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Apr-Sep 2017

(09/29/2017) Hollywood Expresses Hate for Christians.  Of course, we all know this, but an occasional reminder is always in order.

(09/27/2017) Dear Pastor, Are You a Shepherd or a Hireling? Suffice it to say that while 90% of pastors think the Bible speaks to the issues of the day, less than10% of the pastors are willing to do so.  In short, our Christian leaders have abdicated one of their prime responsibilities.  The state of our nation reflects this.

(09/27/2017) The Catholic Church’s Push for a Multicultural Utopia Gets Weird.  None of the Catholics I know go along with this stuff.  Prior to the current Pontiff, I have had a lot of respect for all the Popes in my lifetime.  I pray that the Catholic Church gets new leadership (and more than just the Pope) that can put the church back on the right track.

(09/26/2017) Two Words That Give Me Hope for America.  What are the two words?  "But God...."  "God has a way of showing up when things look dire and hopeless."  Let us pray that he does!

(09/22/2017) No, God Did Not Prescribe the Use of Cannabis in the Bible.  No, but it certain says a lot about how much effort people will make, attempting the force the Bible to affirm their clearly non-biblical behavior.

(09/14/2017) Season of the Witch: Media Cheer Growth in Occultism.  All the more reason to be praying for revival.

(09/11/2017) Christians Provide More Aid To Hurricane Victims Than FEMA.  Assuming my math is correct, it seems that Christian groups are providing about 60% (the article says 80%, but I don't think that is correct) of the total aid, with the balance split between FEMA and non-Christian private groups.  Are we, as Christians, surprised?  No, but don't expect this news to get much publicity.  It doesn't fit the "government is our god" narrative.

(09/09/2017) National Catholic Reporter: “The Muslim Jesus provides common ground for Christianity, Islam.”  To the reporter: don't strain yourself trying to stretch the Muslim Jesus into something he isn't.  Muslims consider Jesus to be just a prophet.  If Muslims actually want to become more like Christians - and they should become actual Christians - fine.  But Christian reporters cannot do the job for them and shouldn't even try.

(09/07/2017) In A Religiously And Politically Polarized Country, Is There Still Hope For Shared Ground?  Alexis de Tocqueville believed Christianity provided a common moral language for the American people. But what happens when faith is on the decline?  The answer is not to accept as a given an ongoing decline of faith, specifically Christian faith, but to work hard to reverse that decline.  I'm not sure that "shared ground" should be the goal, if sharing ground means moving away from biblical truth.  If you read the comments, you will note that some on the Left are totally persuaded that conservative Christians (who, in their minds, must be all white) hate all blacks, minorities, homosexuals, Muslims and everyone else.  We should not be changing our views to accommodate others who have a patently false view of us.  Do I feel a blog post coming on?

(09/07/2017) Watch: Man Asks Pastor About C-Ville, Gets Answer Every American Needs to Hear.  The pastor is John MacArthur.  Ignore the misspellings.  We have more on this in our latest Wretched video.

(09/06/2017) No, Hillary Clinton Fans, Evangelicals Are Not Secretly Planning a 'Handmaid's Tale' Future.  But vilifying their opponents is a standard tactic of the Left.  It seems to be the only tactic they are comfortable with .

(09/06/2017) Actually, It’s the Religious Left That’s Dying.  This is related to the "Nashville Statement" on biblical views about sex.  And much, much more.  Very interesting.

(09/04/2017) Leftist Artists Show Hate for Houston Victims.  That, too.  But I've been struck far more by their total ignorance of Christian faith.

(09/01/2017) Are Conservative Evangelicals Really Unhappy with Nashville Statement?  Answer: Not really.  But why let facts interfere with a narrative?

(09/01/2017) The Devil's Silence.  Have you heard about the "Nashville Statement?"  Signed by 150 Christian leaders, it merely reaffirms what the Bible says about marriage and sex.  I think you can guess the reaction to this.  Update: The Nashville Statement Isn’t About Trump, And A Ton of Evangelicals Support It. 

