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Jul-Sep 2016

(09/30/2016) Comey: I Am Not a Weasel.  Actually, anyone who finds themselves in a position of having to make this claim almost certainly is a weasel.  Comey has disgraced one of the few institutions that some felt was one of the last bastions of integrity left in the federal government.

(09/29/2016) Mall Shooter Not a U.S. Citizen - Voted in 3 Elections.  It is a good thing that voter fraud is not a problem - so the Democrats and MSM keep telling us.

(09/29/2016) Paul Harvey & The Naked Communist.  Over 50 years ago there was a book listing 45 goals Communists had for an ultimate takeover of the USA.  Read them and weep.  For more details concerning some of those 45 goals, read Sexual Perversion in One Generation is Normal in the Next.  

(09/28/2016) Friday on My Mind.  This has to do with the FBI following the administration's lead and doing document dumps late Friday to minimize media coverage.  The FBI has totally destroyed its reputation by becoming blatantly political.  Is there any arm of the executive branch that we can have confidence it?  Or any branch of the entire federal government?

(09/26/2016) Voter Fraud: Dead People Voting in Colorado.  Voting by mail makes it too easy to commit fraud.  My oldest son has move to California, but we still receive a ballot.  I am also not a fan of early voting.  A lot can change during a campaign and to have lots of votes - which cannot be changed - already submitted long before the campaign ends is not good.

(09/26/2016) Black Radio Host Endorses Trump On-Air and Loses Job Because of It.  One has to be a little cautious when seeing stories like this.  The host could have lost his job for other reasons and is using his Trump endorsement as and excuse.  That said, people on the Left really are not tolerant of opposing views - especially from those who they feel must conform based on their race. 

(09/25/2016) Study: High Taxes Driving Out New Yorkers in Record Numbers.  This is not surprising.  It is also once of the reasons that those that favor big government prefer federal programs along with federal taxes - they are much harder to run away from!

(09/21/2016) Democrats walk out of ‘witch hunt’ targeting Planned Parenthood fetal tissue customer StemExpress.  Never forget just how committed the Democrat party is to abortion.

(09/19/2016) Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine have written a deplorable campaign book.  Bear in mind that this is from the Washington Post.  But if you want to inject a lot of humor into your day, go read the Amazon reviews.  Almost no reviewer has actually read the book, but the creative juices are definitely flowing.  As one reviewer pointed out, he may not have read the book, but Hillary and Tim didn't write it, either.

(09/18/2016) Bill Clinton suggests Trump slogan racist – but he used the same one.  The reason is simple.  Conservatives are racist, liberals are not.  So when conservatives say something, it is racist, when liberals say the same thing, it is not.  It is really quite simple.


(09/17/2016) David Brock Offers Money for New Dirt on Donald Trump.  It is a good thing that those on the Left are so tolerant, otherwise, who knows what depths they might sink to?

(09/17/2016) Credit Card Fraud: Hillary Edition.  On the one hand, I find it hard to believe that they would actually do something like this, yet on the other, why not?  Their track record isn't very good.  Other news organizations need to look into this, though I am skeptical that they will bother.  Electing Hillary seems to be the number one item on their agenda.

(09/16/2016) Could California’s illegal voter registration drive torpedo Hillary’s carefully laid plans for victory?  To me, whether California's electoral vote might be nullified is not the issue - liberal judges will never do it anyway.  The issue is that California and some other states are actively registering illegal aliens to vote.  This is election fraud, pure and simple and should have been nipped in the bud.  From a legal perspective, it seems obvious that while states have the power to set the rules for elections within their own state, the votes of states which sanction fraud should be illegal in national elections.  But when it comes to elections, liberal judges simply ignore the law if adhering to the law hurts Democrats.  Remember Torricelli? 

(09/15/2016) Hillary’s Body Double: Am I Nuts, or What?  I've read about this before and thought they were nuts.  But when Hillary made an appearance outside Chelsea's apartment shortly after her collapse on 9/11, I have to say that it didn't look quite right.  Maybe there is something to the conspiracy nuts after all.


(09/12/2016) I’m Deplorable and I’m Proud.  Add me to the deplorable crowd.  I am none of those things that Hillary listed, but I have been called all of them and more.  So I am going to wear the deplorable label with pride.  If you want to make a statement with a "deplorable" tee-shirt, they are available at Amazon.  

(09/11/2016) Fifteen Years After 9/11, and America Still Sleeps. How much worse will the destruction and death have to be to wake us up?  Good Question.  Is God trying to get our attention?  We seem to be doing a pretty good job of ignoring him.

(09/10/2016) When Washington Fails, Go to Prayer.  I'm repeating this link since tomorrow is 9/11 and our nation needs prayer and revival.


(09/10/2016) Hillary calls ‘half’ of Trump supporters ‘basket of deplorables.’  I'm not sure this is the best way to go about bringing our country together, or to help woo voters away from Trump.  I doubt the MSM will have a problem with it, seeing as how most of them think the same thing.  Update: I've ordered myself a "deplorables" tee-shirt.

