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Apr-Jun 2016


(06/30/2016)  Here is some more good news.  Federal court orders schools to end anti-Christian bias; awards $150,000 in case called 'major victory.'  The catch is, we shouldn't have to sue to be able to exercise our constitutional rights.

(06/27/2016)  God and clown at Yale.  What is happening on our campuses these days is both embarrassing and disgraceful.  The question is, are the inmates (students) running the asylum, or are colleges run by a bunch of people who have never grown up?  I'll vote for both.


(06/21/2016)  Why It’s Idiotic To Blame Christians For The Orlando Attack.  Well, we already know this, but Christians are and will continue to be blamed anyway.


(06/20/2016) The Other Campus Free-Speech Problem No One’s Talking About:

Christian activists are not trying to shutter secular schools; but some progressive activists are trying to put Christian schools out of business.  The comments are interesting.  A left-wing troll claims that conservatives censor liberal views, but cannot provide any actual examples.  What is sad is that liberals cannot even back up their own arguments when challenged yet do not even question the validity of their views. 

(06/18/2016)  Why Can’t the Left Distinguish Conservative Christians from Islamic Terrorists?  Good question.  A good point in the article is that the progressives have been the aggressors in the culture war for the past 40 years, yet whenever they meet the slightest resistance they don the mantle of victimhood and claim that the rest of us are trying to force our values on them.

(06/17/2016)  C.S. Lewis: In Torturing Yourself About the Fate of the World, Don’t Forget Your Neighbor.  Good point.

(06/17/2016)  New York Times Claims ‘Romans’ Calls For ‘Execution Of Gays.’   This excellent article covers a fair amount of territory.  It is amusing to note that the NY Times reported that the Bible doesn't have anything negative to say about homosexuality when promoting SSM, but now declares that the Bible calls for the execution of homosexuals when trying to blame Christians for Orlando.  I have gotten pretty tired of non-Muslims explaining than Islam is a religion of peace.  I am equally tired on non-Christians telling me what Christians believe - especially when their ignorance of the Christian faith is so fully on display.

(06/17/2016)  Franklin Graham Answers: Do Pastors Belong in Politics?  Answer: yes.


(06/13/2016)  As you may or may not know, a significant portion of the population is blaming the Christian right for the Orlando massacre.  Check out Notes from the underground, which references ACLU Lawyer: Christians Are To Blame For Orlando Shooting

(06/11/2016)  Why Does it Matter If We Think G-d Loves Us?  Very interesting.  Be sure to read the comments.


(06/10/2016)  Staffer of Well-Known New York Presbyterian Church Says Homosexuality Isn’t a Sin.  Actually there are quite a few ministers that would agree, so the problem is hardly limited to 'staffers' though that may be the case at the church in the article.  Years ago, we had a candidate for interim pastor at our PCUSA church who didn't buy into the notion that Jesus was the Son of God.  He didn't get the job, but he was an ordained minister.  So the problem is much bigger than just regarding homosexuality.

(06/05/2016)  13 Crazy Photos from the Atheist 'Reason Rally' in Washington, D.C.  We Christians need to be as public about our faith as the atheists are about theirs.

(06/04/2016)  Once again, HuffPo writer labels Christians who hold Christian beliefs ‘Islamophobes.'  As usual, non-Christians show an incredible lack of knowledge concerning Christianity - but they often consider themselves experts,

(06/04/2016)  See Why An Atheist Group Is Calling This Christian Theme Park “Immoral.”  Talk about ignorance concerning Christianity!

(06/03/2016)  Restaurant Posts Bible Verses on To-Go Bags, Liberals Freak Out!  As usual, liberal outrage is not having the desired effect.

(06/02/2016)  School sends deputy to warn 7-year-old about Bible verses.  As a nation, we are spiraling down in a hurry.

(05/19/2016)  Harvard Law Professor Says Treat Conservative Christians Like Nazis.  The title of the article really is not exaggerating (much). 

