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Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.  Matthew 22:21b (KJV)

Other News of Interest

Oct-Dec 2016



(12/31/2016) 2016 Was The Year of the Deplorables.  And what a great year it turned out to be.


(12/31/2016) The Year in Pictures: From Brexit to Trumpit Edition.  Lots of funny stuff here.


(12/30/2016) Charlie Sheen tweets for God to 'take' Trump next.  Hardly surprising.  Until the Left is held to the same standard that the Right is, this sort of thing will be common.


(12/30/2016) Need a laugh?  The hardest job in sports: Cleveland Browns cheerleader


(12/29/2016) Liberal Attorneys General Have Been Working On a Plan To PROSECUTE Climate Change Skeptics.  And Donald Trump is supposed to be the biggest danger to America?


(12/23/2016) Ivanka and the JetBlues.  It is all Ivanka's fault for being Trump's daughter, and ....  Progressives are always justified in their outrage and resulting boorish behavior.  More at Twitchy


(12/23/2016) WaPo Says Attendees at Deplora-Ball Want “Whites-Only Nation."  Most conservatives don't even know of anyone who wants a whites-only nation, but that doesn't stop those on the Left claiming that is what we want.


(12/23/2016) The Disunited States of America.  My own take is simply this: the Democrat / progressive definition of uniting the country is to do what they (Dems / progs) want.  "Uniting" never seems to mean doing anything that conservative Christians desire.


(12/21/2016) Obama shock: Another $6 billion in 'midnight regulations.'  It may cost you a fortune, but remember: it is for your own good.  So they claim.


(12/21/2016) A new study by the independent research group PRRI reveals a huge divide between Republicans and Democrats over how to wish people well during the Christmas holiday season.  Hardly surprising.  The "War on Christmas" is still being fought.  I have no problem with people saying "Happy Holidays."  I do have a problem with people being told they should not say "Merry Christmas."


(12/21/2016) Navy abandons plan to rename jobs with “man” in the title.  Thank goodness.  I am getting tired of the Left pushing its social justice agenda via the military.  Fortunately, it will surely be put on hold during the upcoming administration - and hopefully rolled back.  I am looking forward to the early retirement of many "political" admirals and generals.


(12/21/2016) Fake News About Sarah Palin.  Read it and weep.  And realize that this fake view of Sarah Palin is how an awful lot of people on the Left view evangelicals in general - stupid and bigoted.  Update: Here is more - Fake Hate: Muslim Woman Said Man Forced Her to Remove Hijab – She Lied.   


(12/21/2016) Texas Muslim pleads guilty to setting Christmas Day fire at own mosque last year.  Yet another hoax of a hate crime.  Sadly, there just aren't enough actual hate crimes to support the victimhood agenda.


(12/20/2016) The United States of Crybabies.  The change from a tragic view of human life to a therapeutic one.  Great article.  In a nutshell, Christianity and our Constitution hold to a realistic view of human nature.


(12/19/2016) The Terrifying Aftermath of Hillary’s Election Victory.  Amusing "alternate reality."


(12/19/2016) “Give ‘em Hell, Ollie!” Col. Oliver North Slams Obama Claim that USA is “Stronger and More Respected” Today!  I cannot think of a single country where this is true.


(12/19/2016) Michelle Obama, Hopeless in Hawaii.  I hate to criticize First Ladies, but Michelle Obama is certainly lacking in class.  She only became proud of her country when her husband got the nomination for President, and now that the Democrats have lost, she feels herself (and the rest of the country) to be hopeless.  Update: Michelle Obama says Now that Obama’s Almost Gone Americans are Hopeless


(12/19/2016) ‘Students of color’ conference at University of California reportedly dissolves into a fight over who is most oppressed.  The more traditional approach in America was for "oppressed" groups to overcome oppression by education and hard work. 


(12/10/2016) NYT Claims Collegiate Trump Backers Want ‘Safe Spaces,’ Offers No Examples.  More fake news from the MSM.


(12/10/2016) The 7 Worst Examples of Fake News From the Mainstream Media.  Until the MSM cleans up their own act (highly unlikely), then all their protests over "fake" news are nothing more than their disingenuous efforts to stifle their competition.


