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Free Speech or Not?


Oct-Dec 2018

(12/25/2018) 2018 Leftist Ideas Most Worthy of Mockery & Derision. An embarrassment of riches from which to choose.  True.  But the trouble is, almost all of these are gaining traction and advancing the Leftist cause.  We may rightly mock them, but people are actually buying in because the media, academia, entertainment, Democrats and more are promoting them.

(12/22/2018) Trump is Right to Withdraw from Syria.  I don't have a strong opinion on this, but it is pretty amazing that many of those attacking Trump for this move would have been declaring Obama a saint had he done the same thing.

(12/13/2018) John Dingell, Longest-Serving Rep in History, Calls for Abolition of Senate, Electoral College.  What is amusing to me is that the Democrat's objections to the Senate and the electoral college are precisely why they were set up in the first place.  We were not to be a pure democracy.  And I guarantee that the Democrats will change their position in an instant if they think abolishing the two could help the GOP.

(12/12/2018) Incoming New York attorney general plans wide-ranging investigations of Trump and family.  Can this be legal?  An AG picks a target and goes looking for a crime?  Should Trump order the DOJ to start investigating all prominent Democrats to look for crimes?  They would probably find quite a few.  But there is nothing worse that abusing prosecutorial power, and so far the Democrats are far, far ahead of the Republicans in doing so.  Does Tom DeLay ring a bell?  Ted Stevens?  This started long before the Mueller witch hunt.

(12/08/2018) Rep. Nadler: Investigations into FBI, DOJ Will End – They’re “A Waste of Time” and There Is “No Bias at the FBI.”  Yeah, right.  Nothing to see here, move along.

(12/07/2018) Don’t Listen to Conservative Quitters.  In my humble opinion, we are in the middle of a battle for the long term future of our country - and hence, the world.  We have been losing for decades, with on a brief respite now and then.  If we can't start winning there may be no recovery.  So quitting - or even slacking off - should not be an option.

(12/06/2018) DNC Chair Tom Perez Complains That Voters Influenced By Church.  Interesting.  I have heard politics preached from the pulpit at liberal churches far more than at conservative ones.  And I am rarely at liberal churches.  Our church preaches the Bible.  I guess that Perez feels that the Democrats are not in tune with the Bible, and in that, he would be correct.

(12/03/2018) The Post gushes over “rock star” Macron.  Well, it they don't have anything available to make Trump look bad, at least they can try to make an incompetent like Macron look good.  Paris is burning, but why let that get in the way of a good narrative.

(12/02/2018) Mueller Witness Drops Bombshell, Destroys The Credibility Of Entire Investigation.  Well, perhaps the investigation has little credibility, but that doesn't mean that it isn't going to keep forging ahead.  Who cares about lack of evidence concerning collusion and Trump, conflicts of interest, evidence that the Hillary campaign colluded, etc.  The purpose of the investigation is to nail Trump and they will keep at it until they do or they are stopped.

(11/29/2018) Manafort/Assange Drama Proves Media Will Buy Any Russia Conspiracy Story, No Matter Its Flaws.  This story has proven to be 100% false, but that didn't stop many as not only reporting it as fact, but treating it as absolute proof of the holy grail - Russian collusion.  And a guarantee - almost none of those who treated it as such will back down and apologize as a result of the fact that the story was fake news.

(11/23/2018) Dems: We Must Lie Because We Claim the GOP Lies.  Interesting.  A Dem politician comes right out and says that Republicans are "fear-mongering" when they tell the truth about Democrat candidates positions on issues, and that Democrats need to lie about their views so they don't assist the GOP in that "fear-mongering."  Unreal.

(11/23/2018) In the Case of Trump vs. Roberts, the President Prevails.  Sad to say, judges are not unbiased interpreters of the law.  Those judges appointed by Democrat presidents have shown themselves to be by far the most biased, whether it be their tendency to legislate from the bench or their routine interference with President Trump's clear constitutional and legal authority.

