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Free Speech or Not?


Jul-Sep 2017

(09/30/2017) Democrat Leaders Now Kneeling on the Floor in Congress.  We are going to reach a decision point before long and the ability to turn back afterwards will be minimal.  We are going patriotically honor our country, devote ourselves to constitutional rule and return to the values that made America great.  Or we are going to continue to slide downhill morally, culturally and politically and turn America into just another semi-socialist country.  The choice is ours.

(09/27/2017) Mueller Investigation Desperate As More Information About Obama’s Illegal Spying Is Uncovered.  This appears to be more an opinion piece than a news story.  But given that Mueller has staffed his team primarily with Democrat lawyers, it rings true.  Update: This article goes a little way towards backing up this story - All Russian Roads Lead to DNC: Russian Purchased Facebook Ads Promoted Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter.  

(09/26/2017) A Lying Quartet.  This is a Victor Davis Hanson column.  The "quartet" are former top intelligence officials from the Obama administration.  

(09/22/2017) Voter Fraud Evidence Is Emerging – And the Media Wants to Keep You in the Dark.  Is anyone surprised?  Voter fraud helps Democrats and for years, Democrats have maintained that there is no voter fraud (of consequence).

(09/22/2017) Unmasking Power's Abuse of Power.  More proof emerges that Obama used spy agencies to undermine Trump.  This is precisely why government's power should be limited.  And those that abuse government power should be punished - otherwise abuse will continue.

(09/20/2017) Disturbing trend: local governments engage in lawfare, suing public records requesters.  For a government of "We the People," to call this a disturbing trend is an understatement.  Whenever this happens, we know that government corruption or incompetence is involved.

(09/20/2017) Pseudo-Moderate Dems Toe Party Line on DOJ Nominations.  Some time ago, I made a determination that there are no genuine "moderate" Democrats.  When push comes to shove - that is, when their vote really counts - they can be counted on to go along with the official party line, which has been moving steadily leftward for decades.  For all the declarations of "moderateness." they simply cannot be trusted.  The same cannot be said for many in the GOP, who are perfectly willing to vote against the party on issues like repealing Obamacare.

(09/19/2017) Discreet Charm of the Dreamers.  Remember when all the LGBT crowd wanted was civil unions?  It turned out that they wanted (and got) much, much more.  When it comes to people in this country illegally, the goal is not to merely legalize the "dreamers."  The goal is to legalize all illegals and give them all a path to citizenship.  Trust me, an official DACA bill is just the first step.  In fact, I suspect that Dems will try to include language that covers more than just Dreamers in any DACA legislation.  There are millions of potential Democrat votes at stake.

(09/19/2017) Hillary Clinton's new book has over 90% 5-star ratings, yet all the reviews that are flagged as most helpful are negative reviews.  Most of the positive reviews seem to be nothing but platitudes or nonsense.  One 5-start review says "What are you going to do about a big defeat? Move on."  If Hillary Clinton was "moving on" after her defeat, she would never have written this book!  If you want to torture yourself. you can buy the book or look at the reviews at Amazon

(09/16/2017) Defiant Judge May Keep Arpaio Conviction Despite Trump Pardon.  The president has an absolute power when it comes to pardons, whether we agree with him or not.  A judge that disagrees should be removed from the bench.

(09/16/2017) Surprise! New Jersey Voters Sour on Sen. Robert Menendez, on Trial for Corruption.  Well, only 50% specifically say he does not deserve re-election.  One added note: many news articles concerning his trial do not mention that he is a Democrat, and one of the networks identified him as a Republican.

(09/15/2017) Report: Tucson High School Forces Students to Attend Pro-DACA Rally.  Now just in case you are getting the wrong idea, repeat after me: "Only conservative Christians try to impose their values on others."

(09/15/2017) Ellison's Spokesman Speaks.  This is regarding Congressman Keith Ellison's press secretary.  If he were a Republican, his tweets would have immediately led to his resignation.  Remember the GOP staffer who was forced to resign because she said the Obama girls should have dressed better for a public event?  But he is a black, Muslim (I think) Democrat, so apparently no behavior is considered unacceptable.  And this, my friends, is one of the biggest problems America faces today.  Standards that should apply to all Americans are waived for certain groups. Nothing good can come of this, but plenty of bad can and already has.  Update: the individual in question is Ellison's former press secretary, though his status as "former" has nothing to do with his tweets.

(09/14/2017) Even Ultraliberal California Can’t Stand Antifa’s Antics Any Longer.  To be fair, this could simply be because the Democrats have finally figured out that supporting Antifa does not help their electoral chances.