(12/10/2016) Washington Post, Your Attacks on Evangelicals are Getting Dangerous.  They certainly seem to be desperate to blame evangelicals for stuff.  I suppose we are to blame for Trump getting elected, so ....


(12/10/2016) College Students Demand University Board of Trustees Member be Fired for Meeting With Trump.  These students have no idea what little Nazis they are and this tells you everything you need to know about the state of much of our education system these days.


(12/10/2016) The University of California Announces that it Will Ignore Laws it Doesn’t Like!  Remember the term "civil disobedience?"  In the old days, it meant violating what was considered an unjust law, and suffering the consequences (jail) as a result.  Nowadays it is just so unfair for anyone to suffer consequences, so .... 


(12/08/2016) Which laws shouldn’t apply on campus?  Just pick and choose what laws should apply on campus and which should be ignored?  As an antidote to sanctuary cities and campuses, read this story about a "Sanctuary House."  You will laugh out loud.


(12/06/2016) Joy Behar Slams Christians Against Birth Control: “Are They Talking to God Now?”  Actually, Catholics excepted, most Christians are not against birth control.  They are simply against having to pay for other's birth control.  It should be noted that many conservatives favor being able to purchase "the pill" without a prescription, making it very inexpensive.  Most liberals oppose this, though I have no clue as to why.


(12/03/2016) Trump’s Chance to Fix American Higher Education.  All levels of our education system could use some fixing.  Currently they are largely indoctrinators in progressivism, and colleges seem to focus on turning students into dependent crybabies rather than mature adults.


(12/03/2016) Obama: 'Fox News in Every Bar and Restaurant' Hurt Dems With Voters.  Does anyone in the MSM fact-check this guy?  CNN, the Clinton News Network, is far more prevalent in those places that show news rather than sports.


(12/02/2016) If a Celebrity Threatens to Leave, and Nobody Cares, is She Still a Celebrity?  Ammo Grrrll is in fine fettle, but this column goes way beyond humor and should be read.  Teaser from this fine Jewish lady: Millions of evangelical Christians who have never in their lives uttered the word “pussy” except to call their pet flocked to the polls because they believed that the right to practice their religion was way, way, more important than the potty-mouth of the only candidate who would defend that right.


(12/02/2016) Immigrant drug dealer who ‘followed all the rules’ demands citizenship.  Where are people getting the idea that anyone, anywhere has a right to come to America, legally or illegally, and become a citizen? 


(12/02/2016) Did Aliens Create and Maintain the Universe?  I guess some people are so committed to the "no God" thesis, that they find this more believable. 


(11/30/2016) "Healing Divisions" and "Unity" are Unconstitutional.  OK, the title is click-bait, but the content is well worth the read. 


(11/30/2016) Obama's DOJ Fines Denver Sheriff $10K for Failure to Hire Non-Citizens.  Under the new administration, fines are more likely to be levied against firms who hire illegals.  And guess what?  There is basis in the law for doing just that.  There is no legal basis for what Obama's DOJ did, however.


(11/29/2016) 'Fake news' isn't the problem — mainstream news with an agenda is.  The MSM failed miserably this election cycle.  First, their coverage was totally one-sided, and second, they failed in their mission to elect Hillary.  Naturally, they must blame others rather than accept responsibility themselves.


(11/28/2016) Castro, Chavez, and 'bad luck': Castro and his ilk showed us that under socialism, the powerful grow rich — and everyone else grows poor.  History shows that this is the inevitable path of socialism.  Yet our "intellectuals" and academics continue to promote it, because it is supposedly "fair."  Also, deep down inside, they anticipate being one of the privileged elites.


(11/28/2016) Indiana Town: No More Good Friday.  No more Columbus Day, either.  Why?  Some people might be offended.  We can't have that!


(11/27/2016) Obama Admin Rushes To Pass At Least 98 New Regulations.  I don't see why a Trump administration can't pass even newer regulatiosn to undo these.  The fact is, we need to fight back rather than let even action be a click in the ratchet to the left.


(11/25/2016) 'Child Labor' Attack on Trump Education Pick Is the Dumbest Thing You'll Read Today.  There is a lot of competition for 'dumbest' these days.  But given that the GOP has been accused of wanting to bring back 'Jim Crow' (a Democrat creation), then pretty much anything goes.


