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Oct '17-Mar '18

(03/28/2018) Democrats More Okay With Adultery, Envy, and Dishonoring Parents.  To be fair, Democrats are less religious.  It is hardly a surprise that they are less committed to the Ten Commandments.  Some of the differences are pretty small, some are quite significant.  Unfortunately, while the religious tend to claim a higher standard of morality than others, overall, that standard has been declining over the years.

(03/24/2018) As Easter approaches, the attacks on Christianity heat up.  Here are some articles on that general topic and how to respond.  

Fighting for Truth on Two Fronts.  To put it bluntly, to even express your preference for man-woman marriage is to open yourself to vicious attack - even at a Catholic college.

Thinking Like an Atheist.  The militant atheists are out in force.  Here is an interview with a chap who has written a book on the topic.

Your One Best Answer To People Who Say Jesus Never Existed (And Other Skeptical Claims).  You will see a lot of people making these claims.  Be prepared to answer.

(03/21/2018) State-Enforced Paganism in America.  And how have we managed to reach this sorry state?  We Christians have been far too silent, and even complicit.  Rather than speak biblical truth we have frequently joined in the chorus promoting falsehood.  

(03/20/2018) How The Church Built And Can Still Save Western Civilization.  What is sad is that many / most of those who wish to "overturn" Western Civilization know neither what Western Civ really is nor what they are going to replace it with.  Of course, they will replace it with "something better."  Lots of "something betters" have been tried and they have failed, but don't worry, a bunch of youths along with their Peter Pan adult allies will surely get it right this time.  As I observe human nature and behavior, it simply confirms what the Bible says about mankind.

(03/16/2018) Jesus Banned from Christian Easter Advertisement – Too Offensive.  This is in Australia, but there are plenty in the USA that would like to see the same thing happening here.

(03/16/2018) 'Insanity' to believe Jesus is the only way, says pastor.  This is the pastor of a 10,000 member megachurch.  I guess Jesus was just kidding when he said "I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me."  And he must have died on the cross just for the heck of it.  The biggest problem in the church writ large comes from within, not from without.

(03/12/2018) How Christian Are Christians?  I think a strong case can be made that we are not Christian enough.  And reading the comments, I am saddened at the number that consider themselves Christian, but from their comments, they seem very casual, at best.  Step one in being a Christian Christian?  Find a church that genuinely preaches the Bible.  Apparently many are willing to grumble, but not do anything about it.  I used to think that one should stick around and try to change the church from within.  I was wrong.  You are only hampering your own Christian walk, and your money and your presence will only allow them to continue on the wrong path.  Far better to give your support to a Bible-believing church; better for the church at large and for yourself.

(03/09/2018) Is Christianity Shrinking in America? Yes and No.  Food for thought: should the church focus on new converts or making true disciples of existing ones?

(03/05/2018) How Billy Graham Might Have Responded to George Will.  With a great deal more humility than George Will has, I suspect.

(03/04/2018) On Finding Warnings for America from Rev. Billy Graham.  Nice.

(02/27/2018) The Religion of the World vs. the Religion of the Cross.  Go for the cross, not the world!

(02/26/2018) Is a Great Revival Coming to America?  We certainly need one.  But remember, revival is not something that needs to impact everyone else, it needs to begin in the church and with us as individual Christians.  Yes, we need to pray for national revival, but we can take other action as well - reviving ourselves and encouraging our fellow Christians to do the same.  


(02/25/2018) George Will Has A Point In Criticizing Billy Graham.  Actually, while Will made a bunch of points, all of them are totally off the mark.  The point the author thinks is valid is totally off the mark as well.  Will is an admitted atheist and while we can't expect him to understand Christianity very well, he should at least have run this column by a Christian who was reasonably familiar with Billy Graham before rushing his ignorance out into print.

(02/23/2018) A Pastor Laments Our ‘Steady Departure from God’.  And so do I.

(02/23/2018) Billy Graham’s Legacy: Christianity Making a Global Comeback.  I certainly hope so and am praying for it.

(02/23/2018) 3 Reasons Billy Graham Was Unique.  I love the fact that Franklin Graham always manages to present the gospel message when being interviewed.  But still, his dad was one of a kind.

(02/22/2018) Trump and the Evangelicals.  I am pretty amused by all the people who claim that you cannot be a Christian and support Trump.  Such people show little sign of understanding what it means to be a Christian.  Certainly one of the people quoted thinks that being a Christian has little to do with the Bible and a lot to do with caring and "social justice."

