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Race Relations

Jan-Jun 2016

(06/19/2016)  Christian Church: All White People Are Racist, No Exceptions.  It isn't clear to me that the UCC actually endorses this. 

(06/09/2016)  University of Iowa diversity official says hate-crime hoaxer deserves 'empathy.'  By my reckoning, there are far more hate crime hoaxes than there are actual hate crimes.  Draw your own conclusions.

(06/03/2016)  White Professor Denies Existence of Racism on Campus – Gets Fired!  Well, there is certainly anti-white racism going on, so she was probably wrong to say racism on campus does not exist.

(05/31/2016)  The Racist Trees of Our National Parks.  Because, ....  You'll have to read it to find out. 

(04/22/2016)  Race activists: 'White Privilege Conference' too white.  You can't make this stuff up.


(04/18/2016)  White Privilege Activist at White Privilege Conference: Everything Bad Comes from Christianity.  Of course.


(04/18/2016)  Harvard University continues towards political correctness with racial-pandering…  I think we can all agree that slavery was a bad thing.  But what, exactly is the point here?  'Pander' is probably the right term, though I don't consider this a big deal.

(04/18/2016)  Sotomayor Hits SCOTUS Lack of Diversity After Obama Nominates White Male.  Sigh.  There are some areas where we need less diversity.  I'm not talking sex and race here.  We currently have at least 5 members of the SCOTUS that think their personal opinions carry more weight than the US Constitution.  Not all diversity is good.  Update (04/19/2016): Sonia Sotomayor wants Religious Litmus Test! 

(04/12/2016)  1,000 High Schoolers Refuse to Attend Mandatory Racial Identity Seminars.  From back in Jan, but still relevant.

(04/09/2016)  Middle School Students Forced to Fill Out 'Privilege' Form.  This was an individual teacher (Spanish) who has been disciplined.

(03/16/2016)  UAlbany Professor: Hate Crime Hoax Okay Because It Creates Dialogue.  Wow.  So basically lying and cheating are OK as long as it promotes the progressive agenda.  Nice to know.

(03/16/2016)  Top Air Force gen.: Too many elite pilots are white. Famous Thunderbirds 'lacking in diversity.'

(03/04/2016)  School Districts Spend Millions to Train Teachers about “White Privilege.” 

(03/04/2016)  BLM visits Mizzou, says supporting Constitution is white supremacy.  Can I say 'natch' again?

(03/01/216)  Black Lives Matter slams public library’s ban on blacks-only meetings as racist.  It seems like the BLM crowd is about as self-aware as the college students who shout down speakers they don't like by chanting 'This is what democracy looks like.'

(02/15/2015)  Black Princeton Professor Goes Off On Social Media Following Her Arrest.  However, everything was according to standard procedure and she (the professor) somewhat misrepresented the whole incident.  Some people are so desperate to confirm their worldview - in this case that police are racist - that their lens to the world totally distorts what they see.  However, she is getting no sympathy in the thousands of comments on the article.


(01/28/2016)   Long Live the King.  Some thoughts about MLK and just vs unjust law.  In brief, for Christians, an unjust law would be one that is out of harmony with moral law - that is, with God's Word. 

(01/25/2016)   Black Students Now Demanding Segregation from Their White Peers.  I am a fan of free association - the right to associate with people you choose to associate with - but we seem to have evolved to the point where some forms of free association are officially condoned while others are officially condemned. 

(01/15/2016)   Was Cedrick Chatman a Threat? New Video Suggests Another Questionable Chicago Police Shooting.  Several highly publicized police shooting seem entirely justified.  But definitely not all of them.

actually improve those relations.

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