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Free Speech or Not?


Oct 2020 - Dec 2020

(12/31/2020) De Blasio: ‘I Like to Say Very Bluntly: Our Mission Is to Redistribute Wealth.’  Liberals never answer the question as to why someone should work hard to generate wealth if the government is going to take it away and give it to people who refuse to work hard (or work at all!).  The underlying problem is simply this:  the Left has simply labeled as "privilege" and "luck" all those values and activities that lead to a successful life.  We have created a massive population of "victims" who, because of their status as victims, refuse to do that which leads to a better life.  It is so much easier to blame others and demand handouts.

(12/31/2020) If You Think Trump Is The Worst President Ever, You’re Either Ignorant Or Have Fallen For Media Propaganda.  I have never succeeded in getting a Trump-hater to actually provide evidence of why Trump is so terrible.  They may refer to tweets and lies (the Charlottesville hoax), but mostly it is just ad hominem with no evidence to back it up.  Now the MSM is busy ignoring all Trump's successes.  Assuming Biden takes office, it will not be long before Trump's successes (e.g. ME peace deals) will be attributed to Biden.

(12/30/2020) What’s up with Those Subpoenas in Maricopa County?  Move along, nothing to see here.

(12/18/2020) An angry, coughing Joe Biden wants you to know he's a 'legitimate' president, winning his election 'free and fair.'  Nothing like calling for unity while insulting the people that are supposed to unify and conceding them nothing. 

(12/15/2020) Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Absentee Ballot Distribution Violated State Law, Opens Door For Challenges.  The attitude of Democrats?  The law? We don't need no stinkin' law.  The problem isn't just in Wisconsin.  Michigan Judge Orders Release of Damning Forensics Report of Dominion Vote Tabulation System, Full Forensics Report. 

(12/14/2020) Warren: Biden Has a 'Moral Obligation' to Forgive Student Debt.  This is a classic example of declaring evil to be good.  Is it moral to force people who did not incur debt pay off the debt that others knowingly incurred (supposedly for their own benefit)? Of course not!  Yet here we are.  And a great many will support this and pat themselves on the back for being morally superior to those who disagree!

(12/14/2020) The Trump Administration vs. Pope Francis’ Vatican: Virtue, and Virtue-Signaling.  The big difference between Trump and politicians (I'm including the Pope) is that Trump believes in results and politicians believe in posturing.  The Trump approach has proven to be remarkably effective (see Middle East peace deals) but is a slap in the face to politicians and career bureaucrats who have a track record of nothing but failure.  This is why the "deep state" is so opposed to Trump.  Their incompetence is exposed and their cushy, high paying jobs are at risk.

(12/14/2020) Judge who tossed Michigan case a stereotypical activist judge.  One problem we conservatives have is that we sometimes think those on the Left, if only they knew better, would want unbiased judges that rule on the basis of the actual law rather than on their political beliefs.  Alas, we give them credit where no credit is due.  They want judges that rule on the basis of their politics.  Need more evidence?  Crazy Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, Jill Karofsky, Claims Trump Case Is “Racist” and Is Filed to “Overturn the Election So Your King Can Stay In Power.”  There is no way this judge should rule on anything involving Trump, directly or indirectly.  Will she recuse herself?  Of course not, she's a Leftie!

(12/12/2020)  Evidence supports Sidney Powell's claim about global election fraud.  I really don't know whether the evidence supports or merely hints.  But I do know that the total opposition of the Democrats to any investigations causes me to lean a bit more towards supporting rather than hinting.

(12/12/2020) Twitter Censors President Trump and His Campaign 325 Times, Never Censored Biden.  Can we, as a nation, survive when those who control most of the microphones and news dissemination are willing to suppress and distort and even outright lie in order to support one political party over another?  I believe that Trump clearly won if the election were fair, but it is also clear that he would have won with a massive landslide had the media (both the MSM and social media) merely been biased in favor of the Democrats rather than massively biased.  Our form of government can only work for a moral and religious people and sadly we have a near majority who apparently are neither.  But don't despair.  With God all things are possible.

(12/12/2020) With the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, NBC News needs to update its anti-Trump ‘fact check.’   Trump said we could have a vaccine before the end of the year.  The fact-checkers rated this as false because (they said) the experts disagreed.  The "experts" were wrong, yet again.  Yet many still believe we should turn our government and our very lives over to experts who supposedly know so much better than we.

(12/11/2020) Senate Republicans Can’t Be Bothered With Election Cheating.  There are some individual exceptions, but It certainly appears that collectively they aren't very concerned about election cheating on a massive scale.

