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Free Speech or Not?


Jan - Sep 2019

(09/30/2019) #BelieveAllLies.  A lot of falsehoods are accepted by many (mostly on the Left) as established fact.  No amount of evidence to the contrary changes their minds.  For example, Trump praised white supremacists.

(09/21/2019) Dems Cite Discredited SPLC to Sic the IRS on Conservative 'Hate Groups.'  The problem is, it isn't just the SPLC.  There are more groups that are far Left yet are treated as if they are non-partisan and mainstream. And often receive government funding.

(09/21/2019) NYT op-ed brazenly calls for packing the Supreme Court.  Why wait for a Democrat to be president?  If court packing is a good idea, we should do it right away and be done with it.  Oh, in that case, the NYT doesn't think it is a good idea.

(09/17/2019) Report: NC High School Teacher Says VP Mike Pence Should Be ‘Shot in Head.’  The Left fantasized about assassinating Bush (and, of course) Trump.  If the Right did the same for Obama and Biden, I somehow missed it - even though the MSM could be counted on to harp on it forever, if it had happened.

(09/11/2019)  Elite Prof Warns Democracy is Dying: Not Enough Elites.  I think the title pretty much explains why the "elites" are held in such low esteem.  I'd say the biggest problems that we face today were caused by said elites, who think they know more about how you and I should live than we ourselves do.

(09/10/2019) Maryland's Montgomery County Council disgraces itself defending sanctuary policies that allowed 7 illegals to remain and rape local residents.  I believe it is now 8.

(09/10/2019) Liberals haunted by social media tactics they use against the right.  And well they should be. 

(09/06/2019) Julián Castro Lauds How Muslims Have Helped Make America Great.  Really? 

(09/05/2019) The Left treats some SCOTUS opinions as sacred, but others, not so much.  Nothing surprising here. Conservatives are more likely to try to change laws they disagree with while progressives are more likely to just ignore the ones they disagree with.

(08/28/2019) Neo-Con Jennifer Rubin: 'We Have To Collectively, In Essence, Burn Down the Republican Party.'  Two points.  Rubin has long since lost any claim to being a conservative of any kind.  Second, she basically says that all Trump supporters need to be destroyed so that they can't come back.  Think about that.  Has Trump or any conservative pundit or politician said the equivalent about those who support the Democrats?

(08/25/2019) Trump vs. the Stepford-Wife Republicans. This article is about Republicans who role-play as conservatives, but they are just acting, not actually believing the role they are playing.  This begs the question: how may Christians are Stepford-Wife Christians?

(08/07/2019) Democrats Propose Creation Of National Trump Voter Registry.  This is the Babylon Bee, so it is satire.  But given the doxing and intimidation of Trump supporters, this probably isn't far from what many on the Left would like.

(07/30/2019) ‘I’m Not Scared’ — Pete Buttigieg Tough Talks Donald Trump Ahead of Democrat Debate.  Well, he should be terrified.  That is, if Trump were all those things the Democrats are claiming he is: dictator, tyrant, fascist, etc.  He isn't, so no need to fear.

(07/29/2019) Joss Whedon: ‘Fascist’ Trump Planning To ‘Take 2020 Election By Armed Force.’  What gets me is not so much these over the top accusations, since this kind of nonsense has been going on for a long time.  The problem is that we, collectively, still pay attention to people that have been wrong over and over.  Their rhetoric is harmful to the country and it is reckless and dangerous to individuals as well.  And they suffer no consequences whatsoever.  They probably gain status in their own social circles.  Sad.

(07/29/2019) Sick: Bernie Sanders Uses Clip Of Trump Assassination Attempt In Latest Campaign Ad.  To be fair, it wasn't an "actual assassination attempt," but the Secret Service thought it was. 

(07/26/2019) ‘Impeachment Investigation’ Underway as House Judiciary Committee Seeks Grand Jury Material Related to Mueller Probe.  The Democrat House continues to beat a dead horse.  I think the following applies: "He's dead, Jim."

