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Jan-Mar 2017

(03/27/2017) Deliver Us from Scripture-citers.  The columnist complains about both Right and Left doing it to support their political stances.  Those on the Left, however, seem much more prone to misapplying Scripture; possibly because they are much less knowledgeable about Scripture.

(03/28/2017) Prager: If There Is No God, Murder Isn't Wrong.  Dostoyevsky was right.  If God does not exist, then everything is permitted.

(03/27/2017) Disciples: Professional Women are Leaving the Church. Polished is Bringing Them Back.  Texas woman Kat Armstrong founded a nonprofit ministry to share Jesus with young professional women.    


(03/22/2017) When the World is on Fire, Christians Can’t Just Tend Our Gardens.  More criticism pf The Benedict Option


(03/22/2017) Pastor Tim Keller Too Conservative For Religious Award, Princeton Rescinds.  This is Princeton Theological Seminary, not Princeton University. 


(03/18/2017) Are Christians Too Nice?  In other words, are we wimps who let the other side walk all over us?  Short answer - yes.


(03/17/2017) Barna detects dangerous breach in the wall.  Few Millennials have a biblical worldview.  Certainly, our schools are not doing the job, but it seems are churches aren't doing much of a job, either.


(03/17/2017) God Will Triumph: A Response to Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option.  The future for American Christians may not be as bleak as The Benedict Option suggests.  Basically, the Benedict option assumes that the culture wars are lost.  I am not yet willing to concede, and neither is the author of this article.  Update: Why I Have Mixed Feelings About Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option.  Another Update: Three Tough Questions to Ask Yourself Before Signing on to the Benedict Option.  


(03/14/2017) We Have a Revolution to Continue — The Jesus Revolution.  If the Jesus revolution was ever needed, it is today.  Amen.


(03/13/2017) Why Christianity Is Exploding in Unlikely Muslim Nation.  Good news. 


(03/11/2017) Reza Aslan Doesn't Get Religion: CNN's Tour de Farce.  Suffice it to say that he is giving us the old "the deeper you dig, the more you see that all religions are the same."  But they aren't.


(03/11/2017) Museum of the Bible to open in DC: A ray of hope in a dark city


(03/07/2017) For Such a Time as This.  Some serious food for thought.  Are we in such a time?  Perhaps we have been for some time.  What are we called to do?  This article is addressed more towards pastors, but should we not be supporting our pastors?


(03/05/2017) Barna: America's pastors are aging ... fast.  


(03/03/2017) Thoughts from the Ammo Line.  Ammo Grrrll nails it yet again.  She is Jewish, but she points out that on TV, if you see a character wearing a cross, they are almost certainly the villain, and a really nasty one at that.  Question: why are we Christians so willing to let them get away with this?  Is it because we watch so little TV or are we gluttons for punishment?


(03/02/2017) 8 Ways the Liberal Agenda Is Removing Christianity From the Public Square.  There are more than eight, but ....


(02/28/2017) Town hall agitators explode at the name of Jesus.  It sometimes seems like the mere work "Jesus" to progressives is like a cross to a vampire - they recoil in horror.


(02/27/2017) Top Jesuit Hollows Out Jesus’ Words, to Fill in Caesar’s Meaning.  Given how many seem to think they are smarter and wiser than God, I think that "pride" might still be a problem in this world.  This is known as an understatement. 


(02/25/2017) Let's Call Out the Left's Anti-Christian Stereotyping.  I have yet to read an article in the MSM that shows any indication that the author even knows any evangelicals, much less understands them.  Is this surprising?  Hardly.  It is so much easier to dismiss evangelicals as "haters."  I know it is expecting too much, but if any of these "journalists" simply went to an evangelical church for a few weeks and attended not only the service, but a small group, they might have to reassess their opinion of evangelicals.  But since they are quite comfortable with their negative opinion, they definitely do not want to put it to the test. 


(02/22/2017) Church, State, and Melania Trump.  The Left is trying to drive religion (Christianity, at least) out of the public square.  We cannot let them and that means we cannot play their game and let ourselves be intimidated into silence.


(02/17/2017) Christophobia: a Global Perspective.  The reality of anti-Christian persecution.  It is real, yet we have been accepting huge numbers of Muslim "refugees" and very few Christian ones.


(02/15/2017) My Response to Huffington Post Contributor Wanting to Talk with a White, Christian Supporter of Trump.  A Michael Brown column.  Sadly, those on the Left rarely have any desire to even hear what a conservative Christian has to say, much less give it any serious consideration.  But who knows?  Maybe the Holy Spirit will help out.  You never know.


(02/12/2017) Taking Stock of American Christianity: Time to Refocus on Our Mission.  Food for thought.  It seems to me that we should refocus on revival, which is what America really needs.  Are we going to be changing people's minds on SSM and other issues?  We should try, to be sure, but minds will only be changed with God's help.


(02/11/2017) What Makes Christianity Different from Other Religions?  Forgiveness.  You may have heard this story before, but it is still worth reading.


(02/10/2017) Lee Strobel’s “The Case For Christ” Gets The Big Screen Treatment.  Could be interesting.


(02/10/2017) The Story of Reality.  The Gospel didn't arise in a vacuum.  The article is about a new book.  It looks interesting.


(02/10/2017) UMC Bleeding Members, Money After Consecrating Lesbian Bishop.  Of course, they were already bleeding members and money before.  I do not understand how some denominations believe that somehow going along with culture is the thing to do.  What is the point?  Either save your time and money, or, far better yet, switch to a church that preaches the Bible.


