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Jan-Jun 2016


(06/28/2016) Democrats enshrine prosecution of climate change skeptics in platform. 


(06/28/2016)  Democratic Party Benghazi ‘Report’ A Political Crock of Sh*t.  Pardon the language, but when you have a report on Benghazi that mentions Donald Trump 23 times, the description is apt.

(06/28/2016) Darryl Glenn Might Break Out in Today’s Colorado Senate Primary.  Go Darryl.

(06/27/2016)  Hillary’s Top Donor Sentenced Gay Men To 14,200 Lashes.  There are a couple of angles to this story: foreign contributions to a US campaign, and Islam's treatment of homosexuals.  Considering the second, be sure to remember that when it comes to homosexuality, conservative Christians are just as bad as Muslims.  So we keep being told.

(06/27/2016) NY Times Op-Ed Warns Trump Presidency Could Lead to Genocide.  Given that it is pretty hard to tell where Trump actually stands on any issue, I'm impressed that an editorial writer is able to deduce this.

(06/26/2016)  Orlando Shooter, Omar Mateen, was a Hillary Clinton Supporter.  You probably haven't heard about this as you certainly would have if he were a Trump or Ted Cruz supporter.

(06/25/2016)  At Home or Abroad, Liberals Are Unscrupulous Jerks.  Is the title hyperbolic?  Read it and see what you think.  I think that replacing 'Liberals' with 'Most Liberals' should fix it, though I caution that we are talking 'jerks' from a political perspective, not a personal one.

(06/25/2016)  Things don't have to be rotten.  Let's focus on what we can actually do and leave the rest to God.

(06/25/2016)  Rights groups silent as Clinton Foundation takes millions from countries that imprison gays.  The Clintons (and other Democrats and 'rights groups') care for homosexuals (and Blacks and others) only insofar as they can be used for domestic political power. 

(06/24/2016)  Another “Shot Heard Round the World”?  The comments quoted in the article apply directly to the USA.  We need to be asking ourselves if we need to be firing a few "shots" here in America.  I shouldn't have to explain this, but I am using "shots"  figuratively. 

(06/24/2016)  'Hell No!' Cashier refuses to serve Trump backers.  Well, as long as they aren't refusing on religious grounds it is OK.  /sarc.


(06/23/2016) Democrats: We Shall Overcome The Constitution. An unprecedented act of pretend bravery.   


(06/22/2016) The Logic Behind the Left’s Demonization of Conservatives.  A major part of the problem is that the MSM believes in demonizing conservatives as well.  When conservatives express concern that Muslim immigrants will include terrorists, the MSM jumps all over them as being intolerant bigots.  When Sen. Murphy says 2nd amendment supporters want to sell guns to ISIS, the MSM applauds.  If the MSM was actually unbiased, the Democrats would be much more reasonable (I think) because they would have lost their biggest enablers.

(06/22/2016)  This Democrat Says It’s OK to Steal 80% of Some People’s Income.  Well, they wouldn't call it stealing.  But the notion that taxing at that rate would not hurt the economy is just wishful thinking. 


(06/19/2016)  FLA Gov Schools Reporter Who Asks Him To ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY in Orlando Terror Because Guns!  Of course.  If you oppose SSM you are a hateful bigot who is repsonsible for attacks on LGTB folks, and if you oppose gun control you are responsible for all crimes committed with a gun.  Makes total sense.

(06/19/2016)  Vin Scully calls socialism foul.  Right on the money and pretty funny as well.


(06/18/2016)  Taxpayers Billed for Climate Change Poetry, LGBT Book Clubs for Kids.  The Left has always done a good job of using taxpayer money to support their causes and finance organizations that do the same.

(06/18/2016)  Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial page editor calls for murder of GOP legislators.  Really.

(06/13/2016)  Clinton for-profit education scandal dwarfs Trump U.  I don't know if it 'dwarfs' it, but it is certainly at least on par.  Naturally the MSM doesn't feel this is something you need to know about.


(06/13/2016)  Google is Rigging Searches for Hillary Clinton.  Which is why I just changed to Bing.  And although I am no fan of Donald Trump, I'd quit Facebook as well if I actually belonged to Facebook: “Killing Donald Trump” Page Doesn’t Violate Facebook’s “Community Standards.” 

(06/05/2016)  Obama filches billions to pay for his dog's breakfast.  Or to put it another way, Obama has spent billions on Obamacare subsidies when Congress specifically did not allocate such funds. 

(06/03/2016)  The Obama Administration’s Secret Slush Funds.  In short, the DOJ is allowing companies a good deal by allowing them to pay off fines by donating to liberal groups.

(05/18/2016)  Why Many Evangelicals Support Donald Trump.  The comments are more interesting than the article.  Suffice it to say that there is a lot of hatred out there for Evangelicals and Christians in general.  And that hatred is based on complete and total ignorance about the subject of that hatred (us).  I suppose the irony is lost on these people that they spew hatred while accusing evangelicals of being haters. 

(05/13/2016)  Washington Post has assigned 20 reporters to look for dirt on Trump.  They did the same thing for Sarah Palin, but strangely enought, they never did it for Obama, nor have they ever really done it for Hillary (or the Bern).

(05/03/2016)  White House economists: Keeping criminals in jail hurts the economy.  Isn't it amazing that those on the Left constantly churn out 'experts' who spout the party line and the media just accepts them as being actual experts.  And when their predictions turn out to be totally wrong, the MSM goes back to the same experts for an explanation.  The explanation always is that we didn't go far enough and didn't spend enough money.  From a Democrat point of view, keeping criminals in jail keeps their vote totals down, since a number of states allow felons to vote - but not while in jail or prison.


