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Free Speech or Not?


Jul-Sep 2018


(09/28/2018) Brett Kavanaugh Won by Fighting Back.  Well, let us pray that he wins.  But we do need to fight back, not just Kavanaugh.  We have aided and abetted the decline in America by passively sitting out the war.  And it is a war.  Here is another article on the subject: The Message Shouting to Us From the Kavanaugh Hearings. 

(09/27/2018) Gillibrand: Kavanaugh Doesn't Deserve 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty' Because 'This Is Not a Court.'  See where this kind of thinking and lead?  Unfortunately, we are already there.  From the Left's perspective, and slander is acceptable if it helps achieve their ends.  Truth and decency simply do not matter to them.

(09/25/2018) The Smearing Of Brett Kavanaugh Is Truly Evil.  True.  But this is the natural result when God is rejected and people put politics before everything else.  Mere human decency goes down the drain.  "Have you no shame" was directed at Joe McCarthy, but it is far more applicable now.

(09/19/2018) The Worst Ex-President Derby. Will Obama overtake Carter?  To be fair, James Buchanan should still be in the running.

(09/18/2018) The Wall Street Journal nails it.  This is regarding Kavanaugh.

(09/17/2018) James Dobson: Time to rise up against Deep State.  I agree.  But it would be a lot easier if they didn't have the MSM, academia, the entertainment industry, social media and the Democrats all on their side.

(09/14/2018) Dear Democrats: Not All Conservatives Are Wishful Thinking, Gullible and Stupid Conspiracy Theorists Brainwashed by Lies.  It was when I started thinking for myself rather than following the crowd that I became a Christian and a conservative.  I always try to keep in mind the fact that almost everything those on the Left accuse their opponents of, they themselves are guilty of, whether or not we opponents are.

(09/14/2018) An Unnamed #MeToo Accuser Says Brett Kavanaugh Tried To Force Himself Onto Her.  This whole business stinks and is a typical page from the Democrats playbook.  The charges against Clarence Thomas (the best Justice, IMHO) were bogus, but at least they were relatively recent.  Going back to HS?  But the Left has an agenda and they will do anything to protect it.  Under Trump and his judicial appointments, their agenda has been seriously threatened for the first time in decades.

(09/11/2018) Politifact: Kamala Harris claim on Kavanaugh as intellectually honest as you’d expect.  So Politifact doesn't always get it wrong.  But the level of dishonesty shown by Harris is actually pretty typical.  Progressives know how terrible conservatives are, they know all the horrible things we'd do if we could get away with it.  So it their minds, tweaking the truth to portray what they already know is totally justified.

(09/10/2018) Durbin Says He Hears 'the Silence of the Lambs' from GOP on Trump's 'Unstable Behavior.'  I've heard people on the right say that Leftism is a mental illness, but it is only Democrats who wish to use the old USSR tactic of actually treating opposition as a mental illness.  We have already seen that the Left considers it a virtue to destroy the businesses and lives of conservative Christians.

(09/10/2018) The Circus of Resistance.  And circus it is - to the sane.  But not to the Dems and the MSM.

(09/06/2018) Liberals Call Trump Fascist, But Can’t Explain Why.  Well, they keep calling him a dictator as well, but can't point to anything he has done that is not permitted by the Constitution.  Unlike Obama.  But then, they have a pretty flexible definition of dictator.  Hmm.  I think I'll add "dictator" to my Guide to Progressive-Speak

(08/30/2018) WaPo Buries Bush/Obama Connection To Pin State Department Policy On Trump Administration.  Yes.  They criticize a policy, leaving the implication that it is a Trump policy.  But the policy began under Bush and continued under Obama.  That information is withheld until well into the article.  This is how the MSM can push fake news without actually lying.

(08/30/2018) Poll Reveals 65 Percent Of Americans Don’t Know Who Trump Nominated To The Supreme Court.  And yet many who don't know oppose him.  Because Trump!  Note that half of the respondents could not name a single member of the Court.  One of our biggest problems is that a goodly portion of our voters are voting from total ignorance.  Not a good situation.

(08/30/2018) Trump-Russia Collusion or Anti-Trump Conspiracy: Two Stories, But Which is True?  Don't be fooled by the title.  This article focuses on the logic and evidence behind "Trump-Russia Collusion."  Short answer - logic and evidence are lacking.  There will be a follow-up article examining "Anti-Trump Conspiracy."  We already know that the logic and evidence behind that is substantial.  Which is why, unless things change, many no longer have any respect for the FBI, the CIA or the DOJ.