(02/09/2017) What Atheist Ricky Gervais Got Wrong Debating God With Stephen Colbert.  You might find this interesting.  I'm not sure Colbert is the best guy to represent God, but he did OK.


(02/05/2017) CBS Poll: Two-Thirds of Democrats Say Islam, Christianity Equally Violent.  Wow!  It is actually worse.  Another 9% of Democrats think Islam is less violent, making it 75% that think islam is less or equally violent.  And the overall number is 56%.  63% of Republicans say Islam is more violent, only 14% of Democrats think so.  There really is not much to say about this other than the fact that our media does not do a good job.  So what else is new?


(02/05/2017) What I Saw at the Prayer Breakfast.  Not me, mind you.


(02/05/2017) A New Great Awakening is Unlikely? More Unlikely Than Donald Trump Being Elect President?  We should all be praying for national (and worldwide) revival.  With God, all things are possible.  See our Revival in America page.


(02/04/2017) Taking Stock of American Christianity: What are We Supposed to Believe?  This is definitely worth taking the time to read.  In a nutshell, it is truth that we need to believe, and for a Christian that should mean biblical truth.  I am so grateful that my church preaches biblical truth, but as the author points out, many churches and many Christians are trying to reconcile biblical truth and cultural truth.  And that is sort of like standing with one foot in each of two, independently navigated canoes.  You are doomed to ultimate failure.  Anyone who is serious about their Christian faith needs to take a firm stand, a stand on the solid rock of biblical truth.  And do not let yourself be intimidated by culture.  Culture is what we should be trying to change.  We should not be letting culture change us.


(02/04/2017) Donald Trump, Theocrat?  The Washington Post is fearful that if Trump succeeds in removing the Johnson Amendment, then Christians will impose their "beliefs and practices" on everyone else.  Christians are the ones to be feared, not Islamists!  You may find this notion ridiculous given that it has been primarily the Left that has been using the force of government to impose their values and beliefs on everyone else.  But if you look at the comments, there are definitely people who agree with the Post's line of thinking.


(02/03/2017) Franklin Graham Defends 'Deplorable' Americans.  Given that progressives, Democrats and the MSM probably consider most evangelicals "deplorable," I'm inclined to agree with Graham.  If we are going to defend biblical values, we will be called this and much, much worse.


(02/03/2017) Spiritual Success and Repealing the Johnson Amendment.  More on the subject.  be sure to read the comments.


(02/02/2017) Will Trump Liberate Christians from Obama’s Lawless Legacy?  Good question.  But with the Gorsuch nomination, I'd say he is off to a good start. 


(02/02/2017) Why Progressive Christians Are Ineffective and Unpersuasive.  The author of this article makes a good case, but thinks the "Religious Right" is dead.  Why?  Because we tried to use the Bible as the basis for a political agenda.  I disagree.  The "religious right" is not dead.  And speaking for myself, I have a worldview that is biblically based.  That informs my political positions.  Too much to say and too little space to say it.  I feel a blog post coming on.


(02/01/2017) Who Are the Real Bible-Quoting Hypocrites?  A good read.


(01/31/2017) Today’s Progressive Christians are the Best Christians in History. Just Ask Them!  Well, they certainly seem to think that they are smarter than God, given their ability to take the clear meaning of the Bible and turn it into something else.


(01/29/2017) This Is What Christian Failure Looks Like.  Or maybe not.  According to Sojourners magazine, Christians are total failures and should close up shop if we don't support mass immigration and big government programs.


(01/29/2017) John Piper on How Christians Should Live Under a 'Morally Unqualified' President.  I think Piper is way, way off base here, but read it and decide for yourself.  To be honest, I'm not sure we've had very many "morally qualified" presidents, sad to say.


(01/26/2017) Pelosi: Democrats Do 'the Lord's Work,' Republicans 'Dishonor God.'  Apparently we conservatives "pray in church on Sunday and they prey on people the rest of the week." 


(01/21/2017) Trump’s Inauguration Speech: Two Feet Firmly Planted on Our Fallen Earth.  


(01/19/2017) Did God Choose Trump? What it Means to Believe in Divine Intervention.    


(01/13/2017) Will the ‘Trump Effect’ Trickle Down to Christian Conservatives?  Enough with our compromise and cowardice. It’s time for courage and conviction. It’s time we led the way.  This is a great article.  It is not so much about Trump and very much about how we, as Christians, must stand up for what we believe and not throw in the towel.


(01/11/2017) Christian Persecution in America.  To many, it is OK to discriminate against Christians, if those Christians actually believe in the Bible. 


(01/11/2017) Donald Trump, the Johnson Amendment, and the Question of Christian Cowardice.  Interesting.


(01/10/2017) Franklin Graham: We Must Stay on Guard.  It should go without saying, but Donald Trump isn't going to save this country.  God may choose to use him to help save America.  But only if we do our part, petitioning God to revive us again.


(01/03/2017) College Calls Christian Speech 'Disorderly Conduct,' Gets sued.  Students can't say 'anything that prompts complaints from listeners.'  Free speech is impossible with such conditions.  And is it a coincidence that it always seems to be those on the Left that 'complain?'


(01/02/2017) Christians MOST Persecuted Religious Group in the World; 1 Martyred Every 6 Minutes.  This is hardly surprising.  More - Report: 90,000 Christians Killed for Their Faith in 2016.


(12/29/2016) Christians Most Persecuted Religious Group In the World, Study Says.  Apparently, it is so, despite the many assurances from those in the US that discriminate against Christians.  Of course, most of the persecution is not in the USA.  Yet.

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