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Oct-Dec 2015

(12/28/2015)    Constitution: Outdated and Overstretched?  Although the Constitution has been largely ignored for some time, the only reason it might be considered 'outdated and overstretched' is because it still stands in the way of much of the progressive agenda - especially the first and second amendments.

(12/26/2015)   Democrats and Jesus: A Study in Cuteness.  It does seem that many on the Left - the same ones that bemoan bringing religion into politics - are always happy to trot out Jesus when it suits their political needs. 

(12/23/2015)   WaPo Depicts Cruz’s Daughters As Monkeys, Media Focuses On His Reaction.  This is typical.  The MSM will take almost and story and try to spin it to make conservatives look bad.  Update - here is more on the subject: Washington Post stoops to a new low going after Ted Cruz.   Here is more:  Wait Until You Hear the Excuse for Running a Cartoon Mocking Ted Cruz's Children

(12/17/2015)   Hanson on California: The picture is bleak.  Unfortunately, people are leaving California because it is so bad, but voting for the same failed policies and similar politicians in their new states.  Some people refuse to learn - they are far too committed to a worldview that is not based on reality and experience and are loathe to give it up.

(12/11/2015)   As Trump rises, Clinton preaches love and kindness.  By all means, read the article if you wish, but everything you need to know is the fact that this is the actual headline from the 'unbiased' AP.

(12/11/2015)  Hillary now denies blaming video to Benghazi victims' families.  The only thing I find more pathetic than calling the victims families liars is the possibility that she could be our next president.

(12/09/2015)   Workforce Could Shrink by 2 Million People Because of Obamacare.  This is the CBO speaking, not the Heritage Foundation or other conservative think tank.  In addition to keeping our doctors and existing insurance and saving $2,500 per family, we were told, as I recall, that we'd add 400,000 jobs in the healthcare industry alone.  Any private company that sold us such a bill of goods would be long since out of business and some of their executives in prison.

(12/09/2015)   New Ben Carson Ad Hits All the Right Notes.  Whether you are for him or against him, this is a great ad.  This is what (still) makes America great.


(12/09/2015)  Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban Should Touch Off a Badly Needed Discussion.  Indeed.  We need to stop hiding our heads in the sand.  Here is more on the topic:  For Good and Ill, Donald Trump Has Brought Discussion of Political Impossibilities into the Open, though I will argue that there is no 'ill' involved in bringing up the subject of Muslim immigration.

(12/08/2015)   One Way or Another – We Are The Cause of Terrorism.  One thing is for sure: the Left certainly does not want to risk blaming terrorism on those who might actually retaliate by committing terrorist acts against them.  This is going to be a big issue in 2016.

(11/20/2015)   The Media Isn’t Sure if Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are “Hispanic.”  Apparently, unless you are white, your views are dictated by your race and if you don't hold the 'correct' views, then you can't be of that race.

(11/12/2015)   Hey, Politico! How About Hillary and the Marines?  Well, apparently it is OK to lie as long as you are one who promotes the progressive narrative.  Hillary and Joe Biden (to name just two) have a history of making stuff up, but the media does not care - their job is to make conservatives look bad.


(11/09/2015)   25 Obama Whoppers for the Media to Chew On.  So the MSM has decreed Ben Carson a liar (though they can't seem to find any actual lies), but just take a look at what they have previously overlooked.  

(11/07/2015)   Limbaugh: Carson is victim of 'electronic lynching.'  Media 'telling an outright lie' in 'an assassination attempt.'  Well, they are certainly misrepresenting what Carson wrote and lying about what his team said in response to their attack.  If Carson were a liberal Democrat, this issue would never have been raised.  Even blantant lies by Democrats and Hillary in particular (Benghazi was all about a video, I didn't have any classified stuff on my personal server / email) are simply rationalized away by the MSM.  It is possible that the MSM may have started to overstep this time.  One can only hope. 

(11/05/2015)   Daily Beast: Obama, Hillary Toying With ‘Civil War’ Over Gun Confiscation.  I doubt that the idea of gun confiscation is going to get anywhere, but it is telling that some on the Left - Hillary in particular - are promoting it and apparently think they can gain politically from it.

(11/04/2015)   Amending the Constitution to Defend Citizenship.  This is a debate worth having.

(10/29/2015)   The Left's Ugly Hatred of Ben Carson.  The Left believes that one's race defines what you should think, unless you happen to be white.  Talk about being racist!

(10/26/2015)  Changing the Game To Defeat Progressivism.  Interesting.


(10/25/2015)  Wake Up America: Democrats at War with the People.  I would like to be able to put a more positive spin on the actions of the Democrat party, but I can't.

(10/25/2015)   Donald Trump crosses the line criticizing Ben Carson's religion.  I know that Trump fans will excuse this away, but sometimes it is just better to keep your mouth shut.


(10/22/2015)   A Nation of Discontent.  My own discontent stems from the fact that we  are governed by a ruling class that considers itself considerably above 'We the People.'  They consider themselves superior and not subject to the standards, rules and even laws that apply to the rest of us.  When it comes to government, the concept of 'servant leadership' and 'public service' is rare indeed.

(10/12/2015)  Drip, drip, drip: New Clinton Foundation scandal!  Somehow I think that Tea Party groups would have a little more difficulty getting away with this stuff without consequences.

(10/08/2015)   Media reacts to professor’s racist taunt against Ben Carson.  Which is to say, they defend the taunt or ignore it altogether.  Remember that according to the Left and the MSM, only conservatives can be racist.  If a liberal acts in a racist manner, there must be another explanation. 

(10/07/2015)   Wanted: A President of Good Character.  Definitely.  I believe that we are seeing more and more that good character is far more important than we have been treating it.

(10/03/2015)   Madeleine Albright: Hillary’s Greatest Accomplishment at State Was to ‘Restore America’s Reputation.'  It is certianly comforting to know that America's reputation has been restored in countries like ....  Let me see, surely I can come up with one country.  Nope.  Try it yourself.  Maybe you can come up with one.

(10/02/2015)   If nothing else, the title is funny.  Rove’s Super PAC Unveils ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Server’. 

(10/01/2015)   Ben Carson's Fans Are Filling Town-Hall Meetings and Campaign Coffers.  Maybe character does matter.


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