(08/29/2018) Haley on Countries That Oppose US at the UN: ‘Why Should We Give Them a Single Penny?’  I've been asking this question for a long time.  I'm not a fan of foreign aid in general, because most of it seems to wind up in the pockets of the corrupt local "elites" (we are not the only country with an "elite" problem).  But any foreign aid that we do dole out should be highly dependent on the behavior of the recipients - both their level of corruption and their level of support for the USA.

(08/26/2018) God Chose Trump.  Is this an outrageous statement?  Before Trump got the Republican nomination, I would have said yes.  But the 2016 election has seemed to me to be the first election that God actually intervened in.  I could be wrong, of course, but God has often chosen the very flawed and unexpected to do his work.  Read the article and see what you think.

(08/25/2018) MSNBC Panelist Falsely Claims That ‘Steele Dossier Keeps Getting Corroborated.’  Does it matter whether he knows he is lying or whether he thinks it is true?  Sadly, many today have redefined truth to be that which supports your worldview.  Any house built on that concept of truth is bound to collapse.  A lot of houses are beginning to crumble.

(08/23/2018) Sen. Warren to Parents of Murdered Iowa Teen: Sorry, We Need to Focus on 'Real Problems.'  Does anyone really think the Democrats actually care about them?  They will say fine words and promote bad policy as long as it gets them votes and gives them more power.  But you, as a human being, mean absolutely nothing to them.  You are nothing but a tool.

(08/21/2018) NY governor Andrew Cuomo finally recants on 'America was never that great.'  Naturally, he blames Trump.  I'm having a hard time trying to decide whether Trump or "climate change" is to blame for the most stuff.

(08/15/2018) Media Doesn’t Care About Credibility Or Evidence When Attacking Republicans.  Why should they?  The progressive worldview is that they are good and conservatives are bad.  Case closed.  Anything that makes conservatives look bad is credible, because even if false, conservatives are bad, so it falls in the "fake but accurate" category.  And since progressives are good, anything that makes them look bad, no matter how factual and credible, should be ignored, minimized or misrepresented because, after all, progressives are not bad!

(08/14/2018) Why Do Liberals Keep Hurting Themselves?  I used to think that those on the Left and those on the Right wanted the same things, but just differed in how to achieve those objectives.  Objectives like reducing crime and poverty, improving healthcare and education, etc.  And while there are well-meaning liberals out there who really do want these things, I have become more and more persuaded that obtaining power and control over people's lives are far more important to most of them.  Why do I say this?  Because liberals have created government program after program to take care of such problems.  Those programs have failed miserably.  Not only have they failed to achieve their objectives, they often have made things worse - and at huge expense to the taxpayer.  And what is the liberal response?  Turn over even more money and more power to them to do more of the same.

(08/14/2018) Democrats More Positive About Socialism Than Capitalism.  One problem with polls like this is that an awful lot of people responding can't even say what socialism is (or capitalism, for that matter). 

(08/14/2018) A Day in the Life of Chicago.  It is not pretty.  And I hate to say it, but the primary causes have to do with disintegration of the family - with nothing being done to reverse the trend - and political correctness.  Note that most cities with extremely high crime rates have been run by Democrats for years.  Lesson: when you cannot speak the truth without being viciously attacked as a racist and worse, things will not get better.

(08/07/2018) Emails Reveal High School Teachers Plotting To Hide Their Political Bias From Parents.  This probably goes on a lot more than we think, which is why I am in favor of school choice.  There are many great teachers out there, but there are also many, like these, who consider themselves to be a cut above (and "elite," if you will) who don't consider their job to be serving their customers, but rather to abuse them.  "Abuse" is not too strong a word.

(08/04/2018) D’Souza: ‘Moral Disgrace’ That Democratic Party Has ‘Become the Champion of Illegal Immigration.’  Those on the Left will do pretty much anything to regain and hold power.  hey are counting on the illegal vote, which is why they are totally against voter ID and the like.  Shucks, they are already allowing illegals to vote in some local elections and 54% of Democrats said they favored allowing illegals to vote in all elections.  I am a big fan of legal immigration involving those that wish to leave the old, put on the new and play by the rules.  Illegals, by their very nature, do not qualify.

(08/04/2018) The Vindication of Clarence Thomas—and the Left’s Freakout.  Definitely worth the read, though Thomas has never needed "vindication" in my book - I've been a fan since well before he was nominated for the Court.

(08/04/2018) Our robed master Bates strikes again.  Just where in the Constitution as single Federal judges with limited jurisdiction given the power to override the President, and for that matter Congress?  I am a fan of the rule of law, but when our judicial branch is abusing it, I think Trump should follow Andrew Jackson's lead, if I may paraphrase: "Mr. Bates has made his decision, now let him enforce it." 


(08/03/2018) The Russians Are the Least of Our Problems.  Indeed.  The Russians have always and will always meddle in American politics, in order to sow discord and confusion.  But the prime sower is the Democrat Party and its allies.  On their own, the Russians failed miserably in 2016, but thanks to the Democrats, they ended up succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.  Forget the Russians and lets deal with the real issues.

