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Free Speech or Not?


Oct '17-Mar '18

(03/26/2018) GOP Rep Says Won’t Run for Reelection, Citing Level of Hatred ‘From the Left.’  Given that we Christians, collectively, are running away from most fights, we have no cause to criticize him.

(03/23/2108) Newsweek Is Shocked, Shocked That Trump Appointee Is a Sane, Pro-Life Mom.  You really need to read the article to understand the sheer idiocy that passes for being "woke" these days.

(03/23/2018) Ivanka Trump's visit to Iowa salon sparks social media backlash.  That is, progressives are attacking and boycotting the salon.  Aren't we fortunate that they are so tolerant, unlike ourselves?

(03/20/2018) Of Course Many Christians Supported, And Still Support, Trump Over Hillary.  From the article: "The main question wasn’t then, and isn’t now, which of these two had less sin. It was which would treat Christians better after the election.  Trump won on both questions."

(03/13/2018) ‘Backwards’: Hillary Clinton Apparently Still Has No Clue Why She Lost.  Hillary holds a goodly portion of America in absolute contempt.  This is a problem that self-proclaimed "elites" have in general, but it seems that there is a much greater sense of eliteness on the progressive side of the fence.

(03/13/2018) With Netflix, Obama builds another monument to himself.  That is what he does.  And he has plenty of enablers.

(03/12/2018) Swamp Things in the Russia Investigation.  A Victor Davis Hanson article.  Need anything more be said?

(03/12/2018) Playing Pope, Michael Gerson upbraids Evangelicals for their love of Trump.  First of all, if Trump were doing today what he might have done years ago, I would have a problem with it.  Second of all, there are an awful lot of stone throwers out their that claim to be tolerant.  They are neither tolerant nor without sin.

(03/07/2018) WaPo Columnist: You Know What Time It Is, Kids? Socialism Time!  Socialism has been tried and has failed for 400 years.  Yes, our Mayflower ancestors tried it and immediately discovered, no only that it did not work, but why it did not work.  The "why" is very important, because it was valid 400 years ago, is valid today, and will be valid as long as humans are human.  Nevertheless, advocates have been trying to do it "right" ever since and have failed every time.  But this time....  What I find most amusing about the WaPo columns is the assertion that those that are seeking meaning in their life need to try socialism.  I have a different suggestion.

(02/28/2018) Republicans Are Beginning to Drive the Narrative.  I'm not complaining, but what I really want to see is Christians, genuine followers of Christ, starting to drive the narrative.

(02/27/2018) Walter Williams: ‘We Have Betrayed the Founding Fathers.’  Given that progressives (and many others) think they are smarter than God, it is hardly surprising that they think they are far smarter and wiser than the Founding Fathers.

(02/27/2018) Oops! 100,000 non-citizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania.  And guess which party benefits by having non-citizens vote?  Could that have anything to do with their total unwillingness to do anything about the problem?

(02/27/2018) Why It’s Time To Raise The Voting Age Back To 21.  The argument for lowering it was that you could be in the military at age 18.  Simple solution: those in the military can vote at 18, everyone else, 21.

(02/24/2018) Leftists versus the People.  Do they really hate ordinary people that much?  Yes, they do.  

(02/20/2018) Prager U Video: Communist Manifesto or Democrat Party Platform?  What is amazing is simply the fact that most people simply have no idea just how far Left the Democrats are.  And the primary reason for this ignorance?  The MSM.

(02/14/2018) African American Pastors Rebuke Congressional Black Caucus, Launch Conservative Black Agenda for 2018.  Interesting.  Blacks have been very ill-served by their so-called leaders.  

(02/09/2018) The "Abnormalization" of Trump.  What media coverage of a military parade tells us about the Left's madness.  Just as liberal theologians force the Bible to conform to their worldview, so do progressives force reality to conform to their worldview, even if it means changing their views regularly.

(02/08/2018) Democrats Won't Stand For This!  Well, they won't stand for "In God We Trust" or our flag an anthem, but Nancy Pelosi stood 8 hours for illegal aliens.  Definitely food for thought.  There was a time when liberals and conservatives had the same basic objectives, but with different notions as to how to achieve them.  The objectives, sad to say, have diverged with most of the divergence being on the part of the Left.  Sad.

(02/07/2018) The Clinton Dossier.  Possibly the best analysis I have read on the subject.

(02/05/2018) Confronting Leftist Lies.  There are plenty of them, and even if you don't consider yourself "political," as a Christian you should be confronting these lies.

