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Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.  Matthew 22:21b (KJV)

Other News of Interest

Apr-Jun 2016

(06/30/2016) C’mon, man. Attorney General holds private meeting with Bill Clinton.  What could possibly be wrong about the AG meeting with the husband of someone under investigation by the DOJ?  According to the AG, they spent 30 minutes talking about their grandkids.  Yeah, right.  Here is more: Mika Rips Media Blackout on Clinton-Lynch Meeting: ‘People Too Afraid to Talk About the Truth.’ 

(06/30/2016) Warmist guru Michael Mann tells DNC platform committee to use scary propaganda, not science, to panic voters into accepting flawed theory.  This is from the 'party of science.'

(06/30/2016)  Neil deGrasse Tyson earns Foundering Father status for proposed country with ‘one-line Constitution.’  Funny.  According to those on the Left, there is only one way to interpret the facts, and that is their way.  And if some of the 'facts' need to be changed to fit their narrative, so be it.  Tyson believe in a world run by experts - like him.  Here is a much more thorough take on all this: The Road to Rationalia.   


(06/29/2016) Warmist guru Michael Mann tells DNC platform committee to use scary propaganda, not science, to panic voters into accepting flawed theory.  Yet the liberals keep calling conservatives 'anti-science.'  Pretty much everything the left accuses the right of, the left is guilty of, whether the right is or not.

(06/29/2016) Barack Obama is not seeking "legacy."  This is a fairly old column by Sylvia Thompson.  I never heard of her until yesterday.  Her columns appear regularly at RenewAmerica, which I have added to our New and Politics favorite sites.


(06/28/2016) Democrats enshrine prosecution of climate change skeptics in platform. 

(06/27/2016)  Obama lets 18.7 million immigrants avoid oath of allegiance, pledge to defend America.  Too hard to believe?  Read it and weep.

(06/27/2016) Olive Oil, Tea Kettles, and Toasters: The Untold Brexit Story.  There are quite a few here in the USA that would like to do similar nonsense.

(06/27/2016) 'IRS agents' involved in menacing but lucrative scam.  It is hard to believe that people would fall for this.  The IRS will always contact you in writing, never by phone.  We received one of these calls and passed the info on to the Sheriff's dept.

(06/25/2016) Brexit and the End of International Progressive Inevitability.  Good food for thought.


(06/25/2016)  The Week in Pictures: Brexit Edition.  Pretty humerous.  Powerline does this (surprise, surprise) every week.  Powerline is one of our 'favorite sites' under 'news and politics.'

(06/25/2016)  FLASHBACK: Obama Threatens Brits Against Voting For Brexit.  More here.  On the other hand, Brexit: Britain’s Fourth of July.  I'm going with the Fourth.  Britain has a chance to be great again.  I hope they pull it off.

(06/24/2016)  Why Are Liberals So Hateful?  Good question, since to them conservatives are the haters even though we rarely spew the vitriol that the Left does.  The basic problem is that the Left believes that to disagree with them is to hate.  Apparently, for them to disagree with us, call us names and even instigate violence against us, has nothing to do with hate.  Of course not all liberals are like this, though it seems that all that make their presence known on the internet are.

(06/24/2016)  Britain has taken the first big step to shaking off decades of mediocrity.  Will they continue?  From Powerline, Brexit, take 1 and Brexit, take 2This article contains a lot more details.  More here.  I am glad that the country that used to be the greatest on God's green earth (before us) has decided to reassert itself.  And here is more: Brexit Vote Has Huge Ramifications for U.S. Politics. 

(06/23/2016) Remain Calm! Loretta Lynch, the FBI, and DHS Are Watching Our Backs!  This one of those stories that you would be forgiven for thinking was an Onion parody.

(06/23/2016) Homeland Security Instructed To Combat Violent Extremism With Political Correctness.  Well, that should certainly do the trick.

(06/22/2016)  AG Lynch: Compassion and Love Are Best Response to Terror.  Well, compassion and love are the best response to many things, but I am not convinced that terrorist attacks are among them.

(06/22/2016) Obama’s Yosemite trip causes Father’s Day weekend chaos.  Observe how liberal presidents do not seem to care just how much inconvenience they impose on the 'little people' they profess to represent.  Reagan, Bush - both of them, actually - did a much better job.  They actually cared about such things.

(06/21/2016)  Epic Fail: Armed Men Attempt to Rob McDonald’s Full of Special Forces (in France).  I don't know whether to categorize this as 'Humor,' 'Inspiration,' or 'Entertainment.'