(08/03/2018) Democratic Senator Doesn’t Understand That Illegal Immigrants Have Broken Federal Law.  It doesn't surprise me that the folks who are responsible for making our laws have no clue as to what our existing laws actually are.  Some years ago, upon retiring from the Senate after 3 full terms (and time in Congress and a term as governor of Arkansas) , David Pryor (D) admitted that he had not read the Constitution since high school.   At least he read it in high school.  How many recent college graduates have actually read the Constitution?  I suspect very few.

(08/01/2018) Seriously, Who Cares if A Liberal Is Offended?  Note that while being deliberately rude is not good, deliberately obscuring the truth for fear of offending someone's sensibilities is at least as bad.  The same is true of catering to someone's delusions.  I am going to say "Merry Christmas" with  Christmas cheer in my voice.  And while I may not deliberately use "he" when referring to a male who "identifies as female, I definitely won't say "she" or "ze" or whatever.  Many liberals are offended over trivialities, ending friendships and family relationship simply because someone voted for Trump.  Their sensibilities  should come in a distant second to truth and reality.  Spoken gently and kindly, of course.

(08/01/2018) Dem senator’s slam on “dark carnival” Trump rallies belongs in the Self-Unawareness Hall of Fame.  I have always been torn.  Are progressives really that self-unaware?  Or are they just stupid.  Do they live in a bubble where they have never been exposed to any views contrary to those of the progressive narrative?  What about totally dishonest and willing to say anything to push their agenda?  In my liberal days, I think I was primarily in the "bubble."  But I don't think as Senator should have that excuse.  In any case, this is just another example of what the Democrat party thinks of people like you.

(08/01/2018) Politico’s Marc Caputo Mocks Trump Rally Attendees: Toothless ‘Garbage People.’  Just remember that many of our politicians, pundits and "elites" think this about you.  They hold you in utter contempt, and if they could figure out how to make it illegal for you to speak in public or otherwise express your views, they would, seeing as how they are already working on doing just that.  I should note that the reporter "apologized" after 11 hours, but excused himself by blaming the people he insulted.

(07/29/2018) Ocasio-Cortez Supporters Have No Clue How to Pay for Her Socialist Ideas.  In the old days, personal responsibility was a prime value.  Today, spending other people's money seems to have left personal responsibility in the dust - at least for a certain portion of our population.

(07/27/2018) Tony Perkins: Trump Is Writing a New Chapter of Real and Lasting Freedom.  To be blunt, many politicians in the GOP do a lot of talking but don't actually do very much.  Trump is certainly a talker, but he is primarily a doer.  He wants to accomplish things, not just talk.  I was somewhat skeptical about him because his history did not indicate that he was a solid conservative.   I guess his basic conservative instincts have kicked in, because he sure is governing as one.

(07/27/2018) How Far Will the Left Go? All the Way.  Well, certainly quite a long way. 

(07/26/2018) The Left’s Craziness is Backfiring and Helping Trump.  What could cause the Left to go bonkers like they have.  The sane among them have to realize that their extreme overreactions are not helping their cause.  I believe the answer is simple.  They we 100% certain that Hillary would win and continue - even complete - the progressive "transformation" of America.  And Trump, rather than being a typical Republican, is not simply slowing the movement of our governmental institutions to the Left, he is reversing it.  The response of the Left is not "How can we best counter Trump and win the next election," but rather "everything we worked for is ruined.  We are doomed, doomed, doomed."  That attitudes does not elicit a rational response.  It is almost funny, since most of the doomsaying has nothing to do with reality.  Most of their fears are not going to come to pass.

(07/24/2018) Survey: Heading into midterms, Dems more worried, frustrated, angry and depressed.  I hate to say "Good," but good.  What is amazing is that 90% of their distress is based on "facts" that simply are not true.  If people are going to get their panties in a wad over falsehoods, then I have no sympathy for them.

(07/24/2018) The Numbers Are In, And They’re Looking Good For Kavanaugh.  Well, it isn't a done deal yet and there will be plenty of smears.  But there is reason for optimism.  The next appointment to the SCOTUS is likely to be the biggie.  Please, pleas, vote GOP for the Senate this November.  The Democrats will all vote against Trump's next nominee.  We need a solid GOP Senate to confirm.   It is high time our Court starts upholding the Constitution and a couple more solid replacements will ensure that occurs.  Make it happen.

(07/23/2018) FISA Applications Confirm: The FBI Relied on the Unverified Steele Dossier.  The kindest interpretation is that the FBI bent the rules for political purposes.  Less kind and more likely, the FBI broke the rules at the behest of the Obama administration.

