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Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.  Matthew 22:21b (KJV)

Other News of Interest

Jul-Sep 2016

(09/29/2016) America-themed BBQ 'considered offensive' at Ramapo.  Why?  Because the flyer includes an image of "Uncle Sam."  What to do?  Of course, push back against such nonsense it encouraged, if you are in a position to do so.  Also, since so many are working hard at displaying how much they hate their country, do the opposite.  Fly the flag, wear patriotic clothing, put patriotic bumper stickers on your car.  Whatever.  Remember, for all its faults, and whatever the performance of the current administration, we still live in the greatest country on God's green earth.  And we should be proud of it and let everyone know.

(09/28/2016) Some Georgetown students believe the Constitution is taken 'too seriously.'  This is hardly a surprise.  Though largely ignored by this administration and by many judges, the Constitution remains the primary obstacle to the progressive agenda - along with Christianity. 

(09/26/2016) Poll Suggests Americans Willing To Give Government Money Monthly To Combat Climate Change.  Three problems.  First, "climate change" exists, has always existed, and will exist forever until the earth as we know it ceases to exist.  Why did they stop calling it "global warming?"  Because we don't seem to be warming anymore, but they still have an agenda they wish to push.  Second, there is no evidence that the supposed "solutions" would actually solve the "problem."  Finally, people are willing to spend a little, but not a lot.  The "solutions" not only cost far more, but would have the effect of severely damaging the economy which would put a large financial burden on everyone.  The well-connected who offer the "solutions" would make out like bandits; everyone else would suffer.


(09/25/2016) Our Under-Incarceration Problem, Charlotte Edition.  This concerns the killer of the protestor in Charlotte - that killer should have been in jail and not on the street. 

(09/25/2016) Alleged Burlington Shooter ID’d as Arcan Cetin, Immigrant from Turkey.  At this point, it really does not seem clear as to what the motives were.  Really.

(09/24/2016) Northwestern Univ. President Calls Those Who Decry Safe Spaces, Trigger Warnings 'Lunatics.'  I am not merely saddened by the direction many (most?) of our universities have taken, I am embarrassed.  I am embarrassed for our youth and I am embarrassed for our country.

(09/19/2016) The Constitution Isn't Outdated.  Did you know that today is Constitution Day, the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution?  Most people who claim that the Constitution is "outdated" do so simply because the Constitution doesn't allow them to do what they wish to do.  Sadly, our government is already doing many things that are not permitted by the Constitution.  It is time to get back to our Constitutional roots.  We can then "update" the Constitution constitutionally - via the amendment process.

(09/17/2016) Obama: Americans Too 'Lazy' to Know Anything About the Rest of the World.  Speak for yourself buddy.  Actually, many Americans not only don't know much about the rest of the world, they don't know much about America, either.  But perhaps what ignorance we seem to have may stem more from the quality of our public schools rather than laziness.

(09/16/2016) The Shocking State of Americans’ Civic Illiteracy. Friday is Constitution Day — a day that recognizes the adoption of the U.S. Constitution and those who have become U.S. citizens.  When I say that I knew more about US History, the Constitution and our American form of government after finishing 4th grade than most recent college graduates, I am not exaggerating. 

(09/16/2016) API Chief on Obama Halting Dakota Access Pipeline: ‘We No Longer Honor the Rule of Law in the United States.’  This is true.  This project went through all the legal hoops, bending over backwards to meet all the objections to it - many of those objections being frivolous.  And they got final court approval.  Where exactly is the president given the power to overrule all that and halt construction?  The answer is that he doesn't have the power, but he is doing it anyway and no one has the guts to stand up to him.  He should simply be ignored and construction should proceed.

(09/14/2016) Clueless: Americans Know Nothing About September 11th Attack 15 Year Anniversary.  Well, in all fairness, some of us do.  But the sheer overall ignorance of the American people is astounding and is also an indictment of three major institutions: news media, education and entertainment.  It is no coincidence that all of these institutions are dominated by the Left.

(09/14/2016) Lessons Liberals Never Learned from WW II – How the Left is Rewriting History and Destroying our Future.  We used to laugh at how the Communists were continually re-writing history and airbrushing from pictures those no longer in favor.  Little did we know, this is a standard tactic of the Left, not just the Communists.