(07/26/2019) Senate Confirms Judicial Nominee Attacked for Catholic Faith.  This judge was attacked by some Dems for belonging to the Knights of Columbus and not a single Dem voted in favor.  Just as I don't understand how any evangelical can vote Democrat, I wonder how any Catholic can do the same.  For that matter, I wonder how anyone can.

(07/25/2019) Pete Buttigieg Quotes Scripture to Shame Donald Trump for Cutting Food Stamps.  The Bible certainly says we - as individuals - should feed the poor, etc.  Progressives have washed their hands of any personal responsibility by turning over all these things to government.  Does Mayor Pete do anything personally?  Probably not.  Just be in favor of spending other people's money and pat yourself on the back as being morally superior.

(07/25/2019) Was Jesus a Socialist?  No.  Watch the video.  I never really thought about it, but Jesus looks more like a free market capitalist than a socialist.

(07/16/2019) Dear Republicans Rushing to Condemn Trump's Tweets: The MSM Still Hates You.  That is a fact.  They will use you to attack the conservative cause.  But you are nothing but a useful idiot.  Ask yourself the following: did the Republicans condemning Trump condemn the anti-American, anti-Israel, terrorism supporting tweets from those Trump was criticizing?  Nope.  Why?  Because they would have been attacked, just as they are attacking Trump.  It is high time that some of our "wet" conservatives developed the spine to start speaking the truth rather than playing politically correct.  A final note: Trumps critics are naturally quoting him out of context.  Trump didn't tell these people to just leave America; he told them to go back home, fix their old country, then come back here and do the same.

(07/12/2019) Former CIA Director Michael Hayden: 'America May Not Survive a Second Trump Term.'  Actually, as a commenter pointed out, it is the "deep state" and the cronies like Gen. Hayden who may not survive.  They naturally equate themselves with "America."  I believe that America, the America of the Constitution, the exceptional America, the leader of the free world, that America will come out just fine and better than it has been on a long, long time.

(07/12/2019) Race tears Democrats apart.  The race card is only supposed to be played by Democrats against Republicans.  It is totally unfair to play the card against Democrats.

(07/11/2019) Democratic Candidates Are Running a Race of Inauthenticity.  A Victor Davis Hanson column hence worth reading.

(07/11/2019) Left goes into overdrive, trying to pin Epstein case on Trump.  And of course this means the MSM.

(07/10/2019) 2020: The Flight 93 Election once again.  2020 is just as critical as 2016.  If the Dems gain control of the Senate and the presidency and retain the House, everything that has been accomplished recently will be destroyed with a vengeance.   The only thing standing in the way will be Trump's judicial appointments.  On the other hand, should Trump be re-elected and the GOP retake the House and hold the Senate, great things can be accomplished - mostly by undoing more of big, oppressive government, and four more years of great judicial appointments.  Do not sit this one out.

(07/10/2019) Pelosi: ‘God Gave Us’ This Country the Trump Administration Is ‘Degrading Every Single Day.’  I will simply say that when you have to lie and misrepresent the other side to claim they are bad, and when you promote all sorts of policies that dishonor God and the Bible, then you really should not go around claiming that God is on your side.

(07/07/2019) Do You Remember When Both Parties Sounded Patriotic?  Yes, I do.  But that definitely is not the case any more.

(07/06/2019) PRAGER: D Is For Damaged, Dangerous And Delusional.  He makes a pretty good case, using the Dems own words. 

(07/04/2019) Salon takes on the ‘sexist, racist, prejudiced’ Declaration of Independence.  Why do so many Americas hate our country and hate our founding?  Because many of them are taught to do just that in government run schools, as well as by the media, the entertainment business and academia, in general.  The big question: are we going to take our country back, or are we going to hand it over to those who hate America, hate Christians, hate everyone who does not toe the progressive line?

(07/04/2019) Professors Outraged by President Trump’s Fourth of July Parade.  Just another reason to think hard about sending your kids to college.  Most college degrees are pretty useless, cost a fortune and most colleges churn out kids that are less capable, less religious, less moral, less considerate, and have less critical thinking skills than when they went in.  In short, most kids come out worse than when they went in, and a fortune was spent, allowing colleges to continue on the same sorry track.