(02/04/2018) Former CIA Official Threatens Trump: “You’ve Been Around for 13 Months – We’ve Been Around Since 1908. We’re Going to Win.”  Isn't this the very reason Trump was elected?  To fight the administrators and bureaucrats and agents who have taken over the running of much of our government and who are a force unto themselves with little or no accountability to "We the People."

(02/04/2018) Thank God That Trump Won.  I always feel reluctant to drag God into politics, but I sincerely do thank God that Trump won.

(02/03/2018) Media Still Pinning Steele Dossier On Republicans.  This is not merely fake, it is absolutely false.  The MSM has clearly decided that if a Democrat politician says something they can treat it as and report it as absolute fact.  They know they are misleading and lying and they do it anyway.  Do they have a shred of integrity?  No.

(02/03/2018) I'm Still Cheering For Trump.  Michael Reagan may be getting a tad carried away here, but I mostly agree with him.  The Democrats complained about Rush Limbaugh "wanting Obama to fail," but it is pretty clear that the Democrats want America to fail - as long as Trump is in charge.

(02/03/2018) Why Did the Democrats Lie So Baldly about the Memo?  Before its release they claimed it would damage national security and reveal sources and methods.  This story line was reported over and over in an effort to prevent the release of the memo.  It turns out, surprise, surprise, that none of it was true.  And they have all just switched to their new story line without acknowledging that they lied their heads off the first time.  Many things are becoming clear, but one thing stands out.  The MSM and the Democrats hate for American citizens being spied upon.  Unless, of course, they are the ones doing the spying and the spied upon are their political enemies.  Here is more on the topic: Swallow Well or Gag.  

(02/02/2018) The Media's Free Pass for Bitter Democrats.  As is typical, the MSM covered for the Democrats disgraceful behavior at the SOTU.  Is anyone surprised?

(01/30/2018) 3 Reasons the Left Wants Evermore Immigrants.  In a nutshell: more Democrat voters, diminution of the nation-state, and to feel good about themselves.     

(01/28/2018) Are the Democrats Fighting a Civil War?  Maybe this article (speech, actually) is hyperbolic, but the more I think about it, the more I am afraid that it is not.  And just as many Christians sit passively on the sidelines while our culture degrades, many conservatives are sitting on the sidelines while the Left is taking over institution after institution irrespective of who is winning elections. 

(01/28/2018) Poll: Majorities Think Trump Is Reckless, Profane, And Sexist.  Perhaps he is, perhaps he isn't, but given that the MSM has been pushing this 24/7 the poll results are hardly surprising.

(01/26/2018) Trump in Davos: 'The Single-Best Anti-Poverty Program Is a Very Beautiful Paycheck.'  This article is very interesting, and in large part because this is just the sort of news you are unlikely to hear from the MSM, even though it is really nothing more than reporting what Trump said in a major speech.  Here is more: Donald Does Davos.

(01/18/2018) United Methodist Council of Bishops Condemns Trump Without Facts.  Clearly it isn't just individuals and left-wing organizations that feel the need to virtue signal without bothering to ascertain the facts.  

(01/18/2018) Democrats Are Fooling Themselves About Tax Reform’s Unpopularity.  The problem the Democrats have is that they want higher taxes and bigger government.  They simply cannot admit that lower taxes benefits most people.  That would make lowering taxes popular, but lowering taxes will starve big government.  So they invent all sort of wild rationalizations as to why lower taxes will harm people rather than benefit them.  Wait!  I am being far too generous.  They don't invent rationalizations, they simply lie.

(01/15/2018) Is Obama as Shallow as He Seems?  Yes, and there is even less than meets the eye.  Has he ever expressed a memorable, original or profound thought?  He has been spoiled his entire life, being surrounded by enablers who have told him how great he is.  Those enablers have not gone away.

(01/14/2018) De Blasio Sues Oil Companies for Hurricane Sandy Damage.  Because Climate Change™, don't you see?  If they pull this off, then the junk science industry is going to grow by leaps and bounds and no one's money is going to be safe from greedy politicians.  Fortunately, they'll go for the big pockets first.  I seem to recall a quote along those lines.  

(01/12/2018) Center for American Progress just screwed up Schumer's DACA budget showdown plans.  Suffice it to say, the Democrats think their future electoral success depends on DACA.  Rest assured, the Democrats would fight DACA tooth and nail if they thought it would help the GOP at election time.

(01/06/2018) Don Lemon Cuts To Break When Conservative Says 1 Word Libs Hate.  Actually, I'm positively encouraged by the fact that Don Lemon actually had a conservative on his show.

(01/02/2018) Netanyahu and Trump Speak on Iran.  Unlike a certain previous administration, who are demanding that the current administration just shut up and stop making them look bad.

