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Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.  Matthew 22:21b (KJV)

Other News of Interest

Jan-Mar 2017

(03/31/2017) Tucker Carlson’s evisceration of a lefty prof is more than entertaining.  This is the professor who tweeted that he wanted "white genocide" for Christmas, and that he "wanted to vomit" when a first-class passenger gave up his seat to a soldier in uniform.  There are two problems.  First, there are not enough Tucker Carlsons out there.  Next, while this professor's tweets were so outrageous they demanded a response, there are many, many more that deserve a response but remain unchallenged.  We have plenty of spectators on the sidelines, but far too few soldiers in the field.

(03/31/2017) Philly cancels Cinco de Mayo over ICE fears.  This story is a bit old, but it is worth mentioning a possible story behind the story.  This event has only been held in Philly for a couple years - it is not a tradition like the mummers.  And there has been some violence and other incidents.  I think Philly simply used ICE as an excuse to cancel a generally disruptive event.


(03/24/2017) Will Smoking Gun Documents Vindicate Trump?  If they do, it will be without any assistance from the MSM.


(03/24/2017) School Lesson Compares Trump to Hitler, Mussolini.  I realize that not all public schools do this stuff, but until we have genuine school choice, this sort of thing must be fought.


(03/23/3017) Law Takes a Holiday.  We are heading down the road to self-destruction unless we return to the rule of law.


(03/21/2017) Maryland county’s count suggests noncitizens voting across U.S.  Lawsuit on behalf of Marylanders compared jury pools.  But we keep being told it is not a problem.


(03/21/2017) Company creates ‘snowflake’ test to weed out job applicants.  Kind of funny, but when you think about it, having people in your workforce who get "triggered" easily is not good for morale or productivity.


(03/20/2017) Man Wears MAGA Hat in NYC as a Social Experiment, Predictable Results Ensue.  Sadly, it is predictable that those that consider themselves to be the most tolerant ones are, in fact, the least. 


(03/18/2017) Environmentalists Want to Grant Human Rights to a River, But Not to Unborn Children.  This stuff is insane, yet it is becoming commonplace. 


(03/17/2017) American Courts Creating 'Affirmative Right to Immigrate.'  Author warns judges making up law 'out of thin air.'   Not to be blasé, but courts have been doing this for some time. 


(03/15/2017) Ignorant Media.  Is it too much to expect reporters to know something about the subject they are reporting on?  Apparently.  My own observation is that I have never seen an MSM article involving evangelicals where the writer displayed any knowledge about evangelicals - or even mere church attendance.


(03/15/2017) New York About to Eliminate Test Meant to See if Teachers Can Read… because RAAAACISM!.  Question: why will blacks work harder in school if they know we are going to lower our standards in jobs to accommodate their poorer performance?  More often than not, the government provides incentives that reward people for poor decisions and punish people for good ones.  That was the root cause of the Tea Party, in the area of mortgages.  There are so many other examples, I don't want to get started.


(03/15/2017) Rapper Pretends to Murder President Trump in Latest Music Video.  It is hardly necessary to point out the hypocrisy of the MSM given that we know what their reaction would have been if, say, Ted Nugent had done this with Obama.  So the question is, why does Snoop get a free pass?  Because he is a Democrat?  Because he is black?  Because it is Trump he is shooting?


(03/14/2017) Fake University Harvard Uses Fake Professor's List to Smear Real News Sites.  Basically, every conservative news or opinion site is listed as "fake."  Far left wacko sites are not.  Is anyone surprised?


(03/11/2017) Federal Judge Blasts Unprofessional Behavior of Justice Department Lawyers.  No, these are not Trump appointees.


(03/10/2017) Staggering number of college students using student loans to pay for spring break.  I suppose they expect their loans to be forgiven.  It seems that the "experts" have determined that the best way to discourage stupid behavior is to subsidize it.


(03/08/2017) Charlie Daniels: The Left Is Approaching a Tipping Point.  I certainly hope so.  The problem is that the Left dominates education, entertainment and the media.  They are not going down without a fight, and victory is going to require more than a few defectors.  How better to get defectors than to convert them?  We should all be praying for national revival and spending time on our own, personal revival.


(03/08/2017) James Dobson Reflects on 40 Years in Radio; Sees ‘Reprieve’ in Trump Election.  Reprieve.  Let us hope and pray that ultimately it is more.  But it has been a long time since we've even had a reprieve.