(09/13/2016) Globalism: The Religion of Empire.  This article is very enlightening, and probably not what you'd expect.

(09/12/2016) 15% Over Target: 11,491 Syrian Refugees Admitted Already; 0.46% Are Christians.  Is this likely to change under a Clinton presidency?


(09/09/2016) Childish, Sick Left Rushes to Gleefully Mark Passing of Conservative Phyllis Schlafly.  I suppose there are some people like this on the Right, but it sure appears to be far more prevalent on the Left.

(09/09/2016) Hillary Believes Corporations and Businesses Don’t Create Jobs.  What is so bad is that we have a bunch of "leaders" in this country who think they are "Masters of the Universe."  They actually believe that without them, the economy would fall apart.  The reality is that is the government stopped passing new laws and started to undo some of the misguided old laws and regulations, our economy would start to flourish again.


(09/05/2016) International adoptees learn that they’re not citizens.  Is this really a problem?  All five of our kids are international adoptions and it was very clear to us that we had to do.  We had to do paperwork with INS for our Central and South American adoptions, and see a judge for our Korean adoptions.  What you get from this is a new US birth certificate for the child in their new name, and they officially become US citizens.  We even took the oath of citizenship on behalf of one of them, but being infants, taking the oath is not required.  It was fun, because we were with a bunch of adults who were taking the oath to become new US citizens.  They were so proud, and it made us feel proud to be Americans.

(09/05/2016) Starving Venezuelans chased Nicolas Maduro out of town.  Al people with socialist leanings should be reading about Venezuela.  Of course, the excuse will always be that they just didn't do it right. 

(09/03/2016) Princeton professor says Obamacare marketplaces in a 'death spiral.'  This was predicted before Obamacare passed, but naturally the warnings were ignored.  For the GOP, there is a side benefit, however.  Obamacare rate hikes could save the Senate for the GOP.  

(09/02/2016) This is what courage looks like … if you zoom out and show the Chargers’ salute to the military.  Most of the people at the Chargers vs SF game saluted the military.  Exceptions were noted.  It is funny how the MSM "salutes" left-wing protesters as being courageous, even if their views are out of line with the great majority of Americans.  Right-wing protesters, not so much.

(09/02/2016) D'Souza Obliterates Leftist Professor During Q&A Session.  The fact that the Left dominates the media, education and entertainment has allowed them to get away with sloppy thinking, accepting many falsities simply because those "facts" support their worldview.  It also allows them to think in clichés.

(09/01/2016) Obama Administration Still Hasn’t Implemented Alert System to Protect Police, 15 Months After It Passed Congress.  The administration has already made clear that it will pick and choose what federal laws to enforce - and more specifically, which laws to NOT enforce.  Why should we be surprised if the executive branch decides it doesn't want to implement acts of Congress?  Of course, they are doing - rather not doing - these things because we are letting them get away with it.

(09/01/2016) Logic: Trump speech becomes ‘hate rally’ when parents ‘say’ their children were murdered by illegals.  I guess criticizing gang warfare in Chicago is also "hate speech" since most of the perps (and victims) are black.  But this is what we have come to.  A significant segment of our population - including most of our media, politicians, academics and celebrities - have decreed that truth is hate.  Sounds 1984-ish, does it not?

(08/31/2016) BIAS ALERT: CNN scrubs 'Crooked' from Trump tweet.  Of course.  Is anyone surprised that they would do such a thing?

(08/31/2016) Ole Miss to stop playing 'Dixie' at football games this fall.  Maybe Christians ought to start playing the victim and demand that all sorts of "offensive" things be removed from public life.  Except that Christians actually tend to be more tolerant than progressives - contrary to the caricature promoted by the media.

(08/30/2016) Do Liberal Policies Produce Economic Growth?  No!  The case in point here is Minnesota, and the facts are supplied to back up this claim.    But the author is deluded if he thinks that presenting the facts will change any liberal minds. 


(08/30/2016) DOD IG report makes Army budget look like a money-laundering scheme.  Any private company with accounting like this would be put out of business by the Feds.  Funny how our government holds itself - including politicians and government employees - to lower standards than they hold everyone else to.  And as an aside, the MSM would be making a huge deal of this if we currently had a Republican president.

