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Jul-Sep 2016

(09/26/2016) Citizens United to Release Phil Robertson’s ‘Torchbearer’ in Select Theaters.  Since it is not many theaters, we may have to wait until it becomes available by other means.

(09/21/2016) What will future generations of victorious Christians think of your individual impact for the Great Commission?  Some food for thought.

(09/15/2016) The Supposed Lost Words of Jesus.  Interesting summary of the gnostic "gospels" and how some are using them these days.

(09/14/2016) United Church of Canada Takes Bold Stance Against Liberal Agenda, Defrocks Atheist Minister.  Bold?  I'm glad they did this, but they should have done it about 15 years ago when she first came out as an atheist.

(09/14/2016) 8 Steps The Catholic Church Could Take To Approve Gay Marriage Like Tim Kaine Expects.  I don't expect the Catholics to fold on this, but Catholic or not, serious Christians should pray that all denominations not only hold the line (though many have already crossed it) but turn back to the Bible and to sound biblical doctrine.

(09/12/2016) Were the Founders Religious?  A great video from Prager University.


(09/12/2016) ‘Devout’ Catholic Tim Kaine Butchers the Bible to Embrace Gay Radicalism.  For years I have been stuck by the number of Democrat politicians who support abortion (and SSM) and yet are described as "devout Catholics."  I am not sure the word "devout" means what they think it means.  Update: Tim Kaine's biblical justification for his position is total nonsense.  Let this be a warning.  In the preaching class I took, the emphasis was on getting it right.  Don't make the Bible say what you want it to say, make sure you are understanding what the Bible actually says.  Lesson: when you back your position with the Bible, make sure you get it right.  Do not pull a Tim Kaine.  Update: A Challenge to the Title of Most Clueless Catholic™   

(09/11/2016) America, on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, We Need God.  

(09/10/2016) When Washington Fails, Go to Prayer.  I'm repeating this link since tomorrow is 9/11 and our nation needs prayer and revival.

(09/10/2016) Rick Warren Calls Out Christians Who Enjoy Watching Content Like This.  Just check your Philippians 4:8.  As Warren says, if lewd, crude stuff doesn't bother you, then you have a problem.

(09/08/2016) Rev. Graham: ‘Socialists and Atheists Are Scared to Death of the Church.’  Socialists, and typically atheists as well, favor big government.  The church is seen as competition.

(09/05/2016) Why I Ran: How to Be Religious Liberty Candidate 1.0.  We need more Christians to do this. 

(09/01/2016) With LGTB issues being in the news so much it seems like it might be a good idea to be reminded that there are other sexual sins that should not be ignored.  How about adultery?  Here is what Billy Graham has to say.  

(09/01/2016) “Pastor” Says the Bible is Not the Final Authority on Sex and Ethics.  We have always had people - even in the clergy - who have considered themselves wiser than God.  God is faithful and will forgive us our sins.  But that seems to include the condition that we confess our sins, at least in a general sense.  Denying our sin is going to be a problem.

(08/28/2016) When Belief Fades, Civilizations May Fade, Too.  This is a very thought provoking article.  And I am sure that the atheists will make their presence known in the comments.  That always makes interesting reading.

(08/25/2016) Meet the Christians Calling Franklin Graham a Polarizing, Ungracious Bigot.  Just more evidence that many Christians, including Christian "leaders," fear being called names by the media and others far more than they fear God.  Calling homosexual behavior a sin is not "bigoted," but even if it were, the Bibles make it clear that it is a sin.  Hate the sin, love the sinner may be a cliché, but it is what we are called to do.  Case closed.  And I love Franklin Graham - I have never seen him give a TV interview where he did not manage to present the gospel message.  Oh that more clergy would not put on their secular hat when talking to the media.


(08/24/2016) Foundations Crumbling Around ‘Impossible People.’  This is actually a book review.  The book looks great, and is available at Amazon (naturally).  Perhaps the full title will tempt you more: Impossible People: Christian Courage and the Struggle for the Soul of Civilization.  I'll add a review as soon as I've read it, but hopefully the title alone will inspire you.

(08/24/2016) We Have Been Warned.  This article is worth reading but very hard to describe.  I'll give you a teaser, however.  In the aftermath of the Louisiana flooding, you see churches - especially conservative ones - in the forefront of the recovery efforts.  You do not see any volunteers from the Human Rights Campaign or other liberal LGTB organizations.  Think about it.


(08/19/2016) Open Letter to Harvard Law Prof: The Culture Wars Aren’t Over and Christians Aren’t Nazis.  In general, progressives are far less tolerant than conservatives.  Of course, progressives disagree.  By labeling conservatives intolerant, they feel they then have the right to be intolerant of conservatives.

(08/19/2016) What is religious 'extremism' when it's Christian?  This is a very good article, albeit interspersed with a lot of ads.  In a nutshell, as Muslims become more 'extreme' (that is, more faithful to the teachings of their religion) they become more hateful and violent.  As Christians (and Jews) become more 'extreme' (in the same sense) they become more loving and less violent.  Religious extremism is not the problem.  Islamic extremism is.  And remember, you cannot deal with a problem if you refuse to correctly identify it. 

(08/18/2016) Is the end of white Christian America a good thing?  If by "white Christian" we really mean "Christian" in the traditional American sense, the short answer is no.  The long answer is no.

(08/18/2016) A Tale of Two Powers.  The morality to government ratio is out of whack. 

(08/16/2016) Major flip for school that sent cop to 1st-grader's home.  Child under fire for sharing Bible stories with classmates.  This is a good ending, but there should never have been a "beginning" to this story.