(08/31/2017) Evangelicals Assailed for Affirming Biblical Morality on Sex in ‘Nashville Statement’.  Are we going to stand up for what is right?  Christianity is under assault, and it is clear that the assaulters are more motivated than the defenders!  

(08/30/2017) Jen Hatmaker’s Irrational Response to a ‘Christian Manifesto’ on Sexuality.  Once you replace biblical standards with LGBT theology, you soon embrace the mindset of the radical left.  I have a question.  If you abandon the clear truth of God's Word, can you genuinely claim to be a Christian?  UnShackled's key verse: “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  If you reject the truth, can you be a disciple of Jesus?  Just asking.

(08/26/2017) KY Governor Asks People to Walk Communities and Pray: ‘I Believe in the Power of Prayer.’  Well, this is certainly a welcome state of affairs.

(08/26/2017) D. James Kennedy Ministries Sues SPLC, GuideStar, and Amazon for Defamation.  This is over being labeled a "hate Group."  Basically, and Christian group that believes in the Bible is at risk.  It is important that they win this case! Please pray for them.  It really is important to fight back now or we are going to be totally marginalized later.

(08/24/2017) WaPo Editorial: Satan Is Good; Christians Are Responsible for Charlottesville.  For a while after the election, I thought the Post was behaving better than the NY Times.  I guess they decided they had to make up for lost time.  Don't believe the headline?  Read the article and weep.

(08/23/2017) Religion too important to ignore.  This article is about religion in the classroom.

(08/18/2017) The Media’s Glaring Double Standards on Violence and Hate.  This article lays it all out.  And it is disgraceful.  What it boils down to is that anything that makes the Right look bad is covered and exaggerated.  Anything that makes the Left look bad is ignored or misrepresented.  And many in the media have the gall to assert that they don't take sides!  And here is more on this general subject: CNN Publishes Fake Hate List – Targeting Well-Known Christian Groups.  

(08/18/2017) North Carolina NAACP Pastor Claims “Heresy” in POTUS’ Oval Office Prayer Circle.  I may have posted this before.    Clearly, some "pastors" think politics trump the Bible.  

(08/06/2017) Atheists Unhappy With White House Bible Study.  Who works harder at imposing their worldview on others: atheists or evangelicals?

(08/05/2017) CNN Is Helping Rob Bell Lead People to Hell.  While the article does a good job explaining why Rob Bell is not really a Christian, I wish it had spent more time on CNN's promotion of Bell, and presumably their criticism of genuine evangelicals.

(08/03/2017) 'The View' Co-Host Says Jesus Cares More About Climate Change Than Abortion.  Don't consider The View as your go to source for biblical exegesis. 

(07/31/2017) Cabinet Members Launch White House Bible Study.  Now if only they can get Trump and the rest of the crew to join.  But it is a good start.

(07/31/2017) Do New DNA Discoveries Really Disprove the Bible?  Read the article!  In brief, the argument goes like this.  The Bible tells us that God told the Israelites to wipe the Canaanites of the face of the earth, but the evidences shows Canaanite DNA existing to this day.  Hence, the Bible is wrong.  Well, the Bible does tell us that God told Joshua to wipe out the Canaanites, but the Bible also tells us that Joshua failed to complete that mission.  Question: are the researchers and writers of these articles dishonest, merely lazy, or both?

(07/22/2017) It never was about gay marriage; it was always about destroying religion.  This post is at Bookworm Room, a site I visit every day.  The typical post might get a dozen comments over the span of several days.  This one got over 100 in just a day, with many, many of those comments pro-gay and / or anti-Christian.  Whether pay is involved or not, it is clear that homosexual activists are directed to articles such as this one in order to swamp it with comments reflecting their point of view.  Why in the world cannot Christians do the same?  I'm not sure whether laziness or fear of being called a bigot is the biggest factor.

(07/19/2017) Another “Hyper-Grace” Teacher Bites the Dust.  More and more leaders are casting off the preaching of holiness in the name of grace.  God's rules don't change just because culture changes.  Christians should focus on changing the culture rather than trying to use culture to change God's immutable word.