(02/21/2018) While most Americans, Christian or not, respected Billy Graham.  That respect was not universal, however.  ‘Teen Vogue’ Columnist Tells Billy Graham to ‘Have Fun in Hell, Bitch;’ Calls Him ‘Evil Piece of Sh*t.’  Nice. 

(02/21/2018) FRC’s Tony Perkins on Billy Graham: ‘Example of Servant-Leadership Will Continue to Inspire Christians.’  Promoted to glory.

(02/18/2018) 5 Things They Get Wrong About Christianity.  I sometimes wonder if those that mis-characterize Christianity actually know anyone who is a Christian.  Sadly, some of the mis-characterizers actually claim to be Christian.

(02/16/2018) I Wish I Were as Bad a Christian as Mike Pence.  Amen.  But while the article is good, I am getting a bit tired of the obligatory bash of the president's tweets.  They a a big component of why Trump has been successful, is they put issues on the table that the MSM has previously been able to ignore.   

(02/14/2018) Pence Calls Out 'Religious Intolerance' of ABC News, Joy Behar.  Not that I actually care what Joy Behar thinks.  Apparently it is OK to talk to Jesus, but if Jesus speaks to us, why that is just plain crazy.

(02/09/2018) Only God Can Make America Great.  Lasting positive change will come about because we have experienced true spiritual awakening with transformed hearts and minds renewed by God’s Word.  Of course, God can use any of us to help, including Donald Trump.  He could also used the likes of Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi, but I'm not holding my breath.  Pray for revival.

(02/08/2018) Salon gets FLAYED for pushing this GARBAGE take on the Bible; Update: Salon shamed into submission.  It is both amusing and distressing to see people pontificating on a topic that they really know nothing about, namely Christianity and the Bible.  

(02/05/2018) Episcopal Church votes no masculine pronouns for God.  Sigh.  I grew up in a town with an episcopal seminary.  It is sad to see this, although plenty of churches have wisely left the denomination.  This is only one diocese, so far, but the departures will continue.

(01/29/2018) Parents outraged by schoolwork saying Jews, Christians and Muslims worship same God.  And the writer of the article does't really know what he is talking about, implying that a belief in one god is the same as saying all who worship one god are worshiping the same god.

(01/27/2018) ‘Secularist’ Faith vs. Christianity: The Culture Wars Are a Battle of Religions.  Friends, we are in a war, whether we realize it or not.  Every concession we make to culture and the secularists is ground lost that will be hard to regain. Far to many us have taken more or less permanent leave from the battlefront. 

(01/26/2018) Where Do They Get Their ‘Facts’ From?  Sad to say, non-Christian (and some who claim to be Christian) have a totally distorted - and totally incorrect - idea of what Christianity is.  And many, especially those on the Left, use these incorrect views to justify all sorts of nonsense in the political and policy sphere.

(01/22/2018) New Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing Stronger.  Great, if true.  But that doesn't mean that we, as Christians, don't still have a job to do.

(01/20/2018) Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Buys Gulfstream Jet from Tyler Perry — for CASH.  I have no problem with ministry leaders living a comfortable life.  But when they continuously beg for donations and use said donations to live a lavish lifestyle, I cannot help but suspect that their motivation is something other than spreading the gospel and furthering God's plan here on earth.

(01/14/2018) See Chinese Cops Destroy Evangelical Megachurch.  Unregistered congregation of 50,000 paid for $2.6 million building.  In America, we have a long way to go to catch up with some other countries when it comes to discrimination against Christians.  But we are working hard to catch up!

(01/13/2018) The Role Faith Must Play in America’s Future.  I believe that America's long-term survival is dependent on revival, and the sooner the better.  Pray for it.

(01/04/2018) Science Confirms: Moderate Religion Declining While 'Intense Religion' Thrives.  I think we all knew this already.  Moderate or liberal religion tends to be man-made rather than God made, and as such, there really is no point in it.

(01/01/2018) I will be the first to admit that Christians in America are better off than Christians in much of the rest of the world.  That said, in America things could be better and in fact are getting worse.  8 Mainstream Media Attacks on Conservative Christianity in 2017.  

