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Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church has been a blight on Christianity and our nation for quite some time. Famous for it's anti-gay, anti-military and possibly anti-everything else protests, the Westboro 'church' has been giving Christianity a bad name for many years.

My question is, is there anything positive we can learn from the Westboro example? One positive is that no one else ever joined them in their protests. But it is easy not to join in hateful and disgusting demonstrations. But what about the opposite? Would we actively join in protests by a 'Westboro' that demonstrated on behalf of God's truths and in a Christ-like manner?

It is an interesting question. What if a church started sending members around the country to demonstrate in such a manner? Would other churches join in such demonstrations? What if a church simply began demonstrating locally? Would other churches begin to follow suit in their own community? Or would it just be too much trouble?

Just wondering.

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