(07/18/2017) What’s Your Back-Up Religion? If LGBT Activists Are Right, Then Christianity is False.  He does have a point.

(07/17/2017) Leading Jesuit Condemns Pro-Life Movement, Trump Voters and Conservatives.  I'm a bit confused.  Jesuits seem more concerned with progressive politics than the Bible, but maybe that is just me.

(07/15/2017) Post-Christian No More: The Western World Has Its Own Gods Now.  We've mostly replaced God with ourselves.

(07/15/2017) Our Civilization Deserves to Fail.  The fundamental question of our time is simply this: will we turn back to God or not?  We can take comfort knowing that our God is a merciful God and that with God, all things are possible.  But given our current state of affairs, God is not going to revive and restore us on the basis of our "deserving" it.  We can say, with some justification, that we have a leadership problem.  But perhaps we have been getting the leaders we deserve - and I'm talking about much more than just the presidency.

(07/14/2017) Papal Advisers Bash American Christians in Bigoted Screed.  The upper hierarchy of the Catholic Church sure isn't doing much to make me feel kindly towards them.  Hopefully this will change.

(07/13/2017) Why is the Episcopal Church near collapse?  The answer is pretty obvious - it all boils down to abandoning the Bible.  Update: The Episcopal Church is even unwilling to affirm Jesus as the Son of God.  And there is even worse stuff.  To be blunt, there may be many Christians remaining in the Episcopal Church, but it is no longer a Christian church.

(07/13/2017) Christian school defunded over Bible verses!  Government: Can't share 'teachings that denigrate or vilify someone's sexual orientation.'  Well, don't accept government funding.  But that aside, it is interesting that the verses condemn a lot more than just homosexual behavior, but only the homosexual behavior is singled out as being inappropriate to "denigrate or vilify."  

(07/13/2017) No Zuckerberg, Facebook Is No Replacement for Church.  One has to keep in mind that Zuckerberg has a financial stake in what he is saying.  But for social Christians, those that look at church primarily as a social club, he could be right.

(07/12/2017) Cardinal Tobin is Mirroring George Soros’ Talking Points.  Pretty much.  Well, I left the PCUSA and if I'd been raised Catholic, I suspect I'd have left the Catholic Church by now.  There are many, many good Catholics, but I just don't think I'd want to be put in a position of defending the likes of Pope Francis and Cardinal Tobin.

(07/12/2017) Town Approves Satanic Monument To Be Built In Veterans Memorial Park.  Interesting.

(07/10/2017) Trump: “We Want God.”  If Donald Trump can say this, why can't those of us who profess to be Christians start saying the same?

(07/10/2017) Politico Attacks Rubio for Tweeting Proverbs, the 'Most Republican Part of the Bible.'  The Bible is neither Republican nor Democrat.  That doesn't mean that one of the two might be more biblical.

(07/10/2017) Church of England Votes in Favour of ‘Marking’ Gender Transitions with Religious Ceremony.  Can we officially certify that the Church of England has gone off the deep end?  How many denominations now follow society rather than the Bible?  I ask a serious question for which I don't know the answer: Can one be saved if one follows the lead of a non-Bible believing "church?"

(07/05/2017) Reviving American Christianity.  Revival is not only important, it is critical.  But that doesn't mean that the only thing we should be doing is praying for revival.

(07/04/2017) Freedom’s Hope is Found on the Shoulders of Our Lord.  Never forget that Christianity is the foundation of Western Civilization in general and the United States of America in particular.  Here is more from Dr. Michael Brown: Don't Forget That God Comes Before Country.  And more: Trump at Freedom Rally: ‘America Always Affirms That Liberty Comes from Our Creator.’  

(07/03/2017) New Study Reveals Enormous Tolerance Gap Between Atheists and Religious People.  One guess as to which group is more tolerant and open-minded.