(11/18/2018) Can’t fix STUPID: Alyssa Milano’s bright idea to put Georgians out of work because Democrats lost there is ALL FAIL.  All fail?  I don't think so.  She is just following the liberal pattern of today: silence and punish conservatives. 

(11/09/2018) Entire US Election System in Question: Fraudulent and Suspicious Activities Reported Nation-wide – And ALWAYS to Democrat’s Benefit.  This is not the first election this has happened.  Votes are supposed to all be tallied within a pretty short time after the polls close.  It is possible.  We managed to do it when our counting techniques were far more primitive.  What we see today is that all late votes - those tallied and "discovered" more than 24 hours after the polls close - always heavily favor Democrats, and they only show up when the Democrat is behind in a tight race.  Coincidence?  I think not.  And we have election officials admitting that lots of non-citizens are voting.  Unless we can do something about this, the integrity of our entire constitutional system is in danger.  Half our politicians and over 90% of our media and academia chant "There is no voter fraud.  There is no voter fraud."  There is plenty of voter fraud and they know it.    But it benefits them, so they will continue to deny it exists.  Something must be done.  Pronto.  I pray that Trump takes on the challenge.  The problem is that no Democrats will cooperate.  We already had a commission and multiple Democrat controlled states refused to turn over voter info to the commission.  Voter fraud benefits Democrats and they will do nothing to help prevent it.  End of rant.

(11/09/2018) Exit Polls: Regular Churchgoers Voted Republican in Midterms.  While the headline is true, even among those that attend at least weekly, the margin is just 58-40.  Among those who never attend, the margin is 68-30 in favor of the Democrats.

(11/07/2018) Beto O’Rourke Loses To Ted Cruz In Texas Senate Race.  Some are saying that this just shows you cannot buy an election.  It shows the exact opposite.  O'Rourke outspent Cruz heavily, he had major media support, and he lost.  But he ran as a progressive in Texas and he came very close.  How much more would it have taken to put him over?  Money is definitely a factor, though not necessarily the most important.  Media bias is a very big factor.  Political junkies are rarely swayed much by bias, but the influence on low information voters and those indoctrinated by said bias and our education system is significant.  Studies and estimates but the influence of media bias at anywhere from an overall 3.5-10% shift to the Democrats.

(11/07/2018) After Last Night, My Take.  This is from PowerLine.

(11/07/2018) Conway: Trump ‘Not Nervous’ About Dem House Majority.  Well, in the long run, this could work out for the best.  The Democrats are going to prevent any conservative legislation and they are going to use their committee power to launch all sorts of "investigations" against the Trump administration.  They will probably vote to impeach Trump, just because they can.  Of course, it will go nowhere.  I wish I had some reason to think that most Democrats in DC had some integrity.  They do not.  Not a single one stood up and criticized their sleazy tactics at the Kavanaugh hearings.  So I expect all sort of false smears to come out of House investigations.  Hopefully, most Americans will recognize what is going on.  The Democrats may have just been given enough rope to hang themselves.  On the positive side, increasing their Senate majority will allow judicial nominations to continue to sail through.  And the administration can continue to slash and revise regulations, do some swamp draining and more.  There is a lot the administration can do without resorting to unconstitutional action - though the press and the Dems are guaranteed to scream about Trump being a dictator.  2020 is going to be interesting.

(11/07/2018) The case of the disappearing campaign issues.  Question: does the MSM "collude" with the Democrats.  Answer: There is no need to collude, since most in the MSM are Democrats.  By  simple human nature, they are just doing what is best for their party. 

(11/04/2018) Facebook apologizes after blocking pro-life group's ads for GOP Senate candidates.  Gee, that is nice of them.  But how come nearly 100% of their "mistakes" are in one direction?  Surveys indicate that over 90% of social media employees are on the Left, and it shows.  Think of it.  Lowly little you can block ads that support candidate that you oppose.  How can you resist?  This will change only if these companies start firing employees that abuse their power.  Not likely.