(06/29/2019) The debates: Democrat contempt for America and Americans laid bare.  Almost all programs promoted by Democrats boil down to this: reward people for making poor decisions and encourage more people to do the same.  How to pay?  Punish those who make good decisions and discourage others from doing the same.  Is this not the exact opposite of what America is (or was, at least) all about?

(06/29/2019) 20 Times We Reported On Migrant Deaths During Obama-Biden Years And No One Cared.  At this point in the Obama-Biden administration, over 200 more migrants died than has occurred under Trump-Pence.  Did you know that?  Of course not.  Fake news isn't just false news, it involves choosing what to cover and what not to cover.

(06/11/2019) The Seven Self-Serving Stratagems of the Despotic Left.  Though this list has to do with politics, it is worth keeping in mind if trying to present the gospel to a progressive.  Here are a couple:

  • Never acknowledge or concede that your side is at fault or wrong regardless of the situation or issue.

  • Always maintain the assertion as being irrefutable that government, in the hands of the enlightened, can resolve any issue and make life better and, above all, never upon any circumstances leave room for alternatives.

(06/11/2019) CNN panel knocks Trump's Mexico deal, suggest it's a distraction from weak US job numbers.  Now my question is: do they really believe this, or are they just spinning?

(06/10/2019) A village is missing its IDIOT: AOC blaming ‘creepy men’ for not wanting to mentor women 1-on-1 goes REALLY wrong.  Given what she says about men, only a fool of a male would put themselves in a position of having their life ruined by a false accusation.  And by the way, men can still mentor women - at work.  With other people around.  With the door open.  Simple, no?  Intimate meals and closed doors are not necessary.  I mentored several women over the years and while I wasn't aware of it at the time, I was following the Pence / Graham rule.

(06/10/2019) John Dean Hopes to 'Show How Strikingly Like Watergate' the Trump Investigation Is.  Remember how if we can't say anything good about someone, we shouldn't say anything?

(06/08/2019) Serious push starts for voting by phone.  People that push this sort of thing are the people that are willing to commit fraud to elect their candidates.  Voting should be in person on election day only, and on paper ballots which provide an audit trail.  Absentee ballots should also be in person, unless the voter is physically unable to do so.  Here in Colorado, we have vote by mail.  Bad, bad idea.  Convenient?  Yes.  Fraud easily committed?  Yes.  In Georgia, Stacey Abrams still claims she won the election.  Yet Democrats oppose every means to ensure honest elections while supporting each and every change that makes fraud easier and easier.

(06/05/2019) Mueller Strikes Out. Media Reports Home Run.  Of course.  And don't think that politics is the only area where they play this game.  They do it across the board on social issues, as well.

(06/01/2019) Barr Offers Strongest Rebuke So Far Of ‘Bogus’ Collusion Conspiracy Theory.  The question is: did officials in the Obama administration deliberately and illegally spy on the Trump campaign and try to subvert the campaign and the new administration?  It looks like they did.  Did the rot go deeper?  How high did it go?  These are important questions.  We should expect certain foreign governments to try to interfere with out elections.  Far more serious is our own government interfering with our elections.  If we do not deal with this now, it will only get worse.

(06/01/2019) Mueller dings Dowd.  It turns out that the Mueller report deceptively edited the transcript of a phone conversation to make it look like possible "obstruction" when the entire transcript makes it clear such was not the case.  So why should we have any confidence in the Mueller report?

(05/29/2019) Gov. Who Pulled Nat. Guard Troops From Border To Spite Trump, Now Begs For Help.  I would argue that this is standard operating procedure for those on the Left.  Take action that conservatives predict will do more harm than good.  When the harm happens, accept no responsibility. never acknowledge those that predicted the outcome, and demand that everybody else bail you out.  Disgusting.  I might add, that this is doubly true regarding those who stray far from biblical norms.  The problems are predictable, but always denied.

(05/29/2019) If The GOP’s Business Wing Wants Low Taxes, They’d Better Stop Sabotaging Social Conservatives.  How true.  Social conservatives have generally supported the fiscal conservatives.  But many on the fiscal side not only don't support us, they actively work against us.  Solution?  we need to work harder at changing minds - not just among the fiscal conservative - libertarian types, but even among liberals and Leftists.   