(08/30/2016) Justice Dept. Declares it “Unconstitutional” to Hold People in Jail, if They Can’t Afford Bail.  Apparently the DOJ does not understand the purpose of bail.  The purpose of bail is to minimize the risk of flight by tying up assets that will be lost if you fail to show up in court.  People who "can't afford bail" would all be prime candidates for flight if the lost nothing by fleeing.  More nonsense from the "reality based party."

(08/29/2016) The Battle for America's Mind.  If I may summarize: "feelings trump facts."  So what are we going to do about it?

(08/28/2016) Riots, Family Breakdown and Ballooning Debt: A Common Denominator is the Welfare State.  The welfare state and many other government programs seem to have a goal, deliberate or not, to make us dependent of government rather than on God (and family, friends and neighbors).  From that perspective, these programs have proven to be highly effective.

(08/28/2016) Trey Gowdy: FBI didn't ask Hillary about her intent.  So the FBI said they wouldn't recommend prosecution of Clinton because she lacked "intent."  Of course, when it comes to criminal behavior involving classified info, intent is not necessary.  But on top of that, the FBI did not even try to find out if there was any intent.  When we refer to the current DOJ, we really need to include quotes:  the Obama administration's Department of "Justice."


(08/27/2016) GREENFAIL NUMBER–WHAT ARE WE UP TO NOW? ETHANOL.  Actually, this has been known for quite a long time.  But it is far more important for people to feel good about themselves by advocating and mandating something that seems good even though it happens to be not good.  After all, fossil fuels are bad and that is all you really need to know.

(08/27/2016) MEMO SHEDS NEW LIGHT ON CLINTON-RUSSIA URANIUM SCANDAL.  Have you even heard about this?  How many have?  it is yet another example of bias at work in the media.  The media knows the facts in the case and has even reported them.  But then they have simply ignored the story and as a result, almost nobody in America knows about it.  People remember things by repetition, and you can rest assured that stories harmful to Hillary will have minimal repetitions.

(08/27/2016) Angela Merkel: Muslim Migrants didn’t bring “Islamist Terrorism” to Germany.  In order to solve a problem, the most important step of all is to correctly identify that problem.  A corollary - and this applies not just to Islamic terrorism, but to other issues such as "global warming" - is that when you have a solution that you wish to apply (or wish to avoid a solution at all!), misidentify the problem so that your desired solution, or lack of solution, conforms to that "problem."  And as I write this, I ask myself why I keep having to put words in quotes.  It is because many in America - including most academics, politicians and the media - misuse words deliberately in order to promote a particular agenda.  That agenda is uniformly progressive.  I cannot think of a single counter example, except possibly "pro-life."   The problem with that example is that pro-lifers may use that term, but the media typically uses "anti-abortion" (which is OK) or "anti-choice" (which is not).

(08/26/2016) Vanderbilt pays Daughters of the Confederacy $1.2M to remove 'Confederate' from univ. building.  Strangely enough, history is full of events, good, bad and neutral.  Those who feel the need to re-write history to eliminate what they consider to be "bad" are simply flaunting their own sense of moral superiority.  And they are doing it on the cheap, at no cost to themselves.  They will likely not learn much from history, and as a result (despite their own feelings of moral superiority) are more likely to commit the sins of the past rather than avoid them.  And then there is the fact that they are imposing today's values on the past.  I'm sure that almost all college students today think that they would have been at the forefront of the abolitionist movement if they had been 20 years old in Mississippi in 1860.  Color me skeptical.

(08/25/2016) Do you need any more reasons to be concerned about our education system?  How about this: Prepare your kids to pledge Mexican flag.  It wasn't long ago that you would have said "No way, José" but who can tell these days?

(08/25/2016) Government: New 700,000-Word Regulation is Good for You.  This article is definitely worth reading.  It tells you everything you need to know about how we have gone from a government "of the people, by the people and for the people" to a government by the experts - namely the political class, including unelected bureaucrats.  A side note: these regulations are almost as long as the Bible.

(08/25/2016) Maine's governor outraged at Obama over terrorist refugee on welfare.  The administration seems to think that the US is in some sense required to take in refugees from the Middle East.  And somehow we seem to be required to take in mostly Muslim refugees.  I believe we perhaps have a moral obligation to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis that is occurring, but than most assuredly does not require resettling refugees in the USA.