(11/04/2018) Sinema Claims Not To Know Staffer in O’Keefe Video.  Not very many people are aware of the O'Keefe videos.  This is because they make Democrat candidates look bad, primarily by showing that they lie in order to pretend that they are much more moderate than they actually are.  The MSM would be disseminating them far and wide if they made Republican candidates look bad.  Unfortunately, the MSM still has a lot of power and they are getting more and more blatant in their use of it.

(11/03/2018) Quote of the Day: Why Is It Always Our People?  In brief, vote GOP.

(11/03/2018) Dear Suburban Mom.  White, suburban women are supposedly the voters that will give the Democrats control of Congress.  This is why they shouldn't.  It is pretty humorous, as well.

(11/03/2018) 98.4 percent of Mizzou admin, 97.6 percent of faculty donate to Dems.  And I just read of another university when the numbers are even higher.  However, it should be noted that the percentages are based on the sub-population of those that actually made political donations.

(11/02/2018) Election Day: The Clear-Cut Choice Americans Face. The stark contrast between the two parties.  When I was much younger, there was considerable overlap between the two parties.  No so any more.  The most conservative Democrat in Congress is still more liberal than the most liberal Republican.  If you are conservative, there is never any reason for vote for a Democrat. 

(11/02/2018) Pelosi suggests Democrats should win the House so nobody gets hurt.  So she is saying that the Democrats are the cause of violence today, but if we give them what they want, they'll stop throwing a fit.  Interesting. 

(11/01/2018) When Laws Are Not Enforced, Anarchy Follows.  This is a Victor Davis Hanson article, so it is naturally worth reading.

(11/01/2018) Trump Is Right. Ending Birthright Citizenship Is Constitutional.  This is an issue that the Supreme Court has never ruled on.  The Fourteenth Amendment pretty clearly applies to former slaves and not just anyone.  Trump would clearly have the authority to issue an Executive Order and in dong so toss the issue to the courts.  It is 100% absurd that pregnant women fly to the US to give birth and thereby getting citizenship for their child and ultimately for themselves.  And then there are illegals!  How can any of this be justified?  Simple: future Democrat voters!

(11/01/2018) When Trump went to Pittsburgh.  Why do I get the feeling that the MSM is reluctant to cover stories that make Trump look good?  As an aside, the economy is booming.  Can you imagine the coverage this would receive if Hillary were president?

(10/30/2018) The Atlantic’s Franklin Foer: Jewish Trump Voters Must Be Shunned.  It is important to remember that those on the Left are never to blame for anything bad that happens.  Not only that, but those on the Right are always to blame.  Even when those on the Left are actually doing the bad things, they were forced to do them because Trump!™  Those who always blame others and accept no personal responsibility themselves, should never be handed the reins of power.

(10/29/2018) From Pittsburgh to Fort Hood: Trump Versus Obama. Contrasting presidential responses to mass murder.  To any honest observer, the contrast is not favorable for the former president.

(10/26/2018) Disturbing thread highlights violent THREATS media and the Left have made against Trump.  When those on the Left do bad things, it is because Trump made them do it.  When those on the right do bad things, it is because Trump made them do it.  Has any Democrat politician denounced violence, intimidation and harassment from the Left?  Not a one.  They actually justify and encourage it, because Trump!™ 

(10/24/2018) Early Returns Continue to Indicate Massive Republican Turnout.  Looking good, but don't let up!

(10/23/2018) Texas: Four Indicted In ‘Voter Fraud Ring’ Allegedly Targeting Elderly.  Voter fraud is actually a pretty significant problem.  But CNN (and other MSM outlets) are still proclaiming that it is not a problem?  Why?  Because fraud almost exclusively benefits Democrats.