(05/25/2019) Obama-Appointed Judge Partially Blocks Trump Border Wall Plan.  What a surprise.  Our courts are full of judges who are quite willing to rule bases on the way they think the law should be rather than what the law is.

(05/21/2019) WaPo wonders: Can’t we hold conservative voters accountable?  For what, exactly?  The only two things they tend to be specific about is opposing abortion (but they call that opposing women's healthcare) and not buying in to the transgender movement.  How about considering the opposite?  Look at the horrible state and culture of our inner cities, brought to us by Democrats.  Look at the slaughter of the unborn, brought to us by Democrats.  Look at the successful efforts to restrict the free exercise of religion (Christianity, specifically) and restricting free speech on campuses and elsewhere, brought to us by Democrats.  Well, this comes from the same people that declared the "Love Trumps Hate."  It turns out that we are supposed to love them but they get to hate us - and so they do.

(05/13/2019) The Persecutors and the Persecuted - Democratic bigots will destroy the country.  Not if we actually decide to do something about it, though right now, we aren't and they are.

(05/13/2019) Jennifer Rubin fangirls over Elizabeth Warren while crapping all over ‘lazy, ignorant, anti-gov mindset of the right’.  Is it not remarkable how "conservatives" employed by liberal publications show no evidence of being anything but a Leftist?

(05/09/2019) NYT Says ‘Men At Fox News’ Pick On AOC Because She’s Good Looking, Has ‘Sex Appeal.’  Oh my.  Why in the world would we pick on someone because they are good-looking?  We pick on her because she posts stupid things.  Just to "pick on" one of her posts: being morally right means being factually right as well.  If you cannot support your "morally right" positions with facts, you probably are probably both factually and morally wrong.  I don't think looks came into that argument.

(05/09/2019) Professor: Climate Change Causes Anxiety and Trump’s Election Makes it Worse.  No, actually it is all the professors and politicians crying wolf that are making things worse.  In 12 years, even if nothing at all is done to "combat climate change," everything will be just fine - climate and earth-wise, at least.  The scare-mongers, however, have a political agenda and it is in their interest to cause anxiety and fear.

(05/07/2019) The collusion and obstruction investigation indicts others, not Trump.  True.  But the problem is that others are "indicted" only in the figurative sense.  They need to start being indicted in the literal legal sense.

(05/07/2019) In April Former Top Spy James Clapper Said Bill Barr’s Accusations of Spying was “Stunning and Scary” – On Monday Clapper Admitted It Was True.  Clapper and vast numbers of politicians and government officials have been knowingly lying to us for ages.  Ditto for many in the media - reporters and commentators.  They believe that they are justified in doing so, and they will continue to do so as long as they believe they can get away with it.  Christians should be grounded it truth and should speak the truth - that is, be honest.  Draw your own conclusions.  In a related matter, I believe the following is correct, though the MSM will do their best to cover it up: UNEQUIVOCALLY AND ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT – OBAMA KNEW ABOUT SPYING AND WAS IN ON IT.  

(04/30/3019) It’s Not Trump Derangement Syndrome.  No, we are in a war, and the Left has been fighting this war on many fronts for years.  And yet many of us still haven't figured it out and as a result, we have not fought back.  So much ground has been surrendered without a fight.  The Democrats are determined to remake America in their own image, and that image bears no resemblance to the America our founders conceived and established.  And it is ever worse than I have described.  Read the article.

(04/28/2019) Biden's claim that Obama was 'scandal free' debunked.  Read the article, but the Obama administration was full of scandals, and if AG Barr has any courage, we are likely to find that the Obama administration used the power of federal agencies to impact elections (not just spying on Trump, consider the IRS scandal) as well as to try to overturn the 2016 election by using their power to attempt to destroy the new administration both in transition and once sworn in.  But the Dems keep repeating the "scandal-free" mantra and the lap dog media plays right along.

(04/27/2019) Co-opting Jesus for unholy purposes.  There is a lot of this going on in the political sphere.  Now there are issues where it is perfectly appropriate to invoke Scripture (though not necessarily effective).  But Scripture should not be mutilated to support our political positions.  Did you know that Jesus supports the homosexual lifestyle, open borders and declaring your "gender" to be whatever you happen to feel like?  I didn't either, yet people are making all these claims.  And more.