(09/14/2017) Hillary: Media Coverage is Biased Against Democrats.  'We've got to figure out how we're going to break through. ... We're still at a disadvantage.'  Yes, we laugh at this nonsense.  But many on the Left actually believe this, which means they will continue working hard to make the media shift even further to the Left.

(09/13/2017) "What Happened" in a Nutshell.  Hillary Clinton's requirements and behavior at her first book signing tells you everything you need to know about what happened.  Here is more on her new book: Hillary Clinton: Deplorable book, deplorable person.  

(09/13/2017) No Countries! No Borders! No Boundaries!… Maryland City Gives Non-Citizens the Right to Vote.  This is a very, very bad idea.  Of course, it is all about feeling good about yourself with the side benefit of guaranteeing Democrat political control for the long term.  I think a constitutional amendment is in order - only US citizens can vote in any government related election.

(09/13/2017) Miss Texas Tears into President Donald Trump at Miss America Pageant.  As I always say, switch the political parties and imagine what the media reaction would be.

(09/11/2017) How Did Hillary Lose? Let Us Count the Ways.  I am so grateful that she is not president.  Almost all politicians have a hard time admitting responsibility for their failings.  But I cannot think of another who has gone as far as Clinton in specifically blaming others for everything.

(09/10/2017) DACA Program Hit By Unbelievable Allegations Days after Trump Decision.  Is the fact that the program is full of fraud actually unbelievable?  Is it any surprise that people will cheat in order to gain DACA status?  Is it surprising that people running the program are biased in favor of letting applicants get away with fraud?  Are there any negative consequences for cheating?  I think we know the answers to all these questions.

(09/08/2017) Trump was right again about voter fraud, this time from New Hampshire.  Without the apparently fraudulent votes, both Trump and the GOP senator might well have won.  But they lost.  Voter fraud is a serious problem.  Should we be surprised that those that benefit from fraud fight tooth and nail to prevent anything being done about it?

(09/05/2017) Our Dystopian Future.  Things do look pretty bad.  The other side plays by unconstitutional rules and we find it hard to even muster up any resistance.  We need Revival in America and we need a revival of the Tea Party.

(09/04/2017) Rebranding for 2020 begins: “Elizabeth Warren’s Christian faith is deep and authentic.”  I don't know how many people actually buy into this, but I still hear how Hillary Clinton is a "devout" Methodist.  I have a simple rule of thumb - if your publically stated beliefs are totally out of line with biblical truth, then I have to question your Christian bona fides. 

(09/01/2017) Senators Say Comey Drafted Clinton Exoneration Memo Before She Was Interviewed.  Isn't this a case of obstructing justice - "deciding" on the "verdict" before completing the investigation?  Go to our actions page to sign a petition.  Update: Comey Began Drafting EmailGate 'Exoneration Statement' Before Interviewing 17 Key Witnesses, Including Clinton

(08/31/2017) IRS Gives Tax Exempt Status to Satanic Group in 10 Days – Makes Christian Groups Wait For Years.  Perhaps my biggest gripe with President Trump is that Koskinen is still head of the IRS.

(08/30/2017) Tillerson to trim Obama-era State Department positions.  Is it OK for me to say "finally?"  I hope he goes further than just "Obama era."  Most federal agencies would do just fine with a fraction of the bureaucrats they currently have.  

(08/30/2017) The Media Never Disappoints.  This is a good, but hard to describe, read.  It was triggered by the following headline: "Harvey's Burdens Will Fall Hardest on the Poor."

(08/29/2017) NBC's Jane Timm Sparks Outrage in Attacking Trump's Election Commission.  Actually, it is nothing more than yet another example of fake news.

(08/29/2017) The Alt-Right vs. the Ctrl-Left.  Good article.  Brief, but covers a lot of territory.  Key takeaway?  He doesn't say this, but it is "the truth will set you free."  You cannot live your life based on lies - you will be a slave to them.  Set yourself free with God's Truth!

(08/24/2017) Does Anybody Understand What These Never Trump Republicans Think They’re Achieving?  I think I do, but it would require an entire blog post to state.

(08/24/2017 CNN’s Jake Tapper Admits that the Media was “More Supportive” of Obama.  They were even more supportive of Hillary against Trump, but I guess it is still too early for them to admit that.

