing will change except for the worse.

(08/17/2016) U of Oregon May Meet BLM Demand To Rename Buildings.  They were named after racist, KKK types supposedly.  If the nation follows this lead, half the buildings in West Virginia will have to be renamed.  On a serious note, this is just more of the Left's ongoing effort to re-write history.  And they are succeeding.

(08/16/2016) Another implausible Black Lives Matter martyr.  I've posted on this case before, but this is a good summary and analysis.  Is it unfair of me to think that in some segments of the black community, criminal and antisocial behavior is deemed totally acceptable?

(08/16/2016) Debate flares after black college students seek a non-white roommate.  Personally, I couldn't care less, but can you imagine the outrage if someone had advertised for a white roommate?


(08/15/2016) Media coverage of Milwaukee riots takes a detour.  Rather that focus like a laser on just which party is running Milwaukee, the MSM feels it necessary to dig in to the politics of Milwaukee County (not the city) Sheriff David Clarke, who supports Trump.  Naturally, where there are riots, Trump's name must be brought into the story.  Who cares about the party of those actually running the show in Milwaukee?


(08/15/2016) Trump racist? Hillary, Bill used slurs, profiling.  One always has to take with a grain of salt the testimony of someone who has a book to sell.  But I can say from my own experience growing up in a university town in the South during the 60's that there are a lot of liberals who talk a good talk, but whose own lives reflect a rather different, more contemptuous attitude when it comes to race.

(08/14/2016) Milwaukee riot a textbook example of the fruits of racial agitation.  When we hold different groups to different standards of behavior, this is what we get.


(08/13/2016) Al Sharpton Argues 2nd Amendment is for “White People.”  Harriet Tubman would disagree.  But the broader issue is why do people on the Left bring race into every issue?  I thought the goal was to move beyond race, to treat everyone alike.  I guess I was wrong.

(08/13/2016) BET Reporter At #RNCinCle Says Blacks Need Special Consideration To Succeed.  Why?  Doesn't she realize that what she is saying is truly racist?


(08/12/2016) Ammo Grrrll dares to ask: SO, EXACTLY WHO IS BIGOTED?  No, it is not only whites that can be bigoted.  In fact, a good case can be made that whites are considerably less bigoted than some segments of the population.  And it strikes me that those areas of society where the Left holds sway - education, entertainment and the MSM - are working hard to exacerbate racial tensions. 

(08/12/2016) Justice Department alleges racial discrimination by Baltimore police, Part Two.  Methinks there are racial politics at work here.  The President, the DOJ and others are pushing the meme that blacks should not be arrested (or jailed) out of proportion to the population.  The headlong flight from reality by the "reality-based" party continues.  Update: The DOJ’s Baltimore Police Report Contributes to a Hostile Environment for Law Enforcement.   

(08/12/2016) Systemic Racism: Public College Now Offering “Blacks Only” Classes!  For some time, many blacks have self-segregated at colleges, but now the authorities are cooperating with all black dorms, all black clubs and now all black classes.  This is not a good thing.  It is probably illegal as well, but colleges don't care and the DOJ would not lift a finger anyway.

(08/08/2016) Now, School Dress Codes are Racist.  This is just a paper written by a graduate student, but it does indicate the state of academia these days.  Apparently dressing modestly and neatly is a "white thing."  The fact that you are much more likely to get and hold a job if you dress this way is irrelevant.  Why in the world would people want to get and hold jobs?

(08/07/2016) Clinton says voter ID laws worst voter 'suppression' since 'Jim Crow.'  So making sure that valid voters don't have their votes cancelled by fraudulent voters is like "Jim Crow," a Democrat institution by the way.  Can anyone say "hyperbole?"


(08/05/2016) Government says Wearing “Don’t Tread on Me” insignia might be unlawful racial harassment.  It is pretty clear that the government is perfectly willing to stomp all over the First Amendment.  The Gadsden flag is all about standing up to oppressive government, and our government is doing its level best to prove that it is, in fact, oppressive.  And it is just one of those remarkable coincidences that the Gadsden flag is the symbol most associated with the Tea Party.  Update: If you feel inclined to push back, here is a good source for Gadsden flag gear.  And naturally Amazon has stuff as well.

(08/02/2016) Are Voter ID Laws Racist?  Actually, the logic used to overturn voter ID laws is what is racist, namely that certain races are less capable of acquiring an ID card (which the great majority of people already have).  And why is it worse to run a very slight risk that an eligible voter might not be able to vote than to have many ineligible voters offset legitimate votes?  Why do the Democrats oppose fighting voter fraud?  Because they benefit.  Living for many years near Philadelphia, the news was the same every election - multiple precincts voted 100% Democrat, with more votes than registered voters; voting machines with a significant vote count for the Democrats before the polls opened, etc.  Of course no one was ever charged with fraud - the officials were doing it.  But fraud there was.