(07/01/2017) Getting Real About Christianity and Culture.  This is a short interview with the coauthor of a new book.  It looks interesting.

(06/29/2017) A Message to Christians: The Gospel Calls Us to Resist Donald Trump.  Apparently this is not a parody (the disclaimer in the article is a hoot!).  To the Left, everything supports their narrative, even if it has to be twisted in a pretzel.  The opening line is a gem: "Resistance to white supremacy was the cornerstone of Christ’s teachings."

(06/28/2017) Christians Must Rally Behind Faithful Pastors like Thomas Paprocki.  That is, we need to stand up for God's word rather than cower for fear of being call a bigot (or worse).  How many refused to publicly oppose SSM for that reason only?  The more that stand up for biblical truths, the more that will join them.

(06/24/2017) When Evangelicals Become Useful Idiots for Islamism.  I don't think this problem is widespread.  I will say that the whole concept of "interfaith dialog" with Islam is nonsense.  If we believe the Bible, Muslims are doomed.  We should be trying to convert them and the only sensible dialog is dialog aimed to that end.  Somewhat related: Pro-life Catholics angered over 'all faiths' edict.  

(06/23/2017) The Key Difference Between Christianity and Islam.  "The message of Jesus leads to liberation while the message of Muhammad leads to subjugation."  Simple, isn't it?

(06/21/2017) Narcissus Revises Christianity, Makes It Liberal.  Very interesting.

(06/18/2017) Southern Baptists Go 'Gender-Inclusive' on Bible.  There are some other problematic issues as well, such as Russell Moore's strong and repeated attacks on Trump during the campaign despite Trump's strong support from the SBC membership.  

(06/10/2017) Do Christian Kids Really Understand the Gospel?  Not nearly as well as they should.  The author makes the case that many have bought into the "morality is subjective" argument that secular America has been pushing for years.

(06/08/2017) Why are Atheists Generally Smarter Than Religious People?  Are they?  Well, they certainly think they are!

(06/03/2017) Angry atheist finds a friend at Newsweek.  According to Newsweek, military chaplains are trying to establish a Christian theocracy in the USA.  Nina Burleigh is the author.  I challenge her to actually find a single Christian of at least a teensy bit of prominence, who advocates this.  She can't, so she relies on Mikey Weinstein and his Military Religious Freedom Foundation to assure her that such is the case.  Fake news isn't limited to attacks on Trump.

(06/01/2017) Atheist Fabricates Bible Verse About Women, Paints It on His Truck, and Then Claims It's Christians Who make Things Up.  Well, to be fair, he only left a bunch of words out in order to make it say something quite different.

(05/28/2017) 'Judge Not!' Five of the Most Misunderstood and Misused Verses in the Bible.  Context is everything, but why worry about context when you can cudgel someone with a Bible verse?  Especially when you don't pay any attention to the Bible in general.

(05/20/2017) Real Christian Persecution: Are We Near the Tipping Point?  I realize that "persecution" of Christians in the USA is nothing to compared to that in many other countries.  Nevertheless, there is an ongoing effort in America to marginalize Christianity and Christians.  It has been going on for a long time, and is gradually succeeding.  As individual Christians, we share in responsibility for letting this happen.  But there has been a distressful lack of leadership from the pulpits of America.  A flock needs leadership and direction, and when it comes to battling the steady social decline in America, very little leadership is evident.  Franklin Graham is providing some (see below), but we need to build leadership from the local church up, not from the top down.

(05/20/2017) Gallup: Only 24% of Americans Believe Bible is Literal Word of God.  On the one hand, 47% believe it is the inspired Word of God.  The problem is that more and more see the Bible as nothing but "a book of fables, legends, history and moral precepts recorded by man."

(05/20/2017) Franklin Graham’s Urgent Message to Americans About Politics.  'Our country is in trouble,' said the evangelical leader as he began a new speaking tour.  It certainly is, and it would be a very good thing if more people of faith got more involved in politics.  Update: A good place to start would be for pastors to do a better job within their own congregations - by being faithful to God's word. Why Lies Prevail in Our Nation.  