(09/10/2016) Forum: Lauer asks Hillary real questions; liberals cry bias.  What is worse, it isn't just commentators, it is reporters as well.  The MSM has an extreme liberal bias.  They not only are not embarrassed about it, they are actively, publicly demanding that others in the media toe the liberal line.  Here is another sample of bias: Peter Beinart Can’t Imagine Any Reason But Sexism For Disliking Hillary Clinton.  

(09/07/2016) Hillary Clinton’s 'unclassified' email included highly classified NSA information—why didn’t the FBI mention this fact?  Good question. But for those who think that Clinton is a habitual liar, fear not.  Salon will straighten you out.  She's not.  People just think so because of the right and the media! 

(09/05/2016) Why I Ran: How to Be Religious Liberty Candidate 1.0.  We need more Christians to do this. 

(09/03/2016) Princeton professor says Obamacare marketplaces in a 'death spiral.'  This was predicted before Obamacare passed, but naturally the warnings were ignored.  For the GOP, there is a side benefit, however.  Obamacare rate hikes could save the Senate for the GOP.  

(09/02/2016) In case you have forgotten just how biased the media is and has been for years, here is a gentle reminder: A History Lesson for Howard Kurtz: Honest Reporting Died Long Ago.  Note that when it comes to presidential debates, we will yet again have predominately left-wing moderators: Mostly Immoderate Moderators Named.  

(09/02/2016) If You're On the Fence About Your Vote, This Pastor Clarifies How the Very Future of America Is At Stake.  I would quibble over a few points, but for the most part I think he is correct.  The comments seem to be dominated by the "pox on both your houses" crowd, the major complaint supposedly being that this pastor was not biblical.  Not that actual any examples were used for that criticism.  From a genuine biblical perspective, both candidates fall far short.  Not only is neither "ideal," neither is worthy of even being labeled as "somewhat biblical," so any biblical case has to be very indirect.  It looks like most commenters are going the "moral superiority" route - I am much too good to support either of these guys.  But we still need to make a choice.  Sitting this election out is just taking the easy way out and avoiding accepting responsibility.  Read this article and decide for yourself whether you agree or disagree.


(08/30/2016) Obama to sign treaty without Senate approval?  It is hard to insist on a lawful citizenry when we have lawlessness at the top.  In all fairness, we are not demanding lawfulness from many.  Come up with your own examples.  I'll start with "sanctuary cities."

(08/30/2016) Iran: 'We Welcome War With the U.S.'  It may be just a lot of hot air.  About the only positive thing is that our "treaty" with them was never approved by the Senate, so the next president will be free to ignore it (not that she will).  We already gave them billions, so we can't get that back.  Sigh.

(08/30/2016) Iran Deploys Russian S-300 Missiles to Fortify Major Nuclear Installation.  Tehran claims, underground site at Fordo now a "medical research facility."  So Iran gets to go full steam ahead developing nuclear weapons and in return we get to give them billions of dollars.  If this isn't the biggest travesty in the history of US foreign policy, I don't know what is. 

(08/29/2016) Lies of "Truth" revisited.  This is an article about the movie Truth which peddles the "fake but accurate" nonsense concerning the fake documents about Bush 43's service in the Texas Air National Guard.  The main takeaway from this is that the Left never gives up in its efforts to rewrite history in order to support their narrative.  And they are often very successful.  There are plenty of example form Hollywood, Truth and Anita (the very fictionalized account of Anita Hill and the Clarence Thomas hearings) being just two of the most recent.  The Left writes history as they wish it were, not as it actually was.

(08/29/2016) How the Clinton Campaign Tried to Explain Away Huma’s Radical Islamic Ties is Laughable.  Apparently, the fact that she was an editor for a radical Islamic magazine for 12 years doesn't mean anything because she was just a "figurehead."  That is certainly comforting to know.  Note: I'm having to resort to a lot of sarcasm because the truth is getting to be absurd.

(08/28/2016) Professor says Trump is so bad, class doesn't have to be balanced.  The school says that they are sure the class will be "fair."  This tells you everything you need to know about this college (Gettysburg).  Somehow I doubt they would think so kindly about a professor who said that Clinton was such a crook that their class didn't need to be balanced.  Of course, this is news only because it involves the presidential candidates.  Most colleges are indoctrination centers for progressivism, and many classes are at least as biased than this class is likely to be.


(08/27/2016) Dr. Drew Stripped Of CNN Show After Discussing Clinton’s Health.  Clearly we do not know all the facts here, and one would think that CNN would want to avoid the appearance of punishing a host for deviating from the Democrat party line.  But the MSM has become more and more brazen in their support for Hillary, so draw your own conclusions.

