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Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.  Matthew 22:21b (KJV)

Other News of Interest

Oct-Dec 2015


(12/31/2015)   Peer-Reviewed Survey Finds Majority Of Scientists Skeptical Of Global Warming Crisis.  Wait, wait.  I keep hearing that 97% (or 99%) of scientists believe in man-caused global warming!  Of course, those numbers have always been fake.  Those who insist that we must 'do something' have an agenda that goes far beyond 'saving the planet.'  In addition, just follow the money.  Research grants go to those who affirm the 'crisis.'

(12/31/2015)   The public thinks the average company makes a 36% profit margin, which is about 5X too high.  Of course, the public thinks that nearly 30% of the population is homosexual, which is about 10x too high.  We can blame both our education system and the MSM, both primarily progressive institutions.  It is in their interest to promote the notion that corporations are rolling in dough and that homosexuals make up a large portion of the population and therefore of your friends, neighbors and co-workers.

(12/29/2015)   BLM Burns Ranches and Destroy Cattle, but Ranchers Get Charged with Terrorism.  Some of this seems a bit hard to believe, yet we have numerous instances of bureaucrats abusing their power and / or screwing up and then covering up by blaming others.

(12/28/2015)    Constitution: Outdated and Overstretched?  Although the Constitution has been largely ignored for some time, the only reason it might be considered 'outdated and overstretched' is because it still stands in the way of much of the progressive agenda - especially the first and second amendments.

(12/27/2015)   How Big Should Government Be?  Another Dennis Prager video on Left vs Right.


(12/24/2015)   New Orleans to remove four prominent Confederate monuments after mayor approves bill.  We used to laugh at the Soviet Union for doing this sort of thing.  It just goes to show how petty those on the Left are.  And insecure.

(12/24/2015)  Happy holidays: Harvard instructs students how to talk to their families about 'diversity.'  Or in other words, how to take a holier than thou attitude into Christmas and annoy the rest of your family.  Actually, I think Harvard has backed away a bit on this.


(12/23/2015)   Obama's Message To Terrorists.  Short version: it isn't your fault, it is ours.

(12/23/2015)   The Political Significance of Christmas.  Worth the read.

(12/23/2015)  For Planned Parenthood, a Woman's Health comes Second to a Man's Right to Keep his HIV a Secret.  I did a double-take when I first saw this, but apparently it is true.  Funny how when you spend time pandering to specific target groups you are ultimately going to find that your panders are going to conflict.

(12/23/2015)   Tis the Season to be Offended.  Yes, Virgina, there still is a 'War on Christmas.'  Most people may believe that Christmas really is about Christ, but that doesn't mean there isn't a war going on.  There is, and we are being forced to give ground every year.

(12/22/2015)   John Stossel: The Smear.  Stossel is describing the fact that conservative researchers are smeared by claims that their work has been 'discredited' when, in fact, no such thing has happened.  We have the same situation with the PP videos.  The MSM routinely refers to them as 'discredited' yet no one has managed to show any such thing.  Just repeat the lie over and over and people will come around to believing it.  Hmm.  Now where have I heard that before?


(12/20/2015)  Valerie Jarrett: Imposing More Gun Laws will Make US a “More Perfect Union”   I'll repeat:  Since the early 1990's. gun ownership has increased 60% and gun homicides have gone down 49%. 

(12/20/2015)  'Climate criminal' blows whistle: 'It's just about the money!'  'Wealth transfer' is 'gesture to redesign the global economic system'  Of course.  The whole 'global warming' / 'climate change' racket has been motivated by a desire for money and / or power.  If it were a genuine concern, those pushing the agenda would have long since changed their own lifestyles.  They haven't, but they will be happy to take your money and demand that you change your lifestyle.

(12/17/2015)  White House Spokesman: "I Don't Know" Why Gun Sales Are Up.  Naturally they cannot admit that it is because people want to be able to defend themselves.

(12/16/2015)  Moron U: Students want to rename 'Lynch Hall' because, well, racism.  There are plenty of real problems - both in the life of our country and in one's own personal life.  What to do, what to do?  Ignore them and worry about stuff like this.

(12/15/2015)   The spreading virus: Oberlin edition: UPDATE (Is this for real?)   There was a time when you sent your kids off to college and after 4 years they came home adults.  There was a time when those that were disadvantaged worked hard to overcome their disadvantages.  Today it seems that people are fighting for the right to claim to be disadvantaged, and demanding favors and freebies from others to compensate for their disadvantages.

(12/13/2015)   After San Bernardino, America shrugs.  Well, the administration shrugs.  Given the record gun sales, I suspect that many Americans are wising up to the fact that they may have to defend themselves and not rely on our government.

(12/10/2015)  Media starting to panic over SCOTUS review of affirmative action.  Over time, affirmative action, just like welfare, has probably had a negative overall effect on its supposed beneficiaries. 

(12/10/2015)   How the Media has Corrupted our Political Process by Manipulating the News.  Interesting read, though it does not get into specific examples.