(04/26/2019) Day of Reckoning Is Now Dawning For Democrats.  Well, one can always hope.

(04/26/2019) Who was colluding with whom?  It is a good question, but a question that 98% of our MSM does not want answered.  As Iowahawk says, they will cover the story.  With a pillow.  Until it dies.

(04/26/2019) 5 Times The Mueller Probe Broke Prosecutorial Rules That Ensure Justice.  The Mueller team may have found no collusion, but that does not mean they did a good, honest and fair job.

(04/20/2019) Trial Date Set For Obama Aide Ensnared In Mueller Probe.  Were you aware of this?  Probably not, if you rely on the MSM for your news.

(04/17/2019) Bernie Sanders And Beto O’Rourke Give Almost Nothing To Charity.  Why should they?  They believe that by advocating government programs, they have done their job.  Yet we advocates of smaller government, who give far more to charity, are labeled "greedy."

(04/17/2019) Dem Visits Cuba to Learn about “Economic Development” and “Quality of Life.”  Are we approaching peak insanity and stupidity?  We've certainly gone stupid and insane, but unfortunately we are probably far from "peak."

(04/14/2019) What Border Crisis?  While the Democrats continue to deny there is a "crisis," even The Washington Post now admits there is one.

(04/13/2019) Mount Vernon Exposes Politico’s Very Fake News Story About Trump’s Visit To George Washington’s Estate.  There is a general consensus among our betters - the MSM - that all conservatives are stupid and all liberals are smart.  And they interpret and report through that lens.  Two questions.  1) Has the MSM labeled any Republican president in our lifetimes smart?  2) Has the MSM not labeled any Democrat president smart?  The answer to both questions is No.

(04/13/2019) Once Again, a Liberal Activist Judge Is Halting a Sensible Immigration Policy.  I post this less because of this specific activism, but because liberal judges can always be found to issue rulings that oppose policies that are clearly constitutional but which the judge disagrees.  And this includes issuing rulings that declare that homosexual (and other) "rights" trump the First Amendment and religious freedom.

(04/06/2019) WSU teaches students how to handle College Republicans at bias training.  The College Republicans get physically attacked at events.  The "bias training" does not involve teaching Leftists to be civil and non-violent.  Our education system is actively indoctrinating kids to be progressives and just plain rotten human beings.

(03/27/2019) Russiagate And The Dangerous Trap Of Believing A Lie.  The underlying problem is that truth is no longer a value to many, and they find it acceptable to promote their agenda by any means.  After all, their agenda is more important than truth.   AOL admitted it - "my facts may be wrong, but I a morally right."

(03/27/2019) Liberals’ Reaction to Mueller Report Shows They Prioritize Politics Over Truth.  This is why they destroy everything they touch - truth is discarded and replaced by politics.  The following is an incomplete list of institutions the Left has destroyed or is attempting to destroy, all by politicizing them: the media, academia, entertainment, science, sex, the legal system, art, you name it.

(03/27/2019) Rep. Swalwell: Why, yes, I still think Trump is a ‘Russian agent.’  Friends, this is what you are supporting if you vote Democrat.

(03/27/2019) POLL: 37.5% of Republican Students Feel 'Unsafe' on Campus; 55% Hide Their Political Views from Friends.  Note that Democrats do not feel very unsafe and do not feel they need to hide their political views.  What does this state of affairs do?  It results in more and more students being Democrats - which is the objective!  You can probably replace "Republicans" with :Christians" and get similar results.

(03/23/2019) Rep. Ayanna Pressley proposes lowering voting age to 16, claims maturity not an issue.  So Beto's outlandish writings at the age of 16 don't mean anything, you can't legally smoke or drink until you are 21, but you are mature enough to vote at 16.  Right.  This is nothing but a play for more Democrat votes.  The GOP should counter with raising the age to 26 because science says that is about when the brain is finally fully developed. 