(12/10/2020) Trump: Texas lawsuit 'the one everyone has been waiting for.'  The fact is, in a number of states, the Secretary of State changed the rule for holding the election.  But only the legislatures can change election law.  Needless to say, the illegal changes favored Democrats and also made fraud much, much easier.  Very likely some of that fraud was perpetrated by the very ones who made the changes.  Here is more: A Summary of the Texas Election Lawsuit.

Meanwhile: YouTube Pledges to Delete Videos Questioning Election Results. 

(12/10/2020) Media Discovers Hunter Biden Is Under Investigation.  Is anyone surprised?  Suppress the story until after the vote.

(12/08/2020) CONFIRMED: Supervisor Shaye Moss – Who “Yelled Out” for Georgia GOP Observers to Go Home – Is Same Woman Who Pulled the Suitcase Ballots Out from Underneath the Table When they Left.  What a surprise.  Yet the Governor and Secretary of State insist everything was a-OK.  Funny.  They are the ones ultimately responsible, but they also have not first-hand knowledge.  Who are you going to believe?  Them or videos and people with first hand knowledge who are willing to swear under oath?  Them, of course, if you are the media.

(12/07/2020) Apocalypse Now?  Did the Democrats steal the election?  Short answer: Yes.  Long answer: it depend on whether it is overturned or not.

(12/05/2020) Pelosi Says ‘Yes’ to Biden Plan to Order Schools to Let Transgenders Play on Girls’ Teams and Use Their Locker Rooms.  This is the nonsense that we supposedly elected to run our country.  Have we really sunk this far?

(12/05/2020) Bombshell GA video shows unsupervised counting of hidden ballots.  Given that we have hard evidence because of surveillance cameras in this case, you have to wonder how much of this kind of thing was going on when there were no cameras to capture the action.  

(12/05/2020) Unprecedented Fraud Occurred in the 2020 Election – It’s Time for the Courts to Restore Justice in the USA.  The Democrats and the media are pushing the narrative that it is damaging to our country to challenge obvious electoral fraud.  It is far more damaging to allow electoral fraud to continue unimpeded.  And I am afraid we just might find out just how damaging since, with the active assistance of the courts, the media and the Democrats are going to get their way.  I pray it turns out otherwise.

(12/05/2020) Alyssa Milano Attempts To Make Peace With Trump Supporters, But Things Don’t Go As Planned.  Milano is a big target, just like Mayor Pete.  But there are plenty of Democrats - most in fact - that are making calls for unity.  Of course, for them unity means going along with the Democrat agenda.  In any case, what if Trump is ultimately declared the winner?  I'll wager that not a single Democrat calling for unity today will continue in their call.  They will go right back to resist, resist, resist.

(12/05/2020) Daily Beast editor-at-large goes on warpath in chilling editorial directed against Trump supporters​.  Well, based on the enthusiasm of Trump supporters and the high level of fraud likely in the election, it is likely that Trump supporters make up a majority in this country.  And that just happens to be a majority that believes in the Constitution and in the ideals and ideas that this country was founded on.  So it concerns me not in the slightest that a NeverTrumper declares that we will "never forget" what Trump and his supporters did to this country, namely bringing it back towards what the founders intended it to be.

(12/03/2020)  COVER-UP: Whitmer Admin Says Dominion ‘Records Do Not Exist’  I don't know how likely it is that Dominion machines and software actually changed the vote, but the behavior of election officials and ploiticians does not give me confidence that everything is on the up and up.

(12/02/2020) The Media Stole the 2020 Election Before a Single Vote Was Cast.  It is critical for America to have a free press.  As a practical matter, our press is no longer free.  While not constrained by government, they most assuredly are constrained by groupthink.  They really do have a party line and those that stray are punished.  Don't believe it?  Just try to get a job with the MSM if you are a conservative.  And if you get it, try to keep it. We have always had a very biased press.  But there was a time (quite long ago) when the biases showed a semblance of balancing out.  That time is long gone.  I read a book published in 2011 (Left Turn by Tim Groseclose) that estimates the biased media adds 10-15% to the Democrats vote totals, nationwide.  This is not based on anecdotal evidence but by statistical analysis of available data.  Considering the blatant bias of the last few years, is it not obvious that media bias is even worse now than in 2011? A country cannot be truly free when facts and truth are deliberately withheld and misinformation and outright lies promulgated.  The solution begins with removing the almost blanket immunity from lawsuits that the media - including social media - now enjoy.  You cannot make them unbiased, you cannot make them cover stories that they do not care to cover.  But you can make them pay a price for outright lies and slander. 