(12/09/2015)   Workforce Could Shrink by 2 Million People Because of Obamacare.  This is the CBO speaking, not the Heritage Foundation or other conservative think tank.  In addition to keeping our doctors and existing insurance and saving $2,500 per family, we were told, as I recall, that we'd add 400,000 jobs in the healthcare industry alone.  Any private company that sold us such a bill of goods would be long since out of business and some of their executives in prison.

(12/08/2015)  Ranchers Blamed for Illegals Dying on Their Land.  If I may digress, one of the prime functions of government in recent years is to reward bad behavior and punish good behavior.  This is just a variation on that theme.


(12/07/2015)   Some college presidents are acting like grown-ups: University president has had enough of self-absorbed students in need of safe spaces.  

(12/07/2015)   Self-Defenseless.  Written before San Bernadino, this column is even more applicable today.  As a side note, the murder rate in the U.S. has been declining steadily since the early-1990's (it is about half what it was) while gun ownership has climbed dramatically in that time.  The logical and correct conclusion - gun ownership is a deterrent to crime.

(12/06/2015)   ‘Seek help’: NY Daily News columnist helps paper sink to disgusting new lows.  If you thought the Daily News could not sink any lower, you would be wrong.  The columnist thinks that a Messianic Jew killed in San Bernadino was just as bad as his killers.

(12/06/2015)   America’s higher education brought low.  We are posting a lot of articles on the subject, but then there are a lot of reasons to do so.

(12/04/2015)   Here Are the Names of the 14 Slaughtered in San Bernardino.  Who cares what the Daily News thinks.  Please pray for these people and their family and friends.

(12/04/2015)  Prayers for Shooting Victims Prompt a Dubious Front Page.  This is another good article on the subject of what I will call the progressive chant that God can't do anything, but man, through 'sensible gun legislation,' can.

(12/03/2015)  The Left’s Assault on ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Revealed Its Anti-Christian Bigotry and Rank Political Posturing.  Dare I hope that we are reaching the tipping point where revival becomes not only possible, but likely?


(12/03/2015)  Prayer shaming: They know not what they do.  Guns are not the disease, sin is, and prayer is the cure.  So now we have a bunch of progressives denigrating prayer.  And people wonder why things aren't going so well?

(12/03/2015)   The Left Prays After San Bernardino Shooting, To Its God Of Government.  Let us pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Here is more on the subject: The left's disgraceful reactions to San Bernardino shooting.


(12/02/2015)   What's Behind IRS Move to Track Nonprofit Donors?  Good question.  Not that any of our dedicated public servants woould ever consider misusing such information (\sarc).

(12/02/2015)   Congratulations, Student Protesters, You Just Got Used.  The latest round of protests is silly enough, but here are some related issues that most have not considered.


(12/01/2015)   Harvard Plans Divisive Anti-America Conference.  Of course, they don't call it that, but that is what it boils down to.


(12/01/2015)  A Translation of the Obama Administration's Letter to America's Universities.  Of course, there is a little hyperbole involved.  I have heard over and over again that 'diversity' is good (no studies to back that assertion up, however) but at American colleges and universities diversity apparently only applies to the color of your skin and has nothing to do with views and opinions. 

(11/30/2015)   Policing Culture at the University of Washington.  Apparently 'appropriating' things from another culture is bad, bad, bad. 

(11/29/2015)   Charities chafe at IRS proposal to collect donors' Social Security numbers.  What could go wrong? 

(11/27/2015)   Who’s really protesting Walmart?  Well, basically it isn't Walmart employees.  I have kids that work at Walmart and they are more concerned with working hard and getting promotions in order to earn more money.  So far, so good.


(11/26/2015)  Media equating Syrian refugees with Pilgrims.  Limbaugh: 'It's criminal the way these people have rewritten history.'  Progressive and totalitarian societies have always re-written history to suit their purposes. 


(11/26/2015)   The New York Times Becomes The Onion.  Apparently the Times has only just discovered that progressive hero Woodrow Wilson was a racist.  Better late than never.

11/26/2015)   The New Yorker Becomes The Onion.  They think the notion that 'global warming' is causing the violence in Syria is 'uncontroversial.'  This really belongs in the humor section.

(11/25/2015)   Why some call Thanksgiving 'National Day of Mourning.'  However, if you are not in mourning, go over to our blog post and add a comment about why you are thankful.

(11/23/2015)  EPA Gives $30,000 to Unitarian Church That Preaches Against ‘White Privilege.’  ‘Environmental justice grant’ for climate change education.  Is this how our tax dollars should be spent? 

(11/20/2015)   Great News! Americans Don’t Really Care About Climate Change.  The funny thing is that the huge bulk of research dollars go to those that will promote the warming hypothesis and agenda, but apparently the only researchers that are corrupted by money are those that question that hypothesis and agenda.

(11/19/2015)  Obama: I’m not Interested in “American Leadership, or America Winning.”  Well, lack of American leadership in the world sure has been working out well, hasn't it?

(11/16/2015)   Conservatism’s Essential Element Is Experience.  I would add that experience affirms the biblical view of mankind as well.


(11/09/2015)   25 Obama Whoppers for the Media to Chew On.  So the MSM has decreed Ben Carson a liar (though they can't seem to find any actual lies), but just take a look at what they have previously overlooked.  