(08/27/2016) Transparency overload! State Dept. won’t deliver this Hillary info until after you-know-when.  That being after the election, of course.  The media would be throwing a fit if this involved a Republican candidate for president and a Republican State Dept.  Some people are simply unaware of just how biased the media is and how much impact that bias has.  Years ago, Evan Thomas (then editor at Newsweek) said that the MSM contributed 5-10% to the Democrats in elections.  Being a liberal, he was probably bragging about how much influence they had.  Realizing how bad it made the media look, he subsequently walked back his claims.  But note that many, or even most, reporters want to influence your vote.  That is what leads them into journalism in the first place. - the desire to change the world for the better (in their minds).  And although reporters often deliberately lie (see 2000 election story below), lying isn't even necessary.  All that is necessary is to choose which stories to cover and which not to cover, which facts to emphasize and which facts to minimize.


(08/27/2016) Hillary and Top Aides Skipped Out on Mandatory Ethics Training.  Why in the world would someone as ethical as Hillary Clinton and her aides need to waste their time taking ethics training?  Sarcasm aside, ethics training will have no effect at all on people who are already crooks.  The only ethics training that actually works is one that outlines the rules and the associated penalties - and then actually enforces them.

(08/27/2016) ‘Polls Are Closed,’ They Lied.  This is regarding the contentious 2000 election, the one that dragged on until the Supreme Court weighed in.  I recall that the networks called Florida for Gore before the polls were closed in the Panhandle - the most heavily Republican part of the state.  I did not realize that over and over the networks claimed the polls were closed in all of Florida, even though they were still open in the Panhandle.  And if the MSM contributes to throwing the election to somebody by lying, do we have any recourse?  Not likely.

(08/26/2016) The Clinton bribery standard.  Remember when Bill Clinton ran for the presidency and there was a big debate about how important (or unimportant) character is in a president?  At least it was discussed back then.  Now we have apparently decided that the character of our presidential candidates should simply be ignored.  But can we ignore what Hillary Clinton has done?  Her handling of classified information as well as granting State Dept access to Clinton Foundation donors are not merely character lapses - they are criminal, even if the most politicized Justice Dept in recent history chooses to ignore them.

(08/25/2016) NYT Reporter Rips ‘Incredibly Inappropriate’ Hannity for Giving Trump ‘Free Advertising.’  I laughed out loud when I read this.  But it is not funny.  The MSM gives Democrats billions in "free advertising" and no one bats an eye.  Years ago, Evan Thomas, himself a liberal, said that the MSM was worth 5-10% for the Democrats in an election.  Without the MSM, where would the Democrat party be?

(08/25/2016) This Democrat Blatantly Break Voting Laws; “Whatever You Can Get Away With, Just Do It.”  If anyone is wondering why Democrats are so opposed to voter ID laws and other means of reducing voter fraud, look no further than this.  Can anyone find a single instance of voter fraud being committed by or encouraged by the GOP?  The Democrats are the big beneficiaries of voter fraud and they will fight any and all efforts to curtail it. 

(08/24/2016) Why Low-Information Voters Are Worrisome.  It is estimated that around one third of voters have absolutely no clue.  Many races are actually decided by people who do not have any idea what they are doing.  Our founders said our government was fit only for a moral people.  It is also fit only for a reasonably well informed people.  Don't be an LIV.  Keep informed and do your best to encourage people you are in contact with to do the same.  You can always refer people to the Current Events page of this website!

(08/23/2016) 77% of nonwhite Americans support voter ID laws, according to new Gallup poll...  80% overall support voter ID.  And yet how hard is the GOP fighting for this?  How much is the GOP fighting against adverse court decisions concerning voter ID - decisions which are racist, condescending and have nothing to do with the Constitution or settled law?  There are a number of conservative positions that are favored by a majority and yet the GOP only provides token support - presumably because they spend too much time listening to the MSM rather than listening to their constituents.  I have always been very frustrated by how few members of the GOP go out and make a strong case for the conservative view.  Some of this may have to do with the MSM not giving much coverage, but if the GOP establishment wants to know why we have Trump as the nominee, they only have to look at their total failure to accomplish much of anything.  Conservative voters didn't elect majorities in Congress for the purpose of having them do nothing but play defense.

(08/22/2016) Will Barack Obama Try To Stay In Office If Donald Trump Wins The Election?  I'm sure he'd like to, but in a word: No.  I think some of the concerns from the Left about what Trump will do if elected are total nonsense, and so is this one from the Right.


(08/22/2016) Q: How Does an Islamist Get Elected to State Legislature? A: Watch This.  Actually, this being America, there is no reason why a bunch of Muslims can't elect a Muslim to the legislature.  But the Somali community in Minneapolis has been a breeding ground for terrorists - most thankfully going back to Africa or the ME.  So the real question is: why did we let all these people into America?  People who have no desire whatsoever to become Americans? 


(08/21/2016) How can these revelations about top aide Huma Abedin not end Hillary’s chances?  Simply because the MSM will ignore them.  They care about papers conservatives wrote in grad school and before, but Huma Abedin's radical Islamist connections are going to be dismissed as "ancient history." 