(01/01/2018) The Deep State takes aim at Devin Nunes.  The MSM is handling this in its usual fashion.  Whenever there is any hint of Republican corruption, the MSM focuses on said corruption no matter how slim the evidence.  Whenever there is evidence of Democrat corruption, the MSM focuses on the Republican "overreaction" and ignores the corruption itself, no matter how strong the evidence.

(12/27/2017) Beyond Sick: After Tax Cuts, Liberals Tell Scalise’s Shooter to Finish the Job.  It always gives me the warm fuzzies when those that demand tolerance give tolerance in return.

(12/23/2017) On DNC/FBI/Russia Collusion, the CIA and NSA Played a part Too.  This scandal is far worse than Watergate.  And where are our vigilant, truth-seeking, investigative reporters?  Worrying about how many diet cokes the president drinks.

(12/22/2017) Liberals Poo-Poo the Post-Tax Cut Announcements of Raises, Bonuses.  Never, never, never be fooled into thinking that the elites of the Left care one whit about you.

(12/22/2017) Democrats Are Fooling Themselves About Tax Reform's Unpopularity.  I agree.  The unpopularity is based on false reporting, presenting Democrat talking points as fact.  But this is a case where the reality will prove to be much, much better for most people.  I suspect that reality will win in this case.

(12/22/2017) Why the Remaining NeverTrumpers Should Apologize Now.  Roger Simon thinks that the NeverTrumpers will be welcomed back into the fold.  I would welcome them since we need all hands on deck to defeat the Left.  Unfortunately, many are not so forgiving.  

(12/22/2017) A deafening media silence on the Obama-Hezbollah scandal.  The MSM invested everything they had in the notion that Obama was the greatest and smartest president ever.  And that his administration was the most transparent and scandal-free administration ever.  They were wrong, of course, but they are absolutely not going to report anything that shows just how wrong they were.

(12/22/2017) The Problem of Identity Politics and Its Solution.  I hate to say it, but the only way to end identity politics is for those who play it to lose election after election.  It will only stop when it no longer works.

(12/18/2017) A Jacksonian Manifesto.  I think we already knew this, but the Trump foreign policy goals are a tad different from those of the Obama administration.  Here is more: Trump’s Doctrine: ‘Principled Realism’ Comes to the Fore.  

(12/15/2017) Senator Johnson's Request.  It really does look like the FBI tried to ensure that Trump was not elected, and failing that, tried to ensure that he didn't become president (or at least not remain president).  This is possibly the worst scandal in American history, and the MSM is doing everything in its power to ignore or cover it up.  I haven't been linking to very many articles on this, but I probably should.  It appears the whole "Russia" business has been nothing but a attempt to divert from the real scandal, a scandal that never would have come to light if Hillary, as expected, had been elected.  Here is more on the general subject: Reopen the Hillary Investigation.  

(12/11/2017) Fake Truth.  An excellent Victor Davis Hanson column.  

(12/09/2017) GOP Introduces Tough Law That Would Put Every Liberal Official in Jail.  Well, maybe not all of them.  But it would jail officials for refusing to enforce immigration law, something most on the Left are in favor of.  And while I think we have far too many laws, the notion that state and local officials can pick and choose which federal laws to enforce and which to ignore is a formula for anarchy. 

(12/04/2017) Flynn's Case Proves it's Time to Fire Mueller.  When an investigation generates crimes, it’s a crime.  

(12/02/2017) Obama Used 'Illegal Propaganda' on Americans.  At least his EPA did.

(11/30/2017) Calling Pence A Liar While Protecting Warren Is Why People Hate Media.  This article covers more territory than the headline indicates.  It all boils down to the fact that the "fact checkers" often declare absolutely true statements by conservatives as false or mostly false, while covering up lies by Democrats.  We have added a video on our Prager U page which addresses this topic.

(11/29/2017) Senate Confirms Greg Katsas.  This is a great conservative with a sterling, impeccable record.  All Democrats except Manchin voted against.  This is why it is essential that Moore win in Alabama and that the GOP gain Senate seats in 2018.  President Trump is making great court appointments, but the Democrats will vote against any conservative Trump appoints.

(11/23/2017) Lock Up Lois Lerner.  I have to agree.  Until people start going to prison, unelected bureaucrats (and elected ones, too) will break the law and abuse their power.  They have been doing it for years and never suffer and significant consequences.

(11/18/2017) Trump-Bashing Cardinals Hailed as Peacemakers and Bridge-Builders.  This is pretty typical.  Whenever someone on the Left offers to welcome conservatives who become like them (Leftists), they are so hailed.