(11/09/2015)   When 'Civility' Really Means 'Political Correctness.'  Just like 'fairness' means 'hang on to your wallet.'

(11/09/2015)   Is the media biased?  Of course it is.

(11/03/2015)  Can You Say Delusional? School District Gives Cs For Doing Nothing.   Note that you can actually get a D or F if you do a little work, so the smart choice for a poor student is to do nothing at all.

(11/03/2015)   EMT says he was suspended without pay for trying to save choking girl.  Remember when the mentally ill man drowned in San Francisco Bay after authorities prevented private citizens from trying to save him because they were waiting for those 'properly trained' to arrive?


(10/30/2015)   Some thoughts about life - thoughtful, and both amusing and sad.

(10/29/2015)   Demographics is destiny - even for China.  This problem goes far beyond an aging population.  Consider the high male to female ration among those born after the one child policy was implemented.

(10/28/2015)  Obama Admin Orders Public Schools to Honor Illegal Aliens.   


(10/24/2015)  New Obama czar will hunt 'right-wing' extremists.  Just what we need.

(10/23/2015)   "Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good."  Ain't it the truth.  For more wit and wisdom from Thomas Sowell, go here.


(10/21/2015)  Liberals believe eliminating tipping produces better service.  Because service in the Soviet Union was always so great, right?

(10/20/2015)  SF school principal suspends student council election outcome because results not 'diverse' enough.  Underlying this is the notion that you are completely defined by your race.  Obviously,the kids don't agree.

(10/16/2015)   University of Iowa too white?  So they are going out of state to recruit more minorities.  Hmm.  I thought the University of Iowa was a 'state' university.

(10/08/2015)   Impeach the IRS Director.  There is a lot of info in this George Will columns that most people simply do not know.  If this information were presented to the public in a manner that disguised the politics involved, the overwhelming majority would likely support impeachment.

(10/08/2015)   U.S. to release 6,000 federal prisoners - Washington Post.  This may be justified - there are a lot of people in prison for non-violent offenses - but I would like to see these things happen a little less unilaterally.


(10/07/2015)   Obama Supporters Can Get Behind Some Strange Policies.  Well, I'm sure the same could be said for conservative supporters of some candidates.  But surely not nearly as 'strange' as these!

(10/07/2015)  Good work if you can get it: Federal workers making 78% more than private sector counterparts.  So why, exactly, are we putting up with this?

(10/07/2015)  Why One Texas Hair Braider Became a Workers’-Rights Activist.  There are some jobs where accreditation is important (e.g. physicians).  But there are so many where people can see the 'product' with their own eyes and there is no reason whatsoever for the government to be involved.  Consumers are not being protected at all - they are being harmed by higher prices and fewer options as are entrepreneurs who may be prohibited from even starting a business.

(10/06/2015)  Obama Admin & UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight “Extremism” in US Cities.  What?!?  Surely this can't be.  This is based on what the Attorney General said, but that doesn't mean it will actually happen.  But it is definitely something to keep an eye on.  There are so many negative things going on in American that it is hard to keep track.  And it is hard to deny that we need revival more than anything else.

(10/06/2015)   The United States of Awesome: America Still Leads in Innovation and Economic Dynamism.  Think of how we would be doing if the government encouraged this stuff rather than regulating it to death.


(10/05/2015)  Obama puts U.S. on 'fast track' to world government - 'Literally just one crisis away from that happening.'  On the one hand, I think the author is getting a bit carried away, but on the other we have certainly ignored warning in the past that we should have heeded.  Food for thought.  And perhaps there are other warning signs: 

Palestinian flag flies over U.N. as hurricane brews in Atlantic.

(10/05/2015)   Hey President Obama, politicize this.  This has to do with the ongoing carnage in Chicago.  And this is what happens when we devalue life and destroy the family.  Are there not any politicians who are willing to take this on?

(10/03/2015)  Utah condo group fines homeowners for flying American flag.  Just another example where a small number of people who think they know better than everyone else impose their will over those that disagree.


(10/03/2015)  The FDA Will Tell You What Mayonnaise Is, for the Egg Lobby.  It is in the self-interest of bureaucrats everywhere to make as many rules as possible and enforce them in order to justify their own existence.  With the possible exception of first responders, there aren't many public servants out there.

(10/03/2015)   Something light and amusing, for a change.  New Yorkers waiting in line overnight in the rain for grand opening of first Chick-fil-A in Manhattan. 

(10/02/2015)  So what, exactly, are these 'sensible' gun laws that the president and many politicians and pundits are demanding?  It turns out they don't have a clue themselves


(10/01/2015)   Political Correctness: Do We Have What It Takes To Reverse Course?  It also raises the question - in order to fight back, should Christians 'take offense' more?  There is certainly a lot out there to offend Christians.  But then, we play by a different set of rules.

(10/01/2015)   Mitt Romney was mocked by Democrats and the MSM for asserting that Russia was our biggest geopolitical foe.  He was right.  Ralph Peters explains. 

(10/01/2015)   Sotomayor: ‘Do as I say, not as I do’.  Apparently the Justice uses unpaid interns as aides / servants!

cation system.

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