(03/20/2019) MSNBC Guest Says ‘Democracy Means Taking Power & Wealth’ From Some.  Well, NYC mayor de Blasio thinks there is plenty of money, it is just in the wrong hands.  Does he seriously think there is going to be as much money if people that don't earn it take it away from people that do?  Both are really claiming that democracy and socialism are one and the same.  The Mayflower colonists discovered very early on that people - men, women and children - were willing to work very hard for themselves and their families.  They were not willing to work hard (or even work at all) for others.  Almost 400 years ago, early European settlers to America learned that socialism does not work.  Desiring it conforms to human nature.  Making it work is totally contrary to human nature.  What would actually give the American economy the biggest boost?  Minimizing handouts to those that are able to work and allow those who work to retain as much of what they earn as possible.  When people know they can only improve their lot in life by working hard, most will do so. 

(03/20/2019) Hickenlooper defends fracking and science. Can Democrats swallow that?  I've never been a Hickenlooper fan, but he is right on this.  And no, the "party of science" cannot swallow that.  The Left has been politicizing science for years, and now "science" is nothing but a tool to be used to promote the progressive agenda.  Real scientists need to reclaim science.  The problem is that those that do often risk their research funding or their very jobs.

(03/18/2019) Judicial confirmation update: Trump nominees “begin takeover of federal appeals courts.”  This is why many of us voted for Trump in the first place.  We need to ensure that we have four more years of this after the 2020 election, and it isn't going to be easy.  The MSM, academia, celebrities and entertainers will be almost universally opposed to Trump, and the GOP has a lot of Senate seats to defend.  Do no just sit back and hope for a good outcome.  Get involved and vote.

(03/18/2019) Trump Says Republicans Don’t Play It Tough: CNN Thinks It’s a Call to Violence.  Obama said that if the Right brought a knife to a fight, they on the Left  should bring a gun.  But naturally that was no call to violence.  Almost all political violence since Trump was elected has come from the Left.  But CNN and other MSM outlets have remained deliberately oblivious.

(03/14/2019) ‘Take It Off!’ School Bus Aide Berates Teen Over MAGA Hat, Then Rips It From His Head.  I reckon that 90% of "hate" crimes are committed against Trump supporters, and 90% of hate crimes committed against progressives are hoaxes.  My numbers are probably conservative.

(03/11/2019) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Gaslighting of America.  She is 100% willing to completely misquote people to make them seem horrible, when the actual quote shows nothing of the sort.  She feels no need to correct or apologize since, while she may be factually wrong, she considers herself to be morally right.  The problem is that an awful lot of people follow her and believe what she tweets. 

(03/10/1029) ‘Peaceful’ Protester Charged with Assault After Allegedly Cornering, Attacking Republicans.  Since Trump's election, almost all violence has come from the Left.  Yet more people will say it comes from Trump supporters.  Could the non-existence (according to themselves) fake news have anything to do with this?

(03/07/2019) Pelosi Caves to Unhinged Party Radicals — Will Allow Anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar to Edit Dem’s Anti-Semitism Resolution.  In short, in addition to being the pro-infanticide, anti-Christian, anti-free speech party, the Democrats have firmly declared their intention to be the part on anti-Semites.  Here is more on Democrats defending anti-Semitism within their party: Clyburn: Omar’s Experiences Are ‘More Personal’ Than Children Of Holocaust Survivors.  And here is more.  Yet again, when Democrats do bad things, the story is not about Democrats doing bad things, it is about the GOP unfairly trying to take advantage of the situation: THERE IT IS! Reporter for the @TheHill says the @NRCC ‘pounces’ on Jim Clyburn’s Ilhan Omar comments


(03/07/2019) CNN Adds Major Update To Michael Cohen Story.  Suffice it to say that CNN reported that Trump's lawyers edited and changed Cohen's written testimony to Congress.  100% false.  It was Cohen's lawyers who did the editing.  Kind of different, wouldn't you say?  And yet CNN and the bulk of the MSM screams about being accused of peddling fake news even as they continue to peddle false stories about Trump and his administration.  Over and over and over.  And how do they do it?  By working hand-in-hand with the Democrats.  Here is how: Rinse / Repeat.

