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Oct-Dec 2016



(12/29/2016) Christians Most Persecuted Religious Group In the World, Study Says.  Apparently, it is so, despite the many assurances from those in the US that discriminate against Christians.  Of course, most of the persecution is not in the USA.  Yet.


(12/24/2016) Catholic Cardinal: There's 'Serious Division in The Church,' Could 'Develop Into a Formal Schism.'  I am actually amazed that the Catholic Church has held together as well as it has.  But they are threatening to go the way of the Anglicans / Episcopalians.


(12/20/2016) The Christian Left Has Become Unhinged.  Many evangelicals don't realize that there are left-wing evangelicals.  There are, and they are not happy with you, you bigot!


(12/14/2016) Obama Misuses the Bible . . . Again.  Nothing new.  Liberals trot out the Bible, typically incorrectly, whenever they find it convenient.  When those who take the Bible more seriously reference it, those same liberals cry "separation of church and state."


(11/17/2016) Black Christian leaders join the left in branding Trump ‘America's Hitler.’  To be honest, I've never felt comfortable with Bishop T. D. Jakes, so his presence on this list doesn't surprise me.  As far as black pastors go, I was always more partial to Tony Evans and the late E. V. Hill.


(11/11/2016) Rev. Graham: God Intervened Nov. 8 to Stop 'Atheistic, Progressive Agenda' in America.  I prayed for it, along with many others.  But we will just have to wait and see - and keep praying.  Trump is not the Savior, Jesus is.  And America still needs revival - to turn back to God in a major way.  So all you prayer warriors, the job isn't done.  We need to keep on praying - for our nation, for our new president to be, for all our leaders and for both our political allies and out political enemies.

(11/06/2016) An Open Letter to Brandon and Jen Hatmaker on Homosexuality and the Bible.  Definitely an important article to read.  We should always be concerned when people "discover" that the Bible says something other than what everyone thought for 1900 years or more.

(11/03/2016) American Christians Cave on Core Beliefs.  This is more on the same survey that was referenced earlier.  It is a sad commentary on our churches, but also us as individual Christians.  While many churches do not preach sound doctrine, I suspect there is a fair amount of ignorance even in those that do.  We often either reject or ignore doctrine that makes us uncomfortable or otherwise out of step with cultural mores. 

(11/01/2016) 12 Lies American Evangelicals Believe.  As evangelicals, we like to think we are biblically literate and that our doctrine is sound.  And to be honest, I am surprised that so many evangelicals - presumably self-identified - are apparently ignorant about some basic truths.  Hopefully you are not among them.  As a teaser, one of the lies is "The Bible was written to be interpreted as each person chooses."


(10/30/2016) The Church, The Nation, Donald Trump and the Future of Freedom.  Through an interview with Dr. Michael Brown, evangelist James Robison delivers a word for America during her hour of decision.  Read before you vote.

(10/30/2016) Religion may be a miracle drug: Church attendance is correlated with longer life and a sense of meaning.  Be we all knew this.  Note that it is not believing in God that seems to be the factor, it is actually attending church.  Of course, there is probably a high correlation between church attendance and genuine belief.  Play it safe: go to church and participate in small group fellowship.  And believe in Christ Jesus!

(10/27/2016) Pastors, They’re Coming After You!  And not just pastors.

(10/21/2016) Cardinal on Clinton Emails Insulting Catholics: If It Were Another Religion There Would Have Been an Apology.  Cardinal Dolan is definitely referring to another religion, not another denomination.  That is, no apology for attacking Christinas - not just Catholics.  Democrats have also been attacking evangelicals for years without apology.  What is shocking is that the Democrats are to some extent trying to "take over" the Catholic church.  They are actively trying to get the church to change position on various issues (abortion, SSM, etc.) and have set up front groups to lead that effort; groups with names like "Catholics for this or that."  All of this has come out with the WikiLeaks disclosures.  For some reason, the MSM is not interested in following up on anything from WikiLeaks.  I wonder why.

(10/19/2016) 2016’s Terrors Come From Trusting Presidents More Than We Trust God.  Good read.

(10/17/2016) Tragic: Over last 16 Years France Razed 33 Churches, Built More Than 1,000 Mosques.  France is not unique in this regard.  It seems strange, but perhaps we should be sending our missionaries to the "civilized" countries of Europe rather than the less civilized parts of the globe.


(10/08/2016) Progressive "Evangelicals" Show their Bias in Anti-Trump Letter.  The author's main concern about this letter is two-fold.  First, the letter writers claim the mantle of "evangelicals" yet are uniformly progressives.  According to the most typical definitions of evangelicals (here), these folk are evangelicals only by self-proclamation.  Second, they could have just as easily written an equivalent anti-Clinton letter, but did not.  Hypocrisy, anyone?


(10/06/2016) A Great Awakening or a Rude Awakening: What Will It Be? There is only one hope for America, and He is not running for office.  America need revival more than anything.  Visit our Revival in America page.


(10/06/2016) ‘Torchbearer’ Movie an Urgent Wake-Up Call for American Christians.  This movie opened 10/7/16 in a limited number of theaters.  For those of us in Colorado Springs, the nearest showing is at AMC Highlands Ranch, 103 Centennial Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO.

(10/03/2016) New Pro-Life Film “Voiceless” Opens This Month, Here’s More From the Director and Star of the Movie.  More and more Christian films are being released, but this trend won't continue if we don't go to see them.



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