(08/23/2016) Now THIS is how you respond to a dumb form sent home by a school.  Follow the link and see how a parent filled out a form to opt out of saying the Pledge of Allegiance. 

(08/23/2016) Have Lots Of Children. It’s Good For The Planet.  This is not the message you will normally hear.  Apparently quite a few of a progressive frame of mind are advocating not having children, or limiting yourselves to just one in order to help save the planet from guess what?  Global warming, of course!  But we know children are a blessing.  In fact, multiple countries (Japan, Italy and many other in Europe) are facing demographic disaster since they are reproducing at way below replacement level.  The solution in Western Europe seems to have been: import Muslims.  That isn't working out very well, and yet we seem to be starting to follow in their footsteps.  Don't do it!  Save both America and the planet.  Have more kids!


(08/22/2016) Since I just bashed CNN, I should also give them credit when they get something right: Signs of the Times: Liberal Hypocrisy in 2016.  This hypocrisy exposed by none other than CNN.  Really.

(08/22/2016) CNN anti-Trump lie BUSTED on air!  Well, shall we just say that CNN "misrepresented" what the governor of Louisiana said on the air and he corrected them.  Of course the fundamental problem is not that the media makes occasional (or possibly frequent) mistakes, but that those mistakes lean over 90% in one political direction.  Guess which direction that is?

(08/20/2016) Hungry Venezuelans Raid Zoo For Food.  Why aren't we hearing more about the horrible situation in Venezuela?  (Note that this article has to use a UK paper as its source).  The answer is simple - Venezuela is left-wing and socialist.  People in America might get the "wrong" idea about socialism if they were informed.  The MSM needs to protect us from getting wrong ideas, whether those ideas have to do with Islam or socialism or LGTB issues or ....


(08/20/2016) Feminist Magazine: Bill Clinton’s Rapes Don’t Make Him an “Evil Man.”  Apparently back in the 70's, rape was perfectly OK; just an alpha male kind of thing.  I'm all for forgiveness, I am not for excuses.

(08/19/2016) And the Darwin Award Goes To…  I know pretty much anything is believable these days.  In this particular case, some liberals want to tax people extra for having kids.  Why?  Global warming, of course.

(08/18/2016) World Vision International supports Terrorism and rejects Christ.  Well, they certainly have some serious explaining to do.  So far, not so good.

(08/17/2016) Chris Matthews Fails to Identify Disgraced Pennsylvania AG as a Democrat.  Another case of "name that party."  If the party of someone involved in corruption is not mentioned, that means that they are a Democrat.  Chris Matthews isn't the only one guilty of this.

(08/17/2016) Study: Seattle minimum wage workers have hours cut, lose jobs.  Of course this is exactly what conservatives said would happen.  Will those on the Left learn a lesson from this?  In a word, no.

(08/16/2016) Beginning of the End: The ‘Un’Affordable Care Act Continues to Unravel.  The proposed solution will be to nationalize healthcare (see The Left Refuses to Learn below).  We took what was the best healthcare system in the world, started messing it up and unless we prevent it, will continue to make it worse.

(08/16/2016) The Left Refuses to Learn.  This may be true in the general, but not necessarily at the individual level.  I used to be a Leftie, and I learned!


(08/13/2016) “Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Businesses Create Jobs.”  Quite a few people in government overstate their own importance and belittle the accomplishments of others.  How arrogant to take credit for the accomplishments of others, accomplishments they themselves are totally incapable of.

(08/12/2016) In Venezuela, It's not a 'Humanitarian' Crisis. It's a Socialist Crisis.  The MSM does not do a good job explaining what is happening in Venezuela - or explaining any subject, for that matter.  For example, have you ever read an MSM article about evangelicals that was accurate?

(08/10/2016)  An Effective Alzheimer’s Treatment May be on the Horizon.  Showing some promise in clinical trials.  Good news!  Pray that it works out.

(08/10/2016) City: Surrender 4th Amendment rights or else.  It isn't just the first, second and tenth amendments that are ignored or at risk.