(03/03/2019) Elizabeth Warren in Iowa: No, Pence isn’t a decent man.  And why does she say this?  Because Pence takes his Christianity seriously.  Elizabeth Warren is pretty representative of the Democrat party as a whole.  Her view is not an outlier.

(03/03/2019) Smirking media bias against GOP couldn’t be clearer.  To be even more clear, the bias isn't just against the GOP.  How about anyone who holds to biblical truth, values and beliefs?

(02/20/2019) Sen. Cory Booker Plans for Government to Give $46,215 to All 18-Year-Olds in ‘Lowest Income Bracket.’  Not that I advocate it, but it would be far better to give $46,215 to all 25 year-olds who have graduated from high school, have a job, and have not fathered or mothered any illegitimate kids.  Rewarding people for poor choices is not the way to go.

(02/20/2019) Plunder: An American Way of Life.  Sad but true.  If the "general welfare" clause permitted Congress to do anything, the Constitution would not have enumerated the powers of Congress.

(02/18/2019) Dallas city council backs removal of Confederate monument.  Could our government officials do something useful rather than spending time and resources "virtue signalling."  Not that I think they are doing anything virtuous.

(02/17/2019) Media following same script against MAGA as it did against Tea Party.  Yes, indeed. 

(02/11/2019) Progressives Bearing Gifts.  Victor Davis Hanson points out that the Democrats are going out of their way to show that they are exactly all the bad things that Trump might have accused them of next election.  Trump won't have to accuse them of being socialists and abortion extremists - they are proudly proclaiming it.

(02/08/2019) Leftism - Not Just Wrong, But Evil.  I used to think that those on the Left had their hearts in the right place, but were just misguided.  But their hearts are not in the right place, and if they are merely misguided, they are totally unwilling to change direction no matter how much evidence there is that the policies they advocate have failed every time they have been tried.

(02/08/2019) The Six Most Bizarre Proposals from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal.  The GND is so full of ignorance and nonsense that it is hard to believe that anyone could have put it together except as a satire.  But it is serious, which tells you everything you need to know about the state of education in America today.

(02/07/2019) The Green New Deal and Gerundive Government.  The "Green New Deal," is full of such ignorance that it defies description.  End all air travel?  Build bridges across oceans?  For what purpose?  Only those with a government determined "essential" need get to even have a vehicle!  Even more amusing it the fact that the USA is supposed to do this.  Absolutely no other country in its right mind would follow suit.  I can only conclude that our education system has decided that indoctrinating isn't enough.  They have to produce blithering idiots.

(01/26/2019) Don’t Blame Trump for Young People Dropping Out of Church.  The Left is working very hard to try to turn evangelicals against Trump.  Friends, this has nothing to do with Christ and everything to do with politics.

(01/25/2019) Failed Georgia Candidate Says Illegals Should Be Able To Vote.  And 16 year olds. 

(01/24/2019) A battle the Trump administration should relish.  This concerns the likely next nominee to the SCOTUS, who is Catholic.  The Dems will do pretty much anything to stop her and that will definitely include attacking her faith.  After all, the Democrat party has committed itself to abortion right up to birth.  To my fellow evangelicals: over 80% of us voted for Trump and while many were hesitant at the time, few of us regret it now.  The Democrats are fully aware of this and I believe that they consider Christianity - real Christianity, not Christianity-lite - to be the greatest obstacle to the progressive agenda.There will be more attacks and we need to fight back.

(01/22/2019) Beto O’Rourke Suggests America Should Ditch The Constitution.  There are two things that have made America the greatest hope for mankind - aside from Jesus Christ.  And they are the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Ditch them, and the USA will become just another mediocre country.

(01/15/2019) New York Dem shutting down terrorism committee to create Trump investigation panel.  Well, this certainly clarifies just what the priorities are of the Democrat party are.

(01/15/2019) Shocking Video Shows Footage of Trump Address to Nation Was Edited by TV Station.  Well, what is shocking is simply the fact that people think they are justified in doing this sort of thing.

(01/15/2019) James Woods: 'Witness the actual birth of a Democrat.'  Well, there probably is a correlation between being a Democrat and being a spoiled brat who wants everything without doing any work.