(11/25/2016) Tim Allen calls out 'hypocritical' Hollywood for bullying Trump supporters.  Liberals bullying their opponents?  Shocking!


(11/22/2016) The New War on Conservative Media.  Censoring conservative voices from social media.  The Left has been trying to get the Right to just shut up for some time.  They are escalating their efforts.


(11/21/2016) McDonald’s Reacts To $15 Minimum Wage, Announce All U.S. Stores To Be Automated.  Who could have foreseen this?  Oh, just all those people that have pointed out that if the work isn't worth the minimum wage, then it will be automated or it won't be done at all.  (Thanks, voters of Colorado, for passing higher minimum wage.  Sarcasm set on high.)


(11/21/2016) The "Hate Crime" Victims of Trump Who Weren't.  Thankfully, most "hate-crimes" are hoaxes.  This should make people happy - we simply don't have many genuine hate-crimes.  But far to many have invested heavily in the notion that America is a racist, sexist, homophobic and Islamophobic society - in other words, America is deplorable.  In the absence of real hate-crimes, hate-crimes must be invented to support the narrative.  Interestingly, fake hate-crimes, for some reason, don't equate to "fake news."


(11/20/2016) On his way out, Obama cedes Arctic energy control to Russia.  As predicted earlier, President Obama is going to do a lot of damage in his waning presidency.  This move won't even "protect the environment."  Does anyone think that the Russians will take more care than American companies when drilling in the Artic?


(11/18/2016) Thoughts From the Ammo Line.  If you need some laughter along with some truth, check out what Ammo Grrrll has to say this week.  You won't regret it.


(11/17/2016) Slate Writer Calls For ‘Symbol Of Solidarity’ To Distinguish Bigots From Everyone Else.  The idea is that the "good guys" wear a symbol so that others will recognize them as good guys.

(11/13/2016) The Cognitive Dissonance Cluster Bomb.  From Dilbert's Scott Adams.


(11/13/2016) Far Left CEO Says “Employees Are Scared for Their Safety” After Trump’s Victory.  There have been multiple documented attacks on Trump supporters since the election.  All the "attacks" committed by Trump supporters have turned out to be hoaxes or are not supported by any evidence.  And look at the "protests."  How many arrests?  In the 100's, I believe.  And how many arrests were there of Tea Partiers at their rallies?  Zero is the correct answer.

(11/13/2016) Students Walkout of Class to Protest Trump Win.  Some teachers, too.  They are not winning many friends in the heartland.

(11/13/2016) Hillary Supporter Holds ‘Rape Melania’ Sign at DC Protest in Front of Trump Hotel.  More tolerance from the Left.

(11/12/2016) The Week in Pictures: The Epic Trumpening Special Double Edition.  There are a lot of good laughs in this week's edition.

(11/12/2016) A Democrat's Guide to Moving to Canada.  Sadly, most celebrities who threatened to move have already changed their mind.

(11/10/2016) There is a Way to Override the Supreme Court.  Some of us may be breathing easier regarding the Supreme Court, but this is still an issue. 

(11/09/2016) Yale Professor Cancels Exam for Snowflake Students Distraught at Election Result.  More evidence that unless you are a STEM major, college is probably bad for you.  Update: here is more - A generation of snowflakes, triggered: Here are some headlines from colleges across the country.   

(11/06/2016) The Great Media Meltdown of 2016.  Editorial from the Colorado Springs Gazette.

(11/04/2016) European Media Jihad Against Geert Wilders.  As they lose their grip, the political and media elites are getting desperate.  I think there is strong evidence that this is happening here in the USA.

(11/02/2016) The Obama Administration Is About To Make International Adoption A Lot Harder.  As the parent of five via internation asoption, this is pretty sick.

(11/01/2016) Despite Investigations, Obama’s IRS Has Never Stopped Targeting Conservatives.  This is hardly surprising, but that doesn't make it right.  People should have gone to jail over this and obviously should still.  Christians often are accused of being self-righteous, but it hard to beat the self-righteousness of those who are willing to lie, cheat and break the law because they know their cause - progressivism - is righteous.

(10/31/2016) Agents Accuse Feds of Covering Up Record Border Detainee Numbers for 2016 Election.  Would anyone be surprised if this is the case?