(12/29/2017) What’s Faith Got to Do with It?  A liberal bishop of the Church of England bashes evangelicals for their support of Trump.  I'll limit myself to saying that it is my faith - in particular my unshakable belief in the authority of Scripture - that informs my political views and directs my decision-making regarding who to vote for.  I am afraid that the bishop is letting his political and social views dictate his faith.  And this is a major problem in the church, broadly defined.  Update: Apologist: Evangelical support for Trump isn't hypocritical.  

(12/28/2017) Franklin Graham Gives Some Advice On Hell To Rosie O’Donnell.  O'Donnell consigned Paul Ryan to hell because of his role in passing a tax bill that will lower taxes for 80% of Americans.  God may have made man in his own image, but those on the Left tend to make God in their own image.  Sad.

(12/24/2017) Why Christians are Persecuted.  And they are, though less here in the USA.

(12/23/2017) Christmas, Christ and New Creations.  Amen.

(12/22/2017) A Celebration of Life.  A celebration of the fact that God saw fit to become "one of us."

(12/17/2017) Brent Bozell: Showtime vs. Christianity.  In brief, don't watch Showtime.  I'd go further.  Reread Philippians 4:8 and let that be your guide as to what to watch and what not to watch.

(12/09/2017) Is ‘Being Good’ Enough To Get To Heaven?  No.  Yet a vast number of Americans - and that includes a huge number of Christians - believe that it is. 

(12/04/2017) Leftwing Evangelicals: An Oxymoron?  Most on the Left clearly do not accept biblical teaching.  Is it possible to accept Christ as Lord and Savior and yet reject much of the Bible?  Color me skeptical, but it is God's job to sort it all out, not mine. 

(12/01/2017) The Dangers of Making Christianity ‘Cool Again.’  Of course, Christianity isn't about being "cool."  Since so many things that the "cool" crowd advocates are 100% contrary to biblical teaching, It raises the question: are "cool" Christians actually Christians?

(12/01/2017) Michael Savage on America’s Crisis of Faith: ‘God Is Not Dead, Man Is Dead to God.’  Well, I certainly hope not.  But we sure are working hard to make it more likely.

(11/30/2017)  Anti-church viral video is way off base.  Many, probably most, of the attacks on Christianity are not factual.  But the objective of the attackers is nothing short of the elimination of Christianity in America's public life.  Who cares about facts and who cares about what the effect will be if they accomplish their mission?

(11/26/2017) Charlie Daniels: Thankful for the Most Precious Thing God Ever Did – Send His Son, Jesus.  Somehow I missed this earlier.

(11/26/2017) The Warfare Myth: Is Christianity at War with Science?  No, but many on the Left are using "science" in an effort to discredit Christianity.  It isn't Christians who are misusing science, it is progressives who consider science to be nothing more than another tool to be abused in promoting their ideology.

(11/22/2017) Fr. James Martin Treats Sacred Scripture Like a Cheap Logic Puzzle.  Short version of the article: you do NOT want Fr. James Martin interpreting Scripture for you.

(11/21/2017) The Museum of the Bible is More Than a Museum.  The article is more about the Bible than the museum, which is as it should be.

(11/21/2017) ACLU: Forcing Faith Out of Adoption.  They are following a fairly new, but standard tactic of the Left to put Christian organizations - not just adoption agencies - out of business.  How?  Not by directly demanding that they cease operations, but rather by demanding that they must do that which is counter to their beliefs.  It is a clever tactic, and with plenty of judges that are willing to play along, it is often successful.

(11/20/2017) How The Left’s Attacks On Religious Liberty Pushed Me Back Into Church.  The author is writing primarily from a worldview perspective rather than a doctrine perspective, but nevertheless, it is quite interesting.

(11/20/2017) Why the Mike Pence Rule is as Christian as it is Wise.  It seems silly to even feel a need to defend the "Pence Rule," but it is disgraceful that the editor of Christianity Today feels the need to attack the rule.

(11/18/2017) How America Turned Into a Nation of Small Gods.  Good read.  When we turn away from God, that doesn't mean we have no gods.

(11/14/2017) Leaders and Scholars at Museum of the Bible Answer the Critics.  