(08/09/2016) Ban on Non-Urgent Surgeries Proposed in England Because NHS Is Hurting for Money.  And people still want single-payer, government run healthcare here as well?  We are hugely in debt already.  Don't think we can avoid money problems any better than the British.  We have the best healthcare system in the world, but as with so many other things, we are setting out to destroy it.


(08/08/2016) Black College Democrat turns Republican: How one millennial decided to think for himself.  Many on the Left have never been exposed to conservative views.  I used to be like that.  See my blog post on how I became a conservative.  I believe that the same is true of many non-believers and even casual Christians - they have never been really exposed to what Christianity really means.  Update: Here is more on the topic: Why the Modern Liberal is Out of Touch With Reality

(08/07/2016) German Man Who Confronted Munich Terrorist Faces Prosecution For ‘Insulting’ Him.  This is exactly why preserving our First Amendment is so important.


(08/07/2016) Military K9 Handler Describes Hillary’s Profanity-Infused Tirade about His Dog.  I thought everyone loved dogs.

(08/07/2016) State Dept. spokesman can’t keep a straight face when talking about this.  After claiming the State Dept. is "transparent," spokesman bursts out laughing.  Well, he is wrong about the "transparent" and right to laugh about the claim, so ....

(08/06/2016) Campus Protest Culture is Turning Off Alumni Donors.  This is a bit anecdotal, but if there is going to be any hope of turning our colleges around, this is how it will happen.


(08/06/2016) Obama’s Cash Payment to Iran Was More Than a Ransom — It Broke Criminal Law.  Not that anyone in the MSM cares.


(08/05/2016) When Is a Ransom Not a Ransom? When It’s Inconvenient to Call It That.  I keep hearing that Donald Trump is "unqualified" to be president.  Certainly the dangers of having an unqualified president should be well known, having had one serving for over 7 years now.


(08/04/2016) State Dept. Says Program to Dissuade Jihadis Failed. So They TRIPLE Its Budget.  This is standard operating procedure for government programs: they all fail because we didn't spend enough. 

(08/04/2016) Brit Hume notices something outrageous about reviews for doc ‘Hillary’s America.’  What did he notice?  1 out of 22 critics like the move, 84% of viewers like it.  Does that say a little something about movie critics?


(08/04/2016) Obama’s ransom payment (4).  This covers the subject pretty well.  Not only do we have an incompetent administration, we have a criminal one - but since the DOJ is part of this criminal enterprise, nothing will come of it.  What is criminal in this case?  “The $400 million was paid in foreign currency because any transaction with Iran in U.S. dollars is illegal under U.S. law.” This is the kind of workaround that would land lesser mortals in prison.  There is also a name for it: money laundering.


(08/03/2016) White House Calls Secret $400 Million Payment as Iran Hostages Were Released Coincidence.  Sure.  And the fact that they felt the need to keep it secret was just a coincidence as well.

(08/03/2016) Venezuela Reaches the End of the Road to Serfdom.  Supporters of socialism (and communism) always claim that the historic failures of both are simply a matter of their preferred system not being implemented right.  Venezuela is just the latest example of failure.  I guess socialism was just "not done right" yet again.

(08/03/2016) Military-Aged Men Extremely Over-Represented in EU Refugee Asylum Applications.  Surprise, surprise.

(08/03/2016) Did you know about this?  Obama’s ransom payment.  Here is more: Obama’s ransom payment (2)


(08/03/2016) Country Music Band Disrespects Police – Immediately Regrets It!  Details aren't entirely clear, but if you disrespect the police, don't subsequently ask for a police escort.  In any case the simple rule that most of us grew us with always applies - treat police with courtesy and respect.

(08/02/2016) New FBI Docs Prove IRS Buried Tea Party 501(C)(4) Applications Till AFTER Obama Reelected.  As long as the DOJ is in Democrat hands, nothing will come of this.

(08/02/2016) The Constitution places no ban on religious tests for immigrants.  The left is famous for ignoring the limits and restrictions the Constitution places on government, and this a case of expanding a restriction.  The Constitution says there is to be no "religious test" for holding public office.  The Left takes the words "no religious test" and tosses them around whenever convenient.  Sort of like "wall of separation."

(08/02/2016) Justice Department finally launches criminal probe into EPA over mine spill.  Does anyone expect anything to come of it?