(08/21/2016) Why’s Hillary facing ‘all this scrutiny’? Her campaign manager’s explanation will floor you.  Basically it is because she is so transparent.  I don't know about you, but I really don't care to be treated like an idiot by our political class.  I know there are a lot of low information voters out there, but I for one would like to be treated with respect.  Just because there are LIVs, it doesn't mean it is OK to lie and otherwise mislead them.  "We the political class" seems to be the mantra rather than "We the people."  I prefer the Constitutional approach over the "we are your betters and you are an idiot" approach.

(08/20/2016) Even more instances of voter fraud which I’m assured does not exist.  every fraudulent vote cancels a legitimate vote.  And no, voter ID doesn't make it harder to vote, it simply makes it harder to cheat.

(08/20/2016) Donald Trump’s Lincolnesque Moment.  This is a David Horowitz column.  I'm not ready to compare Trump to Lincoln, but I do have a lot of respect for Horowitz's opinion, so ....

(08/19/2016) The Most Important Election...Again.  Hyperbole?   Not for conservatives. 

(08/19/2016) Baton Rouge newspaper to President Obama: ‘Hurting Louisiana needs you.’  As a practical matter, I disagree.  But visiting disaster areas is a standard presidential job.  It looks like Obama is just killing time until his term is over.  For conservatives, that is probably a good thing.  Update: Oh so THIS is why Obama can’t get down to Louisiana, seems TOTES legit.  

(08/18/2016) A Tale of Two Powers.  The morality to government ratio is out of whack. 

(08/17/2016) On Marriage, the GOP Platform is Solid. The Democrats Just Don’t Care.  Is anyone surprised?

(08/16/2016) Cokie Roberts: Trump and Those Who Support Him are ‘Morally Tainted.’  Wow.  It is absolutely verboten that conservative Christians pass any kind of judgment at all, yet liberals are free to label people that merely support Trump.  Now I can understand criticizing people who support a loud-mouthed blowhard, but I guess it must be perfectly OK to support a crook.

(08/16/2016) The Left Refuses to Learn.  This may be true in the general, but not necessarily at the individual level.  I used to be a Leftie, and I learned!

(08/15/2016) Here they are! 35 of Hillary's biggest 'accomplishments.'  If you were unaware that Hillary Clinton even had 35 accomplishments, this will not disabuse of that notion.  The article is totally tongue-in-cheek.

(08/14/2016)  NY Times Blasts Obama’s Executive Tyranny.  Well, kind of, sort of.  That is, they do, but they don't realize it, presumably because they approve of Obama exceeding his constitutional authority.

(08/13/2016) On Religious Liberty, a Chasm Divides the Democrat and Republican Platforms.  It is appalling how far we have gone from the clear meaning of the First Amendment.  For more concerning religious freedom: Gay Activists are Attempting to Dissolve the First Amendment.

(08/13/2016) AP Reporter Volunteers as Witness For Hillary.  We know that most reporters are in the tank for Hillary, but I suppose you could say this goes beyond that.

(08/12/2016) Bernie Sanders Buys a Summer Home in North Hero.  Only $600,000, income inequality and all that.  But before you call Sanders a hypocrite, remember that only Christians and conservatives can be hypocrites.

(08/11/2016) FOUR MURDERS IN THREE WEEKS Directly Linked to Clintons, DNC [video].  First of all, none of these have been classified as murders, but at least a couple look suspicious.  We mock conspiracy theorists and rightly so.  Still, one has to wonder just how many "coincidences" have to happen before things do start to look suspicious. rather than food for conspiracists.


(08/11/2016) Kind of a big deal: CNN revises its report on Justice Dept. declining to investigate Clinton Foundation.  Yes, it is a very big deal and the MSM will definitely downplay it.  It not only shows the corruption between the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Dept., but also corruption of the Dept. of "Justice."  May I list the Clinton scandals, any one of which would destroy any conservative running for President?  This one, Benghazi and the private email server. 

(08/11/2016) Mika Worries More Hillary Emails Could Cause ‘Epic Implosion’ That Would ‘Bring Down Campaign.’  This is MSNBC.  I have a question for MSM reporters.  If revelations come out that destroy a candidacy, isn't that a good thing?  I mean, those revelations show very bad things, things that others warned about long before Clinton got the nomination.  Should such revelations not disqualify someone from the presidency?  Well, according to most reporters, not if the candidate is a Democrat (see above).

(08/10/2016) Blatant Cronyism in Newly Released Clinton Emails.  Note that these are more of those so-called "personal" emails that were not previously turned over.  No Republican could survive a scandal like this (and it is only one of several scandals) which gives you an idea just how much power the MSM has.

(08/10/2016) Does this Hillary Clinton bombshell give the election to Donald Trump?  Well, if the parties were reversed it certainly would.  But we already had evidence that the State Dept. under Clinton granted favors to countries and other donors to the Clinton Foundation, so this will be ignored as well.  The MSM is having to work hard to ignore all the Clinton crimes and scandals but no one can say they aren't up to the task.