(12/01/2020) Can We Trust the Election Results? It’s Not Just About Trump…  It’s About Truth.  There i nothing more fundamental in America than free elections and confidence in those elections.  Such confidence has been under attack for years as it has always been "accepted" that there is a certain amount of fraud going on in a number of (Democrat run) cities.  But the evidence (and there is plenty of evidence) of massive and widespread fraud in this election has destroyed any confidence we may have had.  Unless thoroughly investigated and honestly dealt with, that confidence may be impossible to restore.  The problem is simply this: the Democrats feel they are fully justified in committing fraud.  They are good and we are evil.  They have no interest in ensuring free, fair and honest elections.

(12/01/2020 Election Fraud You Can See.  I will definitely accept the supposed election results if fraud is investigated and either determined to be a non-issue or of insubstantial consequence.  But limiting or suppressing investigation and rushing to certify seems to be the direction we are heading.  I cannot accept declared results under those circumstances.  And neither should you.

(11/30/2020) Mission accomplished: Media hid Trump wins, Biden scandals from voters.  They sure did.  And they can be certain of success because we have so many voters that simply do not care enough to seek out information.

(11/30/2020) David Horowitz: Where We Are, and What We Face.  Very valuable article.  The problem is, what do we do?  We have an enemy in America - not a majority, but a significant minority that has fooled enough others to form a near majority.  That enemy is will to lie, cheat, steal, intimidate, riot, and destroy businesses, lives and livelihoods.  And they have most of the major microphones in America - the MSM, social media, academia, entertainment and, of course, the Democrat Party.  So what do we do?  It starts by not being passive.  we aren't the type to riot, but there is no reason that we cannot mobilize mass rallies.  Trump did.  If the election ends up stolen, we cannot just sit back and shrug our shoulders.  If we do, the next election will be even worse.  I pray that what is going on right now is serving as a wake-up call.

(11/27/2020) Busting all the Democrats’ lies about election “security”.  One possible blessing that we have is the fact that the Democrats did not believe that they would have to resort to much fraud beyond that which they routinely do.  But as the returns poured in, Trump was getting far more votes than they anticipated.  Routine fraud was not going to do the trick.  They needed to generate a lot more Biden votes in a hurry.  That meant they had to stop counting in key areas, so that is what they did.  Why did they have to?  If they kept counting, they would have gotten to 98% of the vote counted and too big a shortfall to make up except via a totally absurd vote dump after most votes were supposedly counted.  So stop counting.  Either generate the necessary fake ballots or tweak the counts on the voting machines, and when that task is complete, resume counting and miracle of miracles, Biden suddenly has the votes he needs in the state he needs. Has vote counting in key states ever been halted on election night before?  And strangely, all at virtually the same time.  It is almost as if the word went out that time was needed.  And in spite of all the affidavits of funny business going on, we are continually being told that there "is no evidence."

(11/24/2020) National Democratic Party official suggests re-education for Trump supporters: 'How do you deprogram 75 million people?'  All totalitarians think this way.  And it isn't just left-wing crazies suggesting this sort of thing.  A number of Democrats of some consequence (Robert Reich) suggest the same.

(11/24/2020) SEVENTEEN PERCENT of Biden Voters Said They Wouldn’t Have Voted for Him if They Knew About Media-Censored Scandals.  Don't let anyone try to tell you that the Fake News Media doesn't still have a huge amount of influence.  If they merely did their job, Trump would likely have won the biggest landslide ever.  Of course, they think they did their job: dragging a senile old man over the finish line.

(11/23/2020) To Restore Election Integrity, End Mail-In Vote Fraud.  It is simple: with in-person voting it is far more difficult to cheat.  not impossible, but difficult.  Mail-in voting is screaming to be abused because it is so easy.  And mail-in ballots don't even have to be mailed in or hand delivers.  Shucks, they don't even need to be mailed out!  Election workers (Democrats) have been caught filling out blank ballots to feed into the machines.  You can do the same with in-person, of course, but but an audit readily shows the vote count to be higher than the number of voters.  We really, really need to regain confidence in our electoral process.  Even 25% of Democrats (75% of Republicans) think the Democrats cheated in this election!

(11/21/2020) Californians prepare to descend on Georgia to fight for Democrats in Senate races.  Those on the Left believe in their "cause" so much that they are willing to lie, cheat and steal to get it.  While we on the Right (and we Christians) should not lie, cheat and steal, it would do us well to be just as passionate about our cause!