(10/22/2018) Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing.  This article begins "If the New Democratic Party was smart, it would do what the old Democratic Party did long ago: always sound centrist if not conservative in the last weeks of a campaign, get elected, then revert to form and pursue a left-wing agenda for a year or two—and then repeat the chameleon cycle every two to four years."  Of course, many Democrat candidates are still doing this.  I cannot think of a single Democrat politician in the House or Senate whose voting record is not significantly to the left of how they present themselves to the voters back home.  That said, this time around quite a few Democrats candidates are either presenting themselves at what they actually are, or are being outed as such.  How much of this is Trump's doing?  Who knows.  But this is a Victor Davis Hanson article, so you know it is good.

(10/20/2018) Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema accused stay-at-home moms of ‘leeching off their husbands.’  Is there any reason to be surprised other than the fact that the MSM has not managed to suppress this information? 

(10/19/2019) Democrats Aren't an Angry [M-Word] Because They're Violent for a Good Cause.  This is sort of like it is OK for the Democrats to be intolerant of conservatives because they think conservatives are intolerant.  More: Leftist Violence is a Natural Outgrowth of Authoritarian Ideology

(10/19/2018) The Only Remarkable Thing About Beto O'Rourke Is How Much the Media Love Him.  Every election season, the media trots out a bunch of shiny new toys, Democrats all, and gives them lots of air time and puff pieces.  They are young, they are smart, they are cool, they are the future.  Typically, they have yet to accomplish very much and many fade into oblivion despite the efforts of the MSM (though they certainly succeeded with Obama). Do they ever do the same for young, rising conservatives?  Don't be silly!  John James?  You've probably never heard of him.  Google "James for Senate."

(10/19/2018) Nikki Haley Pokes Fun At Warren’s Failed DNA Test: ‘You Wanted An Indian Woman.’  Not exactly newsworthy, but definitely funny.

(10/19/2018) Judicial Watch Files Bar Complaint Against Christine Ford’s Lawyers.  Either Ford committed perjury, or her lawyers failed to inform her that the Judiciary Committee was willing to meet her in California or anywhere else to get her testimony.  It is clear that her lawyers, Democrat activists all, had an agenda that did not necessarily conform to the interests of their client.  That is definitely an ethics violation.

(10/18/2018) Ole Miss Professor James Thomas: ‘Put Your Whole Damn Fingers’ in Republicans’ Meals.  Apparently harassing Republicans in restaurants is not enough.  Does this qualify as evil?  It seems to me that we have quite a lot of evil going on in America today, but for all their declarations that Trump is evil, most of it is coming from the Left.

(10/18/2018) Pelosi On Democrat Agenda: ‘If There’s Some Collateral Damage…So Be It.’  I can't understand why any patriotic American or committed Christian can possibly support the Democrats.  I'm beginning to think I need to expand my thinking.  How can any decent human being support the Democrats?

(10/18/2018) Federal Judge Says State Department Provided False Statements to Derail Lawsuits Over Hillary Clinton’s Private Server.  This should not be a surprise to anyone, and yet....

(10/18/2018) ‘I Stand for the Flag, I Kneel at the Cross’: PA Dem Forced to Resign After Facebook Posts Deemed Offensive.  It should be pointed out that the posts were deemed offensive by Democrats.  The message is simple.  If you put your faith in Jesus Christ and believe in the Bible, and think that America is still the greatest country on God's green earth, then the Democrat party has no place for you. 

(10/18/2018) Warren’s Pocahontas Wackiness Shows How Liberals Are A Bunch Of Bigots.  Well, if 1% or so of blood makes you an Indian, then almost all Americans can claim minority status.  Elizabeth Warren might have had an Indian ancestor 6 to 10 generations back.  Looking at my own family tree (and I am younger than Warren), 6 to 10 generations back means born between 1600 and 1760 or so.  Can you imagine claiming a heritage based on someone born at least 250 years ago?