(08/09/2016) These 2 Trusty Political Lies Keep Rearing Their Heads.  These both have to do with supposed 'pay gaps.'  The reality is that there are virtually no pay gaps at all if you compare apples to apples.  But that does not fit the narrative of rampant discrimination.  Here is a question that no one on the Left has ever answered: if women are paid a lot less than men for exactly the same work, why don't companies hire an all female work force to slash their labor costs? 


(08/09/2016) "Rigged?" 5 Ways the Election Is Under Attack.  The integrity of our electoral process is not only under attack, it has been severely damaged.  One guess as to which party is benefiting.  Update:  Here is a little background on one of the fraudsters mentioned in the article: WOW! Al Sharpton & Democrats Honor Convicted Voter Fraud Felon Melowese Richardson at “Welcome Home” Party.  Yes, Virginia, Democrats really do honor people who cheat on their behalf.  I hope not too many black churches do the same, but one certainly did in this case.

(08/09/2016)  Here is an endorsement that Hillary Clinton would probably prefer not to have.  At least, I certainly hope she wouldn't: Orlando terrorist’s father endorses Hillary, on display at rally in Florida


(08/08/2016) A Reporter ‘Fesses Up.  He admits that the press is hopelessly biased in favor of Democrats.  What is amazing is that he is so biased he doesn't even realize what he has done.


(08/08/2016) Black Pastors Are Breaking the Law to Get Hillary Clinton Elected. Nearly a third of these churchgoers say they’ve heard clergy support her from the pulpit in the past few months, according to a survey.  Is anyone surprised?  There has always been a black (read "liberal") exemption to the Johnson Amendment.  The article implies that this is a relatively new phenomena, with the IRS having a smaller budget to pursue violations.  But it isn't new at all.  The Johnson Amendment needs to go.


(08/08/2016) Cokie Roberts Tries to Play the Sexism Card for Hillary.  If I may paraphrase, any criticism of Hillary Clinton is a criticism of all women and hence sexist.  Haven't we had enough of this stuff with Obama and racism?


(08/07/2016) Democrats Dismiss Voter-Fraud Worries, but Reality Intrudes.  Just because it is mostly Democrats running the places where fraud occurs does not mean fraud does not exist.

(08/07/2016) Cotton: Clinton discussed executed Iranian scientist on email.  If this story holds up and Clinton should become president, then why in the world would anyone take any risk whatsoever to spy for the USA?  This is precisely why Clinton should have gone to prison for her "extreme carelessness" with classified information.

(08/07/2016) Clinton says voter ID laws worst voter 'suppression' since 'Jim Crow.'  So making sure that valid voters don't have their votes cancelled by fraudulent voters is like "Jim Crow," a Democrat institution by the way.  Can anyone say "hyperbole?"


(08/06/2016) 'Journalists' clap and cheer for Clinton during 'press conference.'  This is why conservatives (and Bible-believing Christians) should never take what they see in the MSM at face value.  


(08/05/2016) For anyone thinking of voting Democrat, there are many reasons besides abortion to not vote Democrat.  Consider: Obama's news conference: Everything wrong with Democrats, encapsulated.  Question: are the Democrats right on anything?

(08/05/2016) Ad Man Donny Deutsch ‘Scared’ Terrorists Will Launch Attacks to Aid Trump.  More terrorist attacks will probably aid Trump since people perceive that Trump will be stronger on terrorism than Clinton.  So it makes perfect sense that the terrorists would try to aid Trump....  Not.

(08/04/2016) Americans 'facing $1 trillion tax hike' with Clinton.  I get tired of politicians telling me all the great things they are going to "do" for me - almost every one of which involves spending my money on things I disagree with.  I would love to have a politician get up and tell me they aren't going to have the government do anything for me; rather that the government is going to get out of the way of me doing things for myself, my family, and anyone else I choose to.

(08/04/2016) More on Khizr Khan: Khan and Donald Trump and Khizr Khan Deletes Law Firm Website that Specialized in Muslim Immigration. 

(08/03/2016) Khizr Khan Believes the Constitution ‘Must Always Be Subordinated to the Sharia.’  Khan may have waved the Constitution at us, but he definitely does not believe in it.  Or at least, he did not in the past.  I would like to know what his current views on Sharia vs the Constitution are.

(08/02/2016) New FBI Docs Prove IRS Buried Tea Party 501(C)(4) Applications Till AFTER Obama Reelected.  As long as the DOJ is in Democrat hands, nothing will come of this.

(08/02/2016) Our On-Again, Off-Again Respect for Grieving Parents in Politics.  The rule is simple.  If grieving parents support the left, then they have "absolute moral authority."  If they oppose the left, then they are being cynically exploited.  Simple, isn't it?