(07/30/2016) ‘Kill More Cops’ Graffiti Mural Appears on Major L.A. Freeway.  Sigh.

(07/29/2016) Federal Racial Discipline Quotas Create Chaos In St. Paul Schools.  A lot of stuff like this is flying under the radar.  Since the initial effects are limited to a few localities, we are blissfully unaware that a serious effort is being made to implement these policies nationwide.  The fact that St. Paul parents are fighting back will not deter those pushing for these policies nationwide.  What policies?  Read it and weep.

(07/27/2016) The Scientific Method Is Racist.  Seriously.  The Democrats claim to be the "party of science," yet apparently that only means science that confirms the progressive narrative.  Certainly Democrats are working hard to ignore or rationalize biology and genetics, which rarely conform to that narrative.

(07/27/2016) The Associated Press Plays the Race Card.  I actually was on the front lines back in the 60's during the battle for Civil Rights.  I marched, donated money, attended meetings, even wrote a letter to the editor.  All as a youth.  I was also the plaintiff in the lawsuit to desegregate our county schools.  My parents were concerned about physical violence as a result, but nothing happened - desegregation went smoothly.  But these days, according to the Left, I am nothing but a racist.

(07/27/2016) Judge blocks Michigan law that kills straight party tickets out of concern for black voters.   Apparently blacks are not as capable of doing something that everyone else is capable of.  That is what the judge is saying, though he cloaks it in disparate impact language.  That makes him a racist.  The alternate interpretation, equally likely and no less outrageous, is that blacks will be less likely to vote a straight Democrat ticket if they can't do it with a single punch.  That makes the judge a partisan Democrat party hack.


(07/23/2016) Black Pastor: If Black Lives Matter, Why are More Blacks Killed by Abortion Than by the Police?  Actually, a black is more than 20 times more likely to die at the hands of other blacks that they are from police.  Black lives do matter and until we start doing something about the rampant crime and absentee fathers, it is not going to get any better. 

(07/23/2016)  ‘Reparations’ website asks white people to pay black people’s rent — and more — to relieve guilt.  Would it be bad of me to not feel personally guilty above slavery?

(07/22/2016) Radicals seek 'blacks-only' nation in South - 5 American states where government 'can no longer maintain control.'  Gee, I wonder how that would turn out.  Does he want the remaining 45 states to be white-only?


(07/21/2016) Texas loses: Justice Don Willett weighs in after appeals court finds voter ID law racist.  Hmm.  What is racist is people claiming that when it comes to getting a voter ID, blacks are less capable than others.  The Texas law allows a number of different IDs to be used, and if you don't already have an acceptable one, they make it easy to get one.

(07/21/2016) This University is Calling for “Sensitivity and Bias Training” for Police.  I rather think that academics who do studies and propose such things should first go out with police on their patrols and have a little law enforcement training.

(07/20/2016) 5 Things President Obama Needs To Say About Black Crime But Won’t.  I don't see how anyone could disagree with any of these 5 statements.  And yet ....

(07/19/2016) Black Republican Tells RNC: 'Safe Neighborhoods Happen When Fathers and Mothers Are at Home.'  Of course the 'black Republican' is, for those of us in Colorado Springs, our own Darryl Glenn, candidate for Senate.

(07/19/2016)  Obama to police: Confess.  Well, we've managed to get some (liberal) people to get up and confess to their racism and "white privilege," so why not have some police do the same.  We can call them "show trials."

(07/18/2016) Three easy ways Obama could stop doing harm.  This is regard to race relations.  But alas, the president seems determined to make things worse instead: The fire this time.  

(07/17/2016)  You can stay more current on the police shooting in Baton Rouge by visiting news sites.  But check this out for one response to the shootings: Think Progress editor instructed to delete his account after atrocious tweet on police killings.  

(07/17/2016) When a newspaper apologizes for publishing an accurate headline.  Why does this remind me of Soviet show trials?

(07/16/2016) We Have a ‘War on Cops’ because of the War on the Family.  We really need to counterattack.  The family is worth not merely saving, but strengthening.  But for years we have been doing the opposite.

(07/15/2016) ESPN: the worldwide leader in bulls**t.  The sports network seems to thing promoting left-wing ideology is part of their mandate.  I didn't realize just how bad they have become since I stopped watching them on TV and visiting them on the web.  Do they have any idea how painful it is to hear sports commentators spouting off on politics?

(07/15/2016) We have been hearing it said how tragic it is that black parents have to give their kids “The talk,” namely telling their kids how to behave if stopped by police.  As a white person, my parents gave me such a talk and I have done the same with all my kids.  Looking at the evidence, it seems to me that black parents (sadly it is more likely to be parent - singular) are less likely to give their kids "the talk" than other parents.  Perhaps rather than complaining about the need to give the talk, we should be encouraging all people to give it.

(07/14/2016) How Obama Has Divided America.  Is this what we were dreaming of when we elected our first black president?