(10/18/2018) “People just can’t know that.” MO Sen. McCaskill Hides Agenda Including “semi-automatic rifle ban” from Moderate Voters, Staffers Reveal in Undercover Video it “could hurt her ability to get elected.”  Until recently this was the standard modus operansi of most Democrat candidates for office - pretend to be a moderate, once elected vote as a liberal.  The fact that some Democrats are actually running as socialists does not negate the fact that most democrats still run using the old rules.  It is interesting that so many Democrats need to hide their true opinions when running for office, but Republicans rarely do.

(10/16/2018) Why Vote for Democrats?  Actually, it is a pretty good question.  Related: The 25 Reasons I’m Not a Democrat

(10/13/2018) How McConnell finally came around on Trump: 'I look at the results.'  I look at results, too.  But I doubt that Trump would have the results without his style.  It would be great if he had Bush 43's demeanor, but what, exactly, did Bush 43 really accomplish?  Less in 8 years than Trump has done in less than 2.

(10/11/2018) Grassley Releases Timeline of Ford Investigation — Shows Feinstein and Democrats Lied Throughout Process.  Call me a cynic, but I now believe that this was a deliberate hit job from the get-go.  And why does Ford now what to drop the whole thing?  Why were all her social media posts and high school yearbooks scrubbed from the internet?  She does not want her own background and possible motives dragged into the picture.  The fact that she likely met with Democrat activists prior to sending her letter is pretty damning in and of itself.

(10/11/2018) How Democrat Rage is Destroying America.  I rather hope that Democrat rage is going to destroy the Democrat party and not America.  We shall see.

(10/09/2018) The Kavanaugh Smear and the FBI: A Connection?  There is a possibility that the entire Ford saga was engineered by the Democrats and the the whole story is a fraud from beginning to end.  It is a shame that we cannot trust our own government to investigate and find the truth.  And it is a certainty that our crack investigative journalists are going to ignore all this.

(10/09/2018) The Road to Tyranny Begins Here.  Yes, it does.

(10/07/2018) Pelosi’s “wrap-up smear” reads like template for Democrat attacks on Kavanaugh.  It really does seem that Satan is hard at work trying destroy the shining city on a hill, and his tool of choice is the Democrat party.

(10/06/2018) GOP Senators Receive Death Threats on Their PERSONAL CELL PHONES Following Kavanaugh Confirmation.  Those phone numbers are only available to a very limited number of people.  I hope the FBI tracks down the source.

(10/06/2018) President Trump Blasts Democrats in Kansas: “You Wouldn’t Give Matches to an Arsonist, You Can’t Give Power to Democrats.”  I'll limit myself to saying I agree.

(10/03/2018) Sorry for Blurting it Out, But Christine Blasey Ford is a Liar.  Probably.  The biggest gripe I have is all the people labeling her testimony "credible."  What makes it credible?  It has been backed up by no one.  She passed a polygraph where the polygrapher admits he tested her under the assumption she was telling the truth, and it was apparently paid for by people who wished for her to pass.  She testified to a bunch of accusations with a straight face.  Does that make her credible?  Politicians lie to us all the time with a straight face.  But it is no longer truth that we seek.  The Democrats do not car a whit whether she is telling the truth or not.  She is serving a "higher purpose," and if we let them get away with this, America is in big trouble.  Well, the fact that this whole business is going on is evidence that we are already in big trouble.  Just a side note: the easier you make it for people with an agenda to lie, the more lying you will get.

(10/01/2018) Conclusion: “The activities of congressional Democrats and Dr. Ford’s attorneys likely affected Dr. Ford’s account”  Does this qualify as witness tampering?  I suppose it has to do with how they went about it and what they tried to influence.  It is perfectly OK to coach a witness to put their best foot forward.  But to coach them to misrepresent, to "forget" things actually remembered and to "remember" things actually forgotten, those would be very problematic.

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