(08/14/2016) Why Governments HATE the Ten Commandments.  Food for thought.  The author believes that government wishes to eliminate competition, and I suspect that is a significant factor.


(08/12/2016) Four Ways the 'Prosperity Gospel' Twists Christianity.  As the author states, the problems are far more than four-fold.  Note that there are plenty of defenders in the comment section.  It makes me wonder if some of the prosperity preachers called on their flock to comment.  The problem with the prosperity gospel can be boiled down to this: it is not all about me, it is about God.  Case closed.

(08/12/2016) Religious, Conservative Leaders Urge Media Coverage of Christian Genocide.  Will the media respond?  Not likely.  Why?  Do you remember the opening number in "The Music Man?"  It ends with the plaintive whine "But he doesn't know the territory."  Now repeat in the same tone "But it doesn't fit the narrative."  That will be the response from the MSM and there will be no change in coverage.  Now it may be because of a lack of media coverage, but Christian churches right here in the USA don't seem to have much to say on this subject either.  We need to do better.

(08/11/2016) Christian youth choir likened to Nazis, ISIS.  This involves a Texas church youth choir performing in a mall in Scotland.  We certainly are fortunate that those on the Left are so tolerant.

(08/07/2016) Christians, You Don’t Need to Be on TV to be Heard.  We all have an audience; it doesn't have to be big.

(08/06/2016) Another Day, Another Allahu Akbar.  The writers at Powerline where this article is from, are not noted for their religious zeal.  Yet they do hit upon the ultimate solution to the problem of Islam - missionaries.  We need to convert them to Christ.


(08/06/2016) God or Abortion? Choose One because You Can’t be for Both.  One of my recent themes is that for the most part we have lost our fear of God.  We fear the opinions of our fellow man more than we fear God.  That said, the battle over abortion is a battle that can be won.  And while we need to fight in the courts and the legislatures, one of the most important things we can do is to bring more people to Christ.

(08/06/2016) A Modern Form of Idolatry: The State as God.  This is a Chuck Colson column fromback in 2001.  Nothing has changed, so it is just as valid today.


(07/27/2016) When the Sky Is Really Falling on Christianity: It’s Time to Repent and Be the Church.  If you are not convinced by the article, you will be by the comments.  This is a conservative website, yet the overwhelming commentary on the article is virulently anti-Christian.

(07/27/2016) America, the Bloody: Reaping the Fruits of Our Abolition of Christianity.  Again, the comments are something to behold. 

(07/25/2016) Here is more on the Left imposing their values on everyone else: Judge Decides ‘ChristianMingle.Com’ Must Include Gay Singles.  One might ask why gays would want to seek dates at such a site, but then you might wonder why gays couples would want a wedding cake, flowers or a photographer to participate in their SSM when said service provider objects to SSM.  The answer is - they don't.  What they want is power over you, and possibly money - money is always nice.

(07/22/2016) Let Churches Speak Freely. Drop the Johnson Amendment — Or Just Make It Clear.  Even under the Johnson Amendment, churches could engage more politically than they do.  But uncertainty over how the IRS will enforce the Johnson Amendment makes them overly cautious.

(07/21/2016) Muslims Speak Up On Transgender Issues While Christians Hide.  What is the matter?  Do we fear being called names more than we fear the Lord?

(07/20/2016) United Methodist Church Defies their Own Laws, Elects Lesbian Bishop.  Here is more on the subject: Married Lesbian Ordained as Methodist Bishop, 'Led by the Holy Spirit.'  Note that the Bible tells us we need to test the spirits.  The Holy Spirit can never direct us in any manner contrary to what Scripture tells us.

(07/19/2016) The 5 Worst Beliefs a Christian Parent Can Hold in an Imploding World.  I think that there are some even worse beliefs that a Christian parent can hold, but the list is interesting.  And the suggestions of what Christians should do pretty much covers the purpose of this website: keep informed and take action.

(07/15/2016) Billboard Depicting Cruz and Trump MAKING OUT Goes Up Near RNC after God Billboard was Rejected!  This is a perfect illustration of the downward trajectory of America.

(07/11/2016) Christian America's 'High Noon' Moment.  Are things really this bad?  Have we been abandoned by all our allies?  Do we stand alone?  Well, not all our allies have left us, we still have God, and in High Noon, Will Kane fought - and won.  And so should we.

(07/10/2016) The Law Is Dying because Morality Is Dying.  Some very serious food for thought, I strongly encourage you to read this.  And don't think for a minute that Christians have their act together when it comes to morality.  Check out the results of a Barna survey included in the article.  We have bought into the world.  I fear we no longer fear God.

(07/09/2016) Russia puts lid on Christians sharing faith -'Will require any sharing … even a casual conversation, to have prior authorization from state.'  Certainly our first amendment protections are starting to be lost, but we are in much better shape than most countries.

(07/07/2016) With Hillary Clinton in the White House, Christians Would Be in a Fight for Civil Survival.  Does the author overstate the case?  I think not, but decide for yourself.

(07/06/2016) Does the left really hate Christianity?   

(07/04/2016) A Fourth of July Wake Up Call for Freedom-Loving Christians


(07/04/2016) The Left's Stealth Religious War: Church of Liberalism vs. Christianity. 


(07/03/2016) In This Incresingly Dark World, Our Devotion to God Matters Now More Than Ever.   

(07/01/2016) Anne Graham Lotz: 3 Sins America Refuses to Repent For.  I try to pray regularly the great prayers of Nehemiah and Daniel in hopes that God will save our country.  See them and more on our Revival in America page.  We certainly are in great need of revival.


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