(08/01/2016) Clinton on Classified Emails: 'I Relied On...the Judgments of the Professionals With Whom I Worked.'  Not exactly "The Buck Stops Here."


(08/01/2016) If she’s moving her lips.  What is amazing is Hillary Clinton's ability to lie about things when everyone knows she is lying.  For her to say that the FBI director said that everything she (Clinton) said was truthful is astounding.  To say that Benghazi victim's families all misremember what she said to them but that she forgives them takes more chutzpah than I thought existed.   Here are more details: Watch the moment(s) Hillary Clinton lies through her teeth on Fox News Sunday.  

(08/01/2016) Chuck Norris can do anything, even movie reviews: Top 10 highlights of 'Hillary's America.'  Here is more on the movie: New D'Souza Film Exposes Dems' Connection to the KKK.  The cynic in me wonders if our public schools do such a lousy job teaching American history because doing a good job would hurt the Democrats.


(07/31/2016) IRS looking into Clinton Foundation 'pay-to-play' claims.  Naturally the investigation wil not be done before the election.

(07/31/2016) Allen West: After Bill’s speech, I’m convinced convention is about something MUCH WORSE than Hillary.  Another "read it and weep."  Are things really this bad?

(07/30/2016) The IRS Scandal Gets Worse – The FBI Knew about the Targeting of Conservatives and Did NOTHING.  Really, the entire executive branch has been totally politicized and the MSM still averts their eyes.

(07/30/2016) Oh come ON! Daily Beast question about Hillary’s challenge sets gold standard for unintentional satire.  Proof that anything the Daily Beast has to say should be ignored.  They actually tweeted this: "What're the odds Hillary can live up to Obama's scandal-free example?"


(07/30/2016) For those who are having a hard time figuring who to support for president, consider: Who’s the really scary authoritarian on the presidential ballot? 

(07/30/2016) Now that the Zika virus has hit our shores, do not forget this: Senate Democrats Block Zika Funding Because It Doesn’t Fund Planned Parenthood.  

(07/30/2016) DNC Leak Reveals Major Revelation About Trump Rallies.  Apparently many disrupters were plants from the Democrats.  Not that anyone should be surprised.  Nazis and racists at Tea Party rallies were plants as well.


(07/29/2016)  OK, I admit I do not have a favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton.  And my opinion was lowered even more after reading: The Democratic nominee reintroduces herself, again.  

(07/29/2016) How Hillary saved millions of lives.  Actually, the real story is more like "How George W. Bush saved millions of lives and Hillary Clinton claimed credit for it."  Sigh.  I guess if Diogenes had a hard time finding an honest man, it must be pretty much impossible to find an honest politician.


(07/28/2016)  More on Trump's comments on Russia: Claire McCaskill: What say we prosecute Trump under the Logan Act for what he said about Russia? 

(07/28/2016) For anyone who wonders just what Hillary Clinton accomplished during 8 years in the Senate: Hillary’s Senate Accomplishment: One Bill Enacted into Law, to Name a Federal Building

(07/28/2016) Democratic Faith Council Member: White Christian Men, Not Muslims, Should Apologize For Terrorism.  Key word: Democrat.


(07/28/2016) Meltdown: Media accuse Trump of 'treason'.  Democrats have been pretty good at whining over Republicans calling them unpatriotic.  Of course, Republicans rarely do that.  Democrats think that calling them 'weak on defense' is the same as 'unpatriotic.'  Remember John Kerry complaining about "having my patriotism called into question?"  He didn't provide many examples.  On the other hand, Democrats and the MSM (one and the same) are pretty free with the word "treason," even though it was obviously a tongue in cheek / sarcastic remark.  Here is more: Let’s go crazy. 

(07/28/2016) DNC BREAKS FEDERAL LAW AT CONVENTION: VIOLATION OF SECTION 8 U.S. Code § 1324.  This concerns illegal aliens.  Democrats do this all. the. time.  Consider "sanctuary cities."  But since they are on the side of right, so their thinking goes, it is OK.

(07/27/2016) Judge blocks Michigan law that kills straight party tickets out of concern for black voters.   Apparently blacks are not as capable of doing something that everyone else is capable of.  That is what the judge is saying, though he cloaks it in disparate impact language.  That makes him a racist.  The alternate interpretation, equally likely and no less outrageous, is that blacks will be less likely to vote a straight Democrat ticket if they can't do it with a single punch.  That makes the judge a partisan Democrat party hack.

(07/26/2016) Hillary's America isn't just about Hillary.  No, it is about the Democrat party and its sordid history.  I thought everyone knew this stuff, but I guess I was wrong.  For starters, Democrats were the party of slavery and subsequently the Jim Crow laws.  The Republican party, the party of Lincoln, was founded specifically to oppose slavery.  Anyone who thinks otherwise has been sadly misinformed.  Speaking of Lincoln, take the time to read this speech by Lincoln, where he says a lot about slavery: The eternal meaning of Independence Day.  He says a lot about what it means to be an American as well, something that we really need to be reminded of these days.  Is there no one who can speak like this today?


