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Free Speech or Not?


Apr-Jun 2018

(06/24/2018) Maxine Waters: God Is On The Side Of People Driving Trump Officials From Restaurants.  Wow.  But those on the Left tend to invent the God of their own desires.  In which case, what they say about "God" really says more about them.  In the case of Maxine Waters, I don't think this teaches us anything we didn't already know.  Here is more: Maxine Waters, is This Really the America You Want?  Chances are it is, as long as all the bad behavior is in one direction.

(06/24/2018) Let’s go to the video: John Harwood finds it ‘disgraceful’ to suggest Nancy Pelosi defended MS-13.  Well, she did.  I will happily concede that she probably didn't really mean it but was just bashing Trump.  But is it not remarkable how the MSM jumps in to defend Democrats when others were totally justified in their criticisms of Democrats, but were totally silent when, for example, Democrats ran the ad claiming the GOP wanted to push granny over a cliff.

(06/23/2018) John Brennan, in Ominous Tweet to Pres. Trump, Calls for Insurrection by Cabinet, GOP Leadership.  And this man was once our CIA director?  I shudder to think of the damage he may have done - that we do not yet know about - in that position.

(06/23/2018) The Mask Slips.  We all know that most of the MSM strongly supports the Democrat Party and uses their influence to help the Democrats.  But it is refreshing to herar them actually admit it, even if only by accident.

(06/22/2018) Weaponizing Compassion: What the controversy over illegal immigrant families is really about.  It has nothing to do with compassion and everything to do with political power play.

(06/22/2018) NBC News: “We” Have a Great Opportunity to Hurt Trump.  Gee, isn't it great to have an unbiased, objective news media?

(06/21/2018) War of the worlds (revised edition).  This has to do with the Democrats proposed legislation regarding regarding "separation of families" of those crossing the border illegally.  Basically, it does not distinguish between illegal border crossers and US citizens, so ....

(06/14/2018) The Silencing of the Inspectors General.  Obama and other members keep claiming that the Obama administration was "scandal-free." They probably had more scandals that any administration in my lifetime, but the media refused to give any significant coverage.  Why?  Simply because Obama told them not to and they followed his orders.  He told them publicly,  "My administration was scandal-free."  And the MSM rushes to report that statement and offers no contradictory evidence.  But you will find more than plenty in the excellent linked article.  The big question is why is virtually nothing being done about them.  The evidence it there.  Is the DOJ still so full of Obama holdovers that they can't do anything?  Clean house!

(05/31/2018) #Spygate: The Coming Storm.  When Trump was elected, I felt a huge sense of relief.  Not so much because of Trump. but because Hillary Clinton was not going to be president.  As hard as it may be to believe, we dodged a bigger bullet than I realized.  Hillary Clinton was / is far worse than even I imagined back in November of 2016. 

(05/31/2018) Dear Ex-Friends in #TheResistance.  This is a good article, though it include at totally unnecessary use of the f-word.  While I think that committed Christians need to become more active politically, it isn't going to be politics that save this country.  We have to turn back to God.

(05/29/2018) Democrats Can’t Control Their Extremism.  Certainly this is the case with the activists.  I shudder to think of what they'll do if they retake control of the government.

(05/27/2018) Trump takes on the bureaucracy with civil service reform.  This is exactly what I love about Trump.  He sees a need and does something about it, even if it is something no previous president was willing to tackle.  This is exactly why having a president lacking is standard "political skills" is a great thing.

(05/26/2018) ICE Chief Completely Destroys Democrat Lawmaker With Scathing Statement.  For Congress people to complain about enforcing laws they passed is absurd.  They have the power to change the law - if they had the vote.  They don't, so some choose to pontificate.

(05/24/2018) DOJ Employee Donations Overwhelmingly Favor Democrats.  Of course.  The Democrats have always been good at stocking federal agencies with like-minded people.  That is probably their prime criteria. 

(05/23/2018) Big-Lie Brennan. Obama's CIA boss becomes a whiny Clinton clone and Twitter troll.  I believe that he is in panic mode.  It isn't just that FBI and CIA officials did unethical things - they did illegal things.  And among the guilty is John Brennan.

(05/22/2018) Trump top 10 (or so).  Actually, this article leaves out a lot of things - see the comments.  To be blunt, I would never have imagined that a president could accomplish so much in so short a period of time.  And this with over 90% of the news coverage being negative and a witch hunt of a Russian investigation getting in the way of the administration.

(05/18/2018) One of the biggest problems I have with politicians is that so many of them think they are far smarter and wiser than everyone else and are therefore fit to take over decision making from the rest of us.  Here is the latest: Keith Ellison Thinks It’s a ‘Very Good Idea’ For Congress to Regulate CEO Pay. 

(05/17/2018) The plotters who launched spying on the Trump campaign outed themselves in leaks to the New York Times.  It is critical for them to get their whitewashed version of events out before the IG report exposes them.  The NY Times naturally cooperates with them.  The scandal is not that the Trump campaign "colluded" with the Russians.  There is yet no evidence that they did.  The scandal is that the Obama administration used the government itself to spy on the Trump campaign.  The big question is, what did they do with the fruits of their spying?  An unbiased media would want to get to the bottom of this.  In spite of this being far worse than Watergate, the media has no interest in exposing their guys.  It will hurt their cause and they will do everything in their power to prevent that from happening.  Will they succeed?  We shall see.