(06/20/2016)  Suddenly Ideas Don't Matter?  In their fear of seeming bigoted, the left descends into dangerous nonsense.  Unfortunately, it isn't enough for the Left to behave and think stupidly to avoid being called bigots; they need to accuse everyone else of being bigots.


(06/19/2016)  Obama Completely Ignores D-Day, Yet Found Time to Issue Statements About: peaceful Muslims” and HIV/AIDs awareness. 

(06/19/2016)  Guess what Scott Baio posted that had Lefty Twitter raging?  Apparently, quoting President Obama with no commentary makes Baio a racist homophobe.

(06/17/2016)  America In Free Fall.  Well worth the read.

(06/17/2016)  Professor Says American Patriots are More Dangerous than Foreign Terrorists.  Of course.

(06/15/2016)  EPA Poisons a Colorado River and Takes Control of a Colorado Town.  Is there any better argument for smaller government than this?

(06/14/2016)  Chick-fil-A opened on Sunday in Orlando to feed people donating blood.  For free, of course.  Not that this will make the MSM news and not that any progressives will change their mind about Chick-fil-A.

(06/11/2016)  New Evidence Supporting School Choice.  If you want better schools for our kids, you have no choice but to support school choice.  But what is good for the kids is not so good for the politicians, the teacher's unions and the progressive agenda.

(06/08/2016)  ESPN Columnist Slams Cops Singing National Anthem Before Sporting Events. 

(06/07/2016)  The USSR isn't the only country that airbrushed people out of its history.  We are doing the same to Robert E. Lee here and here.  

(06/03/2016)  Clueless Americans Think Memorial Day is about LGBT Issues, Neil Armstrong & Emancipation.  Am I being unfair when I say that our system of education is failing, big time?

(06/02/2016)  Did you think that college could not get any more ridiculous?  Think again. Oberlin radicals demand erasing grades below Cs, replacing midterms with ‘conversations,’ and other nonsense, including pay for demonstrations. 

(05/31/2016)  How PC culture and safe spaces facilitate the rise of conservatism.  I hope the author is correct.  what I really want to see facilitated is a turning back to God.


(05/31/2016)  N.C. school board votes to stop naming valedictorians due to ‘unhealthy’ competition.   No comment necessary.

(05/31/2016)  Oregon school board bans books that question climate change.  But according to the MSM, it is Christians that want to impose their views on others.

(05/19/2016)  UVA student: ‘American’ identity ‘the most blatant microaggression.'  I know that practically everyone of college age always thinks they are smarter and wiser than older generations, but it is a severe indictment of our education system that we encourage them in their delusions and treat them as if they are correct.

(05/18/2016)  The Pajama Boy White House.  Meet the 30-somethings who are running our federal government.  It would be better for all concerned if people would wait until they grow up before they start running (ruining) other people's lives.

(05/18/2016)  Google Doodles: Redrawing American History.  Hardly surprising.

(05/16/2016)  Sixteen Democrats and one Independent State Attorneys General are calling for the prosecution of climate change "deniers" in the name of “clean power.”  It is pretty obvious that only God can get us out of this mess....  Not that we deserve to have Him do it.  Only revival can save us now. 

(05/16/2016)  Rail Traffic Depression: 292 Union Pacific Engines Are Sitting In The Arizona Desert Doing Nothing.  Not a typical article for 'current events,' but I am a train buff, so ....


(05/08/2016)  Public university admits to burying study finding no damage to water quality from fracking because funders ‘disappointed.’  Long, long ago, academic studies were done in order to find out the truth.  Today they are done to promote an agenda.  In short, most studies begin with a bias - the researchers have an objective.  It is rare that they cannot design a study to confirm their biases, but when they fail - bury it.  When an academic study gets a lot of publicity - read with skepticism.

(05/08/2016)  ‘Global warming’s evil twin’: ‘Ocean acidification’ being exposed as another phony crisis.  See note above.

(05/05/2016)  Free will could all be an illusion, scientists suggest after study shows choice may just be brain tricking itself.  Not persuasive.  You might be able to argue that the study shows that people have a tendency to confirmation bias, but that is about it.  In fact, the conclusions that the authors of the study make are a very concrete example of confirmation bias.

(05/05/2016)  Obama's crash program to destroy U.S. military.  This is from Michael Savage, of whom I am not a fan.  That said, there is a lot of truth here even as there is some hyperbole.

(05/05/2016)  The Big Bang Blows Atheism Sky High: Even Science May Eventually Catch Up to God’s Word.  I doubt the typical atheist will be persuaded, however.  One of the reasons, is that have already persuaded themselves that all religious believers are ignorant rubes (you know, like Isaac Newton) and they definitely do not want to join that crowd.