(03/06/2017) Fake Hate Crimes.  You would think that everyone would be grateful that genuine "hate crimes" are rare in America.  You would be wrong.  Many on the Left have a major investment in the notion that America is largely a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, hateful society.  Since people aren't cooperating by proving their case, they clearly must take matters into their own hands.  Question: why don't people on the right do the same?  Read the article, though you can cheat by skipping to the end.


(03/03/2017) The American Sniper’s Widow Sounds Off on Liberal Attacks of Trump Honoring Fallen Navy SEAL.  Progressives are claiming that she let herself be "used" by Trump.  I guess that it has not occurred to them that she was a willing agent and is just fine with Trump.  We are seeing a whole lot of projection these days.


(03/02/2017) Presidential Payback for Media Hubris.  More Victor Davis Hanson.  The Democrats and the MSM are so desperate that I do not believe that there is any low that they will not sink to in the coming months (or years). 


(02/28/2017) The Metaphysics of Trump.  Victor Davis Hanson again.  He is always worth reading.


(02/28/2017) How to Make America’s Elites More Responsible.  Sadly it is much more in the nature of elites to posture rather than be responsible.  Which isn't to say that we shouldn't try to make the elites more likely to feel the effects of the policies they impose on the rest of us.


(02/28/2017) The Terrorist Leader of the "Women's Strike."  From helping to kill Israeli students to advocating militant resistance in the streets of the U.S.A.  So the last women's march features a speaker who spent considerable time in prison for kidnapping, rape and murder (crimes for which she has never apologized) and the latest "women's" event features a Palestinian terrorist.  Sheesh.


(02/28/2017) Arizona Senate Pushing to Seize Assets of Those Who Plan and Participate in Protests That Turn Violent.  I'm not sure this is a good idea.  If the violence was planned, then yes.  But how easy it would be to send a bunch of masked thugs to someone else's protest to instigate violence.


(02/28/2017) Fake News: A Case Study.  Note that news doesn't necessarily have to be false to be fake.  It is very easy to put together a story that includes no falsehoods yet leaves a totally wrong impression - typically by omitting certain facts.  There are falsehoods in this "case study," as well is a lot of omission of facts.


(02/25/2017) School Dumps Michelle Obama Lunch Plan, Students Cheer as School Saves Money.  I seem to recall that CS Lewis had something to say about this.  People who try to force people to do things "for their own good" are more tireless than ordinary tyrants.


(02/24/2017) MSNBC Admits: Trump Thinks he Can ‘Actually Control Exactly What People Think,’ But ‘That is Our Job!’     


(02/24/2017) UVA flyer: pro-Trump candidate 'unsuited' for student gov.  Of course.  Tolerant progressives just know that all Trump supporters are horrible people.


(02/23/2017) SHOCK: Study Finds Discipline, Not Money, Makes Students Do Better.  What a surprise!  But haven't we known this for decades?  It is just that enforcing discipline is a lot more work than just spending other people's money.


(02/22/2017) I Want MY America Back!!!  So do I.


(02/21/2017) Why Professors Object to Being Recorded.  It may seem obvious, and it is.  But there are perhaps some additional, less obvious reasons as well.


(02/20/2017) Trump and the crisis of the meritocracy.  A column by Instapundit.  Definitely worth reading.  Key quote: "a lot of Americans resent the meritocrats’ insulation from what’s happening elsewhere."


(02/20/2017) Anti-Trump Europeans Decline to be Reassured by Mike Pence.  Why, exactly, should we care?   Europe, as a whole, has been heading in the wrong direction for some time.  Maybe some more countries will follow Britain's example (though what Britain will do about its Muslim problem remains to be seen).  Such counties and their (new) leadership are likely to look on Trump more favorably.


(02/20/2017) Progressives’ dangerous plan to use the 25th Amendment against Trump.  They will fail, but it is very troubling, and very similar to the Soviet Union declaring dissenters to be "mentally ill."  The Left continues its attempts at intimidating and silencing the opposition rather than debating with them.


(02/19/2017) Trump 4, Politifact 1.  I long ago learned that the so-called "fact checkers" are just as biased as the media.  Politifact has twisted itself into pretzels to declare factual statements by conservatives as false.  Here are just more examples.  Sometimes they are right, but it is so rare that it is always best to assume they are wrong.  Best yet, simply pay no attention to them.  As long as you get your news from a variety of sources, you can do a better job, anyway.  And as an added note, they sometimes resort to fact-checking something that was clearly hyperbole.  The article is worth the read simply because it displays Politifact's pretzel twisting logic.  Note that the 1 point that they give Politifact is one of those cases of hyperbole.  I guess Politifact has to do something to keep its batting average above .000.