Update: Here are several more articles on the subject: The (new) Times origin story10 Key Takeaways From The New York Times’ Error-Ridden Defense Of FBI Spying On Trump CampaignNYT Report Confirms Obama Administration’s FBI Spied on Trump Campaign. Here is more: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC Hide LARGEST POLITICAL SCANDAL IN US HISTORY from Front Page – Obama Spying on Trump Campaign.  Gee, what a shock!  Most of the MSM does not want to cover this story.

(05/16/2018) Dem Candidate For Senator: What Was The Point Of The American Revolution?  I can't do justice to this idiocy in few words, so you'll have to read it for yourselves.

(05/16/2018) Maxine Waters to PA Rep: 'I Resent the Remark About Making America Great Again.'  Just face it, many Democrats do not want a great America, period.  They especially don't want Trump to make America great again.  But in fact, they don't want anyone to do it.  They cheered when Obama made America weaker and poorer. 

(05/16/2018) Poli Sci Prof: Backlash Against Liberal Smugness Will Get Trump Re-elected.  What is amusing is that this guy wrote an op-en in the NY Times where he said that liberal overreaction to Trump will get him re-elected (not just smugness).  The article was then flooded with overreaction to the article.

(05/14/2018) California Democrats Push Communist Holiday Over U.S. President’s Birthdays.

  One thing I like about Trump is that those on the Left have become so unhinged that they are actually letting us know what they really think.

(05/14/2018) Put up or shut up on the Trump threatens democracy claim.  The fact is, President Trump has not abused his power in any way.  What he has done, is reverse some of Obama's abuses.  The MSM and the Left have to lie in order to make Trump look bad - calling the Iran deal a "treaty," for example.  The threat to democracy comes from the Left, beginning with their efforts to scuttle the First Amendment.  Remember Obama's promise that if Congress did not "do their job," he had a phone and a pen.  Where was the MSM then?

(05/13/2018) Trump-lovin' student threatened for exposing leftist attackers.  Apparently, criticizing the Left for their personal and physical attacks on conservatives hurts the feelings of those on the Left and must therefore be stopped.  Or something.

(05/12/2018) Nancy Pelosi Urging Democrats to Concentrate on Economic Issues.  There are two categories of Democrats.  The true believers and the power-hungry.  The power-hungry realize that the focus on Trump does not seem to be working and that the big "blue wave" of November is at risk. 

(05/10/2018) Fed-Up Christian Doctor Hits ‘Seditious’ Anti-Trump Christians with Brutal Message.  Well, maybe not brutal.  But still a good message.


(05/09/2018) Trump and the Two Americas. Why the anti-Trumpers just can't give credit to the president for his successes.  One thing that has always annoyed me about the Left is their moral preening.  It is very disappointing to me that some on the conservative side are capable of doing the exact same thing.

(04/28/2018) What Leftists Stand For.  The author manages to come up with a list of 56 things the Left stands for and you probably do not.

(04/24/2018) Bombshell: FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Million.   The evidence is extremely solid.  Will anything be done?  Almost certainly not.  Laws are for the little people.

(04/20/2018) Comey’s Memos Indicate Dossier Briefing Of Trump Was A Setup.  Normally I would dismiss such speculation, but the fact is, why did Comey "memorialize" his Trump meetings with memos when he did not do likewise with Obama, Clinton and Lynch?  And why bring the "dossier" to Trump's attention while withholding the information that it was paid for by the Hillary campaign?

(04/16/2018) Federal Rulemaking: Some Are More Equal Than Others.  Far more rules are put into effect by bureaucrats than laws are passed by Congress.  It would not be unfair to say that unelected bureaucrats impact our lives far more than the politicians that we actually get to vote for.  At a minimum, Congress should have to approve and the President sign off on every single proposed rule.  You can be that would bring the "industry" to a screeching halt.

(04/16/2018) The Left’s Clueless Condescension.  As mentioned before, the Left is simply incapable of understanding how conservative think.  In addition, truth is pretty low on their priority list.

(04/16/2018) Is it History, or is it Propaganda?  It is propaganda - an HS history text and presents the 2016 ele

(04/15/2018) Obama judge OKs lawsuit forcing companies to hire DACA recipients.  Progressive judges are famous for ruling on the basis of what they think the law should be rather than what it actually is.

(04/13/2018) IG Report Presents New Evidence Obama DOJ Sought to Shut Down FBI Investigation Into Clinton Foundation.  Seriously, did anyone with an ounce of integrity think that was not the case?

(04/13/2018) Postal Workers Angry at Trump Just Got Hilariously Bad News.  This has to do with a post office that refuses to take down their Obama / Biden pictures and replace them with Trump / Pence.

(04/09/2018) Trump To Replace Liberal Lion Of The Ninth Circuit.  Of his rulings that were appealed to the Supreme Court, 24 out of 25 were overturned.  Judges with a record like that should be removed by means other than death.

(04/05/2018) Tammy Bruce: Poor California -- Democrats are turning the state into a major nightmare.  Sigh.  And it is such a beautiful state.

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