(08/22/2017) On Charlottesville, Trump, and Anti-Americanism.  For the first time in ages I was able to finish reading a Jonah Goldberg column without getting upset.  It is pretty good, discussing the unwillingness of the "moderates" on the Left to even criticize (much less, condemn) the radical violent Left.  In is regularly demanded of mainstream conservative to denounce various extremists that the MSM and Democrats attach the "Right" label to.  It is never so demanded of Democrats that they denounce radical Leftists, nor do they volunteer such condemnation.  Rather, they either ignore their violent brethren or actually defend them.  

(08/22/2017) No, President Trump did not “stare” at the sun.  This story, in and of itself, is very minor.  But it is indicative of the state of much of our news media today.  Fake news is real.  Reporters are supposed to check their stories.  A video was available to them.  Either they chose to not bother to check the facts or they chose to ignore the facts and lie.  This is why, I simply do not trust MSM reporting any more - even on what  should be non-controversial, non-political issues.  They simply are not trustworthy. 

(08/22/2017) Dems still trying to manufacture their own “Tea Party” candidates.  How can the Democrats manufacture their own "Tea Party candidates" when the Democrat Party opposes pretty much everything the Tea Party stands for?

(08/21/2017) The Ever-Burgeoning House Democrat IT Scandal.  The fact is that there is an effect resulting from years of the MSM inflating GOP scandals and minimizing or simply ignoring Democrat ones.  Their influence is significant.  There is no question that if this scandal involved the GOP, it would be front and center.  The fundamental problem is that the great majority of the media (and academia, and the entertainment industry) firmly believe that those on the Left are good and those on the right are bad.

(08/21/2017) Left's 'Big Lie' About Trump and GOP Explodes.  Author Dinesh D'Souza on 'ploy of seizing the Hitler card.'  This is just an excerpt from D'Souza's new book, but it looks interesting.  Main takeaway from this excerpt: Not only are Leftism and Fascism closely related, but pretty much everyone who has ever pointed this out is immediately accused of being a Fascist! 

(08/20/2017) Do Democrats and some Republicans really want to defend the antifas and related groups?  How about ‘Peaceful’ Alt-Left Protesters Confront Free Speech Demonstrator — Then Cold-Cock Him in Head.  Of course "free speech demonstrator" is no doubt a euphemism.  And then there is this: Alt-Left Thugs March in Dallas Chanting, “F*ck the Police” and “Oink, Oink, Bang, Bang!”  

(08/19/2017) Judge Walton to IRS: "Lay it on the Line."  This has to do with the IRS targeting Tea Party groups.  The fact that Koskinen still heads the IRS is possibly Trump's biggest failing.

(08/17/2017) Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch 'tarmac meeting' under more FBI scrutiny.  We already know that Comey lied when he said the FBI had no documents relating to the meeting.  And while not illegal, we know reporters worked very hard at ignoring and minimizing the meeting.  If any quid pro quo was discussed (you stay on as AG when Hillary is elected), then a crime was committed.  But as before, the media will ignore and minimize.

(08/06/2017) Chicago to Sue DoJ Over Sanctuary City Policies.  So Democrats think that localities should be free to ignore and violate federal law.  Interesting.  They haven't always felt this way.

(08/05/2017) Michael Moore Calls for Citizen Army to “Swarm” D.C. and Remove Trump.  Does he really believe this, or is he just trying to get attention?

(07/31/2017) Imran Awan coverage betrays media bias.  Basically, the MSM seems to be saying that there is no possibility of espionage or access to classified data because he hasn't been criminally charged with those crimes (yet)!  What?!?  Then the entire RUSSIA!™ investigation should never have begun!  Does one detect a different standard when it comes to news that could harm Democrats vs. news that could harm the GOP?

(07/30/2017) CNN gave 3 times more coverage to Trump-Putin talk than Obama hot mic gaffe, study says.  Of course.

(07/29/2017) Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Pakistani IT Scammers.  There’s more than bank fraud going on here.  There most certainly is, and all the great investigative reporters of the MSM are determined not to find it or report on it.

(07/29/2017) Tea Party Wins 8-Year Battle With IRS.  Well, there is good news and bad news.  The good - we won.  The bad - it took 8 years and a new administration.  For progressives, everything is politics and they bring politics into everything - or rather, take everything into the political sphere.  Christian conservatives, contrary to media portrayals, do not, and hence we don't do so well in political battles.  But we do have God, we believe.

(07/27/2017) University to spend full week promoting 'resistance' to Trump policies.  Not just any university, but a public university.