(07/19/2018)  Our Country Is Insane.  It is hard to disagree - read the story and weep.  I see some of the insanity coming from the Democrat party and think that we, as a country, cannot be this crazy.  But then the shocking realization occurs to me: unless a miracle happens, they are going to get half the country to vote for them in 2018 in spite of all their craziness.  Well, a miracle happened in 2016 so I'm going to pray for another. 

(07/17/2018) Trump-Putin Meltdown … by the Media.  It remains to be seen just what the results of the "summit" will be.  But one thing was entirely predictable: the response of the MSM, the "experts," and most of the politicians.

(07/16/2018) Brett Kavanaugh: The End of Leftists' World.  The Left got nation-wide abortion and SSM through the Supreme Court, even though the Court has no constitutional power to make laws.  They get many other items on their agenda through "administrative law" where bureaucracies decide what the law means, even when they decide things that are clearly contrary to the law as written.  None of this is supported by the Constitution, and all of it is at risk if the Court has a constitutional majority.  I pray that such a majority goes far beyond a mere 5-4.

(07/16/2018) The Left is Always Wrong: Election Meddling Edition.  "It’s perfectly fine when parties release false information that is damaging to Trump, but it’s the ultimate evil when someone releases accurate information that hurts a leftist."

(07/16/2018) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Can’t Explain ‘Occupation of Palestine’ but Opposes It.  Bear in mind that she has been declared to be the new "face" of the Democrat party - by the party head, no less.  Remember that when you vote, you are not just voting for a specific candidate, you are voting for the party they represent.

(07/16/2018) New SF mayor will try asking homeless to be nice, instead of penalizing them for pooping on the streets.  That is sure to work.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be the new "face" of the Democrat party, but San Francisco is the reality.

(07/14/2018) Actually Liking the Constitution Ought to Be a Job Qualification for Federal Judges.  One should at least respect the Constitution.  If you don't respect it, you are not likely to rule based on it.  Sadly, we have a lot of judges who neither like nor respect the Constitution.

(07/14/2018) Hillary: Forget the 1950s. This Kavanaugh character’s taking us back to the 1850s.  The nonsense spouted by even the "moderates" in the Democrat party leaves me no choice but to assume that everything a Democrat  politician says is a lie.  Not a stupid opinion, but a lie.  Clinton would not be able to identify a single Republican who thinks what she claims, much less Judge Kavanaugh.

(07/13/2018) House Dems outraged as Ryan and McCarthy call their bluff on ‘abolish ICE’ bill.  It really is funny.  The Democrats pull a "political stunt" and when called out they whine that the GOP is pulling a political stunt.  While I do not wish for conservatives to go as low as the Left, I do advocate that we fight back and this is a great way to do it.

(07/13/2018) Democrats Don't Fear Brett Kavanaugh; They Fear The Constitution.  True dat.  How many times have you hear people say that Roe Vs. Wade is "the law of the land?"  Same with SSM.  The Constitution does not give the courts the power to make law - but that is exactly what they have done.  Lest we think the only violators of the Constitution are the courts, ask yourself how many laws Congress has passed and a President signed that have absolutely no relationship to the enumerated powers granted them in the Constitution?  The Constitution limits what the Federal government can do.  If the Constitution is taken seriously by the courts, there would be massive rollbacks in the Feds interference in the lives of individuals and also in the affairs of state and local governments.  And this is totally antithetical to everything the Democrats stand for. 

(07/12/2018) Tipping Point? #WalkAway Movement Picking up Steam Among Democrats.  Many Democrats are claiming this movement is nothing but Russian bots.  Nobody that delusional should be put in a position of power.  People are walking away from the Democrats and any sensible Democrat should ask why, and what should be done about it.  But the current party is far more committed to a radical progressive agenda than doing what is best for America.  I guess I hope they keep it up since it will probably hurt their electoral chances.  But it would be better to have two sensible political parties.

(07/10/2018) Top Six Unhinged Reactions to Kavanaugh Nomination.  "Unhinged" is probably an understatement.  Don't you wish that our politicians, commentators and reporters actually cared about honesty and the truth.  

(07/10/2018) Blame the Left for Making the Supreme Court Too Political.  he NY Times actually let the cat out of the bag when they editorialized about the importance of the court in determining and setting policy.  Of course, that is not a constitutional function of the court, but it is how we got legal abortion and SSM.  When the Left can't get what they want through their elected representatives, they use the courts.  Liberal judges regularly rule on the basis of what the law "should" say, not what it actually says.

(07/08/2018) The Democratic Party’s Christian Problem.  For years I have observed that on average, Christian conservatives let the Bible inform their political opinions while liberal Christians let their political views inform their biblical interpretation. 

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