(11/07/2017) Why So Much Hatred Against Christians in America Today?  Because biblical Christianity (emphasis on "biblical") stands in the way of so much of the progressive agenda, with particular emphasis on the LGBT agenda, though abortion and other social issues are high on the list as well.  Consider also: The Weird Attack on ‘Thoughts and Prayers.’  As noted below, this is a new line of attack that is suddenly popular.  Finally, there is this: 15 Of The Most Unhinged Responses To The Texas Church Massacre Yet.  

(11/04/2017) Just 6 Commandments?  Christians Feel 4 No Longer Important.  This is from a survey in Britain, but we might have some similar results here.

(11/03/2017) We Don’t Hold the Truth, The Truth Holds Us.  Perhaps this article doesn't say anything a serious Christian doesn't already know, but it might help us express it more coherently.

(11/01/2017) 10 Theses for a New Reformation.  This is a Michael Brown column.  I really couldn't find anything to disagree with.

(10/31/2017) 10 Lesser-Known Reformation Figures You Need to Remember on Martin Luther's 500th Anniversary.  Today is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, but the Reformation neither began nor ended with Luther's nailing of the 95 Theses.  

(10/29/2017) How Churches Die.  Though tongue-in-cheek, it does seem that some denominations are determined to keep moving away from Scripture and to keep fading into insignificance. 

(10/25/2017) Sometimes I think that people can get carried away in declaring that God is using person x for some purpose.  But we have to remember that God frequently uses cracked pots.  Here are a couple related articles about those who think God is using President Trump to further his (God's) agenda: President Trump's Evangelical Supporters Ready and Waiting 'For Such a Time as This' and Mike Bickle Believes Trump Presidency Will Open Doors for a Great Awakening in America.  

(10/21/2017) Clearing the Fog: ‘Christianity Doesn’t Need Evidence Because Faith is Blind.’  This article is not making the claim that faith in Jesus is "blind faith," but rather a faith based on evidence.  Coincidentally or not, I was thinking yesterday about putting together a blog post on my own, personal, "intellectual" case for Christ.  It isn't necessarily going to persuade anyone else, but to say my faith (or most people's) is "blind" is false.

(10/21/2017) Church, You Have Got To Take a Stand on Sexuality.  At least things are clear at FBCBF.  But we experienced the gradual slide away from biblical truth at the PCUSA, which is why we(and many others) left that denomination.

(10/20/2017) Moral without Belief in God? Sure! But God Still Makes All the Difference.  This relates to a poll showing that more and more people don't think you need to believe in God "to be moral or have good values."  But there are many unanswered questions.  Where do your values and morals come from?  Are they subject to change with the whims of society?  When  two "moral values" are in conflict, which one is right?  Christians that accept the authority of God - that is, the Bible - know the answers to these questions.  Those than don't believe in God merely think they know all the answers.

(10/19/2019) Catholic Archbishop: ‘Methodical Effort…in Mass Media to Recast Biblical Truths as a Form of “Hate”.’  This is pretty undeniable and I'm glad to see the Archbishop speaking out on it.  This is an issue that we need to all be speaking out on - forcefully.  The Left has already succeeded in treating many biblical truths as "hate."  Don't think for a minute that their ultimate goal is to ban the Bible and persecute Christian who hold to biblical truth?  Why is it not too farfetched to believe that to be their goal?  Because they are already doing it!

(10/06/2017) Rev. Graham: 'Real Object of Hate in Our Nation' is 'God Himself.'  I'm inclined to agree.  God gets disrespected a lot - and not just by atheists and progressives.  When we deliberately choose to act contrary to God's clear word, we are disrespecting God.  Does that qualify as hate?  The effect is similar.

(10/06/2017) A Rerun of the 'Da Vinci' Kook.  Be sure to read the article for details, but suffice it to say that no Christian should purchase a Dan Brown book.  None.

(10/05/2017) Head of Church of England: 'I Can't Give a Straight Answer' on Whether Gay Sex is Sinful.  It is tempting to make a pun about "straight answer," but I'll pass.  The Bible is unambiguous on this, but why expect the head of the Church of England to figure that out?  If you check out the comments, you will see a couple new, creative ways to pretend that the Bible does not condemn homosexual acts.  

(10/03/2017) Las Vegas Survivor: 'I Was Agnostic and I'm a Firm Believer in God Now.'  Different people respond to tragedy in different ways.  I see the atheists out in force declaring that a mass shooting such as this proves there is not God.  Not everyone agrees.  Many people who face death and survive  feel that there must be a reason why they were spared.  And that is no slight on those who died.

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