(01/13/2019) Antifa Aims To Create No-Go Zones For Conservatives In Nashville.  I would like to presume that most Democrat politicians do not approve of this stuff, yet almost none are willing to condemn it, nor is the MSM interested in asking them about it.  The most benign interpretation is that Dems are silent because they think these kinds of actions help their cause even if they don't care for them. More probably is that they actually approve, though they recognize that they can't say so publicly, though some, in fact, have (e.g. Maxine Waters).

(01/11/2019) Wall off the narrative! If you thought CNN couldn’t POSSIBLY look more biased, watch why they got called out by a local TV station.  CNN asks an on the scene TV station to talk about the wall in San Diego.  Response to CNN - it works.  Response of CNN - don't air this.  Is it any wonder that conservatives don't trust the media?  Note: nobody that respects the truth should trust the MSM, but then, there are many that are happy to subordinate truth to the progressive agenda.

(01/10/2019) Why Doesn’t Anyone Ask…?  This article lists a bunch of questions that the MSM should be asking Democrats about border security.  After all, they claim to support a secure border.  The fact that the MSM will ask none of these questions is just more evidence that they are, for the most part, just an arm of the Democrat party.

(01/10/2019) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants Americans Taxed at 70% To Pay For Her Green Dreams.  To be fair, that is the highest marginal rate.  That said, her Green proposals include cutting the military budget in half, requiring all cars to be electric, banning "non-essential" vehicles, and eliminating all fossil fuel use.  All in the span of 12 years.  Note that the MSM simply ignores all these absurdities and treats her a a serious intellect.

(01/09/2019) Trump Speaks Border Security. Pelosi and Schumer Speak Trump.  A few years ago, it would have concerned me greatly to think that the only person standing in opposition to disaster for America was Donald Trump.  Now I thank God that at least we have Donald Trump.  Hopefully some more will join him in standing in the gap.

(01/09/2019) Mitt Romney Fails Again.  Mitt Romney, and other "conservatives" like him are possibly the biggest reason that Donald Trump got the GOP nomination and was elected.  In his op-ed, Romney complained that all the good things Trump has accomplished, Republicans have been proposing for years.  Doesn't he see that is the whole point?  Republicans like Romney talk big and give up at the slightest push-back.  The conservative base is sick and tired of conservative politicians who consider it more important to be part of the DC in-crowd than to actually implement a conservative agenda.

(01/07/2019) Anthem for Democrats’ anti-Trump jihad.  I have a simple question.  Most will dismiss it as "racist," or the like but the questions deserves serious consideration and an answer.  Are Muslims good for America?

(01/05/2019) The Breaking Of The Never Trump Mind.  This is a pretty good article.  My synopsis?  The professional Republican political / pundit class has always been far more aligned with the Republican big donor class (small) rather than the Republican voter class (large).  Trump has sided with the voting class and many of the "professionals" are aghast and angry.  Too bad.  Those expressing concern that Trump might "destroy" the GOP are really just expressing their dismay that their influence over the GOP is diminishing or gone. 

(01/05/2019) Pelosi downplays Rashida Tlaib's profanity-laced vow to impeach Trump, as Republicans fume.  When conservatives are rude, they are being uncivil, and we are supposed to have civility in politics , these days.  When Democrats are rude, they are merely speaking truth to power.  I notice in the comments some on the Left saying that complaining about her language is somehow violating her First Amendment right to free speech.  No one is saying she should be prohibited from being vulgar, but rather that she should not be vulgar.  This is a standard tactic of entertainers and others - criticizing what they say is somehow violating their free speech rights.

(01/03/2019) Actually, 2018 was a pretty good year.  It was.  But if you only have MSM accounts to go on, you would think it one of the worst years in American history - thought they can cite few concrete examples to back their assertions.

(01/03/2018) Mitt Romney’s Naïve Incoherence.  Suffice it to say that Romney misses the most important point of all about Trump, even though he actually states it.  He lists a bunch of Trump's accomplishments and dismisses them by saying that Republicans have been proposing all those things for years.  Yes, the GOP has been proposing them, but they never actually did anything.  Trump did.  I think the bulk of Republicans outside the DC area prefer doers to talkers.

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