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Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.  Matthew 22:21b (KJV)

Other News of Interest

Jan-Mar 2016


(03/16/2016)  Watch: These Americans Don’t Know Who Washington D.C. Was Named After. 

(03/10/2016)  NPR and Harvard Say: Obamacare Is a Complete Failure.  Of course, quite a few knew it would be long before it was passed.  That is, if the purpose of it was to provide better, less expensive health care.  On the other hand, if the purpose was to have the government get involved in much more of our lives, it has been a rousing success.

(03/10/2016)  The Road to Autocracy.  Something to think about.


(03/04/2016)  Scientific paper which says the human hand was designed by a 'Creator' sparks controversy.  Natch.

(03/04/2016)  New Equipay iPhone App Splits Dinner Bills “Fairly” Based on Race, Gender.  Yeah, right.  As someone wisely said about women, if you want to reduce the 'pay gap' between men and women, change your major from Feminist Dance Therapy to Electrical Engineering.  "Fair" to the creators of this app means punishing people who have made wise choices and rewarding those who have made poor choices.  Of course, isn't this what government does all the time these days?

(03/04/2016)  Woman jailed for refusing federal order to commit perjury.  This in regard to tax forms.  And why exactly, are government officials never held responsible - much less punished - for this kind of stuff? 


(03/01/2016)  Illegal Immigrants Now Teaching America's Children!.  I know it is tactless for me to say this, but by whatever name you may call them, illegal immigrants are still criminals.


(03/01/2016)  Holy... Union Thugs Attack Church for Using Non-Union Construction Workers!  Well, many of the bad things happening in our country are relatively new - attacks on free speech and religious freedom, for example.  This, at least, has the 'virtue' of having been going on for a long time.

(03/01/2016)  Federal Government Employee tells Miner that His Authority Supersedes the Constitution!  I thought that public employees were supposed to be "public servants" and were there to serve the public.  And as such we to be held to a higher standard.  Obviously I go that all worn.  The taxpayers who pay them are also to serve them and they are to be held to no standards at all.  They are above the law.

(03/01/2016)   Seattle pushes sweeping new rules for worker schedules, employers cry foul.  Well, the higher minimum wage hasn't been working out so why not do more of the same? 


(02/25/2016)  Survey: Government has lots of unhappy customers. Hardly surprising.


(02/22/2016)  Today really is Washington's birthday.  Here is a nice tribute: Remembering the indispensable man.

(02/22/2016)  The left cares not to understand originalism.  To the left, politics and governing is all about power and the Constitution is nothing but a tools to be used when it can be and ignored when it can't.


(02/21/2016)  You won’t believe that latest warmist excuse for the failure of their prediction of doom.  Actually, the warming crowd has an excuse for everything, so it is totally believable.


02/21/2016)  Social media sites getting serious about censoring conservatives.  Easy to believe, but I'd prefer more evidence.


(02/20/2016)  Obama will not attend Scalia funeral.  Is anyone surprised?


(02/20/2016)  Unionized news outlet cheers Scalia's death.  That didn't take long.

(02/20/2016)  If You Think Liberals are More Open-Minded than Conservatives, You Should Check Out These Surprising Facebook Stats.  This should not be 'surprising' to conservatives.  Also note that on dating sites, conservatives are more willing to date liberals than vice versa.


(02/20/2016)  San Diego now banishes 'Founding Fathers,' takes political correctness 'to a whole new extreme.'  

(02/15/2016)  'Anti-Beyonce Protest Rally' planned for NFL.  Somehow I am not surprised about the content of it, given who was the star.  The NFL should be ashamed.  This was more offensive than a 'wardrobe malfunction.'

(02/13/2016)  Cop 'Escorted' From Class Because His Gun Made Professor 'Uncomfortable'   


(02/10/2016)   Isn't It Strange?  How the media treats the 'gun violence' and 'bomb violence' differently.

(02/10/2016)   State's Clean Power rally backfires.  A Gazette editorial.  Politicians generally stack the deck to achieve their desired outcome rather than to merely seek public opinion.  They don't always succeed.


(02/09/2016)  DC government will pay criminals not to commit crimes.  Does this sound like a good idea?

(02/09/2016)   The Rot In The Academy.  The article is a bit incomplete in my mind, but it includes links that flesh things out.

(02/02/2016)   Outrage: Administration may have handed thousands of illegal alien kids over to human traffickers.  There was a time when I would never have believed suc a thing possible. 

(01/28/2016)  Obama Administration Orders Labeling of Israeli Goods - Memo directs ‘trade community’ to label Jewish goods.  

(01/27/2016)   Dem senator during gun control hearing: I don’t want to hear about this Constitution thing.  Shouldn't be a surprise.  Rep. Pelosi said that Congress has the power to do whatever it wants.


(01/26/2016)   Freed Iranians Never Boarded Flight Out of US.  Why ever not?

(01/23/2016)   School Official says 3x4=11 is Correct in Common Core!  While it is true that 11 is the correct answer if you are calculating in base 11 rather than base 10, unless the problem states it is base 11, 11 is simply incorrect.  I know that we have been running away from the notion that there are absolute truths, but I rather thought that math could hold out for longer than this.

(01/20/2016)   Feds Built a $75 Million Building for the Wrong Agency.  Could such idiocy occur in the private sector?  No.

(01/20/2016)    Nearly 10% of College Grads Think Judge Judy Serves on SCOTUS.  And I'm not even going to link to the video of people on the beach in San Diego who don't know what country Mount Rushmore is in.  Although I am shocked that so many people who know so little actually vote, I am even more shocked that our education system manages to churn out such people in apparently increasing numbers.  Here is more on the topic: James O’Keefe’s Common Core Videos Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg.


(01/20/2016)   Judicial Watch Lawsuit Pries Loose A ‘New Climate Data Scandal.’  Sad to say, many in government are far more concerned with pushing an agenda than seeking the truth.  Honesty seems to be less and less of a virtue.

(01/20/2016)   Stanford Prof. Deletes Data From Study Showing Green Energy Will Kill Jobs.  When scientists put a political agenda ahead of what the data shows, they are not scientists but are political hacks.  There are many who are quite happy to commit political hackery but call it 'science.'

(01/12/2016)  Lawsuit Claims Graveyard Cross is a Microaggression. 

(01/06/2016)   Federal government tells parents they are inferior.  This seems to be an exaggeration, but the the fact is that the government has become more and more intrusive when it comes to child rearing.  The skeptical should consider this: MA 'protects' foster kids from Christian parents.


(01/04/2016)  Be Not Afraid! Farewell 2015, Hello 2016.  

(01/04/2016)   The global warming consensus that isn't.  Remember how the president keeps telling up that 97% (or more) of all scientists agree that 'global warming' is settled science?  Of course, this has been debunked over and over, though the MSM conveniently doesn't bother to tell us.  This is the latest debunking which may be harder to ignore.

(01/02/2016)   2016: A Year of Hope or Gloom?  Good question.

(01/01/2016)  Failed Education Secretary's Chief Regret is Lack of Gun Control Legislation.  Maybe the Secretary of Education should consider focusing his attention on education, not attacking the Second Amendment.

(01/01/2016)   Is New Year’s Eve the Worst Holiday?  Holiday?  Yesterday was a holiday?


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