(10/30/2016) No English for You! Schools to Teach Kids in Spanish Only!  I know that many Spanish-speaking parents want their kids taught in English.  Do we really have so many that want their kids trapped in Spanish?  English should be the official language of the US, with all classes taught in English and after school programs to help kids make the transition to English, if necessary.

(10/29/2016) When Will Liberals Answer for Obamacare's Failures?  Never.  Many progressive programs have failed to meet their objectives.  Many actually do harm.  Have liberals ever answered for those failures?  Of course not.  And their "solution" is always the same - more money and continue with the same only more of it. 


(10/28/2016) Feds investigating voter guides dumped in Berkeley recycling bin.  These had been apparently mailed and addressed to specific voters.  This could be a case of lazy mailman syndrome, but one can be forgiven for thinking of more sinister interpretations.

(10/28/2016) Columbus Day changed to Indigenous People's Day in Vermont and city of Phoenix.  As someone who was born on Oct. 12, I am deeply offended.


(10/23/2016) Immigrant who can't speak English feels alienated by US.  Remember the melting pot?  Remember when first generation immigrants always tried to learn enough English to get by (often imperfectly) but made sure the next generation learned English well?  Those days seem to be fading away.

(10/23/2016) Obama obsessed with Trump's buildings, hates John Wayne.  This title was the sort of click-bait that I can't resist.  Nevertheless, it is interesting.

(10/22/2016) Hospital Charges Mom $40 to Hold Her Newborn Baby.  I've seen this story in multiple places.  There can be a lot of explanations.  One thing I noticed when my dad was on Medicare - there were charges for things that were not done.  Was it out and out fraud, or was the hospital just trying to break even because of the low reimbursement rates under Medicare?  Probably a combination of the two.

(10/19/2016) New U.N. Chief Abandoned Mideast Christians to ISIS.  Former top refugee official now secretary general – 'he bears 99.9%' of blame.  Remind me again: why do we participate in the farce that is call the United Nations.

(10/18/2016) The Left and the Masses.  This is the first in a series of three columns by Thomas Sowell.  The second and third can be accessed from the first.  I will summarizes, omitting all details.  Those on the Left advocate many policies that superficially sound great - such as raising the minimum wage.  But once you really think about and study those policies, you discover that they not only will not achieve the desired result, but will do genuine harm.  But read the columns.  Sowell explains things much better than I, and you can learn a lot!


(10/15/2016) Public Education: Progressivism's Unbeatable Advantage.  Although I agree with the article, a great deal on non-public education has been infected with progressivism, to say nothing of our news media and our prime sources of entertainment.  In short, the bulk of all sources of information for the general public are dominated by those with progressive views.

(10/15/2016) Ruth Bader Ginsburg Calls Own Critique of Colin Kaepernick ‘Inappropriately Dismissive and Harsh.’  She called his anthem protests "dumb and disrespectful" which was exactly correct.  But she was made to toe the line - the Left cannot afford to have any dissent from within the ranks.

(10/12/2016) NFL Ratings Tanking in Wake of Leftist Moral Exhibitionism.  Most MSM articles do not mention a fan boycott as a possible reason for the ratings decline.  Consider joining the boycott - surely there are better things to do than staying glued to your TV sets Sunday afternoons (and Sunday, Monday and Thursday evenings).

(10/12/2016) Singer takes knee while performing national anthem in Sacramento.  We should always treat other people with respect and we should always treat our flag with respect.  Case closed. 

(10/11/2016) Words Versus Deeds - a Thomas Sowell column.  I've been a Sowell fan for almost 40 years.  If you aren't one, you should be. 

(10/09/2016) Obama's Latest Claim: Syrian Civil War Caused by Climate Change.  This from the "party of science and reason."  I think the evidence is in.  Science and reason are nothing but tools to promote the progressive agenda, not that science and reason are to be used to produce an informed agenda.

(10/05/2016) American University Student Govt Demands Trigger Warnings in Course Syllabi. 


(10/01/2016) Fox Affiliate Hires Hillary Clinton Operative to Report News.  Well, to be fair, most reporters are Democrat activists without the paper trail.

(10/01/2016) Witnessing the Final Demise of "Mainstream" Media.  One can always hope.


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