(07/26/2017) Fighting Back: One Conservative’s Rather Modest Thoughts.  On the one hand, he describes his notion of what it means to be a conservative and I almost totally agree.  On the other, his description of "fighting back," which he feels is still the way to go, has not proven to be effective as conservatives have been losing ground for decades.  Even though his approach is pretty much my own approach, I believe that that approach is going to have to change if we are to be successful.  I'm just not sure how, and maybe the Trump approach is going to be more effective.

(07/26/2017) Here is more on the reaction to Trump addressing the Boy Scouts: Liberals Compare Boy Scouts to Hitler Youth, Still Can’t Understand Why They Lose Elections.   

(07/26/2017) Eric Holder: ‘Elections are Officially Rigged’ by Republicans, Not Voter Fraud.  Basically, Holder is claiming that any action taken to reduce the likelihood of voter fraud amounts to voter suppression, which amounts to rigging elections.  Help me out here.  Is there anything these people won't do to (re) gain and hang on to power?  Certainly they are willing to lie, cheat and steal.  Given all the strange suicides and the unresolved murder of Dem staffer Seth Rich, I am not 100% convinced that murder is out of the question.

(07/26/2017) The Awan Connection.  This is one of several actual major fires going on, and the entire fire department (the MSM) is ignoring the fires.  They prefer sniffing for and getting high on Russian smoke.  Here is more: WikiLeaks Email Connects Nancy Pelosi to Wasserman Schultz IT Staffer Imran Awan.  It is either not as bad or it is worse than the title sounds.  Apparently Awan had some kind of access to Pelosi's iPad.

(07/25/2017) Hitler Youth?  Seriously?  Yes, some on the Left equate the Boy Scouts with Hitler Youth because they received President Trump enthusiastically. Every time I think things cannot get more absurd, they get more absurd.

(07/25/2017) Obama-era CIA Director Suggests Coup If POTUS Fires Mueller.  John Brennan is a rabid partisan who lied in testimony to Congress.  Our country is surely divided.  In the political sphere, one side is united and fighting, no holds barred.  The other side?  Not so much.

(07/24/2017) Democrat Party Deputy Chair Goes Full Communist – Pushes Cuban Healthcare at Rally.  Canadians often come to the US in order to get the healthcare they need.  Cubans would, if they could.  Sarah Palin was 100% correct about "death panels."  Do you want bureaucrats making life and death decisions about you and your loved ones?  Do you want to be given only one option for treatment with no second opinions?  By all means, go single-payer.  Cuban healthcare is far worse.  Since no one in their right mind could advocate such a thing for America, I can only conclude ....

(07/24/2017) Kansas Contest Winner Disqualified After Company Finds Out She Supports Trump.  In the past, when  saw a story like this, I generally assumed that it was a "sore loser" story.  That is, there was a valid reason for the disqualification and the person then went to the media with a self-serving story.  It could be the case here.  But given much of the pettiness that has been occurring recently, it is no longer a safe assumption.

(07/22/2017) Media overplaying its anti-Trump hand – statistics and an anecdote about a lifelong Democrat.  In brief, the media cares about RUSSIA! ™ and the public does not.  Coverage of everything else suffers, as a result.

(07/22/2017) Top Dems Slow Rolling Ethics Probe to Delay Investigation Into Obama Leaks.  Does this surprise anyone?  The Dems can do anything on a 100% partisan basis, knowing that the MSM will not call them out on it.

(07/20/2017) Bolling: Why is Chicago a ‘Warzone’? ‘Liberal Democrats’ to Blame.  Most of our biggest cities, and the ones with the highest crime rates, have been run by Democrats for decades.  Perhaps those living in these cities should reconsider their electoral choices.  But this is one of the main reason the Democrats push racism and victimhood - to pass the buck and allow them to make the claim that it is not their fault that the places they run are cesspits.

(07/20/2017) Nancy Pelosi claims GOP budget stirs up violence.  This is a standard tactic of the Left - rather than debate policy differences, encourage their fellow Leftists to commit violence by claiming that those conservative policies are violence inciting.  

(07/18/2017) Obama’s “Iran-Contra.”  More precisely, this was a means that the Obama administration used to funnel money into Leftist activist groups.  They would sue a corporation over something and then settle on the side for less money, but direct that the money go to said activist groups.  Apparently around a billion dollars was so funneled.  And that was not the only such scheme.  The EPA would collude (really) with environmental groups and arrange to have those groups sue the EPA.  The EPA would put up a sham defense, lose the case, and the settlement went to the environmental group.  Just a scheme to funnel taxpayer dollars to private groups with no Congressional authority.  Since the MSM favors the groups receiving this money, they naturally ignored the scandals.  I hope that the government attempts to recoup some of these funds.  Fat chance.