(11/02/2017) Twitter Admits They Regularly Buried Anti-Hillary Tweets.  And what about other social media venues such as Facebook?  But I'm more concerned about their burying pro-Christian stuff and Bible quotations.  I'm not a fan of government involvement in everything, but isn't "social media" pretty similar to the phone company in regard to the "public utility" aspect of things?

(10/31/2017) Shocking But Not Surprising.  This has to do with Congress protecting itself from charges of sexual harassment.  The victim has to jump through a bunch of hoops, and if there is a settlement, the perp doesn't pay, the taxpayer does.

(10/30/2017) The Insidiousness of Property Taxes.  I never really thought about the topic before, but property taxes are a really bad form of taxation.  My preference for a consumption tax would eliminate the need for a property tax, but it isn't going to happen, so....

(10/30/2017) Some Republicans Look for Love in All the Wrong Places.  Being praised by leftists is a bad sign.  Moral of this story: if seeking praise is your top priority, you are doomed to go in the wrong direction.

(10/29/2017) 'Smoking gun' email claimed found in Eric Holder DOJ scandal.  This is where the DOJ would bring lawsuits against various corporations, settle the case, and rather than have the settlement funds go to the government, they would direct that those funds go to left-wing organizations.  A very clever way to finance leftism with what amounts to taxpayer dollars.

(10/26/2017) DOJ Settles with Tea Party Groups on Lois Lerner IRS Scandal.  Let me see if I have this straight.  The IRS successfully - and illegally - kept conservative groups out of action during elections, and the only ones to get punished are the taxpayers who have to pay the settlement???  What a disgrace.  Individuals need to be prosecuted.  Crimes were committed.  Trump may be president, but Washington is still working hard to protect its own and to apply a totally different set of rules to itself.

(10/26/2017) Branco Cartoon – Stop the Presses.  Pretty much spot on.

(10/25/2017) Democrats Yelp as Trump Upholds Constitution.  There are quite a few cases where the Obama administration implemented policies in clear violation of the Constitution.  Trump simply undoes these and goes back to the Constitutional approach and the Left screams.  To be clear, the Left - and that means the Democrats - consider the Constitution to be nothing more than a tool to be used (or misused) when it can be, and to be ignored otherwise.  Sort of like how they view the Bible.

(10/19/2017) Confirmed: 99 Percent Of Union Donations Go To Liberal-Leaning Causes.  Two points: we are talking big, big bucks, and that much of the money came from people who do not agree with left-wing causes.

(10/18/2017) Democrats find excuses for election losses in lawsuits.  I can recall years ago when Democrat Phil Burton so succeeded in gerrymandering California that the GOP would get a (slight) majority of the Congressional votes, but the Dems won over 2/3 of the seats.  I don't recall any lawsuits.

(10/17/2017) MA Liberals Try to Destroy Business After Owner Photographed with Trump.  Christians may be on the progressive hit-list, but it is clear that we aren't the only ones.  But really, what kind of person wants to destroy someone's business and livelihood over something like this?  Answers: Leftists, and there are plenty of them.

(10/17/2017) Report: FBI Uncovers Confirmation of Hillary Clinton’s Corrupt Uranium Deal with Russia.  This is big, big news.  It turns out to be the Obama administration dealing corruptly with the Russians - no evidence yet about Trump.  And yet ....  I checked CNN.  No article about this on their main page, but six, count them - six articles about Trump and the Russians.  Is there any question that the MSM is just an active member of the Democrat party?  Is there any question that we are being fed a lot of fake news in lieu of the reporting of actual blockbuster news?

(10/14/2017) For Democrats, Politics Is the Only True God.  Maybe the article is a bit over the top, but given how many liberal Christians seem to base their biblical interpretation on their political views, perhaps not.

(10/14/2017) Porn King Larry Flynt Offers $10 Million for Information Leading to Trump Impeachment.  There is so much one could say about this, but why bother?

(10/10/2017) This Chicago Official Thinks Our Flag Is “Toilet Paper” … So Let’s Make Her Famous.  I have to say that one of the most valuable things Trump has done is to get those on the Left to say what they really think.  Now we can see them as they truly are.  The dividing line between Right and Left in America is becoming more stark.  The upcoming elections in 2018 and 2020 are going to dictate the direction America takes for the foreseeable future and beyond.  I pray that we make the right choice.  Just what the choices are should be crystal clear.  I believe that the elections will be "choose this day" elections.

(10/04/2017) Judge Roy Moore Bolsters Republican Party Credibility.   It should be noted that a number of commenters apparently don't think evangelicals should be represented in the Republican party, though I doubt the want to turn away our votes.

(10/01/2017) How the Associated Press Spins the Supreme Court.  You won't be surprised to know that they exclusively present the progressive view and ignore the conservative one.

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