(11/21/2020) Andrew Cuomo To Receive Emmy Award for His 'Leadership' During the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Andrew Cuomo and New York possibly did the worst job of all the states regarding the virus.  The deaths of literally thousands of nursing home residents can be laid at his feet.  This is all objective fact.  But facts and reality are to be discarded in favor of the narrative.

(11/21/2020) Carlson: ‘Great News’ if Powell Proves Tech Companies Switched Millions of Votes — Uncovered ‘Greatest Crime in the History of This Country.’  I really believe that they did.  It may boggle the mind, but the statistical abnormalities indicate that some major hanky panky occurred.  I'm not sure it can be proven without access to the software, but we shall see. If they get away with it this time, it will only get worse.  Democrats appear to believe that the "march of history" is on their side and if a little (or, more likely, a lot) of fraud is necessary to help it along, so be it.

(11/19/2020 I Know Sidney Powell. She Is Telling the Truth.  Well, I don't know Sidney Powell.  But I do know she is a top notch lawyer who knows better than to go out and make claims that she cannot back up.  The fact that the media is in such a panic to discredit her certainly indicates that they are very, very afraid that she will produce the evidence.

(11/18/2020) The Real Presidential Election was Rigged in 2018.  Read it a weep.  Here is the fundamental problem and as an ex-liberal (leftie) I claim personal knowledge.  Those on the Left are so persuaded of the rightness of their cause and the evilness of their opponents, that any and all tactics are justified.  Cheating to win an election merits high fives and applause, not condemnation.  Of course, they can't come out publicly and say so, but rest assured they are doing it in private.

(11/17/2020) Leftists Call for Impeachment of Amy Coney Barrett.  On what grounds?  Grounds?  We don't need no stinkin' grounds!

(11/16/2020) 5 Historical Trends That Show It’s Utterly Shocking If Trump Lost In 2020.  Really, all the evidence plus common sense indicates that if there were no fraud, Trump wins big.  Do not give in to despondency and concede the election to Biden.  I will state it clearly: he did not win a free and fair election and there is plenty of evidence (and lawsuits) to support that statement.

(11/16/2020) Conspiracy Theory, Or Stolen Election?  I'll go with "stolen," though I have to say that whatever the Democrats and the media tell us, the election isn't over, and it hasn't been stolen (yet).  If it were anyone but Trump, I'd expect that the GOP would roll over "for the good of the country."  Some in the GOP are advocating exactly that.  Covering up fraud and destroying all trust in our election system is not good for the country, it is taking us well down the road to destroying our country.  If we do nothing about it now, will we ever?

(11/13/2020) Against 'Unity.'  When the Democrats call for unity, what they mean is for the GOP to roll over and support them.  Question: when was the last time the Democrats called for unity after losing a presidential election? 

(11/13/2020) If All the Fraud Is Uncovered, Trump Will Win.  How do we know?  I'll toss in my two cents: because the Democrats and the media are doing everything in their power to both deny the existence of fraud and to oppose audits and recounts.  If they actually believed that fraud was minimal and unlikely to effect the outcome of the election, they would welcome confirmation of that.

(11/13/2020) This Is CNN: Trump Presidency Likened to Nazi’s Kristallnacht by Christiane Amanpour.  Remember how we sneered at the USSR for re-writing history to conform to the latest party line?  Our media is full of pontificating pundits who have no knowledge of history and don't have a clue what they are talking about.  And yet they are perfectly happy to lecture the rest of us.

(11/13/2020) James O’Keefe Releases Video Exposing Ballot Destruction in Pennsylvania, Immediately Gets Censored by Twitter.  We have a lot of hard evidence of fraud and the media is censoring the reporting of it.  They pushed the Russian collusion narrative for over three years - some still push it - for which there is no evidence at all!  When lies are promoted and truth is suppressed, only evil can come of it.

(11/12/2020) Arizona Secretary of State in Charge of Certifying Election Results Called Trump Supporters “Neo-Nazis.”  Can we possibly trust this official?  If she genuinely considers her opponents to be neo-nazis, would she not consider herself totally justified in doing everything in her power, including cheating, to keep them from getting elected?