(04/28/2016)  Obama Allots $19 Mil to Register Immigrant Voters.  Not directly, exactly, but that seems to be the objective. 

(04/27/2016)  Obama officials warn states about cutting Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood. 

(04/25/2016)  Hunter Baker’s Religious-Liberty Mission.  What he is doing is running for Congress. 

(04/22/2016)  Hillary Clinton says American Gun Owners are Terrorists.  An exaggeration.  She merely said that gun owners 'terrorize' others.


(04/15/2016)  California Allows Illegal Aliens to Vote: So Each POTUS Ballot Should Be Disqualified.  This is troubling. 

(04/15/2016)  FEC targets conservative media while giving liberals a pass.  entrants than Europeans. 


(04/04/2016)  Rev. Graham: If America Doesn’t ‘Turn Back to God, I Fear That Our End Will Be Near’

(03/16/2016)  Franklin Graham: 'Zero hope in Republican Party.'  This is an article on the "Decision America" rally in Denver on 3/15/16, which I attended along with around 40 others from our church.  It should be noted that Graham has 'Zero hope in the Democrat Party' as well.  Our hope is in God, and he (and I) encourage everyone to vote, but also to ask God for some assistance in determining who to vote for.


(03/16/2016)  Voters: Scalia vacancy a big deal in election.  Well, that may be true, but given that many pro-lifers seem to favor Donald Trump, whose 'ideal' candidate for the court is his extreme pro-abortion sister, I'm not sure this 'big deal' is going to have a positive impact.

(03/16/2016)  Congress Can Remove Ginsberg and Kagan from the Supreme Court!  Interesting, but it isn't going to happen.

(03/16/2016)  Sad Liberals Suggest Divorce if your Spouse Supports Donald Trump! 

(03/01/2016)  Hillary Railed Against GOP Senators Over Scalia Replacement, Then THIS Video Surfaced.  Rules and standards only apply to conservatives because only conservatives believe in rules and standards.

(02/25/2016)  Clinton confuses Constitution with Declaration of Independence in gun pitch.  Not that this is unusual.  David Pryor, after retiring from three terms in the Senate, admitted he hadn't read the Constitution since high school.


(02/20/2016)  Obama evolves on filibustering SCOTUS nominees.  Of course.  When Democrats do something: GOOD.  When Republicans do the same thing: BAD.

(02/20/2016)  Dems in Senate passed a resolution in 1960 against election year Supreme Court appointments.  I fear that many have not considered the disaster than will befall if an Obama appointee is confirmed to replace Scalia, much less if Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump makes any subsequent appointments.  From the perspective of the SCOTUS, the pro-life movement will be dead, but so will the First and Second Amendments and more.

(02/20/2016)  REAGAN’S WARNING TO US: “Those Voices Don’t Speak for the Rest of Us”  Remember this?

(02/11/2016)   New Senator (Ben Sasse, R Neb) Gives A Perfect Explanation of Conservatism In Less Than 90 Seconds.   Listen to what he has to say and see if you agree.  I am 100% on board.

(02/09/2016)   Rubio and Fiorina: Make Dems justify own pro-abortion extremism.  I've posted on this before, but it really is time that pro-lifers take the offensive and point out (over and over) that the true extremists are those that advocate abortion at any time for any reason - and that is the position of the Democrat party, although a few are even more extreme, saying life doesn't begin until the baby leaves the hospital!


(02/07/2016)   Key Republican says Congress will punish sanctuary cities this year.  It does seem a little unfair that some of our politicians can choose to ignore federal law and suffer no consequences. 

(02/07/2016)   Obama's "Task Force on New Americans" Launches Citizenship Initiative in LA.  Isn't it currently impossible (from a legal perspective) for someone here illegally to become a citizen?  Yet it seems that the adminsitration has a different notion of the law.

(01/20/2016)   Benghazi Email Exposes Whitehouse Order To Abandon Benghazi Troops.  Ah, but it is 'old news' now. time to move along.

(01/17/2016)   PBS Panel Calls Ted Cruz and His Dad ‘Satanic.’  Apparently Ted Cruz's father (a Baptist pastor) said that Satan was behind the Supreme Court's ruling on SSM.  What a leap of logic!  Logic?

(01/12/2016)  Cruz Has Evangelicals Locked Up, and Rubio Is Betting Everything That It Won’t Matter.  I don't agree with the headline since there are a number of candidates with evangelical appeal, but the article is interesting.

(01/08/2016)   Public School Caught Red-Handed Targeting Kids in Hillary Push.  That is, work for Hillary to satisfy your community service requirement.  I have no problem with encouraging students to work on the campaign of their choice to meet that requirement, but ....

(01/06/2016)   The View's Joy Behar: I’d Vote for a Rapist as Long as They’re Liberal.  This really isn't surprising.  As long as you are reliably liberal and still useful as such, most liberals will defend anything you do.  Bill Cosby should have paid more attention to that little rule.

(01/03/2016)   ‘Four Times Greater Than Solyndra': DOE Drops 1,200 Pages Of Heavily Redacted Docs On Green Energy Loans.  Does any independent body get to check the redactions to make sure they are legitimate?  It is pretty obvious that the best way to get rich fast is not to invent a better widget but to have friends in the Administration (or Congress).


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