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Race Relations

Oct-Dec 2015

(12/31/2015)   No comment necessary:  Whites, Asians need not apply for faculty job at University of Louisville. 

(12/29/2015)  D.C. NPR Family Another Victim of Black Violence and Denial.  Well, you cannot address a problem until you admit you have a problem.   Would it be fair of me to say that those on the Left don't want to admit to the problem, not because they want to do what is best for the black community, but because they cannot bring themselves to admit that it is their own policies that have contributed to the disaster that the black community in our major cities (and elsewhere) has become?

(12/28/2015)  America's Newest Christmas Tradition: Black Mob Violence at Malls.  Well, I don't think it is restricted to Christmas.  Eric Holder said we were a 'nation of cowards' for not openly discussing race issues.  He was certainly correct, but not in the way he intended.  For fear of being called racist, we refuse to talk about the social pathologies of black society in America, particularly in our inner cities where the notion of a stable family structure simply does not exist.  We refuse to see the problem or to talk about it or to do anything about it.

(12/23/2015)   The Busybody Left.  This Thomas Sowell column covers a topic most people know nothing about: the federal government's attempt to force neighborhoods to have the 'correct' racial mix.

(12/23/2015)  College Students Sign ‘Petition’ to Ban ‘White Christmas’ Because It’s Racist.  College students are willing to repeal the First Amendment, so why not White Christmas?

(12/23/2015)   New FBI Study Proves Liberal Narrative on Racism and Islam WRONG!.  In short, there are far fewer 'hate crimes' against Muslims in America than there are against Jews.

(11/28/2015)   The Curious Case of Black Advocates and MSM Hatred for Dr. Ben Carson.  It is more sad than curious that these days it seems that more people want to play the victim rather than look to and be inspired by positive role models.


(11/27/2015)   University Holds “White Privilege” Retreat for Students who “Self-Identify as White”!  Why would anyone have concerns about the direction our universities are heading?


(11/27/2015)  Watch an SJW Attack in Real-Time After Jared Leto Forgot to Mention #BlackLivesMatter.  The Left seems to be eating its own.

(11/19/2015)  The National Reparations Conference -- an Event to be Missed.  Some demands these days are so nonsensical that it is embarassing to even contemplate the need to rebut them.

(11/17/2015)   Black Lives Matter protesters live down to their reputation.  I always thought that the rule was if you want to be treated with respect you needed to treat others with respect.  With the recent discovery of 'white privilege', it turns out this approach is no longer deemed necessary. 


(11/16/2015)  Black student group vows bloodshed over Constitution.  'White America' told nation 'will get the bullet.'  It also appears that black activists are demanding segregation - not that they think of it this way.  And then there is this: Mizzou student VP: First Amendment creates ‘hostile and unsafe learning environment.’  As they say, you can't make this stuff up.  To end on a positive note, there is someone out there with some good sense: Protests Cost Missouri a Top Football Recruit – “Their Campus Is Out of Control”

(10/31/2015)  Black man arrested for setting fires at 6 St. Louis-area black churches.  It is always easy to jump to conclusions concerning events such as these, especially if those conclusions conform to your worldview.  But if we consistently jump to conclusions that turn out to be false, should we not learn from this and adjust our worldview accordingly?  Here is another article on the subject

(10/29/2015)   The Left's Ugly Hatred of Ben Carson.  The Left believes that one's race defines what you should think, unless you happen to be white.  Talk about being racist!

(10/22/2015)   Why aren’t there more black scientists?  The answer may surprise you, although Thomas Sowell has been pointing this out for years. 

(10/22/2015)  Black Lives Matter 'guest lecturer' at Yale defends looting.   This is what you get when you deny the existence of any kind of standard or truth.  The truth really will set you free - free from rationalizing the irrational, defending the indefensible.  If you aren't already, become a disciple of Jesus and experience true freedom.

(10/13/2015)  Course at Portland State U. seeks to ‘make whiteness strange.’  People acutally pay for stuff like this?  Exactly what is the purpose of an education these days?

(10/09/2015)  A column on racism from Ammo Grrrll.  This reinforces what I have thought for years - that those whose who see racism everywhere are often being racist themselves, though they simply will never admit or even realize it. 

(10/08/2015)   Media reacts to professor’s racist taunt against Ben Carson.  Which is to say, they defend the taunt or ignore it altogether.  Remember that according to the Left and the MSM, only conservatives can be racist.  If a liberal acts in a racist manner, there must be another explanation. 

(10/07/2015)   Critics blast $20M Cal-Berkeley fund for race-based scholarships, hiring.  This is clearly against California law, but since when did the Left let the law get in their way?

(10/07/2015)  The ‘Legacy of Slavery’ Is an Excuse for Social Degeneration.  Great article by Thomas Sowell and is covers more territory than the title suggests.

(10/06/2015)  Ivy League Prof Calls Ben Carson a ‘Coon.’  She has also called God a “white racist.”  I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


(10/05/2015)  The Breakdown of the Black Family.  Any attempt to address mass incarceration has to begin with an effort to tackle crime—and the social conditions linked to its rise

(10/05/2015)   The absurdity of demanding reparations for slavery

(10/04/2015)   CNN Alters Photo of Umpqua Killer Chris Harper-Mercer to Make Him Look White.  It looks like they paled his complexion (a lot), thinned his eyebrows, narrowed his nose and made his lips less prominent.  If this is, in fact, what they did, heads should roll.  But they won't.  After all, it is all in a good cause.

g to actually improve those relations.

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