(05/20/2017) The 5 Biggest Things Liberals Get Wrong About Themselves.  Perhaps I shouldn't criticize liberals so much, but having been one, I have to say that this article is spot on.

(05/18/2017) Rage at Rubio’s Bible Tweets: More Evidence of Troubling Bias Against Christians.  Is anyone surprised?  But the big question is, why does the Left continually express their outrage over sins re and imagined, while we on the Right stay pretty quiet over very real sins?

(05/17/2017) Pope Francis: Jesus Came to Transform the World, Not ‘Adapt’ to It.  For once, I agree with the Pope.

(05/15/2017) Franklin Graham: I'm Thankful We Have a President Who Understands the Importance of God.  I'm not even sure Trump is a Christian, but from a biblical perspective, he is doing more for this country than any other recent president.  If he has not yet accepted Christ, he at least seems to be moving in the right direct and I pray that if he hasn't already, that he soon will accept Christ as Lord and Savior.

(05/09/2017) Scarborough: “Matthew 25 Christians” Can’t Support Republican Health Care Bill.  The misuse of Scripture by non-Christians (or ignorant ones) is offensive.  Note that if committed Christians use the Bible to support their political views, they are attacked for "imposing their religion" and "separation of church and state."  Yet those on the Left are apparently immune to such criticism.

(05/06/2017) Atheists May Not Believe in God, but They Still Live in His World.  Interesting and includes some good ammo for defending the faith.

(05/06/2017) Fearing God.  This is a sermon by our own Pastor Bob, delivered a couple weeks ago.  Sadly, far to many of us who consider ourselves to be Christian have no fear of the Lord and think that we can live our lives in whatever manner we desire and suffer no consequences.  Would America be in the sad state it is in today if we Americans actually feared God?

(05/06/2017) On Faith.  This is a piece written by a skeptic.  More interesting than the post are the comments.  A fair number of people, including some who consider themselves to be Christians, think that the critical thing is being "good" as opposed to accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  After all, who wants to be "judgmental" and tell a person that without saving faith, just being "good" isn't enough?  Of course, others try to straighten them out.  But it really is shocking how many "Christians" think that being basically good (typically by their own standards, rather than God's) is all that is necessary. 

(05/04/2017) Trump: ‘We Will Not Allow People of Faith to be Bullied.’  We have been moving in the wrong direction for a long time.  Let us hope and pray that this signals a change of direction.  It certainly is nice to have something positive and concrete on the National Day of Prayer.

(05/04/2017) Two videos, one on faith and one on patriotism.  Food for some serious thought.  A whole generation is being raised to hate our country - and God.

(05/03/2017) Hillary Clinton warns of ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ future at Planned Parenthood gala.  The Left is always imagining the horrors the Right - especially the Religious Right - is going to inflict on them.  Just as is the case with Fascism,  those horrors are more likely to come fro the Left than the Right.

(04/27/2017) Social Conservatives Are ‘Over the Moon’ About Trump.  This is a Politico article, so you may not want to read it.  The comments are worse than the article.  I am always torn between being offended and being amused when I see a bunch of non-Christians telling Christians how what they should believe and how they should act.  Of course, what they mostly do is totally misrepresent how Christians think and act.  But hey, how would they know since they probably don't know any Christians? 

(04/25/2017) God’s Fingerprints are Everywhere.  Some years ago, Carl Sagan hypothesized something to the effect that there were billions and billions of plants our there capable of sustaining life.  It turns out that the life-sustaining attributes required are a whole lot less likely than previously thought. 

(04/24/2017) Sharpton Guest: Jesus was a “brown-skinned Palestinian man who understood he needed to resist.”  She may have a "reverend" attached to her, but she is just one of many who "appropriate" Jesus in very misleading ways in order to promote their decidedly non-biblical agenda.

(04/17/2017) Kids Raised Ignorant of Easter Interviewed on ‘Kimmel’: Jesus Died of 'Drugs.'  Sad.  The question is, what do we do about it? 