(07/14/2016) Double standard: 'I hate white people.'  There may be a double standard, but the fact is there should be no such thing as a 'hate crime.'  We have gone Orwellian.  You should be punished based solely on what you did, not based on what you thought or might have thought.

(07/12/2016) Police Walk Off Job After WNBA Team Dons Black Lives Matter Gear.  I can't say that I blame them.

(07/12/2016) Baltimore descends into chaos thanks to city’s failure to back the police.  Law abiding citizens in inner city black communities need to come to the realization that the police are their friends, not their enemies.

(07/11/2016) BLM Protesters come across #BlueLivesMatter Protesters in Dallas. No shouts. No fights. Just this…  And "this" is the way it should be.


(07/11/2016) Obama and company decline to speak honestly about Dallas.  I have reached the point where I question whether Obama and company speak honestly about anything.

(07/11/2016)  St. Paul Police: 21 officers injured overnight, interstate closed.  If you don't think the MSM influences people (in the wrong way), consider that they are calling these BLM protests "mostly peaceful" while they labeled Tea Party protests angry and violent - or always on the verge of violent.  A lot of people believe this narrative, as false as it may be.  When you injure 21 police it is not a protest, it is a riot.  Here is some commentary that makes this clear: Rioters Injure 21 Policemen In St. Paul.   

(07/10/2016) An Ex-Cop Organized a Black Lives Matter Protest — and Protestors Got More Than They Bargained For.  Basically he told them that if you are black and you care about black lives (including your own), here is what you need to do.  And he nailed it.  Too bad our 'leaders' care more about maintaining racial division for partisan purposes than they do about genuine racial healing.


(07/10/2016) Donna Brazile reminds ABC to ‘add peaceful protests’ as demonstrators injure police with fireworks.  Rallies and protests by those on the Left are typically described as "mostly peaceful," which means they were not peaceful.  Remember Tea Party rallies.  The danger of violence was always emphasized by the MSM, yet the only violence was union thugs attacking Tea Partiers.  The narrative, always the narrative ( I'm thinking of the "dignity, always dignity" line from Singing in the Rain).

(07/10/2016) Are Blacks Disproportionately Involved In Police Shootings?  The answer is no, relative to their share of interactions with police.  A decent case can be made that those that cry "racism" at every police shooting of a black man have blood on their hands.  And they distract, deliberately I believe, from the very real problem of blacks killing blacks in the inner cities.  But hey, it helps promote the progressive narrative so it must be OK.

(07/09/2016) Black Lives Matter launches 'Weekend of Rage.' Hillary to whites: 'We're the ones who have to start listening.'  Actually, given the state of our inner cities (almost all run by liberal Democrats) I think Hillary has it backwards.


(07/09/2016) The Attacks in Dallas Won’t Be the Last.  Sadly, the author is correct.  And one of the primary reasons is a lack of genuine leadership from the top.

(07/09/2016) Why Isn’t The Media Condemning All the People Supporting the Dallas Shooter?  The answer is obvious - it doesn't fit the narrative.  The narrative is that the threat of violence primarily comes from conservative Christians, Tea Partiers and the NRA.  All other violence comes from helpless victims who have fallen prey to our clever manipulations.


(07/08/2016) All Lives Matter!   


(07/08/2016) Twitter Takes No Action As Calls For Cop-Killing Sweep Platform.  You would think, or at least hope, that Dallas would bring Americans together.  Apparently not.  Here is more: SICK: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Supporters Celebrate Murder of Dallas Cops. 

(07/08/2016) Dallas Police Massacre: BLM demonstrators got what they called for.  Not all, of course, but when you allow signs at your rallies advocating the assassination of police, you have to accept some responsibility.

(07/07/2016) Study: Cops kill more whites than blacks, but minority deaths generate more coverage.  Naturally.  Cops killing whites does not fit the narrative.

(07/07/2016) EDITORIAL: That 'racist' Summit in Denver.  The point?  It wasn't racist at all, but naturally the Left goes for ad hominem rather than debate.

(07/03/2016) When Actors Hate Racist America.  James Baldwin, the black playwright, said that he could tell whether a white person was a racist by saying something really stupid to them.  If they praised what he said rather than criticized it, they were racist.  An awful lot of people who accuse others of racism are proving themselves to be the real racists.  Jesse William's remarks at the BET awards were praised to the heavens, yet they are nothing but incoherent ramblings.  Only people who do not believe blacks are capable of intelligent speech could rationally praise what he had to say.  We used to call racist those who thought blacks to be inferior.  Now we call them commentators, academics and progressives.

(07/02/2016) Elite NYC K-8 School Teaches White Children They’re “Born Racist.”  So rather than being taught good character, hard work and all those value that made America great, we have many who are doing their 'best' to teach the opposite. 

(07/01/2016) #BlackLivesMatter Activist Lands $165K Job With Baltimore Schools.  And what are his qualifications?  This is just another example of what is wrong with government these days and a great example of why government needs to be smaller and limited.

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