(07/17/2017) Leading Jesuit Condemns Pro-Life Movement, Trump Voters and Conservatives.  I'm a bit confused.  Jesuits seem more concerned with progressive politics than the Bible, but maybe that is just me.

(07/17/2017) Why They Hate Him.  It may sound simplistic, but many hate Trump because deep down, they hate America.  They are distressed that Trump defeated Hillary and put on hold their plans to turn America into just another socialist European state.   I am willing to concede that some hate Trump for other reasons.

(07/17/2017) CNN Report: Millions Of American Voters May Have Colluded To Elect Trump.  OK, it is satire.  But satire is becoming harder and harder to recognize these days.  It is very funny, in any case.  And as long as we are talking satire which could almost be real, here is one that could genuinely be real: Shocking New Study Suggests Disagreeing With Gay, Trans People Not Same As Hating Them.  If someone actually did such a study, the results would be considered shocking by many and they would refuse to believe it.

(07/17/2017) Macy's Stock Crumbles After Dumping Trump.  I doubt all that much of Macy's troubles are a result of dumping Trump related products.  A lot of the traditional retailers are in big trouble.  But it does seem that in cases that get significant publicity, conservative shoppers respond more and talk less about it than do progressives under similar circumstances.

(07/15/2015) California Dems panic over their tax hike, sue 3 college Republicans for successful recall petition.  The lawsuit claims the petitioners "misled" voters.  If "misleading" voters were ground for lawsuits, practically every politician in America would be sued.

(07/14/2017) The NeverTrump Outrage of a Disappointed Elite.  Some conservatives still haven't figured out that the 2016 election was a battle between regular folks and insufferable snobs.  And while there is a high correlation between that and the Left / Right divide, quite a few do cross the divide.  I find most NeverTrumpers to have a noticeable streak of "insufferable snob."

(07/12/2017) Surprise! 7 Least Patriotic States All Voted for Hillary Clinton.  Of course, it depends on how being patriotic is defined.  They did use a number of criteria, so it may not be far off the mark.

(07/12/2017) Actor Is Calling for All-out Civil War.  Well, its "Meathead," so ....

(07/11/2017) How Did Trump Earn an Unprecedented Progressive Backlash?  Another great Victor Davis Hanson article.  He earned the backlash because 1) he is not a Democrat and 2) like Grant, he fights.

(07/10/2017) Trump: “We Want God.”  If Donald Trump can say this, why can't those of us who profess to be Christians start saying the same?

(07/10/2017) Politico Attacks Rubio for Tweeting Proverbs, the 'Most Republican Part of the Bible.'  The Bible is neither Republican nor Democrat.  That doesn't mean that one of the two might be more biblical.

(07/10/2017) NOT SO SMART: Ivy League Elitists Donated $2.6 Million to Hillary – Only $15,000 to Trump.  That is well over 100 to 1.  Here I have a question that I do know the answer to: Is it a good idea to have your children educated only by people who are left-of-center?  Answer: No.  And I was even overly generous by calling them "left-of-center" rather than "Leftists," which might be more accurate.

(07/07/2017) When It’s Not Punching Down.  This article is about media bias that favors the Dems and opposes the GOP.  It does not so much suggest how to deal with other than to say that it must be dealt with and not by acting the gentleman - which has been tried and has totally failed.  Well-written and excellent food for thought.

(07/05/2017) On foreign soil, Obama warns America against 'aggressive nationalism.'  There are a lot of things one could say about this, but I'll settle for saying that patriotism, love of country, belief in American exceptionalism and that America has a unique role to play in the world - these are not the same as "aggressive nationalism."   Obama is showing his true colors as an ex-president, but none of this should come as a surprise.

(07/03/2017) Trump’s High-Stakes Tweeting.  From the great Victor Davis Hanson.  Read it!

(07/02/2017) More Dems sign onto bill to impeach Trump.  On the one hand, we know they are just grandstanding.  The problem is, they are setting a precedent to clamor for impeachment of someone solely on the basis of not liking or disagreeing with them.

(07/02/2017) Winning Weariness.  "Trump warned us that there’d be so much winning that we’d get tired of all the winning."  For all the controversy over Trump's tweets, a lot of good stuff is getting done.  We may not hear about it because the MSM prefers to cover the tweets.  

(07/01/2017) If You’re Conservative, Here’s Why Elite Liberals Hate Your Guts.  This is a very good article.  Read it and weep.

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