(05/03/2016)  UNBELIEVABLE: This Is What The U.S. Army Says They’re Focused On.  'Climate change,' of course.

(04/27/2016)  New Poll Finds Most Millennials Reject Capitalism.  Why should anyone be surprised?  This is what our public schools have been teaching them.

(04/27/2016)  James Monroe’s Inaugural Address Proves that our Nation has Lost its Way.  Suffice it to say that when I read what a lot of those old 'dead white guys' had to say (and not just the 'white' ones), and compare it to what today's leaders and 'elites' have to say, I can with confidence reject the notion that there is any such thing as 'social evolution.'  Outside of technology, we have just gotten dumber and dumber.

(04/27/2016)  Taxpayers Rank Obamacare as Worst Government Mandate EVER!  But take warning.  The proposed solution is going to be that we didn't go far enough - that we need for the government to take total control.


(04/26/2016)  NH Supreme Court Speaks Law into Existence out of Thin Air.  Of course, the US Supreme Court also does this.

(04/25/2016)  America in Wonderland.  The big question is: what are we going to do about it?

(04/25/2016)  This College Student Is Being Punished for Wearing An Empty Holster. 

(04/24/2016)  ExxonMobil Under Fire Over Climate Change.  This George Will column is actually very good.  Check it out.

(04/24/2016)  Moms Blast School District on Ban on Walking Their Kids Home from School.  Even in Texas they do stupid things.

(04/23/2016)  7 doom and gloom Earth Day predictions that never quite panned out.  'Never quite' is quite an understatement.

(04/23/2016)  For some fun, enjoy: the week in pictures.


(04/22/2016)  How Democrats Win Debates by Corrupting English.  Of course, it isn't just Democrats - it is the Left in general.  I'm sure conservatives and the GOP might be tempted to do the same if they had a MSM, an educational system and an entertainment industry to help them along.  But alas, the Left owns them all.

(04/22/2016)  The 7 Most Idiotic, Hypocritical Things You’ll See On Earth Day Tomorrow, GUARANTEED.  My first Earth Day was back in college in the early 70's.  I think it was the first Earth Day.  I was a flaming environmentalist, but I went to a presentation where the professor discussed thinking thoroughly about the consequences of particular policies rather than just going with the flow.  I left a changed man.  You won't hear that kind of presentation at Earth Day any more.


(04/20/2016)  Park Ranger mocks Constitution while leading tour of Independence Hall. 


(04/20/2016)  Rights Versus Wishes.  A Walter Williams column.

(04/20/2016)  America’s Road to Hell: Paved with Rights.  Interesting read.  Suffice to say that 'Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness' really does over the bases. 


(04/20/2016)  Obama Apology May Follow Kerry Hiroshima Visit.  America has made mistakes in the past.  Ending WWII without an invasion of Japan was not one of them.


(04/20/2016)  Students to be disciplined for build-a-wall chants at soccer game.  Hmm. 

(04/19/2016)  3 Major Problems With ‘Confirmation,’ HBO’s Anita Hill History Rewrite.  I would never have believed that HBO would make a movie that was an honest portrayal of the Clarence Thomas (our best Supreme Court justice IMHO).  They claim it is unbiased, which just goes to show how deep anti-conservative, pro-progressive bias runs in the entertainment industry.  Here is more: “Confirmation” bias and Confirmation Bias, Part Two


(04/16/2016)  Bill Nye, “The Science Guy,” OK with Jailing Climate Change Deniers.  Is anyone surprised?

(04/16/2016)  Feds awarded $600G for study on why people cheat on taxes.  Because they think they can get away with it and it saves them money.  Next question.

(04/14/2016)  California college students object to 'white feminist' Madeleine Albright as commencement speaker.  Just how far left does one have to be to qualify as a commencement speaker these days?

(04/14/2016)  '1 more nail in coffin of global-warming deception.'  Not that they care.

(04/08/2016)  Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse wants to prosecute climate change 'deniers.'  This is an old article, but he is still at it.  Update:  Here is another perspective on the subject: If propounding pseudoscience in pursuit of self-serving goals is a crime, here are some hardened offenders.

(04/05/2016)  Upstate town board (NY) votes against reciting Pledge of Allegiance.  After all, it is just a waste of time.  I'm sure that the borad will do great things with those extra 10 seconds.

(04/05/2016)   Carl’s Jr. CEO Responds $15 Minimum Wage Demand – Liberals Are NOT Going To Like It.  When the fast food places in high minimum wage areas automate, at some point the automation costs will become lower than the minimum wage elsewhere.  So people will start losing their jobs elsewhere as well.  Of course, that means lower prices for all, though many of the intended beneficiaries - fast food workers - will end up with no job at all.


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