(02/18/2017) Here’s Why State Election Officials Think Voter Fraud Is a Serious Problem.  It certainly is.  This article has the added benefit of featuring El Paso County's own Wayne Williams.


(02/18/2017) Fake 'Tolerance': The Lonely, Isolating Religion of Self-Deification.  We have become a culture of self-deified gods creating our own isolated realities.  True dat.


(02/15/2017) Small Business Optimism Highest Since Dec. '04, Sustains 'Stunning Climb' Since Election.  Let us hope that "optimism" turns into jobs.


(02/15/2017) Shocker! Woman in Texas convicted of voting illegally, and guess who she blames.  She blames Trump, of course.  But, but, the Democrats keep telling us that voter fraud is not a problem.  And I keep saying that if it isn't a problem, why are they fighting any formal investigation?  Don't they think such an investigation would prove them correct?  No.


(02/13/2017) Liberals: talking about voter fraud is what causes voter suppression.  Wow.  So any effort to reduce voter fraud - even just talking - qualifies as voter suppression.  This is just more of the Left's efforts to get conservatives to just SHUT UP.


(02/13/2017) Washington Post Solicits Leftists.  This is not surprising, but I thought the MSM was supposed to have learned something from the election.  I guess that they decided that they simply were not dishonest enough in their efforts to defeat Trump, so they have to try harder. 


(02/11/2017) Dakota Pipeline Protesters Leave Behind Mountains of Garbage -  Up to 250 truckloads of trash.  This is hardly surprising.  But it just reinforces the notion that we, as Christians, need to set a far, far better example.


(02/10/2017) Mrs. Warren's Profession Revisited.  Suffice it to say that some years ago, Elizabeth Warren favored school choice, but now Betsy DeVos's advocacy of school choice disqualifies her as Education Secretary in Warren's eyes.  The reason is simple: Democrat politicians are far more concerned with getting money from the teacher's unions than they are with improving the education of our kids.


(02/10/2017) Woman Laughably Argues Obamacare Mandate Lines Up With Christian Principles.  Well, those on the Left aren't the only ones to misuse the Bible for political purposes, but they do seem to do it with greater frequency than those in the Right.


(02/05/2017) Climate "Science" Rocked by Another Scandal.  When "scientists" have an agenda, genuine science goes out the window.  This used to only happen in the "soft" sciences, but now it is occurring in the hard ones as well.  Here is more on this.


(02/04/2017) CNN Uses #FakeVideo To Create #FakeNews.  In brief, they use footage of the EPA created Animas River disaster as justification for retaining incredibly intrusive EPA regulations.  It should be noted that originally, the EPA promised to pay for the damage they caused, but have subsequently changed their mind. 


(02/04/2017) Look How This ‘Peaceful,’ ‘Tolerant,’ ‘Anti-Nazi’ NYU Prof Protests Right Wing Guest.  You don't really want to listen to her.  Suffice it to say, this is from the same folks that proclaimed "Love Trumps Hate" - until they lost the election, that is.


(02/03/2017) On My Failure to Snark.  This is written by someone struggled about how to or whether to respond to a fellow Christian (very liberal) who spouts off scads of liberal talking points.


(02/02/2017) Don’t Believe Claims that Trump ‘Botched’ the Yemen Raid.  Apparently the raid was planned under Obama, but held off for a more moon-free night.  This is just more fake news and more evidence that the MSM is willing to believe anything as long as it makes Trump look bad.


(02/02/2017) Oh, Okay: Man Who Claimed Mother Died In Iraq Due To Travel Ban Lied.  But, but, it fits the narrative.  It looks like the MSM has doubled down on fake news since the election.


(02/02/2017) When Normalcy Is Revolution.  Well, of course it isn't, but don't expect the MSM to recognize that.  Another great Victor Davis Hanson column.  Would not evangelicals be thrilled if we were just to return, abortion excepted, to what was considered "normal" a mere 10 years ago?


(01/29/2017) Secret Service Agent Who Said She Wouldn't 'Take a Bullet' for Trump Put on Paid Leave.  Most of us in the private sector, if we declared we weren't willing to do our job, would be out of that job rather than getting paid vacation.  Government unions and special privileges for government workers have got to go.  I thought they were supposed to be public servants.


(01/28/2017) MSM BIAS: Headlines From the Women's March vs. March for Life Prove It.  Of course, it has been a long time since proof was actually needed.


(01/28/2017) The Week in Pictures: Trumpocalypse Now Edition.  Pretty funny.


(01/26/2017) The World Turned Upside Down.  In a good way, we hope.  Another great Victor Davis Hanson column.