(11/12/2020) TRUMP TWEETS: REPORT: DOMINION DELETED 2.7 MILLION TRUMP VOTES NATIONWIDE. DATA ANALYSIS FINDS 221,000 PENNSYLVANIA VOTES SWITCHED FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP TO BIDEN.  I don't know how big a problem Dominion is, but its software is used in at least 33 states, including most (all?) swing states.  Their owners and top executives are partisan Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi's husband and her chief-of-staff.  And Dominion is heavily funded by George Soros.  Naturally the MSM rejects any possibility that they might have tampered with the vote, hence they will not only refuse to do any investigating, they will exert all their powers to debunk any investigations and evidence that show that election results were tampered with to the benefit of the Democrats.

(11/11/2020) CNN’s Cooper Calls Trump a Flailing ‘Obese Turtle.’  And I believe that Jake Tapper called Trump's children "spawn."  But hey, we are suppose to "unite" with these people, people who have been vilifying us for years.

(11/11/2020) Clapper: Trump Admin in a ‘Slow Slide Into Autocracy’ by Not Conceding Election.  Is it not remarkable how corrupt people decree that exposing corruption undermines confidence in our institutions.  Silly me.  I though corruption itself is what undermines confidence.  And right now, it is clear that we have major, major corruption in our electoral process and until that is corrected, all confidence in our government is lost.  Case closed.  Decreeing that what is obvious (corruption) isn't so just makes things fat worse - and that is what will "slide us into autocracy."

(11/11/2020) Texas Charges Social Worker With 134 Felony Counts Involving Election Fraud,  To be fair, the Democrats and the MSM have gone from "there is no voter fraud" to "there is no massive voter fraud."  Wrong on both count, but they simply can no longer deny the existence of fraud.

(11/10/2020) Massive Election Corruption Documented In Michigan.  But the MSM, including Fox, is doing everything in their power to cover up evidence of massive fraud in this election. I am not shy.  The only reason Biden appears to have won is a result of massive fraud in several key states - more specifically, several key cities in several key states.

(11/10/2020) The tide is already turning for President Trump.  Well, I hope so.  The fact is, if we do not have confidence in our electoral process, America is doomed.  And unless all the evidence of fraud is properly investigated and adjudicated, there is no basis for confidence any more.  The fact that we have always accepted fraud in certain places - Philadelphia, for example - has led us to today.  No fraud should be considered acceptable.

(11/20/2020) Michigan AG Dana Nessel Sends Cease and Desist Order to Journalist Demanding He Erase His #DetroitLeaks Video Showing Voter Fraud Training — OR FACE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.  In other words, she is making it a crime to expose criminal behavior on the part of government officials.  Dana Nessel is the one who needs to be prosecuted.

(11/10/2020) FOX NEWS Cuts Away From Kayleigh McEnany Briefing on Election Fraud — Neil Cavuto Says Network ‘Can’t Verify Her Claims’ So They Will Not Air.  So the MSM readily pushed a narrative for nearly four years that proved 100% false, and now they suddenly they have scruples and refuse to air something that is demonstrably true because they claim is hasn't been proven 100% to their satisfaction.  Well, Fox has plunged from number one to number three in just a week, but that doesn't mean they have no influence - almost all of it bad, now.

(10/15/2020) CNN Claims Biden Didn’t Call Trump’s China Travel Restrictions ‘Xenophobic.’ Here’s The Tweet Where He Did Exactly That.  Our so-called news media has been contributing mightily to the Biden campaign and they have been doing it by doing exactly what they proclaim they are not - pushing fake news.  The Washington Post just claimed Biden didn't pressure the Ukraine to fire a prosecutor when Biden is on video bragging about doing just that.  I'm a big believer in the First Amendment, but libel laws really need to be extended to the news (and social) media, at least to some degree.  Social media should be exempt as a "common carrier" if they do not censor.  But they do censor and they are doing so madly to help Biden as the election approaches.  The news media is not a common carrier, is responsible for their content, and should be subject to libel.  Nick Sandman has only been successful (so far) because he was not a "public figure" when the MSM slandered him.  So why should it be okay to slander public figures?

(10/15/2020) Man demands parents choose between Trump signs in their yard and seeing their grandkids. It spectacularly backfires — and now he's sorry.  Well, he made up to his dad and that is all to the good. But it is a major problem that those on the Left are far more likely to sever relationships over politics than those on the Right.  And just who are the ones who constantly proclaim their on tolerance while attacking the supposed intolerance of the other?

(10/15/2020) Parents React to Virginia’s Sex Textline for Teens.  Besides the obvious, this is another example of the state driving a wedge between kids and their parents; yet another effort to diminish the family and increase the power and authority of the state. 

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