(04/16/2017) Happy Easter 2017 — “He Is Risen!”  Scroll down for some pics that will bring tears to your eyes.  May we all gain some inspiration and some courage.

(04/16/2017) Three Ways Jesus’ Resurrection Lets Your Life Make Sense.  The author admits that there are more than three, but three is a good start.

(04/16/2017) Did Jesus Christ Really Rise From the Dead?  Yes.

(04/15/2017) Why do you attend church? Gallup found some unexpected answers.  I'm not sure the answers are very unexpected, but they are interesting.

(04/15/2017) Jesus of Nazareth.  Interesting, short and hard to describe.  Check it out.

(04/13/2017) Has God Finally Met His Match? No, no and no.  The article agrees with "no."  Yet some seem to think that the world is so corrupt that God can't do anything about it.  I suppose that it is an open question as to whether God will.  But he certainly can, and we should be doing our part and not giving up.

(04/13/2017) Jesus Now vs. the Real Jesus.  Many, including many churches, have turned Jesus into something very, very different than what the Bible tells us.  Do not fall into that trap.

(04/13/2017) Churches Close, Mosques Open, and Western Civilization is Oozing Away.  In London, some 500 churches have closed and nearly 500 mosques have opened.  Secularism is not a weapon that can defeat Islam.  Only Christianity can defeat Islam.  Yet Western "elites" seem more focused on defeating Christianity.


(04/10/2017) The State of the Good “Ship” Presbyterian.  Insightful and amusing article.  I deserted the good ship Presbyterian and climbed aboard the good ship Baptist.  If your ship has abandoned its true captain, then I do not see loyalty as a good thing.  And sadly, the PCUSA has sunk lower than the author of this article seems willing to admit.  The ship isn't in drydock, it is sitting on the bottom in shallow water.


(04/10/2017) BBC Religious Coverage a ‘Mess’ Because Liberal Staff ‘Out of Touch’, Says Presenter.  Religious coverage being "out of touch" is hardly limited to the BBC.  I have yet to read an MSM article on evangelicals where the author showed any evidence of either knowing any evangelicals or having attended an evangelical church, even for just a few Sundays.


(04/09/2017) God Loves You. No Exceptions. On His Terms.  This is a really good article.  The key is "on His terms."

(04/09/2017) Why I am bullish on Christianity (yes, you read that correctly).  This article is by Lee Strobel (see below and under Current Events - Entertainment for more about the new movie The Case for Christ based on Strobel and his book by the same name).


(04/07/2017) Film review: The Case for Christ.  This review has persuaded me to go.  Update: 7 Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Saw The Case for Christ.  


(04/07/2017) A 1,389 Year-Old ‘Phobia’?  Why history is one of the best antidotes to Muslim apologetics.  Good read.

(04/07/2017) Co-opting Jesus' Name.  Good article on the Left attempting to use Jesus to attack the Right.  I realize that those on the Left that do this think that they are being very clever, but all they really demonstrate is a profound lack of knowledge about Jesus and the Bible.  And while it is possible that one exists, I have yet to read an article in the MSM about evangelicals where the author showed any evidence that they either know any evangelicals or have ever attended an evangelical church. 


(04/05/2017) The Left Can Cite Scripture for Its Own Purpose.  Primarily to claim that what we are enjoined to do as individuals, we should rather do via government programs.  They tend to ignore all the stuff about sin.


(04/05/2017) Churched Kids Fare Better Than Non-attenders: Will Today’s ‘Cultured Despisers’ of Religion Pay Heed?  Very interesting.  But sadly, to answer the question, no.


(04/03/2017) The Greatest Engine for Good: The Local Church.  We're missing something that should be fundamental to the everyday life of our country.  Which begs the question: are we doing our part?


(04/03/2017) WaPo Caught in Big Bible-Bashing Lie, Tries to Quietly Overhaul Entire Piece.  Never, never, never trust an article in the MSM that references the Bible - or any conservative quoting the Bible.

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