(07/31/2016) Brenham police officer refused service at McDonald's.  Refusal to serve police officers is being dealt with - companies are typically firing those involved.  But it is interesting that almost no one seems to be suggesting that it is against the law to refuse such service.

(07/30/2016) The IRS Scandal Gets Worse – The FBI Knew about the Targeting of Conservatives and Did NOTHING.  Really, the entire executive branch has been totally politicized and the MSM still averts their eyes.

(07/30/2016) The Week in Pictures: Unready for Hillary Edition.  


(07/30/2016) Sooner or later, big government will start doing stuff like this: Venezuela’s new decree.  

(07/30/2016) Economy grew 1.2% in second quarter, far below expectations.  Obama will be the first president ever to not have the economy grow by as much as 3% for at least one year.  I guess it was Bush's fault. 

(07/29/2016) How about this: Gov’t Puts Tax Cheat in Charge of $1.5 TRILLION in Mortgages!  Those on the Left prefer a government run by "experts," who presumably know better how to run our lives than we do.  And yet this is the kind of "expert" they appoint.  Good grief.  And this guy's resume is even worse than the title indicates.

(07/27/2016) Pope Francis: ‘Religions Don’t Want War.’  I wish he were correct.  I realize he is the pontiff, but I'd rather he declined to pontificate on some subjects.


(07/27/2016) DNC delegates replaced because they're male.  Even though they were actually elected, two male delegates were replaced by women.  This shows the arrogance of some on the Left - who cares what the voters think, we know better.

(07/27/2016) Va. Supreme Court strikes down restored voting rights for felons.  Some states allow felons to vote, but they actually went through a process.  Gov. McAuliffe merely decreed it.

(07/25/2016) 6,726 Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. So Far in FY16--But Only 23 Are Christians.  Well, we certainly wouldn't want to show any favoritism towards Christians, would we?


(07/25/2016) Erdogan’s Staged Coup Has Resulted In A Purge Of 50,000 Teachers, Judges, Soldiers And Government Officials.  Staged or not, Erdogan's response was planned long in advance. 

(07/25/2016) Marine Corps Gives Women The Option Of Ditching Pullups For Pushups Instead.  So the Marine Corps is finally falling into line.  Sigh.

(07/22/2016) Don’t you love it when elitist ‘experts’ get egg on their faces?  (This concerns Brexit).  And yes, I do.  The problem is, getting eggs on their face rarely deters 'experts.'  I recall that after the Soviet Union collapsed, the MSM continued to turn to the same experts that predicted it would never happen.  Conforming to the liberal narrative is far more important than actually being right.

(07/22/2016) Socialism Makes People Selfish.  Really.  This is a great video - and short.  Sometimes we give too much credit to some of the claims from those on the left.  It has long since been established that conservatives donate more time and money to charitable causes than do liberals.  And yet we rarely challenge the assertion that people who favor capitalism are greedy and selfish.

(07/21/2016) Taco Bell Worker Refused to Serve Cops.  If she had refused to serve a transsexual, this would be national news.


(07/19/2016) Traits are No Substitutes for Accomplishments.  Excellent commentary.  It is kind of hard on the Left, but it is deserved.  I've always tried to ascribe good motives to people whenever possible, but the sad fact is that many people simply do not have good motives.

(07/19/2016) The Crazily Misplaced War on Cops.  Good commentary which places the blame for some of our current problems exactly where it belongs.

(07/18/2016) Japan Reverts to Fascism.  Japan is off the radar for most of us.  But it is one of the largest economies in the world and has been a staunch US ally since WWII.  The current trends in Japan are very troubling.

(07/17/2016)  Who Is to Blame for Bias?  Political correctness kills.  Very balanced article.


(07/16/2016) Here is the latest week in pictures

(07/16/2016) UN Believable.  The UN is going to check us out to determine whether we are a free country.  Question: does the UN serve any useful purpose whatsoever?  The UN is more corrupt than the Clintons.  And just like the Clintons, we are footing a huge part of the bill.

(07/16/2016) The Law Is Dying because Morality Is Dying (repost),  Who am I to judge

someone's lifestyle is the common refrain.  We don't say that about smoking, however.