(01/25/2017) Scientists, Women, The Press Think Trump Is Coming For Them.  Why in the world do so many people want to be victims, even when they are not?  Of course, the press may be right, but that is only because they have already self-destroyed whatever credibility they may once have had.


(01/24/2017) Ridicule Didn't Work - The Sokal hoax and its lessons.  This has to do with a man who got a nonsensical article published in an academic journal.  The fact that even academics themselves can't distinguish sense from nonsense these days should be a clarion call for academia to clean up their act.  Alas, such is not the case.


(01/23/2017) Trump tells business leaders he wants to cut regulations by 75% or 'maybe more.'  Some regulations are good.  Most are not.  The burden our regulatory system places on our economy - and on our lives - is immense.


(01/23/2017) What the New York Times Doesn’t Get.  How did the NYT respond to Obama’s 2009 “version” of America?  To be fair, there are a lot of things that the NYT doesn't get.


(01/22/2017) Felony charges awaiting hundreds of Inauguration Day violent rioters.  Good.  They were rioters, not protesters, and should be treated as such.  We are seeing change for the better already.


(01/22/2017) The Pointless Paranoia of the Women's Marches.  Exactly.


(01/22/2017) Trumpism Spreading: Marine Le Pen Hails Patriotism as The Future; 2017 Will Be “Year Of The Awakening.”  Simply stated, patriotism and nationalism are good things.  I am willing to genuinely sacrifice for a lot of things, including my country.  The rest of the world?  Not nearly so much.


(01/21/2017) The Mainstream Media Was in Rare Form During Trump's Inauguration.  What this really means is that the media was in their typical, biased form.  They haven't learned a thing.  Rather than learn from their mistakes, they expect Trump voters to "learn from theirs," instead.  It isn't going to work.  Einstein's definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Of course, the media has to do this because to do otherwise would be to admit they were (and are) wrong.


(01/20/2017) Scarborough: Big Newspaper Boss to Staff After Hillary  Lost: ‘We Did Our Best—Tried and Failed.’  Of course the MSM is biased, but remember that it is all for the good of the country (according to them).


(01/20/2017) Wynton Marsalis nails it on performers boycotting the inauguration.  Class act.


(01/20/2017) ‘Deplorables’ Witness Sunset of Obama, Dawn of Trump Era.  It is going to be interesting, and I hope and pray "great.".


(01/19/2017) Warren vs. DeVos: How a Perceived Handshake ‘Snub’ Exposed The Right Wing’s Cultural Ignorance.  This is very funny, but it is clear from the comments that some people did not recognize it as satire.


(01/19/2017) Somber WaPo writer discovers the main problem with newspapers is the readers (a rant).  What the WaPo writing bemoans is the fact that the MSM is losing control over what news gets reported. 


(01/19/2017) Survey: 1/3 of federal workers still “considering” quitting after tomorrow.  If only.  They are merely progressive virtue signaling.  This will be exactly like all those celebrities who were going to leave the country.


(01/19/2017) Fake News: 14-Year-Old Muslim Girl in Vienna Faked Hijab Attack Story.  So hate crime hoaxes are not just an American phenomena.


(01/16/2017) Trump Likely to Move Britain to the Front of the Queue.  Good.  While America is truly a melting pot with people from all over the world, no country has influenced us for the better more than the country we fought to achieve our independence.   It is high time we restored that "special relationship."


(01/16/2017) Tucker Carlson Smashes Megyn Kelly’s Ratings by 27% in First Week.  I wish him continued success.  I hope he doesn't fall in the Megyn Kelly trap and allow his success to go to his head.


(01/10/2017) Obama Okays Massive Shipment of Uranium to Iran That Could Produce 10 Nukes.  Can the Iran deal get any worse?  I have yet to see anything positive out of this deal.


(01/09/2017) Here's the Hollywood-Produced Farewell Video to Obama We've All Been Waiting For...  Well, perhaps some of us.


(01/09/2017) Meryl Streep declares war on Donald Trump at the #GoldenGlobes.  As if I should care.  Note that she declares victimhood for Hollywood.  Oh Joy. A Political Lecture From Meryl Streep At The Golden Globes


(01/03/2017) Is Islamic Cash Keeping Daniel Silva’s Books Out of Hollywood?  The bigger questionis, are you reading Daniel Silva?  Great, great stuff.  Since the main hero is an Israeli, I can see why Hollywood wouldn't touch it, Islamic cash or not.


(01/03/2017) Justice Department declines to prosecute VA employees who defrauded $400K, and who still have jobs.  This is the reason so many of us want to drain the swamp.

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