(07/26/2016) DNC derangement! Sally Kohn just suffered a SERIOUS break with reality.  If you are not familiar with Sally Kohn, it is probably just as well.  But it is remarkable how so many on the Left will state obvious untruths (aka "lies") to support their cause.

(07/26/2016) Bernie shouts the case for Clinton in dark speech.  The meme is that the Republicans are dark and gloomy while the Democrats are the new "morning in America" party.  Don't be fooled.  It may be the new narrative, but it hardly conforms to reality.


(07/25/2016)  The Chart-Topping DNC Email?  To make a short story even shorter, the email says that the subject "Defending Our Western Heritage" reads like a Neo-Nazi recruitment manual.

(07/25/2016) Hillary blubbers over the #HillaryStandard, Twitter jeers.  In a 60 Minutes interview last night, Hillary Clinton complained that she is held to a higher standard than everyone else.  Really?  Twitter seems to think otherwise.

(07/25/2016) The Russians Cross the Democrats’ Red Line: Appearing to Help the GOP.  If the Russians managed to hack into the DNC's supposedly secure server, does anyone believe that they did not hack into Secretary Clinton's insecure server?

(07/24/2016) Rep. Keith Ellison: Trump ‘Worst Republican Nominee Since George Wallace.’  Let's see now.  Wallace was a Democrat and was never the nominee of either party.  Other than that, Rep. Ellison was spot on.


(07/24/2016) Radical Socialists in Hollywood Keep Falsifying History and Whitewashing Communists.  This isn't the only history that Hollywood falsifies.  Read the article.  You simply won't believe what the new movie Captain Fantastic is about.  Or maybe you will.  it is Hollywood after all.


(07/23/2016) 19,252 Emails from DNC Leaked by Wikileaks, and Oh Man Are They Great!  Well, you will find that the MSM simply does not care.  Especially considering that some of the emails show collusion between the DNC and the MSM.  But what else is new?  As Instapundit says, reporters are just Democrats with bylines.


(07/23/2016) Governor Dannel Malloy is more important than all of you peasants.  He used his influence to allow his son to skip airport security.  No big deal, except it points out yet again that we really do have a 'ruling class' and they definitely feel that the rules don't apply to them.  The whole concept of a public servant, with the emphasis on 'servant,' is pretty much gone.  If anything is creating the Trump phenomena, it is the general disgust most have with our political class.  Too bad we don't have a better spokesman.

(07/23/2016) Ivanka Trump wore a $138 dress at RNC — and you can buy it.  Filthy rich or not, you can dress well without spending a fortune.  Someone needs to tell this to Hillary.  Naturally Ivanka plugged her fashion line afterwards.  For shame.  Hillary merely sells her influence for $250,000 a pop.

(07/22/2016) Initial Thoughts (on Trump's Speech).  Here is more from the same site, different author: The Convention, Night Four — Trump’s speech.  Note that both these writers probably had Trump ranked 17th out of 17 GOP candidates (as did I).  More on Trump's speech here: Trump Caps Divided Convention with Uncharacteristic Discipline.  One more (for now) article here: Quick Reaction to Trump acceptance speech - be sure to read the comments.

(07/22/2016) The GOP Platform Calls for Abolishing The EPA.  Actually, I would favor abolishing most federal agencies as well as most cabinet departments.  All these functions should be turned back to the states. 


(07/21/2016) The Dumbest Idea in Politics: Inequality is Always Injustice.  A Thomas Sowell column.  There are many things that are easy to understand, but only if someone explains them in an understandable manner.  If you really want to understand economics, read Sowell's Basic Economics.  You will then know more than 99.9% of the politicians in Washington who think they are smart enough to "run the economy." 


(07/21/2016) $19.4 Trillion in Debt – We Have Added $1.1 Trillion a Year to the National Debt Under Obama.  Perhaps you will not learn anything you don't already know in this article.  But it is information that the MSM doesn't feel the need to remind us of as they would under a Republican administration.  One of the biggest benefits of electing a Republican president is that the MSM will go back to its "adversarial" role - the role it should always be taking.


(07/21/2016) The massive student loan debt 'boosts the economy' says White House.  Either the White House is run by idiots, or they think the rest of us are idiots.  Possibly both.

(07/21/2016) Shock: Obama admin issues another pass to Cabinet official for wrongdoing.  OK, so it isn't a shock.  But it should be.  Public officials should be held to a higher standard than the rest of us. 

(07/20/2016) Who Gets Absolute Moral Authority?  The answer is simple - those that support the liberal narrative.  Cindy Sheehan, who lost a son in Iraq, had absolute moral authority to criticize President Bush while Pat Smith, who lost her son at Benghazi does not have moral authority to criticize Hillary Clinton.  Even more telling is the fact that when Sheehan continued her anti-war activities after Obama became president, her 'moral authority' somehow disappeared and she was ignored.