(07/15/2016) On Terrorism and Immigration, America is not a Serious Nation.  Clausewitz said that war is "an act of force to compel our enemy to do our will."  What exactly are we trying to force our enemy to do?  Nothing it seems.  Rather we, and the rest of the West, simply are not serious.  Unfortunately, the other guys are.

(07/15/2016) Nordic countries debate mandatory adult education for seniors.  Sounds like a great idea except for the 'mandatory' part.  Also, I have to wonder just what such education would cover.  Surely not liberal indoctrination!


(07/14/2016) ‘Hillary Defense’ invoked by cop accused off trading favors for sex.  We all knew that this was going to happen.  Basically, the 'Hillary defense' can be applied to almost any crime.


(07/14/2016) Our legal order frays.  And where is the necessary political leadership to do something about it?  For the most part either in hiding or throwing gasoline on the fire.

(07/14/2016) How Obama Has Divided America.  Is this what we were dreaming of when we elected our first black president?


(07/13/2016) Obama calls for Obamacare public option.  Of course, this is what the Democrats wanted all along. This is pretty stand fare for liberal programs: they totally fail to deliver what was promised, so the proposed solution is to do even more of what has already failed.  Note that all the failures of Obamacare were predicted by opponents and none of the benefits have come true.  Keep your doctor?  No.  Save money?  No.  Reduce the number of uninsured?  No.

(07/13/2016) This Famous Actor Will Fly 12,000 Miles to Give Speech on Evils of Carbon Emissions.  Liberal celebrities (and this includes politicians) believe that advocating the right things absolves them on having to live a lifestyle consistent with what they advocate - but they want the government to mandate that others do so.  Global warming is only the latest example.

(07/12/2016) #Conservative-Because Goes Viral Thanks to Millennial Ladies.  Oh, I like this! Take a look.

(07/12/2016) An update on the socialist paradise that is Venezuela.  

(07/10/2016) EPIC FAIL! U.S. Citizens are Asked How Many Stars are on the American Flag.  This is one of those laugh and cry things.  Remember that many of these people actually vote.

(07/09/2016) Nothing like the week in pictures to get some good laughs.

(07/09/2016) German Intelligence: Iran Seeking Nukes.  Of course Iran is seeking nukes.  And it doesn't take secret intelligence to figure it out.  Normal intelligence will do, something sorely lacking in our government.

(07/05/2016) I’m Shocked, Shocked To Find Liberal Bias At This Major Journalism Conference.  Not really, of course.  But the question is, what can we do about it?


(07/03/2016)  The Soul of America.  A must read by Ravi Zacharias.

(07/03/2016) Apparently God Bless America Offends Everyone.  Well, according to one person it does.

(07/03/2016) The Bookworm Beat 7/2/16 — the guns, Islam, gender, and illustrated edition.  More fun with Photoshop.


(07/02/2016) Annual Onslaught of LibMedia Think Pieces Expressing Bitterness About 4th of July Fun Begins.  It has now become an American tradition.

(07/02/2016) Judge Jeanine: Brexit is just the beginning.  One can always hope.


(07/02/2016) Clueless Americans Don't Know Why We Celebrate 4th of July.  This tells you everything you need to know about the quality of our education system.


(07/02/2016) The Week in Pictures: Brexit of Champions Edition.  There is much more than just Brexit.

(07/02/2016) Rampant Voter Fraud Alleged In Minnesota.  For those who say we don't need voter ID because there is very little voter fraud, this will not help their case.  And thousands of dual NY / Florida voters have been discovered.  Illegal aliens voting?  No problem; the Democrats will make ti as easy as possible.  Note that in Minnesota, the Democrat Secretary of State is not being helpful in this investigation - which is being done privately since the government won't do it.


(07/01/2016) Independence Day Is The Civilian’s Patriotic Holiday.  But remember that we are celebrating something very specific.

(07/01/2016) State Department requests 27-month delay to produce emails from Clinton aides.  How convenient.  They were supposed to be produced this month.

(07/01/2016) Federal judge goes all in against rule of law, tosses stare decisis.  I think stare decisis can be overused.  Not all previous court decisions have been correct and some (many?) need to be overturned.  But this judge wants to just ignore the Constitution, the 'precedent' upon which all court decisions need to be made.


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