(05/18/2016)  Why Many Evangelicals Support Donald Trump.  The comments are more interesting than the article.  Suffice it to say that there is a lot of hatred out there for Evangelicals and Christians in general.  And that hatred is based on complete and total ignorance about the subject of that hatred (us).  I suppose the irony is lost on these people that they spew hatred while accusing evangelicals of being haters. 

(05/16/2016)  The Left Declares War on Christian Values… Here are 7 Examples.  There are many, many more examples.  Are we just going to sit around and take it, or are we going to start fighting back?

(05/16/2016)  Franklin Graham Blasts de Blasio's Call for Chick-fil-A Boycott.  I do wish more Christian leaders would speak out on issues and events.  Maybe they are and just are not getting any coverage.  But if that is the case, they need to be working harder at it.  

(05/13/2016)  Obama slaps 'Scarlet T' on Christian colleges. Feds now publicly 'shaming' institutions for following biblical principles.  


(05/03/2016)  A Dark Time in America.  I do not believe that the politicians can possible save us - they helped us into the mess we are in.  Only God can save us, and we certainly do not deserve to be saved.  Fortunately, God is merciful, so who knows?  Check out Daniel and Nehemiah's prayers of repentancce on our revival in America page.

(05/03/2016)  Jesus the ‘Intolerant Bigot.’  Certainly, those of us that attempt to live our lives according to Christ's teaching are called intolerant bigots. 


(05/01/2016)  White Privilege Conference Blames Christianity for Everything Bad in the World.  A different article on the same conference was posted before.

(04/29/2016)  Why do liberals want the Bible out of public libraries? 

(04/27/2016)  Christian Student Group Files Lawsuit, Claims Unconstitutional Targeting by State University.  The first amendment guarantees both free speech and freedom of religion, yet just about the only kind of (unconstitutional) restrictions on speech seem to be either directly or indirectly religious related speech.

(04/26/2016)  If God Is Dead...  Good column, food for thought. 

(04/25/2016)  Hunter Baker’s Religious-Liberty Mission.  What he is doing is running for Congress. 

(04/24/2016)  Christian Student Expelled from College for Quoting the Bible on Facebook.  This is England, but ....


(04/23/2016)  Getting People of Faith Involved In The Political Process.  There is no question that we need to get more involved.  Not just voting, but speaking out and running for office.

(04/23/2016)  Pat Boone doubles down on 'SNL' 'sacrilege.'  I wonder what plans God has for the USA.  We certainly seem to be running away from Him as fast as possible.

(04/22/2016)  Legendary Hard Rocker Alice Cooper Sends Out Big Invitation — but Not for Any Heavy Metal Festival.  Naturally the MSM avoids covering stories like this.


(04/18/2016)  White Privilege Activist at White Privilege Conference: Everything Bad Comes from Christianity.  Of course.


(04/16/2016)  High School Demands End to Off-Campus Christian Lunch Group.  Naturally.

(04/16/2016)  More top Christians: U.S. may vanish like Babylon; 'America is continuing its descent to judgment.' 

(04/14/2016)  Expert: Government schools 'destroying belief' in Christianity.  'Humanist' demanded teachers be 'proselytizers of a new faith: a religion of humanity.'  Well, the schools are certainly hostile to Christianity, not that all teachers are.

(04/08/2016)  Tennessee To Make Bible Official State Book.  I am going to go on a 1st amendment rant here.  The freedom of religion part is this: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  Note that only Congress (not the states) is referenced, and only in the context of passing laws regarding establishment of religion.  The courts seem to have done several things, the primary one of which is to throw out the word Congress, the word law, and the words free exercise thereof.  And they have taken establishment to mean pretty much any government employee doing anything that has religious overtones.  It really is time to take freedom of religion back.  I hope Tennessee doesn't back down.

(04/05/2016)  Secular Conservatives Think America Can Survive the Death of God.  Obviously Dennis Prager (the author) thinks otherwise.  Definitely worth the time to read.  What is shocking is how many commenters disagree.


(04/04/2016)  Rev. Graham: If America Doesn’t ‘Turn Back to God, I Fear That Our End Will Be Near’  

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