(07/19/2016) Dinesh D'Souza on Why We Can't Risk a Hillary Win.  Short version: better the stupid party than the evil party.

(07/19/2016) What To Do If You’re Disillusioned With 2016.  My personal suggestion would be to turn back to God.  Our presidential candidates and campaign have yet to surpass the embarrassment level.  I almost called it our "pestilential" campaign.


(07/16/2016) Hillary: Can you imagine electing a vindictive man who might … send the IRS after his critics?  Given that the administration she was part of already did it and she had nothing to say about it, I think it is far more likely that the IRS will be used in this manner by Clinton.  And then there is Clinton's history of accusing others of merely thinking about doing things she is already guilty of.

(07/16/2016) Why We Must Elect Donald Trump.  And this is coming from someone who, to phrase it delicately, is not a Trump fan.

(07/16/2016) Here’s how the liberal media already is attacking Mike Pence.  It is a good thing that the MSM is balanced and unbiased.  We know this because they keep telling us so.  According to them, only Fox News is biased.

(07/15/2016) Glenn Reynolds: Can we ever trust the Democrats?  I have sadly come to the conclusion that the answer is "no."  Not now and not ever.  Unfortunately, while the GOP is not in the same category as the Democrats, one can hardly make the case that the GOP as a whole is very trustworthy, either.

(07/13/2016) AG Lynch Tells Congress: 'It Would Be Inappropriate for Me to Comment Further' on Clinton Email Probe.  How convenient.  Does this mean that an administration can avoid and Congressional oversight simply by invoking the non-existent 'inappropriate to comment' clause?

(07/13/2016) The Clinton factor.  These are some thoughts concerning the Clinton email case from someone in law enforcement who holds high level clearance and knows a thing or two.  Main question (but not the only one): Since it is clear that Clinton lied when she claimed she set up her own private server for 'convenience' (it is neither easy or 'convenient' to do such a thing), why did she?  The FBI apparently made no effort to determine that.


(07/12/2016) Fundamentally Transformed: Have we reached a point of no return?  We used to look at America as a "melting pot," where immigrants, while retaining some of the old country at the same time transformed into something that made them uniquely Americans.  No longer, it seems.

(07/09/2016) Liberal Professors Outnumber Conservatives 28-to-1 in New England.  There actually is some good news.  In the Rocky Mountain states, the ratio is 1.5-to-1.  But the Rocky Mountain college population is considerably smaller.  And nationwide, the ration has gone from merely 2-to-1 in 1989 to 6-to-1 today.  Colleges preach diversity but do not practice true diversity ("I don't think that word means what you think it means").


(07/07/2016) Fact-Checkers agree: Hillary told a lot of blatant lies about her email server.  Sure they agree now.  But where were they earlier when it was already obvious that she was lying?  For the most part they were defending her or making excuses for her.

(07/07/2016) Two (of Many) Open Issues in the Clinton Email Affair.  And indeed, the issues are many.

(07/07/2016) With Hillary Clinton in the White House, Christians Would Be in a Fight for Civil Survival.  Does the author overstate the case?  I think not, but decide for yourself.

(07/07/2016) Poll: Majority wanted Hillary indicted.  (54-37) And yet, many who wanted her indicted will vote for her.


(07/06/2016) Americans Don’t Trust Our Institutions Because They Fail To Prosecute Crooks Like Hillary.  Exactly.

(07/06/2016) Our Political Masters Show Their Hand.  The whole problem is that they think of themselves as our masters.


(07/05/2016) FBI Rewrites Federal Law to Let Hillary Off the Hook.  That is, they basically admit that she committed a felony and should be so charged, yet chose not to do so.  Well, I could post 100 articles on this travesty of justice, but this will have to do for now.


(07/05/2016) The Day the Rule of Law Died.  That would be today.

(07/05/2016)  Alternative Headline: “FBI Declares Hillary Clinton to be Complete Liar.”  In any case, we have taken the final step to John Edward's "two Americas."  Just not the rich and the poor as he postulated.  The two Americas are the governing and the governed and it is clear that the governed do so at the whim of the governing, not the other way around.

(07/05/2016) Cronyism: When Every Day is Dependence Day.  Is this what our founders envisioned?


(07/04/2016) The Left's Stealth Religious War: Church of Liberalism vs. Christianity. 

(07/02/2016) Dem congressman gets in spirit of Independence Day by quoting from Declaration (just one problem).  The problem?  He was replying to the question where in the Constitution does it say that medicine is a Constitutional right.  He quotes 'life, liberty and pursuit of happiness' which has the problem of neither being in the Constitution nor having anything to do with the question.  Of course, progressives believe that the 'general welfare' clause of the Constitution give the government the power to do pretty much anything.

(07/02/2016) BOOM! NY Post sums up Loretta Lynch’s ‘shady’ meeting with Bill Clinton in just 4 words.  You MUST check this out.  Hillaryous.


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